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Failover SMTP

Q: Failover SMTP

We have an SMTP server on our network which we use for scan-to-email from photocopiers, UPS notifications etc.. I'd like to setup a second one in a different office which can take over the load incase the first goes down.

I've done a bit of reading, but haven't been able to find anything solid on how to set it up.. I was thinking something in DNS.. but from what I understand MX records are for incoming mail from other mail servers..

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Preferred Solution: Failover SMTP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Need help desperately.
I set up my own email smtp server. Now I want to send emails to my gmail account via my own smtp server my google requires an secure tls connection. How do I set that up?
And if I use a program like Putty, what code should I use when working through smtp.gmail.com for the authentication? the authentication type is "AUTH LOGIN PLAIN XOAUTH" as received from ehlo.

Thank You

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Can ATA Center and Gateway (no lightweight) servers be configured for automatic failover/mirroring to another server?  Does ATA support this?

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I am trying to setup the Failover where it plays a video file (mpeg2 with transport stream) upon failure. If I set this file to play as a file, it works fine, but then stops when finished. What I would like to do is have this file loop continuously until the network is re-connected. I have tried to set up a playlist, but it does not work. My playlist was created using notepad and is entitled ASIC .txt

Settings ….

Backup Channel ….. Playlist
URL box is ………. file:///mnt/usb/sda1/mediafile/React (have also entered React.txt)

My txt file is attached, but is ….

media:file:///mnt/usb/sda1/ASIC .mpg
Any help would be gratefully received. Alternatively, is there a way to get the single file (that works) to continuously loop?

A:Failover from USB

There may be a way to script something to work like you want, but the script would be a lot more complicated than simply "play x". It will also need to check to see if the alarm has cleared and then stop playback. But it will largely depend on what exactly you are doing (or trying to do) as you haven't provided near enough details for anyone to help.

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Hi guys,

I've recently just hooked my laptop up through ethernet cable to a shared internet connection.

I opened thunderbird to send an email through one of my mail accounts which is hooked up to its own unique online smtp server through its webhost only to receive the error message that I must change the smtp to the shared Internet connection's ISP smtp to send mail!! why cant i send through MY smtp? I've never experienced this before.

I tried changing the smtp anway to send an urgent email and thunderbird went through its processes the email was never received. I sent to test to myself after hearing this news, again the email never came through.

Any ideas guys?

A:Please check your Smtp is set to smtp.orange.co.uk

It is irrelevant which SMTP you use. I have several email accounts from different ISPs, but I SEND all emails from all accounts using the same SMTP (the one from my broadband provider). That is also the only SMTP that is available to me as long as I connect via that ISP!
So, in your case you need to use the SMTP from your shared connection.

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My PC just crashed and I was unable to get online. The messages was 0x800CCC19 and then Autofailover
6/1/7600.16385 Can someone explain what this means, and is there a way to fix it?

A:Auto Failover

Many times that is caused by a anti virus program.

This tutorial will help with you system specs.

By Brink:
System Info - See Your System Specs

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hi everyone,how can i setup automatic fail over for this diagram.A and B are different ISP suppliers and we dont have to access for edit router configuration.both are leased lines.thank your very much for your support.

A:automatic failover

Many business class router/firewalls have feature called SLA where you can program a secondary Internet circuit as a backup to the primary. The router/firewall will do a continuous health check on the primary circuit to a designated site you choose on the Internet. If there is anything that drops under the threshold you set, the router/firewall will roll over the Internet connections over to the secondary circuit.

I'm not sure if the SMB router/firewalls which advertise themselves as dual WAN ports can operate in this manner. I do know their basic operation is to do a round robin or if link status for the primary fails will roll over to the secondary WAN port.

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I am looking to design an active/standby failover but am wondering if to get clients to access the VPN you would need to have more than 2 usable IPs from an ISP? For example. the ISP inside interface will have public ip 1, the primary asa will have public ip 2, and the secondary ip will have public ip 3.

I basically want to the know the best way to design a network with 2 internal networks using active/standby failover.

A:Cisco ASA Failover Question

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I am new to all of this, I have been thrust into a situation where I need to figure this out.

We have a 2800 connected to a microwave transceiver (our main uber fast connection) and a T1 via ADC Kentrox Data Smart Max T1 (our backup connection)

This is what I walked in to.

What we/I would like to do:
-continue using the MW as our main connection
-use the T1 as an automatic failover if the MW fails due to weather or other event.
-if possible, I would like to take the T1 directly to the Cisco 2800 bypassing other external equipment.

I believe we intend to drop our current provider.

Additional complication:
We are hosting our own website and customer services via the web via this connection, if failover occurs how can we assure that traffic still finds its way to us?

With all of that said, what do we need to do?

I know this is a huge issue and I hope I can look to this forum for guidance on these issues.

A:Cisco 2800 Failover

I have a 2801 chassis and I have a 2 port e1/t1 wic. So you would just need to purchase the a new card.

Next you need to re do your config.

You need to configure HSRP


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i have 2 network connections but my internet connection always defaults to "Local Area Connection". if my cable modem disconnects for some reason, i have to pull the ethernet cable from my windows 7 before it starts using the Wireless Network Connection
which uses my backup internet. how can i detect and failover automatically without buying a dual wan router?
Configuration for interface "Local Area Connection"
    DHCP enabled:                         Yes
    IP Address:                 
    Subnet Prefix:               (mask
    Default Gateway:            
    Gateway Metric:                       0
    InterfaceMetric:                      10
    DNS servers configured through DHCP:
    Register with which suffix:           Primary only
    WINS servers configured through DHCP: None

Configuration for interface "Wireless Network Connection"
    DHCP enabled:  ... Read more

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I cannot get my computer to startup....please help

A:startuprepairv2 auto failover

Please tell us what happens when you boot your computer, what is the make and model of the computer, and do you have a install or recovery disc

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I'm new to the forum. However, I really need help on my Vista OS on an HP desktop PC. I am getting the following reports:
1. "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically".

2. "Problem signature - 01 Auto Failover"

I have read some of the responses to this problem and have 2 problems. First, I am a novice when it come to this sort of thing, and next, my PC did NOT come with a disc.

Question: Obviously, Vista is Trash ie, most of the responses, and so is 7. However, since 7 seems to be the only option to upgrade to, how do I do that after purchasing a 7 upgrade disk, if I can even do it???

By the way, a common problem I find in your threads is the downloading of photos, which is the last thing I did before my PC crashed.

Also, will I lose "My Documents" if I can an upgrade???

If ANYONE would be so kind as to offer me some advice (in NOVICE Terms Please , I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Signature 01 auto failover

See if you can boot from a boot DVD?
Create a Recovery Disc
you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create Recovery DVD

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.

Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? If your computer does not include Startup Repair, your computer manufacturer might have customized or replaced the tool. Check the informati... Read more

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is there anyone here can answer my query?
is it possible to set failover clustering to two Windows 7 desktops? How?
We want to provide high availability set-up to prevent any downtime.

Thank you.

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I'm doing a script to fail over my company's W2K3 cluster with 2 nodes.
The idea is to simulate a cluster fail over by the script, count the time of fail over for each group and put them in a .html file to send by email.
I found some useful scripts on the web, where I took part of the code.
Here's what I have until now:

Option Explicit
Dim objClus, WSHShell, objNet, objFS, strSysName, strDir, strClusDir, strOutputFile, fsoOutputFile
Dim itmNode, itmGroup
Dim c1, c2, c3, p1, p2, p3, v1, v2, v3
Dim cOff, pOff, vOff, cOn, pOn, vOn, cSt, pSt, vSt

Set objNet = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set WSHShell = Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objFS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objClus = CreateObject("MSCluster.Cluster")
objClus.Open ""

strSysName = objNet.ComputerName

strDir = WSHShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%SYSTEMROOT%")
strClusDir = strDir & "\Cluster\"

strOutputFile = strClusDir & objClus.Name & ".htm"

'if (objFS.FileExists(strOutputFile)) then
' strOutputFile = strClusDir & objClus.Name & ".htm"
'end if

Set fsoOutputFile = objFS.CreateTextFile(strOutputFile, True)

fsoOutputFile.WriteLine("<style>")... Read more

A:VBScript for W2K3 Cluster failover

Hi and welcome. Please don't post more than once for the same subject.

Reply here:


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I need to configure my router for three routes ( two separate fiber links and a radio link) with one of the fiber links being the primary link, the other fiber a secondary route and the radio a backup route for the fibers.

I am looking for a best fail-over configuration that will allow traffic to flow primarily on fiber link A and failover to fiber link B incase of failure in link A and incase of failures of both fiber links, the traffic to flow on the Radio Link. The configuration should allow for reverse once the fibers are restored.

I will be routing via eBGP to the provider end and OSPF on my internal network.

A:configuring 3 redundant routes with failover


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I link my Windows home PCs (7 and some XP) to a separate file server box via a persistent network mapping. There's a separate mirroring server in place on the network too.

If one server goes down, theres an undignified scramble to remap drives so that work can recommence - but is there a quick way to have Windows 7 pick up the job of determining primary and secondary availability to speed this?

I know I could probably do something involved and complex via a virtual server and clustering but I'd prefer something simple and client-side if possible !

A:Quick and dirty way for alternate failover server?

I thought the basis of this type of RAID setup is to redirect traffic from a primary to a secondary without interruptions. I didn't think you would need to do anything if the setup is correct.

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I am looking for a script that will dynamically update Windows 2003 DNS (AD) to the second server when the first server fails. The servers are appliance servers (not windows).

Does anyone have a script to do this?

Example of script function:
1. ping first server every 10 seconds
2. if no ping reply for 60 seconds DDNS the search.x.com DNS A and PTR record to the second box.
3. if the first server becomes available again for 120 seconds then DDNS the search.x.com DNS A and PTR record to the first box again.

A:Does anyone have a Windows script to update DNS for failover to second server-not RR

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We have a fairly unstable Internet connection through Dodo (Please no quips about peanuts and monkeys, I know Dodo is a terrible ISP). They, and Telstra have refused to fix the problems, preferring instead to blame my equipment, despite the fact that I have replaced every part of the network many times over. Line noise on the connection is terrible, and causes anything up to 30+ disconnections a day, from anywhere between 10 seconds to 90 minutes.

As my sons play a lot of online gaming, disconnections not only kill the game, but also get them demoted on the servers.

So, they have a 3G mobile phone with 1.5GB data allowance per month.

But we are having problems finding any software (preferably FREE), that will let us set up a fail over environment such that when the PPPoE connection fails it switches to 3G, and automatically reverts to PPPoE when that service comes back online.

Any one know of any software that meets this need?


A:Internet connection failover PPPoE & 3G - What software

I think you are looking for Connectify dispatch which can use both the ISP connection and the 3G at the same time though it's not exactly free it may still be worth the price.

Connectify Dispatch - The Software Internet Load Balancer

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Laptop is acting strangely as of late. I was playing a game and had a GPU driver crash, which subsequently locked up my system. After having to force power it down I got stuck in the startup repair loop. I tried startup repair at least 10x, and it would always say it couldn't correct the problem. On every attempt it came back as a "Bad Driver" as the issue. On my last attempt to boot it finally went through to windows, but things are randomly crashing. I checked AVG, which says resident shield isn't active and it cannot turn itself on. I tried to run several scans and they all fail automatically saying that they were terminated. I ran Malwarebytes and it did not find anything. I would appreciate any help that I could receive.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17041  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2
Run by Lucas at 13:43:21 on 2014-04-27
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.6038.3784 [GMT -4:00]
AV: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014 *Disabled/Outdated* {0E9420C4-06B3-7FA0-3AB1-6E49CB52ECD9}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014 *Disabled/Outdated* {B5F5C120-2089-702E-0001-553BB0D5A664}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 7\ASCService.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\... Read more

A:Auto failover: Bad Driver, finally booted. AVG not scanning.

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I just cannot seem to send an email these days. (Win XP Home)

My SMTP settings are correct. I've tried other SMTP servers as well, plugging in account info from others that have allowed me, as a test. My ISP (earthlink) does not block 3rd party SMTP. My SMTP server (from doteasy) is working, because I tried setting up my SMTP and email info on another computer with a different ISP and the message sent successfully. I scanned and cleaned my registry. I scanned for spyware (Adaware), I scanned for viruses (Norton) and I turned OFF Norton to make sure it wasn't blocking emails. I've tried Netscape mail and Outlook, to see that it wasn't software. I've tried those home SMTP servers like Postcast and FREE SMTP. No matter what info I plug in to the SMTP server -- I get a message along the lines of -- SMTP server down, or not available or not accepting messages, please contact administrator. I have also fooled around with services.msc as outlined in the blackviper.com website. I've turned everything OFF, I've turned everything ON. No effect.

It MUST be something in my software settings somewhere. The OS, something....

Does anyone have any ideas?

Aaron Peta.
[email protected]

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Q: Smtp

Hey, i'm having problems receiving emails on my domain and wondered if anybody can assist me?

I get this message ping back to me whenever i send an email to the account:

Mail Delivery Subsystem to me
show details 19:48 (5 minutes ago)


This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 This domain is not hosted here (state 14).

----- Original message -----

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with SMTP id k17mr3747648ebd.54.1238525285128; Tue,
31 Mar 2009 11:48:05 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 19:48:05 +0100
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
From: "CS IT Services (UK)" <[email protected]>
To: Christian <[email protected]>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0015174c1416aa5a2904666ea3f9

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Although i can send out emails!


Hey there,

My company recently switched to a new isp while we now get phenomenal download/upload speeds in excess of 50mb/s we have learned that our new isp does not and will not be offering an smtp server. So none of my admin team can send emails.

I set up a temporary solution with gmail but the problem with gmail is that it stores all sent email in the sent folder of the gmail account...which obviously is a security issue. You can filter the emails in the sent folder but it still only just sends it to the trash folder where it holds the email for 30 days no matter what. So obviously this is not a good fix..

Is there a secure smtp server that anyone has first hand experience with using? Our company is not big enough to need its own smtp server internally. I have tried googling smtp servers but I do not know what is safe and what is not since there will be some confidential emails being sent.

Thanks for your help!

A:My Isp does not have a SMTP. What to do?

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Is anyone familiar with how to setup an SMTP server?
I own a few domains and would like an email server for all of them, but all on 1 machine
(all domains are hosted on my Apache server)

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Q: Smtp

Sorry to bother you with this, likely to be pathetic question, but... my dad owns a domain and we use our... [email protected] e-mail address'. We are hosted by freeola, we have no problem with incoming messages but outgoing ones will not send. We use smtp.orange.net for our smtp server, and over the last 2-3 days it's just not working. Would someone be able to point me in the direction of another free SMTP server? I don't want to have to download anything... although if its NECESSARY I will.
Thanks in advance,


I assume from what you say that you are using dialup? If you want a new isp provider you can goto Internet Options - Connections - Setup and follow the instructions from the wizard.

This will, of course, alter the pop and smtp settings. POP3 controls the incoming mail and presumably this is not set on your settings to POP.Orange.net at the moment but to something else. If you complete the wizard your settings will be altered to your new isp settings:
pop xxx.net
smtp xxx.net

Is this what you are looking for?

I forgot to ask - do you have internet access?

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IIS Manager is not listing SMTP details. I am using Win2000 SP4


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Does anyone know how to tell Windows IIS to use a different smtp server other than itself?????? if so, where is the configuration to do so?

A:SMTP with IIS 5.0

See this link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q310356&

I think it's what you want to do. Let us know how you make out.

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Q: smtp

i keep getting a popup asking for sign on password for smtp

im using win 7 and outlook....?


This would be your email password.

If you are unsure of your email password you will need to contact your ISP or email host.

Who is your email provider?

This might also be popping up if you have the incorrect email settings or if your ISP or email host has changed or updated the email settings and you need to correct them to the new or correct settings.

I'll also move this thread to the correct Web & Email section for you.

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Q: smtp

can any one tell me where to find smtp servers?

i have an email program that uses them but i cant find any, i am assuming there are free ones.
but i cant find them!!

i have heard that they can be unreliable but i thought it would be good to send anonamous emails to my friends.

so if anyone knows a site which lists them, or they know some, it would be appreciated.






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Ok, I know this will sound strange but I have run into a wall, and I need some help.
I have a program that manages a donor base. It has a built in feature that allows me to email people, groups by building reports etc... The BIG problem is that the program has no SMTP port settings, it is hard coded to use port 25. My hosting company only uses port 587 now! I have tried to add ":587" at the end of the the outgoing server settings like "smtp.domainname.com:587" but that didn't work...
Is there a program that I can use like a mail popper for Hotmail or Yahoo that would allow me to setup my computer to redirect a request to port 25 to port 587?
Does anyone know what I can do to get around the port 25?

Thanks for your help,

A:SMTP HELP... plz


PLZ... help....

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Is there any kind of SMTP service to be found in WinNT 4? IIS 5 has one, but can't find it in NT.


Ok guys - it's cool. Never mind. Our ISP hadn't activated the service. Sorry. False alarm.

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Hi folks,

I'm sure the problems with SMTP is well documented in the forums, but I could not find anything relevant to my problem. I use Windows Mail for sending and receiving and much prefer it to webmail. However, I've moved from Ireland where the most common ISP is eircom which provides my email. I'm based in Glasgow and I'm using a lot of different web cafes, wifi hotspots as well as work and home. As all of these areas have different ISPs and different SMTP addresses and protocols. After doing a bit of googling, I've found a few references to smtp services, tunneling and other ways around this. I'm just wondering can anyone tell me a relatively simple and free way of getting Windows Mail to send/recieve without constantly changing my settings and keeping my original email address?

Forgot to say that I'm using XP on my laptop.


A:SMTP Servers

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Hi All!

I am trying to send an email with MS-Outlook from my home network. I am using Winroute 6.0.4 on the server.
The SMTP port (outgoing) is permitted on the firewall.

Now.At the moment I am sending the mail, lots of SMTP-connections are established to the mail-server (of the ISP). As it reaches the maximum number of allowed connections (like 600), the whole thing comes to a stop and the mail won't be sent.

What might be the problem?
Is it normal at all, that so many SMTP connections are established?
Do I have to open some additional ports on the firewall?

Thanks in advance!!

A:SMTP with Winroute 6.0.4

Actually I saw a posting on winroute.com, that it could have something to do with the antivirus software. Indeed I disabled the virus check, and now it seems to work...

Anyone has an explanation??


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I sometimes have difficulty sending or replying to Email using both Mozilla Thunderbird and AOL® Communicator. On occasion AOL's server refuses the SMTP connection. I think all my account and firewall settings are correct. AOL's tech support response was that they made a "host problem report", any suggestions? O/S is Win XP Home SP2 on a DSL connection. TIA

A:Aol® Smtp

is the smpt set up as smtp.aol.com? every once in a while, i have trouble too...aol mailservers are down suprisingly often

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My Phpbb forums wont deliver emails so I want to use an SMTP server to deliver them. Are there any free ones?

A:SMTP Server

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I have just been to see a client whose emails wouldn't send - I fixed it by entering the user name as it should be now! (obtained from Orange). However, he still gets an error message (SMTP authentication failed) every time he sends or receives mail; however, sending and receiving does work! He uses Windows Mail on Vista Home Premium (he bought it 2 and half yrs ago so not sure whether it will have a service pack). He has also got Norton! Has anyone got any suggestions as to why it would do this?

A:SMTP error?

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switched email programs from OE to Thunderbird. can receive email OK but get smtp error when sending msg. doesn't recognize my server. suggestions? OE works fine.

A:smtp error

Have you checked that the smtp server settings are correct? Who is your mail provider?

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Anyone know if Comcast has a limit on how many emails can be sent within a distribution list?


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Hello all

Here is the issue.

PoP and SMTP E-mail issue
With my Lap Top

From home office Wireless, Bell is ISP. I can send and recieve e-mail.
From Girl friends: Wireless, Bel is ISP. I Can recieve but not send e-mail.

I get an SMTP error
mail stays in Outbox

Pop is a mail server names mail. " Company name".com
SMTP is ISP: smtp1.sympatico.ca
(Sympatico is what Bell's ISP is called in Canada)

Help me Pls

Thanks for your time

A:SMTP Issues

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I want to send mail from my desktop mail client (outlook express) , and I am looking for FREE SMTP mail server.

Some server avalable but interepted service.

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alright, i finally purchased a domain name, and i'm trying to set up my email i am able to recieve email (pop) but im unable to send (smtp)

any ideas?

P4 1gig ram, server 03

A:smtp problems

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Okay, I have a program trying to send email to me, it request my SMTP host name, my email, and the port number. I have tried 3 emails, and none work, it always says this:
"Failed To Connect To SMTP Server.
Socket is Not Connected."
Maybe I have the wrong host names and ports? (I think wrong port, and no, 25 wont work for any) the hosts are, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. None work for me, I need this working soon, someone please help ASAP!

A:SMTP??? Confsued. Please help A.S.A.P

Here is some information on configuring different e-mail clients for POP3/SMTP Access to the Gmail server:


The free version of Yahoo mail does not allow POP3/SMTP access to the server. The paid version requires a secure and authenticated POP3/SMTP connection for receiving and sending e-mails. Their on-line Mail help section should have the port and server name details for their various accounts.

I am not at all familiar with Hotmail.

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Is there anyway that i can test my network, to see if its allowing inboud and outboud traffic via SMTP?

I do not have access to an e-mail server.....So if there is any run around!

Thanks for the help.

A:SMTP Testing...

SMTP is for sending email not recieving. Unless you are blocking SMTP with a firewall it going to work.

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I am not that familiar with Thunderbird and need to add in a different outbound SMTP name for sending out via my ISP since I use my inbound pop3 domain name.

When I tried to set this up Thunderbird just gives me an error message that I can't figure out.

Any ideas or pointers???

A:Thunderbird and SMTP


Look under Thunderbird
How do I setup Thunderbird for E-mail?
How to configure Thunderbird to use port 587 for sending e-mail
How to verify Thunderbird settings
Your have to find out from your ISP what the outbound SMTP name is. Plus your port for sending may not be the same but lots of pictures that are step by step and your just need to use what your ISP says.
This is for Comcast.
Outgoing mail (SMTP): smtp.comcast.net
Incoming mail (POP3): mail.comcast.net

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Dear Supportive people, 
I'm looking for a good smtp server to be used on premises. 
something with spam filter & reports, need to send and receive from it. just like Clearos. 
Thank you 

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We use Groupwise for Email system and it works great...problems that occur within our system are manageable and generally fairly east to take care of. However, one of my users received a 500 error message stating "line too long". In looking at this, I am thinking that the problem is with configuration on the receiving server's end.

Usually, administrators don't want to hear that and you need more convincing reason than "I am sure of it". My question is this, has anyone experienced this error message and had the experience of resolving it or at least being privy to how it was resolved.

If so I would greatly appreciate any advice, information or specific occurences with this error message.

thanks in advance

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I would appreciate anyone that could help me with this...its killing me and msft is the only company that i cant reach ! go figure..
my problem is that i'm traveling and logged on to the net. everything works fine except i cant send emails via outlook. i've tried everything i can think of . is there some setting in outlook that i need to set for smtp? i'm in denver Qwest but my ISP is Cox.net in new orleans. both have said my settings should need changing. help !!

A:smtp outlook help!!

What email account are you using to send the emails? Most ISPs will only allow you to send email with their servers if you are also using their servers for your internet connection. This is unlikely to be the case when you are travelling.

The solution is to use web-based email, if your ISP provides that facility, or a free email account such as gmail/googlemail, yahoo etc.



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