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AOL has lost my email folders !!!

Q: AOL has lost my email folders !!!

i logged on to AOL as usual yesterday to find that all my folders in my Personal Filing Cabinet have disappeared !

i called the AOL TechHelpline Technician - NOT THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE DRAWER !! - he told me i could find them on my hard drive BUT HE DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!

have more faith in you guys, so please don't let me down

Preferred Solution: AOL has lost my email folders !!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: AOL has lost my email folders !!!

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I am soooo hoping there is still hope! i got a message last night when closing my email asking if i wanted to compact my messages (1st time i ever got that message( and bcs i have alot of emails i clicked yes - so i lost all my folders and contents. in a search on the internet i found a thread from this site about such problems and how to restore the messages but i messed it up.
i did a search for dbx files and found them, i also looked in my recycled bin and found them there ( i can't remember if their were .bak or .dbx files though) but i thought if followed the instructions by copying them to a seperate folder i created on my desktop - then this is where it gets messy - i somehow right clicked on 1 of the files and i think when i clicked open, it asked me with what program and once i searched the different programs available there seemed to be no way back to undo this - until then i think it said this file opens with an "unknown program" - so i had to pick one and when i did it changed the look of all my files in the folder and the option to "restore" is no longer there.
Is there any hope???

A:email folders lost

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As you read this you will begin to get a feel as to how PC illiterate I am...
I have Windows ME?Outlook Express. I had emails I wanted to keep so I made some folders to put them in. Some of the folders showed up beneath teh "Deleted items" folder. They were indented....I never thought anything about that. Several times I emptied my deleted items folder and the other folders were fine then today I emptied the deleted items folder and it wiped out all the other folders. GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, whinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeee...Is there ANY way to get my other folders back??????

A:HELP>>>I've lost my email folders

i dont think so...
Are you using IMAP servers? if yes, try accessing your webmail, lucky if folders and messages are still present...
oh well, if you confirm the deletion of the folders... i dont think there's a way to restore them.
hope someone knows something to restore them...

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I recently had to reinstall XP(I know, I know), the install overwrote everything that was on my desktop. Before reinstalling, I saved a copy of the folder windows. How can I go and retrieve my emails or are they lost forever?

A:lost my old email folders

when you say you saved windows folder do you mean the actual folder named windows? If so what did you save it on? My windows is 800mb big I'm sure xp is bigger.
If you have saved windows though your e-mails are in there under windows, application data, should now have folders with letters and numbers, microsoft, outlook express.
Just see if you can get there first to confirm you saved the windows folder.

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Can someone please help with one or all of the following? I have a Compaq laptop on XP that is up to date. Norton runs clean. I believe my modem is going bad because whenever Im on the internet and minimize IE the computer locks up. In about five minutes it starts running and all the things I clicked on while it was locked up appear, as if they were all running in the background. The pc works fine if Im not using the modem. Im on vacation and have other modems at home. Several times I held the power button down when it was hung up. One of those times I lost my profile so that when it starts up it cant find local settings and it has to build a temp profile. I built another profile but all of my old Outlook folders are missing. Ive done multiple searches for *.pst but cant find them, even looking in hidden files. Ive found an old pst file that I made as a backup last year but when I try to load it into my new profile/ user it says I dont have permission to access these files. The new user I built is set as administrator. I tried moving a copy from the cd to my user but then it asked for a password which I never set. Here are my questions,

1) Is there any way to find the folders in my old Outlook?
2) Is there a way to change the permission on the old pst file on my backup cd? I tried finding it in the registry after I moved it to my user but was unable to?
3) Scanpst.exe needs a pst file to work on which I cant find.
4) Ive reloaded the driver for the modem ... Read more

A:lost email folders

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At the end of a free upgrade of a service (I don't remember which one) Juno's email system
announced a problem. It then took all my emails ( over 9000 ) many of which were in folders
and said they had to put all of them in a "restored 3/31/10 file". I no longer have folder names on
the site and no record of which folder contained which emails.
Emails go back to July 2005. Windows XP
Can I reverse this action ?
How can I get my folders back ?

A:lost all folders on Juno email

Even though Juno Technical Support charges $1.95 per minute to help, I have figured out the solution since one of my customers had the exact same issue.

The solution is to open Juno E-mail.

Go to "File, Manage E-mail Folders"

Choose "Import Folder"

Surf to the location of your old mai folders. (I would search for: fold10*.* and see what you get)

There will be a user folder that your old folders will be located in. Choose that user folder and it will bring up a list of your old folders.

Select all of your old folders and import them.

It will take a while since you have a lot of emails. But it worked fo me.

Good Luck

Ed Collins
Blue Byte Technology Solutions

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I have organized past emails by storing them in folders in the left column.  Now I'm unable to retrieve anything from the folders.  It says "nothing has arrived yet".  Help!

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A crazy situation has occurred - my Windows Live Mail has lost contact with my two email accounts and their stores of messages. The message folders are still there in a "mail" folder but Windows Mail isn't accessing them. And neither messages NOR the two email accounts appear when I open the Live Mail prog. - it is just blank of content.

This has occurred because I was inadvertently running Skydrive on two computers, (one new just acquired), and backing up the same Live Mail folder simultaneously on both.

So Windows Mail seems to have done a lot of renaming of folders, and creating second, additional versions of folders. It looks like it renamed what may have been a "pop3.blueyonder.co.uk" folder for the main account's messages to "pop3.blueyo 6c8", which shows as just having been created today (when it is really years old) And it similarly renamed the other mail account's folder. Plus it created double versions of all the other main folders like Storage/ Your Feeds/ Outbox.

So a right mess.

I urgently need to reconnect Live Mail to its accounts and message folders for the sake of my business. How should I go about that?

(I't's easy enough to re-enter the accounts/account details - but I haven't done that yet, just in case I make the situation worse).

Please help.Many thanks.

A:Windows Mail has lost "contact" with my email accounts and folders!

P.S. I've got back the accounts. Hoping to restore order, I had deleted what appeared to be some surplus folders in my "mail folder" - including

1) 4 x folders called "blueyonder.9f1"/"..9f1.." etc which had empty "Inbox"/"Deleted" folders in them

2) 2 x other "pop3.blueyo folders" - also with empty folders.

So I restored these - and my accounts now register in Live Mail but with no old messages in them (though they're taking in new messages).

But I now have FOUR Livemail accounts instead of two. Two for

"pop3blueyonder.co.uk"/"pop3.blueyonder.co.uk"(1) AND another two for

"blueyonder. co.uk [mike].. and blueyonder.co.uk [rafe]

- the last two being created today in the doubling up.

Plus the "mail" folder now contains not just four but SIX "blueyonder"/"pop3blueyonder" folders!! (only two of them have the main sets of messages, of course)

Arrggh! What do I do?

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Whenever I update Nescape Navigator my email folders get replaced with "new" empty ones. I know the old emails are still on my drive with names like...


My question is HOW do I access these "old" emails that are in "old" folders. I don't want to copy and paste the contents of the old folders into the new folders because that would erase over my current email folder contents. "trash" , "drafts" and the rest of 'em are names that never change.

A:How to retrieve "lost" email folders after browser update?

most browsers have an import somewhere in the tabs at the top,check in the mail section

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After receiving a Microsoft product update notification pop up on my screen earlier this evening, II clicked on the suggested Microsoft update product, downloaded, and installed it. I can't even remember the program I downloaded. However, when I tried to retrieve my email, I noticed that my icon for Outlook Express had disappeared, and along with it, my email. Some of this mail seems to have been stored on Outlook, but I can't find the rest, which amounts to about 900 to 1000 pieces of important mail. And I can find any of my "sent" mail.

I sent into the control panel, and basically uninstalled Outlook Express 6,. However, my mail is still nowhere to be found.

Any suggested for getting back this important mail would be most appreciated.



A:how do I retrieve lost email lost after I downloaded a microsoft product update?

What OS (windows) do you have? How long ago did this happen?

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I can't add our shared org email using the normal outlook setup. I tried POP/IMAP, it worked but the emails and subfolders are incomplete. And the shared org email is associated with my personal org email, whenever I tried to remove the associated folders,
it say's "This group of folders is associated with an email account. To remove the account, click the File Tab, and on the Info tab, click Account Settings. Select the e-mail account and than click Remove."
Then I tried a lot of times to remove my email and back again, it is still there. I also removed the additional mailboxes in the screenshot below.

Please help. Thanks.

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Good morning -- just installed Outlook 365. I was able to sync all my emails (including folders I've created with all emails stored), calendar and contacts. My issue is with my iPhone 6 email app. I'm seeing my calendar and contacts as well as all my emails -- inbox, sent, junk...but none of the other folders. The folders don't appear in settings, mail, contacts, calendars...under fetch new data either. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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My lap top has lost all my files saved in my documents folder, downloads, as well as the icons from my desk top except recycle bin . When i keep my curser on all programs it shows empty . When i open my add or remove programme i have all programme intact.The used space on my hard drive is 80 Gb and free space is 12 GB.My kaspersky antivirus is not working and i ran spybot which recognised malware deleted them still no luck.I am not able to fix my kaspersky antivirus . I do not know where they are but my hard drive is almost full .when i click on c drive there are operating folders I have lost all my files with photos .Help much appreciated

A:Lap top lost all folders

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I use Outlook Express and have several folders. This morning I noticed one of them was gone. Everything else is intact. Is there a way to get it back? Thanks.

A:I lost one of my folders?

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I "moved" some folders off my memory card for my camera. Now I cannot find them anywhere. They were pictures of my children. I clicked on "move folder". then it said files waiting to be burned to CD. The I renamed the files-Seanie man, 031713 and 03172013. Then I clicked move. Some of the pictures said file already exists so I pressed skip on these. However now these folders are NOWHERE. I have searched and nothing. They are not on the memory card either. Did I lose them forever?
P.S. If this is not the correct forum, you have my permission to move it.

A:lost folders?

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recently, i accidentally emptied out my whole pictures folder. i tried looking in the recycle bin and i could only find and retrieve a few of the many folders.the rest were not in there.and nowhere to be found.

is there any way that i can recover my lost files ??

A:lost folders!

Hi there, you need to download free data recovery software which recovers all the data completely. Download and install the software. Good luck!

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I use XP Pro and IE6. In the In Box created numerous folders for different groups. All these folders disappeared. There are several Holding folders that have important info that I have to have. Can they be recovered and where? Would be most grateful if someone would help me restore these. Thanks in advance

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I have lost two folders where I file e-mails. I use Outlook express.
How can I retrieve them

A:Lost Folders

Hi and welcome.
See if any of these will help.

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I again have lost folders in WLM. I have tried a number of suggestions on this site, but no luck?

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I am trying to Restore lost folders in my Windows Live Mail Account.
I right click on my Default Account then click on show or hide folders which brings up a page Show/Hide Imap folders etc.
My default account comes up in the lefthand pane whilst the right gives the option of All or Visible.
Under All I can see the whole list of folders which includes those missing whilst under visible it does not show the Missing folders.
At this point I am stuck with Go to ; Ok ; Reset list.
When I hit Reset list it "downloads"a heap but nothing changes.
Open to accurate directions to deal with this issue.

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Hi: I have lost all my folders in Outlook. I just have boxes on the left side of screen with OUTBOX, INBOX, SENT ITEMS, DELETED ITEMS, DRAFTS. How can I get the folders back?
Alice Gershman

A:Lost folders

Hi Alice,

Looks like you've closed your Personal Folders (.PST) file.

I would go to START > SEARCH and search your machine for *.PST files.

Once you have found them, make a note of where the file is and open Outlook. From here, go to FILE, OPEN and choose OUTLOOK DATA FILE. Navigate to your file and open it. Thats it, your all done!

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I use XP Pro and IE6. In the In Box created numerous folders for different groups. All these folders disappeared. There are several Holding folders that have important info that I have to have. Can they be recovered and where? Would be most grateful if someone would help me restore these. Thanks in advanceModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Lost Folders In Oe

Check your C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (Note that you have to show hidden files under your Tools>Folder Options>View Files

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I was asked to backup emails on Outlook 2010 - Win 7 notebook. I exported the personal folder and tried to save it to an external hdd. It wouldn't let me so I saved it to the Users folder. Then discovered that all the emails and folders that had been in the Personal list had disappeared, but all the other folders (dated Nov last year) were still there.
I then tried to import the .pst file - it complained and said that there wasn't enough room. So I imported it into the Outlook Data File instead - all the progress appeared to be finding all the folders and bringing them in. But I can't find them anywhere. The emails all appear to be from before Nov last year and when I created a new folder and just imported the inbox, that seemed to work but I've only got a few emails and not all the folders I need.
I initially thought this was an imap connection, but when I looked at the settings, it says POP3. How can I recover from this situation?

A:lost outlook folders

That's a tricky one. I always thought it isn't a problem to export the personal folder to an external hard disk drive, actually I know some people who have done this. Sorry for not being a big help but I wanted to recommend you something. After having found all the emails why not try a professional Outlook backup tool like the lookeen backup manager? I never lost any important data and as far as I can say it, none of my thousands of mails disappeared till now.

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Yesterday I shut off the computer and when I came back later, tuned it on and all my E-mail and folders were gone! All the accounts are still there (six separate addresses).  I'm using IE 11.212.10586.0, also had WLM 2011 or Windows Essentials 2011. I don't even know where to look for the mail and folders. Some of them I found in the recycle bin, but not a whole lot and none of the folders. I restored some of it, and some of the sender/subject lines do not match the contents. So, that was basically useless.
I recently upgraded to Win10 and now wish I hadn't. Is there a way to go back and restore to a certain date and would that also restore the E-mail?

Thanks for any help!!

A:All E-mail and folders lost

Forgot to say that I already uninstalled Windows Essentials 2011 and installed 2012.

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I've just been using w7 a couple of days. Been using windows for years and years, and one of the 1st things I do is to change the view files/folders option to full details, see system & hidden files, etc. And then click the apply to all folders choice. Everything's fine. Then, not particularly liking the look of the w7 COMPUTER file manager, I dl Xplorer2 for a try. After installing, looking at it for a bit, I go back to COMPUTER to find all my choices for file viewing reset and when I try to change them back again, the set to all folders button is grayed out. I also went to the control panel to access file/folder view but there still no luck getting things back. Is this some sort of registry trick? What's going on?

A:lost: all folders option


It sounds like Xplorer2 is causing this. Try uninstalling it, and if that does not work, do a System Restore to a point before you installed it.

Good luck~


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I was trying to add an idenity on incredimail and somehow lost all my saved folders, these were very important, and I don't know how to get them back?? Lost all my addresses too, but have managed to find them and re-add them...pretty much illiterate here, help?

A:lost all my saved folders

Just dump it. This program is garbage meant to rip internet newbies.

I don't believe any company making an email program has any right to track your email, including date, time, the number of times you use the email program, the "pictures you used" the time and date you send email, and then store this information on a server located in a foreign country. Unless you're familiar with the privacy and security laws of other countries you're taking the follow risks:

1. That the only data collected by Incredimail is what they say they collect:
Since they openly admit they collect some information about the email you send, including the number of emails you send, time and date, etc. that means a data collection and transmission mechanism is installed. Theoretically, with such a link between your computer and their server they could collect any information you enter into you email program including the contents of your email message. I'm not saying they will do this, I'm saying when tracking mechanisms are installed the instrumentality for tracking is in place.

2. The data that is collected may be stored on servers located in the country in which Incredimail is based
This means your data, while collected in the United States, Britain, Australia, or wherever you live is transmitted to and stored on servers located in Israel. Are you familiar with the privacy and security laws in Israel? Are they more strict or less strict than your country?

In... Read more

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When I uninstalled a program today that I had installed on my desktop the uninstall erase about 8 file folders containing pictures that were on my desktop. I can not find them. I did go into control panel/folder options/view hidden folders and they are still not there. What should I try now?Edit: Moved topic from Introductions to the more appropriate forum. ~ Queen-Evie

A:Lost File Folders

Did you check the recycle bin? Did you search for the files? If not, try that first. If that doesn't work, download, install and run Recuva. It might find them for you.

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I am having strange experiences with SpeedyPC Pro and the installation of it..
First, that program disabled my video card and hung up, so I could do nothing
with it.. it would/could not install an update to my graphics card.. I asked for
a refund and removed the program...

Later, when going thru my charge statements, I noticed they had not refunded
me.. I called, they tried to get a valid video driver.. after 6 hours one was installed..
but all my folders in Mail disappeared.. and most of little icons in Vista ie9 were gone, it had taken a long time to get most of them. .. and I don't know where they went

Also the tech people finally 'drove' my computer and when they signed off, my AVG
detected AUX.. something as suspicious, it looped and hung up... I wonder if the tech person disabled my antivirus (AVG) while he 'worked' on my computer? and why all my folders and several thousand messages disappeared.

Anyone else have a like enounter with SpeedyPC or other groups?

A:lost Mail Folders

Hi & welcome,

Please look here for some information: -

speedypc.com | WOT Reputation Scorecard | WOT (Web of Trust)

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Hello, my problem is that I have lost all the files and folders that I have saved in "My Documents" folder. I did a system restore from a restore date prior to this day, and none have returned. I also did a reg. export from reg. edit a couple days ago and then attempted to import the reg. and I recieved the following error message. (please see attachment). What would cause this. Everything was fine until I was attempting to install Firefox 2.0. It was recomended to backup the profile, I followed the instructions, made an error and deleted the "default user" file which was the file that I had created, keeping the "default file". I guess I messed up somewhere but can't figure where. I suppose where or how is not the issue, recovering those files and folders is. Any help will be appreciated. As always, thank you in advance

A:Files and Folders lost

the registry does not affect your my documents folder at all. system restore will not ever affect the my documents folder. Where was the "default user" file you deleted located?

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A user noticed they nolonger have all there personal folders avail. How can I recover them? I tried the Inbox repair tool but that did not work. I had thei haappen before but I dont recall how to get them back.

A:How Do I Recover Lost .pst Folders

Did you search the HD to see if the pst file(s) are still there?

Do you have a recent backup?

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Today when I started my desktop (XP SP2), it showed a error about some file missing. So I again installed it on the same drive(without formatting and without changing the file system that is NTFS). Before installation it showed that WINDOWS folder is already present at the current location and it may delete that folder (I continued because my installation was in program files). Now when I logined with Administrator account I didn't find my old Administrator folders on the desktop!!! All my old installed software folders was there in C:\Program Files. It means C drive is not formatted but where are my administrator desktop folders? Even I am not able to access C:\documents and settings\administrator folder. It is giving me error 'Access denied'.

Can anybody help me to get my old folders?


A:Lost desktop folders

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After doing an automatic update for Windows XP my computer restarted with what looked like the a factory default desktop. I ignored it (because my speakers were finally working again, which is a question for another day) and proceeded to move some documents from my original desktop folder to the now blank desktop, figuring it replaced my old one. The next time I started my computer I was back at my original desktop and now those files are gone. I have tried to perform a search but the files are not found. They contain some important file (taxes, resume, ect) and it would save me a lot of time if I could recover them.

So does anyone know where they went?

A:Lost data folders...

when you loaded your temporary profile, did windows leave a message to the effect of:

we cannot load your profile, we've loaded a temporary profile where your settings and files will not be saved.

?? something like that?

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I downloaded EasyClean to clean up my registry files after reading that was the only way to truly get rid of Incredimail. It found 449 invalid entries. I only deleted the ones that I was pretty sure could go. Some were incredimail files and some were on the path documents/retard_(varyingnameshere)
I had no idea what those were but that is my MAIN documents folder. I don't use my C Drive. I cleaned the registry entries and now that entire folder is just GONE. Its not in the recycle bin either. I went back to EC and did the 'undo' feature on it... that still didn't bring the folder back. Is there anyway to get this back?

A:Retrieving lost folders

false alarm....the folder was hidden.... not sure how that happened but I've got it all back now.

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Hello to everybody,

I would like some help and some advices as to what would be the best approach to my problem.
I have a Seagate 200Gb IDE hard drive, that is not the one I have my OS installed, I just have it to store files.I was copying some files from my computer to another one, that is connected to the network, at the office I work and all of a sudden my pc rebooted without any prior warning.It automaticaly did a chkdsk, with three steps.
1st one was verifying files, 2nd was verifying indexes and 3rd was verifying security descriptors.
For sure in the first two steps it seemed to be doing something to certain files...I am not sure about the third step.
Now...before all these happened I was using 150Gb..after that...the used space is down to 146Gb.
What is more is that once I get in the drive, I have a lot of folders and files missing.If I right click on the remaining folders and go to properties...the size is much much less.....only 40 something Gb.

I am not sure what to do.Should I use chkdsk with some parameters, or a file recovery prog, or these will make things worse.Are my files permanently lost?Can I recover them somehow?......and in what way?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

A:Lost files and folders...please help

It depends on whats wrong with the hard drive.

If the file system is damaged then you may not be able to get your stuff back.
You can try a file recovery program, and i'd suggest using another computer until you can try it.

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HELP. I lost both documents folders. User folder and Public folder. I tried to re-create it but there is now no location. I had moved My Documents to another drive but did not do it correctly (I moved My Pictures etc successfully). I need to recreate the user documents file and re-direct it to the document location. How would I use the solution for Public documents (above) to re-create the User document file.

A:I lost both documents folders

Have you tried system restore?

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Was moving some folders from My Documents to C: drive to be able to
access them with Designer Gallery software. I had them all in a main
folder category MY DOCUMENTS D Folders Library and was
Moving and dragging to C:/ D Folders......There were probably 200 sub folders
under D Folders........ About 1/3 of the first folders disappeared and the
rest of the folders moved just fine..........
I've done a search for some of the folders that I knew were missing and
search found nothing...............WHAT CAN I DO TO FIND THEM.......

THANKS. pegsews

A:Lost folders while moving

Install and run "Treesize" (find via Google).

Treesize shows you all the folders on the hard drive, and arranges them so that you can see the folders with the most data in them first, etc...

The data you have lost sounds large enough to be easily spotted by treesize.

You also may have deleted them. GetDataBack is a good utility to recover deleted data. Keep in mind, the more you use the hard drive, the less likely the deleted data is recoverable.

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After attempting to install High Impact Email 4.0 I asked for help. Here is the reply from support at High Impact. After completing as directed, all of my personal folders on my desktop disappeared. I am able to find some of the word documents in search, but tmost are now shortcuts and do not open. What should I be doing to find my folders with the word documents still in them.Hello,Please follow the instructions below to uninstall your current copy of High Impact Email 4.0 using our cleanup tool and reinstall your copy of High Impact eMail 4.0 Professional.First, download and run the High Impact eMail 4.0 Cleanup Tool. When you use this tool, the program is completely removed and you are able to go ahead and install the new version of our software. We suggest backing up the "High Impact Email" folder in your My Documents prior to running the cleanup, if you'd like to save your created templates. You can download the High Impact Email 4.0 Cleanup Tool from this location:High Impact eMail 4.0 Cleanup Toolhttp://www.templatezone.com/products/HIE4/...anupUtility.exeThen, just follow this link to download High Impact eMail 4.0 Professional. Please make sure that you save this installer file to your desktop or another location prior to running it.High Impact eMail 4.0 Prohttp://www.templatezone.com/products/np/Hi...eMail_4_Pro.exeIf there is anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us.Sincerely,TemplateZone [email protected]

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I lost some of my IE9 Favorites folders. Unfortunaterly i did not back them up. Is there any way to recover them? I t may have been after an electrical outage but I'm not sure.

This is for my laptop:
Windows 7, IE 9
Graphics Driver Packaging Version-8.834.1-110420a-118118C-Toshiba/
Provider-ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version-
2D Driver File Path- /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000
Direct3D Version-
OpenGL Version-
AMD VISION Engine Control Center Version-2011.0420.1613.27244
Graphics Hardware:Primary Adapter
Graphics Card Manufacturer:Powered by AMD
Graphics Chipset:AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G
Device ID:9647
Subsystem ID:FC62
Subsystem Vendor ID:1179
Graphics Bus Capability:PCI
Maximum Bus Setting:PCI
BIOS Version:
BIOS Part Number:BR40547.bin
BIOS Date:2011/04/07

Memory Size:3061 MB
Memory Type:HyperMemory
Core Clock in MHz 400 MHz,
Memory Clock in MHz 667 MHz

A:I lost some of my IE Favorites folders

Hello mkj,

If you had system protection turned on for your Windows drive, then you may be able to use Previous Versions in your C:\Users\(user-name)\Favorites folder to see if you may have an older copy of them available to restore.

If not, then you might see if you may be able to use the free Recuva program on the same folder to hopefully be able to restore them.

Hope this helps,

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I suddenly lost all my pinned folders from my explorer taskbar icon ?

And I dont get any visited folders history anymore ?!?

How the get them back ?


A:Lost my pinned folders

Hello Dabedoo,

Double check to make sure that you have Recent Programs and Recent Items turned on.

Hope this helps,

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HELP! Or my world is at an end.

I recently had a horrendous virus get to my pc. In order to get rid of it I had to save all of my files onto another drive, wipe my C drive, reload Windows, transfer all my files back, run a full virus check and then start again.
I took the opportunity to switch from XP to Vista at the same time. I bought my main pc with Windows XP already loaded so I don't have the original disk - I have a new copy if required but wanted to change to Vista.

All is fine now except for one thing...I had a load of files saved on my desktop and just copied the whole lot directly onto the backup drive as opposed to doing it folder by folder. I can see it on my backup drive as a folder but when I try and access it all the data in it has disappeared?? I have not transferred this to my main pc yet...it is linked to my laptop.

I have checked the size of the folder and it is massive but when I open it my desktop files are not showing? Only some other stuff that is small fry.

How can I recover them...my whole business life is in that folder, I have spent three days clearing this virus off my PC and now it looks like all my important stuff has disappeared.

Suicide seems like a good option at the moment...can someone please help and save my life!!!!!

A:Lost all desktop folders

Before committing suicide, in which scenario ALL files are erased, try the following:

1) Go to Documents and Settings, and under User accounts, there may be saved the previous Desktop files. I sometimes rename my computer different things so I can tell them apart. Go into each desktop folder to see if your previous desktop files are there.

2.)There is inexpensive file recovery software, some very good, which can recover even deleted and corrupted files, or can at least recover fragments of files which will show created and modified dates and times which will prove the files are yours if it ever comes down to litigation, if that is what you are worried about. I have a number of successful websites on the net, and have fought some of the worst b--tards on the net for years, who have fried drives, erased files, and I know how you feel because last summer, someone fried 2 of my large drives over night losing close to 80 gigs of files: same scenario.

3)BACKUP EVERYTHING FROM NOW ON. Back up extraneous files from drives when you ftp sites, there is usually plenty of extra space. Use odd backups like tape backups, or flash drive or photo card backups: things a lot of computers don't have. Don't keep your drives unlocked or in an obvious place, and keep an extra set at a different location. Use a code if necessary so that the files are not easily identifiable.

4.) IMPORTANT. Don't throw away or get rid of the hard drive that you lost the files from. IF worse ca... Read more

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My lap top has lost all my files saved in my documents folder, downloads, as well as the icons from my desk top except recycle bin . When i keep my curser on all programs it shows empty . When i open my add or remove programme i have all programme intact.The used space on my hard drive is 80 Gb and free space is 12 GB.My kaspersky antivirus is not working and i ran spybot which recognised malware deleted them still no luck.I am not able to fix my kaspersky antivirus . I do not know where they are but my hard drive is almost full .when i click on c drive there are operating folders I have lost all my files with photos . How come there are all programs intact in my install or remove programs and window components and ther is nothing in my administrative tools.Iam not able to run my kaspersky anti virus or install a new one to scan for vius

This is my log of hijack this
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 03:01:30, on 05/04/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin&#... Read more

A:Lap top lost all folders &files

Hello devicool ,Sorry for the delay. If you still need help, please post a new DDS/HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it. Thanks,tea

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My fingers sometimes move faster than my brain and as a result a year or so lost all of my Emails.  I recovered them but do not remember how. 
Then gradually my Emails got into a mess and the list of folders or is it files on the left hand side of the panel lost their alphabetical format.  There were a series of digits in some places which when opened showed genuine folder name whilst others were empty.
I started to try to tidy this mess up but could not work out how to get the list in alphabetical order and along the way I pressed the wrong key and lost the lot. 
I got an "expert" in to help and they found most of the lost folders but many are still missing.
Is there an application or whatever one calls such things that I can use to recover the lost Emails?  

A:Lost Live Mail folders.

Try Recuva
It has a function to search for deleted emails. One of the clients it supports is Windows Mail, which I assume will work for Windows Live Mail.
IF it finds any that can be recovered you will need to use a different drive to recover them to (external hard drive, USB flash drive or even a CD disk). Unfortunately I don't know the process for putting them back in Live Mail. Drag and drop into Live Mail *might* work.

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I have a dilemma here...

I have folders under STORAGE FOLDERS that I am taking off GMAIL since I wont be using that account no more...

I have been organizing folders and putting folders for the correct account

I just noticed I have 6 empty folders... that once had stuff in it......

Please tell me I havent lost everyting!

I AM SO ANGRY right now...........

Thank you,
ALSO... I have tried restoring those folders from a backup on 01/28 it wont let me says the file is in use and all thats in those missing folders is WINMAIL.FOL no emails

I got to have those emails very very very important

A:Emails lost under storage folders

I just went to :

C:\Users\Christopher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders (1)

The folders are there, but they're empty..

All thats under
C:\Users\Christopher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders

is deleted mail, sent mail, for newsgroups and all of that

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I have a network set up by a mate. Not around now. XP both machines.

Folder which was available on one machine now unavailable.

Have recently loaded TightVNC and CCleaner. I do not have an earlier restore date.
I use CCleaner on my laptop regularly.

When I click on my shortcut I get
Windows is searching ..Click browse

When I open C on my laptop and click on the folder I get
G:\ in not accessible Access is denied.

When I open the folder under I get
\\server\public in not accessible. You might not have permission ..Access is denied

When I open the folder in the host machine and right click properties I do not get the file sharing option. All that I get is a general tab.

I have looked at the headings already posted but did not find the answer. Apologies if it is already there.

I had these connectiions working earlier. When I did a scan i also eliminated old resore points. (no excuse for idiots)

I recon that this is a very simple question but I am stuck so I would appreciate a little direction.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Duffy

A:Lost access to folders on network

The first thing you want to look at is your physical network connection, i.e can you ping the other computer? (start>run>type cmd press enter>at command promt type ping ip address (replace ip address with actual address) you should get 4 reply's. if not then there is a physical problem i.e your cable or network card.

If you can ping both computers run the network setup wizard on both computers:

open my network places > in left pane select 'setup a home or small office network' you can use all the default settings in the wizard except for one, where it ask you if you want to switch file and printer sharing on, switch it on. Also make sure that both computers are running on the same workgroup.

after you have run the wizard goto control panel > user accounts and switch on the guest account.

then goto control panel > administrative tools > local security policy, under security settings select > local policies > user rights assignment in the right pane look for "deny access to this computer from the network" double click and remove guest.

close all then click start > run > cmd in command promt type gpudate /force, after the update has been forced you can continue to resetup the share on the pc you trying to access.

This should help you just let us know if you won or not, remember to do this on both pc's.

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hello, i have a spanish version of windows 7 x64, when I installed it I have two program files folder with names: Archivos de programa Archivos de programa (x86) but now Archivos de programa (x86) has lost its localized name and appears with name Program files (x86). How can I recover the original localized name? Thanks in advance!

A:system folders lost localized name

Finally I found the solution... "attrib +r c:\program files" an then folder gets its localized name again thanks

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Hey guys:

This is ugly. I came home and my drive had no info on it. I can only assume one of my kids did something. I don't know what. I went to Disk Management because the drive shows up missing. It's a raid0 array. The array is fine. But in Disk Management I can see the drive and it says it is "Unallocated Space"?? I know it should say healthy. I did allocate the space but did not do a quick format. I came here first to throw some ideas around. I would ideally like to be able to reverse whatever happened and have all the programs and files I had on there magically re-appear. Fat chance, right? I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.


A:Lost all files/folders on a drive!!!


Read the documentation carefully.

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