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My HDD and Power LEDs have died - help

Q: My HDD and Power LEDs have died - help

The HDD and Power LEDs on one of my computers have "died"
i.e. they no longer work. Both of them stopped working at the
same time. It's an old SOYO SY-6BA+III board. Everything else
seems to be working just fine..... any ideas?.... could something
have burned out / died to cause this?
Oh yes.... have checked the wires

Preferred Solution: My HDD and Power LEDs have died - help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My HDD and Power LEDs have died - help

Thanks Per Hansson.... yup, connected them to a 9v battery and
they are dead.... I'll raid some off an old case that I have laying
Thanks again.

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A:A 31 Power leds on inverter board are out-all leds...

Welcome to the forum! Any other signs of life...fan running, media drive spinning..? Good luck and let us know. 

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I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot my Z710 as it is my main Laptop and badly needed. The power jack (rectangular) was acting up for a long time due to wear and eventually wires popped off the jack. I re-soldered it and it worked for a week then all of a sudden it would not power up.I removed/re-inserted the power plug a few times and the power LED seemed to light for a second  I could not get any sign of life at all. I took it apart (again) and cut the power cord and soldered it directly to the cable insideThere are 5 wires on the cable, 2 black, 2 red and 1 blue but looking at the jack and the mobo, theres only actually  + and minus connections. On Mobo power connector, 3 pins to + and 2 to -Both blacks are tied together and 2 reds and blue tied together (+) So now I have + going to Red+Red+Blue and Gnd going to Black+BlackI see 19 volts at the power connector on the motherboard but pressing the power button does nothing  and no LEDS light up. Tried with and without battery (I beleive bat is dead)Does anyone have any tips?Maybe something simple like needing to hold the power btn down for 30 secs. or something?If not where can I find a schematic to start some board level troubleshootingI have an Electronics backgroundAny help really appreciated. I need this working asap    

A:Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca...

BTW, I would also appreciate any help on where to purchase a new modo in case I cant fix this one.The model on the board is DUMB02(What a name)Almost as bad as the hard drives a friend used to sell called Daejong, apparently pronounced 'Die Young'I have bought a few mobos from china that were DOA so I am leery unless someone has experience with a good seller.Don't want to pay $$$$$$

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Have a dead 250 4g laptop ..no power up no led when A/C lead in ....followed all hard start directions , never worked changed power socket , no change ...bought a new A/C lead and pack ...no change ..do I have to spend 40 on a new battery just incase ??? This unit is 2 months out of warenty ,it has been back twice durring its one year ???? life both times with hard drive failures. Now a door stop...cannot contact HP UK to tell them what a dismal expireance this has been for a 300 laptop. Anyone out there with a magic wand ......thanks kim  

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One day several months ago, my laptop (HP Pavilion 15 e187-nr) started doing something funny. I would turn it on, and nothing would happen, except the wifi light would turn orange, and the caps lock key would blink. I would solve this issue by power cycling the device until it would work. I thought it was stuck in sleep mode. It wasn't until very recently I realized this was a blink code with only one blink.Well one blink is a scary thought: means a CPU error. I was looking into getting a new laptop, as I figured I could buy a new CPU, or a whole new device for just a little more money.Yesterday, I started getting TWO blinks from the caps lock LED. This means a BIOS error. Well thats better, right? That might be something I can try to fix. Except, I can't find any BIOS files for my laptop to download and flash.I would like to try to download and flash an updated BIOS for my Pavilion 15 e187-nr. But, how do I do this? All other devices/PCs I've owned have had a downloads site that I can get these BIOS or firmware updates. But this particular device doesn't have ANY downloads available on the HP support site. Go figure...

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Hi, I bought a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad model Z61t from a well known vendor back in May and it worked fine for several months but then just recently I tried to power it on and nothing happened. I assumed the battery was dead so I pulled out the power cable and plugged it in but I noticed that the green power & battery LEDs didn't light up like normal and when I tried to power on the laptop again nothing happened. I tried using a different power cable but it didn't work either. Since this unit was refurbished it only came with a 90 day warranty. I don't know what else I can do to get this laptop working again. Any suggestions?

For people who undestand circuit boards I did a test with a power tester and the yellow power connector on the back of the laptop. When the yellow power connector is not connected to the laptop motherboard my power testing meter shows ~20 volts but when I plug the connector into the laptop motherboard like it's supposed to be my power testing meter shows ~0.5 volts. Is that normal. Why would the output of the power supply drop to such a low level?

My hypothesis is also my fear; that the motherboard is dead.

A:ThinkPad Z61t no LEDs and won't power on :(

Im guessing also that its a bad motherboard or a power supply problem of some sort.If where you bought it is reputable and even though the warranty is gone hopefully they can make it right for you.Motherboards can be very expensive to replace. You have to decide if the computer is worth fixing or not depending on its age.Ive bought many lenovo and dell refurbished laptops and in theory if they were refurbished from the mfr they shouldnt have problems already.If the vendor refurbished it they should of made sure all was well before selling it. But to be fair things can be fine one minute and not the next.

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Hi rather simple problem for some tech dedu to answer but here it goes.

After reformatting my PC because of freezing on the screen to select last good configuration of safe mode etc, I managed to get windows reloaded. I suspected a hard drive fault. 12 hrs later after a restart nothing would appear on the screen. I noticed both LEDs on the front case where on constantly. I have read somewhere before that if the load LED flashed repeatedly there either is not any ram installed or it is faulty. So what does the following indicated.

Power and H/D load LED's on constantly mean?

H/D has been replaced and same fault appears. Motherboard RAM LED is on.

Thanks for anyhelp you genious's can provide. Cheers.


A:Power + Load LEDs on constantly

Welcome to TSG!

There is no "standard" fault diagnosis indicated on PC's by the power and HD activity light.
There may be some on specific brands of PC's but nothing universal.

The power light is on because the power is on (nothing more or less)

The HDD activity light is on because the HDD thinks it's active, eithier because it is, or because it's dead, or because the cable is incorrectly attached, or because there is a motherboard problem or.... etc.

Does the PC POST (Power On Self Test)? e.g. show the BIOS boot-up sequence and beep prior to this?

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I was just recently updating my soundMax audio drivers (as my sound stopped working mysteriously over the past 24hrs) on my Asus P5B motherboard. I left the room momentarily and when I came back, black screen and pulsing audio blips/front LEDs. I powered down the PC, removed the speaker wiring and same thing. The green power light on the bottom right of motherboard is solid green, outside case power and HDD light pulsing on/off. CPU/PSU fans run, but surge with pulsing.

I have since tried a different PSU, unplugged all periperals, removed/swapped etc ram sticks, removed/cleaned cpu fan, reapplied heatsink, checked all cables....and still the same issue?

Did my CPU or MB fry? Would simply updating a driver cause this?

Upgraded my box a couple months ago.. Added ThermalTake TR2 600W PSU, GeForce GTX 550Ti PNY video card, 500G HDD etc. It's been running fine until the sound issue. Any Ideas? (hopefully other than buy a new MB/CPU??)


A:Pulsing Power and front LEDs..help!

Definitely strange. Though wrong drivers can damage hardware, theoretically, it is very rare and not likely if you used the correct driver and the sound worked.

It may just be coincidence. But I'd vote power supply before CPU or board. Try a replacement if you have one.

Of course, check all internal connections, cards, and RAM.

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My g500s is not booting when I press the power button the lenovo screen comes that's it. No any further is happening please help me. What should I do to start my laptop.
Mod's Comment: Please do not start multiple posts on same issue as this only splinters the discussion. Instead, keep your current discussion updated with any additional information. Your duplicate(s) have been removed. Thanks !

1490537755387-1922125839.jpg ?2395 KB

A:G500s is not booting, while the power and on leds are glowing

Hi prashantc ,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Would the caps and numlock respond? 
You can try power drain by removing the battery and ac power cord, press the power button down for 12 seconds.
Else, try booting on another live boot media or remove the harddrive (page38) to check if the screen and buttons would respond.
Update us how it goes.

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Hi, my dell E510 wont fully power up, when i turn it on the Dell screen pops up and loads up to about 90%, at which point it just freezes. My keyboard wont respond to anything. Ive trouble shooted it and after a while fiqured out that the front I/O board was bad (or at least thats what i thought). I just pluged in my usb wireless network card into one of the USB ports on the front and the computer powered up just fine. This worked a couple of times, but the problem came back. I decided to order a replacement front I/O board from dell, and when i received it i replaced it and it powered up fine the first time, but has not since.

I researched some more and tried to narrow the problem down and make sure it was the front I/O board. I did this by unplugging the computer, disconnecting the entire front I/O board, taking out the CMOS battery, and resetting the MB by using the CLR pins, reinserting the CMOS battery then plugging back in the power supply. The computer turned on by itself as it was supposed to, but the same problem existed (90% loaded on the DELL screen). This leads me to believe that the I/O board isnt bad, because if it was it should have powered up just fine, which doesnt make sense because when i mess with it sometimes it will work, but hasnt recently.

Everytime i try to power it up the front 1 and 4 led lights will turn green and stay green once the DELL load screen gets to 90%. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell E510 1 and 4 LEDs stay green, NO POWER UP

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my laptop is a packard bell dot (same as the acer aspire one zg5) equipped with a hannstar j mv-4 94v, I disassembled it to fix a wireless module problem, then when I assembled it back and put on the battery the power and charge leds flash for a second and nothing happens when I try to power it on.
same reaction happens when I plug on the power supply or put on the battery.
even the battery doesn't seem to charge anymore (its indicator just flashes for a second as I said)

here's a video:

any help or suggestion?


A:Dead netbook except leds flash once when power supply plugged

One of the ribbon cables may not be securely connected. Them things are a pain to deal with.

If you hadn't previously worked on it, I was going to suggest the power supply may have gone bad. Since you worked on it and that is when the problem started, its been my experience the problem is nearly always workers error.

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A friend's Satellite Pro L650 having worked fine until yesterday, suddenly powered itself off. Now on startup, it will power on as normal for about 10-15 secs before powering off abruptly. On power off, the white/blue DC In LED and the orange Power LED both flash on an off together at about one second intervals. This powering off happens whether I let it boot to Windows or press F2 to go into BIOS setup.

I'm assuming this flashing is intended to serve as some sort of diagnostic code, but I've yet to track down what it means. Can anyone help?

For the avoidance of doubt, powering up without the battery produces the same, abrupt power off experience, except the two LEDs remain solidly lit this time. With or without battery, trying to power up again immediately after a power off produces no response at all. Removing the power lead and immediately reconnecting it again and then powering on produces an abrupt power off, but within less than 5 seconds of being turned on. The longer I wait between power on attempts seems to give a slightly longer powered on state, but without fail, the machine will just power off suddenly. Surely with the short "power on" times we're talking about, it can't be any kind of thermal cut out?

I had an old Satellite L450D lying around which coincidentally uses the same PA-1750 AC adapter but using it made no difference. Its battery of course will not fit the L650 !

The only previous issues I'm aware of with this machine were intermit... Read more

A:Satellite Pro L650 powers off after startup; DC In and Power LEDs flash on an off


Is that an unmoderated forum?

Can anyone help with my problem?

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Please help my laptop suddenly stops working while I was working on it and when I try to turn on the led power flashs 3 times without I press anything just plug the charger and the battery was inside and fully charged not working on AC or battery I tried to remove the battery and RAM and also the CPU for a while and same problem

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My Elitebook Folio 1040 G2 is failing to start up.  Currently the AC adaptor is plugged in but the Power Button and Caps Lock leds are flashing white and the Battery LED is flashing orange. The battery is totally drained and the laptop will not start. Immediately prior to this problem I was running a scan on the laptop which was taking several hours and I noticed that the battery was not charging even though the AC adaptor was plugged in.  The battery level was 4% for a couple of hours and then the laptop turned off (I assume because the battery was drained). Based upon previous instances of this problem reported  on the forum I have tried the following removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and mute button for> 30secs removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and esc button for> 30secs removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and wireless button for> 30secs removing the AC supply and disconnecting the internal battery and holding  power button and mutebutton for> 3osecsremoving the two screws from the middle back of the computer base and then hard restarting In each case the flashing lights and failure to start remain.  I  am assuming the ac adaptor is alright as the flashing lights only occur when this is plugged into the laptop. Doesanybody have any ideas as to how this can be resolved? Regards          Rap... Read more

A:Folio 1040 G2 Power Button & Caps Lock & Battery LEDs blinki...

it could certainly be some kind of hardware problem. I believe your EliteBook should have a 3 year warranty. Please, reach out to HP support

I work for HP. All opinions and comments are my own.

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I have the Lenovo H420 It is the quadcore i5.  I got these numbers off the top of the case, 7752 i5-2320 3.0 MTM:77524YU, Enclosed is the photo of the motherboard.  I put it in a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition VL8000 tower.  I need to know where to plug the power switch to the mother board correctly, so when I push the button it will turn on, and if I do it again, it will turn off, I also have a reset button under the power button.  Plus the HDD LED and the power on LED to hook up.  I got the USB working correctly.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The book that came with the tower has me at a loss for words.

Mod:  edited Subject line with clearer problem description

A:Aftermarket case: front panel pinouts wanted, power & reset switches, LEDs

Try this, it  may be the same: 

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My power supply died a few days ago and I have replaced it. My PC will now boot but will not send a signal (turn on) the monitor. Everything on the PC seems to work but it just will not turn on signal to the monitor. I have tried two different monitors with the same result.




A:Power supply died, now monitor will not power on

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My buddy was on his computer when it just up and shut off, and now it won't power back on. The motherboard LED won't even come on. Anyone know any way to fix it? I'm at a loss.

A:My buddies PC just died. Won't power on.

if you want, lend him your power supply and try booting it with yours instead.

Might be the motherboard as well.

Did he notice any overheating before it happened?

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Hi, this is my first post, so I hope I can explain what happened to my pc clearly. I have an older gateway 450mhz and recently I tried to power it up and nothing happened, like it didn't have power. So I reset my power strip thinking it just tripped the breaker, and it started to come on, I could hear it power up and then it just shut off again, no power, lights or any thing. so I plugged it directly into the wall. and the same thing happened, started to power up, and it was like it would reach a certain power level and trip some kind of internal breaker or something.
Hopefully there's someone out there that knows whats wrong and if its worth fixing..... Thanks alot for any replys

PC is a Gateway 450mhz
With Win XP on a 80gig HD
And Win Millennium on a 2gig separate HD
128 Ram

A:I think my power supply died !

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Hi all,

my power supply died two days ago. By chance, everything else seems in
order, except for the USB ports which act strangely.

I bought a new power supply and installed it. The computer boots normally
and the OS starts without a problem when there is no USB devices plugged to
the motherboard.

If I try to plug something to the USB ports while the computer is on, there
is no problem and all my USB devices work fine.

But if I boot with the USB devices plugged to the motherboard, the computer
doesn't even try to boot (nothing happens when I press the power button).

Someone have a hint?

If the USB ports are not working properly, should I change the motherboard (in case it blows up something else with time) or just disable USB ports and buy a PCI USB card?


A:power supply died

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Presently have this power supply:

Antec BP500U ATX 12V 500W Power Supply


Computer overheats and shuts down. On checking, the fan in the power supply stopped working. Looking to replace the power supply with a different brand. The fan in this one was LOUD.

I'm running an Intel Core i7.

Does it matter what brand/type I replace the power supply with? (I see 550w, 600w, dual power. Should I consider any of these?)

Are there any recommended brands/models that keep it very cool and very quiet?

A:Power Supply Fan Died

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Hi all,

was in the process of installing 8.1 on my home pc when the power shut off in my house. Of course this would happen. I upgraded from Vista using the digital upgrade thing early last year, and since I have no physical cd/flash drive available, is it possible to reinstall windows 8 prior to the loading screen?

When i try to start it up it and get an error with bad_system_config_info so something got corrupt when my power went out. It goes through trying to repair it then suggests I system restore however it just gets stuck at the w8 loading screen for 20 minutes now. I don't have anything on the pc i can't do without, i Just want to reinstall it/boot into a safe mode so I could reinstall windows that way.

What are my options here?

A:Power died in middle 8.1 installation

If you need to download 32bit Windows 8, download from a 32bit PC.
If you need to download 64bit Windows 8, download from a 64bit PC.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

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My daughter's Dell 1737 refuses to turn on. For the past few days, the computer would turn off without warning but she was able to restart it without issue. At one point, she notice a burning smell. Today it died completely. Pressing the on button has no effect. She cannot recall if she heard the fan running or not or if the computer feels hot.

Other background;

Removing the battery and running on AC does not work.

The power switch is new (due to replacing the back cover six months ago).

The ac charger is new (less than 6 months old) and the blue LED on the cord lights up. When plugged in, the white light on the computer comes on and goes off immediately.

The battery is original. Probably wearing out but running on AC is okay for now. When I push the test button on the battery, I get at least 3 leds lighting up.

Inverter, keyboard and LCD power cable have been replaced.

I am not sure where to start. My gut says power supply board. I would think a bad fan would not prevent the system from trying to start. A dead MB is a possibility but wouldn't I see some signs when trying to power up such as flashing leds?

I would like to fix this since she needs for school every day. I do not want to replace it since she is going to college next year and the college might want a certain brand.

Any ideas?

A:Dell 1737 died - will not power up

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I built this new computer about a month ago.
core i5 2500k
GTX 570
8gb of ram
Windows 7
Old Power Supply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...ords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-NA-_-NA

It's a pretty by the book build. Last night though, I walked into my room and noticed the power off, and it wouldn't turn on. I opened it up, checked all the connectors, gave it another shot, and nothing.

My old computer had a 750 watt Cooler Master (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171024) in it, so i took that out and tossed it into the new system while I wait for OCZ To send me a new PSU. Everything seemed great, I did my normal tasks for the rest of the night. When I launched Battlefield 3 though, the PSU actually makes a very odd buzzing noise. I don't remember this at all from my old computer. The red warning light doesn't go on or anything, it just buzzes. It also happens in Dungeon Defenders. The second I turn either game off, it stops.

Right now I'm back to basic tasks, but is this just due to the extra load from the new system? My old computer probably could have run fine off something much weaker than 750w (it had 8800 gt / Q6600), so I'm wondering if this it's just finally getting a workout or something. It has always run fine, I'm not sure why it would act up in the new comp. I'm sort of stuck until OCZ Gives me a replacement. Is it safe to run this thing?

A:Power Supply Died, Replaced With Old One

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While working at my laptop which was connected to mains power it suddenly died nothing works or lights up. There is power going into power adapter. I let sit for some time but still nothing . I received no warning of power getting short if it had switched to battery or something. A completely dead laptop. Anybody any ideas what possible cause could be . I fear it could be expensive. Thx

A:No power - Qosmio X770 died

When you have the power adapter plugged in, does the power LED light up on the notebook?
If no, its probably a Mainboard problem. A Toshiba repair center can replace it but it may be expensive.

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4 year old laptop wasn't charging properly, it was being very fussy about the exact position of the power cable in the socket. It has what looks like a pretty common power connector for lenovo, which is a USB sized hole with a single centre pin. I looked into the laptop socket and saw that as well as the conductor for the centre pin and the outer sides, there was also 4 little tines on each side between the centre and the edge which were clearly all bent off in wrong directions (looked like an old toothbrush inside) I'm guessing the centre pin is +ve, the tines are -ve and the outer connections are just mechanical/shielding. I straightened these all out with a pencil but I think I must have momentarily shorted something as now the laptop shows absolutely no signs of life when I hit the power button. Tried various tricks I've read online about various sequencies of hitting the power button with the battery in and out but no luck. The laptop was fully charged before I started this, but I didn't disconnect the battery before starting which I probably should have. So I'm guessing I've shorted the power rails on that connector. What damage have I likely done? I'm amazed that there can be a design where very flimsy pins inside an external connector which are clearly easily bent can cause such damage if they touch another pin 2mm away from them. Is there any way to save this laptop? If it's a case of replacing an SMD fuse soldered onto the motherboard I can do th... Read more

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During playing Diablo3 my PC all of a sudden shut down. No bieps, no messages, nothing, just black ... shutdown. Because it was this sudden my first reaction was a power outage in the house. As I was about to check the basement I noticed my screen still was powered on, so it couldn't be an outage.

I tried to turn the PC back on, but pressing the power button didn't do anything.

I did notice the top of the case was pretty warm (not auch warm) but still pretty warm. It's always been like this ever since I bought the PC.

I opened the side of the case and didn't really notice any burning smells or anything, but again, the inside of the case was pretty warm.

Now after a couple of hours the PC still won't power on, so something is probably broke.

I'm a complete hardware noob, so how do I go about checking what is broken?
Is it the PSU? Or the motherboard?

When the PSU is 'on' I can see a green LED light on the motherboard. Is this possible when there is something wrong with the PSU, that the motherboard still gets power?

I'm willing to make the bet and buy a new PSU (because the current one is an unnamed PSU that was included with the low budget case).

Is there anything I can do to check components as a newb?

A:PC suddenly died on me, won't power on anymore

It sounds like your computer has overheated which is why the computer all of a sudden shut down. Try checking to make sure you've got some grey thermo stuff on the CPU.

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My son was playing a game on our Dell XPS 2720 when all of a sudden the computer just died.  Now when we press the power button, the power button does not light up and it sounds like the only thing that turns on is the fan for the power supply.  There is a small green light at the back of the computer underneath where the power cord is plugged in that is lit.  Otherwise, there is no other indication of life.  I have tried unplugging the machine and holding down the power button for 15 seconds, but that does nothing.
Anyone have any suggestions of what to try next?

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Hi. This is the story. In the middle of my son using the computer, it just shut down. I came down to the room where it was a minute later, tried flipping the master switch on the surge protector off and on, then pressed to power button on the case. It started up. A few minutes later my son called me again because it had shut down again. The former trick didn't work. Here's what I've tried:

Flipping the I/O switch on the power supply both ways and trying to power up.
Unplugging the power supply from the surge protector and plugging it with another cord directly into the wall outlet. Then flipping that I/O switch again.

Nothing happened. Does this sound like it's the power supply?

A:Computer died!! Is this a power supply problem?

I`m afraid it does sound like the psu has gone bad.

However, the only way to tell for sure, is to try another psu, and hope that`s all it is.

Regards Howard

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Bit of a long story for this but bear with me.

I was playing a game this past sunday when my main pc lost it's power, after it died I heard what sounded like metal hitting metal within my case, I took my power supply out and took it apart to find what looked like a coil wrapped around a plastic tube, half burned, so I guess it melted itself off. It was my fault as the inside had tons of dust clogging the fans and vents. Luckily I had a backup for just such a problem, I borrowed the power supply within this secondary pc, it has a 1000watt psu(sli ready) whereas my old had a 600w(also sli ready), I figured it would be a more than suitable temporary psu until the replacement I ordered arrived.

However for whatever reason it won't work in my main pc, whenever I boot it up, everything seems fine but after so much time of being in use the pc just loses power. If I do nothing it will stay on, if I do anything other than idling it loses power. If I scan using MSE it always crashes around 7 minutes or so of scanning but spybot can scan completely, if I browse it tends to take a bit longer to crash (around 30 minutes more or less). I have ran a temperature detector in the background as I scanned and did other things and nothing ever went above 50C so I'm fairly certain that it isn't a heat problem.

To be honest I've been pretty lucky with most of my past pc's, I've had this one for about 8 1/2 months and other than a few random crashes this has ... Read more

A:Power supply died, backup won't work.

THat is frequently a result of a power supply burning out. Especially if it was a lower quality manufacturer PSU

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I have a Lenovo Thinkcenter i7 M92 that worked a while ago and when I turned around to work on another computer, it apparently turned off and now the power will not come back on. The power button wont even light up, nor will the lights where the network cable plugs in. Have tried different outlets, different power cords. I am thinking it is a power supply issue but I cannot find a power supply to order. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Lenovo Thinkcenter M92 - Power supply died???

I was looking at eBay (I have an older LeNovo), noticed there are a few Internal power supplys there.
How did you make out so far? a couple 200 watts and 230 watts ones.

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2 days ago the power outlet that my computer was placed into was kinda half exploding. And the "lightning protector" that was attached into it died. I was trying to connect the computer to a different power outlet , and the computer won't turn on.
Not sure what happend... So Idk what to do... Should I buy a new power supply and see if everything is ok? Or just give the computer to some lab and have em to "make it work" ??

A:computer died / power supply replacement

Anyone? No sense? It's not like a genius question. Just kind of a "your opinion"

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ok so my pc bas been running fine since i built it- no errors. Then to day i was playing an online game when the power kicked out then back on. My comp is on a surge protector so i figured no big deal. I turn it on it starts to boot, then I get this

For Realtek RTL8111B/8168B Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
Pxe-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting

I've tried switching the boot up order and all and it doesnt tell me anything different. Some I think said they could still log onto their pc but i cannot- any suggestions?
the reason I posted this again because I did find a few threads on this, but mine seems to be different in the fact my pc was working and already built.

A:Comp died with a pxe error after power outage

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So i had my pc tech stick my mini ITX board into a new case and all is working good, but i notes he turned off a setting in the bios he told bios to not halt on errors, i went and turned it on and i see the reason he did is due to the power sensor not being there anymore, as it had a power board in it that distributed power to the system, and i can see on the mini itx board were it would have been. so i called him up and he said it wont hurt anything he set it like that so it would not be annoying to me, that the board is fine and working correct it just had a sensor that is not there anymore. so should i leave the halt on all errors off, or turn it back on and just hit the F1 key to bypass it. does it hurt anything to have it off he says it does not, and mine was a special case as there was nothing we could do about it. as the sensor was on the dead power board and dell wanted way to much money for it so i just gutted the x51 and the machine has been working great, and runs even better.

A:so i gutted my alienware x51 as the power board died had ?

I always use "Halt on all errors" because I want to know in advance of OS loading if something is amiss, but it really has nothing to do with reliability and speed of going thru POST or loading OS and it's further operation. If everything is working right it all comes down to personal preference.

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I have a 6.5 yr old e9180t which the power supply died on me this weekend. The unit has an interesting history. The mother board was defective when I bought it and they had to finally replace it along with thousands of others. This unit coined the term inherently defective with google at the time. They rolled it our before really vetting it properly. When I looked inside the box when I first got it I noticed how crammed the interior was compared to my previous unit.  This unit has always run HOT. After years of the heat build up I eventually just removed the side panel due to the heat. So when the power supply died this weekend I discovered another big design problem with this unit. For the first time I removed the top plastic panel . . .  this panel completely hid and covered a vent for the power supply the whole time! The vent was completely covered with thick dust. I literally had to peel the dust off this area. I always used air to blow the dust way inside but since there was no vent visible I had no idea about this issue and never saw the need to remove the top plastic cover.  So I plan to replace the power supply and have two questions. 1. First what is a good replacement? I see that EVGA makes these power supplys where both ends of the wires are plug in which seems like a perfect DIY approach. The current dead power supply was a Samsung 460watt HD642jj. I use two 27" hp monitors with this unit and work on graphics mostly during the da... Read more

A:Need to replace an overheated power supply that died for my ...

After posting this I thought about the issue with the power supply and HP must have installed the power supply upside down and that is why this power supplied died and why this unit was always super hot. I just looked at the power supply and yep I think it was upside down. For years I have been plugging this in on the upper right hand side not the left hand side. The only person who has worked on this computer was the guy who was hired by HP to replace the motherboard after two months since the board was defective from the get go. I wonder if he had taken it out and put it back in wrong? I don't know since I thought HP and the guy knew what they were doing and I had no idea to keep a close eye on how the power supply should be. Unbelievable! 

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I have 3 computers; the one I'm on now which is plugged into a surge protector, one in an office that is just for checking email and such, and a system behind the TV running linux and MythTV for PVR functions. Besides the one I'm on now the other two are just plugged into the wall, due to the fact that I'm lazy and didn't buy more surge protectors. Please do not patronize me about not hooking them up to surge protectors...I really don't care right now.

After last night both computers that are not on surge protectors exhibit the same exact problem (which to me is very strange). The power button has no effect, they will start if you plug the cord into the power supply and its switched to ON. Obviously it won't start up if the power supply is switched off. So as soon as you plug in the cord they turn on, all the lights on the front panel (power, HD activity, etc) remain on but the monitor will not turn on and it won't make the "everything is cool" beep sound.

Both computers exhibit that EXACT same problem which allows me to rule out various things such as individual component failure (though I suppose it is possible yet highly improbable).

Are these symptoms of a computer damaged by a power surge or something else? Solutions?

*note: I know my way around computers (I built all three machines from parts) and have checked all the usual things (connections, etc.). Yes, I'm an ***** for not plugging them all into surge pro... Read more

A:Two computers died overnite...power surge?

Try a working PSU in those dead bodies. If you're lucky, the fuse inside the unprotected PSUs may have blown. Worst case, you can play Scrapheap Challenge.

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Hi everyone,

I went to my PC this morning to discover it refused to turn on, and no response of any kind happening (no sounds, lights or fans operating).

My initial thoughts were that the PSU had died... so I went and picked up a new PSU, which didn't change anything. Still no response.

I'm now assuming the motherboard is faulty.


some factors that may or may not have anything to do with the cause of the problem:

- Dust - when I opened up the case there was a lot (almost a blanket) of dust in my zalman CPU fan, graphics card and also a little generally within the case. Although I hadn't experienced any artifacts suggesting stuff was overheating (plus it's damn cold in my house this time of year, so that probably helped)

- There was a powercut during the night - somehow this might have triggered what's caused the fault? I also had set my PC to sleep as per usual, instead of switching it off.

- The extra Front panel USB ports on the top of my case stopped working about 2 days before. I accidently tripped over a USB device plugged into it, and it twisted the port slightly, but still carried on working for the rest of the day, but at some point it stopped and I had to only use the back ports.

Is there any suggestions you guys have to find the cause of the problem?



A:Suddenly died - no power or motherboard response

Hi Mike. The power cut you mention is interesting. Did the fuse in your house trip? Are other items in the room working off the same plugs?..because thats happened to me before.

Oooh, dust will kill in the long run if it's not cleaned...

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My system has 3 HD's. The SATA is an add on, with a sata pci card, just for storage. The 2 IDE's are setup for dual boot with XP Pro on both(C:drive & D:drive). One is more for gaming, the other is for everthing else. Everything has been fine for several months until my power supply burnt up. I had set up a dvd to burn when I went to bed and the power supply died during the burn process. I replaced the power supply and now cannot get my C: XP to boot completely. I can however boot to my D: XP and access my C:drive and all of its files as well as my SATA storage drive.

On bootup, I select the XP installation that is listed first which is my D:drive, all goes well and evething works. If I select the second installation which is my C:drive all seems well... It shows that Windows XP is loading but when it normally goes to the screen that allows me to enter UserName and Password all I get is a black screen and it just stays like that. No error or reboot... nothing.

Would really hate to reformat(take about 2 days) as I had just got it setup the way I want it. Since ntloader does come up and allows selection would it be safe to assume bootini is ok? Is it probable that the death of my power supply could have cause corruption to kernel32.dll? What say you?

A:Power supply died, 1 of dual boot inaccessible

Have you tried doing a Windows repair on the C: partition?

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I am now in China. My W540 power supply stopped work yesterday. My machine is still under base warranty. What I can do now? It seems there is no IWS (International Warranty Service) here. I cannot understand why. Please help! 

A:traveling in China, W540 power supply died, what I...

I am sure that you can located one in China for fairly cheep, especially since they are probably made there anyway, and then upon your return, have the original replaced under warranty.     Ask around, there must be a computer outlet somewhere that sells parts that can locate one for you in China.    It may be a knockoff, but it will get you by for your trip, just make sure the voltage/amperage match that printed on the original.

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I have a 7537 laptop, that just died after powering on.  I was on airplane, on a fully charged battery, It booted, I went to connect to Airplane Wifi and poof, just blacked out.
So before someone, asks,  yes the battery was fully charged, no there are not any lights on. I pulled the battery and then just tried the ac adapted after I arrived to my hotel.

After googling this issue, I am seeing this is a common issue and Dell does not have an answer for it. other than replacing the motherboard.

any suggestions would help especially since this is financed threw Dell still.

A:7537 Laptop died after boot and wont power on

I just had a similar problem with a Latitude E5570. Here's what worked for me:
Disconnect the power adapter
Remove the battery
Hold the power button for 5 seconds
Reinstall the battery and try powering on.
Reconnect the power adapter.
My problem was something to do with static flea power.

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Running the latest and 'greatest' October windows 10 update.  I had a ie browser up and got a BSOD - critical process has died.  After the crash dump completed the pc would not reboot - it could not find the hard drive!  Fortunately after power cycling the drive was found and seems normal, but I wanted to report this in case others are seeing this - all Lenovo and Microsoft Updates are installed as of 11/1 . As a side note, the big october windows update did completely destroy my installation - No MS recovery tools would work and even a reinstall on the existing partitions would not work.  I had to reformat the drive in order to get my OS running again.

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a few hours ago, my mom brought home a brand new Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop. after connecting the AC adaptor to the laptop, I turned the thing on. it worked just fine, and the Acer ePower Management software showed 33% battery power and still charging.

I was playing Solitaire back then, only for like 20-30 minutes, when suddenly the laptop just died. plain died. without shutdown.

so I turned it back on, and it went back on. only for like a few seconds after the Windows XP splash screen showed up, it died again. this time, I can't turn the thing on again.

I checked the adaptor cable that connected to the laptop, it's plugged firmly. however, the 'battery charge' lamp did not lit. I disconnected the adaptor cable, tried to turn on the laptop, it didn't work. I tried removing the battery, re-installing it, then tried turning it on again, also didn't work.

so I re-plugged the laptop to the adaptor, and thought that it'd charge up. but after 3 long hours of (useless) waiting, it's still not showing any signs of life.

I assume that this is a power adaptor failure, because when you connect the adaptor to the laptop, the 'battery charge' light is supposed to lit and you should be able to power-on the laptop. but hey, if the adaptor fails, aren't I supposed to be able to power-on the laptop by just the battery?

well, that's all I can tell for now.
thanks in advance for any advice(s) given.

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A:my Acer TravelMate 4603WLCi died. power supply failure?

Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop shut down

Hi Dhaninugraha:

The situation you described back then, now looks quite familiar to me.

The same happened to me last night. My Acer Laptop just died, just as you described. I did all the things which are common things to try to make it back working again...NOTHING !

How did you back then solve the problem. Did you find out what the failure was?

I would really appreciate any help you can provide.



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Q: Leds

Does anybody know what the voltages usually are for the power and hard drive LEDs? I'm using an Asrock 775Dual Vsta motherboard inside an old Dell Precision tower and need to change the original green/yellow power led to a single color led. While I'm at it, I figured I'd also swap that red harddrive led to a more pleasing amber color (just my personal preference). But I'm not sure about those voltages. What are they? 1.7volts or something like that? Please let me know. I'm going to the shack tonight.

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hi im very new to computer building and im currently in the proccess of putting in my Leds. It uses mullex cables and i fit all the parts in already, and i just cant find where i put in the mullex cable, i dont have any extra space on my motherboard. Thank you so much in advance.

A:Need Help with RGB leds

In order to help you, you need to post a lot more info. Post your exact parts ie exact motherboard, exact lights you are trying to add, etc, etc. It might help if you posted a picture of whatever you are trying to connect.

Next many modern motherboards have RGB lighting that is part of the board itself [controlled by software] Is this what you are asking about OR are you trying to add lighting?

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When I go on the product page of my HP ENVY Phoenix 85O-050qe ( http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-ENVY-Phoenix-850-000-Desktop-PC-series/7779683/model/7805187/... ), it shows that the LEDs are blue. On my system (that I bought back in June) the LEDs are only red and there is no apparent way to change them. How the heck are these LEDs different colors than mine?

A:LEDs on my Phoenix?

Check in the control panel for a lighting control panel. It might even be hidden in the systray.  I had an Omen 15 for last years product loan and there was a control panel that allowed me to change the keyboard lighting to just about any color. A couple of HP Experts had the same PC as yours and they mentioned being able to change the color of the LEDS.

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Just looking for some advice from you any clever electronics bods!

I have some superbright blue LEDs, rated at a maximum of 5.5V. I was going to run about 4 of them by connecting them in parallel, across the ground and +5V terminals on a molex connector from the PSU (And also through a switch installed in the front of my case.)
Is this likely to cause any problems? Do I need something to limit the current on each circuit?
Would I be right in thinking I could also run a few in series across the 12V rail? Would that be any better?

A:Running LEDs from the PSU

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