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Is AD site resolution dependent on DNS resolution?

Q: Is AD site resolution dependent on DNS resolution?

I had an IP address show up in an SA today and, though the IP falls within a defined AD subnet and site, the site did not appear in the UI.
Perhaps only coincidentally, the reverse DNS lookup for the IP did not resolve either.

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Preferred Solution: Is AD site resolution dependent on DNS resolution?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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Hi. I'm new here and this is my first post. I looked around a little and found one other thread with a similar question, but the question wasn't really answered. I can't find anything on the net that doesn't confuse me so bad it makes my head hurt, so I thought I'd try asking here. Thanks in advance for any answers I get.

I will try and be as thorough as possible, although the resulting question will be simple. I'll start out with why I am asking the question to begin with.

So I am trying to play a game I used to play nearly ten years ago. It's a free online game called Continuum/Subspace and there are user created "zones" or variations of the game within the game (if that makes sense). I play in a zone called Trench Wars. It's a top down game, meaning you are looking down at your ship as if from above and the screen scrolls as you move to reveal more of the area (map) you are playing in. You are in a spaceship of your choice with varying weapons for each ship. The game requires aiming at your enemies before firing at them and anticipating their moves.

Well I noticed that playing at a higher resolution allows you to see more of your immediate area and expands your view of the map. It works just like your desktop in essence. The higher the resolution, the smaller the icons, but the more space you have. In the game, the higher the resolution, the smaller the ships are, but you can see more space around you. Obviously, this would give an advantage to anyone playing ... Read more

A:Forcing Screen Resolution Higher Than Native Resolution

Simple answer is: you can not go over the native resolution of LCD panel because its physical thing for each pixel lcd panel has a cell you can not have more pixels than there is physical pixels in that panel.

smaller than native resolutions achieved by grouping more than one cell to form pixel thats why non native resolution on lcd sometimes gets blurry or edgy

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I have a Sceptre 32-Inch LCD TV (X322BV) and I use an ASUS GeForce 440 video card. I am connected to the TV using a top of the line HDMI cable that has ethernet built in. I was using this cable to connect my computer to the TV and it displayed fine at 1360x768. This was great for my games and all other programs I was using. I attempted to install a new game called Metro 2033 and when I launched the game, it must have detected that my system is really good and set to display the resolution in 1080p. Now my TV does not support this display and now won't show anything except in safe mode, where the resolution is set to 1024x768. I am just not sure of how to get the computer to now NOT display in 1080p when I boot up windows normally. I have tried using the F8 menu to reset the resolution and everything. I am a competent computer tech who has much knowledge. However, I am just not sure how to change a resolution when you can't even see the screen and you can't see the screen because you can't change the resolution. It's a catch-22. I will never understand engineers or programmers in the least. PLEASE HELP! I have even hooked it up to a 1080p TV and turned the resolution down but when I hook it back up to the 720p TV the settings are still set at 1080p for some reason. It's like whatever display it's connected to, that's what settings it's going to use automatically. I am just out of options except for a re-format. PLEASE HELP!

A:Resolution stuck at 1080p; Resolution changed by game

Before I re-install the OS I would try this:
Boot up in Safe Mode and log in with an Admin account.
Uninstall the Device and Driver for the Video Card (see link below).
Re-boot in Normal mode, and Windows should detect and re-install the device.
Go from there to update the driver as needed.
Uninstall Device and Device Driver - Vista Forums

If that one game is the problem, I'd uninstall it or search for answers how to configure it to not cause the problem.

I also suggest learning System Backup Imaging, so going forward you can easily recover from problems without re-installing the OS and all programs.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Imaging with free Macrium

Hope this helps,

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Ok - First off Im using a 32" Dynex TV as a monitor, hooked in through a VGA port on the TV. When I start my computer the screen jumps around and it says 'detecting signal', settles on 640x480 during boot When windows 7 starts to open it jumps again for a moment and goes to 1366x768 (the right setting for it) I was playing Metro 2033 and its too slow in 1366 so I reduced it to 1024x768 which apparently the TV cant do, it just went black, so it reset to 1366. I was trying various resolutions, some were too wide too skinny etc and accidentally clicked on 1024 again, screen went black and this time didnt revert. I restarted my computer and now after the 640 phase in boot it doesnt go to 1366 like it should but at the opening to windows 7 where you put in your password it switches to 1024, after it jumps to adjust a few times it goes black like in the game.. it tells me detecting signal (normal) then no signal detected (which is what it tells me if I have it on say component 1 with my xbox 360 turned off, or video 1 with my dvd player off, or even VGA with the computer off for that matter)

What Ive tried:
I tried turning the monitor off and on to see if I could adjust the settings back while it was adjusting before going black, but it just stays black...

I started up in safe mode, which was 800x600 and it was ugly but worked, I tried resetting the resolution but it only gave the base options (640, 800, 1024, 1280) and that was only for safe mode, it didnt hold when I ... Read more

A:monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows??

does the Nvidia card have any software which could manage screen resolutions? If so you can try that in safe mode....

Also, tap F8 on startup, but instead of safe mode chose "enable VGA mode" which should cause windows to boot normally, but in 800x600 (or something of the like, that just about all monitors and TV's support)

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Native Resolution for my monitor is 1366 x 768. It's a 32 inch computer monitor. The reason for buying bigger screen for the computer is so that I can have more desktop display area so that I don't have to scroll horizontally to have a clear helicopter view of my subject.

Only then I was made to understand that I am actually restricted by the monitor resolution and hence though my graphic card can support higher resolution, it won't work. So my problem right now is setting the graphic card with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 is giving me blurry images and text. The desktop display area is wide enough to satisfy my need but the blurring object is not acceptable.

My general question would be:
If the graphic card higher resolution doesn't help because it does not match the monitor, is there any smart software that can give me more desktop area with clarity given that resolution constraint? What other alternatives do I have without getting rid of my new monitor?

A:Graphic Card Resolution > Monitor Resolution

What graphics card do you have? Sounds like it is not powerful enough to fill the resolution you are looking for.


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i have a samsung monitor that have 2 slots, specifically for DVI & VGA
and i also have a GPU embeded: inno3d GT430 that also have 2 slots for VGA and DVI

i got this new DVI cable from a friend so i tried to upgrade my display from VGA to DVI

the problem is i cant see any differences between the two

things ive checked so far:
nvidia settings ressolution tab: converted it to 1920 x 1080, 1080p
windows resolution settings: 1920 x 1080 (Recommended)

so again, there are no differences between the two when i hooked them up, can anybody tell me any steps to make my display HD?

core i3
OS installed: win7 32bit

A:HD Resolution & Analog Resolution: they display the same output

Is it running at 1920 x 1080 ?

Why do you think you would see a difference ? VGA is analog and DVI is digital, that`s it, as far as I know.

Personally, I think Samsung monitors are terrible.


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Hi all,

So I'm creating a program for a friend but we are having trouble trying to display things in a 1280 x 1024 resolution.

Is there any way to create a custom resolution on my laptop or monitor of 1280 x 1024? Our monitors don't have this resolution listed in the display settings, or is this a driver issue?


A:How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

The resolution availability can be affected due to the graphics card installed. I will have a think about any other factors which may affect the resolution.

Screen Resolution - Display Settings

The tutorial's information box explains which factors that affect your screen resolution availability.

Hope this helps,


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my desktop resolution is 1152x864, but i play my games at 1024x768, this causes my games to not fill up the whole screen. is there any way i can make it so i dont have to change any of my resolutions, but my game fills the whole screen?

A:resolution in games vs desktop resolution

Press the buttons in-front of your monitor and stretch the screen until it's full.
Otherwise, you can set your games to 1152x864 if your graphic card if powerful enough.

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OS is WIN98. I cannot change the color resolution or screen area size on my computer. When I do I get the message:

"The display control panel is unable to change the display settings. Please check your display hardware in device manager."

Currently it is in 256 colors and screen area is 640x480. Display adapter is STB Velocity 128. Monitor is Gateway EV700. Downloaded most recent drivers from Windows Update today but I still get the message.

Please help me. I'll be up all night waiting. Thanks.

A:{RESOLVED}Resolution problem needs resolution.

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Hey, recently i got a brand new GTX 1050 ti, and i knew it wouldn't have a VGA connector, so i purchased HDMI to VGA. I just installed the graphics card and installed its drivers everything. drivers seem to be working fine but max resolution is 1024x768, i even restarted the PC and tried reinstalling the graphics driver multiple times. But i'm still thinking it might be because of the HDMI to VGA adapter's fault

What are your thoughts about this?

My monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 920N 1280x1024 60Hz

Here's a pic of the adapter

A:Resolution problem (max resolution: 1024x768)

Look at the specs of the adapter or supply make and model so we can.

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I recently had the dreaded Facebook virus on my laptop - symptoms included redirecting to weird sites after google searches. I believe that has mostly been sorted out now. The sorting out process involved a number of scans using malwarebytes, SpybotS&D and Ad-Aware as well as reseting the router.

After resetting the router I have managed to get my laptop to connect to the network. Passwords are correct and signal strength is very good to excellent. However, I can now only access my online work email account, all other websites (google etc) won't open. I get the following when I try to open them:

I get this in bottom left corner of IE when I try to go to any websites res://C:\WINDOWS\system\xpsp3res.dil.dnserror.htm

or I get an error message along the lines of This page can not be displayed.

A:Site-dependent internet issues

Have you checked your HOSTS file?

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This problem started happening about a week ago and I've never had a problem like this before. The problem is that often (but not always) when I start a game, it goes into full screen and it will usually change the resolution like mosts games do, except when I either exit the game normally, or alt+tab out of it, the resolution does not change back to normal. I have my desktop resolution set at 1024x768 normally. This seems to hold true for almost all my games. Even the windows screensaver causes the same problem if it changes the resolution.

After this happens, if I go into display properties and try to change any settings whether it is resolutuon, color depth, or even the refresh rate. I get an error that says it can't be done and I probably don't have administrative rights. The only way to fix it is to reboot the computer.

My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420. Around when the probelms started I updated the drivers to some beta drivers from the Nvidia site. I assumed those might be the cause so I downgraded to the latest official foreceware drivers which I had installed before. The only other things I can think of that I have installed before the problem occoured was the new Microsoft Anti-spyware but I doubt that would have caused it.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem? I am out of ideas...

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Hi again,

I have on a form in Access 2003, two combo boxes. One combo box is dependent on the other. What I would like to do is have a value appear in a text box which is dependent on the value selected in the dependent combo box. To acheive the independent / dependent combo box functionality I have used as an inspiration the excellent example found at http://www.blueclaw-db.com/download/dependent_combo_box.htm (see download link 2/3 down the page and thanks to Blue Claw Database Design)

Given this example - how would be able to go about having a text box which would show the selected student's telephone number? I would lock this text box after the update of the student being selected in the combo box so that it can't be edited...

As always, I would really appreciate any ideas or even solutions!


A:Access - Text box value dependent on an already dependent combo box

Rusty, create an "Unbound Text Box" to hold the Telephone Number.
Ensure that the data columns for the second Combo include the telephone number.
In the second Combo box's "After Update" event procedure add some simple VBA like

me.textboxname = me.comboboxname.column(1)

where textboxname is the name of your unbound text box, comboboxname is the name of your Combo box and assumes that the telephone number is the second column of the Combo Box (in VBA they start as column 0).

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After connecting my new laptop to the my 30" tv with an HDMI cord and then removing it later, the resolution was messed up. I received a notification bubble saying that my resolution was at the recommended settings. I went to my screen resolution settings and the slider said it was at 1366x768 ,which is the max on my computer, but below was a warning saying, "Your resolution is lower than 1200x900. Some items might not fit on your screen". If there is any way I can fix this please let me know.


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I have an amd graphics card rx 580.

My problem is when i right click the desktop and go to display settings and apply 1440x1080 res it works but when i change it to 144hz the screen goes black and the resolution changes to a very low quality and large text. I cant seem to figure how to use 1440x1080 with 144hz are they no compatible ?

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Ok, around late november or so i recieved my ATI Radeon 7000 graphics card(AGP). I installed it to the motherboard and everything, and everything worked fine(actually it worked the same). I realized a week or two back that i had been plugging my monitor into the onboard video port, so i then replugged it into the radeon 7000(whihc, btw has a duelmonitor capability). When i did this a window poped up that said my resolution should be changed, so i had it do it automatically. The picture and size was improved EXTREMELY slightly. Now, what id like to do is make my resolution higher(its currently 800x600), but if i put it at anything at all above the 800x600 res, and click apply, my screen turns into a blaze of colors, and nothing moves or changes, not even the mouse. I cant read or see anything. I press tab twice and then enter and it undoes the change. Now, im wondering, why cant i put a higher resolution? In case, its a 15" monitor, no idea what brand, and i updated the drivers.


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My resolution on my newly installed windows 8 is at 800x600 and will not go up anymore, assuming its a driver issue and I will probably just have to wait but just making sure!


Have you tried installing Intel chipset driver, I had to install to get the resolution right.

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Thanx Kiwiguy, I have a a Great Quality zx-5360 and I am running windows xp professional, but the resolution moves in Frames. I install dvd codec and player (PowerDVD 6) on there but it still moves in frames. I got advise in this forum to run BELARC and it says for DISPLAY "None Detected" but I have not a clue how to fix these things, can I get some help please? I would really appreciated

A:Resolution Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I have a problem with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. My notebook has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it looks great with Windows 8. The only problem is, that my apps don't have the same resolution (see picture), but a lower resolution. Does anyone know a fix for this (I have installed the latest drivers for my graphic card)


Originally Posted by darkrens15


I have a problem with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. My notebook has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it looks great with Windows 8. The only problem is, that my apps don't have the same resolution (see picture), but a lower resolution. Does anyone know a fix for this (I have installed the latest drivers for my graphic card)

Fixed :P

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I cannot figure out this problem...I like my resolution to be at 800x600, but everytime I reboot it resets back to 600x400..any ideas???

A:Help with resolution

Are the video card drivers installed? THe computer might be using default video setings and not the settings for your video card.

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on my other computer i was playing around with it and accidentally set the resolution to 2000x1000. i cant see anything. the screens totally black. how do i change it back?


A:help with resolution!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Boot into safe mode, under your normal user name(NOT THE ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT). See how here.> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/tutorial61.html

Do a system restore to before you changed the resolution.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I know Windows XP and Windows 7 Build 7000 are different but, in XP i used to be able to have my res at the max my old laptop could handle which was 1024 X 768
Now in Windows 7 It has been grayed out so i cant change it and is set to 600 X 400. Is there a way of increasing this or is this due to the fact with the new Windows my laptop cant handle it...

Inspiron 2600
1006MHZ Pent 3
640 Ram DDR1
Maximum resolutions
1024 x 768 at 16.8 million colors
Thanks all

A:Max Resolution?

Have you installed the right graphics accelerator drivers?

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i had a problem a while back with getting my tv to display the contents of my monitor. broke down and bought a better modulator, so that works now...
the image on the tv is very blurry, which is ok, but when i run a video, the part of the display that is displaying the video is just black on the tv.
i have tried all the resolutions, nothing changes.

any help at all would be greatly appreciated

A:TV resolution

Which media player are you using? Look in the settings for "hardware overlay", and switch it from whatever it's set to to whatever else is available.

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Hi all forum gurus,

I recently bought an Acer 19" Widescreen LCD monitor and there is this problem. I have already installed latest drivers but the maximum resolution is 1280x1024 while the monitor's highest res is 1440x1440 which is supposed to be put as an option at the display properties settings tab but it is not there. Please help me to help me get 1440x1440 as an option because 1280x1024 is very blur. Thanks ALOT!
Here are my specs:
Intel P3 1Ghz
Intel 82810E Graphics

A:Low Resolution PLEASE HELP!!!!!

The resolution that you can use on your monitor does not only depend on the monitor's maximum resolution, it also depends on the max resolution of your graphics card, which must be 1280x1024. I can't imagine why "it's a blur" though... 1280x1024 works fine for most monitors...i can't imagine why it wouldn't work...

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I'm having this problem:

When I turn on my computer, it goes into a 4 bit resolution mode and when I go to control panel / display to change the resolution the bar won't move ; it wont allow me to change it.

there was also a message about the computer not being able to find some PCI device all of a sudden, not too sure what that is all about.

Really trying to avoid formatting, thnx.

A:4 bit Resolution

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Well I as you could see I am using two monitors but my main concern is my 27" I can't get a perfect resolution I want it to fit the screen instead of have large black bars all the way around,

The only resolution fit is 1280x720 and its really annoying I want it to pretty well fit the entire screen or have smaller black bars.

If you could help that would be fantastic.

A:Resolution help.

how do you have the displays set? mirrored? or extended?

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just d/l the nvidia drivers and i can get the resolution back to were i had it

i went up and down on the slide and it does not get to the screen i had before

and in fact one 1360 by 768 makes the screen more oblong

any thoughts

before i roll back to the old driver


what driver version are you using and what resolution do you want? and more importantly what refresh rate?

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please can someone help me

i have an old crt 24" monitor its a sony i don't know the model. on my old PC i had the resolution set at 1280 by 1024 my gfx card was a radeon 9200se, everything was cool.

I recently bough a new media center pc with a 256MB ATI Radeon X1300PRO gfx card in it when i set the resolution to 1280 by 1024 i can't see my entire desktop gotta scroll the highest I can set it where I can see everything is 1024 by 768 and I really don't like this everything seems really big and my games look rubbish.

I can't understand how come my old PC with worse specs could do it but this on can't. Is there anything i can do?


Video settings

A Crt 24 inch can't be that outdated.
First right click the desktop,
Then select Propertys/Settings/advanced,
Then select Monitor and check "Hide all modes that can't be displayed."
Then Adapter/List all modes.Find a high Refresh Rate 75 is good.60 so so.
(These will work but do a restart)
Time for an LCD DVI-D with that card.


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Hello, I have a few problems with my PC resolution since I installed Win8.1. I'm using the 1920x1080 resolution, but apps and programs seem to be using 1520xsomething. It's best described, when I do puu.sh screenshot:
That's NOT full screenshot. It should have some more of text window on the left lower corner, Inventory window should be bigger, and to the right there should be Station Maintenance window.
Anybody knows, how can I change it?


I am not the world's keenest gamer, not by a long shot, but that looks like the screen from a game. If it is only games you are having this problem with it may be a matter of going into the games' graphic settings and make sure that they match up to your screen resolution, particularly screen width.
Chris Cosgrove

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I've recently installed Windows 8 on my computer with succes. The only thing that's not working right is the resolution. My computer is connected with an HDMI cable to my Panasonic TX-L32C10P TV. The graphic card i'm using is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 610.

The resolution is or too big, or too small, or its flickering and the only thing i want is that is not as big as an PC for older people and that the Windows 8 Apps work.

Can someone help me with this? For example with Teamviewer?



What does Device Manager show for your video adapter? You may need to update its driver. Possibly its firmware too. Did you run the Windows 8 upgrade assistant? Did it indicate that you might have a video/resolution problem?

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Just loaded win10 on a new hdd--checked resolution and shows the highest at 1820x1080. How do I get to 1920x1080--the resolution on my LG HD monitor?


Where I would start - right click the start icon, select device manager. Look under display adapters, right click on your display adapter and try to automatically upgrade the driver (search online).

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I have this 14" laptop, and the max resolution is 1024x768 because i can't install the graphics driver (school laptop, need admin rights)

Is there any way to set the desktop resolution higher than the max,without installing the drivers?

(or are there any non-install type of drivers avalable for a HP 6530b?)

A:Too low resolution

No in this case, you have to install the correct drivers for your hardware.

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just bought a 19" flat screen. i would like to have larger fonts for reading my mail and surfing.
tried to lower the resolution but then everything is out of focus a little.
is there another way?
thanks, bob

A:new resolution

Try using the accessibility manager start all programs accessibility

or magnifyer

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please help me with this.

the picture quality of the desktop is really bad and even the icons look weird. i kept the old resolution properties yet my monitor's picture looks distorted and different. Plus when i open a new window, the monitor goes blank and then shows a picture again. i have attached a desktop snapshot and the hijack file.


A:very bad resolution

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your HJT log is clean.

Uninstall and reinstall your graphics card drivers.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Heeey. I have a question here. I got a inno3d 8800 GTS and on the box it says that i can run up to 2560x1600. maybe my monitor isnt big enough? i have 19" screen and i can choose 1280x1024.

just a side question:
What can i get to improve my computer speed? some say that its RAM i need. Because when i play game on high settings it can still get a little choppy


Yep, your monitor won't support anything higher than 1280x1024.

RAM can help, so can shutting down a lot of unnecessary processes.

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I changed my monitor to 17" TFT Samsung SyncMaster 713N with the following recommended resolution;

Optimum : 1280x1024 @ 60Hz
Maximum : 1280x1024 @ 75Hz

Intially I changed my resolution to 1280x1024 @ 60Hz & it worked fine for a day.

Today it started showing up the message;
"Not Optimum Mode","Recommended Mode : 1280 x 1024 60Hz"

Further, the message would not go off until I plug in my CRT monitor & lower the resolution.
I have tried updating the driver of the TFT Monitor but no use.

Kindly assist.

A:LCD Resolution

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I have a dell 2350. Last week it developed an error that made it boot to an error screen. I managed to get it running again by running chdsk and then fixboot. Then I reinstalled the operating system from the disk that came with the computer. HOWEVER my only resolution option is low, I can not slide the slider over to raise it, when I clickon the drop down arrow my only option is low. They are all gone! I can not find anything in the disk that came with the computer that will help me. Is it monitor drivers or video drivers that are missing and how do I get them back.

A:low resolution only

You need to reinstall the drivers for the system, especially the Intel Video driver. You can find all the drivers for your system at the Dell site which is here: http://support.dell.com/support/dow...=DIM_PNT_CEL_2350&os=WW1&osl=en&catid=&impid=

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i have a:

Pentium 4 2.81 Ghz
1.00 GB Of DDR RAM
Radeon 9700 Pro

and the best resolution i can get is 1024x768
whats wrong?


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can anyone help with gif,jpeg, ect. resolution problems.more information in internet pics post 06/02/01.


Here the access link to previous thread. It is always better to use original question thread. If you wish to bring it to top for review again then should just edit it.

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Hi not been here in a while. But you might remember that I was having bad shimmering and edges on objects not looking smooth when stood still and ok when moving. Since then I have got a new mother board which I needed as the USB on the board where broken. This happened because I had a usb 360 controller in the front port on my case and when I got up and walked passed I yanked the cable out with my foot and it not been right since then.

I started with a new Graphic card a Asus strix 970 GTX but this didn't solve it on any resolution or graphic setting. I then got a new mother board a Asus H61m-k. Also got a new PSU Cosair HX750I. This didn't solve it either at any resolution.

I had a sony bravia TV 32" 60hz. A couple of days ago I bought a Asus vg278he which is a 144hz at 1080p Any way after receiving this I was this is going to work. But guess what it didn't. It was a lot smoother with no slow downs as be for but the shimmering and objects looking smooth then jaggy. Any way I tried lowering my resolution on the monitor in game to 1600x900. The shimmering stopped which it didn't be for on my old TV. I now can have all graphics on ultra at 144hz on every game I tried with out problem.

Also the screen when at 1600x900 looks to fit better then at 1080p. I no for a fact that this monitor is 1080p so why are things better at lower resolution but look better then 1080p?.


If you changed out your GPU, motherboard, Power supply and TV, and it still didn't correct it...

That leads me to believe that you either have a damaged or poor quality monitor cable. At high resolution rates the information being sent over the cable is a fairly high frequency. Lower resolutions use lower frequencies. A damaged or poorly made cable isn't going to pass the high frequencies well. That might be why the problem goes away at lower resolution.

I would try swapping out the monitor cable and see what that does at better resolutions.

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I still don't understand this dilemma. I'm working on a 22 inch monitor that has a native resolution of 1920*1080 but there are lots of elements in the Windows 7 x64 UI that is too small even for my vision which is 100% good. I also notice this tiny text phenomenon on programs like Photoshop & InDesign especially in the Preferences dialog box where the list of options in InDesign (General, Interface, UI scaling,...etc) are way too small for me to read to the point that I need the magnifier app just to read well! I thought it's a Windows 7 issue so I had to live with that but I've never seen any change in that aspect on Windows 8 and Windows 10 which I've tried only for the hope of finding a real solution to this problem but they both disappointed me so I'm back to Windows 7.

All the solutions I've read on the internet are talking about raising the DPI to 125% or even 150% but raising the DPI to e.g. 125% makes my screen's real estate even smaller thus I'm not taking full advantage of my screen/resolution so I'm really stuck between two hateful situations. Will we never have the ability to work with default 100% DPI and at the same time, those tiny text elements are taken care of to look bigger and more sharp? What's the difficulty for the programmers in having that become true?!

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After about 15 minutes of frustration, I used an LED flashlight to look inside the top RAM slot. I was looking to make sure it wasn't defective, and that there were no obstructions. Upon closer inspection, I realized the slot should work fine. But alas! Each attempt to insert the RAM into the slot resulted in a half-in failure! So then I got an idea. I took a really (I mean REALLY) small screwdriver and pulled up on either end of the RAM slot. I made sure to avoid all of the pins on the slot as I did this, to prevent damage. Next, after a little wrestling and pushing it in on one side first and then the other, it finally went in.
Diagnostics: The RAM slot had "Shrunk" or become tight without use.
Resolution: Carefully pull up on the ram slot with something small that won't touch the pins.
Conclusion: I now have 8GB of RAM working great in my laptop. I am sure this would work on other computers as well if you are careful!


For our notes, what is the specific laptop model? Were you installing Dell memory or 3rd party memory?

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I just got this
The middle one currently 799 with the options unchanged.
I added another hard drive, from my pc that just died, and 8 more gigs of ram.  Day one I wasn't able to get a picture.  I was using the rgb adapter and thought maybe that might be the problem.  I ordered an hdmi cable and was able to get something and enter bios but the screen was glitchy and weird.  Open the machine up again tried to make sure everything was in and not loose.  Computer managed to start but very glitchy screen flickering on and off and colors changing.  Once windows started (i hate everything about windows 8 so far and want it to die btw) I tried to change the resolution and brought it down to 1024/768 and then it looks kind of normal now.  This resolution seems to work.  But there is still some occasional glitchyness lines or dots.  But I want to use 1920/1080.  I don't know whats wrong.  I kind of don't want to believe that its a hardware limitation.  Am I missing a driver? It seems to be installed and I tried installing something but that didn't seem to work.  Is this because I'm using an hdmi cable?  I just got done trying to fix my last computer and ultimately giving up, then got this an having nothing but problem again.  Very frustrating any help would be appreciated.

A:Low resolution on new pc

Hi, The first thing I would do get a hold of Dell for support and let them make sure you are connected properly and that there is no hardware problems. You should not have to load anything to use the computer. It comes preloaded with Windows and all drivers installed.
The next step is to follow our tutorial  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/start-menu-in-windows-8-with-classic-shell/

Windows 8 no longer includes the traditional Start Menu that Windows users have become associated with using. Instead they replaced it with a new interface called the Windows Start Screen that many people find to be not as intuitive as the traditional Start Menu. This is especially the case if you are not using a touch screen. With this in mind, a free program called Classic Shell has been updated to support the ability to add a Start Menu to Windows 8.

I installed it on the computer I'm typing this on and the Windows 8 on this computer now works more like Windows 7 as far as the interface.
It works pretty good.
Good Luck

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