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Tecra M9 - fingerprint reader and BIOS password

Q: Tecra M9 - fingerprint reader and BIOS password

i want to disable the fingerprint reader and bios password upon computer startup.
i have already uninstalled upek protector suite ql, but upon startup i am still prompted to swipe my finger.
i have seen and followed the instructions in "toshiba Passwords: setting and removing (for BIOS, Supervisor, and Windows passwords)", but still have to enter my password to fire up the computer.
what else do i need to do?

Preferred Solution: Tecra M9 - fingerprint reader and BIOS password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tecra M9 - fingerprint reader and BIOS password

tried to edit this post but got message that i could not and had to contact an administrator but not how to contact the administrator.
so, i should have added, "XP operating system, laptop purchased in 2008".

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My Tecra Z40 arrived with Win 8.1.
From the start I could not use the Fingerprint Utility.
When accessing the utility nothing would happen for a moment and then the error: 'Could not connect to the fingerprint reader' eventually popped up.

I could also not use the built in Win 8.1 fingerprint enrolment (Error: This device has not suitable biometric device).(PS mind that this built in feature is now metro-embedded and no biometric device settings are now present in the control panel in Win 8.1!)

The problem persisted despite the latest Fingerprint Utility (that comes with the drivers) were installed for Win 8.1. 64 bit directly from TOSHIBA website and despite that a biometric device was always present in the Task Manager ('this device works properly')!


After literally weeks of searching (including getting help from the shop and from Toshiba service) I could finally solve the issue.

I uninstalled the driver and the fingerprint reader from the device manager (only then are the fingerprint reader drivers really removed).
Then I cleaned the registry (I used CC cleaner software) (otherwise installing again was failing for some reason).

Finally I installed an equivalent Fingerprint Utility and the driver for Tecra Z50 (fp-sw-20140605164020.zip) (which I expected to be use the exact same sensor)...and since, everything works fine.

I can now access the Fingerprint Utility and use the fingerprint log on in Windows.

SU... Read more

A:Re: Tecra Z40, Win 8.1 - Fingerprint reader malfunction

Hey thanks for this interesting thread and detailed description.

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Hi,I have a Thinkpad P50 equiped with a fingerprint reader.Worked perfectly well for months, but suddently stopped working.I verified/updated drivers, but this was not the problem.I then had the bad idea of changing the BIOS security option to enable the pre-POST fingerprint option.Now I end-up with a system that keeps rebooting forever preventing me to access the BIOS configuration.(I guess that after pressing F1 for entering BIOS, it expects me to scan my finger, but doesn't find the reader, so reboots again and again.)Please HELPThank you!!

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I just purchased a modest Toshiba laptop to replace my five year old HP laptop. Being new to W10, I am not impressed with and do not trust the use of a PIN rather than a sophisticated password.

The USB reader I bought for the Toshiba is an Eikon using Authentec driver. I dislike the apparent limitation of Windows Hello to only associate the fingerprint reader with the PIN. But my real issue is that this prevents my using the FP reader to also open my password program.

On my HP laptop, I have this capability with SimplePass. I actually attempted to install HP's SimplePass on the Toshiba, but it would not install.

Unless I'm overlooking a way to do this with W10, I'm looking for a utility that will store password(s) for use by the FP reader both for logon and accessing, at the minimum, my password program.

I do not wish to change the password for my password program to the Hello PIN just to achieve the dual function.

Any enlightenment and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello all and thanks in advance,

I have lost my admin password - i have a vaio laptop with the fingerprint reader (that works fine)

When I got the computer I entered and admin password (no other users, just me) and recorded said password in outlook on my BlackBerry contacts.

I never actually had to use it because I have the fingerprint reader.

Anyway, I tred enterting the password today and got a fail (just wanted to see if it works) - I either recorded it wrong in my BB (unlikley but oh well) or something has happened..

In any case - I have searched and found the password reset tutorial on this page which I will attempt, but I wonder if there is anything easier that I can do since I can actually get into the computer via thefingerprint reader? I think the tutorial is written for people who cannot get in at all.

Hope this is in the right place.


A:Lost Password - have fingerprint reader

You have to know your current password to change it in the User Accounts screen, so even though you can access the system using the fingerprint reader, your stuck.

After you reset your password, create a Password Reset Disk
How to create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk
That disk will save you from going through this again if you forget the new password.

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My wife wanted me to look into Fingerprint Scanners and I see a KByte Fingerprint Security Reader for $12. People have said that on 64 bit Win 10 Pro no drivers are needed and that they are built in to the OS. But, can we add this to only use with LastPass without having a Windows 10 password?

A:Can I use a Fingerprint Security Reader with NO Win 10 Password?

Hello MPSAN,

I'm afraid that Windows Hello for fingerprint requires that you setup a PIN first, and a PIN requires that you setup a password first.

Fingerprint - Add or Remove in Windows 10

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Hi, I have purchased the Elitebook with the fingerprint reader, which I thing is great, and it worked fine initially.  Than I had some trouble and our company tech reinstalled windows and reset the BIOS.  Now the finger print reader is not working anymore.  Windows sees it in the Device Manager but I can not start it in the Biometric device (grayed out).The message indicates that it is managed by the group policy.  I have worked with our IT people and they stated that their group policy does not prohibit the use of the fingerprint reader.Can it be that a setting in the BIOS is wrong after the BIOS was set to default?

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After searching a long time, I still found no solution or hint about getting the MSKeyboard with Fingerprint Reader to work. Although the driver installs fine, the DigitalPersona Password Manager software won't install. What am I supposed to do now? Is there any chance to get the device to work with Windows Vista?Are there any plans at MS to support this feature in the near future?Maybe there is another software on the market? Anybody has a clue?
Thanks in advance!

A:MS Fingerprint Reader / DigitalPersona Password Manager

Sorry guys, we are aware of this issue and it is my understanding thatthe M/S Keyboard software for the reader will be updated when Vista is released.

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Hi everyone,I have an X1 carbon 2nd Gen laptop, with type 20A8S18T00. Everything works fine except the fingerprint security. I have installed the ThinkVantage Finferprint Software v6.0.0.8102 - the latest one, then the fingerprint driver "should be already installed along" (as I read somewhere).  But when I tried to enroll new fingerprint data, it always show the error E7210005 - "Cannot enroll user. Cannot update passport. Cannot find fingerprint sensor device". I have checked my BIOS Setting and seen that the option "Fingerprint Reader" was disabled and there is no way to select it and change value to Enable or whatever. I have heard people said that option must be enabled before doing making any changes with fingerprint data. Now I'm totally stuck! Here are my BIOS Setting screenshots: 1 - BIOS General Information 2 - Security >> Fingerprint 3 - Security >> I/O Port Access 4 - Security >> Secure Boot Could you please have me solve this case? Thank you so much.


Go to Solution.

A:[X1 Carbon 2nd Gen] Cannot enable fingerprint reader in BIOS

Hi chaudh76, welcome to the forum.
     The correct software for the device is Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro:
      The version you have listed (v6.0.0.8102) is for ThinkPad X1, X1 Carbon (Type 34xx), not your 20A8.
     Make sure you download, and run, the ThinkVantage System Update:
     If you download, and run the ThinkVantage System Update first, all of your system drivers will be checked. If any of them need updating, they will appear in the list, and you can download/install them through the program.
     Also, here is the complete Lenovo support, and download site, for your ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 20A7, 20A8). It contains everything you need: Downloads/Product & Parts/Manuals/Solutions/Videos/Accessories

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I installed the BIOS version 2.46 (rel. 12/18/2017) today for my T440p and after the flash, my fingerprint reader stopped working. In Windows device manager it reports an unknown USB device which has "descriptor request failed". Then I entered the BIOS config and found that the fingerprint reader was not detected at all even out of the OS. Under security tab I tried to reset fingerprint data and it said that no fingerprint reader was detected. Now I have rolled back to the last BIOS version 2.44 and the fingerprint reader started to work again. I am aware that the latest 2.46 addresses the meltdown exploit so please investigate and fix this problem... Thanks,

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I have a T460s on a fresh install of Win10. I just bought an external USB fingerprint reader https://www.amazon.com/Fingerprint-PQI-Matching-Biometric-Security/dp/B06XG4MHFJ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&....My hope was that when my laptop was docked (on a ThinkPad Pro dock), I could plug it into a USB port on my external keyboard and login using it. For the time being, I'm just trying to get it working with the laptop undocked (i.e. forget about external keyboards, USB hubs etc.). Starting from scratch (i.e. fingerprints cleared in both Windows and the BIOS, and the external USB NOT plugged in), I setup the internal fingerprint reader, add prints, and am able login with no problem. When I plug in the external reader, drivers install just fine.  I enrolled a different finger, and was able to login just fine. However, when I unplug the external USB reader, I am never able to get the internal reader working again.  With the external unplugged and after a full restart, the internal will still not let me log in: the fingerprint option doesn?t even show up at the Windows login screen. The only way I can get the internal working again is by plugging the external in again (so that it appears in Device Manager), uninstalling both fingerprint devices (just uninstalling the external USB does not work), restarting the computer, and reenrolling my fingerprint using the internal. I know there is an option in the BIOS to just use the internal re... Read more

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Hi all, just joined this forum today in the hope of solving my problem, any help would be appreciated.
I recently bought a group of laptops for my business and amongst them is a Tecra A9, on booting there is just the word
"password" in the top left of the screen. As of yet there is no OS. I presume it requires a bios password, so my question is
does anyone know the best course of action to get this fixed?

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hello again

i bought a tecra a11-153 from ebay which has a bios password
the shop i bought it from sales ex business laptops etc
i have proof of purchase but is there anyway of removing the password?
ive tried removing cmos battery etc
the laptop its self works but its frustrating not being able to enter bios!

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I have a problem, when i acquire the computer put a user password in bios, and i dont remember her. I do autentication by pass the finger in scan. Now i want upgrade the OS to win7 and do a fresh instalation, not a upgrade.
The authentication via scan will be maintained or will be lost, when do the upgrade of OS?



A:Tecra S5 - Question about BIOS Password

Hi Carlos

When you make clean OS installation, everything will be deleted so my opinion is that you should delete all passwords before you start clean OS installation.
?unlock? your notebook, install and configure OS and when job is done ?lock? the notebook using passwords.

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I have had a laptop handed to me from a staff member, after they left I realised that they had put a BIOS password on so that it will not even boot without the password. They have now left the company and on there last day could not remember what the password was.

As far as I am aware there is no way for me to reset it and that it is a Toshiba task. Could someone confirm if this is correct and if so what number etc I would call to do this.

Unfortunately I have been told by the powers that be not to spend much time or money on this due to the laptops age, but I feel I can't just dump this otherwise fully working laptop.

Many Thanks,


A:Tecra A9 BIOS Password question

Hello Tim

If there is no way to contact this people and ask for password you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can remove BIOS password.

Check please http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/ASP_SUPPORT/
There you can find addresses and phone numbers.

Good luck.

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I have following Toshiba Tecra model :
Toshiba Tecra M11-15W
Part/Model No. : PTME0E-03J02SEP

Problem is that i did not use this notebook for some time and forgot Bios password i set. Now i need to re-install windows (its corrupted) but i cannot make my notebook to boot from USB or from DVD. To access that menu i need my Bios password.
Is there any way i can flash it or reset or something like that ? I tried everything already, i even wanted to get inside my laptop to find that Bios battery and remove it, but i am affraid that i will break something...
i can remove the HDD and install windows on another PC and continue install on the notebook , but still i need that password reset...
Thanks in advance !!

A:Tecra M11 - BIOS Password recovery

Few days ago one guy asked the same question on this forum. Asyou probably know BIOS passeord is very important security feature and it can be recovered or canceled by authorized personal only. With other words nearest Toshiba service provider can do it for you.

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It was recently purchased two secondhand laptops Toshiba ?Tecra A8?with serial numbers Y6091612H and Y6091296H. Both were passworded (there is no opportunity even to go into the BIOS). On the Internet I found the information that it may reset the password using the response code.

Is it possible to get the response code?

A:Re: Removing BIOS password on Tecra A8

This code can get authorized service provider only. You as private person will not be able to get it somehow.
Contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and explain the situation. They can help you and remove BIOS password.

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My laptop Toshiba Tecra A9 have a problem with the BIOS password and I was wondering if you could provide me the password since I can not access anything without it

A:BIOS password issue on Tecra A9

BIOS password is very important security feature and such issues cannot be clarified on public forum.
All problems with BIOS password must be clarified with Toshiba service provider.
If your notebook is blocked by password and you cannot access it please contact nearest Toshiba service and they can remove it for you.

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I have a Toshiba Tecra M11-11M which has been password locked. I have stripped the notebook and removed the BIOS battery for 10 min but the password still remains ie on the screen it still reads PASSWORD- ****.

There is no way to enter the BIOS via any key combination.
There are no markings or letters on the motherboard whatsoever ie: C35-C36 or J12-J13 to short out which would in most cases remove the password and allow access to the BIOS.

Any techies out there with any ideas would be much appreciated.
Some people asking for help with a bios password are not thieves but just forgetful fools.

A:BIOS password removal on Tecra M11-11M

As far as I know Toshiba uses several methods for BIOS password removal. On business machines like Tecra or Portege the method is not the same as on Satellite models.
BIOS battery removal maybe works on desktops but not on mobile machines.

Mobile machines must have better protection due to fact that can be pretty easy stolen and it is very important to prevent fraudulent use.
> Some people asking for help with a bios password are not thieves but just forgetful fools.
That?s correct but you cannot expect that BIOS password removal method will be described on public forum. Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and they will do this for you. All you must do is to show valid bill and prove that you are real owner of this Tecra machine.

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I have a Tecra A3x which died before Christmas. I purchased a replacement motherboard from eBay. I have fitted the mother board and the unit powers up fine but stop at a password screen that is plain black. I have tried to look for a way to wipe the BIOS and have taken the CMOS battery off for about 10 mins. I have read that most laptops have a jumper built in too fix this. I have looked under the usual places - memory modules etc. I can?t find this anywhere.

Any help would be very welcomed.


A:Tecra A3X - how to remove BIOS Password?

Hello John

As you probably know BIOS password is very important security feature and BIOS password removal cannot be described on manufacturer?s public forum. It is a kind of ?top secret? information.
It is not logic to do this, right?

Every stolen Tecra A3X with BIOS password could be ?unlocked?.
In my opinion you should contact person who sold you this mainboard and ask for password. If he cannot help, send it back. Was this info in product description on his ebay offer?

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Hey guys,

my Tecra M5 got a BIOS Passwort from one day to the other, I have never told him to do so.

All my passwords won't work, so how can I reset the password?

Please help me :)

A:Tecra M5 - how to remove Bios Password?

I never heard that BIOS password can be enabled alone so I?m really wondering how it can happen on your Tecra M5.

You must understand that BIOS password is very important security protection and we cannot discuss in public forum about this.
BIOS removal procedure is not always the same and Tecra, as business notebook model, has pretty complicated BIOS removal procedure and it can be done by Toshiba service provider only.


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I have a young cousin who loves trying almost all sorts of new IT skills on his new laptop. Now he installed a fingerprint software and didn't set up the scanner. Now the computer boots and brings a screen for password or fingerprint. He had no password on it and logging in is now impossible. The computer asks for bios password which was also not set. Is there a way around it? The computer is very new.

A:Fingerprint and Bios password forgotten

 Getting past a BIOS password on a Probook will require help from HP Technical Support. Above the scope of what we can do here.  800-334-5144

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Hello, I hope I'm posting my thread in the correct part of Your forum...

My question is - is there anything I could do if I forgot my BIOS password for the Toshiba Tecra t9100 LapTop?
Model no: pt910e-0049g-dk

Thanks in advance for Your swift reply

A:Tecra 9100 -I forgot my BIOS password - what can I do?


Unfortunately you cannot do anything and you need help from Toshiba service provider. They can delete old password.

Check please - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB4600PR000JR01.htm

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Hello. Dear Tech Support, can you help me remove the BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8 ?

Challenge Code = GH1PF-YLL2C-CKQVT-K2U75-JJF0K

A:Need to remove BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8

You need to send it in to a Toshiba Service Center for password removal. There is no other way.

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help ?

We have just started to put a supervisor password onto our Tecra A11 laptops so our pupils cannot set passwords on the hard drive etc.

To get into the BIOS and set a BIOS password, we press F2 as the machine starts.
We then go into the security option, then supervisor password.
Having entered the password we want to use twice, we press F10 to save etc.

The machine starts ok and goes in to windows without a hitch.

The problem we have now is that we cannot get back into the bios at all.
As the machine starts we press the F2 key as before but unlike previously the screen just remains blank and the 'Toshiba leading Innovation >>>' screen no longer appears.

If we keep our finger on the F" key or keep pressing it the laptop just restarts without ever getting to the BIOS screen where I assume we will get asked for the supervisor password we set earlier?

Is there another key we should be pressing as the laptop starts ?

I should add we have added a supervisor password for the BIOS security screen on three of our laptops and all three have the same issue.



A:Tecra A11-1EG - cannot access BIOS after setting supervisor password

I think this should be useful for you:

In some cases you need to press the "INS" key while Toshiba logo appears.

Then a prompt for the Supervisor Password would appear and if the password is certified then the BIOS could be entered by pressing the "F2" key.

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I have a problem. I get a Toshiba Tecra M7 with fingerprint system. But it does not read my fingerprint anymore. I dont set an Password, but my notebook ask me at a password.

I tried Masterkeys, but they dont work. I read that I can make a DB25 dongle. but I have no Port.

I know, that on Dell Notebooks it works, if the EEPROM chip is short pin 6 or 7 with ground.

Do this work on my notebook too. HAVE I an eeprom chip?

Please help me. I dont know what todo.


A:Toshiba TECRA BIOS Password resetting deleting

Nobody who can HELP me???

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Good day,
Got my new and shiny E7470, but there is some trouble in paradise.
Is there a way to improve fingerprint reader? This thing is complete <profanity>. Half of the time it does not recognize the finger and when it recognized, it just takes too long. Updated all drivers and software to the latest, as per dell support suggestion. Still <profanity> :D My old Vostro 3350 FP reader works better in any case.
And the second question is, can the nfc read tags? Installed a couple of programs from windows store, but they do not show the tags info. When the sound is on and I place a tag on the reader, there is chime and that is all. Device manager shows, that device is active and working without problems.
NFC card should be Mifare Plus.

A:How to improve fingerprint reader and can the nfc reader read tags? e7470

Received my E7470 few days ago same exact problem. Go to Dell Support website download and reinstall the Chipset Drivers ,A01
Seems there is problem after updating the ControlVault driver. This fixed my issue.

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I got a Toshiba tecra A8, it has fingerprint and bios password security, it wont let me factory reset with power zero, is there any other way?

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I've Tecra M5 with Windows 7, and I'm trying to set fingerprint software (protector suite QL) but old version is not compatible and new (taken from Toshibas site) don't work. It just says "cannot find fingerprint sensor device code 0xe7210005". hardware is integrated.

In system is unknown device ACPI\TOA620A but it can't be updated. Windows don't find drivers and loaded packet (driver_fingerprint_upek_TC00237700A) or (2.19C_package) has no driver that would fit?

A:Tecra M5 - Cannot find fingerprint sensor

Hi karikana,

Have you removed the old version of fingerprint software before you installed the new version? Remove it in control panel > uninstall programs and remove the software before you install the new one. Also use a registry cleaner like Ccleaner to clean the registry.

Does fingerprint work with preinstalled OS from Toshiba?

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I have old Tecra R10-10W

Aftert long time in the cabinet, it say CMOS battery error and after charging can I not startup on the old system (bios) password.

How to reset the bios password and is also required replacement cmos battery and I can do it myself?


A:Tecra R10-10W - CMOS battery error and next bios password error

you can change cmos battery your self np,for bios pasword use google,i havet a hp mini with same problem and foundet a program that have reset with the help off error code when inserted wrong password 3 times in the row,then i used error code in the program and got password,restarted hp and inserted password now is working bp.Do i have also a old tecra and have difrend problem with it,evrithing sims to be in order but laptop wont start in first tray,after several restarsts shovs startup screen,then runing bp,if restarted again same story,needs several restarts and then is runing again,trayed with outside monitor same thing,any ideas?
here is the link for your problem and sulution: http://dogber1.blogspot.com/2009/05/table-of-reverse-engineered-bios.html

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I have a Toshiba Tecra A11-17H - PTSE0E 03402EFR
Operating system is Windows 7 64bit

Here is my problem :
I locked files (image, text) with fingerprint, while I was running Windows XP Professional.

I copied my files without unlocked on external hard drive, then uninstalled XP and installed Windows 7.
After the reinstallation, the fingerprint reader has stopped working.
I had to download the drivers and software from the Toshiba website.

I then put my transferred to the external hard drive on the computer but now it is unable to open the file.
Extension has been changed (automatically), a fpl . came to added after the original extension .

I tried deleted fpl but nothing happens.
When I do right click, I do not have the option "unlock?, but rather "to protect the file".

I understand (reading the forum) that fingerprint technology TPM consists of a chip containing a decryption key unique to the computer.
Theoretically, it would be possible to unlock my files, since it is the same computer ...

Help me please ....

A:Cannot open locked files using fingerprint on Tecra A11-17H

Please read this:
[Cannot access fingerprint-protected files after recovery|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9802O50000R01.htm]

A user cannot access his fingerprint protected files when backing up these files on external storage like e.g. a network drive and performing a recovery or reinstallation of the operating system on the machine where the files were protected.

The AuthenTec fingerprint software provides a feature called "protecting files/folders" which gives the user the ability to protect files regardless if stored locally, on external media (USB flash memory) or network storage with either a password or the stored fingerprints. After protecting the files, they cannot be moved/copied/deleted anymore until the user unprotects them.

The root cause of the above mentioned scenario is because of the fact that the "Authentec" fingerprint software is creating a connection between the installed fingerprint hardware and the filesystem on the HDD which acts like a key. This connection is removed after formatting or deleting the harddisk of the computer. Without this connection, the files cannot be accessed anymore and the user will not be able to unprotect them since there is no "key" which could unlock the file-protection.

To prevent data loss caused by such scenario, *the user needs to unprotect the files before storing the files on external media* for backup/storage purposes and afterwards re... Read more

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I just got a Tecra A7 PTA71E-07600UIT that does have a fingerprint sensor (I've attached a picture of it), I have installed the corresponding software offered by the Toshiba support page. However, when I open the program, it says that no fingerprint sensor was found, that I should connect one via USB. My question is: Has this model the FP sensor or not? If not, why it has the square for it (as you can see in the picture)? Thank you very much in advance.

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A few days ago I was on my Tecra R940 and I got series of messages re., a disconnected USB device. I didn't think much of it at the time, but since then my fingerprint scanner has stopped working.

I can't login via fingerprint scan, and when I run the Fingerprint Utility, it says, "Failed to connect to the sensor".

I've run the Toshiba PC diagnostic test tool and it passed everything except the Modem test (I skipped, don't have a telephone line).

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

A:Tecra R940 - Fingerprint scanner not working

Below is the output from the Toshiba PC diagnostic utility:

Date 2013/10/30 16:42:09

[PC Information]
Model Name TECRA R940
Part Number PT43GE-00G009EN
Serial Number 8C087716H
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
BIOS Version Version 6.70
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz
Physical Memory4096MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity484,059,377,664 [Byte] 450.815 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity131,957,252,096 [Byte] 122.895 [GB]
Video Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 version=
Screen Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound Realtek High Definition Audio version=
Intel(R) Display Audio version=
Network Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection version= MAC Address=E8:E0:B7:08:E0:5F
Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6235 version= MAC Address=C4:85:08:85:03:E5
Ericsson F5321gw for TOSHIBA Mobile Broadband Network Adapter version= MAC Address=
Modem Ericsson F5321gw for TOSHIBA Mobile Broadband Modem version=
Internet Explorer9.10.9200.16721
Ricoh SD Disk Device
ELBY CLONEDRIVE SCSI CdRom Device... Read more

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Hi my friends,

My machine is a Tecra S11 / Win7 pro

If I encrypt any file on my Win 7 Pro with the fingerprint encryption function, it copies the new encrypted file to a new memory address and after encryption it will delete the unencrypted (original) file.

BUT, How? Is it overwrite the original unencrypted file with some kind of algorithm ie. Gutmann 35?, or just delete in a normal way? So if someone access my machine or my HDD, will he/she able to recover these unencrypted files?

A:Tecra S11 / Win7 - Fingerprint encryption - is it safe?


Maybe this Toshiba document about fingerprint software would help you to understand the process:

*Useful information regarding file protection with the AuthenTec Fingerprint software*

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I am using Windows 10 and I register two fingerprint logon. Several days ago, I reinstall system to Windows 8 without remove fingerprint from Windows 10. In windows 8, I cannot register new fingerprint because It report error "that fingerprint is so similar than exist one".
I search Toshiba drivers and tool but I cannot found any software support clear data of fingerprint sensor.

I installed Fingerprint Utility on windows 8, but It cannot detect old fingerprint that registered on Windows 10, so I cannot delete those fingerprints.

Have you got any idea for this case ? Please help me.

Thank you.

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I installed Windows 7 on my Tecra A9 Laptop on a separate partition with a dual boot (Win XP , Win 7).

The fingerprints works fine on Windows XP and not on windows 7. I uninstalled the fingerprints driver and reinstalled it but nothing changes. The Protector Suite Software (release from UPEK return an error (0xe7210005) said it can't find any fingerprint on this computer.

Somebody have an idea?

Thanks of lot for your answer(s).



A:Re: Tecra A9 and Windows 7 - Fingerprint Error 0xe7210005

Before you have installed fingerprint software have you installed all other drivers like chipset driver, storage manager, trusted platform module and so on?

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I'd update my laptops Tecra R850-1EP on windows 8.1, after a windows update, I couldn't use the fingerprint to logon my windows account.

When I'm in my session, the fingerprint do it's job, I can manage my fingerprint.

I'd already try to unistall/install the fingerprint utility and the drivers.

On the logon, I've not the fingerprint logo like as I'can't use it

Any idea ?


A:Tecra R850-1EP: Cannot use Fingerprint on logon Windows 8.1


To be honest, I don?t know exactly what?s going wrong with the fingerprint procedure but I guess this can be related to wrong update to Win 8.1
Probably you did not follow exactly the update procedure which was recommended by Toshiba.

Here you can find the Update to Windows 8.1 Toshiba EU website:

and here you can find the [Step-by-Step Instructions to update to Windows 8.1 |http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

You have to follow exactly these steps in order to get the notebook working properly.

Therefore I recommend you to set the notebook back to factory settings and to repeat the whole update process once again following the +Step-by-Step Instructions+

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my finger print sensor has long time worked with Windows 8.1. Since 2 weeks the sensor makes problems. It began with the fingerprint utilty - it shows the message "no sensor found". I uninstalled the driver of the sensor and the utility. After reboot, there where no unknown device in the device manager. That was strange. Re-installing the Fingerprint Utility did not work. It always comes the message "Installation failed. Error code 0x80004005" when I start the Setup.

Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1 with all the latest drivers from Toshiba site. I still not found any Biometrie Device or any unknown device in Device Manager. When installing the fingerprint reader software there is the same error 0x80004005 ....

I know no longer here on. Has anyone an idea?
Hardware failures?
Thanks for Help!

A:Tecra R950 - Fingerprint doesn't work

>Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1...
Have you installed clean Win8.1 version or upgraded Win8 version that you got with your Tecra notebook?

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I installed Windows 7 on my Tecra A9 Laptop on a separate partition with a dual boot (Win XP , Win 7).

The fingerprints works fine on Windows XP and not on windows 7. I uninstalled the fingerprints driver and reinstalled it but nothing changes. The Protector Suite Software (release from UPEK return an error (0xe7210005) said it can't find any fingerprint on this computer.

Somebody have an idea?

Thanks of lot for your answer(s).



A:Tecra A9 and Windows 7 - Fingerprint Error 0xe7210005

Before you have installed fingerprint software have you installed all other drivers like chipset driver, storage manager, trusted platform module and so on?

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I also reintalled and update the software from the website. And I have check the status of fingerprint reader in BIOS.  Thanks,

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I am a new user Tecra S11 (PTSE3E), but old Toshiba user.
After two hours I was using the new laptop, fingerprint software no longer works.
I tried to update the firmware of the sensor AES1660 (now is version but nothing!

The O.S. is Windows 7 Pro, the BIOS version is 2.60, the management hardware says that the sensor is connected and working well.
When I launch the Fingerprint Utility, the message "Can not connect to the sensor" appears.

Has already happened to someone?
Some help? I already contacted support today!


A:Tecra S11 - Fingerprint Utility can not connect to the sensor AES1660

Go to the Toshiba Website and download the latest Fingerprint Software, and install it. Also install the latest Toshiba Value Added Package, and disable the Antivirus software in case the software is blocking the Fingerprint installation.

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I have a new laptop with Vista and a fingerprint reader. How do you set it to AUTOMATICALLY go to accepting your fingerprint as a login, withOUT having to click through 2 login screens first? And can you set it to ONLY accept a fingerprint as a login, without giving an option for entering a username/password? Thanks a bunch!

A:Using Fingerprint Reader

Depends on the make and model of the system and the software that comes bundled with the fingerprint reader. That should be available with the documentation that came with your system.

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I am thinking about buying a fingerprint reader and I would like to know the pros and the cons.

A:Fingerprint Reader Why or Why Not?


Can be useful with the right Win 7 compatible software - log in to forms/passwords.


Your finger can be cut off to gain access, and even with a password, your system can be compromised, so options will need to adjusted in the software.

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I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon (2012 version) with a fingerprint reader. When I want to install the lenovo driver I have a message that said the Windows Biometric Framework need to be activate. I go into gpedit.msc and active the service, reboot the computer but still the error...

I check in the bios, no error..

Thanks in advance

A:Fingerprint Reader ?

Try looking at services and make sure that service is running. I would thing it should be set to automatic start.

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After browsing threads/knowledge base here and googling, I am utterly confused.  Iwas looking forward to trying fingerprint recognition for the first time on my brand-new P50 and have no idea how to make it work or, after looking online, whether iteven works at all anymore.  No software from Synaptics or Lenovo (nothing underBiometrics in Device Manager).  Tried to install Synaptics FP driver and no result.Is this broken or just mis-leading advertising--not having an advertised functionality?Hopefully, I'm just being stupid and missing something--I'd be happy to have anyonehere prove that to be the case, lol! Thanks, PeterMadison,  Wisconsin  

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I finally decided to give up the battle of Windows 10 on my T61.  I re-installed Windows 7.  It kinda fits in better with the olde iron.  It seems to be a little quicker.  There's just one problem,  When I installed the Lenovo fingerprint software and tried to set it up, I found that there was no fingerprint sensor driver in Device Manager.  I haven't been able to find it.  Where can I find it?

T400,, 2.53ghz T9500,8gb ram Windows 7 Home PremiumT61,15.4 T7300, 2gb RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium14.1 T23, type 2647 9LU, 1.13 PIII, 1gb, XP Pro

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