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Change icon size on taskbar

Q: Change icon size on taskbar


I have a 17" 1920x1080 monitor, and everything was too small, so I've change the display size to 125%, by default it was on 100% , and now some icons on the taskbar are blurry.
I don't want to change the display size to 100%, I just wanna make the icon sizes smaller. Is there any solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Change icon size on taskbar

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change icon size on taskbar

Originally Posted by williclarkam


I have a 17" 1920x1080 monitor, and everything was too small, so I've change the display size to 125%, by default it was on 100% , and now some icons on the taskbar are blurry.
I don't want to change the display size to 100%, I just wanna make the icon sizes smaller. Is there any solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you set Taskbar and Navigation properties > Taskbar > Use small taskbar buttons ?

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Hi to all.
Can we change taskbar icons' size to a specific size other than two default windows defined sizes?

A:change taskbar icon size to specific size other than small or large?

The guy here told me about two dock apps. See if you like it. I didn't and am still looking into customizing the size of the icons...
Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?

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I want to increase the type font display size globally, for all applications & windows features, but I want to preserve the smaller desktop icon size. Is there any way to adjust them independently?

I know about the advanced display settings for window color & appearance, and that has some good settings, but it is not sufficient, because it does not change most instances of text as it displays in applications.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Any way to change type size but NOT icon size?

Here's my whole list of font size change settings, one of which might provide the answer for you. You've probably tried some of them, but see if there's something here that might change the font size on those icons, without changing the size of the icons themselves:

1. This is the one of the main setting tools for setting various locations of Windows font sizes. Right-click on the Desktop and go to Personalize, Window Color and Appearance. Click on Advanced, and in the drop-down menu, select the item that controls the location where you wish to change the font size. (Note: the last one, Window, does not have an option to control font size.)

2. DPI - Right click on Desktop, Personalize, On Personalization Page, go to left column to: Adjust Font size ? DPI, DPI Scaling: Click on Large scale (120 DPI), and click Apply.

3. Screen Resolution: Right-click on the Desktop, choose Screen Resolution, click on the down-arrow at the end of the Resolution box, and pick the desired resolution. Check OK.

4. Display: Right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize, then Display. From the 3 settings: Small, Medium, Large, if screen defaults to Medium (125% size for font and images) and that?s too large, use Small for 100% size (aka ?normal?)

5. At the lower right hand corner of every IE web page, there?s a Zoom control that lets you increase the size of every web page, and it stays at that Zoom setting for every page until/unless you change it.

6. Open Internet Explorer, go to T... Read more

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Is there a way that it automatically changes the desktop icons size when i change the resolution?


Resolution: 1024 x 768
Desktop icon size: Medium icons

i want to change to:

Resolution: 800 x 600
Desktop icon size: Classic icons

A:Change desktop icon size on reolution change.

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Hey guys. Can I actually specify a custom size for these taskbar icons other than small or large as here? I have so many of them and my taskbar have already two rows and sometimes when I open programs or whatever else that is NOT included as a shortcut button on the taskbar, it takes extra space at which point the taskbar becomes scrollable with 3 rows. Not a good thing. I hate it with a passion.
Yes I could make my task bar with 3 rows, but no, I don't like to waste my precious screen space.
So basically I'd like to to make these icons a little smaller, kind of like the QuickLaunch icons.

Thanks for any advices

A:Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?

Why don't you install a dock and set it to autohide
You could assign your most used applications to the taskbar and the rest to the dock

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Hi, windows 7 32bit here, but i have a SLIGHT problem. I really loved XP's smaller taskbar, I don't mind windows 7's big bulky icons, but i absolutely hate the windows 7 smaller icons on the taskbar option.

They are just TOO SMALL to see, and they make the image look like 16x16 images, is there anyway to make them SLIGHTLY bigger? Maybe a regedit hack of sorts?

Thanks in advance

A:Changing taskbar icon size

If you right click on the Taskbar and go to Properties, make sure "Use small icons" is unchecked. If it is already, then no there isn't a way to make them larger.

Taskbar - Use Small or Large Icons

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I've been playing around with the new taskbar, I love it , but! I'd like to make the icons a little bigger mostly for the eyecandy, is it possible? my googling hasnt lead me very far and usually I can find things via the all powerfull googlegod but have been unsuccessfull.

Any help apreciated

A:Increasing Taskbar icon size

No not possible. Only way is to adjust the dpi settings in the control panel, and you do it by:
1. Type in 'display' and press enter.
2. Choose the 125% option to make everything bigger.

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im customizing my desktop and would like to change the size of the icons on my taskbar. ive already made the "minwidth" in my registry and set it at 56 i want the size larger like 7 lol

A:Windows vista taskbar icon size

To change the text in the Taskbar, right-click Desktop to open Personalize, Window Color and Appearance.
Go to Advanced.
In the drop-down menu, select 3D Objects, and Text size. You can change the text size (and color) to the one you want. If that doesn't work, trying selecting Icon, and see if that changes the text in the Taskbar.

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I want to change the icon size in the windows 7 task bar from 32x32 px to 64x64 px.. is there a way to do this?

I was thinking maybe increasing the dpi of the task bar only?

A:Increasing taskbar icon size in windows 7

Welcome to Seven Forums digitaldeviant2. This tool by Kishan may be just what you seek.

7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer

A Guy

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How Do I make the Text Sizing Different on the minimized area on the taskbar? Mine used to be much larger {Normal Size}, now it is very small?

A:Icon Size in Minimized window in Taskbar

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i cant seem to get the registry tweak to work to change the size of the taskbar icon size in windows 7. i like the look of the taskbar when clicking the box "use small icons", except for the size of the icons. i looked at this site How to Customize the Size of the Windows 7 Taskbar Icons: 7 Steps and tryed it, but i cant figure it out. does anyone know how to change the size of those icons? right now i have the taskbar set to the use small icons under taskbar properties, is all i want is to just make the icons alittle bigger.

A:how to change size of taskbar icons

its like im missing a step or two for the registry thing to work, maybe the number needs to be something like -255 or -2hundred something. im sure tons of people have done this before, i just want to know how

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I have researched until I am blue in the face and not found out how to do this.

We are getting ready to have house guests, and I have created an account for them to use. I would like to create a desktop shortcut icon which is roughly double the size of the other icons to draw attention to it. The target file will be a basic readme with a couple of short rules for using my computer.

If I cannot find a way to create the single larger icon, I will resort to another idea I have in mind. That idea is to type the rules in Word and use Snipping Tool to capture the text and use the resulting image as a desktop background.


A:Is there a way to change the size of only one desktop icon?

Why don't you just use sticky notes ... make the note as large as you want

Sticky Notes - Create and Delete

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I am using windows 7 starter edition on my dell netbook, but find the icons a little large, with XP its simply a matter of reducing the number size in advanced settings (display properties-appearence-advanced-item) but how do you do this with 7 starter ?

I have already used the icon size set to small, but find them not small enough.


A:Desktop icon change size ?

See here: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/...-windows-vista/

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I've looked through the Tutorial for the Log On Screen and the answer to my question didn't jump out at me.

I have a work laptop with Win 7 Enterprise, and both home PCs have Professional. The icon at the logon screen on my work laptop is much larger than my home PCs. So, is there a tweak that I can use to increase the size of the icon at the logon screen?



A:Can you change the size of the Icon at the Log On screen?

With multiple accounts I don't believe you can. When you only have one account it is the larger size. The size is 128x128. There is no tweak that I know of, I have looked everywhere.

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I'm trying to get my first win 7 system set up. And quite frustrated. I've found the usual "large Icon / Small Icon" setting. It's already on small for the task bar. Those are the size I want, just like I had them in XP. After a lot of confusion & searching I finally found I had to enable quicklaunch, and did so. But the smegging icons are 2-3 times the size of the task bar ones. Secondary annoyance I have: I prefer the task bar vertically on the left of the screen. It won't get nice and narrow like it did in win XP. Is there any fix for this? Thank you, Dave

A:Change Icon size in Quicklaunch

Hello Dave, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please go ahead and post a screenshot showing this to help ID any possible unknown issues.

You should be able to use step 7 in Option One of the tutorial below to use small icons in Quick Launch. Quick Launch - Enable or Disable
The taskbar will not be as thin when moved to a side than it was on the bottom of your desktop. About all you can do is resize the taskbar as thin as will allow. Taskbar - Resize
Hope this may help some for now,

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I'm trying to change the size of the font used for icons. But only for icons. Everytime I change it it also changes all other explorer font sizes including the start menu and explorer listings. Does anyone know to change only the icon font size?

Any help would be great. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

A:Change icon font size only???

Hope this helps:

DPI Display Size Settings - Change

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Let's say there is a folder1 and a subfolder.
subfolder is inside of the folder1.

Is there a way to make the file icons in subfolder extra large and make file icons in folder1 extra small?


A:change icon size for certain folder only?

Hello Tozymba,

As long as this is not in a library, then yes. You should be able to just set the icon view size to how you like in each folder using any one of the options in the tutorial below.

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Hope this helps,

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I have my setting at 125 - but would like to set it to something between 125 and 150. I want to experiment with this setting if I can make it variable. Thank you.

A:How change Windows 7 Desktop Icon size (other than 100, 125 & 150)

Click on an open area of the Desktop. Press and hold the Ctrl key then roll the mouse wheel. One way makes things bigger, the other way smaller.

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How do you make the icons smaller in the Eudora 4.3 tool bar?

A:Change icon size in Eudora Toolbar

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Hello everyone. I need to find where the Desktop icon size is stored in the registry. I already looked into this:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics - Shell Icon Size
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop - IconSize

But neither of these seem to change anything. Even if I change the icon size by using right click or the mouse scroll wheel, these values don't change at all. So where is this data really stored? Thanks in advance.

A:CHange Desktop icon size via registry

Hi Butters, right click empty desktop &:-

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Hi I'm new here. Nice forum btw. I'll just get right into it.

What I'm trying to achieve. I downloaded a nice little program called Folderico and it allows me to apply an icon image to a folder. I wanted to increase the windows explorer icon size to 192x192 and have the folder (with applied icon image) look something like this:

The problem. Whenever I change the icon size, via registry tweak, everything else changes too. I don't want the icons on the desktop to change size nor do I want the icons in the menu and tool bar to change, just the folder so that it'll look exactly like the picture above.

Windows Vista has some sort of slider feature that will let the user change the icon size for just the folder quite easily but I'm using Windows XP. Are there other registry tweaks that some of you could suggest? Is there some soft of Vista hacked version of their explorer that I can use on Windows XP?

I'd really appreciate any help that I can get on this. Thanks in advance.

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All my folders appears to be in list detail views, is it possible to change views of all the folders altogether?

A:how to change default icon size in folders?

Hello Ross,

Why yes, this can help walk you through setting a default folder view to all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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By default Windows 7 has desktop icon view set to Medium. I want to change the default user NTuser.dat hive as part of SCCM build so that each new user has small size by default, but can change if they wish (hence can't do it as a GPO)
Does anyone know the registry key(s) to change?

Ian Burnell, London (UK)

A:Registry key to change desktop icon size

This view size is controlled by HKU specific user registry. Thus it can't be mapping to another user account.
If you insist, there is a complex workaround(However I wouldn't like to recommend you use this method):
Copy the following registry value to place another user's registry.
Note: It can't be imported, just copy its value.

Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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how to change win7 taskbar 'aero peak' thumbnail size..

in vista i used ave's apps but doesnt work with win7.
or is there a reg tweak?

thanks guys

A:how to change win7 taskbar 'aero peak' thumbnail size..

Hmmmmmm! Interesting question, as you I will watch to see if someone jumps in with a fix.

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I have Googled a lot, but found no answer: when I launch a .bat file to run a 16 bit DOS-based program (XyWrite) on my 32 bit Win 7, I see on the taskbar the blue and white icon that is attached here (bottom image). I have a yellow custom icon that I want to use, and I have Resource Hacker and AdSevenIconChanger to make the substitution, but to use them, I need to find the Win7-supplied icon that's to be replaced. But I can't find it. It's not in imageres or shell32.

I also have an .exe version of the shortcut, which also results in the same unlocateable blue-and-white icon. I use a .bat file to launch XyWrite because that at least allows me to get the right icon on the desktop and in Quick Launch--per screen shot below.

Maybe I could determine the mystery icon's location by doing something with the icon cache?

Or, here's a wild thought--is there a way to search the web for an image as such? I mean: could I upload the mystery icon to Google or somewhere and have Google use that image to search Google images?

A:Can't change .bat file icon on taskbar

My God! Google does have the ability to search by image. Apparently, this icon is in grpconv.exe--whatever that is!

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How do i change that i icon? I know that I can change the other icons by making a shortcut on the desktop then right-clicking Properties->Change Icon
but it dosent seem to work with the library icon. Is there a way to change it, or am i stuck with the default library icon

A:How do i change the library icon on the taskbar?

You can just right click on it on the taskbar, then right click on where it says Windows Explorer, then properties, change icon, browse to where you have your icon you want to use is at, select it, then Ok/apply. Probably will have to either log on or off, or reboot.

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Hi. Lately I have been cleaning up my desktop in order to make it as minimalistic as possible, and as easy as possible to use. I am almost done, but I would just like to do one more thing, which is move the libraries icon over to the right where the smaller icons are (not sure what they are called), so I just have a button for my browser on the left. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it is, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!

A:How do I change the location of icon on taskbar

If you want to interchange the places of the pinned icons, just drag them where you want. But if you want to move them all at once towards the right, follow the tutorial Taskbar - Center Icons .

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I am experimenting with different icons for certain apps and functions. However, although the icon in the properties dialogue updates, the icon in the taskbar does not. The only way I know of to see the changed icon is to restart the computer. This is annoying. Is there a way I can update/refresh/etc. the taskbar w/o restarting the computer in order to see the changed icons?

(fwiw, I am using one of Mark's custom themes)


A:Taskbar Icon Change Issue

Hello MourningStar,

You might see if restarting explorer instead may work. If you like, the tutorial below adds "restart explorer" to the desktop context menu to make it easier to use.

Explorer - Add "Restart Explorer" to Desktop Context Menu

Hope this helps.

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1. right click on explorer icon on taskbar & where it says explorer right lick on that and press properties
2. now it will show up shortcut properties .
3. now click on change icon button on the bottom side
4. now click browse & choose your favourite icon
5. Press ok
6. Save Your changes..

why i posted this : when you make a shortcut of explorer on desktop , change icon , pin it on the taskbar & clicking it ,
it will show up like this :
if you follow my steps you will get this:


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hI 2 ALL

I wanna ask you if we can change the network icon in the taskbar from what it appear now to that in win xp

A:can we change the network icon in the taskbar ????

Don't know how to modify the Windows 7 network icon, but here's a replacement for Windows 7 that looks like XP's:

CodeProject: Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7. Free source code and programming help

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Its really hard to explain so i made a quick little image:

I want to have a little light instead of a big glass background (indicates that the app is open)
Tried to search on the web but its super hard to describe and i know there should be something that allows me to change it.

A:How can i change the taskbar icon background

Hey Miodec,

Im not sure on exactly how to do this, but i would say your best bet is to go thru the tutorials on here. Brink and many of our veteran members have quite the extensive list.

If nothing, maybe some other members could help out here.

Hope you find what you need,

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Hi All,
I'm using my ASUS T100TA Transformer Book to type this message, it's got a 10.1" screen on it, as I'm getting older now..my vision isn't what it used to be. I've already changed the size of the icon's on the taskbar, so I could see them better..is there any way to make the notification area icon's larger as well ? I already have the free Classic Shell software installed on my tablet, but I didn't see any option in that software to change the notification area icon size.

A:Change Notification Area Icon Size (Larger)

There may be a way, but why not drag a shortcut from the control panel to the desktop

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Hi All,

I use Details View on Windows Explorer.
And i want to increase the icons' size without changing to any other view (keep using Details view).

Is there any way to do this?


A:How to Change Icon Size of Details View on Windows 7

not possible I'm afraid, trying to size up the icons will put you in list mode, then small icons etc

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Is there a way to increase the size of the drive and/or folder icons in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer? It's easy to change the icon size in the folder pane or on the desktop, but these changes don't seem to affect the icons in the navigation pane of Explorer.

I'm running Windows7 x64 Home Premium. I have tried both Windows 7 Basic and Windows Classic themes and neither seems to allow this customization.

A:Change Icon Size - Explorer Navigation Pane?

The system uses the 16 x 16 icons for the Explorer navigation pane.
Changing this is not an option.
Or the answer you wanted.

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Hi, This is my first post. I recently was given a new Dell 15R touchscreen computer and it was upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only used Windows XP up until 3 days ago. I am a novice user.

I liked the way the desktop icons looked in XP, the shortcuts for Netflix and Ikea were a nice big red box with an N in it for Netflix, a yellow and blue box for Ikea . They were medium sized, about 1/2" big, but I could recognize them easily and quickly because of the individual graphics.

Now with Windows 8.1, the shortcut icons are a 1/2" white square and a very teeny tiny logo in the center that I can barely see and have confused with other similar icons. I have found where to change the icon size and text size but not the icon appearance. Where would I find this? I have right clicked on the desktop, I've looked in the control panel, I've checked display.

8.1 is a heck of a learning curve for me and I am enjoying learning the new system but I would like to be able to quickly and easily see what I put on my desktop.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate it.

A:How Do I Change Desktop Icon Appearance, Not Size Nor Text

Hi Giselle, Welcome to 8 forums.

This link might be able to help you. Changing the Visual Appearance of Windows 8 | HP? Support

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Hello. I need some help with customizing my taskbar. My desktop has a black/white theme and I want to change the icons of running programs on the taskbar to match my theme. However, it only seems to work for some programs. I want to change my Google Chrome from the default rainbow to a white version. I have done it once and the taskbar chrome was white, but after about a week, it reverted back to the rainbow wheel. How do I change it back to my other icon? Thank you.

A:How do I change the icon of running programs on the taskbar?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

You need to change it in Chrome.exe in C:\Program Files (x86) with a resource hacker, but the next time chrome updates you will need to do it again.


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Hey, how do i get the icon on the taskbar to change when i have a folder open?

A:How to change icon on taskbar when i have a folder open?

Quote: Originally Posted by Utopia73

Hey, how do i get the icon on the taskbar to change when i have a folder open?

Can you explain what you mean in a little more detail please?

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ok I did a lot of research and a lot of people seems to think they know what I am talking about but infact they dont, and i have try and tried many of the methods they suggested and its obviously not working thats why im posting here.

I want to manually change the icon size of the toolbar/quicklaunch, NOT the taskbar, but most likely the pinned icon via toolbar/quicklaunch in window 7. this might also be related to changing icon size of the pinned icon on taskbar, but its not the taskbar thats troubling me, it is the toolbar/quicklaunch icons.

options listed and exists large and small icon size. large is too large, small is too small. i believe and strongly believe there is a way to change it, either through registry, or resource hack some .dll file, i donno which but i would like to get some help from experts please.

i hope to see other people out there sharing the same pain as i do.
these are the things that ive tried.

- shellicon in registry size 16 to whatever it is, has not helped.
- desktop -> personalize -> windows color -> advanced settings -> captions.. etc none has helped.
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Desktop -> WindowMetricsFind "MinWidth" which obviously has no effect on the toolbar/quiclaunch icon size.

A:change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small.

Quote: Originally Posted by koolkat77

could you post a screenshot of how your task bar looks now?

as you can see from picture below, same icons. but large is too large, small is too small. i wish there is a change in registry where i could modify this as i do not wish to use 3rd party dock.

those 3rd party program looks nice, but since they are not part of the taskbar, windows that are opened block them, and even if they do come with functions to be always on top, they block the windows that are opened instead.

unless theres a 3rd party dock that can be part of the taskbar, im wont be interested in it.

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Have successfully installed Anniversary Version on a Lenovo Laptop E525. Now need to change & enlarge the Icon Font, in order to use the screen. Best I can do is a solid white font of indeterminate size accompanied by a fuzzy shadow. Right now it is not useable, unless I use a Hand magnifying glass - which is absurd. There must be a way. Is there?

A:Windows 10 Anniversary version - How to change icon font and set size?

Hello mopepom,

If you like, the tutorial below can help show you how to change the size of the text for icons.

Icons Text Size - Change in Windows 10

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I'm using Win 7 64 bit. Recently, over the past week or so, I've noticed that the internet connectivity will drop after a little while. It can be 5m or perhaps an hour. After this, a reboot is required to reconnect. The strange part about this, is that the icon in the corner that tells you your network connectivity status stays at 5 bars rather than the familiar 5 bars with a caution sign as if there isn't an issue.

Some tests I've tried after this happened before a reboot:

1. ping google.com in cmd
RESULT: Strangely, I receive ping packets back from google, which may explain why the status in the corner stays the same.
2. telnet to google.com on port 80 and send a request.
RESULT: telnet acts strangely. Characters appear black on black and thus are unreadable. I was unable to send an HTTP request to google, and thus the result is inconclusive.
3. Check facebook notifications in chome
RESULT: Oddly enough, I can receive notifications, but I cannot reply, nor click on a new link to open the notification.

After the connection "drops", you will not be able to use chrome, nor firefox to access the internet. Both browsers will send requests that never return packets from the host. One guess I have is that the connectivity does not drop completely, but drops to a pace that is so slow, little information can be loaded.

My initial response to this was: "I have a virus". I downloaded AVG, ran a scan, it found a few viruses, removed them f... Read more

A:Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon

It sounds like either TCP/IP network stack or winsock is messed up which is a fairly typical problem but virus problems can look like many things.

If it's a virus problem run more scans.

You should also run malwarebytes to check for more virus's .

Windows security essentials is also worth using.

If you did have a virus it may have messed up the network stack or winsock.

Winsock entries tells Windows 7 how to access your network services. Additionally, your TCP/IP protocol can be corrupted. The TCP/IP protocol is a stack of 4 layers that includes several transport layers, but when this stack is corrupt you will constantly have connectivity issues.

Type or copy each command one at a time into an elevated command prompt then hit "enter" after each one, then reboot your machine.

netsh winsock reset catalog (reset winsock entries)

netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (reset TCP/IP stack)

If it's something on the wireless side then you should install Xirrus wifi inspector. A screen shot of this will show me the wireless landscape in your area and adjustments can be made from there.


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Hi everybody.

Just wanted to know: is there any way то change icon of open window in taskbar? I'm using openoffice writer and don't really like its default icon.

I've spent last 3 days trying to google it out. Something i realized:

1. It's not the icon of program
2. It's not the icon of pinned shortcut
3. It's not the icon of filetype

Would appreciate any kind of help.

P. S. Have another little question, don't want to start new thread. How do I pin shortcut to some folder in the taskbar? I mean, I tried to pin shortcut to desktop folder, but it just opens Explorer instead of folder window.

A:Taskbar icon for open program/window change

Are you referring to windows explorer taskbar icon?

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Thank you all for this forum
I want to do the following
increase width of an icon for a specific application application not all icons

I see this method

Registry Editor ->
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics -> MinWidth
but it change in all icons
I want to do that for a specific icon
Could any one help for that ?

A:Change Taskbar Icon Width for a specific Application

Hello Mialbedwy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could use the same method of pinning the Recycle Bin to the taskbar in a folder as a toolbar, but use the application you want instead of the Recycle Bin. This will give it a wider space.

Recycle Bin - Pin to Taskbar

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

What Windows 7 does is for whatever window is currently selected from the taskbar, it appears highlighted compared to the others that are not in use.

Is there a way to change this back to the Vista style, where the opened window is "depressed" and darker than the others, like below?


A:Change to Vista style taskbar selected icon?

Also, is there any way to move the hidden icons taskbar triangle to the right of the icons, as well as changing the brightness an icon when it flashes on the taskbar?

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I have a PC connected to my tv in the lounge which i use as a media centre mainly.
It's 4 meters away from my armchair and my eyes aren't so good any more so I increased the icon text size to 150%.
that was fine except the one other Program I use regularly, which has a fixed windows size is now too big for the screen.

I only wanted the text size altered. Why is this happening?

PC is win 7 and I altered the text size from control panel/display BTW



A:resizing desktop icon text seems to change the size of program windows

Im no expert on this but i thought if increasing above 100% you may need to reduce screen resolution to still fit display window

Although im not sure what that would look like on a big tv ?

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Anyone knows who to change the blinking orange icon on the taskbar to other color?

A:WIN7: How to change the default orange blinking icon on the taskbar?

Never seen it. Can you posta pic ?

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Hi all,

I have dual monitors and when i go to full screen on my secondary monitor to watch anything utilizing Adobe Flash, I get a crappy icon in my taskbar.

Not that I mind the icon, I would just like to change it to a nice Adobe icon.

I have been trying to find what this icon in my taskbar is...crappy screen capture below....

The closest thing to anything Adobe Flash on my pc is ... SysWOW64/Macromed

Much thanks for any help

A:Change Adobe Flash full screen taskbar icon

Here is a discussion of my exact problem. Seems these guys are gonna' try to figure this out.


Read other 5 answers