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Any game closes unexpectedly + SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD

Q: Any game closes unexpectedly + SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD

Hello,Whenever I play for exemple, Dota 2 or CSGO, the game closes in an instant, and I can only see the desktop, with no error message. Right now, I played Dota 2 for 2 minutes and it gave me BSOD System service expection. I have litteraly done everything; From changing the video driver to an old one and adding -autoconfig -dx11, to reinstalling windows 7, 8.1 and now 10. I also cleared CMOS.I also added a crash dump from Dota2 -> http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=44084955785821623364I have no idea what to do next.SPECS:Motherboard: AsRock Z77 PRO4Video Card: Nvidia GTX 760PRoc : Intel i5 3570k8GB RAM DDR31SSD and 1HDDCORSAIR 600WThanks in advance!!!!

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Preferred Solution: Any game closes unexpectedly + SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello all,
First, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am currently having trouble with BSOD's and cannot seem to figure out the problem. My rig is about a year old now and had a BSOD problem before last summer and it was with memory turned out that one of my mem slots isn't working (I dont for sure, but memtest turned out ok after several runs in other memory slots). didn't have any trouble till about a month ago and cant seem to figure it out. the crashes seem to occur at random and usually happen while playing a game.

I've attached the dump and system files as per the BSOD posting instructions.
If more informantion is need, please let me know. I feel pretty savy with a computer, but there is always more to learn. Any help with information to solve this problem on my own for next time would be greatly apperciated.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit retail
AMD Phenom II x4 965
G.SKILL Ripjaws 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333
HIS Radeon HD 5830 1GB 256-bit GDDR5

A:BSOD SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION at random, mainly during game play

I also recently tried unistalling all AMD ATI drivers that i didn't have on it from the start. After that, I installed an ATI driver for my card from HIS website.

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Hi, I've never had any issues like this with my PC, but whenever I play this particular game 'Life is Strange', upon clicking 'exit game' this BSOD appears, and only then. Other games run fine, and this game itself runs fine, it only happens upon exiting.

The error: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32kbase.sys)

My system:
i7 3770k
GTX 980 Ti
16GB Corsair Vengeance
Windows 10 Pro (CLEAN install, not an upgrade)
Asus Rampage V Maximus

NONE of my components are overclocked, and are all running very cool.

Things I've tried:
- Clean install of nvidia graphics drivers.
- Unplugging all devices beside mouse and keyboard.

I've memtest and had no errors with my memory. Again, these BSOD's ARE NOT random, they happen ONLY upon exit of this particular game, and I can't figure out why.

Any suggestions are much appreciated, thank you.

A:SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32kbase.sys) Bsod ONLY when exiting game.

Please read BSOD Posting Instructions & How to upload files

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I am looking at my IE7 addons to try to identify why I am getting random closures of the browser. (When I disable all the addons the problem disappears.)

There is a browser extension enabled with the name:

I would like to know what it is before I try disabling it.

(I am also attaching screen dumps as a word file that shows all the addons.)

Any suggestions welcome.

A:IE7 closes unexpectedly

Click Here to download ToolbarCop. Save it to your desktop.
Go to your desktop and extract toolbarcop.zip.
Go to the extracted files
Double click on Toolbarcop.exe
Click on the notepad symbol:
A notepad file should pop up, please copy and paste Everything from the notepad file and paste it back into this thread.

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...and I do not know why. I am running win2k pro with an AMD 2400+.

I get the pop up box that says internet explorer has encountered and error and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvinience. Then it wants to send an error report to microsoft. Well after sending about a hundred of those reports, I have gotten nothing in return. There is nothing that I know of that is common to all of the instances. No heavy scripts, or images, or anything like that. I have tried to reinstall, with no result. I have deleted cookies, temp internet files and ran virus scans and found nothing.


A:IE6 closes unexpectedly

might be some spyware, have u scanned 4 that?

spywares different then viruses..

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Ok, I'm setting up a computer for my brother which has parental controls on it, specifically Yahoo! Parental Controls. Whenever I try to goto chat java applets it'll close the web browser unexpectedly, this also tends to happen with other java applets randomly. I have a log of the error it created, here it is:
An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x2547D3F

NOTE: We are unable to locate the function name symbol for the error
just occurred. Please refer to release documentation for possible
reason and solutions.
Current Java thread:
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketClose0(Native Method)
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketPreClose(Unknown Source)
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.close(Unknown Source)
- locked <0x10163668> (a java.lang.Object)
at java.net.Socket.close(Unknown Source)
- locked <0x1015de18> (a java.lang.Object)
- locked <0x1015de00> (a java.net.Socket)
at java.net.SocketInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at java.io.BufferedInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at sun.net.www.MeteredStream.close(Unknown Source)
at java.io.FilterInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$HttpInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at java.io.BufferedInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at java.io.PushbackInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
- locked <0x10180f00> ... Read more

A:Sun JVM Unexpectedly Closes Web Browser

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This morning, everything was fine. Now, Outlook closes everytime i open it, just before it completes the Send/Receive process. ran several different scans...nothing stands out. Ideas?

A:Outlook Unexpectedly Closes

Contact your ISP, that can some times be in your Hook up, Mate!

You haven't added a Program that has a Toolbar bundled with it? Sometimes they take over Outlook.

Just a couple of Ideas for you?

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Hello, this problem only happens on my wife's side of the computer (i.e. under her username). Internet Explorer opens fine, then without warning, after varing amounts of time (not necessarily right away), it closes unexpectedly. No error message. This does not happen under my username. I have reinstalled Java, do I need to do that on both "sides"? Otherwise the laptop works fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Internet Explorer 7 Closes Unexpectedly

eddie, I wish I could give you some insight. I got a new HP laptop with Vista installed. I've had this computer since April and it does the same thing several times a day. I have no idea what causes it. I'm glad I don't do anything that crucial on my computer because I'm sure I'd lose it all. It shuts IE off and starts it over. It's very frustrating! 'Hope someone has some idea as to what is causing it.

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Hi, hopefully somenoe will be able to help me! When I try and open large video files 500mb + or so, windows explorer closes. Nearly every time. Even when trying to open the files in other programs. Occasionally it lets me open them so I know they're not corrupted. Anyone got any ideas?

It's on Win XP SP1...

Thanks in advance

A:Windows explorer closes unexpectedly


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A while after my computer starts, windows explorer closes unexpectedly. There is no error message. The screen just goes blank - no start menu bar, desktop icons, etc., just my wallpaper. Once I hit ctrl-alt-delete, and then run: explorer.exe, my icons and start menu appear again, but with no processes running in the system tray icon area (next to the clock). Explorer.exe doesn't seem to close again after this is done.This has just started today. There have been no changes to my system: no install/uninstalls. I have scanned with windows defender and it turned up nothing. Below is my system information followed by my hijackthis log. The log is run before explorer closes. Any help is appreciated. OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionVersion 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600OS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Manufacturer Sony CorporationSystem Model PCV-RS630G(UC)System Type X86-based PCProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~3192 MhzProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~3192 MhzBIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 2003, 9/14/2004SMBIOS Version 2.3Windows Directory C:\WINDOWSSystem Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"Time Zone Central Daylight TimeTotal Physical Memory 1,536.00 MBAvailable Physical Memory 1,015.75 MBTotal Virtual Memory 2.00 GBAvailable V... Read more

A:Windows Explorer Closes Unexpectedly

Sorry for the delay. If you are still having problems please post a brand new HijackThis log as a reply to this topic. Before posting the log, please make sure you follow all the steps found in this topic:Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis LogPlease also post the problems you are having.

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Hello everyone this is my first post as I have just registered. I hope you are all well and Merry Christmas to you all.

I am running Windows XP Professional with Explorer and I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and after about 3 to 5 seconds, the Mozilla window closes unexpectedly.

I have deleted Firefox and down loaded the program several times without positive result.

Searching Goggle has not given me the answer either.

Can some on help please?


A:Mozilla Firefox 1.5 closes unexpectedly

I just noticed that if I run a full system "Spy Doctor" scan from start up, then the Firfox browser works fine until I log out. As soon as I do that and log back in I am back to the same problem. Any ideas please?

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Windows Update unexpectedly closes every time my computer loads. I have downloaded Windows FixIt and tried that method but the FixIt program closes as well. I then tried to manually reset Update through command prompts but I get "system error 5 Access Denied" when I input the first recommended command of "net stop bits". What do I do next?

A:Vista Windows Update Unexpectedly Closes

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click on Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator then try again.

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Internet Explorer browser window unexpectedly closes within half-minute of opening window. (IE Ver 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp1.020828-1920, Update Ver SP1)Problem occurs:1) when navigating within or between various websites; or entering data or operating mouse; or just viewing (no mouse or keyboard action).2) when one window or several windows open.3) frequently after PC first booted up; less frequently after running XoftSpy anti-spyware or McAfee VirusScan; less frequently after PC has been on for awhile (30 minutes).4) Does NOT affect IE browser window for cox.com email http://webmail.coxmail.com/ .Related problem: While entering data on website or scrolling mouse within website, the entry or mouse operation is interrupted. Must left-click mouse to continue.PC is frequently infected with Aurora (Nail.exe), PartyPoker.ico, and various adware and data minor cookies.What is probable cause and fix?PC: Compaq Presario S4300CL, Windows XP Home (Ver 5.1, SrvPk 1) Internet Connection: Cox broadband cableProtection: McAfee Personal Firewall Plus (Build 6.6.6144, default settings); McAfee VirusScan (Build 9.1.08, Engine 4.4.00, DAT 4.0.4506)Frequent Websites: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/default.asp ; http://finance.yahoo.com/ ; http://www.bungie.net/

A:Internet Explorer Browser Window Unexpectedly Closes

IE Browser problem persists. Internet Explorer browser window unexpectedly closes within 20-30 seconds of opening one or more windows, especially for 15-30 minutes after computer is first booted up. Problem may then stop for hour or more, then may later reappear sporadically. Does not appear to affect websites such as cox.mail.com or online banking programs, or off-line applications (word, excel, etc.).

Related data entry problem also continues to persist most of time. While entering data on any website or scrolling mouse within website, the entry or mouse operation is interrupted. Must left-click mouse onto site to continue.

Doctor SpyWare and XoftSpy anti-spyware successfully blocked repeated infections by AURORA and PARTYPOKER, but do not appear to correct IE browser closing problem. Repeated anti-spyware scans show no infections. And McAfee VirusScan and McAfee Personal FireWall Plus show no virus infections.

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Google SERP often get redirected... one redirect route that I was able to catch was admarketplace.com. I try to run GMER.exe like the "before you post" instructions state, but it just stops with error: Closed unexpectedly. One time I tried, it blue screened me and restarted my computer. Not sure if this is related, but I get java update popups constantly, even after I tell it to stop auto-checking for updates. Maybe java is just annoying...

DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFSx86
Run by home at 23:57:57.27 on 18/03/2011
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.19019 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_21
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.2.1033.18.3069.1467 [GMT -4:00]
AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {5A2746B1-DEE9-F85A-FBCD-ADB11639C5F0}
SP: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {E146A755-F8D3-F7D4-C17D-96C36DBE8F4D}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system... Read more

A:Google keeps redirecting - admarketplace.com, GMER closes unexpectedly

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Click on the Watch Topic Button and select Immediate Notification and click on proceed, this will help you to get notified faster when I have replied and make the cleaning process faster.In order for me to see the status of the infection I will need a new set of logs to start with.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.

Double click DeFogger to run the tool.
The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will ap... Read more

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I am facing an issue with a user where they are unable to keep a window of File Explorer open when on a network drive. It will stay open for a short period of time and then close.

When browsing on the local machine or  directly to the share via the UNC path the window will stay open.

Here is a link which shows the issue in which I am facing. But we are using Server 2012 as opposed to 2008 r2.

The fix which was highlighted on the above link seems to already be in place. Yet the issue is still occurring.

Is there any reason as to why this could be happening? There seems to be nothing been mentioned in Event Logs.

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Ever since upgrading to Windows 8.1 (with and without Update 1) from Windows 8, the File Explorer has new quirk in its behavior that drives me crazy. My computer is on a domain and has a mixture of DFS drives and the older network drives mounted to drive
letters. Whenever I leave File Explorer showing either a DFS or network drive, after a few minutes of inactivity, it will close. I then have to reopen it and find the folder again. If I switch away from the File Explorer to go to something else, many
times when I go to switch back to File Explorer only to find it has closed. This is really annoying. No error message, it just closes. The computers with Windows 7 and older don't do this. And Windows 8 did not do this. Both my desktop computer and
my Surface Pro, both 8.1 Update 1 do this. My servers are Windows 2008 R2.
Is there any reason for this? Or is there any registry hack or setting that controls this behavior?
Thanks, Carl

A:Windows 8.1 File Explorer unexpectedly closes when on a network drive.

We already use GPO, but from what you say, it may be worthwhile to check if we have any manually applied drive mapping. I'll give that a try.
Thanks, Carl

Please check if your GPO drive mapping is set to "Replace". If so try changing it to Update?

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Windows Live Mail closes unexpectedly repeatedly without error message and one account disappeared?

I have multiple accounts being used for years on Windows Live Mail - Version 2009 - Build 14.0.8117.0416 on XP Pro SP3

Recently, Windows Live Mail closes unexpectedly repeatedly without error message
Then as I kept trying to figure out I noticed one account disappeared? I think that happened later.

I have the ENTIRE WL MAIL Log file.

To track why this was happening I went offline mode and it would not crash. So, I figured it was something to do with the Sync.

So I disabled the Auto Sync for every account I had and did manual syncs for one account at a time. Found the account that was causing this.

Its a hotmail account. I signed into Hotmail and all seems ok. I am posting the follow lines from the LOG, when I manually synched that account from WL Mail a few times.

I could try to trace back into the LOGS as to when this drama actually started originally, and post that and / or most of it. Let me know if someone can help dissect Windows Live Mail issues.
Found its due to Sync of one account, Error Log info posted. Wonder who can fix this?

* Log opened: 2012-05-23T11:18:14Z
Windows Live Mail 14.0.8117.0416*********************************************************************************
[16:48:32.55] 1348 Mail: Zone_MailChk ERROR: (pmailutils.cpp:1023), failed with 0x80004005
[16:48:32.55] 1348 Mail: ... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail closes unexpectedly repeatedly without error message


Unfortunately I can offer no help other than to suggest you check for viruses with your fully updated antivirus software, and download and install/update live mail here: http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/en/w...web.exe??WLI=1

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I have been having difficulty for awhile (months). My computer started running slow and I was getting pop up ads. About 5 months ago the pop ups stopped (a friend deleted some program he found) but other symptoms persisted. I will note some details on my system, what is happening and what I have tried doing. Let me preface this by saying I am essentially a novice. I use my computer daily but have little understanding of the inner workings of such things which is why I selected Bleeping Computer to come to for help because all of the forum posts I read were so helpful. I have searched through many of the forums for symptoms similar to mine but none seem to match quite right.
I have a Lenovo computer, AMD Athlon Processor 1640B  2.70GHz, 2.00 GB RAM, 32-bit operating system, running Windows Vista Home Premium Copyright 2007.
Symptoms: Overall slow operations. Both online and even within my own programs like opening a file or searching documents. I do run a few things simultaneously but I didn't think it was a lot. I will typically have 2 or 3 internet explorer tabs open, one or two with email and a third for searching online with google etc. I may also have one or two word or excel documents open. I don't play games or use photoshop type of programs, just basic websites and simple files. Often when I click to open a Microsoft Word (or Excel)document Word will open but I will get an error message and the document itself won't open. This is easily remedied by c... Read more

A:Slow computer, IE closes unexpectedly, no viruses found with scans performed

    Please download TDSSKiller from here and save it to your DesktopDoubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then click on Change parameters

Check Loaded Modules  and Detect TDLFS file system.  Do not check Verify file digital signatures (even though it is checked in the example)If you are asked to reboot because an "Extended Monitoring Driver is required" please click Reboot now

Click Start Scan and allow the scan process to run

If threats are detected select Skip for all of them unless I instruct you otherwiseClick Continue

Click Reboot computerPlease post the contents of  TDSSKiller.[Version]_[Date]_[Time]_log.txt found in your root directory (typically c:\)in your reply===================================================aswMBR--------------------Download aswMBR and save it to your desktop.
Please disable your real time protection of any Antivirus, Antispyware or Antimalware programs temporarily. They will interfere and may cause unexpected results.If you need help to disable your protection programs see here and here.Double click the aswMBR.exe file to run it. Please allow when you are asked to download AVAST antivirus engine defs.Wait until the AV update is done, then click on the Scan button to start. The program will launch a scan.

When done, you will see Scan finished successfully. Please click on Save log and save the file to your desktop.

Please post the contents of the log in your next reply.NOTE:... Read more

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Hello, played Overwatch for a minute -> BSoD.
Windows 7 x64
Core i5-2300
MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G
Acer Predator G3600 - apparently motherboard name
I can't attache dump file, so i uploaded it here
Here's what osronline analyzed:

Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7601.17514.amd64fre.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03614000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`03859e90
Debug session time: Wed Sep 21 13:24:21.203 2016 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 2:24:09.468
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
An exception happened while executing a system service routine.
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: fffff8000368b423, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck
Arg3: fffff8800c6a0c10, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero.
Debugging Details:
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\modclass.ini, error 2
EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".
fffff800`0368b423... Read more

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I have a windows 7 msi laptop that until recently has had no issues.
The past several weeks however, Internet Explorer closes unexpectedly multiple times when I am online. Also, I cannot open PDF files and Adobe Reader will not reinstall. iTunes won't open, and pictures won't open when I double-click them.

No error messages have shown up...the programs simply just do not open. I have the latest version of iTunes, and I am unable to download any version of a PDF file reader, but I previously had Nuance.

I have NO CLUE what to do or how to begin trying to resolve this issue, and most of my work files are PDF so this is becoming a huge problem...please help.

A:Internet Explorer closes unexpectedly, Adobe Reader won't open, iTunes won't open....

Hello and welcome to TSF,
The first step would be to try a different browser and see if your online problems keeps happening. If you are a hardcore IE fan, see if there is an update for it. As far as your pictures and files are concerned, it might need a simple solution like Disk Defrag. Many people overlook this, but hey it works! You can also do a Disk Cleanup (also built into Windows) which clears some unnecessary junk.
Good Luck!

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my computer restarts unexpectedly when i play a video game.it does not happen when i am just browsing the internet or doing something else
please help me!i attached my minidump to o

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I know there is other posts like this I've tried the solutions

its like me minimizing it

i know i dont give much info but thats normal...
i dont like speaking much.

fx 6300
rx550 2gb gddr5
16gb ram
does motherboard required eh i just say it gigabyte GA-d3sp i think
windows 10
it worked fine on windows 7...

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OK, this is what's going on...

This particular game doesn't require much out of my machine. I've ran this game 5-6 times over just to see and it still ran smoothly, so I know for fact it has nothing to do with hardware (especially because I can still run much more graphically/processor intensive games). Just getting that out of the way.

I have played this game, unchanged, many-a-time pretty much every day, then one day it simply quits working. No update to the game (it does not update automatically), no change whatsoever. It'll just open and immediately close before any kind of content, color, or image is loaded. The whole process of me attempting to run the game and it closing takes less than a second.

I've tried spamming the game to see if maybe a 1 in 100 shot will randomly open it. This didn't work.

I have removed all my firewalls and antivirus, just for sake of testing purposes. This didn't work. Yes, I rebooted.

I have absolutely completely uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it. Rebooted, and it didn't work.

I have tried running as Administrator, or even just disabling the UAC altogether. Rebooted, and it didn't work.

It's an online game. Windows Firewall is disabled, all my ports are open, nothing is justifying what's going on here.

The two previous Firewalls/Antivirus I had were McAfee and Avast.

I am on Windows 7.

A:Game closes immediately after opening

What game and what are you exact PC specs (make and model if its a big brand name, or make and model of motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, harddrive, power supply including wattage, optical drives etc.)?

At the moment, all you are saying is a random game doesn't work on a undefined machine ... thats not a lot to work with

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i have purchases the sims 3 game through EA digital download everytime im on live mode 5 minutes in and it freezes and boots me off the game i added more memory rams even bought a 750 gb hard drive and still i havent been able to fix the problem can anyone please help! i have vista home basic 32 bit operating system my video card is intel 82945g express chipset family i've been told that i need to update my video card driver i just dont know where to go i went to intel's site and it doesnt recognize my video card..plz plz help me

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IE closes as soon as i click on a java game link. it worked perfectly fine yetserday. any help plz?

A:IE closes as soon as i click on java game link

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I purchased a new system over a month ago. Before buying SimCity 3000 Unlimited, I had encountered no problems. Now, as I try running this game and The Sims, they quit and it jumps back to the Windows environment. What should I do? I believe that if I completely uninstall SimCity 3000 Unlimited, the computer will run better, but there really is no reason why it should be cutting off game play and jumping back to the Windows environment, anyway. I'm really purturbed. Please someone explain why it keeps doing that. Thank you.

- For the second time, ywill4ever in Detroit, MI

P.S. I haven't downloaded any additonal items for play in The Sims, either. I currently have Sims Vacation expansion pack.

A:SIMS GAME quits and closes back to desktop!

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Hey, so I was playing SWTOR and I got the BSOD. It has occurred several times in the past day. Here is the information.

I have run memtest already and have had 0 errors. I have all my drive up to date. I also reformatted my computer-NOT REPAIR, but FULL WIPE.

I have attached information via the instructions in thread.

Thank you for your time.


The crash dump blames hardware.

Re run these tests again

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

errors might be detected after 7 passes

Do this overnight


Hardware - Stress Test With Prime95

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I have recently been have multiple BSOD for DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, I updated all my drivers, ran a registry cleaner, and all my windows updates are current. I am now getting a BSOD for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION at random moments. My computer shuts down quite quickly when I launch, so I will just post my technical information via text.



Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x0000003B (0x00000000C0000005, 0xFFFFF80002CA66C2, 0xFFFFF88007C98930, 0x0000000000000000)

Information about other (BSOD)


Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x0000000000000088, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF88004E6158B)

*** atikmdag.sys - Address FFFFF88004E6158B base at FFFFF88004A8F000, DateSt(screen cutoff)

A:(bsod) system_service_exception


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Hey I have run into a bit of trouble with my PC lately.

I have constantly been getting SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD and it's apparently a problem with win32k.sys.

I let my teacher have a look at some of the crash logs and he said it looks like a video card related problem. I swapped my card with my old one, was all running good and thought I was fine and then all of a sudden I got it again.

This happens on games like starcraft II, grand theft auto iv, killing floor and nation red.

It happens when alt-tabbing and quitting from these games. It doesn't happen all the time but just a lot of it.

A:[bsod] system_service_exception


Please Remove Zone Alarm, it has been known to cause problems on Vista/7.
Run this tool AFTER you have uninstalled zone alarm. (http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/fr...cpes_clean.exe)

avgntflt.sys Thu Feb 11 10:12:02 2010
Please remove Avira. use this tool to uninstall http://files.avast.com/files/eng/aswclear5.exe
And Install MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

please update (or verify that they are up-to-date) the following:


*AMD ???? (Would anyone know why i found a AMD driver, but can't seem to find an AMD device ??)
*ASUS Audio in/out driver. Please list what apps are preinstalled by ASUS.
*Intel SATA RAID Controller
*Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller
*MagicISO SCSI Host Controller
*NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
*Realtek High Definition Audio

I am suspecting ASUS pre-installed "stuff" as the driver dates back to 2007, it might be best just to remove ASUS utilities, esp. those that relate to sound.



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i have been getting bsod's on this PC since 2 weeks after i got it, its been 8 months now.
its completely random even happens while idle, sometimes it works fine for a little while and others it cant even start up without bsod at which point i do a fresh install of the os, i have done this yesterday and it seemed to be working fine but it has just bsod twice in the last 10 mins.
everyone i take it too cant find anything wrong with it, they cant even force it to crash but then i plug it in at home and it crashes.....
system is running off a ups so it shouldnt be a power issue.

Windows 7
64 bit
8-9 months old system
fresh OS install
Intel core 2 duo e8500
HIS ATI Radeon HD 4800 series
Maximus Formula 2 ASUS
Antec 550 watt

these sys scans that you have asked for will only show 2 gig of ram, i have up to 8 was running 4 at the time of bsod.
i know that makes it sound like a ram issue but ive had the mother board and all ram tested and nothing wrong with them but just when the pc starts to die its alot more if not completely stable with only 1 stick of ram in it.

thanks in advance.

** Added Dxdiag report incase you would like to see it.

A:BSOD System_service_exception

Was the system originally Vista x86 or x64?

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Windows 7 Professional X64
AMD Phenom x4 9950
8gb ddr2 1066
1.0tb and 500gb hd's

This is my first post on here so I hope I am doing it right. My computer keeps crashing at random intervals and is very intermittent but very annoying. It will run for days on end and then all of a sudden it crashes.

I tried to debug the dumpfile myself but I was unsure what it all ment. Any help would be appreciated.

A:BSOD, System_Service_Exception

Quote: Originally Posted by Cailtis

Windows 7 Professional X64
AMD Phenom x4 9950
8gb ddr2 1066
1.0tb and 500gb hd's

This is my first post on here so I hope I am doing it right. My computer keeps crashing at random intervals and is very intermittent but very annoying. It will run for days on end and then all of a sudden it crashes.

I tried to debug the dumpfile myself but I was unsure what it all ment. Any help would be appreciated.

Several problems

1-sptd.sys used in daemon tools and alcohol120 HUGE cause of BSOD's
Please remove any CD virtualization programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, found in your dmp, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs. Use this SPTD uninstaller when you're done: DuplexSecure - Downloads

You can use MagicDisc as an alternative.

Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview

2-Old drivers from as far back as 2005 clearly not a clean install. Neds updating

RTCore64.sys 5/25/2005 1:39:12 0x42941d90 fffff880`08195000 fffff880`0819b000 0x00006000
RTKVHD64.sys 7/3/2008 3:56:41 0x486c9449 fffff880`06071000 fffff880`061d8580 0x00167580
AtiPcie.sys 5/5/2009 10:00:22 0x4a005486 fffff880`01494000 fffff880`0149c000 0x00008000
How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results wit... Read more

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My sister's computer gave her a BSOD today. The message it gave was a System_Service_Exception (atikmdag.sys). If I'm understanding what I've been reading, this could be a driver issue? She went through the device manager and expanded everything but did not see any yellow exclamation points. Any suggestions as to what the next step here should be to try to find out the problem?

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Over the last few days and a few times a week or so ago I have been getting BSOD's when using my PC. I haven't been doing anything strenuous, just browsing the internet and moving files around, etc. Most of them don't have any error message at the top except one that said SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I have uploaded the dump files

Attachment 172672
Attachment 172673
Attachment 172674
Attachment 172675


edit: i have been reading through some threads with people with the same problem, and someone said it could be a heat issue. CPUID monitor tells me that my TMPIN2 is running at 128C whilst TMPIN1 and 2 are 35C and 44C. I don't know the TMPINs are, do they need replacing? is this the source of the problem?


Quote: Originally Posted by inaniloquent

Over the last few days and a few times a week or so ago I have been getting BSOD's when using my PC. I haven't been doing anything strenuous, just browsing the internet and moving files around, etc. Most of them don't have any error message at the top except one that said SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I have uploaded the dump files

Attachment 172672
Attachment 172673
Attachment 172674
Attachment 172675


edit: i have been reading through some threads with people with the same problem, and someone said it could be a heat issue. CPUID monitor tells me that my TMPIN2 is running at 128C whilst TMPIN1 and 2 are 35C and 44C. I don't know the TMPINs are, do they need replacing? is this the source of the problem?

Several problems
1-ASACPI.SYS (yours 2006)

The pre 2009 version of this driver is a known BSOD cause.

Please visit this link: ASUS teK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE

Scroll down to the Utilities category, then scroll down to the "ATK0110 driver for WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7 32&64-bit" (it's about the 12th item down).
Download and install it.
Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers to check and make sure that the ASACPI.SYS file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (NOT 2005).


This is another large cause used by daemon tools and alcohol120

Remove any CD visualizati... Read more

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I got a BSOD at windows 7 x64.

011112-16364-01.dmp 2012-01-11 PM 8:41:16 SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b 00000000`c0000005 fffff960`001241be fffff880`03d5d0c0 00000000`00000000 win32k.sys win32k.sys+c41be x64 C:\Windows\minidump\011112-16364-01.dmp 8 15 7601
The dump file is attached with zip format.

Please let me know how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

A:Bsod - system_service_exception

Hard to be certain with only the one minidump file.
What I am seeing is several very old driver components loading on your system.
XP old.

One I know to be related to creative labs devices (do you have a soundblaster audio card?)

The second is related to a old piece of pennacle studio software.

Neither of them are going to function properly with win 7, they are simply too old.
Anyhow it appears to be a driver fault crashing the win32k system file.
I can't be more specific with only the one partial dump file to go on.

When ever anyone gets any problem I always recommend running this as it's fast and easy.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Debugger noise follows

Probably caused by : win32k.sys ( win32k!TimersProc+142 )

Followup: MachineOwner

1: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An exception happened while executing a system service routine.
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: fffff960001241be, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck
Arg3: fffff88003d5d0c0, Address of the ... Read more

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I have been getting this BSOD every hour or so for a while now. Really cant find a fix. From my understanding, it might be a driver. Attached a dump file. Please, help me.
Thank you

L.E : Attaching another dump file.

A:System_service_exception BSOD

Hello. Can someone, please, help?

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Hello all,

I've poked around here before to learn a bit, but never had to post until now. Having some BSOD issues. Whenever I try and open up the device manager, it goes to a BSOD. It also goes to a BSOD if I try to open up the End of Nations game. Every time but one it has told me the BSOD was for System_Service_Exception, except once it said Page_fault_in_non_paged_area.

System specs:
ASUS Laptop - M70Vseries - Stock setup, I don't play around with much
Vista Home Premium - 64-bit
Intel T9400 Processor - 2.53 GHz
GeForce 9650M GT 1 GB
4 GB of RAM

I ran memtest and it didn't find any problems. And I can open up the device manager in safe mode. All the drivers I checked were the current versions, and not finding any viruses or issues with running adaware and AVG.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you guys do here.

A:BSOD - System_Service_Exception

Your files were consistent the problem is due to this driver. Update the driver or uninstall the software.
Pwipf6.sys file descriptionProductname: Privacyware Filter Driver Description: pwipf6 Company: Privacyware/PWI, Inc. File size: Various

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I'm looking to get some help a BSOD that just popped up again today. First, a little background.

Specs: Intel Core i7-4790, EVGA GeForce GTX 950, Cooler Master HAF 912 - System Build - PCPartPicker

I built this machine about 3 weeks ago, and from the very first time installing Windows 10 I received a BSOD. After I got through the installation of Win 10 I was getting a BSOD about once every half hour, usually related System Service Exception or IRQ something or memory. So here is what I did on that same day.
1. Swapped out video card, reinstalled Windows 10 (Still got BSOD)
2. Swapped out SSD, reinstalled Windows 10 (Still got BSOD)
3. Reseated RAM, reinstalled Windows 10 (No BSOD)
4. Ran memtest86+ on each RAM module for varying passes on each module in each slot, no errors. Also ran Windows memory diagnostic, no errors.
5. Did sfc /scannow, windows found some corrupt files but could not repair all of them.
6. My conclusion was that I didn't seat the RAM properly the first time around and because of that the system files were got screwed up during installation.

Since then, my desktop ran almost flawless, minus a random web browser crash here and there. Then today things got bad. Mozilla would crash every few minutes, so I switched to IE, and got the same thing. Downloaded and installed Opera and Chrome, both crash. Then, along with the browser crash came a BSOD with System_Service_Exception 0x0000003b. Event viewer says the system rebooted from a bug check.

I'm l... Read more

A:BSOD System_Service_Exception. Please Help!

Realized that Windows did install automatic updates on Wednesday for me. I didn't use computer on Thursday, so this may be related. I ran a sfc /scannow and it did find corrupted files but couldn't fix them all. Right now I'm running multiple videos in Chrome and haven't had a BSOD yet (20 minutes). Would still like to analyze the dump files though for any clues as to what may be going on.

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I was doing some pretty serious multitasking when I received the above mentioned BSOD, and I'm curious what the cause could be.

From what I'm reading ("0x0000003b" Stop error when the memory usage of memory-mapped file is high in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2), it sounds like it was due to very high RAM usage, but that is really just an educated guess and I'd definitely appreciate other opinions.

What Happened: I was web browsing with Comodo Icedragon (a Firefox variant) within a sandbox, downloading a torrent into the sandbox, and had a word doc open. RAM useage was 98%, CPU peak useage ~30% (The browser and antivirus can be system hogs).

The browser page went to black, the screen flashed, and several messages popped up. 1 was detailing over a dozen errors Sandboxie encountered. The other mentioned something about NVBackend not responding, and an issue with nvapi.dll (sp?) within Windows. Thinking it was BS about an app hang, I payed little attention and closed the window. I then noticed that Windows had switched from aero to basic. Realtemp then popped up. It was the wrong size (DPI), and told me the CPU was at 130F. Then the PC got the BSOD.

BSOD Details (from Bluescreenview):

Parameter 1 00000000`c0000044
Parameter 2 fffff800`02eae7fc
Parameter 3 fffff880`09a8f150
Parameter 4 00000000`00000000
Caused by Driver ntoskrnl.exe
Caused by Address ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0

Other Details: A fr... Read more

A:Cause of BSOD X3B System_Service_Exception?

Hi SenileAnimal.

Apparently the BSOD is caused by COMODO Internet Security Sandbox Driver,

fffff880`09a8e8d8 fffff880`056a39f6Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\cmdguard.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for cmdguard.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for cmdguard.sys
Better you uninstall it.

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It seems to happen randomly, here's the seven forums diagnostics file:


Quote: Originally Posted by DeceitfulBurger

It seems to happen randomly, here's the seven forums diagnostics file:

Hello DeceitfulBurger. See the info:

Nvidia Display driver.

fffff880`0a79c5a0 fffff880`0494b603Unable to load image nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
We know that the latest version is problematic, so we cannot update it to the latest. Better we roll it back to a known stable one.
Download and install Driver Fusion.
Reboot the computer in Advanced Boot Options, safe mode. Search Driver Fusion in your start menu, and remove all components of your nVidia display driver.
Boot normally now. Go to Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers, Drivers > Beta and Legacy; search there with your cards particulars for GeForce 306.23 Driver, dated 13.9.2012 and install it.
AVG antivirus.

fffff880`0a79c788 fffff880`0940c200Unable to load image avgidsdrivera.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for avgidsdrivera.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for avgidsdrivera.sys
It is not only inefficient, but also crash prone. Uninstall AVG using AVG Remover. Use Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus with windows inbuilt firewall, and free MBAM as the on demand scanner.
Downl... Read more

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Hi. I've gotten the BSOD "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" a couple of times now so I'm kind of curious as to what is causing it. I attempted to analyze the dmp files myself following the sticky at the top with windbg but I'm getting kind of lost and unsure on how to proceed as the cause points to win32k.sys
At the most recent point where it has happened I attempted to open a PDF file, though I am not sure if that helps at all.
? OS - Windows 7 Professional
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Win7 x64
? Full Retail Version
? Age - ~3 months; new hardware/os
? i5-750
? Gigabyte GTX 460
? Asus P7P55D-E Pro
? Corsair 750watt

Attatched are the files jcgriff2 outlined in the BSOD Posting Instructions.

NOTE: I realize that all the minidumps are in the zip but I believe only the most recent two are the ones that need attention. I had posted previously on this forum and jcgriff2 helped me with the batch preceding September 9th. Also, I believe the minidump from 10/18/10 has to do with the fact that I moved my computer to a different room and had to resocket the power cable on the motherboard as it was causing my computer to shut down. Essentially, the only ones causing concern for me are the ones from 11/01/10 and 10/25/10.

Thanks for the help in advance.

A:Bsod - system_service_exception

Hi -

NetLimiter is named as the probable cause in 2 of the 6 BSODs -


nlndis.sys Mon May 24 06:18:43 2010 (4BFA5283) - NetLimiter driver - http://www.netlimiter.com/
nltdi.sys Mon May 24 06:18:45 2010 (4BFA5285) - NetLimiter driver - http://www.netlimiter.com/

I suggest that you remove NetLimiter.

Update these drivers -


Rt64win7.sys Fri May 22 10:52:30 2009 (4A16BC2E) - Realtek Ethernet - http://www.realtek.com.tw/DOWNLOADS/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

WinRing0x64.sys Sat Jul 26 09:29:37 2008 (488B26C1) - non-MS WinRing related driver - http://www.python.org/emacs/winring/

2 BSOD bugchecks = 0x124 = WHEA = Windows Hardware Error Architecture - "hardware" listed as the probable cause.
Info on 0x124 - http://www.sevenforums.com/crash-loc...-what-try.html

One 0x124 crash occured while linpack64.exe was running - Intel Burn Test, so hardware failure may be the cause.

Uninstall Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120, other virtual devices as these drivers are known to cause BSODs -


sptd.sys Sun Oct 11 16:55:14 2009 (4AD24632)
spzm.sys Sun Oct 11 16:55:14 2009 (4AD24632)

If BSODs persist, run the Driver Verifier -- http://jcgriff2.com/driver_verifier.htm

Windbg Logs
--> http://jcgriff2.net/BSOD_Logs/_99-db..._jcgriff2_.txt
--> http://jcgriff2.net/BSOD_Logs/_99-db...riff2_.txt.zip

Rega... Read more

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Hi all,

This is my first post so I apologise if it is in the wrong place.

I consider myself to be fairly computer savvy, but I have a problem that I'm REALLY stumped with.

My system spec:

Vista Ultimate x64 SP1Intel Core 2 Quad Q66004GB Ballistix PC2-8500 (4x1GB)nVidia GeForce 6600 GTCreative SB Live! 24-Bit
I built the PC myself, and I have been experiencing this problem since the offset, but is has got much worse recently.

My PC will randomly blue screen... The error 99% of the time is SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x3B ...

I have analysed the crash dumps, and thought that I'd found the problem to be being caused by Windows Media Player... But alas, it has happened again while I wasn't running this program.

Looking back through my previous crash dumps the image present is: Mup.sys, normally linked to the process wmplayer.exe, but very occasionally, explorer.exe and now msmpeng.exe (previous crash dumps have also listed ntkrnlmp.exe with msmpeng.exe).

The latest dump fyi:

An exception happened while executing a system service routine.
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: 00000000c0000016, Address of the exception record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg3: fffffa6009eb2c40, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero.

Debugging Details:

EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - ... Read more

A:BSOD - System_Service_Exception (3B)

What Motherboard are you using? I run a Q6600 on an Asus P5B and ran into BSOD problems in the beginning. After much trial and error and visits to the Computor Tech this was fixed by a BIOS upgrade. It seemed the Motherboard BIOS was a bit too old for the Quad Core. I am not suggesting this is your problem but it might be worth while doing some research on it. Also Creative have had problems with their drivers in the past. I no longer use a Creative card so I don't know if these problems still exist.

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k, i set my pc about 2 weeks ago to turn the monitor off at 20 and to sleep at 30.... but after it would go to sleep whenever i moved my mouse or nething to turn it back on it would go to windows but i couldn't click on anything then the screen would go to one solid color(not always the same color, sometimes white, sometimes greenish brown) then i couldn't do anything but a hard boot, then it would load up like it was just resuming. well yesterday it didn't resume it just did a normal startup but it didn't even get to the little windows symbol, it was just the load bar, then black , then just black with a mouse pointer that i could move, then it would black out again and restart, at first the "disable automatic restart" wasn't working but i guess something clicked after i pulled my hard drive out and reset the IDE cable and it gave me this BSOD(screenshot attached) plz help i am about to start a new job and i need my pc to work , can't afford a new HD or to reformat i got some pretty important stuff on there from a couple of days ago. normally i would let it sit and systematically figure it out over the course of a month or so, but my fiance's computers are all jacked up too and like i said i need it for work

A:BSOD: System_Service_Exception

This is a STOP 0x3b error (System Service Exception) that occurred in win32k.sys (a Windows system file) while it was accessing memory (the c0000005)

Here's the description from the Windows Debugging Tools Help file:

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug check has a value of 0x0000003B. This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.

The following parameters are displayed on the blue screen.

Parameter Description
1 The exception that caused the bug check
2 The address of the exception record for the exception that caused the bug check
3 The address of the context record for the exception that caused the bug check
4 0

This error has been linked to excessive paged pool usage and may occur due to user-mode graphics drivers crossing over and passing bad data to the kernel code.
I'd start with updating your video drivers. To do this, you're going to have to get into Windows. So the first question is, can you get into Safe Mode (by rapidly tapping the F8 key just before the Windows Splash Screen shows up)? If so, select Safe Mode with Networking and update them from there.

If you're not able to get into Safe Mode, post back and we'll see what else we can do.

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This is my first serious build, and I may be in over my head, as I'm running into some serious stability issues. Blue Screen/memory dump pretty regularly, at seemingly random times (usually preceded by tiling in videos on iTunes or Blue Ray, firefox crashing, Windows 7 randomly disabling then re enabling the transparency feature.) Problem not triggered by graphics intense games such as Bioshock. As far as i've been able to determine all my drivers are up to date.

Windows 7 Ultimate

ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard OCZ Agility Series

OCZSSD2-1AGT120G 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 140W Quad-Core Processor - Retail

(4 x 2GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL - Retail

XFX HD-489X-ZSFC Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Retail

LG Black 8X BD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 40X CD-ROM SATA Internal Combo LG Blu-ray Reader & 16X LightScribe DVD?R DVD Burner - Retail

Thermaltake W0116RU 750W Complies with ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V version SLI Ready CrossFire Certified 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - Retail

A:BSOD System_Service_Exception

will upload dumps when I figure out how!

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Hello recently i have randomly gotten the BSOD SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I'm usually pretty good with computers but i haven't learned much on BSOD's (maybe some documentation someone could provide?) So i've done everything i could think of, and a few things off Google with no luck. The BSOD cna happen moments after startup, or after 6 hours of gaming (during/after) so there really no pattern involved (to my knowledge).
This is just a quick thread, but if you need any more information please ask and ill do my best to reply.

Lewis. G

A:Bsod - system_service_exception


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I'm back with a new BSOD for my desktop

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f1sgdc0nn...dump3.zip?dl=0 The Minidump Files.

On Mon 09/22/14 21:59:58 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\092214-22093-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x153CA0)
Bugcheck code: 0x3B (0x80000003, 0xFFFFF802F5409D3A, 0xFFFFD0002E31E1E0, 0x0)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.

On Mon 09/22/14 21:59:58 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\memory.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntkrnlmp.exe (nt!KeBugCheckEx+0x0)
Bugcheck code: 0x3B (0x80000003, 0xFFFFF802F5409D3A, 0xFFFFD0002E31E1E0, 0x0)
Bug check description: This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware ... Read more

A:BSOD System_Service_Exception

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions Please use Option 1 as it provides Event Viewer logs.

Your BIOS dates from 2011. Please check at the manufacturer's website to see if there are any BIOS updates available for your system. Also check the readme file to see if they apply to the problems that you are having. Please be advised that flashing the BIOS is a very unforgiving process - and one mistake can physically damage your motherboard. If possible, use the "inside Windows" flash mechanism (if your OEM provides one).

AMD OverDrive (AODDriver2.sys) is either a stand-alone application, or a component of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center. This driver is known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems.

NOTE: these symptoms were from the previous release of OverDrive. The new release uses the same driver name, but is dated from 4 November 2013.

Please un-install all AMD/ATI video stuff from Control Panel...Programs...Un-install a program
Then, download (but DO NOT install) a fresh copy of the ATI drivers from Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD (in the upper right corner of the page)
Use this procedure to install the DRIVER ONLY: ATI video cards - DRIVER ONLY installation procedure - Sysnative Forums

If the device (AODDriver or AODDriver4.01) ... Read more

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sysinfo log:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 284962 MB, Free - 118397 MB; D: Total - 305245 MB, Free - 45021 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, G41M-VS3.
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and EnabledClick to expand...

I only copied the following information from my previous bsod: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and Stop: 0x0000003B

I've been getting bsod's regularly in the past week or so. previously it was also occuring but not on a so regular basis. I've had this installation for a few months. any idea? no hardware changes within the past few months.

I don't know how I can the details but I've found this in the event viewer in Windows Logs > Application > latest entry which is a bluescreen at the actual time that it happened. properties of the event are (don't know if this helps at all???).. sorry for the lack of information.

Log Name: Application
Source: Windows Error Reporting
Date: 20/11/2012 5:44:45 PM
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Phillip-PC1
Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: BlueScreen
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P... Read more


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