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My dvd/cd unit doesn't recognizes black cd's

Q: My dvd/cd unit doesn't recognizes black cd's

Dell M1330 XPS
Vista 32 Bit

I found a thread with the same problem, but it was closed already, so i decided to join and ask for my myself. I copy the text because it's exactly the same problem and i'm not a native english speaker, so who ever reads this don't have any problem to understand.

Mat****a dvd+-RW UJ 857G ATA Device

For some reason my Dvd/cd ROM Drive will play dvd's and cd's fine. When I put a blank dvd-rw in it shows that I have a blank disk in and how much free space I have on it. But when I put a CDRw intermitently it won't recognize the disk.

I've tried using different disks, with the same problem.. but sometimes when I take a disk out and put it back in over and over eventually it will show the Blank CDRW.

Why doesn't my computer recognize blank CDRW's everytime, and how can I fix this?

I've found new firmware in dell that is supossed to apply to this device, but when i try to update the firmware the program doesn't find the old one, and i don't know how make it work. I've tried to move the installer to System32/Drivers where it's supossed that cd/dvd controllers are located, but it still doesn't works like that.

i hope someone has the same problem resolved. I'm adding a picture of the new firmware installer.

Preferred Solution: My dvd/cd unit doesn't recognizes black cd's

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: My dvd/cd unit doesn't recognizes black cd's

I gave up a while back using any drive with a Matsu****a name on it. Out of four different drives both laptop and desktop machines I have had similar problems with all of them. My solutions was change the drives to another brand, unfortunately for the Laptop (a Toshiba), there was not, at the time (last year), a repalcement that would fit the laptop case bezel.

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I am trying (still) to install a Hitachi 120G hard disk as master, moving my 15G IBM to slave. BIOS wouldn't recognize the new drive (searched for it for about ten minutes) so I switched the new disk to slave, put the 15G back as master. No dice.

Tried with XP disk. XP found the hard disk! But would only format it with one partition. Then loaded XP on it. Even tho it is an upgrade disk, it never looked for my existing copy of XP so never gave me a chance to transfer my preferences or email, favourites, etc.

Now it offers me a choice of booting on either version of XP (although it names them identically) but the BIOS still can't find it. What do I do to get the original version of XP on my 120G and make it the master?

I have Partition Magic 8 and Norton Ghost, if that helps.

A:XP recognizes my HD - but BIOS doesn't

mcdee, have you tried updating the BIOS. Flashing it. Depending on how old your motherboard is the BIOS may not be able to see hard drives that big. And if it can it may not be able to see all the tables correctly so you might want to find a BIOS update for your motherboard.

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I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. The BIOS sees both hard drives and the CD and DVD drive and the Windows Device Manager shows the extra hard drive and both optical drives. When I click the folder in the task bar (Libraries) I can only see "C" drive and no optical drives either. When I click on the CD drive I get the right menues for it, but it does not work at all. If I put a CD in the drive it locks up the system and I have to power off the computer before I can eject it. Any ideas?? I am out of them.


System Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5130 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12285 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 550, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 171602 MB, Free - 132336 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0MY171
Antivirus: None

A:Win 7 recognizes but doesn't show drives

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248 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' is Empty

for belarc advisor.

Dell Computer Corporation Dell DE051 2.53 gigahertz Intel Celeron
Main Circuit Board b Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0WF887
Serial Number: ..CN7082167301AE.
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A01 01/03/2006

i had 256mb memory installed the sticker on old memory says 256mb ddr-400mhz-cl3 promos pc3200-3033-Ao

i bought a crucial 1gbb184-pin dimm 128mx64 ddr pc3200 unbuff memory chip installed it and went to bios and said 1054mb installed but when i went to system properties only said 248mb ram

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Hello everybody.
After fighting with my new USB card for a long time, I am now in a situation where I plug my iPod (for instance), it recognizes the iPod and even shows it in "My Computer" (it hasn't before), but it doesn't show it's an iPod and I can't view it's contents.
Yesterday I even got a BLUE SCREEN, first time after many years - and I'm sure it's connected to this card. This is the error my computer gave me:

The card is from SmartCom company, and when I received it - I received a CD with many folders without any instructions what to do. My pc has installed the drivers automatically. After fighting with it, I believe I have managed to make my pc install the drivers from the cd, but still - something is wrong.

Thank you so much!

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The computer I'm using is older (3+ years) and has frustrated me a few times, most notably in the past 2 months.

That said, this is a new problem. My second (DVI) monitor is detected by Windows but doesn't display anything. In both the display settings and the NVIDIA control panel, I can see a second (Impression) monitor, but it's blank and I can't get it to show anything. In fact, the monitor doesn't seem to recognize that it's connected, because the orange "power but no input" light is on rather than the green "power and input" light.

This is a Windows 7 64-bit installation on a Dell Dimension E520.

Any help you can give me is much appreciated - I want my productivity back!

Thanks in advance,

A:Win7 recognizes second monitor - but it doesn't display

Have you tried tweaking with the control panel? There's probably a setting in there for you to adjust the second monitor.

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The computer I'm using is older (3+ years) and has frustrated me a few times, most notably in the past 2 months.

That said, this is a new problem. My second (DVI) monitor is detected by Windows but doesn't display anything. In both the display settings and the NVIDIA control panel, I can see a second (Impression) monitor, but it's blank and I can't get it to show anything. In fact, the monitor doesn't seem to recognize that it's connected, because the orange "power but no input" light is on rather than the green "power and input" light.

This is a Windows 7 64-bit installation on a Dell Dimension E520.

Any help you can give me is much appreciated - I want my productivity back!

Thanks in advance,

A:Win7 recognizes second monitor - but it doesn't display

What graphics card are you using?

Do both monitors work if connected individually? Have you tried swapping the monitor on ports to see if the problem follows the monitor?

Uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver.

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I'm on a Dell Inspiron 600m notebook computer. I reinstalled windows xp home, and I downloaded a package with all the drivers for this system.

The wireless card is a Broadcom 440x 10\100 integrated controller

I am certain that is the card in the system, and the installation of the driver was successful. However, the wireless network icon in the start bar does not appear.

In the device manager, the broadcom card is listed under "Network Adapters." However, under the "Other Devices" section I found a yellow question mark with an exclamation point next to the words, "Network Controller."

The Device Instance ID for this "Network Controller" is:

When I go into the Command Prompt and type "IPCONFIG /ALL," this is the readout:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : zack-1093bc68a7
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Cont
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-12-3F-F6-A9-83

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NET... Read more

A:XP recognizes wireless card but doesn't enable it? PLEASE READ

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That is, I can allocate it one through drive management but it still doesn't show next switch on in My Computer, so I must go in an allocate it one. Otherwise it works fine. Bit tedious after a while.

Do I have to reformat it completely to regain auto allocation of a letter?

Used to be fine, but not now. A USB 3.0 Toshiba 500 gig external drive (sealed unit) doesn't have this problem.


A:Seagate USB 3.0 backup unit doesn't get a drive letter

Did any software come with the drive? I had a couple of Seagate FreeAgent USB 2.0 externals and I found a download link on Seagate's site for the utility software. It may hold the drive letter if you set it to never spin down.

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After a clean upgrade to Windows 10, I downloaded SP71833 trying to install the fingerprint sensor driver. During the installation process, an error message appeared saying "The unit ID number doesn't correspond to a valid biometric device". What can I do?

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My xps 13 9350 laptop screen is just blank but when I hook up an external monitor it shows everything. I went to my display settings and it doesn't even recognize a second display, for some reason it thinks the external monitor is the main screen. When I click "detect" it doesn't detect a second display.
I have booted in safe mode and everything works on the actual laptop but otherwise it only boots with a an external display.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 only recognizes external monitor, laptop screen black

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please try to run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error codes and messages.
Also, can you boot into BIOS?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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I have a hp omni 27 all in one. Had windows 8 upgraded to windows 10 didn't like it so went back to windows 8. After about a week or so of going back to windows 8 the screen started to give a flicker periodically then it eventually went blank. Not sure if windows operating system has anything to do with it anyway it powers on fan runs but no display. It abt3 1/2 years old. Took rear cover off nothing seems out of place or dirty. It's a 27-1210xt. Can anyone help? Thanks

A:Omni 27 black screen unit powers up fan runs

Hi @Chipsaway,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the computer has a black screen. I will be glad to help you. Please follow the steps from Computer Does Not Start (Windows 8). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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I've recently noticed an issue with my laptop. Whenever i try and watch any video while its charging, the videos all go black and white. As soon as i unplug the charger it returns to colour. What can be done about this?

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So windows login looks normal, but when I log in & it boots up, everything is black. It has no task bar, icons, background or anything.

I can however open task manager and start programs that way.

It had some issues rebooting recently & I guess tried repairing itself, but couldn't fully.

Suggestions on how to fix this?

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I did a nozzle check on my printer (Epson Stylus 62) and the color pattern that came out has the black ink missing. By the way, the black ink is low, but so is the color ink. Both color and black inks are at the same levels and yet only the blue, yellow and pink pattern prints, not the black. What could be wrong? I've done a head cleaning and all the other maintenance chores, to no avail. I have Windows XP operating system.

Thank you.

A:Printer doesn't recognize black ink

If the ink level is low enough to be detected as "out", then it could just be that there is insufficient?

Try a new black cartridge before you you too much further. As Epson usually use a separate print head (not incorporated into the cartridge) , leaving it with no ink can be a problem with blocked printheads.

Having said that, try pricing a new printer vs new cartridges. Often its just as economic to replace the printer.

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So windows login looks normal, but when I log in & it boots up, everything is black. It has no task bar, icons, background or anything.

I can however open task manager and start programs that way.

It had some issues rebooting recently & I guess tried repairing itself, but couldn't fully.

Suggestions on how to fix this?

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Hi guys, i need help immediately, if you can. i summarize here what's happened: yesterday my computer got infected by a fake antivirus, avira has been closed and internet explorer didn't connect any more, so i used Combofix but when the pc restarted windows gave me the error: isapnp.sys missing or damaged. i extracted this file form XP cd and put it in the right place and now the error is gone but there-s only a blackscreen after the bios and bootloader. same for the safe mode, it loads some files and then gets stuck and black. tried a lot of things: fixboot,fixmbr,system restore offline, repaired windows installation, tried to restore manually the registry, chkdsk /r, tried to see if there were 0 kb files in system32/drivers,but there weren't(on the web some people solved deleting fake .sys drivers(
with puppylinux live cd i can see everything and access the files, so i don-t think it-s hardware related problem.

i don-t now what to do more, could it be a strong virus in mbr? but with fixmbr it should have been fixed, shouldn-t it?
please help, give me hints, i don-t want to backup everything and format

EDIT: i'll post in security zone, please delete this! sorry

A:XP doesn't start! stuck at a black screen

How did you try to repair the MBR? Did you us the installation CD to use the Recovery Console?Regarding Combofix. ComboFix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.

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I have win7 home premium. This morning I woke up to a comp that was unresponsive, so I did a restart and after the windows screen I got a black screen with a fully working mouse but that's it. I am unable to access start menu or curl alt delete. I have tried to start in safe mode but the same thing happens, black screen wih a mouse that works but nothing else shows up. At this point I don't have a clue what I can even do since I can't get even access safe mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Desktop doesn't load just a black screen

Boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, accept any offered Repair. If none offered or it fails to start afterwards, then boot back in to Recovery Options to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
System Repair Disc - Create

Make sure Win7 partiiton or it's 100mb System Reserved boot partition (preferred) is still marked Active, then run the Repairs again. Partition - Mark as Active

Try running a free bootable AV CD scan: FREE Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs Download List

If it won't repair, post back exactly what results from each test. Copy out your files if needed: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/93347-copy-paste-windows-recovery-console.html

You may need to run Factory Recovery partition or disks, or wipe the HD of infected or corrupt code to re-install windows 7

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Hello everyone! I really need your help. Today I tried to turn on my laptop but after the Lenovo logo it goes to a black screen only with the mouse pointer on it. I tried to reboot or keeping it for a while but is the same. I entered to the bios to check if the hdd is still working and it is. Anyone knows any solution? I don't mind going back to factory setup since most of my files are backed up, but I don't know how to do it without being on windows. Thanks to all!

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So my laptop has the latest drivers and updates installed but ever since I've installed Windows 7 I get a black screen after trying to wake it up from sleep mode. When I put it to sleep (close the lid or do it via the start menu), everything works fine. It gos to sleep and the light starts blinking. But once I open the lid I can hear the sound of the hard drive starting & the wi-fi button starts to glow, it literally resumes from sleep but the screen stays black. Everything else works fine but not being able to put it in sleep mode is really a big problem for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 

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My Titan works with all ports except for hdmi any ideas?

A:Titan black doesn't register hdmi?

check the cable, cheap hdmi cables sometimes go bad easily.

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I'm hoping any knowledgeable people here might be able to help me, please.

After a failed attempt to install Comodo Firewall (followed by me uninstalling it), my computer will no longer boot. It starts to load windows, and gets to the point of a black screen with a white cursor (just before the desktop is loaded), then tells me:

* lsass.exe failed to initialize properly

* services.exe failed to initialize properly

After each of these, I click OK. Then I'm left with a black screen.

I've tried Safe Mode, but I get the same two errors. I believe that System Restore was disabled (I can't believe I left it off after the last virus cleaning episode!).

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

A:XP Doesn't Boot. Cursor on black screen.

I have asked domeone to look.

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Hello everybody,My PC doesn't start anymore since this morning. This is a 9 year old PC that I use almost everyday as a multimedia center. 2 years ago, I switched to Linux Mint 17 64 bits and I put a SSD 256Go. The PC worked very well, very fast since then.Now, when I start the PC, I hear some noises from the CD drive, and 2 short beeps repeatedly.I tried with an other screen. I vacuum the dust under the keyboard, and in the fan. I also tried to remove 1 of the RAM, and start. Then the other RAM and start. But nothing changed.I cannot access the BIOS. I hope I provided enough details.Thank you in advance for your support.Benoit

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I have no idea what is wrong with this machine. Every time it reboots, the welcome screen shows up then a blank black screen for, like, 5 minutes and then a screen that gives the option of starting in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, etc and gives a countdown before it starts in normal mode whereupon it just goes to a black screen.

We tried going into Safe Mode and going back to a restore point, but it didn't help (and, curiously, there was one restore date in April 2002 which said there were no restore points on it, even though the date was highlighted, and when we hit the button for the next month, it jumped to August 2005! The computer was used in between those times as well, so I don't get that at all). We went back to the earliest restore point available.

We also inserted the Windows XP disk and went through the whole "repair files" thing, but this morning it's the same thing.

It's a Gateway. I don't know if that helps.

What is wrong with this computer? What do we need to do to fix it?

A:Black screen on startup, Safe Mode doesn't help?

Really hard to say -- is it keeping the time and date correctly?

Once in normal mode -- is the screen resolution normal?

You may need to update the display drivers.

It's an old computer and it's possible the CMOS battery has died and the CMOS settings are corrupt.

I would change the batttery on the motherboard for starters.

You may also need to to ram and hard drive diagnostics.

Sometimes the event viewer can provide some clues on recent errors.

Run eventvwr.msc and look at the system log in particular.

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Chromebook 14 has power switches on but screen black can see faded images Tried reboot with reboot and power keysTried adjusting brightnessAny ideas?? Thank you in advance

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Recently there has been an issue with my Z930 and I'm not sure if it's a damaged screen or if it's something to do with the software. I'm also using Windows 8 as the operating system.

Earlier today the device was running as normal, but it later began flickering with a mess of pixels everywhere like a glitch, with black lines rising from the bottom of the screen.

A few seconds after that cleared up, the entire screen turned black.
It is still lit up, but there's only a blank, black screen - I can't even see the cursor.

Every now and then the screen flickers like it's struggling to keep working. I hooked it up to another screen and its typical display showed on the other device, so I'm taking a guess that it's a damaged screen.

Before I start preparing to get a new screen or even a new device, is it possible that it might be something else other than a broken screen?

Because it's odd seeing that I take great care about the screen because it is fragile to begin with, I haven't knocked it or had any fluids on the screen, so having it suddenly break like that is pretty odd.

A:Satellite Z930 doesn't work - black screen


The described symptoms like flickering with a mess of pixels sounds like a graphic card problem.
Also the fact that the same symptoms are visible on the 2nd external screen, would confirm my assumption that the GPU would be affected.

In case the internal screen would be faulty, the external screen should work properly but this isn?t the case.

From my point of few the motherboard together with the GPU has to be replaced in order to fox the issue but of course the whole notebook should be tested by an service engineer before starting to replace any parts.

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Ok, so I have a Dell laptop and when I went to turn it on the other day I got an error message right before the desktop would load and it says "an application failed to start because scesrv.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

I tried to start windows in safe mode and the message still comes up and the desktop won't load. Tried loading to last know good configuration and it still didn't work.

What should I do to fix this issue? Trying to avoid installing from scratch.


A:HELP! Computer gets error and stays black and doesn't load.

I would try to run the chkdsk /r command on the Windows partition.

Vague error messages like you mentioned can sometimes be corrected by running chkdsk /r. I received a similar message myself yesterday morn and chkdsk /r was the way that I resolved it. I later read up on it and running chkdsk /r was one of the reocmmendations by MS.


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Hey guys,

Just got a brand new laptop with vista premium. had to send it back a week ago coz i kept getting a black screen at random moments. Turns out it was a virus. So it went well for a week.. now its done it again. so i guess i have a virus again. Anyway... Whats happened

Random black screen. Monitor stays on (there's still light).
It is RANDOM! i could be working, not working, just playing music, not even close to it, any random time etc etc.
Computer stays turned on. I have to hold down the power button to turn it off. Then its back to normal straight away.
Have been told it is a virus
Running vista premium

Don't know what else to say. Thanks. Really appreciate the help and effort.

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Hi All,

I have a Windows 7 Pro x64 which has been running for a many months without any issues.

Three days ago I restarted the machine and Windows 7 didn't start anymore. I have spent a lot of time investigating it and could not find anything wrong with the boot loader or the file system where the OS is.

So the boot loader works, I have also replaced it just in case but nothing changed. I can go into the boot loader menu and chose the Windows 7 entry but then the black screen which says "Starting Windows" comes and nothing else happens.

Note that the computer doesn't hang, it simply gets stuck at some point and doesn't do anything else. The HDD LED stays on from this point forward and that is it, if I press ctrl+alt+del it restarts and if it were completely frozen it wouldn't.

So here is what I don't believe is causing the problem:

This Windows 7 runs on a pair of drives in RADI1 so it cannot be a problem with the drives. I have run checks just to be sure and couldn't find anything, no file system issues or bad blocks.

The raid controller is not reporting any issues with the drives.

I have booted with the windows install cd and tried to repair it many times but the auto repair says it could not repair it, other times it tells me that no issue was found.

The boot manager is working fine, I have replaced it just in case using bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot and also bootsect /nt60 all.

I have checked for corrupt files with sfc and no files were corrupt, at leas... Read more

A:Black screen after boot loader, pressing F8 doesn't do anything.

Try running sfc using the method metioned in this tutorial:

SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot

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Hi all,

I'm quite stuck. Finished my machine build last night, got it to POST ok, and am now having some real trouble trying to install Windows 10. Here's what happens:

- Boot from windows 10 usb
- Install windows successfully (can navigate around and use the system like normal)
- After about 3-10m the screen goes black, I can still see the white cursor for a few seconds, and then the signal drops out and the monitor goes to sleep
- On reboot, I seeing the circle of dots, but then the signal drops and the monitor goes to sleep.
- Boot into safe mode using F8 at startup (I reenabled F8 during the 3-10m it works)
- Safe mode works, but nothing I've tried so far from safemode has made any difference on normal boot. -- no display signal after swirling dots.
Here's what I've tried so far that hasn't worked:

- Run windows update from safe mode --- but my network won't work from safe mode, and the driver install for my ethernet card fails.
- Update drivers from safemode -- most driver installers won't run. And device manager either thinks its got the right driver (chipset) or the install timesout (network card)
- Reinstall windows and Disable sleep/hibernate.
- Reinstall windows and run windows update as the first thing to try to get new graphics card drivers (didn't finish in time)
I'm at a loss at this point. Never had an issue like this on my previous builds.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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My laptop won't power up and I have try's unplugging the AC cord and battery, and it still does not work I need help! My computer is a hp black licorice 15.6

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I always play the SuddenAttackSEA which usually works fine to me all the years. But recently I played this game, my monitor suddenly blackout and my speakers no sound at all but the CPU light is still working fine. But it wont boot, till I hold the power on button on the CPU to off it and on it back. My CPU was not hot at all. But the problem persist. BUT WHEN I WAS SURFING INTERNET OR DOING OTHER STUFF NON RELATED TO HARDCORE GAMES IT WOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS. Can anyone tell me what is the problem caused?

I've heard few of these problems would probably caused

- PSU problem
- Video Card problem
- Virus infection
- Not enough power/current from the main switch to support my components

My computer information
-HP PAVILION G3100 (motherboard 945GCT-HM [Livermore8])
-Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz (2CPUs)
-DirectX version 9.0c (
-Integrated graphic using Intel GMA 950
-Integrated Realtek ALC888 Audio


A:My monitor black out and my speaker doesn't have light while gaming only

Hi Darius. We want you to do a simple no cost diagnostic step by doing the following:

1. Remove your case side panel.

2. Find a small fan and have it blow into system.

3. Now play your game.
* What are the results?

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Ok I have my dad's laptop, can't figure out what's wrong with it. It's a 1 year old Hewlett-Packard, windows vista SP 1.

I'm tempted to just restore it. But if it's an easy fix, I'd rather not go to the
hassle of making discs.

We have a trend micro antivirus thing on here. It hasn't found anything.

Basically what it's doing is, every so often, the screen will just go black. It doesn't come back on, you have to shut the computer down and restart to fix it. The computer is not shut off though. You can still mess with the volume and turn the wireless thing on and off, via the onboard controls.

So I'm lost as to what to do. Tried googling it, couldn't find anything real specific. Thanks for any help in advance!

A:Laptop screen goes black, doesn't come back...computer is still on

hi have you tried updating the video drivers from hp support site for your model.does it do it if started in safemode.has it been dropped or damaged in any way

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Hi. Today, I went to turn my laptop on, and all I got was a completely black screen, and I saw a suggestion on the interwebs to plug a separate monitor into its VGA port so that I could see whether there was a problem with the motherboard or it was just the screen, so I did that, and the monitor displayed everything perfectly fine and I was able to use my laptop through it, so at that point, it was obviously just a problem with the screen. So I tried a suggestion that I'd seen, of removing and replacing the battery, and switching it back on while holding shift and F8, so I did that, and then it all of a sudden didn't work at all, even through the separate monitor, and then after just over a minute, it switched off suddenly, making the same sound as it does if you switch it off with the power button. I tried removing and replacing the battery a few times, and it still did the exact same thing. Someone suggested to me that I remove the battery and try it just powered by the mains through the charger, so I did that and it was still exactly the same, it powered off after just over a minute, so it's not a problem with the battery. It's always on for the same amount of time before it turns off again, always just over a minute. Also, if the laptop is working on the inside, then judging by how long it always used to take to boot, it would definitely be on the logon screen by the time it spontaneously powers off. Personally, I doubt it's working on the inside.

I know it's the laptop,... Read more

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Very recently I began encountering an issue where, randomly, windows will stop appearing as they should. If I open task manager, Steam, Firefox, etc, the contents of the window will appear as black. The top bar and borders around the window will appear, however everything inside the window will be black. Additionally, the start menu does not display any options. To make matters more confusing, any windows already open BEFORE encountering this bug will continue to work. So, if Firefox was opened before encountering the issue, it will work just fine. However any window opened after this point will appear as black. Since I was unable to save screenshots, I have attached pictures of the issue.

In the picture you can see Firefox open and working just fine. However, I noticed the problem when a Steam notification appeared as a black box. You may also notice that the task bar does not show any open windows. You can also see how the start menu has stopped functioning.

System info:
I have updated my graphics drivers to the latest version. Windows is also up to date.

Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3
Intel i5 2500k Sandy Bridge
2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage
1 WD Velociraptor 300GB SATA 3GB/s
1 Seagate Barracuda 750GB SATA 3GB/s
1 WD Black 2TB
2 EVGA GTX 570 HD in SLI
Silverstone OP850 - 850W PSU
Super Writemaster DVD drive.

The only significant change before I started encountering this problem was updating the graphics drivers, however that at least 1 week before I enc... Read more

A:Windows are black, start menu doesn't work

The first thing I would do is backup your data to another drive.

Run GSmartControl to see SMART attributes and to run the Long generic test on the drive.

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Hi guys, i need help immediately, if you can. i summarize here what's happened: yesterday my computer got infected by a fake antivirus, avira has been closed and internet explorer didn't connect any more, so i used Combofix but when the pc restarted windows gave me the error: isapnp.sys missing or damaged. i extracted this file form XP cd and put it in the right place and now the error is gone but there-s only a blackscreen after the bios and bootloader. same for the safe mode, it loads some files and then gets stuck and black. tried a lot of things: wacko.gif fixboot,fixmbr,system restore offline, repaired windows installation, tried to restore manually the registry, chkdsk /r, tried to see if there were 0 kb files in system32/drivers,but there weren't(on the web some people solved deleting fake .sys drivers(with puppylinux live cd i can see everything and access the files, so i don-t think it-s hardware related problem.i don-t know what to do more, could it be a strong virus in mbr? but with fixmbr it should have been fixed, shouldn-t it?please help, give me hints, i don-t want to backup everything and format

A:XP doesn't start after virus infection! stuck at black screen

Hello and sorry for the delay.

Let's try to boot your computer using a Boot CD.

Please print this guide for future reference!

You will need a blank CD, your Windows XP install disc, a clean computer and a flash drive.

Please follow the steps below and let me know if you were successful. Please tell me what error messages you got and/or what steps you got hung up on.

1. Download the PE Builder to your desktop

http://www.nu2.nu/download.php?sFile=pebuilder3110a.exeDouble-Click on the PE Builder that you just downloaded to your desktop.Follow all of the instructions/prompts that come up.2. Insert your XP CD with SP1/SP2/SP3 into a CD Rom driveDouble-Click on PE Builder.exe located on your desktop.Click NO to Search for Windows Installation FilesMake the following selections from the Main Screen that pops up:BuilderSource:(path to Windows installation files)[list]Enter the path to the drive where your XP CD is located.You can click on the "..." button on the right to navigate to the path as well.Custom: (include files and folders from this directory)No information is necessary, leave blank.Output:Keep the defaultMedia outputChoose Create ISO imageDo not choose Burn to CD/DVDDownload the RunScanner plugin and save it to your desktop

Please note: You will be prompted for the folder that it shall be saved. By default it appears as runscanner10025. It should be modified to just runscanner <--- Import... Read more

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Hi Guys, I need some help here. My PC is screwed. After reading a bunch of loading screen problems I saw that all of them were problems that occurred after the XP loading screen happens. But, after around yesterday night I got up and used the computer, and when I was done I put the computer into standby mode and went back to bed. A few hours later I woke up, and still a bit sleepy I got up, turned my computer back on and held the Power Button until it shut down, all of which I did not turn on my monitor or move anything; I was sleepy. Then, today when I started my computer, the computer booted up as usual, and I saw my ASUS loading screen, and the the flashing _'s that happens when my computer loads when I start it up. But then, it just goes blank. I tried restarting the computer and try again, with the power button turn off, which just turns off when I press it, unlike when my computer is acting normally, which takes a few seconds. Can anyone help me? I just hope my hard drive isn't fried or anything. Thanks!

A:Monitor turns black and doesn't load before XP loading screen

Could you explain this again please"?
"turned my computer back on and held the Power Button until it shut down, all of which I did not turn on my monitor or move anything"

Do you mean you pressed the power once then held it for 4 seconds? Do you normally turn your system OFF this way instead of using Start /Shut Down?

Sounds like this is a desktop, recommended practice is to turn the monitor ON then the system, after use, turn the system OFF then the monitor.

Standby, Suspend to RAM and Hibernation where windows is concerned, do not always work and are highly hardware and setup dependant.

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Hi everyone! I really need some help with my acer aspire l320 mini pc. It is over a year old so not under warranty anymore. It was working just fine till now but now i can't make it boot up. When i turn it on the power led is on and the network led too if it's connected. The hard drive led only flashes up right at the beginning then nothing. On the screen absoulutely nothing can be seen. (monitor is fine, up and running with an other computer). I've checked memory modules and processor all fine. Fans are working as well. Every USB charges my mobile so i guess that's working too. I'd truly apprechiate any help, suggestion (service would charge more than what is worth). Thank you very much! M

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Hello, I have had my Y700 for 2 months. Right from the start I had the issue where it wouldn't seem to boot up, and I would have to put it to sleep a time or 2 before it would start windows. This problem seems to be solved. However, after installing the windows 10 anniversary update, the laptop will randomly 'freeze'. The keyboard will not respond, but I can still use the mouse. When I try to restart, the screen will go black, and it will not respond at all. I have to force shutdown with power button. After turning back on, it will work for 20-30 min and then do the same thing. I did a total reinstall of windows 10 and have updated bios to the 37, but it is doing the same thing.  Lenovo Solutions Center does not detect hardware issues. Can someone please help me? Thanks! Here are my specs:Y700-15ISK TouchBIOS: CDCN37WWRAM: 16GBHD: 256 SSD 

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Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to start off by saying I love your forum here. I have used it many, many, many times in order to resolve a problem I encountered here in our computer repair shop, so much props goes to you guys.
We have a customer's computer running Windows XP Professional that will not boot. After the Compaq splash screen, it simply hangs at an all black screen with a white blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I have already searched your forums as well as poured over Google searches and tried various things. The things I have already tried to no avail are:
1. Boot into Recovery Console from Windows XP Pro CD and fixboot/fixmbr
2. Replace RAM with new RAM.
3. Replace NTLDR file from a working Windows XP Pro machine
4. chkdsk /r
5. Used a guide here on your forums for using xPUD with mbr.bin on a USB. Not sure what was supposed to of happened, because nothing did after I followed all the steps. Completely unchanged.
6. I have also tried booting into Safe Mode, which also does nothing.
Finally, out of my own frusteration, I booted the computer to Hirem's Boot CD and used it's "Fix NTLDR Is Missing" tool using the first option out of 10 possible fixes and wham! Boots Windows first try. However, upon restart of the customer's computer I am again greeted with the black screen and a blinking cursor. I must use Hirem's Boot CD to boot Windows each time.
Obviously one would assume it's an NTLDR issue, but... Read more

A:Windows Doesn't Boot - Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

Need more info on computer. Compaq with what onboard?

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Randomly, the monitor will suddenly go blank, and possibly say "adjusting" on it. Most of the time, a long ring will accompany it through the speakers (which are not part of the monitor), though occasionally it will just be silent instead. The on-off light will turn yellow.

The monitor is somewhat new, by Hannspree (HF207). I've had it only for a couple of months. It works just fine usually, but I never got the drivers installed to make it go widescreen (the drivers only work for win7 and vista, but I'm using XP Pro).

My speakers aren't new, but they work just fine except when this problem occurs.

The computer itself stops reacting (I only know this because it will not go on standby mode when I press the power button, which it usually does), and I'm not sure if the hard drive is going, but the fans continue, and everything remains lit up. I can manually reset and then everything will be back to normal.

The hard drive is maybe about 2 years old, or a little less. I have been hearing a couple clicks from my computer occassionally, but I'm not sure if that's a problem. Also, the computer has been freezing sometimes lately, which it never used to do.

My last problem is unrelated to the above, for the most part. explorer.exe will sometimes randomly dissapear, so my desktop, icons, and taskbar of course dissapear. It will not come back. I can access anything from the task manager, but explorer.exe will not open from there. It tells me so... Read more

A:Monitor randomly goes black, speakers ring, and computer doesn't respond, and more?

Someone please help..? I posted this almost two days ago now..

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Some help will be much appreciated.So, my HP Envy 17's webcam has stopped working.When I open a videocall in Skype or try to take a picture with the camera-app, all I get is a black screen of disappointment.So, I went into Device Manager -> Imaging Devices & opened up the details.Everything seems to be in order, the automatic update can't find any new drivers, it claims to be working fine.BUT!!! Under the "Events" tab, the most recent event reads:Device USB\VID_1BCF&PID_2082&MI_00\6&341948d&1&0000 requires further installation.This events comes from Source KernelPNP, but the "Jobkategory" is marked as "Nothing"I assume this "further installation" is required for the camera to work, but I have no clue what to install, or even where to find itPLease help

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It worked-but only till next reboot ! Desktop icons are gone but still can open
app.Recreating from exe file fails.

I tryed safe mode boot than normal-icons get restored,but after reboot same old story.

Please help me find a permanent solution.

A:black desktop icons - rebuilding icon cache doesn't help permanently

Hello Kolagen, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Could you post a screenshot of these icons to see if anything may standout as a cause?

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Hi,  I have an HP Envy 23-d010ea, which doesn't boot - at all. It switches on when pushing the power button, and doesn't react to any input, then restarts after about 60 seconds or so. I've read many posts addressing this issue, and tried all the proposed solutions. In particular I've tried- different keyboards, it's own, and others connected through USB - all USB slots. (btw not one LED switches nor flashes on the keyboard!)- hard reset (15 seconds power button while having disconnected everything).- switching it on with Windows button+B pushed down, in order to restore a previous BIOS, in case it's corrupted. Everything has failed. Can I mention that Windows 10 was recently installed (upgrade) on this machine, and I was merely doing a restart, aiming at reinstalling Windows 7 on it from scratch.  Please Help!Appreciate all the input.Many Thanks!

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I have an Acer desktop with Vista 32bit Home Premium edition with Service Pack 1 loaded on it. My computer was working fine yesterday afternoon (at least it appeared to be), but when I tried to boot my computer up last night, I could not get my desktop to load. Windows seems to boot up, as I can get to the screen with the user names to login. No matter which user I select, however, the screen just goes black with only the cursor showing. I have tried booting from the last good boot point from the F8 menu, but the same problem persists. I have tried booting in safe mode, but the screen shows up all black once again, except for the four 'Safe Mode' texts in the four corners and the text Microsoft (R) Windows (R) (Build 6001: Service Pack 1) at the center top of the screen.

The Repair Your Computer option from the F8 menu at startup is about the only thing I have been able to get open on the computer thus far. Startup repair can't find anything wrong with the computer. When I try to do System Restore, I get the error 0x800700B7, so it can't rollback to my restore points. I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and it didn't seem to find any errors, although I couldn't view the whole report when it restarted because the screen, once again, went completely black except for the mouse cursor when it restarted.

I am at wits end and have no idea what to do to try to get my computer to start. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as this is my computer... Read more

A:Black screen on login; no safe mode; system restore doesn't work =(

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Hi there,

Today my laptop (windows 8.1) ran out of battery. Later when it was charged again, only a black screen with a cursor appears. Additional the power button does not work. When I press the power button the laptop does not shut down nor boot again, just the black screen with the cursor appears again. Alt+Ctrl+Del does not work either... I don't know what I can do else. Can anybody solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help

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