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USB 2.0 & 3.0 SCSI Compliance test (LOGO) fails in Windows Hardware Certification Kit Signing Process

Q: USB 2.0 & 3.0 SCSI Compliance test (LOGO) fails in Windows Hardware Certification Kit Signing Process


I am running USB 2.0 & 3.0 SCSI Compliance test (LOGO) task in Windows Hardware Certification Kit for Certification for my USB Filter Driver.

Task was failed with RMB bit = 0x1 with Logging an error.

Attaching the log info,
Description: For devices into which we can't insert/remove media, example: UFD, RMB bit should be set to 0. For devices into which we can insert/remove media, example: USB card reader, RMB bit should be set to 1. This test is run only on Removable storage devices.
Reference: SCSI Primary Commands - 3 (SPC-3) Revision 23 (or published) specification Section 6.4 http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/drafts/spc3/spc3r23.pdf
Expectation: Correct value for RMB bit depending on the device
Sending SCSI command to device.
INQUIRY Command:
12 00 00 00 ff 00
DeviceIoControl SUCCEEDED.
SCSI status: 0x00
Sense bytes: 0x00
Data bytes: 0x48

00 04 08 0C
000 00800612 43000000 53616E44 69736B00 ....C...SanDisk.
010 4372757A 65722042 6C616465 00000000 Cruzer Blade....
020 312E3030 34433533 31303031 34373035 1.004C5310014705
030 30353130 33353734 00006004 87000000 05103574..`.....
040 3017C004 00000000 00000000 00000000 0...............
== DONE ==============================================================
Returned data size is 0x48 bytes.
RMB bit = 0x1
Error: 0x0, Error 0x00000000
Logging an error
File=testsrc\driverstest\storage\wdk\scsicompliance\lib\core\policyscenario.cpp Line=213
End: Fail, ASSERTION: INQUIRY Checking RMB bit, TUID=, Repro=scsicompliance.exe /device \\.\PhysicalDrive1 /verbosity 4 /scenario UsbDisk /operation test /version 2 /protocol BOT /rm 1 /wtg 0

Can anyone had faced similar issue earlier and resolve it?

Note : Even the same test case was failed without my filter driver.

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Preferred Solution: USB 2.0 & 3.0 SCSI Compliance test (LOGO) fails in Windows Hardware Certification Kit Signing Process

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hopefully this is the right forum to post in..
I do IT work and am expanding into medical practices. I understand they must be HIPPA compliant and i was wondering if I need to be certified/take a test or anything to be able to even do IT work for a medical practice (third party IT). Some have said i need to have some certification to see the confidential patient information and I was wondering if any of you could maybe be more specific and show me what requirements they must meet or what certification I need to get to legally be able to work on their stuff, being I will be exposed to private patient information. 

A:HIPPA Compliance/Certification?

No, there is no certification required.  However, you do need to be fully aware of the HIPAA laws and the security systems on the computer and any transference of data must be HIPAA compliant.
For more information, you can read these:
Orange Blossom

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We have a Desktop client application that is made using MS-Visual Studio 2010 and C++.
We have an installer(made using nsis tool) for the app that installs the application to c:\Program Files(x86) folder.
We want our Apply for windows logo certification.
We are facing the following issue currently:-
When we run the Windows App certification Kit,the ack tool runs the installer and gets struck infinitely at step ?Process Install Trace Files?.The ack is never in hanged state btw.The installer does not proceed past the first screen since the ?next? button
never gets clicked by the ack.If we manually click it,the app gets installed and the ack proceeds to the next step only to be stranded again at the next ?Process Install Trace Files? Step.If we close the installer manually,the ack completes all steps but then
shuts down abruptly with errors like ?An error has occurred,application will now exit? or ?No shortcut or installed components were detected? etc etc.
The ack crashes with no xml file generated.
We have full admin rights on this machine and there are currently no network policy settings on this machine.
The details of this machine are as under:-
Processor:AMD A8 PRO-7600B,R7,10 Computer Cores 4c+6G   3.10 GHZ.
System Type:64 bit Operating System
Operating System:Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack-1
Product ID:00392-918-5000002-85517
Please help

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My brother is trying to instal the latest iTunes on his Win XP sp2 system. He got an error saying that this version of iTunes has "not passed Windows Logo Certification" and may make your system ustable now or in the future. I tried searching around to see if anyone else had this error in this particular iteration of iTunes, but haven't found much on the subject. Is this a BS warning that can be ignored or should he wait and see if it "passes" at a later date?

A:iTunes doesn't pass Windows Logo Certification

have a read please

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Hi, Lenovo Solution Center reports the following hardware problem on my new X1 Carbon (4th Gen).I've also tried the Lenovo Diagnostics tool for PCI express, as indicated in the forums, which reports the same error. Anybody an idea how serious this is? Resource type:
Device Connected:
Vendor Id:
Vendor Name:
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Class Name:
Mass storage controller
Subclass name:
Non-Volatile memory controller

1/04/2016 18:57:13 - Status Test
1/04/2016 18:57:13 - Warning Fatal Error Detected in PCI device present on Bus: 0x5 Device: 0x0 Function: 0x0.
Failed (0s)

Go to Solution.

A:PCI Express hardware test fails - Lenovo X1 Carbon

This is my machine type: 20FBCTO1WWAll software is up to date using the Lenovo System Update tool.

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
to renew our Microsoft Gold Partnership we have made the product test with the Windows app certification kit for Windows 10 and wanted to upload the XML result file on the Microsoft Plattform Ready.

The test was sucessfully and the app certification kit created the XML file. Nevertheless, the file can´t be uploadet. After pressing the upload button, there is the following error message:

"Error: There was a problem processing your test results. Please try again."
Has anyone an idea, what the problem is?
Thank you for your support.
Best regards

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Hi Team.

I have a client with banking operations.

Long time send MBSA report about scanning servers to Regulatory Office.

There is documentary support about MBSA meet some Regulation, Process or Standard?


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For Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate Papers: 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL OR 1Z0-001 Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL + 1Z0-147 Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL. So i need test simulation, practice test, study guide.........to get a things short i need relevant resources where i invest money and get fruitful return. I traveled around web, and fro getting any certification under oracle certification programmed, i would need to give at least 2-3 test. Bundle and somewhere collection of test papers would be good. Tell me if there such collection available which do fulfill my requirements for Oracle developer certification.

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AV-Test.org ? Tests of Anti-Virus- and Security-Software

A:AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report - 2010/Q3

norton ftw <3

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AV-Test.org ? Tests of Anti-Virus- and Security-Software

A:AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report - 2011/Q1

Scores Drop in AV-Test Lab Results | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

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For Q2/2010 we have tested 19 security products in the areas protection, repair and usability. 13 products have fulfilled our requirements and received an AV-Test certificate.

AV-Test.org ? Tests of Anti-Virus- and Security-Software

A:AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report - 2010/Q2

Mcafee sucks!!

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I just bougt a xbox 360 wired controller for my pc, I went to microsofts web site and downloaded the software to install it but when ever I try to run it, it gets half way through and I get an error message saying that the software ( that I got from microsoft) does not pass the windows logo test to verify its compatiblity with windows xp. Their is no option to bypass this, the only thing I can do is hit "ok" which closes the install screen. any help would be appreceated.

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http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/microsoft_security_essentials_flunks_av-test_loses_certification419Microsoft Security Essentials has done it again. For the second time since its inception, the free antivirus software from Microsoft finds itself without German security and antivirus research outfit AV-TEST?s seal of approval, having failed in the latest of the firm?s bimonthly certification tests. To add insult to injury, MSE was the only antivirus to not make the cut, even though the German firm put as many as 24 products through their paces in its latest test, for which it used a Windows 7-based testbed ? AV-TEST alternates between Windows 7 and Windows XP.

A:Microsoft Security Essentials Flunks AV-TEST, Loses Certification

FWIW this is hardly new(s)...article is dated Nov 30 2012.

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I am Barun from INDIA and am a new user at TSG, so please forgive me for this sily question.

Actualy I want to do a A+ Certification cource on HARDWARE from
some reputed International Organisation. I have got a lot of
information over the net about this certification, but no where I found any information regarding process of getting myself enrolled to some organisation (Good organisation is also a big question) so that I could get cost effective latest and market orinted Degree. Also try to tell me its Fee, mode of education and process for appearing in the Exam. So Sir, please help me in getting these information, if it is possible. Please remember that I am from INDIA and I have to do this cource from INDIA only. Thanking you,

West Bengal - State

A:Wan't to do A+ certification on Hardware

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The good people over at Virus Bulletin, an information security portal and antivirus testing group, recently announced the results of their latest VB100 Comparative Review. We?re happy to report that Emsisoft Anti-Malware was awarded the VB100 certification!

Qualifying for VB100 certification
Unlike other antivirus tests that have tiered awards depending on a product?s performance, there are no silver or bronze medals when it comes to the VB100 ? you either get the certification or you don?t. To qualify for VB100 certification, an antivirus product has to be able to:
Block ALL files on the WildList. The WildList is Virus Bulletin?s regularly updated and carefully curated list of known malicious software that has been seen in the wild.
Generate zero false positives. The Virus Bulletin team put together a set of 450,000 benign files taken from widely used programs. If an antivirus product incorrectly detects any of the files as malicious, it is ineligible for VB100 certification.
The latest round of testing took place on systems running clean, fully updated installations of both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Throughout the testing, all products had internet access to allow for cloud-based scanning, apart from during the ?reactive and proactive? component of the test, which measures how effectively a product can proactively detect malware when disconnected from the internet.Click to expand...

Emsisoft awarded VB100 certification in latest Virus Bulletin test

A:Emsisoft awarded VB100 certification in latest Virus Bulletin test

Many other companies also got the award

Virus Bulletin :: Comparative Results

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So my brother's computer has a very weird issue that's been happening to it for some time now. Every once in a while after completely powering off the computer (including turning off the power supply) the next time the computer boots up all USB devices cease to function on the OS (they still work fine in the BIOS screen though).

After booting up the Windows XP we'll be prompted with the Windows Logo Test window telling us that the device has not been windows logo certified and asking us if we wish to continue.

At this point what we've usually done is remote desktop into that computer from another computer and click on the necessary buttons to continue the driver installation along.

The present problem is that we disabled the remote desktop functionality a while back on his computer and forgot to turn it back on.

We are now completely stuck being unable to get past the windows logo test window to get our drivers back into working order.
We tried going out and buying a PS/2 mouse, but ironically that also didn't pass the windows logo test...

We've also tried booting on safe mode, to no success.
Is there a way to disable the windows logo test window through the recovery console?
Is there anything we can do in this instance? Besides going out and buying half a dozen PS/2 mice until one of them passes the windows logo test or just works off the bat?

Any help would be appreciated, also let me know if more information is necessary.

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A:"SMART short-self test" and "SMART drive self test" shows failure during hardware scan test

Hi amr_moustafa,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Take this opportunity to backed your files as you may need to replace your harddrive very soon.
Failure in SMART test is an indication of deterioration of harddrive integrity that may be crashing soon.
Prepare you options on replacing the drive and its installed software.
I hope this helps answer your query.

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I have a fail to boot problem. Windows restarted for no reason - didn't even log off properly and instead went straight to the BIOS menu - and when booting up it now freezes on the windows logo screen were it says "starting windows." Part of the logo begins to appear but then stops (there is no error message.) I've unplugged all the USB devices but it still freezes every time.
Tried safe mode but hangs on start up CLASSPNP.sys. I tried start up repair from the advanced start up menu and from a disc but it just goes blank after loading the files. Last known good configuration also doesn't work.
Been having the same problem on reboot when updating windows 7 but it would resolve itself automatically after a power off. Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated. 

A:Fails to start - hangs on windows logo

This is a shot in the dark, but I have a couple of sites bookmarked for a computer I was working on that had the same problem -
(The first site helped me out!)

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The recently released motherboard test fails the IRQ-test on my 20CD Thinpad Yoga with
Result Code:WMB010010-RK7YMG
Anybody else seeng this? Is it the test or my TP that are faulty?

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Motherboard Test IRQ test fails ...

I edited your post to correct the model number (20CD).
I ran the same test on my 20CD system here, and I don't see the problem.
What OS are you running?

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Hi, I have a problem with windows 7 32 bit.

When you start the pc the logo / flag flashes on Windows 7 and the whole pc goes crazy. I have already tried another power supply and the system re-installed but that brought nothing. Bios has also been updated and I have also made clear cmos.

Perhaps knowledge of the problem, or know someone a solution for this?

My system:
4 GB GEIL DDR3 12800 (2 x 2 GB)
ATI HD3850
550 W power supply
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Need your suggestions and comments ..
Thank you very much

A:Windows 7 logo/flag flashes during boot process

I have the exact same problem. I believe this started for me after I installed some new fonts. They are deleted now, but the logo still flashes.

Really annoying, the PC has been acting strange lately, and I guess it might be a virus. Norton and SUPERAntiSpyware can't seem to find anything, though.

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Have recently changed from 'Private Firewall' to Windows Firewall & just tested it with Steve Gibson's Leak Test & it failed.
Have I missed a setting or is WF not as good?

A:Windows Firewall Fails Leak Test?

Yes its interesting,if you run this test on the Generic Win 7 firewall it will fail,mine does,its a personal choice i think - i could
run Commodo or something and have done in the past but the poipups drive me to distraction when im working so i lock the
system down in other ways.ie sandboxed surfing,plenty of system scanners,check every now and than for outbound trafic etc.
Steve Gibsons stuff is very usefull but personally failing the leak test doent bother me any,although i think the built in firewall can be made more secure with some tweaking which i might look at.You can block outbound connectios in the firewall setting i think,you just cant get it to notify you kise some personal firewalls do.

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Have recently changed from 'Private Firewall' to Windows Firewall & just tested it with Steve Gibson's Leak Test & it failed.
Have I missed a setting or is WF not as good?

A:Windows Firewall Fails Leak Test?

Yes its interesting,if you run this test on the Generic Win 7 firewall it will fail,mine does,its a personal choice i think - i could
run Commodo or something and have done in the past but the poipups drive me to distraction when im working so i lock the
system down in other ways.ie sandboxed surfing,plenty of system scanners,check every now and than for outbound trafic etc.
Steve Gibsons stuff is very usefull but personally failing the leak test doent bother me any,although i think the built in firewall can be made more secure with some tweaking which i might look at.You can block outbound connectios in the firewall setting i think,you just cant get it to notify you kise some personal firewalls do.

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I installed the Win 7 RC on my system a few days ago and ran into problems after installing the following three updates:


I have done a clean install a couple of times and each time after these three updates are installed when the system reboots it goes into the Startup Repair wizard and detects the problem as:

"missing or corrupt ndis.sys"

I have tried doing a system restore to a point prior to these updates being installed but I still see the same error. If I disable automatic updates and don't install these 3 updates the system is stable.

Has anyone else run into problems with these updates?


A:Windows 7 fails to boot after 5/26/09 test updates

Hi mgebhart, welcome to the forums.

Have you tried booting in safe mode? If you can get in on safe mode then you might want to try the following.

In the start menu search bar type CMD, right-click CMD when it appears & select 'Run as administrator'. Once open, type sfc /scannow which will scan your system file integrity & should restore any corrupt files.

Hope this helps

Added pic:


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Windows Defender has been slated in a new test that found it could detect barely half of the malware thrown at it during the last year...in full scanning mode the anti-malware scanner could only pick up 53.3 percent of an unspecified list of malware threats thrown at it during 2006, with the quick scan scoring a detection rate of under half...techworld.comJust a few weeks ago Webroot reported that Vista?s Defender stops only 16% of spyware.

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I ran the hardware test this morning and everything passed but the SMART short self test. It failed and gave me this code. WHD01V00G-BK7W0J It says to send to Lenovo but I don't know where. I also can't add my laptop to my products on my account. I keep getting a message #WL Service Busy #   What do I do?

A:Hardware test shows SMART short self test failure.

hi Smurfette,
Welcome to the Forums.
The image below is the breakdown on how the LSC error codes mean.
  - Link to picture
The SMART short self-test that failed may have detected some certain sectors on the drive that are bad and predicted an imminent HDD failure so I would recommend you contact the lenovo helpdesk and report your findings as you likely need to send the unit for service.
If you're in the US, this is the number to call:
Phone Number: 1-877-4-Lenovo (1-877-453-6686)
upported Language: EnglishHours of operation: 24 hours/day 7 days/week
Support phone list
Let me know how it goes.

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The "Designed for Windows XP" logo helps customers identify products that deliver a high-quality computing experience with the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system.

One of the benefits of the "Designed for Windows" Logo Program is having your products listed in the Windows Catalog. Learn about the Windows Catalog and the other benefits of the "Designed for Windows" Logo Program More


System and Device Requirements Version 2.1 Now Available
Microsoft has introduced updated "Designed for Windows" Logo Program system and device requirements in Version 2.1 of Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements




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I would like to set up a test computer to test Windows 10 Pro on. I'd like to take advantage of virtualization. What is a good motherboard, processor, and video card for such a test system? I would like to keep costs reasonable, since I have to obtain funding from other sources for this. Yet I would like to make the fullest use of virtualization. What would be a good hardware set up for this?



A:Hardware For Windows 10 Test System

This might help you.

Windows 10 Specifications - Microsoft

Remember to go a little over if you can afford it.

Good luck.

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A couple days ago, I noticed that my laptop was not yet rated with the windows experience index, so I plugged the laptop in to ac power, set the power plan to High Performance, and ran the rating. However, it failed at 99% complete with a weird hard drive read error. I've attached a couple of pictures of me re-running the test again, with the same result:

During test:

Error message:

A:Windows Experience Index Rating fails on 99% during Hard drive test

Is it connected to the internet?

WEI needs to be online in order to do the rating.

You can also try to clear all scores and rerate the system under advanced tools under performance information and tools.


Looking closer at the screenshot, you might want to run a Disk Check

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Problem: Windows update site is blocked, many microsoft support sites blocked or redirects, even this site was redirected when I tried to post the issue. (now I am using my own PC) Generic Windows process fails, causing disabling of network sharing with local computers. This is my daughters PC, she complains these issues have been present for many months. I have tried a number of things to clean this in last two days but no luck. I am hoping you can help.

Tried already:
- AVG 2011 finds no infections
- AVG PC Tuneup fixed 1700 registry errors
- HiJack this found and deleted a virus yesterday (I forget the name) but now shows nothing unusual, current log is available
- AVG history had many viruses deleted over past few months, I think this one is making the PC vulnerable
- AVG was uninstalled to allow for Combofix to be installed and executed, it deleted som files but did not fix the problem

DDS txt copied here

DDS (Ver_10-11-27.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Kyla at 18:22:02.28 on 30/11/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1526.873 [GMT -5:00]
============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.ex... Read more

A:Windows update blocked, redirects, generic windows process fails, stuborn malware

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Okay....here goes......I have no sound on a system I've built. It has a biostar mobo with an onboard Realtek '97 for VIA Audio Controller. The OS is Windows XP SP3 with everything updated. I have installed all the proper drivers, directly from either Biostar or Realtek. Whether I use simple headphones or simple stereo (amplified) computer speakers, I have no sound. The Windows hardware test (the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each, but I have no sound, despite what Windows says.

I've installed all Chipset drivers as well, directly from Biostar.

I've run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - "DirectSound test results: Failure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)

dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM.SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL (the Windows Hardware Quality Lab), but I have never had that be an issue. Many drivers are not signed.

Anybody have any idea? I've built dozens of systems over the years, repaired many more, and I have never dealt with this.

A:No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows

Based on all you say, my best guess is it's a hardware issue as all the drivers/software/Windows seems to think everything is fine. (maybe the audio jacks are broken or not connecting to mobo? idk... just guesses)

I've run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - "DirectSound test results: Failure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)Click to expand...

That result happens when you ran the DirectSound test and you told Dxdiag you couldn't hear anything (i.e. user verification is what failed)

dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM.SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL (the Windows Hardware Quality Lab), but I have never had that be an issue. Many drivers are not signed.Click to expand...

Agree, that's not the issue

The Windows hardware test (the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each, but I have no sound, despite what Windows says.Click to expand...

As far as windows is concerned, it thinks your sound is fine (again, makes me think is purely hardware is my guess)

/* EDIT */
One other thought (tho don't know if applies) but under Ctl Panel->Sound, i think under Audio tab(?), check that the default playback device is set correctly (in case it lists more then one playback device)

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I've got an ongoing problem with Windows Update which I've seen on THREE different machines now, all Windows 7 Home Premium or 7 Pro, 64 bit.
Symptoms are:
1 - Windows Update fails.  It hangs - showing either "0%" progress on downloading the updates, or showing "checking for updates".
2 - At the same time, the SVCHOST process runs the CPU cycles way too high.  One machine is a tired old Core 2 Duo - and on that one the SVCHOST runs a steady 50% while the WU is flailing about.  On the other 2 machines - both quad cores - it's 25%.
Things that I have tried with no result:
Microsoft "fixit" tool - which among other things, deletes the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder.
Firewall conflict?  All 3 machines run ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.  I tried not just shutting down, but uninstalling that on one machine, and it made no difference.
Malware?  Several months ago I got a bizarre malware attack that infected my wireless router.  Back then, the fix was to hard-reset the router to factory defaults.  When I saw this issue was causing identical symptoms on multiple machines (all on the same wireless network) I thought it was the same kinda thing.  So I rebooted the router, and coincidentally (?) ONE of the 3 machines WU started working after that.  But still no joy on the other 2.
I'm completely bamboozled - any help appreciated!
Thank you,

A:Windows Update fails / SVCHOST process runs high CPU cycles

Hi, Try this: - Disable Automatic Updates:Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Change settings > "Never check for updates" - Stop the Windows Update Service if its running press and type services.msc, locate Windows Update on the list of services, right click on it and click Stop if the status is running. - Install the following UpdatesKB3145739 https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=18c67970-0068-4faf-b2c8-8391a7ccb289KB3078601 https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=24aa4f1e-b7aa-44fd-8c60-c7fab849fd46KB3087039 https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=8a415838-4165-4b81-b541-39cac1cca0a0KB3109094 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=50276KB3138612 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7d72781f-e4ae-41c6-bbba-9b845db33b2a - Restart the computer  Notes:- If any of the updates says it's already installed simply Cancel and move on to the next Update;- After installing any of the updates Windows will ask for a restart select Restart latter until the last one;

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I have an IBM Intellistation MPro that originally had XP installed. I removed XP to install Linux. Now I want to make it a dual boot with XP but when I tried to install XP it failed with the message
"Setup cannot find any hard drives ..."
I researched this problem and eventually arrived at [CODEhttp://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?lndocid=MIGR-45699&brandind=5000004][/CODE]
where I downloaded 74p4758.zip and extracted it to find DISKETTE.IMG DISKIMG.EXE MKDISK.BAT I extracted all the files in the .IMG file and created a floppy disk containing all the content from 74p4758.zip, i.e.
total 80
-rw-r--r-- 1 g users 12091 Apr 9 1996 DISKIMG.EXE
-rw-r--r-- 1 g users 12 Oct 24 2002 MKDISK.BAT
-rwxr-xr-x 1 g users 130 Mar 16 08:27 MaxIo64k.REG*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 g users 30070 Mar 16 08:27 Readme.txt*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 g users 5525 Mar 16 08:27 TXTSETUP.OEM*
-r-xr-xr-x 1 g users 37 Mar 16 08:27 U320DSK1*
drwxr-xr-x 2 g users 4096 Mar 16 08:27 Win2000/
drwxr-xr-x 2 g users 4096 Mar 16 08:27 WinNt40/
drwxr-xr-x 2 g users 4096 Mar 16 08:27 WinXP/
drwxr-xr-x 2 g users 4096 Mar 16 08:27 WinXP64/
I restarted the XP install, pressed F6 to install the SCSI driver from the floppy and all seemed well, but ... Setup failed again with the same message. Any suggestions?

A:Installing Win XP fails because Setup does not recognize 73 GB SCSI HDD

You would first Back up all your important files to other media like DVD'S, External drive, or thumb drive. Do a clean install of Windows xp, then install linux in a dual boot configuration. I recommend Ubuntu 10.04 or higher.
Did you make a separate partition to accommodate Linux?

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The targeted read test, smart short self test and smart drive self test of harddrive are failing, can anyone help me regarding this,,?Is my hard drive failed or is going to fail..?please help

Untitled.jpg ?165 KB

A:Lenovo G500s- Hardware Targeted read test, short and smart read test failure.

I have same issue G50-80 running window 10 it has failed targeted read test computer is so slow...It's frustrating I hold nothing on hard drive all files plenty of memory does anyone know what the solution might be?

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windows98 is already on my 13gb ide drive, but i have a new 9gb scsi drive which is really fast 80mb/sec,
I would like to install only windows for now so machine boots faster, can i do this and still have other files on existing slower 13gb hdd i.e. games, txt files and pics?
I have managed to make ide drive as slave but i dont know how to go abouts installing win98 on scsi, as machine keeps booting to windows, from the slave drive. And when i attempt to install win98 it tries to put it on the ide drive which alwready has it on.
Do i need to disconnect the power supply to the ide hdd?
Does scsi drives have master/slave jumper setting like the ide?

My new hdd is MAG3091LC on this page

A:if i have 1 ide and 1 scsi hard drive how do i install windows on the new scsi hd?

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I know with a USB external Zip I just plug and play. But with a SCSI external zipdrive what do I need to buy and how do I install it? Someone told me it's not Plug and play.

A:Do I have to get additional hardware to install a SCSI external zip

You need a SCSI card. Once you have a working SCSI card, it is, indeed, plug and play.

A good one for ZIP drives is this one:

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I just received a MacVision MP3 player through Amazon.

I tried to install the software from the disk but I got an error message............

MacVision MA823T has not been tested for Windows Logo testing and may not be safe to run on Windows XP.

Your thoughts.............

A:MacVision MP3 player - pass logo test???

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I am getting a thing when i try to install some softwar that it hasn't passed the xp logo testing. It has.

I am having this problem with direct x 9 and otherthings like my sound card drivers which have worked before.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?

A:Software hasn't passed logo test, when it has...

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Geez I can't think of what else to do. Using an adaptec 2930U scsi adapter (50pin high den.) into the scanner, (no converter between).

First I was getting a stop error. Dropped the transmission rate of the scsi id (tried id#'s 2,3,4,5). When I dropped the transmission rate it didn't get a stop error (I assume the stop was due to a failure for the scanner to respond). Running the scsi bios check/id scanner it would time out when ever it hit the scanner. Ok, so chagned the trans. rate to 5, and NT booted but under the scsi applet /adaptec there was no device found. Went back into the scsi bios and did the following:
1. scsi synchronize transfer=no
2. max synch transfer=5 (later changed back to 20, as it didn't seem to hav any effect with these other changes)
3. enable disconnection=no
4. parity checking=disabled
5. scsi termination=enabled

With these settings I get the following devices showing up under the adaptec 2930U card:
HP [email protected]
HP [email protected]
Now there is only one thing on the scsi and that's just the scanner itself. highlighting these and going to properties shows that it thinks they are HP scsi printers. Reload the scanner software, going through all the hoops of disconnecting, shutting down, restarting w/ scanner not connected, reinstalling software, shutting down connecting scanner, waiting a minute for scanner to be on before turning on the computer, etc. still same thing(s) found attached. *Note no device is found when scanner is not attache... Read more

A:{Moved to hardware Forum} - SCSI Hp 6300c scanner meets NT4.0 sp5

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P71 fails to boot up to Win 10.  Stops at screen displaying red LENOVO logo with instructions to press enter.  Device was working until I returned home (packed in case & then in back pack).  Pressing enter does nothing, have tried with battery, without battery (AC only) & with battery & AC.  Have tried pressing PF12, PF1 as well as other removing battery and pressing power button 10 times & then holding if for 30 seconds (suspect that was a foolish idea). I'm looking for suggestions on how to begin trouble shooting to identify issue.  No recent upgrades to Win 10 or bios applied to lap top.Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have an HP Pavilion ze5500 w/WinXP SP2. My son closed the screen while some updates were loading (I don't even know what). Now, when I turn it on, it goes through the screens ok until the logo screen, where it sits, accessing the hard drive every once in a while. After 3-4 minutes there is an error box titled HPWirelessMgr.exe - Application error . The text reads: The instruction at "0x76b2398c" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Can I repair/reinstall XP without wiping all his data? Mainly the stuff in My Documents.


A:XP fails to boot; freezes on logo screen

Try booting into "Safe Mode" by tapping the F8 key @ once per second right after youturn the machine on. When you get to the options, try "Last Good Configuration" and report back what happens.

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I bought the new M-Audio Mobile Pre and installed the CD with the drivers. A warning said this software does not pass Windows Logo Testing and may experience errors. Well it did. There is simply no audio driver active on My Windows XP 2002. When I check my Hardware all the drivers are active and in use. I used the M-Audio on another computer and it worked fine. The cables are in the usb port. When I goto my audio Devices I cannot even highlight the output device because it is inactive, even though the hardware says it's active. I'm normally pretty good at this. Not sure what is happening. Can anyone help?

A:Driver Fails window Logo Testing :(

What OS are you running? If it is Windows 2000, then the driver may not be 100% ok on it. If it is XP, then I suggest you post in the XP area (this is "Windows 2000 Pro / NT Workstation Support" area).

Most "new" products do not support Windows 2000 any longer, and while most of them work, there can be differences. Also, were there any other third-party audio drivers installed when you tried to install this one? If so, that could be an issue. I would uninstall ALL related driver software, shut down the machine and remove the new hardware. Boot the machine, wait till everything has settled, and shut the machine down again. Install the new hardware. When you boot the machine again, it will tell you "new hardware detected" and ask for the drivers. If that does not work, not sure what to suggest, assuming you've alreacy checked Device Manager for any conflicts, except that for any new product, the company should offer support (I know some don't, but they should).

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Issue of scannow test has resulted with files that can't be repaired.
In going to the CBS log is off limits, as I'm not sure of how I can take ownership of the file to at least open the text file. And when I just now copied from Microsoft site of finding the sfc details, it worked fine and put it directly on the desktop with sfcdetails named-even, but when I open it, nada-nothing, and that's strange.
If there are any helpful suggestions on this,I appreciate it.
As an aside, I have other thread of taking ownership of registry key. And I attempted the same procedural of taking ownership of the CBS log but it's kind of going in circles (for me or from me), and further, since windows 10 advertised and reserved-copy from selected updates, I have since deleted those and that could be some of the repair that the check disc can't repair-files(?).
If I put in the disc to repair, would that mean, necessarily, that windows 10 updates (or for getting windows 10 in the form of KB security updates) would start all over again?

A:sfc scannow test fails

This thread can be closed.(After all . . . )
  I think this Windows 10 upgrade stuff is why in the first place, these problems sprang up just as fast as this wonderful Win. 10. did. Well, I for one don't want it. And by sneaky updates to the effect of having it on my computer's why now the malfunction. Other sites I'm asking will it be practical to reinstall windows 7 if win. 10 upgrades and the like, will be planted on it (again)? Let's keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

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a couple of weeks ago a bought a bunch of new hardware to upgrade an existing system...specs give in signiture. The problem i am having is that when i try to start up the machine it gives me the error message that my system fails the cpu test. so today i got on the phone breifly with asus the maker of my mb the tech guy had me take my mb out of the case and leave only the cpu and case leads attached and then power it up. well we got disconnected so i started playing around with what he said. anyway, as long as my mb is not in my case i don't get any errors and the system will boot into the bios fine and it will pass all its tests. but as soon as i put the mb back in the case... and i don't even have to fasten it down...it will give me the "system fails cpu test" error. has anyone experienced problems like this or can think of anything that would cause this. the only thing i can come up with is that it is shorting out on something that it is touching in the case but i can't figure out what it would be. any help would be greatly appreciated.

completely perplexed

A:System Fails CPU test

check the case standoffs to the motherboard, it sounds like something is shorting the motherboard out to the case

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My son has just bought an Xbox 360 premium. I have connected it via an ethernet cable direct to my computer. (I cannot connect straight to my modem as it has no ethernet connector.)
The Xbox test says it fails on MTU - Maximum Transmittable Unit. Xbox says it needs 1364 and my Isp (Talk Talk) say they are 1500.
Microsoft told me to change the MTU on my Thomson speed touch modem, but I don't know how.
I heard somewhere that Talk Talk does not support Xbox. But when I phoned them they said their MTU should be OK for anything.
Please answer me in idiot language

A:xbox fails MTU test

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I have a hardware device that supports three USB interfaces, serial, storage and RNDIS. The device works fine on most of the Windows 7 service pack 1 PC, however the serial port and storage interface are failed to be detected by the Windows 7 on two newly
purchased DELL desktop PCs. When the device is plugged in, the RNDIS is immediately detected and the USB viewer can retrieve all three interface descriptors from the RNDIS. However no composite device entry is generated under the USB controllers in Device
Manager. This is a composite device, normally it should show up. When I plugged the same device to a working PC, I can see the composite entry under the USB controller and three other entries under the storage, network and Ports. If I disabled the RNDIS on
the device side, the two serial port and storage will show up as composite device under the USB controller and everything works fine. It looks like on these new problematic DELL PCs, the RNDIS takes over and never tries to discover the other two interfaces.
I can not figure out what causes the problem and how to trouble shoot this problem. Thank you for your help. Any hint could be useful.


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Had a major issue a week back, resulting in the need to factory reset the laptop. Was able to restore and after the painful OS update process and during system check out, received the failed test notification (WHD01V002-UL7XQE).Passes all other tests.  DiagnosticsSMART status testPassedTargeted read testFailedRandom seek testPassedFunnel seek testPassedSMART short self-testPassedSMART drive self-testPassed Other posts of this nature seem to point toward a significant HW issue, but those reference SMART test failures as well.Looking for suggestions from the community. Thanks. 

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