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Solved: Move sum from subform to main form

Q: Solved: Move sum from subform to main form

Have an input form containing a subform. Subform is linked to main record via a unique registration #. Subform contains $ amounts that I want to sum and display on the main form. I've tried using expressions like "Forms![HowPaidSubform]![TotPaid]" on the main form, but all that displays is "#Name".

How can I do this?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Move sum from subform to main form

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A: Solved: Move sum from subform to main form

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I am using Windows 2003 with Access 2003. I have a main form that uses fields from a table that I would call the Master table, and this form has several tab pages in it. In this form the 2nd tabbed page uses a subform which displays data from a different table (I call it the Job Number table). I have linked these two tables with a one to many relationship. One of the fields in the Job Number table is named "Contract Amount". So each job record in the Job Number table tracks a separate Contract Amount value, but it is linked to the Master table through the one to many relationship. My goal is to sum all of the the Contract Amount values for each linked Master record and display that amount on my 1st tab.

I have created a subform that uses a sumquery which sums the Contract Amounts from the Job Number table. I tested the subform and the sum feature against the live data, and it does perform correctly. I then added that subform into my main form on the first tabbed page along with other fields on the same tab page. These other fields come from the Master table. In the Data Entry view, I can see a box where the subform should display, but the data doesn't display. What can I do to force the subform to display data along side the other fields from the Master Table?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Display subform in a main form with other fields from main form

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I have a Main form with 2 subforms. The first subform is in Dataview and the second is in single form view. I have a hidden field on the main form called txtscvid with control of =[Path subform].[Form].[SVCID]. On the 2nd subform I have Child=scvid and Master=txtscvid. I also have on the 1st subform the code for "on click" Me.Parent![Record subform2].Requery. Also, both subforms uses the same query. This all works fine as I cycle through the Main Form records. I can click on each record in subform1 and that record is displayed in subform2. However I also have a combo box on the Main form where I search the for orderid in the subform1. When I select the desired orderid in the dropdown, the subform1 displayed the desired records but the second subform disappears. What am I missing in the coding to make the combo search work correctly for the second subform?

Note: If I open my form and the first record that appears does not have any records for the the subform, and I do a search then the subform2 will never appear. But if I cycle to one that does and then close my form and reopen then the combo box works and displays my records with the subform2 at the bottom.

A:Solved: 2nd Subform won't display when using combo on Main form

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Hi all,

First I am trying to learn how to link a subform, sbfHoursAllowed which is supposed to input to two tables, to the main form frmEmployee so that the data in three tables will update at one time. Right now, only the main form update the main table and the other two are disconnected and do not update anything. So the record count in the main table is 4 and in the sbf 2 which stays the same.

I am using Access 2007 and if need be I can zip and post.

Any and all help greatly appreciated or does anyone know of existing db that tracks employee off time that I could leverage instead of reinventing the wheel?

A:Solved: Create subform and link to main form to update three tables

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I have an Access 2003 database that I'm currently working on. There is a main form (Parent) with a combo box and a subform (Child). I would like there to be a blank subform (ready to add, but I can still move through records) when moving through the mainform combobox. Each time I choose a parent from the combobox, the child subform will be blank and ready for me to add another child. I'm having trouble making this happen. If you need clarification, please let me know.

Thank You

A:Blank Subform for each main form.

Reyeslm, yes you would have trouble making that happen, as it not the "normal" way to present data, it will also make it more difficult for users to just view the data.
Basically you have to force the subform to go to a new record each time you make a selection on the Mainform Combo.
So in the Combo's After Update event procedure you need to add
Me.[subform name].SetFocus
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec
where subform name is the name of your subform that you mainform shows.

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I'm working on a Access 2003 database system. I have a main form (Parent Form) and Subform (Child Form) and another subform within a subform (check-IN). I would like to have a combobox on the subform so it can search by child rather then parent, but I would like the parent information to be updated to match the child when the child's name is selected in the combobox. It makes it easier to check-In the child each time they attend. Each parent, can have multiple children. I'm having trouble getting this accomplished.

Thank You

A:Combobox in Subform to work with main form

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I have Access 2003 and I'm trying to add a combobox in a subform that will populate not only the information in the subform (tblChild) but also the information in the main form. The database is used to track Children that will be attending a children's ministry. I have two tables- a table that has the childrens information, the second table has the parents information (Each parent can have multiple children). I would like a combobox that would look up by childs last name and childs First Name, and bring up the ones parents informations and the childs data. The combobox would be in the subform. I tried putting a combobox in the subform, but nothing would happen. Only the childs ID numbers would show up and even when I clecked on one of the numbers in the drop down, nothing would happen. Below is the code. Your help is greatly appriciated.
The properties for the subform combo:

SELECT tblChild.ChildID, tblChild.Childs_LastName, tblChild.Childs_FirstName, tblChild.ParentID FROM tblChild INNER JOIN tblParent ON tblChild.ParentID = tblParent.ParentID ORDER BY tblChild.Childs_LastName, tblChild.Childs_FirstName;

Air code for the Combobox18_AfterUpdate():
Private Sub Combo18_AfterUpdate()

Dim rstParent As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim rstChild As New ADODB.Recordset

'Try to navigate to the parent If a child has been selected
If Me.Combo18.Column(2) & "" <> "" Then
'Note the column property is zero based

Set rstParent = Forms(&qu... Read more

A:Combobox in Subform in Access- Populate main form too

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i have an invoice form [repair] with a subform [parttrrans].

In the subform i selectively total each type of part denoted in each record as a P,S, or R using the following and it works great.

on the main form i show at the bottom each total using:

=[PARTTRANS subform].Form!TPARTtot
=[PARTTRANS subform].Form!supplytot
=[PARTTRANS subform].Form!subtot

this works great also, even if there are no records for a particular type it shows "0.00" as long as there there is AT LEAST ONE RECORD OR MORE in the subform.

My problem is, when there are NO RECORDS for any parts. the
subform (sum(abs.....) controls show null, but the form controls {partrans subform}.Form..... show "# ERROR. I have tried everything , everywhere, IIF statements , NZ functions , IsNull functions all over the place. I cant get the main forms controls NOT to show #error ONLY when there are NO PART RECORDS. can anyone help me out ? Does this have somthing to do with usiing the ABS function in the control because ive never had this prob before. Thanks!

A:access subform total in main form prob

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Hello Everyone. We have Access 2003. I need to modify our current database.

Currently I have the following:

Contracts edit form - users can view (can't edit) already entered contracts but can add activity (contracts status subform) needed to that contract.
Contracts status subform - activity on a contract (as mentioned above).
This is a 1 to many relationship (1 contract many statuses).
On the contracts edit form, I can scroll through each contract one at a time.
Works fine until I put the subform on a tab control. The following is what happens:

When I scroll through to view each contract, if the contracts status subform has more than one row of information, the program scrolls through that number of rows before it moves to the next contract.
It appears to be reading from the contracts status form. It only does this when I use the tab control.

Can anyone advise me as to what I need to do to make this work properly? I don't want it to scroll through every row on the contracts status subform.

Thank you!

A:Main form scrolls all subform recs when using Tab Ctrl

Try setting the Mainform's "Cycle" Property to Current Record.

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I am building a new database and having diffliculty with filtering. I have a main form with a subform on it. On the main form i have a combobox that has values for different filters like Projects that are completed or In progress, etc. When selected, on the main form, it updates calculated fields. However, on the subform, it only shows 1 entry based on the filtering criteria even though for example "in progress" state has a total of 4 projects. So the main form calculations are correct but the subform is not updating correctly and only showing the first project for every filter.

Someone had mentioned using a split form. A split form does exactly what i want, filtering works, however all the columns of data are squeezed together so I am hoping the subform route is an option and just doing something wrong. I have researched adjusting column sizes for split forms, but everything i found says that is impossible.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

A:Access 2007 - Main form and subform filtering

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Hi, I have a form with a subform. On the main form, there is a study ID. In the subform, multiple health care encounters for that study ID can be entered. I would like to create a variable that numbers these health care encounters 1, 2, 3 etc... and this number starts over again for each study ID. Thanks for the help!

A:Access 2007: Manipulate autonumber in subform to reset for each main form

rossr, welcome to the Forum.
This can be achieved, but it requires VBA code to do so.
To help you I would need to know the names of the Main & Sub tables, the names of the Main & Sub Key fileds.

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Hi, I would like to display a message box when a total on a subform does not match a field in the main form.

I have a form (FormA) with a subform (SubformA)

I need to compare the total on subformA (located on SubForm A footer) with a field on FormA

I am entering a number on the subform and in the On Exit Event I entered me.requery to requery the data and update the total in the footer - then I entered the code to compare the two numbers

This is the code I am using (edited):

If [FormA field] <> [SubformA total] Then
Msgbox ("Amounts Do Not Equal")
End IF

The problem I am having is the refresh time of subformA footer - the field takes longer to refresh or requery (I tried both) and the message box displays even when the numbers are equal

Thanks in advance

A:Access 2007 Compare subform total with field on main form

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Hi –
My problem in Access 2007 is with the Openform command button; executed from a Subform’s subform. Ie. Command button is nested on third level. [RecommendationID]=[Forms]![x01aTRACKING]![xx00Issues]![tbl_Recommendation subform]![ID]
​The form opens fine for record/data already stored in the database. For new [tbl_Recommendation subform] data, the form which opens does not go to the corresponding [RecommendationID], instead opens a blank form. I can however enter in the desired [RecommendationID] label, to which it will populate with correct data - I’d like to avoid this step. Have tried
Requery after Openform in the OnClick event of the ‘Main form’, also tried Requery on the OnOpen event of the new form with no success. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: Access 2007: Subform subform button to open form

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I have a database for surplus material. As part of how it works a department surpluses material, single item or multiple items. So I broke the surplus into 2 parts. Surplus Transfer (SurplusTransfer_TBL) , where the surplus transfer is a unique number, and the second linked table is a listing (SurplusListing_TBL) of all the materials that may be on that transfer. The link is the transfer number but the primary key is the item number/counter (field name ItemID), autonumbered. As part of the transfer listing there is a field for a item status, ie. available, donated, salvaged, dumped, or missing. This field is a lookup to a ItemStatus_Table which contains only those values. The form and subform work fine these.

I then have donations. Broken into two tables. Donation Transfer (DonationTransfer_TBL) This table contains all the information on who the material is being transfered to. Primary key is the autonumber DonationID.

The second table is Donation Listing which lists all the material being donated. (DonationListing_TBL) It links to the DonationTransfer_TBL through the DonationID field. It uses a lookup to the SurplusListing_TBL to collect the ItemID and display the item description.

I have a form and subfrom. The main form fills in the DonationTransfer_TBL the subfrom fills in the DonationListing_TBL. This works fine and is a continuous form it works well.

I need to add another sub form to update the ItemStatus in the the table SurplusListing_TBL. I built a simple form wi... Read more

A:Solved: Form & Subform I need to add another subform

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I'm just a beginner with access 2003. I made a form (frmStudent) and nested in it a subform (subfrmStudentEvent). I want the combobox (cboEvent) in the subform shows only the events that matched the category for each student (based on cboCategory in main form frmStudent).

cboCategory is basing on cboGrade and cboGender (I did this succesfully). This the querybuilder for row source of cboCategory:

And this the query builder for row source of cboEvent:

I got this message when I open the frmStudent:

And please let me know how to make a code for after update event for cboCategory.

I really got stuck on this. I would like to address my appreciation and thanks in advance for any help.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Basing subform combobox based on main combo box

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Hi All,
I have 2 tables. OrderHeader and OrderDetails. The header table has the customer and order number info and the details table has the details. One header record can have 5 records in the details table. (5 stock items, despatch date and qty etc)

I then have a form with the header table and a sub form with the details info. I want to add a date in the header form and upon change of that field, I want all the date fields for each record in the details table/sub form to be updated to that same date.

Is this possible?

I hope I have made this clear.


A:Solved: Access Form/SubForm

Hello again Simon, you know it is.
You just want me to write it for you.

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I have a database with student info in it, studentID being the primary key. It includes information such as gender, grade, etc. I then have a table with studentID as the foreign key and information on test scores. The fields on that table are as follows: studentID, test, date, score, type. So each student can have different tests (math, writing, history) and the type is either pre or post.

I can easily make a form to enter the student info with a subform to add all the tests for a student. What I want to know is that since there are only a fixed number of tests a student can take, can I just make a text box for say the reading pre test date and reading pre test score and once those are filled in have it populate all the fields in the test table with the correct info?

I have a dummy database with examples of what I have and want that I can attach if that doesn't make sense. Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Solved: Access 03 Form/Subform Help

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Hello. Thanks in advance for any help that this forum can provide in solving this problem.

I have a form in access based on tblSubmissionTracker that has some comboboxs that allow a user to select predefined values for records to be updated to tblSubmissionTracker. This all works good.

The fields in tblSubmissionTracker are Country, Sector, Business, Report_Date, Submitted.

Inside the form, I have a subform, subfrmContactDisplay, that is based on tblContacts. subfrmContactDisplay is set to display the following fields from tblContacts: Country, Sector, Primary Contact, E-mail, and some others.

What I want to happen is each time a user enters a selection for country, business in the main form the subform shows the corresponding tblContact record for that country sector combination (each business is linked to a sector, and the sector populates in the main form via a list box linked to a query, which uses the business selected in the main form as a parameter). I also want to be able to edit fields in that record, should they need editing.

I've placed code on the change event of the business combobox to requery the sector list box and then requery the subform.

Through the process of building this I haven't been able to get it to work properly. I've tried playing with many of the options, but to no avail. Sometimes I get some parts working, other times, I don't. Right now, I have the mainform set to data entry and all edit options checked to yes (add, de... Read more

A:Solved: Data Entry Form with SubForm

It sounds like you may be over complicating it.
First of all if you set the mainform to Data Entry = yes it means you can only enter new records in it.
Second you should not need to requery the Subform if the Master/Child links are working correctly.
Can you post a zipped Access 2000-2003 version on here with some simple dummy data.
Or at least post a Screen Print of the Table Relationships and the Forms in design view.

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I am a newbie to this site, spotted some useful tips for which I am greatful. I would like some help with a requirement that I have.
I have an unbound form with two subsorms. One is a heirarchy that I use to put ID into an unbound text box on the main form. The hierarchy is based upon treeview.
In the 2nd sub form, I would like to load into it another form within based upon the ID on the main form.
The hierarchy displays a list of reports and queries (from a table which is just a lists all reports and queries ReportID,ReportTitle,FormName.)and a button puts the selected ReportID onto the main form. What I need now is two processes, 1. to extract the FormName from the record based upon the ReportId and 2. to open this Form within the subform window. Each report has its own form with filters and OK buttons. The OK buttons do the job of opening the report/query itself.

The principle sounds easy, but when your scripting is not your strong point, its not as easy as it seems.

Any advice please
Ever greatful.

A:Solved: MS Access (2007) Open a Form within a subform

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I need to view the addition of a value of on form [A] field name [A] and [Asubform] field how do I accomplish this?

A:Solved: Access: Adding values of Form and Subform

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I have an Access form that contains a subform. The main form only has a combo box. The subform only contains a list box.

When the user selects a group name from the combobox, the listbox is populated with the user name(s) associated with the group.

There is one group I would like for the combobox not to display. I have that working fine.

The problem is that when I open the form, the user name(s) in the list box is associated with the group name that is not displayed in the combo box.

How can I keep the user name from appearing in the listbox?

A:Solved: Access Form w/ Subform (Combobox & Listbox)

Here is the solution provided by OBP....

Have a simple join between the Group table and the Recipients table instead of the current One to Many with referential Integrity. By removing the referential Integrity you remove the need to have something in the Listbox.
Click to expand...

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I am trying to make part of my Access form look like Excel (I know but they made me do it). I need the total line on the bottom and I need the ability to scroll far to the right for additional data.

I have used a split form on a tabbed subform. It actually works except for one thing. The subform goes back to form view when I close and reopen. I can right click and select datasheet view and it will be back like I want it but I can't make it stay on datasheet. I don't mind right clicking every time I open it but I could never get all the differerent users I have to understand that.

I have disallowed form view in the properties and made datasheet view the only option but it isn't taking. I'm attaching screenshots. If there is any other way I can make this work I'll try it, but better yet. I want to make it work like I have it. I'm so close to finishing this...

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I have a subform with information drawn from a query. The main form will have multiple entries on each day. The query is based on the date entered in the form so that as new entries are made on the main form, all of the entries with the same date show up in the subform. Right now, the subform updates after the record is completed, but I would like for it to update as soon as I enter the date. How do I do that?

A:Solved: Access - Subform update as soon as criteria entered in form

In the Date Field's After Update event procedure try putting
where subfromname is the actual name of your sub form.

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Access 2007.

Main form works

Subform works

When I drop the subform into the main form they aren't linking.

Now I know this is a relationship issue. Everything was working fine until I had to update the subform and then put it in the main form again.

I am dead positive this is a master-child issue but I don't recall how I corrected it before.

A:Solved: Access Data - Form With Subform -Master-Chjild

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Access 2007

I have a form and a subform. I would like to create a text box in the form that I can search in the subform.

Form Name: FamilyNameForm
Subform Name: PatientNameForm
Field I want to search in Subform: LastNameFM

Any ideas how to create this?

A:Solved: Access 2007 Create Search Box in Form for Subform

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Hi guys, I appreciate all the help that I got from this excellent forum. I have anew problem. As mentioned before, im using access I have a main form and two subform connected through acommon field. My question is as follows:

When in first entry all are fine in terms of tab seq. But when I tried a new record,after entering the main data form, the curser should go to first field of the subform, but instead it goes to the last field that had been used in the previous entry. It would only goes to the first field if I close the database and call it new.

How can I make the curser to go to the first field of the subform at all times when enteringnew record without to close and open the database.
Appreciate you help always

A:tab seq from main to subform.

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I want to create a form in a sort inbox style so i ahve a list of records at the top in a datasheet and then by clicking on the list the details should show up in colunmar view below.

Sound simple its not.

I can get it to work the other way round by having a datasheet subform in my main form but thats not much use.

What i need to do is to somehow reverse how the form subform relationship works.

Any ideas?

A:Access: Form with subform datasheet. Selecting record on datasheet shows in form.

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I have my form set up so that once the user enters data in the last field of the main form, focus moves to the first field of the subform. When the user tabs from the last field of the subform, focus is set on the first field of the subform instead of moving back to the first record of the Main form. This is because data in the fields in the Main form will be the same for multiple records in the subform and this speeds data entry.

I solved several problems thanks to the the help of "OBP" in this forum, but discovered that I've got 1 more:

The data in my main form is only saving in the underlying table for the 1st record that is entered. Once the user tabs from the last field of the subform to the first field a new record in the subform those fields are saved in the table, but not the corresponding fields in the Main form. (Very confusing but attached visual of my form and table should help).

I have set the fields in the Main form to copy to the next record, but they are not saving to the table.

Thank you for your help

A:Solved: Ac2007 Main Form Data Not Saved in Table

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I have a form and a subform, the subform shows the data that is entered from the form in a data sheet view. The form and subform are linked by the job number so the subform only shows the data for the current job.

My problem is that after the entry person closes the form and decides that they need to add more entries. Access defaults to the first record. I need it to default to new record. I set the form open properties to this:

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
DoCmd.GoToRecord acForm, "TimeSheetData", acNewRec
DoCmd.GoToControl "[WeekEnding]"
End Sub

So the form does open ready to start a new record but once the entry person enters the job number the subform fills with the previous time data, which in itself is not a problem but Access puts the focus on the first record of the time sheet instead of the new record.

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

A:Form/Subform Question

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I am trying to update records in a table. TableA has 65 records. TableB has 1000 records. The key field from TableB is kept in TableA. I sequentially want to update every record in TableB with the same values from TableA until I reach the next key field in TableA. Here is the code I have written so far. I am trying to figure out how to sequentially read through TableB and update the appropriate fields. I set up a command button on a form based on TableB with a subform of TableA. When I try to specify the acnext command it does not recognize the table name. Can anyone help me?

DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext 'this is for TableB and works fine
holdproduct = Expr2.Value
holdmarket = Expr1.Value
holdid = ID.Value
Do Until holdid = [TableA subform].Form![ID] 'this shows right values in debugger
DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataTable, TableA ****this is where I bomb out with can't recognize the object

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Form/Subform Table Update

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I have finally worked out the form structure, but cannot see who to link it all together. The structure of the form

Main: Players
Subform: Week number
Subform within subform: Game selection
For each week, each player is allowed to make multiple selections from games and enter a stake, but i can not work out ehat else I need the the subform within subform to make it work for each player – can anyone see what it is?

A:Solved: Access subform within subform design/ link fields

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I am experienced in Access, but am writing my first Access web application. I have a Company table (primary key is [ID]) and a related Contacts table (foreign key into Company is [CompanyID]. I'm trying to list the contacts for a company on the company form, either as a subform or a list box, but I can't make it synchronize. It always shows all contacts, not just those for the current company.

I've tried using a where clause (not allowed on the web) and TempVars, but nothing seems to work. I'm going to face this problem extensively in this app, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Synchronizing a subform in an Access 2010 web-based form

Irish2879, welcome to the forum.
I know nothing about Web based applications.
But I may be able to offer some Problem Solving Guidance.
I assume from what you say that Master/Child links are not allowed on the web based versions of main/sub forms?
Can Access read the current record selected on the Main form?
If so you could have a query using a criteria filter to filter the subform records.
Can you manipulate the Subform using VBA code from Access?

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I need to create a subform with about 5 tabs that will display a variety of information gathered from a number of queries and tables, within each tab. If it is not possible, please tell me, but I had such marvelous luck with my first question, I have faith that I'll get something usable for this one. Please help.



A:Microsoft Access: Create a tabbed subform within another form

Gotta take my advice with a little trepidation, girl.

I just checked this out.

Make a (main) form.
From the control toolbox, pick and draw a tabbed control on your form. It's got tabs, right? Make the control big enough to hold your first tabbed page of data.
Save your form.
Now, make form2 with the info you want on it.
Close that form.
Open main form w/forms list showing in the background.
Grab form2's NAME and drag it onto the tabbed page.

Do the same for other tabs.

That should get you started, but I can never figure out how to change the source data, or to make the data in this tabbed page match the right record you might be looking at in the main form.

Another trick that'll prolly work (maybe better yet):

Make a form with all the fields you want. THEN, created the tabbed pages with the control and drag the fields from your form into your tabbed control? I'm thinking that'll work...

Read this for a bit of info too:

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I am certain that this is easy for someone - not me. My existing application is broken. The fellow who created it is long gone. I can supply data, written summary and screen shots of how it all used to work. There is only one table having 10 fields and 51999 records. I understand that the data is not normalized and that there is a better way to accomplish the result. I have what I inherited. I fully intend to create something better but I am in a pinch. I need to get something working now so that the data can be used. The purpose of TaskList is to create a list of tasks, set a daily schedule for the tasks, reschedule if necessary keeping the original task data, and print a daily report for any single selected day.

The user interface is a form that shows the TaskDate field. The form needs open with today's date - two buttons to the right - one increments the date by one day, the other by one week - same to the left of the date that will decrement. There is a calendar button to the right that allows date selection.

This main form has a subform (datasheet type) that shows the task data fields for the date selected - each task on one line. The main form includes separate buttons for -providing a new blank line at the end of the datasheet to add a new task -a button to delete - a button to defer the selected task to a later date - a button to print the task details for the date selected.

A:Access 2003 Project - Form and subform / same table

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I have a form with several tabbed subforms. Several of the subforms are for gathering peoples names and information (lastname, firstname etc.) the forms are named for the persons role (reporting party, complainant, victim, etc.)

How can I post information entered into one subform if a check box is selected? (reporting party = complainant)

I am trying to eliminate repetitive entries but have to duplicate information across tables.
XP / Access 2003

A:Solved: subform to subform conditional post

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I though this would be simple but searches have not worked. here is my code from the caling form:

Private Sub BD_stuff_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_BD_stuff_Click
Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String
stLinkCriteria = CurrentRecord
stDocName = "RFIsBD_stuff"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_BD_stuff_Click
End Sub

I thought defining the "stLinkCriteria" would work but it did not. I've tried severa other things from on line searches but nothing has worked the subform always is opened to the 1st record.

A:Open subform that has the current record of calling form at opening

I don't understand the context for this question. Searching this forum, from your hard drive, from an application?

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I am still trying to get to grips with Access 2007 - there's a lot more than cosmetic changes!!Here's my conundrum....I have a form with a subform in it and that subform has a subform in it (nested subform).Main form Name: frmEngineerSubform 1 Name: joinTasksEmployeeSubform (joined to Main form by EmpID)Subform 2 Name: joinTaskServersSubform (joined to Subform 1 by TaskID)I would like to create a command button (or an event procedure) to open up another form called frmServer (which also has a subform called frmNote joined by ServerID).I would like frmServer to open and show the record (will be singular) for the selected server (and in turn display all the notes associated with it in the subform) I've tried a number of things and can't seem to get it right - have started climbing the walls! Any ideas? Will be much appreciated - have wasted almost a week on this!

A:Access 2007 - Open a form from a subform (filter records)

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My database is used to complete reviews (evaluations) typically done monthly. My parent form hosts info such as the who's being evaluated, the Review ID, the reviewer's name etc.
The 5 child forms each have the same fields but capture the questions we answer during our evaluation.
Since there are about 50 questions total, it's rare that a reviewer will start and complete a review in one sitting. I have my database working now so that my 5 child forms have drop down menus to select their corresponding questions, and allow the reviewer to enter the score and comments. Everything then cascades up to the info on the parent form and all is good.
My problem is that when I close and re-open my parent form - the child records are no longer visible for that given parent record. They are saved in the correct table, however there's no way for the reviewer to know which questions have been answered and which remain. I would like all the records to be visible every time the form is opened.
I've set my Indexed field to Yes-No Duplicates, so I do get a pop up message if a duplicate is created, but it leaves the reviewer guessing what's been done and what hasn't.
How can I make the existing records visible when the form is opened?
And better yet, can I write a macro or code to automatically create the record for each of the questions I have to answer, leaving just the score and comment fields to be filled? (all other fields already auto-fill when the quest... Read more

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Hi all,

Here's one that's got me vexed.

Is there a way to select a row in a continuous form and do a "Move up" or "Move Down" so that it not only moves the record on the form but also shows this resequencing in the ouput report.

Currently the row source is an SQL query from a table.


A:Access 2003: Move Up / Move Down in a form

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OK, I am an advanced computer user, but just began using MS Access for management of my company's database, and it is bafflingly complex with all of its possible functions!! I know that what I need to do is NOT hard, but I just do not have the experience or resources to do this quickly... I need an experienced user's COMPLETE DIRECTIONS and all info/formulas that will be necessary.

My co.'s director of Marketing NEEDS ME to implement the following ideas into our Access DB of 3000 people.

What we already have working are a basic Form and Table that have a variety of standard client data: e.g., Names/Addresses/Phone #'s, etc, etc.

We are a market research firm, and work with clients on different types of projects. We rate the person's level of quality interaction with us on a scale of 1-5. We have a field now on our Form and in our Table that is called "Projects."

The problem is that the rating we have displayed is simply THE LAST RATING that we gave them on the single last project...

What he needs me to do is link this Project field FOR EVERY PERSON of our 3000 person DB to Another form or table that can show a list of ALL projects we have done with them where we can rate their interaction on EACH project separately. Ultimately, he wants the Original Table to display a MEAN AVERAGE rating of ALL the projects that we have worked with them in the past.

I believe this has to be done through relational DB design... One problem that I f... Read more

A:Access: How to link form to subform that averages ratings on diff projects / person?

JOsh, Access is smart enough and versatile enough to do all that you need. It just needs the correct table/relationship design.

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I have 2 buttons, New Record and Duplicate. When these buttons are clicked on, I want the cursor to move to the Employee ID field after executing the command. Can anyone help please? If it is just a bit of code can you tell me exactly where to put it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Solved: Move cursor to required field when form is complete, access 2007

Solved this myself. I created a macro at the end of the Buttons Embedded Macro 'On Clilck' event. Macro:

GoToControl cbotextboxname

Works like a charm.

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Hi there,

Im looking for a way to add a few items to the MAIN / FIRST context menu that pops up when right clicking an object.
I know theres plenty of apps that will let you do this, but they all place everything in there own little drop down in the context menu.

Like file menu tools, shell toys, etc.
They always end up just like the "send to" menu...drop downs and slide outs.
Which is great and all, but im just looking for a way to cut out using a drop down / slideout menu.
The items i would like to add to the context menu would be in the very first context menu that pops up.

Basically this....where it says "move to" in the main context menu, I want another option to " move to sync".
The same goes for the "copy to" option.

G:\SYNC will be the target folder most likely.

Picture attached of what im looking to do. (its not real text, i made it up in paint.)

I got my context menu all cleaned up...now if i could actually ADD items to the main context menu...

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

A:Solved: Add "move to X" to main part of context menu

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I recently installed XP on a partition from my C:/ drive.
I gave XP 150GB space, but now as I have installed all the programs and games on it, I dont wanna reinstall it.

Is there a way to formate my C drive, and transfer my XP (G:/) to C:/ and still get a boot?

A:Move OS from HD partition to main?

Can you please post a screenshot of your full Disk management map, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attach file using paper clip in reply box.

Also be very specific as to what you want to accomplish so we can advise you the steps to take.

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I got a second internal HDD for my computer as I keep a lot of movies/tv shows on my computer and my main hard drive was getting full. My new 3TB HDD was working great for months now, never really had any trouble until recently out of nowhere.

When moving files to the second hd, it'd freeze up completely to the point where I have to force restart the PC. I've downloaded a program called RichCopy which seems to work a bit, but it's random. Sometimes it'll move one file perfectly, then stop working, sometimes I'll get a bunch before the second hard drive seems to just decide it doesn't want to work any more.

I've done a dskchk on the SATA for hours and got impatient and ended it. I've tried again a couple times and EVERY time it gets stuck on stage 4 at the exact same file. I'm just wondering if it is encountering a problem on this certain file, and it could just take a really long time to resolve or if I'm going about this problem completely the wrong way.

Appreciate any help I can get as I don't know how to go about fixing anything PC related!
Will provide any information necessary to hopefully lead to a fix.


A:Can't move files from main HD to SATA

Chkdsk|Check Disk|How to Understand and Use in Windows XP
Although it's information for winxp, it's the same for win7. Stage 1 to 3 went fine?
stage doesn't list files as far as I know!(?)
Step 4 displays errors always at same blocks? Only a small range?
Step 5 displays error messages?

Is it a western digital disk, a seagate disk or.....?

Phases 4 and 5: Checking sectors (optional)

If the /R switch is in effect, Chkdsk runs two more passes to look for bad sectors. During stage 4, Chkdsk verifies all clusters in use; during stage 5, Chkdsk verifies unused clusters. Note that this process can be quite lengthy. taking many hours.

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ok guys i need some major help on this one.

I have a main form with 2 subforms in it. (subform1 and subform2)
Both Subforms have 3 columns (Initial, Date, Notes)

Now on the main form i have a button. I like that when i click the button to filter the subform like this:
* Filter by initial and then apply a date filter (yesterdays time) on top of that.

So for example.. If i have a button that says John. I need the button to filter the initial column on the subform to John and then the date to yesterday. So i can see yesterdays notes for john.

Please help. Thank you very much as always.

A:Access 2007 filter subforms from main form.

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I am the IT intern at the North Carolina Zoo in their Systems and Networks Dept. and I am trying to fix a database (MS Access 2003) used for the Rangers. My background is in java, javascript, and html, and I am a newb in those 3. however, I have never used or seen visual basic.

I am attempting to get a combo box to show a certain list based off another combo box (ridiculously easy concept + psuedo code) and i have been successful in getting the sub query of the combo box to work with the other combo box.

The first combo box is named: Incident and the combo box dependent on the incident box is named: Categorized Incident. But when I attempt to select a certain item from the 1st combo box in the main form, it is asking for me to: enter a parameter value. And in the pop-up it says:

Forms!Communications Incident Log!category
[_____text box here____]

Communications Incident Log is the name of the form.

Any help with why the combo box dependency works in the subquery by itself but not in the main form would be super helpful.

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