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Opened document from email and edited not 'save as'

Q: Opened document from email and edited not 'save as'

I hope this is the correct place to ask. I have spent the day editing a document which i stupidly just opened from an email attachment in my hotmail account and proceeded to edit. I diligently saved it throughout the day but did not use the save as function.

I have tried to open a similar document and choose save as to see where the document would have saved but this does not seem to work in Windows 7. I have tried looking in my 'temp' folder but this is empty.

Does anyone know how else I could retrieve this document? It is the only version i have...i really ought to have looked after it better!

Thank you in advance,


Preferred Solution: Opened document from email and edited not 'save as'

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Opened document from email and edited not 'save as'

Quote: Originally Posted by sandra

I hope this is the correct place to ask. I have spent the day editing a document which i stupidly just opened from an email attachment in my hotmail account and proceeded to edit. I diligently saved it throughout the day but did not use the save as function.

I have tried to open a similar document and choose save as to see where the document would have saved but this does not seem to work in Windows 7. I have tried looking in my 'temp' folder but this is empty.

Does anyone know how else I could retrieve this document? It is the only version i have...i really ought to have looked after it better!

Thank you in advance,


No problem this is an easy one.

Go to search type in back up and restore Pick a date prior to your problem. And then like magic, everything is back the way it was when life was good. This will affect all your personal documents, but not system settings.

but first try this one. Go to search pick a phrase that is in your document and it should appear.

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I would like to send an email that has a page automatically open with out the need to click a link.

IOW if a user receives an email open the email and the message automatically opens out whether it is a pdf or jpg.

Any thoughts?

A:How to get document to pop out as soon as an email is opened

I see this as a security risk, or possibly an attempt to bypass security measures by the email client or web mail... I'll let a mod decide, with that though.

But if I ever get an email that attempts to take control, it will probably be blocked and reported....

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I opened a word 2010 document from an email in windows live mail desktop version and made some lengthy changes. Now I cannot find the document on my windows 7 system anywhere.

Please help


A:I cannot find a word document I opened as an email attachment

The file will be located in a folder somewhere in
C:\Users\(youraccount)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet

"\AppData" is normally hidden
"\Temporary Internet Files" is normally a hidden protected Operating System

You'll have to remove the checkmark (if they're hidden) in Windows Explorer:
Organize - Folder & Search Options - View

Good luck in finding it, though.

The correct way is to save the attachment first, then open it
from the saved location, if you wish to edit it.

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I opened a word 2010 document from an email in windows live mail desktop version and made some lengthy changes. Now I cannot find the document on my windows 7 system anywhere.

Please help


A:I cannot find a word document I opened as an email attachment

a very obvious question which is.. did you save it in your computer? you may also check the recent docs you opened by going to file>recent

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I have Outlook 365 on my desktop for emails , calendars and contacts
I use Icloud for Windows to sync my Calendar and Contacts from iphone to desktop or from desktop to iphone.
Was seamless until a few days ago when trying to edit a contact on Outlook it would not allow me to save it
Error message was "Your changes cannot be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of the item in the default
folder for the item?
I can edit the contact on iphone and it updates though to Outlook on desktop.
Calendar appointments (new and amended/edited) are seamlessly working both ways.
A new contact inputted onto Outlook icloud contact will save but if you then try to add a new number or note then get the above error message.
Please advise

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My daughter was working on a paper in safe mode. (don't know the reason for this other than this is where she started).
She felt that she saved her work but when she exited, her work was no longer there. Can this work be recovered?

A:Recovery of a document edited in Safe Mode

Well, there are a lot of file undelete software on the web. They work fine. I use them myself.

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I am trying to figure out how to open a wordperfect 9 document to the last edited page......I keep a journal in wordperfect, and everytime I open it, I have to scroll down to where I last stopped....HELP!!!!!!!!


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I've been editing pictures for some while now but suddenly Win7 doesn't save my edited version. I've tried Save, Save as, but when I look at the file the picture has reverted to the original. Am I now unwittingly doing something different or is there something to check or uncheck that I don't know about?
I'd appreciate some help please?

A:Win7 won't save edited pix

Saved from What editor ???
Have you tried Save As (A New File Name)

PS .. You're allowed a 50x50 pixel Avatar here at TSG .. Want this one ???


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I can't modify imageres.dll file (../windows/system32/)
-copied and pasted to my desktop
-full permissions
-start programs as an administrator (I tried using Axialis IconWorkshop and with Microangelo)
-I edit something (I don't want to add icons, modifying those existing already)
-error, cannot save
tried with that imageres.dll of:
windows 8 (4.36 7/26/2012 ~ 65 MB)
windows 8.1 (13.44 8/22/2013 ~ 47 MB)
(this property are of files from windows ITALIAN)
running software on windows 8 and windows 8.1 (x64)
I don't understand where there can be the problem
Thanks in advance auto

A:Can't save a edited imageres.dll with many programs

Microangelo allows editing of .dll files:

Home of Microangelo: The Grand Daddy of Icon Software

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I have Windows 7.
i copy entire flash drive to a folder (Call it "RemovableDrive" folder under My Document) from flash drive (USB).

In "RemovableDrive", folder, I right click and select Properties, then I uncheck READ ONLY, and select Apply to set all files and folder/subfolders to uncheck READ ONLY.

In the "RemovableDrive" folder, I opened a file, and edit it. Then I try to save it.
it would not let me. I also set the property of the file to READ ONLY, but still has the same problem.

What is the problem?
I have administrator privileges.

A:Copied flash to harddrive, and Cannot save edited file in folder.

What you did was to clear the Read Only attributes for this folder, sub folders and files. In FAT32 this is enough.

But in NTFS file system, you have to check the file permissions along with the ownership also for the folder.

To check the file permissions, right click on your flash folder in My Documents, select Properties - Security Tab.

Here under your username check the file permissions. Do you have full control?

Click on Advanced - Owner tab and press Edit button. Now select your username and put a check mark on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and press OK button twice to return to the folder Properties dialog box.

Now click Advanced button, and make sure your username has full control permissions. If not click on Change Permissions and remove the tick mark on include inheritable permissions from this object's parent. Click Add button on the opened dialog box. Select your username and press Edit button. In the opened dialog box, put a check mark on Allow at full control, select Apply to this folder, sub folder and files. Keep another check mark on Apply permissons.... in the bottom of the screen and finally press OK button. Now close all the dialog boxes.

This should now allow you to edit any files in the folder.

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My son has an ipad and an iphone. the iphone is not sycned to the ipad but a single email has been opened on the ipad that he has only accessed via his iphone. How can this happen?

A:one email looks opened when i ahve not opened it?

It sounds like you are using IMAP, which syncs the emails with the server, not the devices. So when one device shows up and is read there, the other will then show the same thing (being read). This is normal.

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my outgoing email for onedrive is incorrect and needs edited. Misspelled, not sure how it got that way.Cannot share links to folders with it being incorrect.

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Hello.Help me please to repair word document.While I was editing a document suddenly word crashed and the document became unable to be opened: Error messages during processing Any help would be appreciated,Ricky

A:Word document unable to be opened

Hi, Microsoft Word is a product from Microsoft, not HP. Please try Microsoft Community help:           http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us?auth=1 Regards.

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I opened a word document form a business associate it prompted me to enable something, and I stupidly agreed and then just got a blank screen.
Closed and deleted the doc and email. Wish I had kept it to see what the virus was.
Since then I frequently get this message when trying to open programs but not always.
"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000e5). Click OK to close the application."
If I click close then launch it again it always starts.
I suspect something bad on my machine but my virus and malwarebytes scans come up clean.

A:I opened a document from a business associate.

Hello, more likely a file corruption and not a malware now.Repost in the correspondingOperating System forum up top.Probably need to do a Clean Boot.

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Thank you kadamczy, this saved me losing a technical document and losing a number of days worth of work. This has inspired me to join this forum, in order to get help and to give it where I can be of assistance.

A:Document cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.

Welcome to TSG Forums.
Wherever possible, please reply on the original thread where you received help with that problem.
As it is, it's doubtful whether kadamczy will ever see your "thank you" post.

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How do I stop a virus check of every WORD document I open?
I have Windows 2000, Word 2000 and Norton 2004.
Thanks in anticipation.

A:Virus check every document opened

I forget, Tom, but I know it's there.
It's a setting in Norton.
Try under Miscellaneous (if I recall correctly) preferences?
Also try a search here at Tech support guy for:

word norton

I bet you find it.

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I have a Word 97 document (.doc) that all of a sudden is no longer openable by the very Word 97 that created it. I tried what the error message said, but nothing helped.

Is it "corrupted"? Is there a file repair tool that will tell me what's wrong and fix it?

It will open in WordPad, but of course is mostly squares.

A:Word 97 document no longer can be opened

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I sent myself a document through my email. I opened the file, didn't save it first but just opened it in MS Word 2010, as an RTF document. I then clicked on enable editing. When I finished working on it I clicked on the Save button on the toolbar. I forgot to Save As the file and put it in a proper folder. I am using my laptop and was in automode and thought I was just saving it as usual on my desktop. So now I can't find this document anywhere. It doesn't even show up in Recent Documents. I tried opening the unedited file from my email again it it says it's in my documents/myname/localsettings/tempinternet files. I went into my computer went into the temp folder but the file isn't in there. I'm really confused. If you save a file after working on it shouldn't it be somewhere?

A:Edited file from email into MS Word saved it and now it's gone...

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Hello, hope someone can help, I have received a spreadsheet in an email, and have opened it, edited it, saved it (by pressing CTRL + S), but I don't know where it has saved. I know I should have copied it to a folder first before editing/saving.

A:Finding an edited spreadsheet saved from an email

It's always a good idea to select where you want to save a document instead of just letting it be saved in a default location.

Have you looked inside the DOCUMENTS folder for it?


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My friend bought a downloadable version of MS Office 10 online in December and has had problems ever since w/Word. Her OS is Windows 7. When she tries to open a document in Word, she gets an error message.

I've tried changing the default printer and downloading MS fixes; she uses the default font (Calibri).

Full error message details are:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5082f340
Fault Module Name: btmoffice.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cd03354
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000000064bf
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 3081

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Solved: MS Word 10 crash when document opened

Is this Solved" or not, if not you need to change the status?

Also do you mean 2010 or version 10 which several years old?
You should edit the above post to show the correct information?

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Hello Bleeping Computer. I have used this forum before to fix issues with my computer, and for the issue i have today, i haven't been able to find an existing solution.
I tried to open my essay file today but when i tried, i get the message

"We're sorry. We can't open JALE1014 Drugs and Crime essay.docx because we found a problem with its contents".
Details: The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.

I then try to use the Word recovery of my file, but this is what happens

"We're sorry. We can't open JALE1014 Drugs and Crime essay.docx because we found a problem with its contents".
Details: Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid.

I tried every single fix that i was able to find, and to name them, they are:
Opening the file on another computer. Didn't work
Changing the file extension from docx to zip. Wasn't able to open it.
Changing the file extension to rtf. Wasn't able to open it.
I tried to find previous versions of the file in my autosaves folder in Appdata\roaming\microsoft but didn't find one.
Changing the file extension to txt. Was able to open it, but this was what i got:

PK    !     j'
z  ­  [Content_Types].xml ¢(                                  ... Read more

A:Word document corrupt and unable to be opened

If you have System Restore enabled you may be able to retrieve a previous version by right clicking the file and under the Previous Versions tab there is hopefully a document listed.


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From time to time, when I open a Word document, it is opened read only. I have no idea why this happens. It is fairly infrequent (3-4 times a month) and seems random.
The problem is that I don't notice that it's read only, so I go about merrily on editing the document. When I try to save it, I get the Save As dialog. In  then have to save it under a different name, delete the old copy, and rename the new one. In addition to a royal pain, it screws up my archive log.
Is there a way that I can have Word warn me whenever a document is opened read only?

A:Can I get Word 2007 to warn me when a document is opened read only?

I did a little more research and found this website:

It has a document_open macro which I adapted as follows:

Sub Document_Open()
If ThisDocument.ReadOnly = False Then Exit Sub
MsgBox "This document is read only."
End Sub

I saved it in a Normal code module and set a breakpoint. It does get executed every time a document is opened, but the readonly test is always False, even when the document has the Read Only flag set and the title bar clearly says "(Read Only)".
Is there a way to modify this macro so that the MsgBox statement will execute when a document is opened read only?

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Hi guys, I just started my first job last week and my boss has a problem which noone in the office has been able to solve, if I can solve it, I would undoubtedly make a very good impression, no?

Now, he has w2k installed on his laptop (formatted NTFS), with a network share (also NTFS) on a 2000 or NT4 server - I'm not sure which. When he opens an Excel document that is saved on the share, Excel opens but the screen stays white and he has to end the process. When he opens the file again it works just fine and the document opens.

They first tried reinstalling Excel, then Office, and then they formatted the drive and reinstalled Windows, so it can't be the software or the OS on his machine.

If anyone has come across this or a similar problem, or has ANY ideas, please let me know, it would be so much fun if the new blonde girl can show 'em all

A:Excel hangs when document is opened from network share

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Suddenly, I cannot open an: .rtf Microsoft Word document file.

It is an incoming file from a trusted source.

I can download the file, see the corresponding file images, then when I
click on an image, I get a message from Micosoft Word (with the yellow
triangle enclosing an exclamation point) which says: The server application,
source file or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly
installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed.

Please help me open this file, it is a work-related file, and I've tried so
many times already.

Thanking you in advance.

A:.rtf Microsoft Word document files aren't opened

Was Office loaded on that machine at work?
If so it is my guess that one of two things is happening.

1) The Office dll that displays pictures is resident on the work network and is only loaded when it is needed - thus displaying that message.

2) A similar thing with the document that just the link (and thumbnail) to the pictures were included in the document. The actual pictures are still on the network.

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When I open Microsoft Office Word 2000 on my computer, another document appears in word that I had previously typed up. I was wondering how to get rid of this so a completely new document would open up instead.

Thanks for all your help

A:Solved: Word 2000 showing another document when opened

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When I open any word document on my PC, I get a message that a user called Student has the document open, would I like a copy...I am the only user and there is no documents open. I have tried logging off and logging on as another user and still get the same problem. I definately don't have it opened or in use anywhere on my system. I have tried control+alt+delete and checked if something is running and it isn't. I have gone to my administrator tools and checked the services and again, can't see anything. Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this? Thanks

A:Error Message Opening Word Document Says that another user has it opened

search for normal.dot. delete all that show up. then try to open word.

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In word 2013, when attempting to open one particular file saved in Wof 97-2003 format, Word 2013 crashes right away. I've tried event viewer, but there was no real listed fix.

I've also tried uninstalling add-ins and to no luck

It does however open in Word 2013 safe mode. I can also open under another user on another computer so no there is no corruption on the file.

It also can open in 'Protected' mode for the affected user, but opening normally is when it bombs out. Any resolutions welcomed.


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My wife uses yahoo mail with IE. She opened a 2007 word document and made changes to it an then hit Ctrl S and emailed it back to the sender. The sender received the original document and not the changes...Where does the Ctrl S save the document to? Does it save it all? I'm still lost with Vista.


A:Ctrl S Save location for an opened doc

The links provided should help you to understand Word.
Word 2007: Learning Document Basics, UWEC
Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial—Free & Online
Walter Glenn ? Save as .doc instead of .docx in Word 2007
Using Word's Compare Feature to Show Changes Made to a Document

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I went into the event viewer, I can see when the lid is opened aka the computer is turned on and off; is their a log of what apps were used by day or what apps have been downloaded. i can not go to the download folder because if something was downloaded the person would have deleted it out of there because he is smarter than to leave evidence. i am essentially looking for two things, what was done on my computer on 3 specific days and if a keylogger was downloaded our something else that records my activities on these 3 specific days. i am to the point where i Will probably restore my computer because i am being there is something on there, but i am looking for proof to call the person out. he is either deleting his web history when using my laptop our using a Mozilla private screen.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


A:does Windows 8 save when apps are opened or downloaded

Check the Event Viewer under "Applications" for those specific times. If you are looking for a history, I don't know where that woudl be. Applications will tell you what was open and when.

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Hi guys.

I need to save a text file as a .url or .lst

Not sure how to do it.

I thought you could just replace the ending so it had 'filename.url'

But that doesnt seem to work.


A:How To Save a Document as a .URL? ? ?

If you are trying to make the file open in a web browser, name it filename.htm

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I'm using XP Home SP2 and Word 2002 (screen says "Microsoft Office XP" when it opens, hope that makes sense!)

Something is all backwards in prompting me to Save Changes. First of all, I usually never see the prompt.
I opened some documents - only to read them. I did not change anything at all. When I closed, some of the docs (but not all of them), there was a box asking if I wanted to Save The Changes I made to This Document? I said No because I didn't make any changes. I want it to stop doing this. Also, it only asked that for some of the docs. For other docs (also unchanged), it didn't ask.

I've never seen this box before, usually even if I've made a million changes, I'm never prompted to save the changes or not.

I would like to have this confirmation box come up when I DO make changes! Very handy! But not have it come up when I don't make changes. Very annoying!
It seems to be all backwards, asking to keep changes when I don't make any, but never asking to keep changes when I DO make them! So basically I want things the other way around.
Is it possible?

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A client contacted me re: Word not saving documents. Word is part of a Works Suite, and has stopped saving changes as well as new documents. I had her do a detect and repair, uninstall and reinstall Word. Still no save. She has also been receiving messages regarding changes to the global.normal.dot. I plan on renaming the normal.dot when I see her on Wed. Will uninstall and reinstall Works Suite if that doesn't work. Has anyone else seen this problem?

A:Works: Will Not Save Document

If the works reinstall does not work then...
The only other item you should try is checking for virus, worm or Trojan activity. There are many Macro viruses that are around and also the new Nimda affects MSWord. Here are to sites that will help you.
Do an on-line scan for virus
Then download AdAware from lavasoft. Setup and run scan.
Let us know what you find.

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I have Windows7, Word 2010. When I complete a document in Word, I want to save it in a particular folder which I created on my Desktop in order to keep my work organized. How do I do that? Thank you.

A:Save document in different folders

Select the office button and then go down to SAVE AS and highlight it so the menu opens up. Select the file type you want and then you should see another window open up named Save As.

From there select Desktop and then the folder you wish to save your file in.
If you need to you can select on the right side of the menu the folder with a star on it to create a new folder on the Desktop. Double click it and hit save and you have saved the file in the new folder you have just created.

Good Luck.

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Each time I want to save this specific file after a modification, I got an error message and MS Word shuts down. I tried to copy/paste the text in a new document but it doesn't help.
What happened is that I first wordprocessed a part of this document with Trados (translation managing software) and thought the problem was due to this but even when copying the "trados-free" part of the doc and pasting in a new one I still can't save it: Word closes without saving.

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Can't save my word document

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Hello . I have window 7 and I have tried to scan a document and edit it but it doesn't work . Can you tell me what to do to be able to add text to this document ? how can I save it . Do i need to save it as a document or ???? just generally what do I need to do ? thank you very much .

A:Scan and save a document

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My printer is connected, printer icon is in tray, and it is recognized by my Belkin router manager-- but when I try to print I get a screen that says 'save the file as an *.xps document'...and it won't print. I don't want to save it - I want it to print.

I ran a search for 'xps' and the list came up with XPS Viewer and XPS Viewer Manifest. Both are located in C:\Windows\system32\xpsviewer. This has been after I downloaded something to scan my drivers for outdated ones. When I discovered that you have to buy the software I uninstalled it. I never had the problem before that.

It is on my Dell laptop, running XP Home Edition.

A:get 'save the file as an xps document.'..won't print

Can you print a test page?
What printer is selected in the printer dialog box? (Almost certainly the XPS document writer)
Select "Print" from the file menu to see these options.

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I?m using windows 7 on a HP tower.
I have a PDF fallible application (CMS100 072019 v1-0.pdf) which I?ve completed online. The filled document prints OK.
When I save it to the shows 1.26 MB (1,326,091 bytes) properties for the document.
I get the following message each time I try to save the document: Please wait???????????????.
if this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document your PDF viewer may not be able to view this type of document
??you can upgrade by going to https://www.adobe.com/go/acrreader
Any suggestions or assistance?


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 645 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 920 GB (701 GB Free); D: 11 GB (1 GB Free); F: 931 GB (0 GB Free); H: 931 GB (914 GB Free);
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AB1
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Enabled and Updated

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Hey all, I was wondering if you can save a Word document as a PDF file and if so, how?


A:How to save a Word document as a PDF file?

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Hello, Many times when I open a document, for some reason the option comes up to save the document, yes or no. I have changed nothing on this document, just opened it. Anyone know why, and then should I select yes or no?

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When I save an MS word document from my Kingston stick to my Documents folder, it disappears from my documents folder. Why does this happen and how can I stop it from happening?

A:when I save an MS word document it disappears

I'd like to clarify a few things.

When you "save the document", are you transferring it from a flash drive to the My Documents folder on the main drive?


Have you opened the document and then saving it to "My Documents" on the main drive?


Is the "My Documents" folder one a folder on the "Kingston stick"?

Or are you doing something else?

Orange Blossom

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My boss has a special network folder mapped only to his PC. He keeps a lot of xls and doc files that are for his eyes only. One of the xls files refuses to save, the error message states that the "file is currently in use". No one else has it open, or even has access to it's saved location.

He can still save a copy with "Save As.." but he can't even manually delete the original file afterwards.

I'm thinking it might be a hung process, but I wanted to see if someone here has a solution/explanation. I'm going over to mess with it now, and will check back later to update.

A:Can't save xls document to Network drive

mjm, you might want to take a looks at "file streams"

File Streams

as this could be a hint of why he can't save or delete the file.


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I have a pc with 2 disc drives. I can play a disc showing photos but if I insert a new CD and try to save a Word document it refuses to save it.

A:Can't save document onto disc in CD drive

What do you mean by "refuses to save it"? What error message(s) appear? Can't write to the CD? Can you burn any new data like songs, or new pictures to this CD burner?

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Hi, I think many has this problem as I found it in other forums without clear response. Sometimes my Internet Explorer 9 does not like Adobe Reader 9. So I open a document pdf which has no security issue, and I just click on the save a copy icon. The icon responds with a virtual click. And that's it. Does not appear the radiobox where I can chose where and how to save. Nothing happens. And I can't find the downloaded pdf in any temporary folders either (I can index system folders and do a search there). So I have to go to another computer where I do the same in Firefox and it works, I can save the pdf file. But this is not OK that I have to use someone else's computer. I just wonder why these intelligent guys who create IE and AR can not make something that works? And since years this problem has been existing. Any idea how to patch it? Cheers and happy new year !

A:Save a copy of a PDF document open in IE9 does not do anything

In IE9, enable the classic menu-bar which is disabled by default.

Now when you open a PDF in IE9 via the Adobe Reader plugin, just click File >> Save as. It will save it as a PDF file with a default filename.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I save 7 pages of a magazine story which I scanned so they appear under just one icon in a folder? (instead of 7 icons)

A:How to save several pages under one document icon

If you've scanned them they'll be images, which are necessarily one file per image, which means one file per page. What you'll have to do is build them into some other document--for example a Microsoft Word file or a PDF file. That way you open the document (with Word, Adobe Reader, etc) and get the pages one after another in the order you set up. After you've made the document you can delete the original scans.

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I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction with what appears to be a problem with Word.

I have a Lotus Notes application that stores a lot of information, and part of that is output to a word document for printing. A user opens a document in Lotus Notes, presses a button and a Word document is created with the relevant information in it. It does this by getting Notes to launch a Word template file with the layout how we want it, and passing an XML file with all the required values from Notes so that a VBA function in the Word template can read this information in. It's quite a convoluted way of doing things I'll agree, but I am just working with a a system that was developed a long time ago and in most cases it works well.

When the user is done making any changes to the Word document, there is a macro button in Word that they press to mark the document complete. This makes the document readonly, sets a few custom properties and then saves the document.

In most cases, if you were to run through the process, everything works fine. Sometimes however, a small number of users are finding that their work isn't saved. If for example they launch a new word document, make changes and then close word, then go back to that document and make more changes before pressing the Complete button in Word, they find that the next time they go to the document it's in the state before their most recent changes, which are lost.

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A:Word VBA fails to save document

I would look at folder permissions first on the network for the affected users, as compared to the ones that are working.

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I can type and save a letter or other document on Wordpad and store it in the my documents folder.However,when I reopen the document and try to add to or otherwise edit it, the text appears to be frozen and the cursor fails to blink.My operating system is Windows xp.I have a similar problem with Notepad.Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks.

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