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USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Q: USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

7 Month old HP Win7 6gb x64 machine. Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected.USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on:"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."with driver check off:Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing.Search show diver where it should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbstor.sys (also usbfilter.sys).Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor.sys, it indicates it is successful but no changeon reboot, still cannot use flash drives, SD cards, external HDs. Units work find on my laptop.Called HP 4 times, after extensive troubleshooting each time, following their instructions, go to hp.com/go/instant, get screen saying request has been received. Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request.After a while, read 2 hours, told they need to talk to supervisor, will call me back, KISS OF DEATH, never hear from them.So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP?Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc?

Preferred Solution: USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.

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Hello, I have a problem with Windows 7 Build 7100. I am running a Fujitsu Amilo Li 1818 laptop. The installation went fine, I had to download a driver for the WLAN card, but everything else works perfectly. However, when I connect a USB thumb drive, or an external USB HD, I can't access it. Windows 7 recognises the device, installs a driver, and the device is visible in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. It doesn't show up in Computer > Devices with Removable Storage. In Device Manager, the USB HD shows up under Disk drives and it says "The device is working properly" and the driver is up to date. However, when the USB HD is connected, it also creates an "Unknown device" entry under other devices in the Device Manager. This part says "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28), and clicking on Update Driver doesn't work ("Windows was unable to install your Unknown Device"). I have installed the Vista chipset drivers from the Fujitsu website. Any ideas how I can fix this? Why does Device Manager recognise the USB HD but also create an "Unknown Device" entry?

A:Windows 7 won't recognize USB mass-storage devices

I've got it fixed now, after reading this: http://forum.freecompromo.com/viewtopic.php?t=181 The solution: step 1! Go into C:\ and create a folder called usbdriver step 2! Go into C:\WINDOWS\INF and copy the whole contents step 3! COPY ALL THAT INTO C:\usbdriver step 4! THEN when your asked to look for the driver! and vista cannot find it POINT IT TO THAT FOLDER C:\USBDRIVER and click ok. Looks like it was a bug from Vista. Thanks Nano Warp and NooNoo for your suggestions

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The problem originated after i tried to "low format" a USB memory that a coworker asked if i could fix, it had a "Protect against writing" message, i was not able to format it, but i was able to copy stuff from it, but not add new stuff to it. I tried several google tutorials, changed registry values and run some CMD commands, found the same information on several sites with no luck. The USB memory remained "locked".

Long story short, i gave up, when i disconnected the USB drive i noticed all my shortcuts from the desktop disappeared? and also all my bookmarks in Firefox?, i was astonished.

Now 4-6 days ago i wanted to copy ome videos and a portable version or MPC-HC, but then i connected my USB 32gb memory flash ( my personal USB memory, not the one i was trying to format) into my 3.0 port, and well... it was not found in my computer folder !!. I tried to look into the manage device > storage device to see if it was a problem with the "letter label" but no! is not there either!. And yes, the USB worked on my other laptop as normal. All my other USB peripherals work perfectly, mouse, keyboard etc.

Next i went into device manager, and found a yellow triangle as shown in the picture, and when i clicked the "show hidden devices" i found that there was the name of the usb that i tried to low format !! greyed out!, I instantly uninstall it with no luck from the device manager, is not there anymore since i saw it, but even so ... Read more

A:Windows wont recognize the USB Mass Storage Device

When you changed the USB registry values are you sure you did change one that identified USB MSDs as MSDs?

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Being a tech guy I have about 50 Usb mass strage devices of ever size, shape, brand, and flavor. From external hard drives to those cheapy free flash drives you get at CES nothing will work on this particular machine, running Vista Ultimate 32bit. Yes these 50 usb starge devices work in many other machines on many operating sytems. This is a problem Ive had for a while, dont know when it started. Having quite a few netwroked computers, and this one not being my main system, Ive just been to busy or lazy in deal with the problem. Im sure yall wanna know the symptoms so here it is.

plug in any usb mass storage device.
get a little pop up saying USB device not recognized
"Unknown Device" appears under USB Controllers in Device manager with no installed driver ("no drivers are installed for this device")

Oh other usb things do work just in case you ask like this keyboard and mouse.
So hopful I just need a new driver/reinstall the drive.

A:Vista wont recognize any usb mass storage device

Uninstall the USB ports in Device Manager

Just rt- click and select uninstall on all of the USB drivers.
They will reinstall when you reboot.
If you lose your mouse, hold in the power button to reboot.

See if that does anything for you.

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When I connect my eFilm device to my computer (MS Vista), in order to transfer pictures from my digital camera to my computer, my computer does not recognize or acknowledge the eFilm device (USB).

How do I get my computer to recognize a mass storage device (G drive)?

Thank you for any help.

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I have an external mass storage device containing a 60 gig hard drive.

This "caddy" by Belkin has an ON/OFF switch as well as the usual USB connection.

If I reboot the PC with the unit ON, the whole thing freezes and won't start up.

If the unit is OFF during the reboot, everything works fine.

Likewise, after the reboot, turning the unit ON gets it working and there are no problems.

I guess something in the BIOS BOOT section has to be fiddled with to fix this?

A:Won'r boot when external mass storage device is connected

Yes it could be that your bios has usb drives enabled for booting.

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I need advise about my 'puter please

A bit of history of what has happened:
My old Maxtor mini external HDD that I used for daily back ups of "C" drive crashed and died last week.
The external drive was connected to computer through a USB 2 port on back of case and is run by a back up program called Acronis True Image 2012.

The system I have runs Windows XP with a:
Floppy drive @ A,
Internal HDD (250 Gb) @ C,
DVD R/W @ D,
DVD R/W @ E and
2Tb external HDD @ G (this is the new Seagate one I just bought to replace the dead Maxtor Mini external HDD)

I have 8 USB 2 ports on the back and the only things connected to them are my 2 Lexmark printers:
A Lexmark X8300 on USB 002 described as Virtual Printer Port for USB, &
A Lexmark Z12 on USB 003 described as Virtual Printer Port for USB

I also have a 4 port USB 3 expansion card installed, but my new Seagate 2Tb external HDD is the only thing connected to the USB 3 expansion card ports

I think there is nothing connected at Drive F !!

When old external HDD died - it locked up computer and the only way I could shut down / turn off was to turn off at power point. I then disconnected the old dead external HDD and on restart, Windows XP had the "wobbles" and had a message that there were problems with the last shut down and would only restart if I selected ?Start with last known good session?. So I did that and all seemed to be working OK, except the computer was then convinced ther... Read more

A:External HDD Crash & now Phantom USB Mass Storage device on Drive F


Lexmark USB Mass Storage USB Device

Lexmark USB Mass Storage device is you printer. If it has a card reader on it, then it would load a mass storage device driver for the card reader.
Go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter in Disk Management, is there any drive that is listed as Drive F: ?

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Today I fixed a Graphics Card Driver issue (with the help of a thread here on this site)

Now I just have one exclamation mark left in Device Manager on my laptop.

Full details of my set up is in my profile, but in short:

Acer Aspire 8935g
Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

The "Mass Storage Controller" has the exclamation mark and more detil is...:

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Of course, there are no other issues, no other exclamation marks at all.

So what is this Mass Storage Controller and which driver do I need to install??

A bit for info:

PCI Bus 2, device 0, function 2

I have no idea what THAT means, except it is probably to do with where the device is physically connected (?) - does that help anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much in advance for any sugggestions.

A:Device Manager, Other Devices, "Mass Storage Controller"

Which of these beauties does anyone think might fix the issue?

ChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.1.1.10154.7 MB2009/10/23ChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.1.1.10142.3 MB2009/10/01AHCIIntelSATA AHCI Driver8.9.0.102321.4 MB2009/10/15AudioRealtekAudio Driver6.0.1.588868.0 MB2009/09/29CameraSuyinCamera Driver5. MB2009/10/23CardReaderO2Card Reader Driver2.0.0816.7 MB2009/10/16CIRNuvotonCIR (Consumer IR) Driver8.1.62.30007.6 MB2009/10/23CIRWinBondCIR (Consumer IR) Driver8.60.10004.7 MB2009/10/01FingerprintEGISTECFingerprint Driver6.2.56101.7 MB2009/10/01FingerprintEGISTECFingerprint Driver6.2.4897.7 MB2009/10/23LanBroadcomLAN Driver (BCM5764 & BCM5784) MB2009/10/23SATAIntelSATA Driver AHCI8.9.0.102321.4 MB2009/10/22TV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver For A3101.1.64.301.2 MB2009/10/05TV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver (A310)1.1.x.301.3 MB2009/10/21TV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver (A309)1.0.x.612.8 MB2009/10/21TV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver For A3091.0.64.611.2 MB2009/10/05VGAATIVGA Driver8.64.3168.9 MB2009/10/16VGAATIVGA Driver8.64.4173.0 MB2009/10/23VGAATIVGA Driver8.640.4.0000173.0 MB2009/10/17Wireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver (5100/5300/5150/5350) MB2009/10/21

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I have several older MP3 players (like a Archos Jukebox 20) that have no
drivers for them directly supported by WMP10. They are however recognized in windows
as Mass Storage Drives with assigned letters. What has to be done to make
them automatically appear as devices in the WMP10 sync window so I can manually sync to them?

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I'm having issues with my computer recognizing any sort of mass storage device. Most of the time when a problem comes up I have no problem figuring it out unless it's a laptop hardware issue - that's a nightmare.

Anyway I've tried to plug in a USB Jump Drive (128 MB) and an External USB Hard Drive (80 GB) and both devices are recognized but Win XP Pro can't find drivers for them and they should already have drivers in Windows according to the manufacturer. Heck I use the jump drive at work on a number of different systems and it works just fine. I suspect maybe a bios setting is off or perhaps another USB device is causing interference for mass storage devices. I had one case where I tried to play a game and my keyboard was causing it to crash.

A:USB Mass Storage Devices

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I am connecting my Lg Vu to my system via USB data cable.
The phone says "USB Mass Storage Connected as Mass Storage Mode Do not disconnect during transfer"
This has worked before, but this time, the system will not recognize the phone's presence.
Tips on how to connect the two devices?


A:Mass Storage - failure to recognize

I'd try (in the following order)
1. Make sure all Windows updates are applied. See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates
2. Windows only deletes old USB connection data when you uninstall the device (not when you disconnect). This can sometimes cause device conflicts, etc. Remove all old USB connection data See How to use the DriveCleanupTool
3. Your computer's USB port may not be supplying sufficient power to the connected device
> If your USB device has it's own AC adapter, connect it as well
> Disconnect all other USB devices except the one
> Try a different and shortest USB cable
> Get a USB hub that can supply 1000mA! According to the USB spec, USB ports don't need to supply more then 500mA but i sometimes see devices fail because they want more power then the 500mA spec. Try using a USB external hub that can exceed the spec (supplies 1000mA port)
===> I happen to use this Targus
===> But you can google for usb hub 1000mA or check your computer store for one. Then try connecting all your hi powered devices into the 1000mA USB port

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I am using Windows XP home.

When I plug mass storage devices into my USB ports, the icon to 'safely remove device' shows up but I cannot see the device in My Computer. I have tried this with a flash drive, ipod, and a Sandisk transfer device. They are shown in device manager and it says they are working properly. They are not shown in computer management though.

My USB ports work OK with my mouse and printer, just not with mass storage devices.

Thanks for the help.

A:Mass Storage devices do not appear in My Computer?

Have you tried 'refreshing' the My Computer screen? Also, sometimes restarting the computer with it still plugged in can help (can also lead the computer to say the OS is missing... If the latter, just pull it out and restart.) or you could go to Start - Run - type 'diskmgmt.msc' and then find the disk on either of the lists and right-click and choose Explore.

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HI, I'm having a problem with my mass storage devices. I updated my bios on my Asus z87 pro motherboard and since I did any of my usb sticks or WD My Passport wont open... PC says it tries to download drivers but can't. It sees the unlock disc for WD My Passport but wont let me open it and has the yellow exclamation mark by it in the device manager. As for the usb sticks.. they don't even show up even though they do in the bios page and they make a sound when you slot one in to a usb port.. so I don't think its the ports. especially as other items like flight yoke, pedals and mouse etc all work in the various usb ports.. its just the mass storage devices. I have looked at the files you suggested might not be there (as above) and all are. so bit lost as to what to do.

Any ideas?

A:Having a problem with my mass storage devices

Hello, Stevey!

I think the issue you are facing is due to faulty installation of drivers.
The yellow exclamation mark in the device manager indicates that there's some kind of system or driver issue.
You mentioned you updated the bios on your motherboard, but did you update the drivers for it as well?

I suggest to take a look at these links:

In case you forgot the motherboard drivers update:
You can try running the fixit from the following Microsoft article:
Another thing you can try is running the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter and check if it works:
Or refer to this WD article that explains how to change the drive letter of the external drive and see if it helps: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/137

If you need further assistance, let me know.
Hope this helps.


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Hi, I recently bought a fairly high spec refurbished computer from a school clearance sale and I am now wanting to use it to be the basis of a simple media center. The problem I am facing Is that it wont recognize my mass storage devices (memory sticks and an external HD) through the USB ports. It Knows they are there because it will show me the names but it wont install them automatically and brings up the 'Install New Hardware Wizard' I've tried using this but it will reach the end of the installation and then say Invalid data. I have checked with the drivers on my laptop and there are the same ones on the new PC.
I am aware that some schools deliberately block USB storage devices for a variety of reasons so I googled my problem. It came back telling me that to disable/Enable USB ms devices there is a simple registry tweak, to change the DWord "start" value to 4-disable or 3-enable which is located at:
However, when I checked in RegEdit there was no USBSTOR directory at all. I have many questions,
Does this directory exist as a default or is it something that is added for this tweak?
Is there another way of disabling the USB for hardware other than mouse and keyboard? If so how can it be reversed?

A:My USB mass storage devices are not being accepted

Interesting... I have a similar problem. Could you post more information about your system, EG ram, HD sizes, speed and model? It wouldn't hurt if we knew more about the external drives you're trying to use, too.

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Vista runs the "new hardware found" wizard when I connect my External WD hard drive and my Sony DSLR Digital Camera. It is looking of a driver. Both of the "mass storage units" work fine on my XP boxes. WD or Sony both say no driver is needed except the one windows should already have. All my usb hubs have been checked out and have the latest updates and my Vista is completely updated. The "Details " say it's looking for a PNP driver. My Sandisk memory stick however works okay with the Vista system.

Any ideas how to fix this? This is a new computer and runs Vista Home Premium 32.

A:Mass Storage devices and Vista

The usual RX is to go into Device Manager, View, Hidden Devices, and remove ALL the stuff under USB Controllers, then reboot. See if that helps the situation.

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I have a notebook which can't recognize any usb mass storage devices, like flash memories or usb hdd, but usb mice and keyboard, usb bluetooth radio works well. I have tried almost everything I found on internet about this problem:

- There isn't any upper nor lower filter
- Tried this post Unable to install any USB devices
- Tried updating chipset driver
- Tried running microsoft hardware fix it

But the problem isn't solved.
If you could point me to any other solution than doing a repair install or similar solution I will be very gratefully.

The system is Windows 7 Professional x86.


A:USB Mass Storage devices error 10

What brand / model is your notebook?
Open device manager and look for a yellow alert.
Post a snapshot of device manager as an attachment.

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Hello all

Well this is a strange one.

Anytime I try to plug in a "new" (e.g. never plugged in to this computer before) USB Mass Storage device, device installation fails. When I click on the balloon that says device installation failed, it says "No driver found". If I manually choose a location to search drivers and choose \Windows\System32\Drivers, Device Manager chooses "USB Mass Storage Device" but says "could not install because there was an error". (Gee, thanks, so helpful )

I am getting this error with an old iPod Nano (1st gen!) but it will also happen with USB Memory Keys etc.

Any ideas?


Oh yeah... Windows 7 x64 Dell Studio XPS 8100 8GB

A:USB Mass Storage devices won't install

Are you running 32 or 64 bit Windows 7?

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They work in my other PC's though.

When I plug them in, it fails to install the driver and in the device manager they are listed as Generic USB2.0 card (The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)).

I have the latest motherboard drivers/BIOS.

(My system specs are filled in for further details).

A:Some USB mass storage devices don't work

Hello eforce, and welcome to Sevenforums

Have you tried right clicking the device and clicking update driver>search internet for correct drivers?

Are you positive you installed the (most recent) USB drivers for your motherboard, as they are required.

If you would like, you can set windows to automatically search for drivers through windows update for you: Device Installation Settings

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I've seen some other threads with problems similar to mine, but with some distinguishable differences. I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer on my problem:

First some basic info on my system:
- Windows Vista 32 bit, have latest service pack
- Toshiba Satellite

When I plug in any USB mass storage device (i.e. thumb drives, my JVC digital camcorder), my computer recognizes that they are there, but I cannot open them. To be more specific:

I plug in my JVC, I hear the notification, and my file copying software for the camera launches. However, when I try to access the drives (it takes two, (F & (G, it cannot access them. Furthermore, when I click on the backup option it says that no device is plugged in.

When I plug in my thumb drive, I hear the notification, but then the autolaunch doesn't happen. I then go to my computer and click on the drive (E, and windows says that the drive has to be formatted before it can be used... never had that happen before. Any how, I finally tried formatting one of my thumb drives and it couldn't successfully format it either.

I have no idea why this is happening, but I do know when it started...

I have a Sandisk Cruizer. It has always run fine on my computer, but I had it set-up to run as a storage device only (i.e. without the programs option). However, one day I decided to try and pull some files from another computer which it had never been used on. So I plug it in and it ends up install... Read more

A:Mass Storage Devices Not Reading

I'm pretty sure it's a driver-related issue, but I can't tell you exactly which one since I don't know. All I can tell you is that after doing various driver updates on two different PCs (one notebook with Windows Vista 32-bit and one desktop running Windows 7 64-bit) I had the EXACT same issue happen.

When I rolled the drivers back everything worked again.

I'm reasonably certain your issue is due to a driver conflict.

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Hi all, hope you can help again.

I'm having problems getting one of my computers to recognise USB drives. XP searches for the drivers but in the end it comes up saying the device has not been successfully installed.

The problem is specific to USB Mass Storage devices (other USB products work fine) and the same USB drives work fine on my other computers. Any ideas?


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Problem: at startup get message "administrator has prohibited access to CD DVD ROM drives"
On my computer display there is a red circle with line through it on the following A: floppy E: cd-rw drive, G: magic jack and H:DVD ROM
I am set up as administrator
op sys is windowsXP sp3
So far I've: ran Avasi Spybot and SuperAntiVirus
uninstalled NERO BURN application
did a restore to a previous date after combofix was used
also had a one time message 'Administrator has prohibited access to USB/1394 mass storage device

still can"t get access to any of these drives and I don't know if it a virus or hardware problem

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Recently, my Pentium 4, Windows XP SP2 developed a very strange problem and I am hoping someone can help me. I was transferring some AAC files(legal) by my PNY attache 512 MB thumbdrive to my desktop. On plugging the thumbdrive into my desktop, it would no longer recognize the thumbdrive. It asked me to format the drive. So I permitted it to format the drive but it said it couldn't complete the format.

Here is what I tried so far in order and I still get the same message.

Right clicked on the thumbdrive and clicked on properties - device working fine but listed the file system as raw, tried to update the drivers but no new ones available. Tried roll back of drivers and did not roll back.
Rebooted the desktop - same message.
Plugged the same thumbdrive into my labtop - works just fine on the labtop (windows XP SP2) and on the desktop I have at work (Pentium 3 windows XP SP1).
Tried different USB ports on my desktop computer. I do have a D-Link USB 1.1 hub attached. I plugged the thumbdrive directly into the USB ports in the back of the computer - same message.
Formatted the USB drive on the labtop and then plugged into my desktop.
Purchased a new USB thumbdrive Sandisk - same message.
Device manager says the device is working fine. Tried to update the drivers - told me that there isn't a better match.
Deleted the USB drivers in the Device manager, reboot, let Windows reinstall the drivers - same message.
Updated the USB drivers in the Device manager.
... Read more

A:Odd problem with USB Mass Storage devices - thumbdrives and others

Same here

Just ran across your query while in search of a solution to my identical situation. Did you ever find a solution?

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Ok, so first post here and it figures it's always the little things that get me stuck. I'm deployed in the Army and am the go-to guy for tech problems in my unit, which seem to be doubling by the week. So far, i've squashed most of them, but recently, the almost-hobby of portable-drive-transferring collections of movies and whatnot has been infiltrated with an odd problem that's gone past that to simple sd cards and flash drives.

Instance 1. When normal operating flash drive is plugged in to be copied onto from the owner's pc, no shortcuts were copied, but actual folders and files saved on the desktop. When plugged into the recipient's pc, all the folder names are correct, however, they've all been magically turned into shortcuts. When I looked at the target, it shows a drive letter and strange screensaver file name, of all things (ie: F:\siodo.scr). Of course, the folders go nowhere and are all reduced to a kb.

Instance 2. My roommate used his portable hard drive with no apparent problem earlier today. His new camera uses MicroSD and he used an adapter to insert into his onboard card reader to download pictures. Same exact problem happened as in the first instance. He told me about it and before I thought to stop him, he plugged his hard drive back in. Again, same thing. However, the 500GB drive shows 298 used, which is about right for all the movies and misc pics that are on there. When the drive is opened and all folders selected, size a... Read more

A:Chasing shortcuts on mass storage devices

This sound like malware, You should run flash disinfector on all flash drives and computers that they are being plugged into,then run Malwarebytes on them.Download and Run FlashDisinfector Please download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.
Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.
The utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives including your mobile phone. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.
Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.
Reboot your computer when done.Note: Flash_Disinfector will create a hidden file named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive plugged in when you ran it. Don't delete this folder. It will help protect your drives from future infection.Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from HereNote: If you already have Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, just update then run it.Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan (the scan may take some time to finish, so please be patient).When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.Make sure that ... Read more

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Alright guys/gals, I'm stuck!

Here we go.... I have a Android Phone(evo4g) and I also have a 60n1 Card Reader neither of then will read cards!

Card Reader= I put any card into it slot (sd,mirosd,sdhc,microsdhc) and it WILL show in computer as a "removable device" but if I go to open them I get "Please insert disk into Removable Disk (f" or whatever drive letter for the others.

Android Phone= Same as above but going through a usb cord.

(See pics...1&2... 1 card not inserted and 2 card inserted)

Also I noticed that in my Device Manager the drop down that should be "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" is shown as "Unknown". (See pic 3)
I have uninstalled and re-installed all of the above devices and their driver (including the Mass Storage Device drivers)
I have also run "sfc /scannow" 3+ times .. all with no errors.

Now I do know that the issue is with this Computer only, because I have tested all above Devices on my laptop that is running the same OS as this one and they all work as they should!

So If you can help me out please throw your smarts my way!!!


A:Computer not Reading Mass Storage Devices

When did you install the card reader into your system? Are you sure that you have the card reader header plugged in the right way if a 4 pin or 5 pin plug? If the card reader is a usb internal connection; is it connected to the right usb port and is that port activated in the BIOS?

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I suppose I should get two important things out of the way first:

1. The USB mass storage devices in question (3 flash drives, 2 external HDs) work perfectly fine on other computers. I don't believe there is anything wrong with them.

2. The USB ports seem to work just fine with non mass storage devices like CD/DVD-RW drives and an optical mouse.

Acer Aspire One netbook, Windows XP SP3. The problem seems to have arisen after I did a system restore due to some Malware (the one that plays advertisement audio in the background). After the system restore, I plugged in a USB flash drive. It appeared in My Computer, but not with its usual name. Instead, it was just called "Removable Disk (D." When I clicked it, it said "The disk in drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" It seems to think the flash drive is in RAW file format (it isn't). I tried formatting a flash drive and it neared completion but said "Windows was unable to complete the format." When I plug in an external HD, it isn't even recognized in My Computer any more.

I was fed up, so I decided to just reinstall windows using the "restore to factory defaults" recovery partition that came on my netbook's HD. It appeared to be a clean reinstall (aside from the Acer free-trial BS), but I'm still getting the same errors. I've used up my arsenal... Any ideas?

A:Solved: No USB mass storage devices will work

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What would cause all USB peripherals to work, with the exception of Mass Storage Devices? No Blackberry, No Ipod, no thumb drives.

It just says USB device not recognized.

A:Solved: USB mass storage devices not working

Is this on your Windows 98 computer? Windows 98, out of the box, won't use those devices like 2000/XP and newer because it does not ship with generic drivers (2000/XP do).

Check this out for a generic Mass Storage Device W98 driver. The site claims it will work with "most" USB devices.

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My Verbatim 1TB USB External Hard Drive was hanging my PC at boot message "Auto Detecting USB Mass Storage Devices... Device #01. An old thread found on this forum had a similar problem with a WD 1TB My Book. The solution found then was changing the BIOS setting to DISABLE Legacy USB support. When I checked my settings I found my Legacy USB support was set to AUTO. Following the prior threads success I changed the setting to DISABLE and the problem was solved. Apparently when faced with the choice of Enable Disable or Auto, the Auto setting doesn't always choose the appropriate action. Thanks guys and gals for a great forum site.

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I have a Samsung laptop and a few weeks ago some of my MP3 players stopped working with it while some continued working. Infact one stopped working and another one (the exact same type of MP3 player) continued working despite the fact that all of them worked on a different computer. I found that I needed to "recover corrupted Vista driver database" and located the problem to Microsoft KB934637. I then requested the Microsoft Hotfix for the x86 version (it's 32 bit). After a day or so microsoft sent me an e-mail with a link to the hotfix and temporary password. I installed the hotfix and (other than a couple of times when it wouldn't recognise a flash drive) my laptop has been fine since. I dread the day the driver database goes corrupted again.

Now my main machine, an Acer running Vista has what looks like the same problem. I have tried to use two different flash drives on the tower today but to no avail. In hardware profiles when I tried to search for a driver (which shouldn't be necessary with Vista as the flash drive is compatible with Vista) I get the following error "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. USB Mass Storage Device. This device is not configured correctly (code 1)." However in this case the MP3 players I previously used with the tower are still working. It's just that I cannot ... Read more

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Hello, I am desperately searching for a solution of a great problem I have never had before, but that I am having now after a completely fresh re-installation of Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Each time when I plug in a USB mass storage device (USB stick or external hard drive), no matter at which port, the computer crashes, mostly after I have copied a file that is a bit larger (e.g. 100 MB), or even at once, after plugging in the device.

In my opinion these crashes cannot be caused by hardware problems though there have been made upgrading works at a computer store (i5 for i3 CPU and 8 GB RAM instead of 4 GB), because I was able to make a backup on an external hard drive after this computer upgrading and the first Windows installation, though this windows installation was not okay due to some Windows updates that failed. The second fresh Windows installation that I have made was very clean. However, now I am having these terrible problems with the USB mass storage devices that do not work properly.

I am also adding a file generated by WinDbg today.

A:USB mass storage devices cause permanent computer crashes

Hi Mary,

Can you see whether any of these tips help you:

USB Driver - General Fix for Problems


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I recently had a new 80 GB HDD fitted to my Dell Inspiron laptop, and Windows XP reinstalled. Everything is working fine except when I plug ANY USB storage device into my USB port. Device manager says there is "no driver loaded for the device", but EVERY DARN TIME I try and install the driver, either from discs that came with the devices or from the Windows reinstall disc, I get a Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) message and the hardware cannot be installed.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for all my USB ports. I have made sure my computer is USB 2.0 ready. I have run Dell diagnostics, and looked at the properties for all of the USB ports listed and there are no problems reported. I have tried installing a brand new 1GB flash drive, my Kodak Easyshare digital camera, and a 1GB MP3 player - all give exactly the same result. I looked in windows/system32/drivers and noticed that usbstor.sys (a driver I understand is linked to mass storage devices) was missing, so I searched my windows install disc, and copied it into place, and still same message.

Am I missing something? CAN ANYONE HELP???


Dell Inspiron 1000 Laptop
Windows XP w/SP2 installed
256mb RAM
Intel Celeron 2.2ghz CPU

A:Data Error (CRC) installing all USB mass storage devices??

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Hi.I've been experiencing this issue since a week,searched a lot still,found no solution.
My laptops USB ports are fine.I have many USB mass storage devices which I can use with other PCs with win xp,7,8,etc. But in my laptop,windows just makes new device connected sound,but nothing appear in explorer or in disk management.Not even the device shows in Disk management.Safely remove hardware icon appear in system tray upon inserting the device into USB port,but when I click it,it just shows my PC name and below,some dots(...).Please someone help.No USB pendrives or card readers are recognized and I tried a lot of solutions,but none worked for me.I even uninstalled the driver and tried.no luck.

A:USB mass storage devices dont show in explorer.exe

Quote: Originally Posted by Hem981

Hi.I've been experiencing this issue since a week,searched a lot still,found no solution.
My laptops USB ports are fine.I have many USB mass storage devices which I can use with other PCs with win xp,7,8,etc. But in my laptop,windows just makes new device connected sound,but nothing appear in explorer or in disk management.Not even the device shows in Disk management.Safely remove hardware icon appear in system tray upon inserting the device into USB port,but when I click it,it just shows my PC name and below,some dots(...).Please someone help.No USB pendrives or card readers are recognized and I tried a lot of solutions,but none worked for me.I even uninstalled the driver and tried.no luck.

Hi Hem981,

Kindly post a screenshot for your device manager so we can check the same:

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Also, try this article which should be helpful in resolving this issue:

USB Driver - General Fix for Problems

Kindly update your system specs here by following this. Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Hi Experts,

I have a computer in which USB ports for mouse and Keyboards work,but whenever I try and plug in a mass storage device,It doesnt recognise at all. It does not even give a pop up for new hardware or anything.

I have tried all the following methods :

1. Changing USBSTOR (in Regedit) value to '3' (It was already 3).

2. Enabled the drivers going to USB in Device Manager.

Can it be related to BIOS settings? If yes, then please help me here with the entire procedure. I will be soo grateful !!

I am using win7 32 BIT OS .
Thanks in advance.

A:USB Port Doesnt detect Mass Storage Devices

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My problem is indicated in the title of this thread. All other devices except USB Mass Storage devices don't work with my Lenovo Thinkcentre A70 computer. I already edited the USBSTOR entry in regedit to hexadecimal 3 but it still doesn't work. I'm logged in as administrator in this computer. I cannot access the BIOS because it is password-protected by our company's IT staff. I have the usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf in my c:\windows\inf folder and usbstor.sys in c:\windows\system32\drivers . Here are the pictures of what's happening:

By the way, I've tried several flash disks in this computer and they produce the same result. They all work on other computers though.

What can I do with this problem?

A:USB Mass Storage Devices won't work with my office computer

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hey guys, im new here (signed up solely to ask this question cuz it looks like a pretty cool site) and i need some advice

so i built my own computer out of purchased parts about a year ago but its been having freezing problems until a few months ago (bad hard drive lol!). i havent noticed this problem til recently (due to the constant efforts to diagnose the freezing/crashing) but my computer seems to eject any usb mass storage device when i try to say.... copy files into or out of whatever drive is connected, whether its a flash drive or my phone's sd card (which is connected via usb).

For example: this happened today - i tried to drag an .avi file out of a SanDisk cruzer and the windows dialog box pops up to tell me that it has begun copying. after 5 minutes, it is still 'Calculating...' the ETA and i notice that the explorer window that displays the content of the drive has been turned into that washed-out, unresponsive state. Running Windows 7, if i try to close the window, i get the choice to either close the program, wait for it to respond, or some other thing.

this happens if i plug any usb drive into any usb port (front or back) on my computer. Wow that was a lot to write. well if anyone has come across this sort of problem before or can help point me in the right direction,


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Hiya, hope someone can help. XP has decided not to assign a drive letter to any flash card reader/USB drive I use in my PC (previously used drives no longer have a drive letter in Explorer)

Going into Computer Management/Disk Management the drives are detected with no drive letter, I can give them a letter and access them but the letter doesn't stick, nor is it seen in Explorer (ie remove drive and replug, no letter, no auto open options and no sign of it in Explorer)

I've tried going into regedit, mounted devices and deleting all letters (apart from A-floppy, C-Main HD, D-Optical drive obviously) to try to force XP to assign a letter.

I don't want to do a system restore (all drives worked before) as I've just managed to instal SP3 RC2 after a lot of hassle plus I suspect this has nothing to do with my new/odd USB drive problem.

All other USB peripherals work perfectly, tis just Mass Storage Devices won't display, I tried a new drive and XP went through the New hardware bit, recognised it, said it was ready but didn't assign it a letter/ open it.

Any ideas how I can force Explorer to open the drives ? (going through Admin Tools is a pain after all)

A:XP wont assign drive letter to USB mass storage devices

Hi philno and welcome to TSF !

This may help :
New drive or mapped network drive not available in Windows Explorer

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greetings, first post !

i have a laptop where no removable mass storage devices work properly (they cannot be read).
the cd/dvd drive no longer can read either CD's or DVD's.
USB can no longer read thumb drives. OS is WinXP SP3.

the cd's and dvd's tested just fine in another computer, and so did the USB thumb drive.
the cd/dvd player has a drive letter, and XP correctly assigns a drive letter to the thumb drive (but prompts to format it instead of reading the data on it). when a CD is put into the cd/dvd player, no files are seen through windows explorer of the drive (0 items according to status bar).
there are no policies in the registry that would indicate a disabling of read access to removable mass storage devices. mouse and keyboard are plugged in via USB and work fine. can boot to USB, so USB reading of mass storage device only dysfunctional within windows.
scanned for malware, nothing. tried MS Fixit, nothing. can't restore due to policy disabling system restore (not my idea). reinstalled chipset drivers, nothing. removed cd/dvd from device mangler along with everything USB related, followed by reinstall of chipset drivers, nothing.

any ideas or i'm SOL and need to reimage?

thanks in advance.

edit: last thing i tried was running checkdisk, but doubt that'll fix the problem. i guess i'll find out on monday, but i'm not hopeful.

A:Solved: removable mass storage devices no longer able to be read

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Some while back I installed Acronis True Image Home 2012 on my Win7 64 bit PC. It is a backup solution that would have satisfied my backup requirements at the time. I immediately found a problem with the fact that it failed to recognise my network drive as a backup location. After days of communications with their support dept. and a couple of sessions of remote support they realised that the software was not happy about "empty" disk drives. I have a built in multi-port card reader and also have card readers built into the monitor. They show as disk drives in "My Computer" even when there are no cards in the slots. The option in Windows to "hide empty drives" didn't cure the problem.

They eventually sent me a patch that cured the network drive recognition problem but left me with the problem that my PC no longer recognises any USB mass storage device or any memory card plugged into either of the card readers. I didn't realise I had this new problem for some time as I don't use USB disk drives. It's not just USB attached devices that are not recognised, it also won't recognise firewire disks either. I have tried un-installing the Acronis software but it doesn't remove the errant driver(s).

I've tried removing the devices and rebooting to force an update and I've tried scanning for new drivers without success. The PC tells me I have the latest drivers installed.

I have now found the 2 errant drivers and remove... Read more

A:USB Mass storage devices not working - including card readers

The backup software from hell.

I had a similiar problem with Acronis 2012. In the end I had to do a clean install to get rid of it. There is a post on this forum that I will look up for you and post back.

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I have a Genesys usb mass storage unit. I have the Vista driver and it's been installed properly. The problem is that it doesn't show up as a drive under my "computer."

I have tried to update the driver, uninstall and re-install and it still won't show up. It does show up in the "safely remove hardware" window and the device manager.

A:USB Mass Storage Device

Try these.... they are harmless steps...
1:stop plug and play service in services.msc and restart it... then,
2:start->right click on "computer"-> left click on manage-> on L.H.S. click on storage, click on disk management...on the R.HS. check in disk management if that USB drive shows up as unallocated space. If yes, reply to this post.

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Worked on USB device on Monday at home and it would let me save to and move files from the USB.Tried device on Tuesday on various machines (XP and 2000) but gat message "USB device not recognised". I have also tried on my home PC where it last worked. can anyone help with this problem I am not that technicial , so simple instructions would be best.Thanks

A:USB Mass Storage Device

first, what is the name of your device and what is it? does it have a write protection switch on it?

Hello and Welcome to Techspot

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hi, recently my creative zen has died. i believe the problem is the unit and not the 40gb fugitsu hard disk. i really need to recover my music as i am living in europe and my cd's are back in australia. i had 25gb of mp3's on there... i have just bought a hard drive housing and placed the hard disk from my mp3 player into that hoping i would be able to recover my files. my computer recognises the usb device, recognises the hard disk type and model no. , but says that it is not initilized. when looking at the properties of the drive it recognizes the size but not the partition style etc. im wondering if this is because my mp3 player has its own way of accessing the disk and windows xp doesnt recognise the format style??? i dont know much about this stuff and really would appreciate any help with it..


A:mass storage usb device


Yes I am guessing, but from what you are saying, it sounds like Creative has its own proprietary disk format?

Have you tried contacting them thru their Website?

Do you know anyone with a similar unit that would let you install the drive to off load the music files?

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I plugged in my external Hard Drive (Laptop Hard Drive in a USB cradle) and it worked fine - Opend it up and browsed some files. I then a day later plugged it in and it asked for drivers, It searched windows update but did not find any. I cannot not access the drive although it worked first time.

Any ideas?

Thanks, John.

A:USB Mass Storage Device

are you plugging the external HD to a pc or a another labtop? did you plug it back into the same port as before.

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Where can i download a usb mass storage device/driver or how can i get it back on my pc? I believe i deleted it because i remember removing it from add/remove programs and now i can't see it in device manager.

Before and after i deleted it my Iomega External USB CDRW Drive has suddenly not been detected by my computer(was not detected even when i had the usb mass storage device so this is not why it's not being detected). While i was removing other programs that i thought might have been causing this i accidently deleted USB Mass Storage Device from Add/Remove programs and i believe that is a driver i need for my usb plugs to work. As far as the cdrw drive goes i have tried everything on the Iomega troubleshooting page except for one thing that involves the usb mass storage device but now i don't seem to have it on my computer and i was wondering if there was somewhere i could download it or how i would get it back.

A:usb mass storage device?

What make/model computer do you have?

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I am wondering if ti normal for me to have the green arrow icon in the start up corner of my desktop I am talking about the icon which when I place my mouse cursor over it "safely remove hardware" . i do have an external drive connected by a USB but it is turned off and the icon remains even when I unplug the USB cable.

A:usb mass storage device?

I think as long as you have anything hooked to USB you will have that. I have 2 printers and a scanner hooked USB and the icon is always there...

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When I insert the Micro Sd card into the USB adapter and insert the adapter, the Explorer sees it as a Removable Disc (F)
then asks me to insert a disc, or format a disk.  The device driver through control panel shows USB Mass Storage Device, and the driver is working properly.

It worked properly earlier in the day, but now it doesn't.

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On my tool bar at the bottom of the screen there is a safely remove hardware icon. When I select it takes me to screen that gives me 2 selections to safely remove hardware. One is my printer and the other is USB mass storage device. When I highlight either it shows me the device name again and says at location 0.
" HP Photosmart 3100 series at location 0"
" USB mass storage device at location 0"

Why is the icon there to give me the option of removal? Should I remove? What is the term "mass storage device referring too?

Thank you

A:Usb mass storage device

Your printer probably has a sdcard slot on it. You can remove the memory card from your camera and put the card directly into the printer and print pictures directly from it. No need to bother to remove it or shut it down.

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Im having a problem with my usb mass storage device. I have a external io magic dvd 4x dual drive burner. I install the drivers restart my computer it detects the usb storage for when the computer boots till windows is loaded up and then i get the the yellow sign in the device manager. I havent changed or added any software. It has worked for the last 5 months till this last week. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Usb mass storage device

What does the yellow sign say?

You could try uninstalling all USB related drivers and let Windows reinstall them from scratch.

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