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Cannot install Windows 7 on Dell OptiPlex 7040

Q: Cannot install Windows 7 on Dell OptiPlex 7040

I bought OptiPlex 7040 module which had Windows 10 Korean version 1 weeks ago. I want to install Windows 7 but it seems to be not work.
My computer has SSD and HDD. When the installation starts, I cannot find the SSD, therefore I select the HDD for installing Windows 7. (I already try this guide en.community.dell.com/.../19669861 but it is not work)
However, the installation process run few seconds and it stop after rebooting.
Could you please tell me how to fix this problem? Thank you

Preferred Solution: Cannot install Windows 7 on Dell OptiPlex 7040

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot install Windows 7 on Dell OptiPlex 7040

tuynguyen,You can click the link below and choose install option 3 to install Windows 7. You can also do a google search for many links to downgrade to Windows 7.How to install Windows 7 on OptiPlex 7040 Downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7

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We got a new Dell OptiPlex 7040 with Windows 7 Pro SP1. When checking for updates it keeps going and going and going and going. There are no messages about installing new updates or messages about there's no updates.Please advise.Thanks.

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I just bought a new 7040 SFF. Did not notice that it came with Win 7 on the (only) PCIe 256GB SSD on the system.
What I did was I put my old data Seagate HDD (SATA) into the spare 3.5" bay, pop the Dell supplied Win 10 DVD in and restart, chose reset PC thinking it will be onto the SSD.
How stupid I was, it installed Win 10 onto that 1.5TB Seagate drive.
So then I removed the Seagate drive. The system then restart back to Win 7 on SSD drive.
I shut down, pop Win 10 DVD in, change BIOS to UEFI this time. Restart the PC to DVD boot.
But it cannot install Win 10 this time (onto the SSD)
If I choose Recover from a Drive. It says Unable to reset your PC. The system drive cannot be found
If I choose Rest this PC. It says: Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing
I went on online chat support but the guy didnt have a clue so technician will come with a new DVD and a new SSD (which I dont think was the problem as Win 7 runs just fine).
But I hope I can get some advice here and sort it out before anyone comes which will take at least 2 days.

I came across this article but still not solved. I disable all SATA sockets, except the DVD drive as it must be on in order to read the DVD!

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I have purchased Samsung EVO 960 NVMe M.2 for my OptiPlex 7040 SFF, its working fine but the problem is I cant seem to find the screw that will secure the SSD card to the system board. Is it placed somewhere else? Where can I get it? Is it not really included and it should be purchased?

A:Dell OptiPlex 7040 SFF screw for M.2?

It won't be there if the system was ordered without an M.2 drive -- it's an M2 X 2.5 screw that most computer shops should have for sale.

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums. I have a new Dell Optiplex 7040 tower and have connected two monitors to the DP video connections in the back. Yes, I have two separate DVI cables into the adapter. (Second came all the way from China).  I'm getting a signal and picture from the primary monitor but no signal from the second monitor.
I looked at the BIOS settings but saw nothing there.
I'm using Windows 7 OS.
Can someone point me to the right place or command for the desktop to "see" and second monitor?

A:Dell Optiplex 7040 and Dual Monitor

Which form factor, mini-tower, small form or micro?
If you have an add-in video card, do you know if it supports 2 DVI monitors at the same time?
Look in BIOS setup for an "Intel Multi Display" option and Enable it. Manual doesn't show BIOS screens so I don't know if this option actually exists.
Have you gone to the Windows 7 Display settings screen and clicked the Detect button to see if it will detect the second monitor?
Keep in mind if you have an add-in video card, the onboard video ports will be automatically disabled so you can only use the ports on the add-in card (unless there's an Intel Multi Display option in BIOS).
What other ports does the PC have (on the add-in card)? Have you tried using one of those with the second monitor, assuming that monitor supports other inputs, such as VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort?

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I have a dell OptiPlex 7040 micro with a defective fan. Does anyone knows the replacement part number that I would need to buy and also any recommendations on where to buy it?

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I intend to purchase optiplex 7040 MT for gaming purpose. So I would like to know:
1. Does the motherboard have standard CPU and motherboard power connectors or proprietary ones?
2.  Is it possible to replace the stock PSU with a cooler master extreme power plus 600W? If no, then what size /kind of PSU will fit there?
3. Is it possible to fit a gtx 1080 in there?

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     Does anyone know when Dell will put out the BIOS FIX for this machine? They already did for the 7050 and the 7440aio and similar models back in June/First Week but not the 7040s running 6th gen same processors?
According to the news, for 6th gen it should already be available from the oems, and for now, disable the hyper-threading in the bios but that makes it WORSE running at 0.87 etc. Needs updated for the 7040s.

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Hello. Bellow, you have a link with from a picture with what error show up on my screen.
 I bought this pc from SH and was with w10 on it. I keep using that win when suddenly, 2 nights ago that error show up on my screen.I need help if someone can give a hand. I can't do anything because the pc keeps restarting and that error is still there... I tried to format my windows 10 with a new W7 and I don't know how. I can't find the partitions, is not show me. And I don't know how to boot an SSD. Thx and o hope someone can find me an answer.

A:HI. I have a problem wiht my dell desktop optiplex-7040 service tag:6NTL8D2

Ship date: May 05, 2016 Country: United Kingdom
Your model does not support windows 7
BCD errors indicate you turned it off when it told you not to.
You will have to have win10 boot media to fix this.

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We have had a handful of Dell 7040SFF monitor issues. The user will be in the middle of something-online, email, reading documents and their monitor or monitors will go completely black for about 30 seconds. 
Windows 7, 64-bit, 8 GB ram, Intel i5-6500 CPU
I have updated the bios, chipset, and installed the video display drivers and control panel. We have Dell monitor P2014H Flat Panel. 
I even went so far to have a user's motherboard replaced. STILL that did not fix the issue. 
This investigator with the issue(we are the sheriff's office) figured out the problem...
His 800 MHz police portable radio was the problem. If that radio is less than 4 ft away from the 7040 the monitors do not blank-out. So fortunately that is an easy fix.

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I purchased an optiplex with a "downgrade" to windows 7 pro.  It came with the media to upgrade to windows 10 via DVD.  I have followed all of the instructions to change to UEFI boot and now i am stuck... ALL of the instructions say to boot to the UEFI CD and then click "Recover from Drive".  On this pc there is NO recover from drive option.  Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong??

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Purchased an Optiplex 7040 for a client in need of a POS system. Installed a video card, 2 x Samsung 500GB SSD's in RAID1, Windows 7 Pro and Dell drivers. The machine was returned to me a total of 3 times because of random freezes, no response from keyboard, mouse or power button. Passed all diagnostics.  Replaced the video card, memory and drives. Finally had Dell replace the motherboard yesterday. Clean install of Windows 7 on a single SSD, installed drivers and left it running all night (power settings changed to not allow sleep). System was frozen this morning. The PSU and CPU are to only two components not replaced. I'm going to try installing Windows 10 next.
The machine is long past the 30 return window. I've given the customer a new computer, now I'm stuck with a $1000 POS that isn't working right.
Thoughts or ideas?

A:Optiplex 7040 Windows 7 system freeze

Have you checked in Device Manager to make sure the Power Management tabs for each of your USB root hubs and Human Interface Devices that have a Power Management tab, are not set to "Allow PC to turn off..."?
Have you disabled USB Selective Suspend on the Advanced Options screen in your Power plan?
This is a family friendly forum so we can do without your urban dictionary comments...

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WDS on Windows Server 2012 R2 has been working fine for me until now. We recently received a bunch of Dell Optiplex 7040  MT and we have been unable to boot from network (WDS) on it.When I try to boot from it's Onboard NIC, after a few seconds it throws an error:PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.I have tried to boot in UEFI Mode too but the results are same.Any type of help would be really appreciated.

A:WDS error PXE-E61 Media Test Failure Error on Dell Optiplex 7040

PXE-61 media test failure means there isn't even link status let alone an actual network to boot from.
Cat6 cable is required.

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I tried to make a clean Windows 7 Installation on an OptiPlex 7040 but no hard disk is found.
I already mounted the boot.wim and install.wim and installed the latest storage driver.
I changed the BIOS Setting from Raid to AHCi. Still the same error.
Can someone please help me.
Many thanks.

A:Installing Windows 7 OptiPlex 7040 - No Hard Disk

Hi Claus,
Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly click on the link below which would help you .

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I'm using MDT to deploy a custom image of Windows 7 to an OptiPlex 7040 with an NVMe SSD. The imaging process goes fine until the first reboot. Windows fails to load and gets stuck in a reboot loop. I know this is because of incompatibility between Windows 7 and the Skylake/Braswell chipset and the drive. I tried injecting the Microsoft patches for Windows 7 and NVMe drives with DISM, but that didn't work. MDT has the latest drivers for the 7040 that are available on Dell's deployment site. I followed the procedure here:
The problem with that is the chipset drivers from Dell extract to an executable, not driver files I can use to inject into the WIM file. I have the USB3 drivers, just need the ones for the chipset. Maybe that will help. Has anyone else come across a solution to this?

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I understand the OptiPlex 7040 having Intel's Skylake chipset running Windows 7 32bt will show a reduced amount of useable memory. I have applied the latest BIOS updater which states it will increase this which it does but not by very much.
Is there any way to increase this further?

A:OptiPlex 7040 Windows 7 32bit Memory Allocation

No.    32 bit limits haven't changed in over 20 years.
The 4 Gig Chunk broken up by 512 to 1 Gig memory/IO map goes back to the 386 processor and windows NT.

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I have tried two different Bluetooth dongles for USB. After 1 day they shut down. I've prevented the computer from turning them off in power management. I get this message in Device Manager =
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
The only way to resolve is to pull out the dongle and re-install. And sometimes that takes several tries. Am I better off with an internal Bluetooth card?

A:Optiplex 7040 SFF, Windows 10, Problems with Bluetooth USB dongles

What specific make/model of "Bluetooth dongles for USB"?
Did you test both dongles on every front and rear USB port?

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My dell optiplex 740 will open windows ,so before this happened,i install windows 7 home premium instead of windows 7 professional.When it didn't install properly,my windows will not open after i restart my PC it keeps saying  The computer restart unexpectedly  or encountered an error.Windows installation cannot proceed.To install windows,click "OK"to restart the computer,and then restart the installation.this message keeps repeating itself every time i boot my pc up.I try to reset my PC factory settings,but it wouldn't work,do i need  to buy a Dell recovery disk to get my PC running?

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I've been salivating at the idea on installing W 8-64 Pro on a Dell Optiplex 755 at work. But a sudden reality check came over me & I realize Windows 8 doesn't necessarily work on older machines. The Dell is a Vista era machine. So maybe W 7-64 Pro would be a better choice?

Obviously I should call Dell. But I am hoping someone on these forums might have some experience with the machine in question.

A Google search returned a lot of questions about installing Windows 7 which made me realize W 7 must had been a challenge 3 years ago.

A:Install Windows 8-64 on Dell Optiplex?

I run Windows 8 32 bit on a gx755 at work...as it only has 2gb of ram. Everything worked just fine right out of the box, no Dell drivers needed. This is my primary Windows 8 machine.

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I have been working to enable the Watch Dog Timer for use on our buisnesses Dell Optiplex 7040 desktops. A link to the software and relevant supported machines found below.http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=KT71K&fileId=3546948969&osCode=WT64A&productCode=optiplex-7040-desktop&languageCode=en&categoryId=AP
I have had no success with locating the Watch Dog Timer setting in the BIOS of our 7040s that enables and disables the Watch Dog Timer. Is there a reason as to why I cannot find it? No amoung of searching around the web has helped me thus far so hopefully someone from Dell can help me here.

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Optiplex 7040's were supposed to ship with Windows 10. They have Windows 7 on them.
First issue, the DVD that comes with the Optiplex 7040 does not work. I've tried the different BIOS settings, doesn't matter. I've tried every option on the DVD, never get an option to install Windows 10. Every option takes me to reset or restore Windows 10.
Is this the correct DVD? What's up with this?
I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO, and installed Windows 10 with no issues, other than now I need a license key. I worked through an online chat with Microsoft to verify the product key, and from that computer I made an image to push down to the others.  Hopefully I will not have any licensing issues on these computers in the future. 
By Microsoft definition of "You bought a new device running Windows 10," there should be an assigned "Product key." --> Pre–installed on your device, included with the device packaging, or included as a card or on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached to the device."
Does Dell issue a product key for Windows 10? 
I've never seen one on any Dell documentation. On the Dell Optiplex 9020's there is a sticker on them that says "Windows 7 Pro" and it has a product key. 
On the new Optiplex 7040's (that are supposed to be licensed for Windows 10) there is no such sticker. No Windows 7 or Windows 10 license key. 

A:Windows 10 on Optiplex 7040: Windows 7 is installed and Windows 10 DVD does not work.

Nobody issues a key for 8 or 10 its in the bios.
There should be a Windows Genuine label that says Windows or PRO windows.

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We ordered and received 4 new OptiPlex 7440 AIO All-in-One computers without Windows installed - only Ubantu is installed.  The desktops do not have a built-in optical drive.  I get the following error message when I try to install Windows 7: "A required CD\DVD drive device driver is missing.”  I tried using an external optical drive and USB boot device to install.  I am also plugged into the USB 2.0 ports and not the USB 3.0.  I tried many of the suggestions Google has provided me, but none of them are working.  I'd appreciate any help.
FYI, I called Dell Support twice about this issue.  The first technician hung up on me when he realized he didn't know what to do to help and the second technician said I had to pay $89 for help.  When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she hung up on me. Since Dell likes to rudely hang up on their loyal customers, I'm hoping the community will be more helpful.

A:Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO - Will not install Windows 7 Professional

I figured this out.  I added the necessary drivers to the boot file and I was able to install windows.

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Recently bought a second hand Optiplex 755 which the previous owner had for some reason disk park cleaned the HDD and so couldn't get it back to working order and sold it to myself...

So trying to install Windows 7 it asks to put in driver disc or something to install necessary drivers to install Windows 7, so i've downloaded and burned to disc what i believe are the right drivers... 
www . dell . com /support/home/us/en/19/product-support/servicetag/dfx2k3j/drivers/advanced
(Remove spaces to follow link, not sure if it was posting properly)When inserting driver disc as asked it has a window appear with the message,
"No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK."

As far as i can tell ive got the correct drivers but i am getting nowhere.

A:Dell Optiplex 755 drivers not working trying to fresh install Windows 7...

iJustRich,Unfortunately, Dell does not have any Windows 7 drivers for the Optiplex 755. Dell only supported Windows XP and Windows Vista on this computer. Optiplex 755 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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How to install Windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3040 MT coming with Windows 7 Pro x64 installed (and which includes a Windows 10 Pro license)?
The system comes with a DVD labeled Windows 10 Pro x64 reading "use to reinstall the operating system on a system with OS installed"

A:(Redirected) Dell OptiPlex 3040 MT Windows 7 Pro (include Windows 10 Pro license) - How to install Windows 10?

Best to post this in the Windows 10 forum here:http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/f/4997Bev.

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Is there a list of compatible M.2 SSD for OptiPlex 7040 SFF that I can find?

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work gave me a new machine. I dumped some blu ray disks to get the machine read for use and discovered dell does not make any internal drive that can read a blu ray disk?
parts told me to go buy an external drive?
how is this even possible to not support blu ray?

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I am using a USB dongle that contains a licence code in it to run a software package. The dongle
does not require a licence and is visable in device manager when plugged in. However when I go
to the software licencing screen it comes up with 'LPT Dongle error' however the dongle is not an
LPT device. The software company has looked into it in depth and stated that it is a hardware problem
confilicting with an LPT port. The desktop however has not got an LPT port in device manager, all
drivers are up to date, the dongle has been plugged into another PC and works flawlessly?
Any help would be much appreciated
Optiplex 7040
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
210-AFGI : OptiPlex 7040 Mini Tower XCTO210-AFGI : OptiPlex 7040 Mini Tower XCTO
619-AIKN : Windows 7 Pro English, French,  Spanish 64bit (Includes Windo ws 10 Pro License)619-AIKN : Windows 7 Pro English, French,  Spanish 64bit (Includes Windo ws 10 Pro License)

Part NumberQuantityDescription


275-BBBW : Dell MS116 Wired Mouse, Black275-BBBW : Dell MS116 Wired Mouse, Black

Part NumberQuantityDescription


325-BBRL : DVD+/-RW Bezel325-BBRL : DVD+/-RW Bezel

Part NumberQuantityDescription


429-AAJV : Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and  Writes to DVD/CD)429-AAJV : Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and  W... Read more

A:Optiplex 7040 USB LPT conflict

You mentioned testing the 3rd party dongle on another system. What specific system/model? Was it a desktop PC with the same operating system as the Optiplex? Is there another Optiplex there with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit to test the dongle on?

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From a base Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise disk, I cannot boot into WDS 2008R2.

I get error;
WdsClient:  An error occurred while obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server.  Please check to ensure that there is an operational DHCP server on this network segment.  
99/100 times that means a driver is missing.  

So I download Network_Driver_KJTXR_WN32_20.2.0.0_A00 from Dell which is the correct version listed for Windows 10.  Do a simple import and bam failures.  These are unsigned<ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> drivers making this 35 times more complicated.
 I extract the drivers.  I then extract the boot.wim right off the Windows 10 iso.  I do a DISM import:
Make the following directories:
C:\Mount C:\Mount\Drivers C:\Mount\BootWIM C:\Scratch
Place boot.wim in C:\Mount
elevated command prompt;
1: DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\Mount\boot.wim /Index:1 /ScratchDir:c:\Scratch /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM
2. DISM /Image:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Mount\Drivers /recurse /forceunsigned
3. DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Commit
The drivers are imported yay.  Replace the boot.wim
Boot into the new file and same error.
I go to load the drivers by hand (shift-F10) - drvload (insert all 3 .inis) with the same 0x800070002 error.
I got mad and added the ENTIRE windows 10 cab into the boot.ini just to see what happens.  Still has a DHCP error.  DHCP is up ... Read more

A:Optiplex 7040 + WDS 2008R2

Did you ever figure this out?  I am having a similar problem with some Latitude E3350s.

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Hi all,
We have a new Optiplex 7040 with dual display ports. However, only one of the DP's is working. I can plug in any of the two monitors into one of the display ports and get the display working, but not using the other port. Both monitors are set to use Auto-detection of input signal.
Within windows 10 both of the displays are detected, but only one of them will present. Not even the "identify" button will display a monitor number on the screen. I can move the mouse cursor out of the working screen and thereby see that it somehow is in use. If I switch ports of the monitors cables, the second monitor will show the secondary desktop.
BIOS is updated, video drivers are updated, chipset is updated.
Within BIOS there is no option to set Video to "Multiple monitors" as it can be on some models.
Any ideas?

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Dear All,I have bought some Desktops. Everything is good. Audio drivers are installed. Show working. When I connect speakers and headphone in front panel & back panel nothing happens. It has no sound. I am restarted de Desktop and the sound begin to work. Some hours late, i have the same problems.I tried to delete the driver and download the new one from DELL page, I installed it but the desktop began to reboot (blue screen)Could you please tell me how can I fix this problem.Regards.

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When booting the machine, pressing F12 does not provide an option to configure AMT. The option to display <CTRL-P> is enabled in the BIOS but that option does not appear during boot, and pressing the key combo does nothing. In Windows, device manager does show the management engine. Is there a firmware update that is needed to be able to configure vPro options? My understanding is that this can be configured from Dell - if the machines we have were ordered with vPro disabled in firmware, how do we re-enable it, as the hardware obviously supports it - i7-6700 and a Q-series chipset with Intel NIC.

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Optiplex 7040 Win7 x64 Bitlocker

Hey All!
We can't seem to get Bitlocker working on our 7040s, have any of you seen this issue and have gotten it to work?
Dell Optiplex 7040
Windows 7 x64
TPM is on/enabled in BIOS
TPM 1.2 driver looks good in device manager
But when we try and turn bitlocker on via right-clicking the HDD it gives us the "A compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Device must be present on this computer, but a TPM was not found. Please contact your system administrator to enable Bitlocker" error/message
When we look in tpm.msc we see "Compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) cannot be found on this computer. Verify that this computer has a 1.2 TPM and it is turned on in the BIOS" error/message
Any thoughts?
We were able to enable bitlocker on this model when we deployed Win10 but we are still mostly on Win7 for now.
Marc V

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I've got an OptiPlex 7040 that sporadically shuts down without a BSOD and when it is powered back on, the NIC is disabled in BIOS. We have to reboot and re-enable it. When the issue started happening, after enabling it, even a normal reboot would disable the NIC again.
I updated the BIOS and other drivers, didn't spot anything in the event log... opened a ticket w/ Dell support and they eventually replaced the motherboard.
Issue still happens, just not as frequent. Anybody else see this issue related to NIC repeatedly becoming disabled in BIOS?

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I have an OptiPlex 7040 with USB 3.0 ports on front and rear. Are any of these ports a USB Charging port?

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What is the MEBx BIOS hotkey combination on a Dell Optiplex 7040? The option is enabled in bios but when I try the standard combination ctrl+p it doesnt work.
I have tried on different machines.
Thank you

A:What is the MEBx hotkey on a Optiplex 7040

Ctrl-P only works when the post screen is displaying "Intel® MEBX: <CTRL-P>"  if you don't see that prompt, your bios is either lacking the configuration, or it is not enabled. if you don't have options related to the AMT/ME, look for an updated bios, and contact the manufacturer.  NEWER Versions use CTRL I or CTRL M or another key.
MEBx Password Reset for Skylake desktop systems such as the OptiPlex 7040
Skylake systems which have previously gone through set up and configuration using MEBx will not revert by selecting full un-provision in BIOS settings.
Older system versions of OptiPlex systems which used Legacy settings could undergo a reset by selection of settings in BIOS under the MEBx interface.
Skylake systems are unable to use BIOS options to reset the system settings in case of lock out. In order to restore MEBx to default settings (See Figure 1.), a CMOS reset using the RTCRST jumper pins on the motherboard must be completed.
 Figure 1. - MEBx BIOS Menu
Use the RTCRST Reset Jumper .
MEBx Password Reset is completed using the Real Time Clock Reset (RTCRST) Jumper pins on the motherboard to Clear Previous Configurations
Turn the system off and disconnect all cables and connected devices from the system
Remove the system cover
Locate the 2-pin password (PSWD) jumper on the system board
Remove the 2-pin jumper plug
Locate the 2-pin RTCRST jumper on the system board (usually located near the CMOS battery on desktop systems, ... Read more

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I image all pcs that go out to our users with imagex.  I put the .wim file on external usb drive, boot to Win Pre-installation disk (that I made with my easy-to-use batch files) and copy the .wim file from usb drive to target machine - then apply.  I've been doing this for years on countless machines hp / dell / laptop / desktop / tablet / etc...  These optiplex 7040s that we just bought won't allow me to copy anything from usb to pc while booted to Preinstallation CD.  PC doesn't recognize anything that's plugged into usb ports (storage wise, that is.  keyboard, mouse work fine)  I can boot to usb - but then still can't see files that are on usb device i just booted!  USB ports work fine once os comes up.  They work fine for keyboard / mouse even when not in windows.  They work fine to boot from usb device.  In BIOS fastboot is off, all usb ports are enabled.  And I've pulled 3 separate brand new pcs out of the box and they all act the same.  Please help?

A:Can't use USB ports on optiplex 7040 before OS boots

I am by no means an expert, but this response will bump your question if my answers do not answer anything.
After reviewing the manual for your systems, I would make sure secure boot is off, make sure you are booting the USB via legacy options and not UEFI, and make sure the HDD/SSD is set to ACHI and not RAID, unless you need raid.
One thing that comes to mind is if your mini-windows program is loading the drivers correctly during boot for the Intel 6 Series processor and controllers?  I haven't done minwin or the like in a very long time so I am not sure how to update or reload minwin (or the like) for newer drivers, but I'm sure windows 7 by default doesn't have any driver support for 6th gen USB/Processor/etc., thus defaulting and that may cause an issue using USB as an actual drive after OS is loaded?  Take that one with a grain of salt btw since its just me thinking lol.  
Everything else should be fine in the BIOS/UEFI as long as legacy is used and secure boot is off.  

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Hello community :) 
I was lucky enough to get a free optiplex 7040 MT (with i7 and 512gb ssd), 
I was thinking of buying a kfa2 gtx 1070, will it fit ?
Will 240w of psu be enough ?
If not, how can i change it ?
Can i put a regular PSU or do I need these weird dimensions from dell ? 
Thanks for your time, 

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Evening all,
In the last couple of months, I decided to upgrade the stock HDD to a Samsung SSD. I used to Samsung Migration software which cloned the HDD to the SSD, swapped the drives over and everything works fine. 
I noticed in the Samsung Magician tool that that AHCI was disabled and one should enable it for better performance with their SSD. I've gone into the BIOS and changed the setting from RAID to AHCI and again everything works fine however the Magician tool is still saying that the AHCI is disabled. 
I've tried several methods including this however I can't seem to get it to work. When I switched the mode in the BIOS, I never received any errors, Windows booted correctly so am confused. 
Current system is:
OptiPlex 7040, WIN 10 Pro, Samsung 850 SSD connected to SATA0 (where old stock HDD was connected). 
Any help/ advise would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hey All!
We can't seem to get Bitlocker working on our 7040s, have any of you seen this issue and have gotten it to work?
Dell Optiplex 7040
Windows 7 x64
TPM is on/enabled in BIOS
TPM 1.2 driver looks good in device manager
But when we try and turn bitlocker on via right-clicking the HDD it gives us the "A compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Device must be present on this computer, but a TPM was not found. Please contact your system administrator to enable Bitlocker" error/message
When we look in tpm.msc we see "Compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) cannot be found on this computer. Verify that this computer has a 1.2 TPM and it is turned on in the BIOS" error/message
Any thoughts?
We were able to enable bitlocker on this model when we deployed Win10 but we are still mostly on Win7 for now.

Marc V

UPDATE: realized I created this post in laptop section instead of desktop, sorry for double post, created appropriate desktop post here:

A:Optiplex 7040 Win7 x64 Bitlocker

Oops just realized I posted this question in Laptops, anyone know how I can move this to correct category? I tried looking in options for editing but didn't see anything?

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Hi Everyone,
We just started a new contract with Dell for corporate Optiplex 7040 mini-towers and I have 2 that arrived DOA. Techs replaced motherboard and we've tried every other conceivable plug in, don't plug in, to see if they will fire up. The irony is the second one just came in as the replacement for the first one which was RMA.
Are there any known issues with these models and defective internal parts out of the factory? I'm hesitant to order more at this point and I've made our distributor CDW aware of the issue.

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I might be able to get one from work to use as a lab but I want to know if it will support 16GB dimms on a 4x16GB configuration. The owners manual says it has four dimm slots but doesn't say that it supports only 32GB max.

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How to install Windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3040 MT with Windows 7 Pro preinstalled (includes Windows 10 Pro) ?
The system comes with a DVD labeled Windows 10 Pro x64 and reading "to be used on a system with an OS installed and to be used only to reinstall the operating system".

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It appears the screen rotation functionality is missing in the Dell 7040 video drivers.  
We're deploying a lot of these and have had some complaints from the users as many are in a locked down kiosk mode and they do not have access to display properties but do use the ctrl-alt-Left/right to change the screens (They have 24" monitors on a swivel and some PDFs they rotate between tall and wide)
Any chance of that feature returning?  Intel seems to have confirmed it was missing too.


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Do the 16 PCIe lanes on SLOT 2 connect directly to the CPU or do they run through the chipset?

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This happens with two batches of 7040s, one with hard disk drives and the other with solid state drives and two different model displays, U2414h and U2417h. The systems are running Windows7.
In each case the display flickers from time to time and, in the worst case, both monitors freeze, one with no display and the other with a few scattered white dashes on the black background. This has NOT been noticed on earlier Optiplex models from Dell. 780s, with a different display model, or 9020s with the U2414h monitors. As far as I know this occurs once or twice in a five day working week.
I have run the built in diagnostics on both the monitors and the monitors without any faults being found.
The 7040s have had the BIOS upgraded and the latest drivers applied as well as the latest Windows updates. I have scanned the event log without finding anything, although I am unsure what to look for.
Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to test the systems, other the built in diagnostics.

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Hi there,
I'm getting a "no boot devices found" error if I' connect my monitor via a Displayport cable instead of HDMI cable.
Is there a solution for this?

A:Optiplex 7040 - Boot problems when using Displyport only

What version of BIOS?

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