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Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

Q: Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

My Z210 came with stripped RAID-0 array which is currently made up of 2x 1TB HDD where the OS partition lives. I want to change this to mirrored RAID-1 but since the IRST application does not allow RAID level migration of this type, I thought I?d try another approach.

As a solution, I'd make a backup, using the Windows Backup and Restore application. Then I'd change the array using the iRST Boot ROM before recovering the backup to this new array. But obviously a 1.9TB backup into a 932GB array does not go

So, in preparation for making a backup, I first disabled "System protection" and the "Page file". Doing this allowed me to shrink the OS partition to around 50GB using Disk Management. Then I re-enable "System protection" and the "Page file" before making the backup and creating a System Recovery Disk. This resulted in a 35GB backup which I stored on an external USB drive. And now a 35GB backup can fit on my reconfigured 932GB RAID-1 mirror

As such, I cold booted my system and during the start process I pressed CTRL-I to get into the Intel RAID Boot ROM. Mind you, CTRL-I only worked if I cold booted and directly plugged the HP USB keyboard into the first USB slot on the rear of the system. The first USB slot is at the upper left when looking at the rear with the tower upright. Plugging the HP USB keyboard into any other USB port or into the hub of my Dell monitor didn't allow me to access the Intel RAID Boot ROM!
HP should really investigate this fault

In any case, when I could access the Intel RAID Boot ROM, I deleted the existing stripped RAID-0 and created a new mirrored RAID-1. Obviously the process is destructive and wipes the OS from the array but that's what my backup was for

I then booted to the Windows System Recovery disc, plugged in the external USB drive and proceeded to recover my system.

Everything worked as expected with the OS partition consuming around 50GB. A simple trip to Disk Management allowed me to extend the volume to occupy the unallocated space as presented by the RAID-1 array. As such I end up with around 932GB partition as seem within windows disk management tool. After a reboot and disk check (which fixed some minor issues) all seemed well.

But, not all was well

Though the Intel RAID boot ROM sees a RAID-1 mirror of around 932GB and the OS sees a partition of around 932GB, both as expected, the Intel RST application within windows indicates the following:

I don't seem to have any indication of what type of array it is, an options to change the array name or an option to test the array integrity via the iRST application within windows. So something is screwed up

But after updating to the Intel iRST application from version (HP's latest) to version (Intel version I had handy), the issue seemed to correct itself. Now the RAID boot ROM, Windows and the IRST application within Windows all agree that the array is indeed a RAID-1 mirror of 932GB.

I'm not sure what caused the problem, if it is related to something that went wrong with the process I used, if it is simply resolved by driver reinstall, or if it is a fix for a known problem that Intel has included in their later issues of the driver.

But what I do know is that Intel has resolved a number of issues in driver version (which is the last version for Cougar Point chipset) as compared to the old version driver HP has on it's support page for the Z210.

And HP seems steadfast in it's lack of interest to test Intels driver and then make it available on their support page for what is a product still under warranty

That's poor service if you ask me...

Some HP forum administrator or HP support person lurking these forums should push this up the HP management chain and get this looked at. The Z210 should still be under warranty for some customers and HP needs to pick up the latest available drivers from all their suppliers, test them and then release them to their customers via the support page for this product. Anything else is just short changing us all .

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Preferred Solution: Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

I was able to resolve the Intel RST application issue by updating to later Intel driver v11.2.0.1006 but this highlighted a few issues which HP should address, see linked post above. PS: adding this post so i can mark thread as solved.

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having had this yoga700 14 for a year ,a nd today it is dead , no power at all , the  the LED indicator light is not on even with the adapter plug in . ONE year , this is the shotest life laptap that I have ever own. And I have had it sent to Lenovo's depot center four times in this one year . I can only say that their skill is terrible , every time I received my computer from the cemter , my computer would have some new ugly scratches and some sign and distorting edge which was apparently caused by improper disassembly operations. A month ago the computer could not boot up , and it was sent in again and they replaced the motherboard . in just a month, it completely  dies now ,  it does not have power at all, the power led indicator does not turn on at all , even if I have tried several confirmed working adapters. So you can see how poor their quality is   warranty is expired now , I m really disappointed with this first lenovo product I owned  , it was the first and it would be the last lenovo product in my life.       

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Hello! Installing the firmware upgrade from the Downloads-Site I am experiencing a problem when restarting the system to complete the install: 0xc0000098 Windows error message about a .bin file in the SWSetup-directory which cannot be found or is corrupt. Maybe the upgrade isn't made for EFI-Windows-Installations? The reason, why I would like to get this firmware upgrade done: The PSU is noisy when the SSD is active. Does anyone else experience this problem? Does the upgrade work with Legacy-Windows-Installations? Is the PSU of the z210 always noisy with this kind of SSD (Intel 320 Series, 160GB)? Thx.

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I made a system image backup from my ssd,
then I bought another ssd to put the system image on,
I tried when the 2nd ssd was completely empty; it says
there is no disk to recover to ( or something like that )
then I installed clean version of windows on the 2nd ssd
after that I tried restoring via the system repair disc
but it kept telling me the same message!
Please help!

A:Problem in Recovering System Image!

See if this discussion is of any help restoring system image to a new SSD

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Ok I have a huge problem with recovering really important files that I need to access but can't....

I wanted to clean out my system because its been a long time, and my computer was just not running correctly in the past few weeks, so basically I cleared out one of my harddrives and I was intending to move my documents folder over to the other harddrive to back them up, anyway I had a problem doing that so I just decided to install another version of windows on the harddrive that windows is now stored on..... the OS installed correctly and runs fine, and I can access all my other files from when I had the old OS EXCEPT the user folder from my previos installation of XP (the documents and settings folder). I see the folder there, but when I try to open it, a dialog comes up that says Access Denied. I understand that with this new version of XP running Im not logged in under the past user name, but I really need those files and the old version of XP is gone, and I have no way of accessing the files.
thanks so much

A:Problem Recovering Documents after system restore

try taking ownership of the file
MS says: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308421&sd=tech

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So, my system Crashed, My Hard Drives were shredded, and I had to buy new Drives and a new Memory stickas well as have my OS completely reinstalled.

Well, I just got it back from the shop and it worked for a while. Then, I restarted my computer, I got the error message "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows Root>\System32\noskrnl.exe
Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

Now, I can't get into windows at all. The most I can do is Boot from the Windows CD. I've tried to run the Windows repair but every time My computer Restarts to go into the setup, I get that message again.

What can I do about this?

A:Problem after recovering from Sever System Crash.

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Below is a facebook post I made earlier.  It describes my feelings and opinion.

Just venting. Early this month I bought a middle of the line Dell XPS tower PC. The PC itself has been fine, but I have had some issues with the relationship between the SSD (C:\) and the primary storage HDD, D:\. Initially, the computer did not recognize (see) D:\ at all. I had chatted online with Dell support a couple times and they wanted to schedule a phone call. I gave them two days lead-time, and they were to have called me between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. Now, I understand that I am retired, and that my time is flexible. I do, however, have a life, and made specific plans to be at home this afternoon. No phone call at all from Dell. They couldn't even take two minutes and call to tell me they were off schedule. I am ***. If I ever buy another computer, I doubt very much it will be a DELL.

A:POOR support

Open Disk Management to see all the drives on the computer. Right click on the Start button to get to Disk management. You should be able to see the 1 TB drive which might be empty now. Download something and choose the big drive--it might have a diff letter designation than D. Install some programs and make sure to change the default C drive selected to the the big drive for data. Explorer should see the drive when it has files and  programs on it. If you don't direct all Downloads and program installations to the big drive, the ssd will fill up too fast since C is always the default.  Move the Download folder to the data drive.

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I purchased two ThinkPads (Yoga14) a few months ago. I purchased them from Best Buy. I purchased the Best Buy Geek Squads "dont worry everything will be covered" protection program. I discovered immediately the brightness control did not work on one of the two laptops. I took the laptop back to Best Buy. Yes, they could repair under warranty but I'd have to pay $150 to back up the laptop. I told them I have the "dont worry it's all covered" Geek Squad warranty, but this backup was not included. I then took the laptop to an authorized Lenovo warranty repair facility. They had it for three weeks only to tell me the only warranty I actually had was taking the laptop back to Best Buy or mail it into Lenovo. Its a very well thoughtout scam/colusion. So I still have a new laptop that has not worked properly since day one, a seller who is looking to extort another $150 on top of all the warranrty and protection I purchased. Mialing in a laptop does not seem to be a desirabe option when a warranty repair dealer is just down the street. Other than mailing do I have any options?

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We have two implementations of HP 3PAR storages (Production and DR). Both failed same week and led to a severe crash. We were able to recall our manual backups and go going after a week from stand alone servers We have reported to both HP NIGERIA and UK No one seem to care as its two momths now the boxes are just there not functioning. These are machines purchased in August 2014 at a huge cost.  Please where on earth can we get help??????????????????????????????????????

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Why is HP support so poor  Why was l on the phone  for over 5 Hours  .Why l can't a supervisor to  call .It's 

A:Why is HP support is so poor


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have purchased for $99 a one time support for my 8600 Officejet Pro.  The advisor COULD NOT fix my problem and could only recommend I buy a new printer.  I want a refund of my $99 (plus tax) purchase since my issue was NOT resolved except to spend more money.  Help

A:Poor Support help

Suttonsmimi Sorry, but this is just a community self-help forum staffed by volunteers. HP maintains no official presence here and we are not authorized to deal with warranty or equipment return issues.For these issues, you will need to contact HP Customer Support directly.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------Good Luck

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I am just relating my experiences thus far with Kaspersky technical support.

To be perfectly honest, it has been nothing but an aggravating, frustrating, unacceptable user experience.

I have had an issue with Trusted Application Mode and Application Control. App Control will randomly move an entire block of 40 or 50 apps from the Trusted to Untrusted zone.

I've reported this issue to Kaspersky multiple times. Each time they will request to reset the settings to default - which I do as requested. Then I re-enable TAM and the same issue occurs. Then they will request a run of a system info tool. If the report indicates an "incompatible" software...case closed.

I removed all "incompatible" software - which could be something as irrelevant as a harmless, non-conflicting registry remnant. In fact, Kaspersky has a CleanUp tool that uses an .ini file to detect conflicting registry entries during installation. On my system it never found anything... and installed without a hitch.

I submitted numerous reports - which as far as I can tell were never reviewed... as I was requested multiple times to generate duplicate reports of the same reports I submitted initially with my tech support request!

There is no continuity of support from one support technician to the next. When a new tech takes over the case I have to start all over again.

I'm now reporting this issue for the 8th time trying to get it resolved. And I would bet it will be a conti... Read more

A:Kaspersky Technical Support - Very Poor

I have just read this thread and what you have said sounds appalling. An important feature which should be in every company is good customer support to help the customers with solving issues with the product or to answer any inquiries that they should have to ask.

Kaspersky should start buckling down and improve their customer support if this is the way you have been treated. 8 times you have reported the issue and you still have an unresolved issue? I accept in some cases a issue may not be able to be fixe e.g. due to a configuration on the system (say the user does not wish to fix the configuration).

It sounds like Kaspersky need to address your issue seriously and work on how they are going to fix it. You paid money for the product, right? You then deserve decent customer support, and to have the issue addressed properly and then afterwards fixed through a product update.

How long in have you been using your license? If the product maintains issues and they cannot help you fix it... I guess you could always ask for them to revoke your license and to have your money back (assuming the license is new, as in a month or two). This is usually why I recommend people to use a trial of the product before purchasing it, say on case of bugs on their system others do not experience which are not yet fixed (or in case of bad customer support to get them fixed, like in this case which you have described in the thread). However, I doubt they would be willing to revoke your license an... Read more

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more of a rant to vent than an expectation of an answer. but i sent creative support this email for some help...again, and i just dont get their response.

my last email to them.
unsatisfied with previous response, i ll clarify my problem precisely.
installed latest driver. whenever i reboot it works fine. its ONLY when
i SHUTDOWN the PC and then start it up, i recieve "No audio device
installed" however, if i reboot then it works fine, always does on
reboots but not after shuttingdown. seems very odd and i dont know whats
different between the 2 but after that shutdown its as if there is no
hardware installed at all. i have ALREADY read the entire knowledgbase
article about "no audio devices" and is not the problem. i have windows
audio service running. i have tried reinstalling the driver....many
times. i have tried reinstalling the OS and then installed driver with
nothing else and it still occurs after a shutdown. i must then reboot to
make it work....very annoying. i have also tried previous version
driver.i have moved card to another pci-e slot. i only have 2 that i can
use. a more technical answer or suggestion would be appreciated, please
dont respond with suggestions of things that i just mentioned i already
Click to expand...

and response from my [sarc] good buddy [\sarc] sin yee at support

Thank you for writing back to us.

I understand that you are still having the same issue. I apologize for
the inconvenience that has brought to yo... Read more

A:can someone translate this poor support response?

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I find the MS support for Autoroute is pretty non existent.

I tried the UK web site for online help, and AR is not even listed on the pull down menu as one of their product!!!

No wonder Mr Gates is the richest and the most hated person on this planet.

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The manual was worthless on the upgrade issue, as was HP. I got one of these computers because the owner was unsatisfied with the performance. The main problem was the very slow 1TB mechanincal hard drive. I found some post online that said the M.2 slot was M.2 NVME so I took the computer apart (two screws, many turns, on the bottom edge under rubber plugs) and verified the connector.  I then purchased and installed an 500GB M.2 NVME Samsung 950 EVO into the 4 lane PCIe M.2 internal slot and had some problems getting my Acronis 2015 image onto the new drive, and the drive did need a hold down screw that I finally found in my box of screws, but still don't know the size or TPI of the screw. I finally used the Samsung Magician software to clone the drive and it worked perfectly and quickly. This is an incredible drive and works beautifully on this computer. It is extremely fast, even with only 8GB of ram. It takes 7 seconds to boot and only six minutes to make an Acronis 2015 image of the entire system (only 50GB). Acronis told me to use the PE version of the bootable media to solve the problem of restoring the image, but I have not tried that yet. The 1TB internal slow mechanical SATA drive is just sitting there disconnected, someday I will use it somewhere. Anyway, I love the system. The NVME Samsung drive is better than any SSD I have currently tried, and I've installed quite a few as upgrades. No more mechanical drives for me, or even standard SSDs. If you have problem... Read more

A:Why is HP support so poor about their current products and u...

@Insulyn Excellent write up!   BTW--I have eight (8) 2.5" hard drives sitting on the shelf for the same reason that you have stated. My newest PC build doesn't have any mechanical hard drives. Check out my signature information.

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Regarding camera issue of mine it's not covered in warranty no damage has been found on phone just on lense what a coincidence I asked for quotation or in written that this will be covered out of warranty service center denied that why I had to voice record there statement 1st on call your excutive said who camera is covered in warranty because camera is single unit she told me bout company and all. And I had Moto X2 for almost 2 year that camera's lenses is bigger that this phone but never got any quality issues with that used iPhone 5s for more than 2 year not even a single spot on lense had Nexus 5 for over 2 year even bigger lense but nothing even tempered glass that cost around INR 7 on my screen lasts for 3 month on my phone but in this phone 100% of back is of glass but no scratches on back but just on camera there is glare type effect and service center said this is physically damaged and not be covered in warranty and I have to pay INR 230+ for quotation orally and approximately they said INR 1000 and even after repair will not be covered in warranty. After use of 25-30 days of normal usage I have to spent INR 1000. So in a year I have to spend INR 14760 on this phone maintenance if I want to use this phone's camera. I think I had make a BIGGEST mistake choosing LENOVO for 1st time. I want a solution or permanent fix for this issue. I am attaching photograp and voice recordings and call records how much I had to suffered and I had to wait for almost 3 hours just... Read more

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I bought my laptop in July 2017 from the US. It's 13-inch Dell XPS 13.  Last month I started having issues with my screen. The screen flickered and intermittently blackout. I tried to resolve the issue by using Dell support assist system tests. It said that everything was in order all the hardware and software.
However, the issue got worse and I am unable to carry on with my work. When I contacted Dell support team Spain they asked me to transfer the warranty to Spain because I bought the laptop in the US. I filled that form and didn't receive any confirmation email that the process has been completed. The technical support in Spain cannot move ahead unless the warranty has been transferred. Which I don't know. I wrote two emails to dell support haven't received a single reply instead I keep getting the promotional email.
I had a chat twice with the technical support they tell you what they want to tell you without listening to the issue and end the discussion when they want to. It has been almost two weeks and my issue is still pending. Irrespective of the fact that due to this fault my work has been affected, this is highly disrespectful on Dell's part.

A:Poor Technical Support and Warranty Claim

The warranty can only be transferred if:
1.  The system is sold in Spain (if it's not, no support).
2.  The system was purchased with an upgrade to onsite service at extra cost (or you buy that upgrade before transferring).
3.  You are the registered owner of the system (this can cause problems if the system was purchased other than direct from Dell, or a Dell-authorized seller).  If the system was purchased from a third party, Amazon storefront, etc. -- contact the seller for the information you'll need to transfer the ownership).

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Why wont lenovo work to make drivers for window 10 for its entire line. This is just poor customer service, We have 2 other laptops in the family that did not originally come with 10 but have been able to switch over to 10 with minimal problems( just going to the manufactures website and getting correct drivers) Lenovo does not seem to care about the customer once they have made the purchase. They sell us a product with windows on it and if you are using auto update it automatically would upgrade you to win 10, I was able to make my laptop work fine with windows 10 initially but this last build it will not work. Lenovo has been zero help, just endless conversations on the phone and being transfered from one person to the next. Why cant they just have an option to email someone about these driver problems or just admit they will not release/updated drivers for 10 and make and official statement that 10 will not be supported ever on older models I thinks the customer service is pathetic and now know why apple has such big market share.

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- Complaint lodged on 07 MARCH 2017, No. 4783271598-471-1, has not been attended so far.- Poor support from your Bangalore, India office- No responsibilty, no accountability- Head of concerned Department, should be issued warning letter, include the comments in his service folder- Tarnishing the image and reputation of HP in INDIA- We had planned to buy Laptops and Desktops for our new ofiices proposed to be opened in South India, seriously rethinking whether to continue our relations with HP, Bangalore, INDIA FEEDBACK FROMBONOJIT UKIL(HEAD- CREDIT & OPERATIONS), AYE FINANCE (P) LTDemail... [email protected]

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I purchased a P50 a couple months ago and haven't had much time to do a whole lot with it until the last month.  Now I've been using it every day and had had a significant amount of Win10 crashes on it.  What I determined today is that in SSD slot 1 I have a brand new NVME and the slot itself is sporadically not working correctly.  If I let the machine cool down I can boot it up and use slot 1, however once it's operating Windows will crash under a high load where it gets warm.  Right now it won't see any M.2 in slot 1 - and I've tested 3 drives in both slots now and have narrowed it down. My first question is - is this something that's been happening or noticed with the P50 line? Second question is - does the chat on Lenovo support just not exist?  I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge in Windows 10 and Chrome and Firefox in OS X to no avail.  The support site just fails to even remember the serial I put in under my assets and when I do get to the page all I see is this: http://imgur.com/B1rWbSU Super frustrating as I have time right now to open a ticket and apparently will have to call.  I fail to see how the site is operational at all.

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I am consistantly getting less than 5 hours on my yoga 920 even though the reivews and sales marketing state 15 (or 10 for uhd). I have taken a number of steps to reduce power consumption: Shut off cortana, set to power saver plan,and low brightness setting. I have been using the system only lightly for web browsing and reading gmail. Is _anybody_ getting decent battery life from their yoga? If so please provide advice. I spoke lenovo technical support that they stated that 3-5 hours is expected - not the 10-15 advertised. I feel that I have been sold a bill of goods by their advertising and reviewers. From the chat" JOE LAW: what battery life should I expect for my yoga 920 JOE LAW: is it the 2-3 hours you first stated Shaine: 3-5 hours is the normal battery life for your unit. Shaine: And all the depends on how the computer being used.Shaine: I understand that and I would feel the same way, that's why you may consult our Sales Team to check what they can do about you concern, Joe.

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The Chicony camera driver is not very good and has a bug. When using something like Messenger Live you can't enable "Night mode" using the advanced video settings as the setting is absent from the adjustment pages. You can set "Night Mode" on the Camera Assistant software, but this has no effect when the camera is running in Messenger Live.

"Night mode" is pretty much essential for typical indoor usage on the Chicony camera and without it the picture is very dark and not that usable.

If I use a Logitech camera it's driver exposes much better settings in Messenger Live including it's equivalent of 'night mode'.

It this something Toshiba can feed back to Chicony and get some better drivers?



A:Satellite Pro S300 - Chicony USB 2.0 Camera poor driver support


I managed to get night mode working in Messenger.

1) Start Messenger and connect to your contact and start sharing webcam as normal.
2) Launch the Camera Assistance Software and from the menu select the first option to preview video. The preview will not show and you see a message about the camera locked in use.
3) Click the spanner icon top right, then select Properties.
4) If night mode is selected, deselect and click apply, then apply it, the webcam is now in Night mode in Messenger.

*Note*, you have to go via the image preview route as the buggy driver software will not change the Night Mode setting if you go directly to properties using the spanner icon in the slide out menu.

What would be nice if Toshiba got some better driver support and night mode was selectable in the exposed properties in Messenger.

The Chicony camera and driver support is one of the worst ones I have seen included in a laptop.



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I am consistantly getting less than 5 hours on my yoga 920 even though the reivews and sale marketing state 15 (or 10 or uhd). I have taken a number of steps to reduce power consumption. Shut off cortana, set to power saver plan,an low brightness setting. I have been using the system only lightl for web browsing and readng gmail. Is _anybody_ getting decent battery life from their yoga? If so please provide advice. I spoke lenovo technical support that they stated that 3-5 hours is expected - not the 10-15 advertised. I feel that I have been sold a bill of goods by their advertising and reviewers. From the chat" JOE LAW: what battery life should I expect for my yoga 920 JOE LAW: is it the 2-3 hours you first stated Shaine: 3-5 hours is the normal battery life for your unit. Shaine: And all the depends on how the computer being used.Shaine: I understand that and I would feel the same way, that's why you may consult our Sales Team to check what they can do about you concern, Joe.

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I will openly admit I don't have 100% of the details in this case. As far as I know, this person used the windows backup system to backup his mydocuments/mypictures to a dvd. This isn't supported by Microsoft, but apparently it didn't stop him from doing it. However, it is not possible to use the windows backup tool to restore that data. This is a known bug, which microsoft of course says is working as intended.

Tonight I got the DVD from him, hoping I could do something with it. However, neither of my computers are able to find anything to even read from on it. If I had to guess I would say the dvd is corrupted. Is there any way I would be able to recover the backup file from the dvd, so I can at least try and get SOMETHING out of it? Apparently the files are EXTREMELY important to this person, to the point of costing him his marriage.

A:Recovering windows backup from dvd

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Please can someone help.In my Lenovoe G50-45,     Initially I had installed windows 7 on it as I hated win 8.1., I upgraded it during the free year to Windows 10 Home, and then decided I needed more room, so I upgraded the hard drive to a 2TB 7mm Firecude Hybrid drive. and then I bought an upgrade to Win 10 Pro.Anyway, I cant remember the partitioning info I ended up with, as I can't remember if I Ghosted it or did a fresh Win 10 install, and then the Win 10 Pro upgrade. A few weeks ago, I had suspicions that the drive was going faulty, so I ran some Seagate tests, and also others, and they all indicated that doom was not far away, so I did a ONEKEY image ( a USERS Backup ) on an externat 2tb backup drive.   However, I am now u able to use this as I keep getting the message " THE PROGRAMME CANNOT RESTORE THE SYSTEM PARTITION BECAUSE IT'S STRUCTURE IS INCORRECT.  YOU MAY HAVE TO RECREATE THE PARTITION TO CONTINUE. "    ( aS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE.) All I have that may help is a file called " Backup.wsi ",  But it is gobbledegoock to me.Can anyone PLEASE help.  I forgot to mention.  I do have a RECOVERY USB Stick, which sets the laptop back to factory settings, with Win 8.1, and all the partitions, which, including the hidden ones, I think there are about 5 or 6. I have just received a replacement 2TB Firecuda drive from Seagate under warranty, so please could someone decode the  info to English,... Read more

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I'm have an 160GB Intel X25-M SSD installed in my Dell Laptop running Win8 64-bit. I created a backup image on an external HDD which I would like to update and then perhaps have the need to recover to the updated image if the recently discussed problem with update KB2862772 should occure. Click here to view the TSG post discussing the problem.

My question regards whether recovering from a backup image to an SSD requires one run a secure erase on the SSD prior to doing so? In my research so far it been implied one should not only do a secure erase (GParted was recommended), but also create a partition table and create the required partitions. This all seems unnecessarily complex and I would like to hear what TSG members have to say on the subject.

Thanks to all who respond.

A:Recovering backup image to SSD

You don't need to do a secure erase, secure erase should only be done in certain situations where the drive is not performing up to par or having issues.

If you are making an image, and not a clone, then you will need to create and format a partition on the drive to store the image on. If you are cloning then no partitions are required as the clone will handle all that. But an image is the way to go for backups.

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the form and in some very desperate need of help!

I backed up my computer a while ago using the Windows 7 back up feature onto a 1TB drive that I have. I then switched over to windows 8.1 and was not thinking and deleted my back up from windows 7. I have majority of the files but there are some files that I am trying to recover via "Recuva". I am trying to recover a my engagement video that I recorded, .mov file. It says that is excellent state and then I recover it, how when I recover it there is no video, the sound is all messed up, and the movie is 6 hr long. It seems that I am recovering a file that windows coded/encrypted because it was a backup file. Is there any way to recover a windows back up file that was deleted?

A:Help recovering deleted backup files

Try PhotoRec to recover the file and check whether it is error-free. I have atleast one report from a user here stating while most other recovery software did a bad job with media files with lots of fudge, PhotoRec recovered those clean.The scan may take a longtime. Do not lose your patience.

Guide to using PhotoRec recovery software.

(Just follow the steps under the heading Recovery)

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please forgive me if this is extremely long-winded. it's 3 weeks worth of trial and error, very tedious, but if anyone's willing to help me i want to try and explain it so that they hopefully have all the information and hopefully it makes sense.

...i was trying to burn all my precious data to cd, when i stupidly "cut" (not even copied) the files and pasted them to the drive, and never officially wrote them to the cd - and, because i don't know anything, i thought that was enough and i was done. but when i took the cd to my other computer, there were only shadowy images of the containing folders and all the files ...and when i opened the individual files, the data looked like gibberish (symbols) .
then, before i could do any sort of data recovery on the originating computer, disaster struck - unmountable boot volume error - and, i assume all the efforts made to get the machine functioning again, probably overwrote data ...plus, due to a misunderstanding, i have since also done a system restore and had to use the computer too.

now... i've run quetek file scavenger but probably did that the wrong way, too. the program showed a choice of drives (a, floppy; c, main; d, dvd; e, cd burner and... drive 0, with 38gb in parenthesis beside it) and... in my uninformed reasoning i thought drive 0 would have the largest contents so i selected that one. then .......i didn't know where to recover the files to. i bought a flash drive and it appears as ... Read more

A:Recovering from Botched Data Backup...

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Yoga 910 - Fragile Screen, Long Repair, Poor Customer Support - Suggestions? Hello all. I've seen a few similar posts and I'm not sure if people are getting answers via private message, so I figured I'd post and hopefully get some advice.In short, this post is regarding- Yoga 910's extremely fragile screen.- Lenovo's very poor repair service and customer support.I have (had?) a Yoga 910, which sat on a stand on my desk happily for about two months before the screen had mysteriously cracked, originating about 1/4 of the way down from the top right corner and extending all the way to the top and bottom of the screen. It was pretty surprising, given it doesn't really ever move from my desk. I'm wondering whether or not these screens are, in general, extremely fragile. I've seen a few other posts about it, but it seems odd that the screens on a convertible, which one would expect should need to be designed to withstand a lot more abuse than a normal laptop, would be so flimsy. On my laptop even the chassis itself seemed very weak and pliable. Is this kind of par for the course with this line, or did I get a dud? Maybe it has to do with the high DPI screens (which I have) versus the regular screens?Second, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to get in contact with Lenovo support regarding depot repair services. Of course there is the normal support line, but each time I've called I've been given different (and conflicting) information, and it seems like the bottom line is th... Read more

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Is there a free and easy way to decompress a set of MaAfee ARBUS files?

I was going through my external HDD and came across a folder that I had forgotten about. The name suggested it was some kind of dump of an old laptop's HDD. There are five files with file names consisting of a common long alphanumeric string and ending in -0, -1, -2, -3 and -4. The combined file size is about 8GB. There is also a 38KB Index.arb file. Opening that file in wordpad shows the word ARBUS in lots of places. A Google search found explanations of what the files are and how to delete them, but I could not find any solid information on how to recover the contents.

The files are over four years old and I am pretty sure there is nothing in them that I would want to pay any money for to recover, but I am curious as to what is in them. I am using a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. It running a McAfee Internet security package provided through AT&T. The package does not seem to include any kind data backup abilities.

A:Recovering McAfee Compressed backup files?

See this thread from July 2008: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/734680-solved-unidentified-files.html

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Ok, I was having some ram issues, which I traced back to my 512mb stick (I had a 1024 and a 512, they didnt get along) Afer removing the 512 stick, I rebooted the computer. Everytime it boots up I get the message "Windows had to recover the registry from a log or back up file, the recovery was successful"

How did pulling a stick of ram manage to cause this, and what can I do about it?

A:windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

This is XP?
What happens if you log in to safe mode with user name administrator (if you did not password protect this account leave password blank) and then restart?
What happens if you boot to that profile and create a new profile (user account ) with admin priveleges and boot to it , shut down and restart?

What happens if you choose "last known good" from the list of options when you try to boot to safe mode.

Unlike win98, XP does not have a permanent registry . The XP registry is created as it boots from data stored in multiple files called hives (.hiv) which load at different times during the boot process.
Since the hiv files are saved each time windows shuts down (windows is now saving your settings) then your problem either indicates that the current hiv for your profile is corrupted and even when it restores the backup copy, when you use your profile some virus or something is again corrupting it; or it indicates that your computer is shutting down before these files get written from RAM to hard drive.
Check your hard drive settings, disable write behind caching. (Device manager, choose the drive, properties/ policies)

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I've been getting ready for a disk replacement after 7 1/2 years but the disks arrived too late to avoid anything problematic.

My external HDD gave a cylindrical error while reading some data in a program so I knew this was going to be the end of it. I tried to avoid running chkdsk and suffer so I had time to backup but my harddrives won't come in the mail until tomorrow. I tried to navigate to the directory that gave the cylindrical error and half the files couldn't be found, as expected, going back the entire file tree containing couldn't be found either so I tried running chkdsk anyway and just go with it but it couldn't "load a RAW partition", so the boot sector of the drive failed, without thinking I shut off the drive and turned it back on.
Big mistake because now nothing loads at all.

I tried chkdsk /R, which did not work.

I downloaded testdisk and I'm running an analysis right now, its working, but extremely slowly (has been running for more then a day and is at 1%) and often gets stuck on a cylinder for several minutes to half an hour often resulting in a read error.

I have EasUS Partition Manager Pro 10.5 and HDD Regenerator as well if this does not help.

I'm not really familiar with testdisk, I never used it before, I did read the "manual" but that's only describes one scenario, mine already differs from whats on the site so I could use some help in how to fix this so I can access my data, copy and paste everything to the new HDD... Read more

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HI  I did a one-click backup of my Yoga 3 pro machine when I did a fresh load. It worked like a charm and was convenient. I now, however, need to get some individual files from that backup but cannot find how to do so.  I have checked several forums but have not come right. Please, can you offer some assistance? 

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Please save my marriage.

We got a nasty virus on our home computer which has all of my and my wife's emails and contacts on it. After having no success getting rid of the virus and since I knew I had a good back up (Windows Backup) I decided to get rid of the old Vista 64 and rebuild my machine at Windows 7.

I was able to recover everything except my Thunderbird email accounts.

I have tried deleting the new profiles and pasting the old profiles in there place to no avail.

System was backed up using Windows backup (Vista 64 home premium)
Rebuilt at Windows 7

A:Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

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Hello I have installed win7 sp1 on my PC by custom install I didn't back up anything and I don't have my window 7 install disk can I restore these files? And reinstall back to my hard drive I'm running 64 bit versions window's.

A:recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk


The only way I know to restore the deleted files would be to do a data recovery scan using a software like Recuva which I have used to recover peoples deleted photos from a previous windows. It worked really well and recovered most of the lost files.

Here is a link to download Recuva: https://www.piriform.com/recuva

PLEASE NOTE: when performing the scan make sure you check this box that says 'Enable Deep Scan' this will take longer but in the past I was only able to recover any data using this option.

Goodluck I hope this is what you were asking for.

Let us know how you get on.

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Received my new XPS 9350 yesterday and the touchpad wouldn't respond to small movements, especially diagnonal ones, and it would jerk around as it did and jump in unexpected directions.  I tried the Synaptics fix that is posted on this board, but it made the motions unpredictable so I went back to the original config.  

This morning I called Dell Support and after testing and trying different things that didn't help, the technician decided to reset Windows 10.  

After the reset, the keyboard stopped responding so i couldn't log into windows.

The rep then asked me to ship the computer back and I would have it looked at in 7 business days, which is a week and a half without a computer.  I reminded him I had the Complete Care service plan and his reply was that because they did not know what the issue was I would need to send it back.  

Has this ever happened to anyone before?  I've had a lot of bad experiences in my days, but this one tops LOL.  I hope they didn't lie about being able to get a full refund, because then I'd actually be mad.  

I hope we can all laugh a little about this... it really does take the cake.  

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Win XP - Personal Ed.

Since some weeks my system does create nor keep any System Backups (checkpoints).

If I physically create the checkpoint it is only kept for a day or two or three (at most) then they are ALL deleted.

My setting right now is 12% (1440MB) of a 12Gig drive (Drive C only). Before I had any problem I hade 6% allocated and it kept about 5-6 checkpoints.

Any guidance or suggestions much appreciated /--gl

A:Problem w/System Not Doing Backup

"does create" = "does NOT create"

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My system back up keeps failed twice and I have no idea why, I don't use it pc whilst the back up is saving and it seems to fail about three quarters done.Any ideas what can cause it to fail so maybe I can correct it, I do have anti virus running at the time but a previous back up saved ok.

A:Problem system backup

If you are using Windows Backup and Restore, have you considered using some other application?

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Hi from sunny Scotland UK!
First post.

I've been trying to back up my fresh install of Windows 7 using in build Backup tools and have run into a problem.

Previously in my installation, I had my Swapfile split between the C Drive(System) and my D Drive (Seperate HDD).
I tried to backup my Windows install but both these drives came up as needing to be backed up to make Windows run...not just the C Drive.

I thought..AH!
Its because the D Drive is registered in Windows as being used for the Swapfile...so I'll just disable that in Windows settings (use C Drive only), reboot and all should be ok.


Thinking again I searched the registry for any Non C Drive entries relating to the Swapfile, found a couple and edited them out.
That should do it, just a reboot.

No...same problem.
The D Drive is 1TB and I dont have the space to back THAT up!
I've ran out of ideas....can anyone help please?

A:Odd Problem when trying to backup System Partition??

Why not just image the drive c instead of useing back-up ??

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Hi to all

i have this problem when i try to create a backup image system, i find volume E (hdd internal) read like system.

The volume E it's a partition of internal hdd.


A:Problem with backup system image

What is on E:\ ??

from cmd prompt(admin)
list disk
select disk # (# being the disk number containing E;\)
list partition
select partition # (# being the partition number containing E;\)
detail partition

post pic of cmd windows

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I'm trying to make a system image and configure backups but I'm unable to select the internal drive that has the space I need.

I have a 1Tb drive partioned into C:\ [Win7] and D:\ [Data]
and a 750Gb drive [H:\] that used to have XP on it that I want to put my backups on.
I used to dual boot XP and Win7.

Computer Managment > Disk Management shows

C: Healthy (Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dumo, Primary Partition)
D: Healthy (Primary Partition)
H: Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)

System Imaging/Backup help says you can't backup to the system (startup) drive (not sure why?)

Is there any way to change which drive is designated as the system drive?

I've removed the dual boot and used bcdedit on C: to only reference itself
What's else do I need to do to make C: the system drive?


- Norm

A:Backup/System Image problem

That H drive has boot files for XP. As long as those files are there, it will not let you back up to it. You can remove them and put them back if you ever want to boot to XP again.

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I am using a HP laptop, and as most of you know, it comes with a Recovery partition. So now, I wanted to do a System Image of my C: Drive only, but when I am in the place to select the drive to backup to, it forces me to backup the C:, and Recovery drive, when all I want is to just backup the C: Drive. And I cannot see anywhere the option to not backup the Recovery Partition. Please help.


A:System Image Backup Problem

Have you looked at Macrium Reflect Free Edition, which is more flexible and has a saner interface?

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Every Wed. my system tries to perform a system backup by itself. I seem to remember setting that up at one point. But now everytime it tries to start it I get an error message to the affect... space allocated for backup is exceeded. Would you like to increase allocation? I've already increased it twice.

Isn't this thing EVER deleting the old backups? I'm going to end up with a hard drive filled with 'backups' someday and no room for anything elce.

Is there a way I can go in and see how many are there and delete some old ones?
Thank you..

A:Auto System Backup Problem

Ok, we need to know what software you are using to do the backup with (purchased program or windows built in), where you are backing up to (external hard disk for example) and how much data you are backing up (size in MB/GB). That should provide us with information that will help narrow it down.

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