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ESET parental control not working

Q: ESET parental control not working

i just installed eset 7 30 day free trial and turned on parental control for default user I set age to 14 but it is not blocking any site in the list

Preferred Solution: ESET parental control not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ESET parental control not working

hi there have you consult their forum here: https://forum.eset.com/

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Very easy to use for novice users
Can become very cumbersome for advanced users

Strengthening the Security

To get better security it recommended that users do these settings

Enable scanning of document files by ticking "Integrate into system" as shown below

Enable filtering of https traffic by selecting "Always scan SSL protocol"

For HIPS setting select "Smart mode" as filtering mode

Block an application from accessing the internet

Spoiler: Block application internet access
To block internet access of an application user need to add a firewall rule

Click "setup" of "Zone and rule Editor"

Give a name to the firewall rule
For Direction select "Out" so that all outgoing connection will be subjected to selected Action

For Action select "Deny" so that connection in selected direction will be blocked

For protocol select "TCP & UDP"

In "Local" tab select the application which you want to block accessing the internet

If you want to block internet access of the application completely then leave it empty
Click "OK" to add the firewall rule

ESET HIPS Settings

Advanced users can set HIPS to interactive mode. Use with caution.

Spoiler: ESET HIPS
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protects your system from malware and unwanted activity attempting to negatively affect your computer. HIPS utilizes advanced behavioral analysis ... Read more

A:ESET Smart Secuirty 8 Settings , HIPS, Firewall, Parental Control

Thank you very much. I love this thread so much. Very detail!

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Hi all, I have a small home network of 3 computers running windows xp pro. Is there any way that I can set up my kids pcs to automatically shut off at any given time?? like at 8:00pm for instance. and once it shuts off that wont let them back in till nxt morning or something like that... thanks in advance..

A:Parental Control

i think you may be able to set the schedule tasks to shut off the computers at a certain time. i am not sure if it will disable them from turning it back on tho.

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Hi, i was just wanting to know is there a way of putting parental contol on the computer which will work for the kids XP account which turns on automatic. just so when he wants to log on and go on the internet there is a blocker for the sites he shouldnt see, but when me or my girlfriend log on to our account it will be off.
Thnk you in advance for any advice


A:Parental Control

Enable the Content Advisor in IE. You cannot hae alternate browsers or he/she will use it and circumvent the Content Advisor. Password protect each account and only give him a limited account. Restrict him/her from downloading and installing programs. That will allow him/her to use alternate browsers.

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Hi all

Ok so I gave my neigbor a pc with xp pro and a wifi adaptor so they can use my wifi to get online. Well they have a seven year old and I need some thing to help monitor the use of the pc. What can I use to block unwanted stuff? I tried user accounts but there isn't mutch options like limiting certin user accounts from sites or the internet entirely. Is there something I can install on the pc so the seven year old can't see something he shouldn't or do something he shouldn't?

A:Parental Control help

There are lots of parental control software out there but you can always use the firewall to allow or disallow certain sites to work. Have a read of this How to Kid-proof your Internet Parental Controls

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hi all i need a parental control for my kids, the thing is i have multiple computers and want to find the software that doesnt allow them just to sign off 1 computer and go on the other. i want it all centralised has anyone come across this at all.


A:parental control

You would need a proxy to do that, such that all internet traffic in the house flows through it.

See this article: Proxy server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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first sorry for bad english!!

i want to change my parental control on a user but it doesn't change and show this error.

i logon with administrator user but show it again!
what can i do to fix it?

i changed P.C. one month later and now i can not do it.

i use 7100.

A:Q?:parental control

this seems to be a known issue with vista, here is a thread about it, strange that it would appear in windows 7 again..

Do you have problems starting the parental controls service? goto start->run and type in "services.msc" then look for parental controls service and see if you can get it started. also look in the events log for any errors related to the parental controls..

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how do I get rid of parental controls. My son put them on while I was watching his children, and now I cannot use computer at all. He is out of town and no help. Thank you I don't know

A:parental control

it is against the rules to help bypass any security controls since there is no way to verify the intent.


Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate r

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Is there a very good program for me to install on my computer for Parental Control?
I need the name of a very good software to install for this. I do ot want to just go out and buy something that will not work.

Thanks for all suggestions

A:Parental control

A pretty good program to have with alot of features is "iProtectYou"

review and features aswell as free download located here

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My 12-year old son just downloaded AIM to chat with his friends, which I don't mind. I do mind him accessing AIM Today which is a browser with no parental controls that comes coupled with AIM. He used to use Yahoo as his browser which I have set to "teen" which limits access to inappropriate content. I uninstalled AOL explorer, but he still has access to AIM Today. Don't know if it can be separated from the Instant Messaging feature. I've seen the software packages out there that allow you to monitor IMs and sites visited, but I would much prefer just getting rid of AIM Today. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:AIM Parental Control

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hi - are there any good free parental control software for vista?

crawler was OK but no longer available.....


A:parental control

I've seen (free) K9 suggested here a few times & their website says it runs on Vista:



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I have set up standard user account on my PC for grandson but I am having problems applying parental controls.
I have downloaded ?Windows Live Family Safety? and selected the items I think are appropriate but when I log into my grandson account I am able access very adult sites very easily. When the account boots up a pop-up appears at the lower right of the screen advising that adult sites are blocked and monitoring is on but clearly this is not so.
I have read the tutorial supplied by this site ?Parental Controls ? Setup and Use? and what happens to me differs from that described. When I select my grandsons account at ?Control Panel ? All Control Panel Items ? Parental Controls? ? I am taken the ?Windows Live Family Safety? site and not to ?User Controls? as described. I am never presented with opportunity to enforce current settings.
I have really run out of ideas and would greatly appreciate some help please.
Best regards Ken

A:Parental Control

What restriction level did you choose for the web filtering?

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I don't know if anyone can help as I haven't a lot of information.
A friend of mine, who has Windows XP, wanted to put some parental control on his PC.
He left clicked somewhere and found a list with privacy on that he left clicked on. He had to type in a password and then re-enter the password for confirmation, he was then asked to put in a 'hint' to remind him of his password. He has done all of that but now when he wants to access the internet and he is asked for his password he is told it is not valid and he cannot gain access to the internet.
Is there anything that he can do to remedy this?
Help would be appreciated.
Thank you

A:Parental Control

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I am trying to find something that will let me set up parental control that controls the types of sites my kids can view. I set the one up on the internet but since most of the websites out there are not rated I have to type in my password every few seconds and this gets really annoying. I have windows XP and a Dell tower. I was also wondering is there a rating system for computers that can be downloaded and what exactly are PICS Rules? I am new to the computer thing so please explain the process if ther is one is simple terms.
Thanks for all the help in advance!!

A:Parental control help

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Well I haven't downloaded anything recently, so this can't be from a virus. I just tried to go to a website, and it says I cannot go because of a parental block with NIS(Norton Internet Security). So I opened up Norton, and the parental control is on (I didn't turn it on) and there's a user account, with a password, and I have no idea what it is. This is my own computer, and I'm the only one that uses it. I've tried going to add/remove programs and clicking change, but since I'm not on a "supervisor" account with NIS it doesn't allow me to do that. (I saw a fix on another forum involving doing that and resetting the password...) I can't/won't do system restore... Any ideas?

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Hi ALl

Can anyone offer me some advice on what product to use for controling internet access to my children on a PC connected to the www through a home network.

Server PC is Me, kids PC is XP and I am using Intel Wireless networking. How and what should I use to control access to the www on the XP machine?



A:Parental Control

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I just got a Windows 8 Laptop. My husband bought MacFee anti-virus and I installed I had to delete the Norton and when I did that Parental control locked on and can't turn off. Can you help this is all new to me.

A:Parental control

What Parental Control--Windows', Norton's or McAfee's (or MacFee's)?

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My uncle is having trouble with the daughter infecting the machine with MSNplus and nasty smiley sites..thats just for starters.....

is there a good (preferably free) Parental Control program that will monitor her usage and block bad sites and report to him?


A:Parental Control

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We have a 15-year-old son/stepson who is with us a few days every 2 weeks and want to install some parental controls. I found the categories and selected settings (eg, limited restriction, full, none, etc.), includin full access on user-generated websites (which I thought might cover facebook info), then input facebook as an unlimited access web site. However, that measure apparently did not override other limitations in enabling access to facebook. The site has foul language and who knows what else, but we were going to allow him access to facebook (and my space), just no other sexual, gambling, etc. sites.

How can I do this? Are the other settings overriding my entering facebook as an approved site? (At one point, we were able to login to facebook, but then view nothing and, of course, input nothing).

Thanks so much. Any help appreciated.


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hi i'm trying to set up parental controls on vistas. i'm choosing what options i want then going onto my sons page but i can get onto all the adult sites still. also i've put what sites i don't allow as a test but i can still access them.

also as a test i clicked on don't allow any games went onto his page and that was blocked so that worked whats going on? please help

A:parental control help

Hello Debbie, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Usually it will be more effective to check the Only allow websites which are on the allow list box to block all websites except for the ones you allow by adding it to the white list instead. The filter just can't catch everything by only blocking a few sites or type of sites.

Parental Controls - Web Filter

Hope this helps,

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i have windows me on a dell and i am using ie browser.what would be a good parental control program. this set up dont have conf. to set-up for diff. users.i need something for the kids while surfing the web.what better place to ask.

A:parental control ???

You should get something here :



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My CA Security Suite has Parental Controls activated and I find no way to deactivate. I have no children with access to this computer and do not want Parental Control.
1) I upgraded Internet Explorer and the security will not let me run it without override.
2) I try to download software requiring ActiveX Controls but there is no way to do it. (This probably has nothing to do with Parental Controls..?) The message says to click on a non-existing icon.

How can I eliminate Parental controls?
What do I do about the 2nd problem?

Ken Johnson

A:Parental Control

sorry i don't have ca suite but most items , just right click on the icon on the task bar and look for parental control.

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I live alone and I am 62 yrs old. my problem is I was streaming an episode of quantico and when that one ended the next one would not play due to parental controls I have tried to correct this myself but cannot find the proper setting to do so. I
have no clue as to how this happened because I have no need for parental control of any kind

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Hello all,

My system is vista home premium 32bit, my problem is when I do parental control on after that my intenet not working but my system show connected with internet, but unable to open any website.

pls solve my problem


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Hello all

I have discovered that the web restrictions I set up on my 5 year old son's account aren't working at all. He only goes on the BBC cbeebies website at the moment, and I set the controls to "Only allow websites which are on the allowed list", and only added the cbeebies address to the list, but it is still possible to browse anywhere. I then tried "Block web content automatically", and set this to high, but it still allows me to browse to exactly the sort of website I don't want my 5 year old to see.

As an experiement, I set the "Can (name) play games", to "No", and tried opening Solitaire, but this part of the parental controls IS working, because it wouldn't allow this.

Also, activity reporting is set to "On", but when I check the activity report, both the "Top 10 Websites Visited" and "Most Recent 10 Websites Blocked" are completely blank, even though I have browsed many websites in an attempt to get them blocked, when using his account.

Please help

Thanks, Craig

A:Vista Parental Control

I don't use it so I really don't know. I just wanted to provide you with a link so you could double-check the procedure and your settingshttp://www.microsoft.com/protect/products/family/vista.mspx

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I have forgotten my parental control PIN for HP games.How can I retrieve it?

A:forgotten Parental control PIN

Hi and welcome to Vista Forums!

Was really necessary making a poll? With same answers? Are you serious?

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Is it possible to create an account, in Vista, which controls the use of the CD/DVD drive? One of my sons travels 6 months at a time and needs to be able to control people who install software willy nilly.

Thanks for your help.


A:Parental control of CD/DVD drive

Try this link: http://www.pctipsbox.com/hide-drives-in-wi...s-xp-and-vista/

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I am looking for a recommendation for a good parental control software, to block porn and related sites, from my kids. Can anyone recommend a good one??
Also is there any programs that also keep track of what sites are visited, in case the browser history is erased? Or is there a way that the history can be recorded into a log, that can be viewed to check this??



A:Parental Control Software

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Peace everybody..

sorry if it's in the wrong section, but i don't know where to put.
the problem is i need it badly.
I'm looking for this kind of a program for years.
My pc run by many persons,and mostly children.
and i have 2 accounts, 1 for me and the other for them,
and I'm the Administrator.
and want to fully control, what they should run,play,do,etc....
like prevent them to access some Partitions,hide some elements,etc..
i know you will tell me make them a Limited User.
it's currently Limited, but that type, won't make do anything, except unable them to install programs..

any help ?

A:need a Parental Control Software...

Check out:


This forum has recommend before as a way to help monitor what the kids are doing. It is not free :(


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I'm looking for suggestions on how to control my kids from accidentally (or otherwise) accessing sites that are explicit or otherwise not suitable for children.

Is there a software package that will allow me to list sites that I want to allow my kids to visit? And a feature that allows me to totally block certain sites? I know my router has a small amount of this type of feature but I'm looking for something a bit more comprehensive.


A:Parental control software?

There are several parental control programs available, NetNanny & Cybersitter spring to mind,
whatever you choose try to read some user reviews beforehand.

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I have a young child who has their own account on my Vista machine. There is this children game that I would like my daughter to play. Unfortunately (for me) every time she wants to play it, I have to type in my admin password to allow it to run. (UAC pops up).
Is there a way to allow this one program to launch with out putting in my password each time?

1. Tried to give access to the game from the Parental Control dashboard
2. Tried to install the program directly from her account
3. Right clicked and selected Run as administrator.

Thank you for all of your help

~Elle~ AKA NitroJenkins

A:Turning off Parental Control

What game is it?

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I recently purchased Ca Winferno Internet Security and the password control feature on the Parental Control's section got screwed up and I couldn't even get it to resend me the lost password via email. I contacted Winferno and they told me to uninstall it. Problem is, I can't uninstall this software from my computer unless I enter the password. So, with this problem, I'm blocked from using certain features on the internet and am even blocked from accessing my favorite sites. Is there anyway I can get this damn thing off the computer????

Please help.


A:Removal of Parental Control

PS...I noticed the stickies of the available softwares to help but will any of those do any good for what i need to fix this problem??? Which one do I use???

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Hi, could any1 plz tell me how to undo, reset or whatever it is I have to do to deactivate parental control on a windows vista laptop. My friend has it on her daughters laptop and has forgotton her password. It is making it hard for her daughter to do much on the net. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I am also curious as to whether we could restore the laptop to a earlier time-before P.C was activated and if that would override parental control? Thank you, Wanda

A:unlocking parental control?

If she has forgotten her password and didn't create a password reset disk, then there is nothing she can do. If she had a system backup made before the Parental Controls were set, yes, she could restore back to that (I doubt she makes backups, though).Otherwise, her only other options would be a clean install or a factory image restoration (only available if manufacturer provides it, have to check documentation that came with computer).Due to the Rules set forth for Bleeping Computer, we cannot help you "crack" the password.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.

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I want to be able to control the kids time spent on the computers from 1 main computer. has anyone found a software that works on all computers but can be set from 1 computer and updates all computers, i found 1's that i had to set up on each computer but then each computer had a 30min a day limit per child. i want 30min limit between all computers

thank you

A:Parental Time Control

Hi there, have a look at Parental Controls - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
It has most of the features which you're looking for.

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Is there a way to become administrator and disable the parental control if you are standar user? How?


A:Become admin / Parental Control

Hi Freddy,

Welcome to the forums.

You might try activating the Administrator Account (Administrator Account) then log on to that account and see if you can delete the parental controls from there. Hope it works.


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I hve had a minor annoyance with my system since it arrived. I came with some type of parental control installed which blocks some words but not others I would expect in the same vein.

For example it blocks "nude", "erotic" and "porn" but not "pornography" or "sex".

This makes it awkward some timed for example in following up on news stories that use these words.

The unusual feature of this is that it works on Firefox and Internet Explorer but not Compernic Agent Basic.

We have no kids in the household and no need for parental controls. The Vista and firewall controls are disabled.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 530 with Vista Ultimate 32 that is up to date as far as I know.

What can I do to correct this?

A:Unwanted parental control?

If you've got admin rights on that machine, you should be able to find the parental control app and simply uninstall it. Try checking in Control Panel, "Programs and Features" - can you see anything listed in there that sounds like a morality enforcement mechanism?

If not, it might be implemented as (separate) add-ons for IE and FF. Try going through the list of add-ons in each case and temporarily deactivating anything you're not sure about.

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I'm trying to set parental controls on my standard user accounts. I am the administrator. When I click on the account, a dialogue box pops up and says "Unable to make changes to parental control settings, if this problem persists contact your system administrator." As I said, I am the system administrator.

A:Parental Control Problems

You are only the owner of the computer, this is the real boss. See if he/she will solve your problem
Administrator Account

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need some software that is password protected and I can type in phrases to stop somebody going on certain sites.
Does anybody know or recommend any?

Thank you


A:freeware parental control

You may want to look though this list of Internet filtering software to see if any fit your need. Many are Shareware but there are a few freeware programs mixed in.

Let us know what you find.


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please HELP...I bought a PS 2 at a pawn shop for my child and it will not play a dvd unless it is a G rated film. The code of 7444 does not work. Is there any thing I can do? My kid is now 13 and Barney is not an option!!! Thanks for any help you can provide....Ms Tech

A:ps2 parental control reset

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I'm a teacher and installed some form of parental control on my computer, then promptly forgot about it until everything ( yes even this site) is getting blocked! Help! I can't remember where I got the software or the settings! I have run hijackthis and will show that if it can be of any help.

Geeze, I can't even look at a seed catalogue! Thanks so much!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.96.0
Scan saved at 8:00:31 AM, on 8/13/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intuit\QAgent\QAGENT.EXE
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\OmniPageSE\opware32.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\AnyPoint\APSERVER.EXE
C:\Program Files\Silicon Prairie Software\MemTurbo\memturbo.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\AnyPoint\DShmap.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Action Setup\VAServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\MsPMSPSv... Read more

A:get rid of over protective parental control

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My son has a PSP 1000 and he seems to use it to acces the internet via WLAN.
Our family has a "Seimens Gigaset 504 AGU" router which also wired to a desktop computer.

The problem is that I SUSPECT that my son has been viewing inappropriate material on the PSP, but I have no proof that he does, because he deletes the search history and web history from the browser.

Why do I suspect him is because he acts strange when I ask him to show me what he is doing on the PSP and shuts it down imediately.

Can anyone please suggest a method that can let me gather proof without using any kind of physical force, maybe a keylogger for a psp, or an application that logs whatever website users visit over a WLAN network.

It would be good if one can find an application that logs whatever website users visit over a WLAN network.

Please help me

A:Parental Control .. Help ... Suspicious Son

Umm... We can't really determine the true intent here, so our policy is to abstain from offering advice in this area.

The only thing I can suggest is you use a router that has parental controls and blocks other sites.

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Please , need help . Been trying to solve my problem for a couple of days now with no avail. I am the administrator and the only user on the computer, never touched parental control. Now, it blocks one of my games, i tried to turn off the settings in control panel but it says that I cant beacose the securiti isnt supposed to block admin. Well, it still does, I am not familiar obout this tipe of security at all so I really dont know what to do. I would like to uninstall it or disable it . Thanx in advance, any help would be welcome.

A:Parental control troubles, help please...

Use the easy approach, try system restore from a point prior to the problem.

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Hi everybody,

I'm a new user to Vista (just one week with a Vista-Notebook) and trying to find my way around ... no worry, I've been working with computers for years, but some features on Vista are new to me, like the parental control ...

And there is my problem:
I enabled parental control, everything looks fine. However, the URL's are always shortened if they contain a "www.". So like
www.server.com (which I want) it updates the blocking-list with server.com and apparently allows all adresse ending in server.com like aaa.server.com or bbb.server.com ... which I definitely don't want.

Ist there a way to get an URL on that list "as is", no fiddling around with it through Vista ?

thanks for your help,

A:Vista Parental Control

hello and welcome Iv'e never used parental controls. but BC has a tutorial on that topic.good luck

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I created a temporary limited account on my computer and activated parental control for that account. Now the account has been deleted, but parental control keeps popping up in my lower right-hand toolbar every time I restart my computer, despite customizing the toolbar to always hide it. How do I get rid of this thing?

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Hi guys,

I decided to test out the Parental Controls on my Windows 7 Ultimate computer.

I am the only user, so I made a test account to see what these controls offer.

When I deleted the account and disabled the parental controls all seemed to be back as normal. However, whenever I start my computer a notification pops up in the taskbar reminding me to create a password to enable the parental controls.

Is there a way to turn off this bubble. It is probably something simple that I overlooked.


A:Parental Control Annoyance

See if you can find your answer here Notifications - Enable or Disable Message Balloons

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Hi all, hoping someone can help, please!!

I've bought my son an Advent K100 laptop for his birthday (he has Aspergers and i needed a laptop with really good parental controls, one of his fascinations is computers!) with Vista home edition on.

I basically wanted to block the internet from him to start with, and not let him fiddle with any settings (like i have disabled the wireless card so he cant set internet up on his own), so i'm Administrator and dear son is a user.
I also ENABLED his options so that he can install his games and play them, but this ISNT happening-only I can play the games. I dont know what else to do.......whatever anyone suggests (fingers x'd please) i MUST have internet blocked.....dear son is a proper little hacker who understands these things better than I.
The ultimate result I want is for internet to be blocked from him, settings changing blocked from him, but him to be able to install and play his games. Any ideas? Thanks for reading, Emz xxx

A:Parental Control Problem

I managed to do it by repeating my steps (each time with a reboot) and it worked on the fourth go, even though i hadnt done ANYTHING different. Have noticed with a couple of things that I've had to repeat the process in order to gain a result, is this like a Vista glitch or something? Have found the Vista tutorial on here very helpful. Also, I understand that updates for Vista are vital, so given that i've disabled dear sons internet, can i download (& save to memory stick) and install updates on MY laptop and install on his via memory stick? Would this work?

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