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Solved: Downloading an E-mail Attachment (picture) in MSN Hotmail

Q: Solved: Downloading an E-mail Attachment (picture) in MSN Hotmail

I'm trying to download a file attatchement (picture) using the MSN Hotmail Website but I can't. When I click on Download File then I click on the file name, another Internet Explorer Window pops up and Displays the picture. There is No Download Window to start downloading. How do I download it?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Downloading an E-mail Attachment (picture) in MSN Hotmail

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Downloading an E-mail Attachment (picture) in MSN Hotmail

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My daughter sent her pictures to me & have come through with ...mht as the extension. Hotmail won't open them. When I click the attachment--I get a blank screen. I have LOTS of problems with hotmail opening picture attachments. What's the deal? & how can I fix it. I have used hotmail since I got my first computer & changing everyone would be a real pain. Is there an easy fix that I'm suppose to click or unclick something to actually view pictures in hotmail?

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hello everybody ,
asslamu A'laikum ,

i've recently installed windows 10 on my hp laptop , and i'm using mail app alot .
in my gmail recieved emails if there is attachment like a photo i can't download it , instead , when i click on the picture thumbnail there is infinity loading sign on it and it didn't download , like in this photo

please help and thank you all

A:can't download picture attachment windows mail app

check your internet connection

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Please assist. I need to know a "straightforward way" to easily attach pictures from my hard drive TO my Outlook
mail acct. (the simpler, the better)

Much thanks, in advance.

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Hi everyone, I have Paint Shop Photo Album set up as a default photo edit program on my computer.

When I try to open the photo attachment in Hotmail it defaults to Nero Photo Show.

My question is Why it is doing it, and how to correct it??

Thanks guys.

A:Solved: Hotmail attachment

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Before I could simply add an attachment. Now am getting a menu line of docs, photos. emote, etc
When I attach a file or photo it asks if I want it online? I say no
When received, the option is View Online, Download, Download as zip.
If you use View Online, the recipient must have Hotmail to view. OK that option not good
If you use Download, You must have MS Word 2010 ?
If you use Download as zip, recipient must have winzip or others.

Q: How can I get back to the one that worked.
An option is move away from Hotmail - becoming too intrusive and complicated for the 80 year old brain.
Thank guys.

A:Solved: New hotmail attachment options

inbox is not to bad.


They push the other software in ads that are added to the email but just stay away from it.
Site does have some cool things.

Like the way you can upload to the photo album, music or storage and then just add them to email. Just save things from email to album, music or storage or any folder you make.
Plus a lot more.
Plus you have more screen to see what your reading and writing so good if you have a harder time seeing because you not in some little box.

Plus if you need support they well reply to you. Getting a reply from any support now days is like a dream but they reply so that is good.

It keeps in the "Use Address Auto Complete" your last address or all the address you email to and you can not turn it off. You can keep from seeing it but not edit it out.

Took a day and a half to get a reply so not bad.

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When I receive an email with picture attachments and open the first one - when I hit the arrow to move to the next it opens up pictures that look like they are from Explorer? How can I stop this from happening?

A:Solved: picture attachment problems Express

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Hi Folks,

Just found this site and this is my first post.

Some months ago I had reason to change OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. I downloaded my "Pictures" onto a thumb drive along with some other items I wanted to save and reinstall after the OS change. I transferred the photos, from thumb drive to my hard drive with no problems. The photos when saved to the thumb drive did so in mass with no divisions and/or folders when they were transferred to my new operating system. So, I painstakingly transferred them to my desktop and then back into new folders in my photo library. So far no problems showed up only a sore butt from sitting for a few hours doing the task. After the download and transfers were complete I deleted the folder that had stored all the photos from the download, since it was considered unnecessary and keeping the duplicate photos took up additional hard drive space.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I tried to download a photo as an "attachment" to an e-mail. I went to the photo wanted, clicked on it, then right clicked on it to preview it and discovered the following message in a pop up window.

" The item (name of photo chosen) folders saved on thumb disk 033.jpg that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly" Below this was two buttons named "Yes" or "No". I also noticed a small bronze padlock that showed up next to the folder the photo was selec... Read more

A:Solved: Picture/Transfer/Attachment Problem

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My operating system is Windows XP utilizing Internet Explorer and Outlook Express 6.

Upon opening the attachment on certain e-mails from people I know, the following window appears and I cannot open the attachment!

" This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create
an association in the folder option control panel"

I can find and open the control panel folder option, but have no idea how to proceed from there! Does one have to repeat this procedure (however you instruct me to proceed) with every e-mail that presents this problem?

Thanks as usual for your assistance.


A:Solved: e-mail attachment question

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normally, i am able to open attachments, but when trying to open one particular one, when i doubleclick it, a address software program which i have loaded in my pc comes on the screen, then when i shut down, there is a new icon on my desktop which also opens this other program(called rupplynx)?? help!
thank you

A:{SOLVED}e-mail attachment retrieval

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The following snippet of Perl code works perfectly.
Can anyone tell me what commands I need to write to include, as attachment, file test.txt
Thanks for your help.

use Net::SMTP;
my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new('smtp.xs4all.nl', Timeout =>15);
$smtp->mail('[email protected]');
$smtp->to('[email protected]');

$smtp->datasend("From: FromUserName\@xs4all.nl\n");
$smtp->datasend("To: ToUserName\@xs4all.nl\n");
$smtp->datasend("Subject: A test message\n");
$smtp->datasend("A simple test message\n");

A:Solved: How do I add an attachment to this e-mail code?

There isn't a specific method for Net::SMTP for attachments but you could have a routine to load an attachment, convert to MIME format and then use the datasend() method to include it.

See http://perldoc.perl.org/MIME/Base64.html

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Should be grateful for help with "setting association". I get a "set association" error message, when I try to open a pps attachment in VISTA/Windows mail. Is there a simple way to open it? I have no trouble opening this attachment (also a .doc attachment ) in verizon yahoo mail but have been unable to deal with it in Windows mail. Cannot find a "set association" connection in control panel. And what association should I set if I do find, how. Thanks in advance for your help, zoomer 07601

A:Solved: opening pps attachment in windows mail

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Either my computer is acting irrationally or I've missed a setting somewhere. My 4-yr.-old HD died about 3 weeks ago. Replaced it, loaded in all drivers, brought XP back to SP3 level with all 114 security updates, and loaded back on all the programs I wanted, including MS Office 2000. Everything seems to be working perfectly.

But I'm having a problem with Word. I frequently want to attach a document directly to an e-mail message and have for 12 years used the icon I install on the Word toolbar for sending a Word doc as an attachment. Today I put that same icon back on the toolbar. . . but when I open any Word doc, the icon is dimmed/not usable. Why?

The e-mail client I'm using on this machine is still OE.

A:Solved: Send mail as attachment icon in Word

make sure OE is set as default email client in IE options

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I have a email problem.
I have win7 and use Win Live mail for email. When my husband sends me an email with an attachment ---from his laptop -- the attachment does not come through. When he sends it from his desktop computer everything is fine. (he has the same email accounts on both computers)

Things I have checked.
1. I have check with my internet provider and have seen the emails with the attachments on the server. (attachments are not flowing through to my win Live mail account.) problem is not with his computer.
2. I am receiving emails with attachments from other people. including emails from the his desktop -
3. have scanned my computer for viruses -

Again, it's just the email attachments from his laptop computer that I am not getting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -

A:Solved: Windows Live Mail - attachment problem

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im running windows live mail 2011 on a win 7 x64 system. Mail freezes whenever opening any kind of attachments whether its .pdf or .doc or anything. Have to do the ctr alt delete thing to close mail. I can save the attachment and then open it from there in its respective program such as a .doc attachment in word

A:Solved: Windows live mail freeezes whenever i try to open an attachment

Did some more research and the solution to this problem is to uninstall Download accelerator plus version 9.5. The 9 version seems to be ok but the latest 9.5 conflicts with mail.

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Outlook has started sending e-mail with attached file that is too large to send. When I right click on the e-mail and click on Delete, nothing happens.

A:Solved: Outlook: Can't delete e-mail in Outbox with large attachment

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I have just upgraded my IE6 to 6 sp1
I am using OE to read and acheive my hotmail. my problem now is that ever since the upgrade, attachment that's not .doc, .xls will be automatically removed. Can some one help me?

I cannot read a very important pdf file.


A:attachment in OE6 via hotmail

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Hi - Im glad I found ya'll - I was going nuts. Im using Outlook 6 and everytime I send pictures as a attachment they end up in the emails HUGE! Why is this and how can I fix this? Thanks so much!

A:Picture Attachment - Outlook 6

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I'm having problems sending pictures by email. I am using Outlook Express 6 and it keeps telling me that the size exceeds servers limit and to break apart. I have no idea what that means as I'm computer illiterate. Please HELP!!

A:email picture attachment

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Completely baffled. I've sync'd Windows mail with my Gmail account, everything back and forth is fine. Trying to send email w/attachments from Word 2003 results in nothing-no error, no nothing. I have the 'mail' icon on Word 2003 set, I can access the 'send to mail recipient' on 'file' so that I can enter email addresses to send the attached file to whomever-but when I click Send...nothing. I am absolutely at my wits end, and I can't self diagnose this to fix it. Again, my Gmail and Windows Mail are sync'd fine-can send msgs back and forth. About to blow a gasket on this, have depositions to send and can't! thanks so much

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I use Hotmail.com for email.

When I type up an email to send and want to include a file from my computer, I click on 'Attach', then search my computer for my Documents folder. But it shows empty. I wait for 30 seconds or so for files to show, but they don't and I close the attachment attempt. I do this maybe 3 or 4 times, and after several minutes, all the files in my documents folder show up and I can pick out and include my attachment. This goes not only for my documents folder but any other folder on my computer that I'm trying to choose a file to attach.

Is it the indexing on my computer that goes to work and delays everything? This sometimes happens (rarely) even when I'm not sending email. I will open 'Computer', then C:, then 'Documents', and no files show immediately.


I have:
Dell XPS 630i
Vista Home Premium 32bit
Intel Duo CPU E8500 3.16GHz

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I used to be able to forward pictures and attachments that I received in my hotmail. NOw for some reason, I cannot forward them on wtihout first saving the attachments, then creating a new email message and attaching the attachment.... Before, I could hit forward, and the whole message would forward on with the attachment like it is supposed to. Is there an update or something I missed??? Please help.

A:Hotmail attachment forwarding

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I am on a computer using win 2k and Kerio. Other users are using their hotmail accounts without problems,but I cannot download attachments. Where have I gone wrong??

A:hotmail attachment download

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Is this the right place to ask questions about hotmail issues?

When I type a new email, the options to insert attachments, office docs, photos etc is greyed out, meaning I cant attach anything.

What do I need to do please?

A:Hotmail attachment problems

What email client are you using, or are you on the webpage when this happens?

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Simply put an XP pro SP3 with IE7 and all security and critical updates installed has a hotmail account which is unable to open any .jpg attachments.

Your suggestions to remedy this is greatly appreciated.


A:hotmail attachment issue

Are you logging into the Hotmail account with enhanced security? If you are the default setting is to not allow any attachments to be opened or saved.

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When sending a photo by e mail from either a 5 or a 10 megapixel camera does windows reduce the picture in direct porportion to the camera sensor size.

A:Solved: E-mail picture size.

I'm not sure what your asking. but it would be best to re-size the picture. before you try to email it.
if you don't the person your sending it to might not be able to open it or it will take a long time to open. i have a 5.1mp camera that takes a picture at 2592x1944 at about 1mb. i always resize to either 1024x768 or smaller before i email them. by doing that it brings the file size down. never resize the original picture. make a copy an then resize

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I have received an e-mail with a photo pasted as part of the e-mail text (not an attachment) how do I select the picture part and print it?

A:Solved: How do I print an e-mail picture?

Can you right click the picture and “save picture as”? You can put it in any folder and then open it in whatever program you normally print with.

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I am unable to send a picture attachment. The picture file is not opening.

Please help

A:Unable to send picture attachment

Hello prettymama, welcome to the forum

This is a tad vague, I would need to know a bit more to be able to help you,

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Why........all of a sudden, would Microsoft Outlook Express not let me send a picture file or attachment and it also gives me a message about the file size being too large? I used to be able to send 10 or even 20 pictures at once, and now......even one is too large.

Thanks for any feedback.

A:Outlook Express Picture Attachment?

Number of pictures has no implication, its the size that matters. What is the size of the picture that you are trying to send? Has your ISP changed some rules?

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How we can decrease the size of the mail tattachment hat we have received at windows live mail. Microsoft outlook has this option.

Can we edit the received mails.

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Hi when receiving or sending attachments with photos in it a message comes up saying. Windows Mail Removed access to the following unsafe attachment in you mail. I am now unable to receive my attachments which have photos in it or sent attachments with photos in it.

I know that the attachments are not unsafe.
Can someone please help me with this problem

A:Windows Mail Removed access to the following unsafe attachment in you mail

Try this in Windows mail go to the tools tab>safety>security>uncheck do not allow attachments that can be harmful.

If you try this option and it indeed works, think about what you have just done. You get a virus attachment, you will probably open it.

Take care.

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This problem started a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to rectify it.

We can print from any other format like Outlook and Word, but as soon as we try from Hotmail or G mail all we get is a blank page. The only entry on it is the page number at the top and the file name and date at the bottom.

I've re-formatted the printer. (Brother DCP-145C)
Gone thru numerous suggestions from people with similar problems to no avail.
When the issue first arose the page actually did print, albeit with what appeared to be a multitude of symbols and characters. As I said, now it's blank.

We use Internet Explorer as our main link. I have yahoo and my wife uses google as our browsers.

Please help.


A:[SOLVED] Can't print from Hotmail or G mail

Rather than using the "regular" print button, try using the one on the Hotmail toolbar.

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Ever since I upgraded to Win 10 Hotmail has exhibited a bug where when I try to attach a file it comes back with 'leave this page' and I could not move forward with the attachment. The workaround was to re-start and that would solve the problem and the attachment would work. I have tried other options such as deleting cache etc and none of them work. The only thing that works is a re-start. Is there a MS solution for this please?

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trying to see the contents of an html attachment in an email received at hotmail account...

on the screen reading the email, I click on the name of the attachment (right next to the paperclip and "Attachment". This takes me to screen that says attachment name and that it as been virus scanned with no virus found. Click on "Download File" (only other option is to "cancel"?). This opens a new IE window with the MSN name and butterfly at the top that says "This new browser window has been opened to display the attachment sent with your message.....". But the attachment contents doesn't display!!!!!

Any ideas?


A:problems seeing html attachment (hotmail)

Is it possible that the attachment is a blank file, i.e. an html file with no coding?

One thing you could try to at least rule out a problem with the file is this:

1. Save the attachment to your HDD.

2. Open the file with Notepad.

3. Verify that there is html coding there.

4. Open IE or your browser of choice.

5. Click File>Open, and navigate to where your attachment resides on your PC.

6. Click Open. If the HTML is legitimate, i.e. there are no problems with the coding, then the file should display in your browser window.

Hope this helps.

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Since I upgraded to IE6, when I try to save an attachment to the desktop, I receive an error box saying "IE6 has encountered problems, do I want to send an error report." Then IE6 reboots. I do not have this problem if I simply open the attachment.

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When sending picture attachments via Outlook Express the pictures are HUGE. Have received messages with picture attachments with same problem. How do I edit the size and can I also caption the pictures. Followed all instructions for inserting a picture into a message, which did not work. Please help, have lots of great images to share!

Momma B

A:Editing Picture Attachment Size For OLEXP

How To Email Optimized Pictures From Windows XP


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For the past week, since 8/18/2004, E-mail that I send to Yahoo and Hotmail via Outlook Express 6, is being delayed. It is only certain addresses. It is taking up to 2 days and occassionally there is a mail failure. Hotmail sends me messages that the mail is being delayed and not to resend, but the recipient never receives it. My E-mail address is not blocked. When I send via internet, all is well. I have no other problems sending or recieivng to others.

Any thoughts?

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When I try to download files that are attached to an email,  I get the message "A problem occurred while downloading your attachment. Please try again." I tried downloading files that I had no problems with in the past and I still get this same error message. I'm doing this through ATT.NET web site, yahoo mail. I tried other browsers, IE, FireFox, Chrome, Microsft Edge and I get the same error message from all of them. 

A:A problem occurred while downloading your attachment. Please try again.

That you are getting this in several browsers say that it is not a browser problem. This leaves the possibilities of either a setting in your email system which prohibits attachments, or a setting in your anti-virus doing the same, or a problem with AT&T as your ISP.
As a first step I would try going direct to the Yahoo web-site and trying your emails there - yahoo.com .  If that works I would have a word with your ISP who I presume is either AT&T or one of their subsidiaries.
Chris Cosgrove

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I am using Outlook Express 6 as my email client. the problem is I cannot view the attachments sent to my mail. When I double click on the attachment in the preview pane i get a message as displayed in the attached jpeg. Please let me know.

A:Downloading attachment using OUtlook Express?

Click on tools/ options/ security and uncheck the "do not allow attachments that may harm blah blah"then have the email resent.

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I am trying to send a zipped file to a Hotmail address. I have sent this file previously and it has gone through but now it is getting bounced with the following message:
Warning: Your file, Kevin Draft 3.ZIP, contains more than 100 files after decompression and cannot be scanned.
My brother has emptied his Hotmail mail box but it is still happening. I have counted the files and only count 69 so I am a little confused as to why this is happening. Can anyone help please. Thankyou

A:Email with zipped attachment to Hotmail getting bounced

Well your talking about hotmail so who knows what is really going on. Try 25 in a zip and see what happens.

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I got a picture in an e-mail that is very large. The whole picture is so big it can't fit on the screen. I want to print it into a 4"x6". Can you help me? soslow24

A:Solved: How to minimize a picture that came in very large on an e-mail. I want to print it .

Change the resolution of the picture (number of dots per inch) so that the size fits within 4x6 inches.

If you you want more detailed information on how to do that, you will have to provide more details about what you have (picture file type, Operating system, any picture viewing or editing software) and exactly how you want to print it (photo print at a store or on some type of printer that you have).

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I am running my email through Outlook 2013, Windows 7. Since my McAfee trial period ended yesterday, I removed it and installed Free AVG. Since then, I have to manually "Send/Receive" to get my emails. Prior to the switch it was downloading them automatically. I have unchecked the AVG Add-On in the OUtlook settings, but this did not fix the problem. Can anyone help with this issue?

A:Solved: Outlook not automatically downloading mail

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I am having some trouble with my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. I can open mail in Yahoo but can't delete it. I can't even open any email at Hotmail. It seems when I click on a button online the browser doesn't go anywhere. I tried various things suggested in this forum but nothing seems to work. Please help me. My computer is working great now that you guys helped me last week. I am extremely grateful!!

A:Can't delete Hotmail or Yahoo mail and can't open Hotmail

Lots of people have problems with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. The most common causes seem to be cookie rejection, incorrect firewall settings, and/or an overly aggressive and intrusive firewall like ZoneAlarm that does a lot of things without asking.

Are you able to access the email accounts from a computer at another location? (other house, library, etc.)

Did you recently change any settings in a program or install a new program or a new version of or update for one, especially some security program (firewall, antivirus, etc.)?

Do you have a router?

Is your trash folder overfull?

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I have not been here in a while as I have been pretty much problem free..
Until yesterday..
When I went to sign in to my windows live account, It said something to the effect that my account was blocked because of reports of spam activities.
It advised me to change my password, which I did, set up mobile phone number verification, which I did (again ), and lastly, changed my secret question.

Then i was able to login and i looked in my hotmail to see if there was any suspicious activities left behind by a hacker.
There did not seem yo be any indication that things were disturbed.
As my hotmail has no contact list, there were only meassages from the hotmail team ect.
As I primarily use yahoo mail to get my messages, I use skydrive primarily to archive and share Big files that I cant send in email.
My problem is that my hotmail thinks it my yahoo mail, because when I signed up for skydrive/windows live, that is the email address I used to set up hotmail.

Is this right?
I sent a test e mail to my yahoo from hotmail to see what my actual hotmail asddress was..
It says it's yahoo mail, my yahoo mail. even in the headers it says it was sent from yahoo, my yahoo mial.

so I thought that would be the end of it.

Today I logged in to hotmail and see that there are a bunch of messages in my sent folder.
Also messages to people i have previosuly sent mail to in hotmail. I looked at the messges, and they all said something like this:
how are things start a new life today <... Read more

A:Solved: Big problem hotmail spoofing my yahoo mail

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I have had this problem on my computer and my mothers since Dec 27 2004.

RightClicking on a .jpg, SEND TO:, MAIL RECIPIENT: with Hotmail as default Mail Client.
Still opens Send pictures via email window to resize if you want, good. But then regardless if you resize or not it opens an IE window trying to attach to hotmail but gives a HT*P 404. With below as a sample(edited because can not post URLS). The .jpg is then automatically renamed with a ^ afterwards in this case "JJ&Robert.jpg^"

I have disabled Norton Internet Security, uninstalled firefox, gmail notifier, google toolbar, made sure windows firewall and popup blocker is off. Set my computer as DMZ server on My Netgear WGT624 V2. Checked my Send to commands in win.ini and pulled out a lot of hair.
This is the first computer problem I have not been able to fix with a preexisting answer from scanning all the Tech/Help Forums.
So PLEASE help, THANKS in advance for any suggestions.


The message... Read more

A:Solved: Hotmail Send to Mail Recipient 404 Error

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I have had this same email for around 10 years and even though it's a silly embarrassing name in terms of reliability it has been impeccable as far as I can recall.

All of a sudden tonight it decided to stop sending me emails which I knew I was to receive.

Replies from other forums as well as the sign up activation mail for this forum and another both were not received after waiting over 30 minutes with still nothing (and of course I checked the junk mail).

I tried to send an email to myself from my same hotmail and nothing.

I also tried sending several form other mails and still nothing.

After awhile I was getting one or two reply notifications from different forums come through but now I cannot trust it. I have no idea what is getting through and what isn't as when I got those replies I did another self email check and still nothing.

Any idea what is going on here?

I even checked another hotmail account to send something to that one and it worked fine so I am rather puzzled by this.

I will probs slowly migrate to another account as I have planned to do so for a long time and so this will probably be the motivating factor however I have many many internet accounts tied to that hotmail address so I may be getting important mails and losing them randomly and have no idea.

Could there be something more sinister going on such as someone intercepting the mails such that they don't get through or am I just being paranoid there? Is that likely or not so much? That ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Why has my hotmail randomly stopped giving me mail?

Hmm not a moment after I made this post I checked it again and a couple of the mails I sent myself seems to have come through plus another one which I know would have been sent earlier. The clog in the pipe seems to be slowly unblocking...

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