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Change settings on which drive programs are downloaded

Q: Change settings on which drive programs are downloaded


Trying to free up some space on the ol' computer and since I'm a gamer, I like to keep all the games I got, I have them defulted (dunno if that's just automatic) to save on the D drive, but I have plenty of space on the C drive. Is there is a way to change that setting without too much headache.

Okay, so it's for my grandma, but I can't delete anything otherwise I'll never hear the end of it, since they were all paid programs downloaded from online.

Is there a way??? Please shine the light.



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Preferred Solution: Change settings on which drive programs are downloaded

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I downloaded some programs and I dont know what some of them are because of the names, ie fdminst.exe and setupeng.exe to name a few.

I suppose I can install them to find out then uninstall if I dont wish to use them (or to save them). My main point is can I change the name to a more descriptive one, By the way i have just found out that the setupeng.exe is avast so if I change it to avast will it still work,and the same for any other program I download.
Thank you

Jean Bloom

A:can I change the names of downloaded programs

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Suddenly I am unable to download programs, change security settings in McAfee, unistall software without being signed on as an administrator. I have been able to do all these things in the past with no problem. I recently went through the whole Hijack This Malware thing and downloaded a ton of stuff with no problem. I wonder if the final ComboFix made changes that are causing this?

A:Cannot Download Programs, Change Security Settings, Uninstall Programs

Hello Mariannjackson,

Does the account you are using have administrative rights?

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; I can't change any of the settings on my old IBM Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP-1.

When I go into control panel I cannot get into any of the programs and this problem box comes up:
"Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe.................."

And sytem restore is not running so I can't change that either.
It is very frustrating since I need to get rid of a program that is screwing up my dvd player sound system.


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Everytime I move my mouse the programs I am in disappear almost and all I can see are the outlines for the open programs and the main screen. If I am typing something within a program it will continue to type but I cannot actually see what I am typing. Help, how do I change that I have looked in the control panel but not completely sure what to check ...

A:How do I change disappearing programs settings?

Don't know for sure, but it sounds like you are unhappy with a feature that you actually paid for.
For convenience when you put your cursor in the bottom left corner of the screen, you return to the desktop. I personally like the feature. If that is your problem and you want to disable it post and I will tell you how.

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First time poster. I believe either my firewall or anti virus is blocking certain programs from connecting to the internet. Example, my itunes and ie won't connect to the internet, but i can still browse with firefox. I have the basic windows 7 firewall and ad-aware. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:How do I change firewall settings to allow programs to run?

Hello, welcome to the forum.

There is a video here:
Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall

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The computer will not allow me to install or uninstall programs. When I try to install a program, it says: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)."
(Therefore I was unable to install and run Defogger, DDS and Gmer so the diagnostics are not attached).
When I try to uninstall a program, it restarts Windows Explorer.
The time on the computer has also been changing, and when I try to edit the time settings, it comes up with the same error message. I cannot access other settings, including internet options, either.
Windows 7.
Thanks and hope you can help.

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We have a very irritating problem. One of our users has IE10 installed on her Windows 7 laptop. When she tries to download any installer program e.g. WinRAR, Firefox etc., she receives the dropdown bar in IE. She right-clicks the bar and selects download this file and saves it to her desktop. It looks like it downloads successfully, but when she looks at her desktop, the downloaded executable isn't there. This happens when she tries to save the file to other folders as well. We tried disabling her antivirus program to see if that resolves the problem and it doesn't.

Does anyone know how to resolve this crazy issue??


A:Downloaded Internet Programs Aren't Showing Up Anywhere on Hard Drive

Normally the default download location is the User's Downloads folder and remain there until changed in Options of the Download Manager, available by clicking on the IE Gear icon to access Tools>View Downloads.

Otherwise to have a file downloaded to Desktop would require choosing Save As in the individual Download dialogue popup.

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Hi SevenForums,

I know about the option to change the "Properties" of a program/shortcut, and select "Run->Maximized." However, to change all my programs it would be time-consuming to change it for each individual one. I was wondering if there was a settings/registry that changed all my programs/shortcuts/windows to run Maximized every time, without individually changing each one?


A:Change settings so that all programs/shortcuts/windows open maximized

Some Alternatives:

F11 for a real Full Screen (F11 again to restore)
Windows key + Up arrow to maximize
Windows key + Down arrow to restore
Windows key + Left arrow to maximize to left side of screen
Windows key + Right arrow to maximize to right side of screen

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I have a Radeon 850xt, and i just upgraded to a 22inch 1680x1050 monitor, which i absolutely love. Problem is, most older games only support up to 1280x1024, if that, and when it's fullscreen on this monitor it's terribly ugly and stretched. Is there a way to force all programs into a window, or even better, when a game is displayed fullscreen but in a lower resolution than the max, it just displays it at 1680x1050 but with large black edges? so it'd be like a small 1024x768 window surrounded by the black undisplayed edges of my 1680x1050 baby? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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I use disk manager to change the drive letter, but it does not change the drive references within registry.

So, how do you change the drive letter and also at the same time change the referencing drive letters in the registry?

The problem: robocopy does not recognize the new drive letter after restart.

A:How to change drive letter also also registry settings

Which drive are you trying to change? What letter are you changing it to?

You can not change any registry entries at the same time. That is one reason why the warning is given in Disk Management during the letter change, that some programs may no longer function properly .

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I am running Windows 10 on a Dell Desktop,

Previously, on Windows 7, which this drive was included, I could open up Action Center and do a backup on the fly, delete old files to save space, do whatever. The only way I have found to do this is to open the flash drive and start deleting folders that have really old backups on them. What I want to do is change the time interval like I did in Windows 7 so that it backs up once a week. How do I do this?


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Assuming I am using the correct terminology in my question but knowing that I am possibly talking about something else I will explain. Having done a fresh install of Win7 HomePrem I noticed that when I click on a drive I have to wake it up--it doesn't open immediately and I could here it begin to hum. Prior to my reinstalletion I did not have to do this--clicking on any drive would pop up a window immediately. Then I recalled that I had done this manually and I think it was through the 'Power Options' --> Advanced Settings --> Hard Disk --> Turn off hard disks after... Am I correct in this? That this is how I prevent my disk from going to sleep/turning off? by setting it at 0 or 999 minutes. Assuming not then how do I do so. Assuming yes, then is there a way to do so only for one HD? I have 4 (where my OS sits and 3 others). I do not like to wait every time I want to open a folder in a drive I am not presently using and since this drive mainly happens to be the D: drive and not my E: or F: drive (hardly used) I was hoping I could be specific.

A:Is it possible to change the power settings specific to 1 drive only

If any, such an option should be in the disk properties in Device Manager. But I don't see such an option.

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I didn't have enough room in my Recovery Drive to make another backup, so I deleted my old one and was going to change my settings and make a new backup file, but it said my C Drive has an error/is corrupted/screwed up. What do I do/what did I do wrong? I ran a Norton scan and nothing was fixed.

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Hey all, Have an odd problem/issue and was looking for help. I am using a W7, 64bit machine with an attached network drive I use for streaming my media. The manufacturer is Seagate (2TB) STAM2000. So, I have two folders in this drive:

TV Shows


combined there is just 500gb. So, the Seagate NAS tells me the drive is full. I right click on the drive and chose properties. I then chose Quota Settings. Here it says: To change these settings click Quota settings. I do this anf nothing happens. It looks as if this option is to prevent one user from filling the drive. I also connected a WD NAS and the same option appears. So, is this a W7 thing? I posted over at the Seagate forum as well. I own both the NAS and W7 PC. How can I change this quota settings? Hopefully this all makes sense.

Thank you

A:Can't change quota settings on attached Network Drive......

On the assumption the NAS appears as a drive letter, what size and usage is it showing when you go into manage computer, i.e. start, right click on my computer, manage, disk management..... ?

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I run win7-64 and need to install XP. I made a space, and booted from the XP CD. After it loaded files, when starting, it crashed. I read on a forum I need to set the drive to compatibility mode (called legacy in my setup). It warns my OS may not boot.

What should I do? I'm afraid to change the drive setting and have Win7 not boot. But I need to get XP working. I do have two drives. Second is a backup, I could install XP on that, and set the second drive to legacy, and leave my primary drive's current settings.

Thought I'd get some advice before taking the dive.


A:Blue screen when adding XP to Win7-64, change drive settings?

Look at your BIOS .... storage controller .... what is the mode it is set? IDE or AHCI?

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I've read posts and watched installation videos, but none mentioned changing the jumper settings on the drives. Is this still an issue, like it used to be? Does the hard drive in the XPS come with CS (Cable Select) settings? And if so, what's better: to make the added HD also CS or to make the original one Master and the additional one Slave?
You input is appreciated :-)

A:I am planning to add an older SATA 1TB drive to my new XPS 8910. Do I need to change any jumper settings?

Sata drives are not jumper set with master/slave   or cable select like ATAPI drives.
You may need a data cable.  You cant boot from an old drive on the new machine or run applications from that drive.

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I currently have an HP Pavillion G70 that has some broken hardware (hinges for screen) but other wise works fine. It's running Windows 7, Ultimate - 32 bit.

I'd like to buy a used version of the same PC model and simply swap the hard drive from mine into the purchased PC.

Will this retain all the programs, settings and files? Or are there some things that are tied to the motherboard or other hardware devices.

Thanks for your help.

A:Swap hard drive on identical PCs and retain all programs, and settings

As long as the mobo is the same it should maintain activation or reactivate if prompted. So I'd confirm that first.

There are other factors including HID and SID which may require reactivation if HD starts on its own. But you may get lucky. Swapping HD to the same exact model is nearly foolproof.

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My Nortan AV 2004 says I have QDow AS2.dll in my C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files folder. When I check it there appears the file is hidden, it does not show and I can't find it when searching for it. As well Nortan can't delete it, (Off course).

I ran Highjack This and it shows 'mysearchstart.com' as my default search for IE. I know this is not what I had in the past but I don't use this function much so... am not sure if this is easy to change or not. The HJT report is posted below showing the search site.

I have been usint Ad-Adware and Spy-Bot Search and Destroy with Tea-Timmer for quite a long time. They don't see this adware dll and indicte all is well.

The HJT report >>>log below<<<

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 9:53:07 PM, on 1/22/2005
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.50 (5.50.4134.0600)

Running processes:
C:\PROGRAM FIL... Read more

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Hi, so I just got my new Yoga 910, and wanted to change the settings so the F keys are default and me not needing to press Fn. I found a lot of posts on the forum, where people got it working by having the latest BIOS and Lenovo Settings app from the store. I have the exact same installed, latest bios and settings app. But my input setting screen is just empty, it shows three loading spinners when loading the inputs setting page, but then just goes empty. See attached screenshot.    Anyone else experiencing this? I have updated Windows and all the drivers, also tried uninstalling the settings app and reinstalling, but that did not help either. Hope someone can help.. -- Christian

lenovo-settings-input-empty.PNG ?31 KB

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There is a software which often changes the proxy settings so I decided to config the internet settings registry right to reject the proxy settings. But When I decided to delete this software and return the rights back, I suddenly found that I can not change
the proxy settings manually!
The detail is that I change the auto proxy url, to let my pc use a pac file and I don't want any softwares to change. However, when I decided to give the rights back and try to change the url back, it never success, and even the same when i'm sure I have
cleared this url in the whole registry, but it back, as it never changes!
I check the registry rights twice or more to make sure that the rights has given back, just like it originally should be. But it never works.
So the result is I have to clear and reinstall the WINDOWS 10 AGAIN!
Never should you save such information both in registry and somewhere I don't know! Or you should let these stuffs out of the ** registry!

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Is it possibly the Anniversary Update, which has blocked my possibilities to change the Lock Screen configuration? In Settings->Personalisation that whole option is greyed out today and I'm stuck with a lock screen, which I can't modify or change. Any help for this? Perhaps there is a registry change I could apply? I would be happy for any suggestion.

I've attached an image. My language is Swedish, but I guess that you will recognise the part of the Settings->Personalisation, which is shown.

Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone, thanks for looking.
Im running into a particular problem that I cant seem to find the reasons or the settings.

I watch HBO GO (i have a valid subscription) on my Windows 7 Home laptop and use an HDMI cable to connect my TV.

Scenerio 1:
If I leave the close the lid power option on hibernate, I must leave the laptop open and, when I connect the HDMI the TV, it becomes my monitor and I view as the monitor and watch anything full screen no problem.

Scenerio 2:
I change the power option on the lid close to "do nothing". When the HDMI cable is hooked up, if the laptop is open it uses the laptop display, if its closed it displays through the HDMI/TV. This is perfect and exactly what I want.
I can watch as the monitor no problem HOWEVER, if I choose full screen, I get gray borders and the "Full Screen" is not full and just centered.

I can not for the life of me figure out why and Im going crazy.
Does anyone know why the power option would have an effect on this and what settings I could change?

Many Thanks in Advance!!!


A:External display settings change when Power options change?

Check to see what resolution your laptop's display is at, what the external TV resolution is when you connect it to your laptop, and MAYBE what resolution the videos you're watching are. This just sounds like a resolution issue. If the TV is at a larger resolution than your laptop's resolution, change the TV's resolution to the size your laptop is at. Then try watching a video to see what happens. Hope this helps.

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Can a document hold its original formatting when it is downloaded, ie a resume?

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I'm trying to remove the System tool virus from my laptop. When I try to download the required files I get the message:Your current security setting do not allow this file to be downloaded. I've made every change to the settings that I can find and nothing allows the file to be downloaded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ddvmanEdit: Moved topic from Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Security settings preventing files from being downloaded

You may need to right click on the Desktop icons and select Run As Administrator.This is our GuidePlease follow our Removal Guide here Remove System Tool and SystemTool .You will move to the Automated Removal InstructionsAfter you completed that, post your scan log here,let me know how things are.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to include the top portion which shows MBAM's database version and your operating system.

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when i tried to download Artmoney (or anything els) this message pops up saying "your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" the only solution i can find is to change my custom security settings under internet options but that doesnt work and im still getting that message. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded

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Hi all, I'm new here and sure could use some help. Somehow I was infected with a nasty virus, but I think I managed to clean it up, or at least I think so. However, now I cannot do many things on my computer. I can't upload files to email, I can't change the wallpaper or screensaver on my computer, I can't open any .exe files, and most programs will not open.

I've tried many internet searches for these problems and tried to run various scans and registry fixes, but nothing seems to work. I'd really rather not use the repair install cd but I'm afraid I might have to.

So, it seems to me that files are corrupted and something is blocking me from using my computer. It is very frustrating and I could sure use your advice. Thank you.

A:Can't open most programs, upload files, change settings, or open .exe files

Oh and please don't ask me to download any .exe files, because I can't run them!!

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That is my problem as stated above.


A:Can't change am/pm in settings, update,change active hours.

Hello Henry,

You should be able to click/tap on the arrows above/below AM/PM, or click on AM or PM to select one like below.

Windows Update Active Hours - Change in Windows 10

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Two programs that I downloaded will not run when I want them to. Double-clicking on them does nothing, the computer shows a busy icon, works for a moment, then acts like nothing ever happened. Also, my comp has been locking up lately when running multiple Internet Explorer windows at the same time.

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Should I keep all these programs intalled??
Nir softshelle x View
Revo uninstaller

A:About downloaded programs!!

Were you having help at the Malware Removal Forum. If you are finished you can remove
TWEAKING.COM   (if this is the Repair all in one Program)
Nir softshelle x View
You can remove some of the programs with Delfix but only check the box "Remove Disinfection Tools" What it does not remove, you can delete manually.
What is the Auslogics program called?
What is the Ashampoo program called?
Is Revo Uninstaller the Free version or a trial version of Pro?

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Hello. I've got a few infections from use of too many injection tools it seems. I regularly use cheatengine and trainer tools though I scan all with VirusTotal (for single player only, I don't do multiplayer), and there are a few cracked software I've used (mostly to prevent annoying online requirements).
This is the first time I've been infected in ages, I am very careful with my security otherwise.
I am using Windows 10, 64 bit, non-secure legacy boot.
My systems policy settings are being modified, though I do not know how or by what user account. My upgrade settings have been restricted, I can no longer choose to join Insider Previews. My Windows Defender has been disabled, and the sliders for enabling it have been greyed out.
Further more I am discovering a lot of unwanted PUPs since the past 2 weeks.
Attached here are the logs for FRST.

A:Systems policy settings being modified and PUPs downloaded

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.=== 2013-08-22 18:25 - 2015-10-17 04:42 - 00910955 ____A C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\etc\hosts127.0.0.1 localhost0.0.0.0 lb.usemaxserver.deIt may not be a problem but I suggest your edit your Hosts file <- No extension. Just the first 2 lines like this. localhost0.0.0.0 lb.usemaxserver.deLeave the rest of the items alone.Save the file.p.s.The file may be hidden.Unhide files/folders Windows 7.How To:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/show-hidden-files#show-hidden-files=windows-7<<<>>>Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file. 


HKLM-x32\...\Run: [Syslog] => [X]
GroupPolicyScripts: Restriction <======= ATTENTION
GroupPolicyScripts\User: Restriction <======= ATTENTION
FF Plugin HKU\S-1-5-21-1706022009-467480661-867409634-1000: @tools.google.com/Google Update;version=3 -> C:\Users\blackroseblade\AppData\Local\Google\Update\\npGoogleUpdate3.dll [No File]
FF Plugin HKU\S-1-5-21-1706022009-467480661-867409634-1000: @tools.google.com/Google Update;version=9 -> C:\Users\blackros... Read more

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Recently, I have been getting a message saying "your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" and does not let me download the file.

Lately this has become a major issue for alot of internet users, because when i search it up on google, the number of questions are crazy.

Unfortunately, all the answers left to help the person never work for me. I have tried about everything, from lowering down my firewall, to trying to change my registry.

If this question has been asked many times before in this forum, I'm sorry to post another one,but for some reason the search button on the website was not working for me.

Since you guys have solved my problems before,i am counting on your for help again!

If you need more details,ask me anything, because the earlier this problem is over, the better.

A:Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded Popup

Try this and see if it helps. If it does you will have to decide if you want to disable the security that it gives you for the convenience of downloading what you want.

Go to your user settings and under the UAC (User Account Control) uncheck the box and I beleive you may have to reboot.
See if you still get the messages. If you do, then you may want to go back and select it again.

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Hi: I'm hoping anyone can help me with this annoyance. I've tried searching everywhere to find out what part of Windows Vista is responsible for this; and if there is anyway to disable it. The only thing l could locate was a JavaScript file that would run through a designated folder file by file and remove the block from that file's properties. While helpful as doing that task manually is very time-consuming, it still involves fighting the systemís automatic processes needlessly, in my opinion.
I've been running Windows Vista for over a year now, and do not recall ever needing this unblock process until a few months ago when trying to install an upgrade download file for Trend Micro's Virus Software. After unsuccessfully attempting install repeatedly, and even running install as administrator unsuccessfully, even though my profile is actually set as admin, I happened upon the file properties pane via Windows Explorer. In the attributes section of the general tab where normally the only things I've seen included those file attribute check boxes & a button labeled "advanced". Now, anything I download, whether off the internet, home network, or direct connection, has an attribute for security set to block. There is a button labeled unblock" and a text comment as follows: "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer."

Since finding this, and unblocking the file before using it... Read more

A:Solved: Downloaded files security block settings

Check out http://www.petri.co.il/unblock-files-windows-vista.htm

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Hello, i'm wondering if it is possible to change a open with option back to unknown application on some files. i accidentally clicked open with the picture opener and its stuck on it now. how can i revert this? step by step if possible.

Thank you.

A:How to change a file's open with program to when i first downloaded it

Go to Default Programs in Control Panel open it, select Set your Default Programs. First off you need to know the extension of this file you do not want any program to open, example, jpeg, gif..etc.. Select each program that can open this file and uncheck that extension for it, then would be back to unknown.

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I have both HP Photosmart Essentials and HP Photosmart Primier. I inadvertently checked for the Essentials to always open my photos, when I really want Primier. Where do I find that list of 'open with'? I have looked everywhere. Probably in the wrong places.
Thanks for whatever help you can give.

A:Solved: How to change the program downloaded photos goes to

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I use Firefox and I installed this add-on called Easy Youtube Video Downloader 1.1 . It works fine, but the file I downloaded (MP4) went to my AppData folder. I want to change the Folder path to something that is easier to access. So how do I change the Folder path for those particular files I downloaded off Youtube?

A:How do I change the Folder path of a downloaded file?

I just went to the site and looked at the screenshot off it, dood its pretty self expansionary, All u have to do is change the "Save As" location to wherever u want it to go on your HDD.

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AFTER I downloaded and ran all these programs I read on Bleeping Computer that I shouldn't be running more than one antivirus program on my computer. I also read that it's okay to run anti-malware and anti-spyware programs in conjunction with an antivirus program. So I started reading to figure out which antivirus programs I should delete. Many of them sound very similar. I don't know which to remove and which to keep.

My computer has Windows 7, it's 64-bit, and I already had McAfee on it. This is the overkill I downloaded and ran:

ARO 2011
AVG 2011
Catalyst Control Center
Glary Utilities
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Norton Security Scan
Revo Uninstaller
Window Registry Repair
WinUtilities Free Memory Optimizer
Wise Disk Cleaner
Wise Registry Cleaner

A:Downloaded too many anti- programs

At the risk of preempting the response of the BC team, I would suggest uninstalling any registry cleaner/optimizer. Benefits are minimal but there is the potential for serious problems.You are not specific about which Auslogics product you have. If it's their registry cleaner, see above, although I have used it without problems. If it's the disk defragger, keep it because it's outstanding (but is nothing to do with anti-malware). CCleaner is a class leading clean-up utility, so keep it, but just for disk clean-up, not registry cleaning. Malwarebytes is also excellent, as is revo uninstaller, but is not an anti-malware program, nor is Catalyst Control Center. I would uninstall everything else, particularly anything to do with scareware merchants Uniblue.AVG antivirus is no longer the stellar product it once was, having become bloated and heavy on resources, with mediocre detection rates to boot. I suggest you replace it with AVAST free. Avira was, until recently, my top free antivirus choice until their ASK toolbar affiliation.This would be my suggested list of products/ways to improve security:Avast free antivirusMalwarebytes Antimalware freeSuperAntispyware freeSecunia Personal Software Inspector (also ensure all older versions of products are removed) Add Web Of Trust (WOT) to your browserIf you're feeling a little more adventurous you may wish to install a better firewall than the built-in Windows one. COMODO INTERNET SECURITY free would be my choice. Do... Read more

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A while back I downloaded the Google Tool Bar, a relly useful little gizmo which sits under the IE Toolbar and enables Google searches without having to visit their site first. Yesterday, however, I was checking through my Downloaded Programs folder and saw that next to the Google Activate (which is the ActiveX control for the toolbar) was the comment Damaged, and it gave the size as None. Yet there it sits in IE performing all of its functions smoothly and quickly. What`s going on here? I`m loath to delete it or use the Update option, as I`m perfectly happy with it and don`t want to screw things up. Just puzzled.

A:Downloaded programs query

Hard to know what to make of it unless something doesn't work. I just took a look at mine and found that there were two identical "damaged", 0 byte, entries for Sun Java activex plugins, dated the day of my Opera6 install. However, although I don't use Opera6 much, I've tested the Java and so far have yet to see something not work. Moreover it appears these 0 byte files can still be "accessed" without generating an error message.

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I noticed about 2 weeks ago if I download any type of program or anything from the internet it gives me all the standard: run, save, cancel and all downloads fine. then when I click on the icon. . . nothing. So I thought, well lets save it, then load it. Still . . . nothing. I did a scan for adware and cleared all cookies. still. . . nothing. Please help!

A:downloaded programs won't work

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I have a new HP Windows 10 laptop. Obviously, only Internet Explorer and that new Microsoft Edge crap are the only browsers installed. I HATE IE, I always use CHROME. Well, neither of these browsers will let me install ANY programs I've downloaded. I've tried to download: GOOGLE CHROME, MOZILLA FIREFOX, AND AVG FREE. The downloads are in the download folder, but the installations fail everytime.

I've tried the following: disabled the included Norton antivirus (which I also hate), then uninstalled it completely. Turned off the firewall. Basically my computer is completely vulnerable. Restarted my computer several times.

Tried different versions of the downloads, for ex, when 64 bit didn't work, tried 32 bit.

NOTHING will install. Even you free SysInfo utility wouldn't finish downloading.

With AVG, I got through the installation, then got a "install failed" message.
with Chrome and Firefox, they just basically spin, and spin, and spin, saying they are installing and just sitting there. I even let one go all day and overnight to see how long it would just sit there and , yep, just sitting there spinning, saying in the download process.

Here is all the info I know to give you: Thanks for any help you can give me.


A:IE: won't install ANY downloaded programs

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I'm starting to download and pay for programs. I change computers often. Whats the best way to save these programs on a disc.
I heard one guy say that he puts them in one folder with the id code.
Is it true that after you install the program from the download folder, that you cannot copy it to disc?

A:Saving downloaded programs

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For the past 2 days I can't open various programs anymore. Examples; Limewire & Adobe Acrobat.
I get no error message, they just never open. Any ideas?


A:Can't open downloaded programs

Noting you mentioned Limewire, I'd say you've either got a viral infection already, or those files you downloaded are just viruses in disguise, and every time you run them you run the virus. Do you have a virus scanner installed? If not, you should get AVG and install it (when you've finished clearing your machine).

First job is to scan your pc with both of these free online scanners:
Panda ActiveScan
Housecall Be sure to put a check the box beside AutoClean.

Let us know what the results of the scans are.

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For the past 3 days I cannot install any programs. After I download a program I then click on the program and it starts to install until a window comes up and says i/e "failed to load Opera .DLL because the specified module could not be found"
The above is just an example but all the other programs tell me nearly the same thing.

Win 7
4GB mem
500GB HD

Thanks for any and all help


A:Cannot Install Downloaded Programs

Hi, sounds like windows installer is not starting, go to start, search and type:- services.msc (press enter), scroll to windows installer and make sure it is started.

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How do you get a list of downloaded files in XP Media Edition (standalone, not network using IE6), preferably without installing a separate program?

Thank you.

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I'm not sure if this is exactly the right post for this question, but here goes. After downloading a game, when I try to run it, sometimes a box pops up. "Which program would you like use to open this file?" Or something similar.
There is a list of programs, & a line below which says, "Always use this program to open this file?" There is a box with a check mark as a default setting beside it. Sometimes I may click on the wrong program, and because of the default check, I can't change it. I would like to know how to revert a program to its original form once this happens. I would also like to change the default setting of that check box. Any response is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

A:running downloaded programs

Find the file in question, single left click on it to highlight it, hold down the shift key and right click on the file. Now choose "Open With". Now select the correct program to use, be sure "Always use this program..." is selected and click on OK. That file type is now reassociated to open using that program you selected.

BTW, if your not sure what program to use, what are the file type/extension of the files you're trying to open.

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