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paste special - value

Q: paste special - value

dear all

i m using office 2000 Sp3. I m doing a project in excel and need to do lots of copying.

i know the short key for copy = ctrl C
but how do i paste special especially paste special - value? what will be the short key?

Need your help.


Preferred Solution: paste special - value

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: paste special - value

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I have been using Microsoft Office Excel (2007) and the copy paste, copy Special paste functions have worked fined. Recently Copy paste does not work every time, the cell that I am copying from does not highlight and when selecting paste, nothing is pasted. When selecting Special Paset, I don't get all the options for copying All, Formulas, Values etc, I only get the option to Paste as Unicode Text or Text.

I tried the copy paste function in Word, this works but does not copy the format, only text is copied. I have restarted the computer, but this does not change anything. These functions have always worked in the past, this has only become an issue after I installed Firefox on my computer. I don't know if the two are related or just a coincident.

Before I re install MS Office, I would like to see if this can be resolved

Any support with this is appreciated.


A:Copy & Paste and Special Paste function in Excel does not work

I have moved this thread to the Office Forum for better results.

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I noticed that my cut and paste functions were not working normally in excel. When I would press ctrl+x the ants would not surround the selection, and when I would press ctrl+v the data would paste, but the old data would not be cut. Additionally I was not able to use the ctrl+alt+ v (paste special) function, which I use a lot!

After reading up on the issue I closed all of my google chrome windows and tried working in excel again. The cut and paste functions returned to normal, but the paste special option never came back. It is also grayed out on my toolbar menu.

I'm running Microsoft excel 2007, and I'm using Windows Vista (I know, I need to upgrade!)...

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Could someone please advise, I have lost the paste & paste special functions on Excel - I have tried applying the menu reset :

Open excel
hit alt-f11 (to get to the VBE)
hit ctrl-g (to see the immediate window)

type this and hit enter:

This seemed to work, but after one application the buttons resumed their greyed out appearance.

This is now really bugging me, and I would welcome some advice please. I'm using Office 2007 and Win7.

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One of my customers is requesting that I paste special a bitmap image from them into my e-mail. I am using windows live mail 2012. I can't seem to find this command inside live mail 2012. can anyone point me to it? any help would be appreciated.

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In worksheet A, I have many columns of text and data. I wanted to link some of the columns to worksheet B. I used copy/paste special/link. It linked the info ok, but in cells on Wkst A that were blank, it shows a 0 in the corresponding cell on wkst B. In the date column where cells are blank, it shows 01/00/00 in all such cells. Is there a combination conditional formula I can use with the paste special, ie If E2<>0,then...?

A:Excel paste special


Welcome to TSG!

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I seem to be having problems with IE7 and Excel2003. If I have 2 excel workbooks open in 2 separate IE7 sessions, and then I copy a cell in one workbook and paste special that cell in the same workbook, I seem to jump to the other workbook in the other IE session. The workbooks are links set up on an Intranet, and reside on my network. Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, is there a solution?

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I have a huge (15.8 MB...yeah, I know, it should be in Access, but is just isn't ok? ) spreadsheet that we now want to ship out to clients. I need to cut down the size.

Part of the reason for the hugeness is the fact that, in order to meet the deadline, some slacker (i.e., me), created 14 sheets then copied a 2,500 line database onto each sheet. I then simply filtered out what I needed for each sheet.

Another reason is that the database sheet itself is simply built from links from other sheets, sooooo, of course, all the copied sheets are also links.

Good enough to show the boss and print out. Not good to send out.

I thought I could just copy a sheet, then paste-special-values, but I keep getting the message "the information cannot be pasted because the copy area and the paste area are not the same size and shape..." etc.

I realize I can work around this by cutting and pasting smaller sections, but with 14 sheets to do, I was wondering if there is another, easier and faster way?



Excel 97 SR-2, Windows 2000 Professional

A:Copying Filtered Data (then Paste Special Value)

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Guys - am in Excel 2003. Here's the problem.

I'm using a concatenate function to create a formula that I then paste in another cell (using paste special, value) expecting then the created formula to be entered as a formula in the cell but it just displays the formula as text. It will only recognise it as a formula if I F2 the cell and then hit enter.

entries look like this:


Column A is created using the paste special, values from column B, and these are the cells now displaying the formula as text and is not recognising them as formulas. This is a test sheet, and the one I will eventually be creating will have about 500 cells created like this and I don't particularly want to have to F2 then enter each one.
Any solution to convert in one hit?

A:Solved: Paste special - not recognising value as a formula

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I have an Excel spreadsheet that I need to link to a Word document. Because the spreadhseet is several pages long I've given each page a range name and now need to link each of those ranges to a separate workbook but I can't figure out how to do that. HELP!!!!!

A:Solved: Excel Paste Special Link

Select each named range, copy, and edit-paste special, link.

Is something wrong with this method?

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I have created a fairly complex Excel template file and I've hit a point of confusion.

With the file, the user can drop a couple of large blocks of data into it from external files, and click a button and the VBA will process them, stripping out unnecessary data etc, moving the data to a sheet which applies lots of formulae, populating a couple of pivot tables and saving.

Performing this processing is the kind of job you set running last thing before you leave work, and deal with the file the following morning. Both of the data files it uses can contain 16 columns and upwards of 50,000 lines of data, and my file includes about 30 formulae fields on one sheet and 10 on the other. Many of these are lookups from 1 sheet to the other. In the last full test, the processing took about 90 mins to run, popped up my msgbox saying it was going to save, and then took nearly 40 mins more.
The resulting file is around 50Mb, and if closed, can take over half an hour to re-open.

I also have a "cleanse" macro which strips most of the data back out, but the last couple of times I've run this on a file full of data, it's killed it, leaving it corrupt / broken.

So far, so horrible.
I've tried to do various things to speed it up:

- Amending many of my formulas, such as stopping the doubling up of VLOOKUPs to hide #N/A errors, converting most vlookups to INDEX-MATCH, etc
- Amending the VBA, including cutting the use of Select / Selection, turning off screen up... Read more

A:Excel VBA - Paste special formats & values to another workbook

Hi, I've read (and think I got most of it) but just for my interpretation.
You say you have an Excel file with a large ammount of formulae, vba code etc whihc servers as a template, corect?
Okay, if this assumption is correct that means that this file, apart from all the formulae and all is empty (no data), correct again?
If this is the case what you need to do save it as a template file, it will automatically be save under the templates in Excel.
No macro needed for that.
When you open a template file it will always open as <name of the template file>1, 2 or whichever during a session.
When closing it will always promt for a (new name) thus avoiding you overwriting the template file. Do you think this would work? Have you tried this?
If not, let me know, I use other methods but this is the simplest one and you do not need to select every sheet, you just save as and the filename you want.
Let me know, If i got the time, I'm what you might call a masochist I love these vba challenges

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Is there a setting or control that forces Excel to paste-special Bitmap by default? It seems like the default is Enhanced Metafile. If I can't control it in Excel, can I control this behavior in Windows?


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I am doing lots and lots (100's) of copy and paste from web sites into Excel spreadsheets every day of the week and I have a Paste Special Button on the Toolbar but both this and right clicking bring up HTML as the default with Unicode text next and Text on the bottom.

It would save me a click every time if Text were the default.

Is that possible to arrange in some way?

I am using Excel 2003 SP3

With thanks


A:Solved: Can I make Text the default on Paste Special

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I have a very specific issue to tackle. I downloaded a font typeface from the internet to use for a project, and I want to use Word to make small graphics. The long and short is that I need to convert text boxes into pictures, and when I COPY and PASTE SPECIAL -> Picture (Windows Metafile), it converts the text to a different font typeface.

Unfortunately, workarounds like print screen, snipping tool, etc. aren't going to work for this application, although alternate means to convert the text box to a picture are welcome.

Thank you!

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I've been having huge problems that started from out of the blue last Thursday and I'd like to ask for help.
When I select cells in Excel 2007, the lines blink for a second, then they stop blinking and the lines go back to solid.
When I try to Paste Special, a box pops up that gives me the option to paste the text only.
When I try to use the Format Painter, the same thing happens.
I work remotely from home on my local laptop and connect to my work via VPN, then log on to my Remote Desktop.
I've rebooted, had IT log in to my computer to check things and look around in both the local and remote systems, and no one can figure out why this is happening.
Does anyone have any suggestions please?
Thank you very much!
F. Jones

A:Solved: Paste Special and Format Painter stopped working

Do you by any chance have Skype installed with the "click to call" plugin?
There have been a large number of cases where that plug-in was traced as the cause.
Uninstalling the "click to call" plugin from Skype corrected the problem, though quite what the connection is between Skype and Microsoft Excel is not clear.

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Is there a way to use the LEFT Function with Paste Special?

A:Solved: Excel Macro -> Use LEFT Function with Paste Special

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By default I use the "HTML" format for my outgoing Outlook messages. Whenever I need to paste something into my message, such as a portion of a Word doc or a website, I normaly like to do this without any formatting. Normally, when you use the "Rich Text" message format instead of "HTML", you have the "Paste Special" option in the Edit menu which allows you to paste only the text without formatting. Why is this option not available when you use the "HTML" message format?

My current work-around is to paste my selection into Notepad first and then into the e-mail but I was hoping to skip this step.

Any thoughts?

A:Why can't I "Paste Special" in MS Outlook HTML message?

If you have office 2002, you should have a little icon at the end of the text that you click. The other option is to set the prefrences to use Word as your E-mail editor.

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I know the "Paste Special" within Word is a good way of reducing the file sizes of pictures, and so a good method to reduce the actual file of the document. I was just wondering why is this?
What is actually removed form the pictures?


A:Word - "Paste Special"

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I have two Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 laptops. My "old" one I bought direct from Dell in 2012, the "new" one, advertised as an "Inspiron 17R 7720 Special Edition",  I bought on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. I still have the original paperwork for the old one from when I purchased it from Dell and there is no mention of "Special Edition" in the paperwork. Both are identified only as "Inspiron 7720" on the label on the underside of the computer, and there are no "Special Edition" markings or labeling anywhere on the new computer.
Hardware is pretty much identical, 1TB Samsung ST1000LM024HN HDDs, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000/Nvidia GeForce GT 650M Video/3D graphics, Backlit Keyboard on both. The only hardware differences are the old computer has an Intel Core i7-3610QM processor (specified by me when I ordered the computer) and a 32GB mSATA SSD while the new computer has an Intel Core i5-3210M processor and no mSATA SSD. 
So what makes the "Special Edition" so special? Is there REALLY anything different about "Special Edition" computers, or was that just some sort of marketing hype?

A:What is so special about an Inspiron 17R 7720 "Special Edition"?

The mSATA cache drive was one of the differentiators.  When that system was built, SSDs were appreciably more expensive than they are now.

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What is the formatting analog to "Paste Special > Values"

I have a table of values and some are in a red font based on a conditional formatting. I want to copy the whole thing and paste it elsewhere but I want to retain the FORMAT RESULTS of the conditional formatting and not the formatting formulas themselves. (Like "Paste Special > Values", only for pasting formats instead of values.)

So the conditional format for a cell (C3) may be "IF A3>B3 THEN the Font for C3 is Red" and in a particular example this may result in the text in C3 appearing in red.

I want to be able to copy and paste C3 and have it come out Font = Red unconditionally so that the formatting is no longer dependent on the values in other cells.

Any way to do this?

A:Solved: Can One Paste RESULTS of Conditional Formats in a Manner Similar to Paste>Values

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I selected a folder which has 27 GB according to the folder properties. If I copy and paste this folder to another drive Windows copies 12 GB of files. I tried with another 2 GB folder and if I copy/paste it it only copies 22 MB of files.

What's causing this and how do I fix it?


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Hello to all you Acer fans,Around beginning of Nov 2016, my File Explorer stopped functioning when pasting to a partition or HDD other than the one where the file to be acted upon was sitting. Message was:"Windows Explorer stopped functioning, Windows is looking for a solution". Alas, after waiting for a few minutes each time the screen goes back to my basic backdrop screen, all icons disappear briefly, then reappear and the file that I wanted to move or cut was still sitting pretty in its original folder. Drag and paste : same result.Any of you had this strange experience ? and is there a simple solution ? I would even take a chance with a more complex one...!My PC is a 6 years old Acer (An Acer update was installed in October) AMD Athlon IIx2 220 Processor running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.My basic handling is as follows:-daily Malwarebytes Premium scans, daily Malewarebytes Anti-root Kit scans, Daily Sophos Virus removal tool scans, weekly MS Security essentials scans.-Backups are a monthly Acronis procedure backing up system files on external HDDs. But I never had to restore it...and I dread to !-MS updates: are made after OK from Windows Secrets Newsletter.-I never use Windows mail or MS Office relying instead on Gmail and LibreOfficeThanks for your Help and in any case Happy Season's Greetings to you all Skifferic

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I thought I had a very good idea, so I downloaded 'Avast' and ran it. I killed 65+ viruses/malware/spyware with 12 different names.Problem is the program gave me the option of repair / move to chest / rename / delete. So I tried repair. Most of the time it didn't work. Then I tried move to chest - debateable. Lastly I tried delete. This must be the most dangerous word in ComputerLand. I assumed (wrongly of course) that the program (Avast) would not allow me to delete key Windows components or maybe Windows XP would prevent it. I was hoping for some error message saying this file was important. No such safeguard, so I carried on deleting. I obviously wasn't thinking straight.I probably only deleted 5 files but it was enough, obviously, to give me major headaches.Problems:1. Cannot copy from one folder to another.2. Cannot copy and paste, or cut and paste.3. Cannot click, drag and drop.4. Taskbar refuses to show open programs.5. Cannot move 'Quick Launch' icons right/left.6. Some programs refuse to start. I re-installed most and they now seem okay again, except 'Windows Defender'. With many programs I get the error message = 'Windows Installer Service cannot be run'.8. Another error is 'RPC Server not running'Fixes? So far this is what I have done to fix my problem. Well, I tried and it didn't work.1. I ran C Cleaner and repaired all errors. Searched for all issues - corrected/fixed all errors.2. Installed and ran Advanced Sys... Read more

A:Cannot 'drag n drog' nor 'copy n paste' nor 'cut n paste'

You can try Dial-a-fixHow to use Dial-A-Fix to repair windows internals problemsGuide OverviewThe purpose of this guide is to teach you how to reset windows settings in the event they are damaged. This is useful for repairing many issues with windows installer, windows update, https connections, and many other issues. However, it is a specific tool which is not a cure all. Hardware problems and windows' file integrity should be checked before using DialAFix.However, it is recomended that you start a topic in the Windows XP Home and Professional forum about your issue before using Dial-A-Fix due to the caveats below.Caveats:Users wishing to run DialAFix on their own should read http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix#WARNINGS.The following is an incomplete list of examples of known problems that can cause Dial-a-fix to exaggerate or expose issues on your system:Hard drive integrity problems, possibly including but not limited to:
Registry entry corruption
Filesystem corruption, possibly leading to:
System file corruption
Registry hive corruption[*]Memory module failures [*]Other hardware failures (video card, motherboard, processor, modem, etc) [*]Use of Dial-a-fix on an unsupported platform (such as Windows XP x64; 32-bit XP with a 64-bit processor is fine, however) [*]Use of Dial-a-fix with unsupported beta software[/list]Also please note that Dial-A-Fix is only for Windows 2000/XP. Use of Dial-A-Fix on Windows 9x (that is, 95, 98, ... Read more

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I would like to remove paste shrotcut option from the desktop context menu, and if it is possible paste option too. I mean, I would like not to have those options if I am not in process of copying something. I am using W7 Home Premium 32 bit, and when I right click on desktop I have these options, even if I am not copying anything. There is a picture in attachment of my desktop cm, so u can see what I want removed.

Can anyone tell me where to disable this in registry, or wherever it is possible ?


A:How to disable paste and paste shortcut in desktop CM

What is a Desktop CM?

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I've been having this problem for a while and I can really use some help now. When I try to copy & paste any files, folders, pictures, etc.. it will not work. Copy & paste to different folder or different screen, etc. An error message box will pop up saying - windows explorer has stop working then it disappears and a 2nd message box will pop up saying - windows explorer is restarting. Then shuts down the folder that's open. However I can " Cut and Paste or Drag a file to a different location" It just won't copy and paste.

Files that I'm trying to copy and paste are not anything special. It's all words, excel, power point, pictures, even folders etc...

It just won't copy and paste but again I can cut and paste.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much.

A:Windows 7 will not copy & paste but it'll cut & paste

Hello and welcome to Seven Forums.

Go to your Start menu and type CMD, you will see at the top of the window CMD.exe.
Right click on it and left click Run as Administrator.
In the window that will open type the following and hit enter.
sfc /scannow

Let the system run and it will find any problems and repair them.
Re-boot and do it all again for either 3 times or until no issues are found.


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Hi, im just in the process of building my brothers computer. I bought some artci silver thermal paste and planned on using it, but reading the AMD instructon booklet that came with the AM2 3700+ X2, it says that the heatsink provided already has thermal paste applied to it, and it does. i was wondering if that is enough, and that i should just slap it on the processor with that stuff on, or should i add teh artic silever (do you put it on the processor surface) as well and have them both? I heard that too much is just as bad as too little, so what should i do?

A:Applying thermal paste to heatsink 'pre-loaded' with Thermal Paste?

All I've ever run in my computers are AMD chips. The pre applied thermal paste is enough. You don't need to add any more. I overclock my chips and I haven't run into any problems as of yet with overheating.

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Hi all,

Please let me know which one takes long time. Cut+Copy+Paste or Copy+Paste?

A:copy paste vs cut paste

The only difference between cut+paste and copy+paste is that copy duplicates the file in a new location and stops, cut duplicates the file then deletes the original. So cut has one more operation which will take a little longer, but not significantly.

One exception is if you move (cut+paste) a file to a different location on the same drive partition, the file doesn't actually have to be copied, it can be left where it is and just the file directory changed so it shows in a different folder. This is much faster than copying the entire file. So moving within the same drive letter, copy+paste takes longer than cut+paste.

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Is there any way to enable COPY AND PASTE data if a Windows app has option only to TYPE data but not copy and paste? Like - by means of using a third-party software or some kind of editing of the app or its files by some means? Or we should suggest that
option for the developers to add in the future version of the app/software?

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I have a computer thats a few years old. A friend of mine had a computer shop with top-notch equipment laying around and just threw it together for me one day. I do plenty of downloading and all that. Its always ran very well with its 896MB RAM and 1.21G Processor. A few nights ago it started rebooting itself, and after a few times would start rebooting itself while still trying to load Windows. I unhooked the ethernet wire and tried to start Windows, everything went fine untill I plugged the wire back in and opened internet explorer. I figured I just got a virus and tried to reformatt everything and for three nights it would freeze in the middle of loading the boot disc and such. finally it made it thru the install..... all TEN HOURS of it! It went so unbelivably slow and now that windows is installed it takes about 15 min just to get to the welcome screen and another 20 untill I can actually open anything on my desktop. I've changed my RAM chips to any different possiable combination, including each one by itself. I have a seperate back-up hard drive that I've also tried to install Windows on to no avail. I think it maybe my processor. Is there any test I could get to find out or any other ideas that may help? Im usually good at this stuff myself but right now im totally stumped.

A:Just a little bit special.......

check your power supply with a PSU tester or voltmeter. It's probably dead.
Test ram with memtest 86+

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In a couple of days, I will have two PCs and two monitors. That sounds totally typical and understandable, but NOT in the configuration I have in mind. I will be working on one pc at a time, using two monitors at a time, and then I will (somehow ) switch to the other pc and use the same two monitors with this other pc.

Each PC already has the kind of video card that will allow dual monitor useage. What I need is to know how to set this gear up to work the way I need it to work.

Someone said I might be able to use two KVM switches (somehow). But I need to know what to buy and how to connect it up. Will it be some fancy A/B switch of some sort? Or some kind of special KVM cable or box? Maybe two?

Surely this configuration has been done before. If you are someone who knows the best way to do this, I'd be grateful to tap into your knowledge on the subject.

Thank you.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:41:53 PM, on 1/13/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\wbload.exe
C:\Program Files\Executive Software\Diskeeper\DkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SB Live! 24-bit\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\Program Files\Saitek\Software\Profiler.exe
C:\Program Files\Saitek\Software\SaiSmart.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\MediaSource\Detector\CTDetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpomau08.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpotdd01.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpoevm08.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Bin\hpoSTS08.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Bin\hpoFXM08.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Expl... Read more

A:New to HJT, see anything special?!

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order it is mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes. You should 'not' have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below. Also if you have any programs that may prevent system changes (like Spybot's TeaTimer program, Ad-aware's Ad-Watch, and others), make sure you disable them before doing any of the fixes (or accept the changes for the fix we give you when asked by the programs).

Go to My Computer->Tools (or View)->Folder Options->View tab:
* Under the Hidden files and folders heading, select Show hidden files and folders (it's Show all files for Windows 98).
* Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option.
* Click Yes to confirm and then click OK.

For the options that you checked/enabled earlier, you may uncheck them after your log is clean. If we ask you to fix a program that you use or want to keep, please post back saying that (we don't know every program that exists, so we may tell you to delete a program that we think is bad to keep).

Make sure you downloaded, installed, updated and ran these programs (run in Safe Mode) already - Ad-aware, Spybot and Ewido (only if you have Windows 2000 or XP). If you didn't, do them now. For more information, go to http://www.greyknight17.com/spyware.htm

Restart your computer and boot into Safe Mode... Read more

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I access a linux in my windows explorer by type a network url. It shows as below.
The permission is under "Special permissions" category. I have no idea about "Special permissions". I can copy and paste files to this place. So what is meant by the term "Special permissions" here?

A:About special permission

This site might help you to understand the special permissions..

2. Special PermissionsEach basic permission is actually a set of special permissions. Because of this, whenever you allow or deny a basic permission, Windows 7 works behind the scenes to manage the related special permissions for you. Table 2 lists the special permissions related to each basic permission.
Source: Controlling Access to Your Data (part 2) - Special Permissions - Windows 7 - allcomputers.us
And this Technet Article might also give ou mire insight...
Permissions for files and folders: User Rights; Security Policy; Security Services

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I'm really curious. I recently watched a video in which a guy found, bought, and cleaned up a ThinkPad that was the same model he had years prior and he spoke very highly of it.Then, I come to reddit and find this sub and the love for the machine seems so passionate and it has me really curious. What makes a ThinkPad special? Why do people love them so? Thanks for any replies, I look forward to reading more about this machine.

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Someone who was closing an office yesterday, gave me a Minuteman Enterprise E 1500 UPS that is two-and-a-half years old. I looked it up and it seems they sell for $550 to $690 new.

I can understand a professional grade UPS costing more than an off-the-shelf consumer grade UPS; but, this is a huge difference -- roughly ten times as much.

What is so different about this that it costs ten times as much?

A:What makes this UPS so special

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Alright, I have 3 different effects I want to find and maybe you guys can point me to software that can do something:I'm trying to make a mic-recorded sound and turn it into a radio sound that sounds like... it's on the radio.1. I want a metallic resonance effect. Like it's coming out of cheap speakers, you know? Like fighter pilot sounding...2. I want radio static and maybe something that will apply static to high pitches like on the radio if someone makes an 's' sound.3. A timbre or sound separator that will separate sounds in a sound file. Like I want only to hear the drums in a song or something. So I can pick what instruments show up in the music.Edit: Moved topic from General Chat to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Where Can I Get Audio Special Fx?

May find something here Ryanhttp://www.google.com/search?client=opera&...-8&oe=utf-8

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I just converted some mov files to avi. They won't play on Windows Media Player 10. After Media Player looks for codecs, I am getting the following error message.

C00D11CD: Unknown error
Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to Windows Media Player.
Error ID = 0xC00D11CD, Condition ID = 0x00000000

Do I need another codec? If so, what do I look for? Is there a solution to this problem?
Thanks, Jim

A:Do I need a special avi codec?

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I'm looking to start backing up all of my MP3's onto disk, but my current software (Ulead BurnNow) will not do what I want. That is, I want to be able to burn a set of MP3's on a disc one day, then when I want to add more, be able to burn them onto the same disc that already has files on it. In a perfect world I'd also like to be able to erase selected files that are already on the disc if I want to. What software out there will do this? I don't want to use Nero.

A:Have special burning needs

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I changed the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon to hide a user account and expected the system to give me an option to enter username as well as password to log back on to the same hidden account. But
NO, no luck. It still gives you all unhidden user account to select from in order to log on though.

Unfortunately the account I have hidden is the only Administrator account I have in the system. I've tried to change the registry by logging on as a standard user. However both the command prompt and the regedit do not offer option to run as administrator.
So I can't restore the registry.

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Hi everyone, I just had this idea the other night and I don't know how to do it, or if it's possible.
I've been using this Entertainment Hub program called XBMC that let's me organize all my media, I have it set to pull everything from my external hdd like movies, audio, pictures, etc. and then it pulls information like covers, cast, year, bios, and etc from the internet, all the information on whatever movie or album it needs to. It is quite a big program so sometimes it crashes when running because of all the other processes I have going on.
So my idea was to only boot up this program by itself as a dual boot or something along those lines. I already have a dual boot set up so I was hoping that my idea would have it's own custom boot option added to the list. For example, If I just booted up my computer, I usually have to select between Windows and Linux. I would want to be able to select my custom boot instead like...
Windows Vista
Ubuntu 12.04
And if this custom boot was possible, the only other factors I would need to figure out would be that the program get's information on movies and audio from the internet, so I would need to have an internet connection possible along with my firewall and antivirus running. Plus being able to access my external of course.
Thank you for any help in advance. -Slim

A:My Special Idea

I don't think your ambition is possible - the XMBC web-site says it is available for both Windows and Linux ( as well as others ) but this implies you need an operating system to run it on so you will not be able to set XMBC up as a third bootable system.
You say it crashes from time to time because of other demands on your system. Would it be effective to run it under Ubuntu which I believe requires fewer resources than Windows to run ?  Alternatively, have you considered increasing the amount of RAM on your system ? And, are you using the latest version of XMBC ?
Chris Cosgrove

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Alright.. I'm looking for software that will start any program at a given time, let the program run a task, then close the program, without me ever having to touch my computer in the meantime. Does something like this exist? Thanks!

A:Looking for a special program...

All modern operating systems have this functionality built in.On Windows, it's called the Task Scheduler.On Linux, it's called cron.On Mac OS X I'm not sure what they call it. But I'm pretty sure that cron is lurking there somewhere.

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I have switched to win7 64bit and have a serious question. My HD is a 500GB drive with 3 partitions. the first two are used for system restoration, one being 100MB and the other being 16GB. The third partition (C: drive) is what's left. I am wanting to reformat my C: partition to NTFS but using 512 byte sectors instead of 4K clusters. (Just to save as much space as possible, since I can reclaim about 5 or 6 GB by doing this)

I had seen a drive or two give an error about the drive being too large for that size cluster, but that was with a 32 bit system. Since this is 64 bit, it should handle it easily.

I want to know if I am in error on this, and if it is possible, I need to find a 3rd party tool that will let me format the drive to my specs instead of just handing out a default 4K cluster format.

Is this going to work for me? And what tool should I use to do the formatting? Hopefully it's a free tool, since I am only going to be doing this once.

A:special HDD formatting

I think Partition Wizard Home Edition will do that. It's free.

Free Download Magic Partition Manager Software - Partition Wizard Online

How to:


I have no idea if you ultimately SHOULD do it or what might go wrong. Back up first, of course.

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Do I need any special software to be able to print addresses onto envelopes,or is the necessary included with Windows XP home ?

A:Do I need any special software

I don't know if the feature is already in WinXp but I can suggest you a few s/ws

1> PrintEnvelope
2> Envelope Printer 7.0

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I'd like to make some sort of BAT or EXE file that will allow me to disable certain services. Is that possible? If so what should I code? Also, what type of programming language is used in creating BAT and INI files? C? C+? I'm not sure.

A:Creating special BAT or EXE

batch files are mainly command prompt commands in a certain order stored in a file

try this as your batch command

@echo off
ipconfig /all >configuration.txt
save the above line as a .bat file, it will output a file called configuration where you run the batch file which shows your ipconfig information in a txt format

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I have now a Windows 7 install in one SSD in MBR-mode
I have also a Windows 8 install on another SSD in GPT mode.

As now I choose which system to buut by BIOS, but I would like to have a boot menu, so I don't have to use BIOS to select.

Is it possible to greate a dualboot menu after BOTH installations is done? If so, how do I do it? Which will be the "main boot SSD", the MBR or the GPT moded SSD?

I know it is a bit backward work that has to be done, but I'm so dissapointed about Windows 8, that I don't want to loose my Windows 7.

A:A special DualBoot - how?

The program I use for this exact thing (I have 3 versions of 7 on the same machine) is EASY BCD EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Free for non commercial use. This is NOT a TOY, be careful with the program as it can mess stuff up. If you install the program it will offer you a choice of booting to operating systems. Check out the FAQ EasyBCD Documentation Home - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

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Does anyone know how to setup AIM (or trillian www.trillian.cc) so that what away message is sent to people is specific to their screen name. Like say I have a message for littlebob23 if Joe2121 IMs me... they get "I am away right now" but if littlebob23 IMs me, they get "Hey Little Bob! How are you?" Is that possible?


A:Special Away Messages

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I have found all the 64 bit drivers that I need for all my components and all 64 bit software and have it ready when I install V64 on my new build. Is there anything special that I am going to need to do during install or after install that isn't in the norm when it comes to installation???

A:Do I need to do anything special after V 64 is installed?

The only thing to be aware of is that on a few systems Vista x64 will not install with 4 or more gig of ram

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