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Power Options change on Boot/Wake Up

Q: Power Options change on Boot/Wake Up

Hi all

I recently clean re-installed Win7 Pro 64 and now the Power Options keep reverting to High Performance every time I re-boot and even on wake up. If I set it to a power plan every time it works fine that one time.

I didn't make any changes to hardware/bios from previous install. The only change is that I first installed XP x86 to a separate redundant HD to enable a legacy scanner for which no 64bit drivers are available and I only boot into XP on an occasional as and when basis. I didn't make any changes to Windows boot manager & can only boot into it from F8.

I also downloaded a legacy game from Steam which is running happily on Win7. I rapidly decided that I hate Steam so I set it not to run at startup, only play offline and kill all associated process after closing the game. Again, I'm not running the game on a daily basis so it's unlikely this is affecting this persistant behaviour.

Grateful for any ideas.


Preferred Solution: Power Options change on Boot/Wake Up

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Power Options change on Boot/Wake Up

Please Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back the results.

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I have the stick 300 set up on my 55" living room TV. Using the Logitech K700 keyboard from my old now useless Revue Google TV.  I have done all the WIN10 updates, and did the BIOS update.Yes I had the no drives found scare after the BIOS updated, but load and save defaults in BIOS solved that quickly.  All is running smooth, It works well. Not having any wifi or other problems that some are having.  But there is one thing keeping this setup from being perfect. The fact that I have to walk over to the TV and reach behind it and feel for the button and turn on the stick 300.  I have read up allot on various "wake on----" possibilities and have expoerimented with some OS and BIOS settings to no avail. I would like to pick up the keyboard and push a power button to turn it on somehow.  

Go to Solution.

A:Stick 300 remote wake / power on options

I have answered my own question!  I enabled auto power on after AC reapplied in BIOS. Then plugged the AC into a z-wave lamp module, part of my home automation system. I can toggle off the AC power from a remote control, and toggle it back on, the Stick 300 starts up.

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Hi everyone, thanks for looking.
Im running into a particular problem that I cant seem to find the reasons or the settings.

I watch HBO GO (i have a valid subscription) on my Windows 7 Home laptop and use an HDMI cable to connect my TV.

Scenerio 1:
If I leave the close the lid power option on hibernate, I must leave the laptop open and, when I connect the HDMI the TV, it becomes my monitor and I view as the monitor and watch anything full screen no problem.

Scenerio 2:
I change the power option on the lid close to "do nothing". When the HDMI cable is hooked up, if the laptop is open it uses the laptop display, if its closed it displays through the HDMI/TV. This is perfect and exactly what I want.
I can watch as the monitor no problem HOWEVER, if I choose full screen, I get gray borders and the "Full Screen" is not full and just centered.

I can not for the life of me figure out why and Im going crazy.
Does anyone know why the power option would have an effect on this and what settings I could change?

Many Thanks in Advance!!!


A:External display settings change when Power options change?

Check to see what resolution your laptop's display is at, what the external TV resolution is when you connect it to your laptop, and MAYBE what resolution the videos you're watching are. This just sounds like a resolution issue. If the TV is at a larger resolution than your laptop's resolution, change the TV's resolution to the size your laptop is at. Then try watching a video to see what happens. Hope this helps.

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I manage a fleet of 200 linx 8 tablets all running win 10 home.

I need to issue a 'fix' that HIBERNATES the tablet rather than entering sleep when pressing the power button

I will need to do this programatically - bundled within an .exe that I'm building - so the solution would ideally be an import of a new reg key....

BUT what do I need to change and where?

I think whatever I do, I may also need to enable hibernation, and disable connected standby. Also, as it may sometimes be mains and sometimes battery powered, cover both power scenarios.

Apologies if I am repeating a previously asked question.

many thanks

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I have a USB powered KVM switch. When I come out of Vista sleep mode, not enough power is coming out to power the KVM, then I have to restart my computer. How can I change the power options for USB in vista? I went to the control panel then power options, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Thanks.

A:Change power options for USB

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I set my options to shut off my monitor and to stand by within power options and when I re boot they change back to defaults. Anyone else notice this? It doesn't matter what power mode I use(high performance,power saver) it still does it

A:Power options change on their own

That is not a common problem, can you give us detail on how you make the change. I guess you go into CP, select power options, then the particular power plan that you want, and then change those settings. Is that correct?

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I am the administrator on my computer, yet I can't access the main customization options, such as power options, user accounts, system, personalization, or performance information. I've tried disconnecting from any internet since it may be a system administrator's settings from the network that might have been the problem, but I still couldn't. I just want to have access to the things that I SHOULD have access to. I am the only one with an account on this computer.

As a side note: This computer came loaded with Vista and just recently I loaded Win7 onto it. I was the administrator on Vista, but I don't know if something got messed up in the process of switching to Win7? Maybe?

Help anyone?

A:Why can't I change my power options?

Does your Admin User Acct look like this?

There is also a hidden Admin acct in Safe Mode.

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I'm running Windows XP Home Edition and have lost all ability to change my power options / power schemes. When I go to control panel - Power Options Properties the drop down box under Power Schemes just shows 'blank' as well as the I cannot access any settings under the next heading 'Unknown' ie When computer is: Plugged in ... Running on Batteries.

Any ideas on how I could reinstall this or fix the problem would be greatly appreciated!


PS This feature was working on my notebook for 2 years.

A:Unable to change XP's Power Options - Help!


I have the same issues and as yet no solution............can anyone get this irritating issue SORTED!!!!

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control panel > system and security > power options, {change when computer sleeps option is missing}. I have tried to dig into the related tutorials and forums for this problem. This is a desktop PC. Win 7 Pro 64 bit. 8 gb memory and a Seagate barracuda 2TB Hdd. The problem is The radio button to [choose when the computer sleeps] is missing that normally resides just below The radio button titled {choose when to turn off the display} I would really like to get this restored. Please see the attached file for a visual reference. win 7 pro 64 bit was just installed 2 days ago on a new Hard drive. Your help is needed .

A:control panel>system and security>power options, change when computer

What about if you click "change plan settings" next to the high performance plan?
Also what about in the "Change advanced power settings"

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i hit the key accidentally so the boot option set to boot from network. how do i return to the normal setting

A:change boot options

Hi: I think  the easiest thing to do would be to set the BIOS to its defaults in the BIOS menu. Restart the PC, tap the ESC key at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, select the F10 setup menu, and then once in there set the BIOS to its defaults, save the setting and restart the PC.

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Hello. Thanks for the help yesterday. Got another question about dual booting. I have mostly run WinXP. But I did install Vista Home Premium and fooled around with it. But didn't like it much so uninstaled it. When I installed Win7 it must have found enough dregs to decide I wanted Dual Boot, even though I don't. In WinXP you just modify the boot.ini file. I don't see anything familier. I want to go straight to Win7.

A:How to change boot options.

So you want to remove XP from Boot Menu ? It would be better if we just disable it.We will be editing Boot Configuration Data using BCDEDIT tool. Warning : Make a backup of Boot Configuration Data (BCD) first. Improper use of this command line tool may render your computer un-bootable.To make a backup of BCD :1. Type cmd in Start Menu search box. Right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator2. In command prompt type, bcdedit /export c:\backup. This would save your BCD to c:\backup.If later you want to restore BCD, type bcdedit /import c:\backup after booting from Windows 7 DVD.You can follow these steps to disable dual boot menu :1. Boot into Windows 7.2 . Open command prompt with admin privileges. To do this, click on Start Menu, type cmd in search box, right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.3. In the command prompt type these pressing Enter after each line :bcdedit /default {current}
bcdedit /timeout 0 This will set Windows 7 as default OS and set timeout to 0 seconds. So at boot yuor computer will boot into Windows 7 straight.4. Restart your computer.

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i am dual booting xp mce and vista.. and im wondering if its possible to change the displayed names because xp shows up as "earlier windows version" or something like that and i'd rather it just say xp

A:Solved: change name of boot options?

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My pc was running well and I decided to reinstall windows but this time I have problem...I have windows 10 and my laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad T420  My power plan minimum and maximum processor state are both set to 100% and for some reason i can't change them, they are like stuck to 100%. Even when I try to restore my settings to default the maximum and minumum processor state will still remain at 100%. I want to change my minimum processor state to 5% and maximum to 80%. I did it everytime after reinstalling windows and this time it just don't work. My laptop is overheating a lot while I'm playing games or just watching videos. I already tried to reinstall windows for one more time and first thing I did was changing maximum processor state in power options but it didn't let me type other number except 100%.  To be more clear what is my problem, here is recording of it: Please help, much appreciate, Thank You!

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OS: Windows 7 SP1
MB: ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: HD 6850
Monitor: Hanns-G HZ281HPB

My monitor won't wake up when waking up my computer from sleep. It also won't initially turn on when booting the computer. I am forced to turn the monitor off, then back on in order for it to turn on.

I've tried everything I could think of, so I am coming here, hoping someone can help me.

A:Monitor doesn't wake up on boot/unsleep (have to power off/on) - Really annoying!

OS: Windows 7 SP1
MB: ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: HD 6850
Monitor: Hanns-G HZ281HPB

My monitor won't wake up when waking up my computer from sleep. It also won't initially turn on when booting the computer. I am forced to turn the monitor off, then back on in order for it to turn on.

I've tried everything I could think of, so I am coming here, hoping someone can help me.

Forgot to include the fact that I am connecting the video card to the monitor with a HDMI out (from video card) to DVI in (to monitor)

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I am trying to have my computer boot Linux by default, from an external hard drive, while my internal drive has Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work: Windows 10 boots automatically at every restart and cold start.

Steps I've taken so far:
The boot order I want is set and saved in BIOS. There's no uEFI on my computer.
Windows 10 fast startup option is disabled. I also disabled the hibernation option just in case.

Still, I can only get Linux to boot by going into BIOS every time and selecting the (already selected) external hard drive again. When I then try to mount the internal (Win 10) disk from within Linux, I get an error saying it cannot be mounted because Windows 10 is still using it.

Any ideas how to solve this and give full boot control back to BIOS?

A:How to change boot options permanently (Win 10 not being default)?

Hey Kinimod,

Have a look HERE. (However I just noted you want to boot from an external drive, so I'm not sure if this is applicable)


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I am trying to have my computer boot Linux by default, from an external hard drive, while my internal drive has Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work: Windows 10 boots automatically at every restart and cold start.

Steps I've taken so far:
The boot order I want is set and saved in BIOS. There's no uEFI on my computer.
Windows 10 fast startup option is disabled. I also disabled the hibernation option just in case.

Still, I can only get Linux to boot by going into BIOS every time and selecting the (already selected) external hard drive again. When I then try to mount the internal (Win 10) disk from within Linux, I get an error saying it cannot be mounted because Windows 10 is still using it.

Any ideas how to solve this and give full boot control back to BIOS?

A:How to change boot options permanently (Win 10 not being default)?

Hey Kinimod,

Have a look HERE. (However I just noted you want to boot from an external drive, so I'm not sure if this is applicable)


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Yoga 720-12-IKB 81B5, setting up as remote machine for elderly parents with dementia, needs boot-on-timer and wake-on-AC-power options in BIOS because elderly parents can't be counted on to keep it running. BIOS is 5GCN20WW, no auto-boot options are visible. Machine is otherwise perfect for the task, but auto-boot capability is a must-have for the intended usage.

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I have 3 different Dell machines as below, and I would like them all to behave the same. I would like to be able to power down and switch of at the socket (which I can of course), but then when I switch on at the socket I'd like the machines to auto-boot without having to wait for the 'On' button to be pressed.

Dimension 9100
Optiplex GX100
Dimension XPS R400

The Dimension XPS R400 seems to do this fine, but I can't get the other 2 to do this. Any ideas ?

I presume this is a BIOS thing which is why I have posted it here. They are all running XP Prof. SP2

A:Power on Boot Options - 3 different Dell Machines

Look for a setting in the BIOS that says something like "After AC Power Failure". If there it should have an option to boot automatically but I'd be very careful about doing that type of hard boot. Surges are a part of A/C power on. Servers in controlled environments are not susceptible to this problem generally but a home PC on a standard surge protector!!! Not me.

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Right, so my laptop turns on and the Acer splash screen appears - all good. Thdn there is a black screen with a flashing cursor... then the screen dies, and I'm back to sqaure one.

I'm fairly new with computers, but I've looked on about 7 websites on how to troubleshoot this infinite reboot problem. Each website directed me toward Advanced Boot Options, okay fine... only problem is that when I press F8 for advanced boot options, my laptop just goes back on it's infinite reboot track.

So far I've tried reseting the CMOS... which is the only thing I can do, courtesy of Acer and their ****** computers. Please help :(.

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I went into my power options to change some of the advanced settings and most of them are missing? I am on windows 8.1 with a week old Surface Pro 3. I want to say I read somewhere that hyper-v can cause options to be missing, but I honestly don't even know what that is and I don't have it installed.

Screenshot attached

A:Options Missing from Power Options Advanced Settings

Hello Mossalot, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The power options you have available are determined by Windows for your specific system.

What specific options would you like to have back, and I'll post back with how to restore them?

For now, check the tutorials below to restore any you may want.

How to Add or Remove "Allow Away Mode Policy" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Allow sleep with Remote Opens" in Power Options in Windows 7 and 8How to Add or Remove "Console lock display off timeout" in Power Options in Windows 8 and 8.1How to Add or Remove "Dim display after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "Enable forced button/lid shutdown" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Hard disk burst ignore time" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove PCIe "Link State Power Management" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "System unattended sleep timeout" in Power OptionsHow to Add or Remove "Turn off hard disk after" in Power Options in WindowsHow to Add or Remove "USB 3 Link Power Mangement" in Power Options in Windows 8How to Add or Remove "When sharing media" in Power Options in Windows

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I purchased a pair of Yoga Books this past week for my wife and myself, and the only major let down for me so far, is the inability to wake the device by any other means than pressing the power button.  Is it possible to add tap to wake, or wake by activity on the keyboard?  I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing we had this option.

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I recently heve moved to the UK from the US. My PC was running on power converters to start until I could replace the power supply with a UK version. My first problem is that I burned up the power converter I was using. I ordered a replacement that would work with UK power. I replaced the power supply and have double checked all connections and started up my PC to get the error message "reboot and select proper boot device." I have tried checking the boot order in the bios and it is prioritizing my hard drive 1st. I have tried disabling the cd/dvd drive as well. I have tried removing the motherboard battery and reinstalling it and trying but besides telling me it needs a set up, the results are the same. I'm now in a pickle here as I am using a tablet to request help. I have no boot disc or method of burning one and I need to save/recover the software on the hard drive at the least though I really do prefer to make it all work like it was. None of my back ups will arrive for a few weeks. Any advice? My PC stats are on my user info. Thank you.

A:Reboot and select proper boot device after power change

At this point i would suggest double checking all the cable(s) going from the hard drive to the motherboard to see if something possibly came loose during shipping(even if it was packed well it still could happen). If that does not do anything; then its quite possible since you moved here to the u.s. from overseas that you need u.s. power supply as the electric grids in the u.s. are much different than overseas due to the voltage they operate on.

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Hi there,

We've got 3 Dell precision towers 5810 that work great, except for a possible bios bug, which I can reproduce on all machines:

I'm using the installed NIC: Intel ethernet server adapter i210-t1.
Our computers go powerless every night (mains power) after a normal pc shutdown. Every morning, when the power is back on, I want to wake up all computers in our building with Wake On Lan (WOL) by sending a 'magic packet' over the network.
This normally works well if the machine has been switched on and off with the power button / windows shutdown. But when I unplug the machine (mains power), wait and plug in the mains power again, the computer does not respond to the WOL packet. (Maybe the PCI-E NIC does not get power on plugging in the mains of machine for the first time).
It works well on the integrated (motherboard) NIC. BIOS / power / sleep state settings seem to be ok.

A:Wake On Lan (WOL) not working on Dell precision tower 5810 with Intel ethernet server adapter i210-t1 at first power up / after no power

Hi paulnotebaart,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful:http://dell.to/2gh5oM6

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I have three normal settings, but there is an odd one that stands out and does not use english characters. Does anybody know how to solve this?

A:Power Options Help Advanced Settings Options

Do you have a game booster installed?

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I have an older Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK UPS and the mfg has not offered software management for the Win 7 64bit OS. I want to let Win 7 manage the battery and shutdown. I set the High Performance under Power Options to turn off display and put the computer to sleep after 3 minutes as a test. I yanked the input to the UPS and nothing happens and I went at least 5-6 minutes (didn't time). The battery icon in the sys tray stated 2 minutes remaining and never moved.

I have connected the UPS via USB and the Device and Printers, USB Input Device show the drivers are fine and the UPS is working.

Am I misunderstanding what Win 7 will do on its own without mfg monitoring software?

The attached are screen shots how I set the advanced settings

A:How to set Advanced options in Power Options (64 bit Ultimate)

Welcome to 7Forums!

With those options, you can set how much time windows will take an action after you are not taking any action
So if you set 3 minutes for turning off the screen or going to sleep and leave it alone it will scedule these action after 3 minutes.
I don't really understand the part where you explain that the timer stopps. I do not recommend setting the same values for both options under 'on battery' or 'plugged in' state.
I would just increase the 'on battery' / sleep time to 5 or 10 minutes and see if it works.


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I am begging for help as this problem is driving me insane! To start the story Windows 10 asked me to upgrade last year, and God I wish I didn't. I had nothing but problems with the OS, mainly down to it being unsupported for my notebook by HP. I Decided to roll back to Windows 8 and during the rollback, the notebook has failed catastrophically! 'Luckily' the recovery option kicked in, but this also failed and crashed mid recovery.  I am now left with the boot failing immediatley and showing a BCD error 0x0000034. (press esc for UEFI). Once in UEFI the only option that doesnt bring the same BCD error is the HP System Test. This works ok and the system passes all tests (including hard drive which though a lot of searching online is often the root cause of the above error) I want to enter the BIOS settings and set it to boot from USB in order to use my windows recovery USB, but pressing F11 or F10 goes straight to the Blue screen of death with the same error above! I am fairly proficient with computers and managed quite a few repairs etc, but this loop of blue screen with no conceivable boot option is driving me insane! Someone please help! Thanks in advance, Thebgb! 

A:Unable to access any recovery options. Boot options menu als...

thebgb Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Sorry, but I don't have very good news for you ...The Win10 Upgrade is know to corrupt the Recovery partition stored there by the OEM that built the original machine. This pretty much guarantees that no HP Recovery is going to work: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Video-Display-and-Touch/HP-Recovery-Manager-Blocked-After-Windo...This means that RESET no longer works on your laptop due to your doing the Win10 Upgrade.To actually restore your PC to its original condition, you need something known as HP Recovery Media.HP Recovery Media is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks. You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversOnce there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update". If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada,... Read more

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Hi guys, my new ThinkPad P71 is a few days old.The power button works fine to turn it on from scratch.But when I hit the power button to make it sleep, it doesn't respond to power option configuration for shutdown, sleep, hibernate etc.Am I missing something or is there a Lenovo configuration overriding it? (closing the lid does put it in sleep mode.)Setting attached. Appreciate the help. Thanks,Darren.

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I have a lenovo ideapad 13 been trusty for 5 years went to turn on the other day and found it would not and that the power port on the laptop was broken, the small yellow square broke off and was stuck in the charger and the battery was 0%. I bought a new power port and charger very carefully took the old power port out and put the new one in put it all back together pluged in the charger and still no lights no sounds nothing. Should this of worked or am i missing something? Got my life on this thing and dont want to lose it all please help

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I usually keep my trusty Yoga 3 Pro laptop beside me with the power cord plugged in at night in sleep mode when I close the lid. This morning when I opened the laptop to turn it on, nothing. Did not start/wake, no power LED either white or amber on side. There has been no trauma - water, dropped, etc - it just decided not to wake up this morning and no power LED is especially troublesome. I have tried to hold the power button in for an extended amount of time to see if it would reset itself, but nothing. My first troubleshooting will be to borrow a friend's known-to-be-working Yoga 3 power charger to see if my charger/power cord is defective/died. I doubt that's the problem, but that's the easy first thing to check. Since I bought the laptop from Lenovo in December 2015, I think the warranty is done, but not sure. (Any comments?) If the friend's charger does not power up the laptop, I plan to open up the laptop (first time for this particular laptop although I've opened up previous Thinkpads and other laptops literally hundreds of times) and disconnect the battery, push the power button for 20 seconds or so and see if there's a discharge that may correct the circuitry. I know I have done this successfully with older laptops. However, I know that Lenovo and other manufacturers are hard-wiring components and making it more difficult to work on. So here's my questions: Will a Yoga 3 Pro power on with a functioning power charger connected and the battery disconnected? I... Read more

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Want to change advanced power options with a few keyboard presses?

I like changing advanced power options all the time, mostly CPU throttle and brightness (the two most important factors in battery life). I used to have a separate power plan just for different CPU throttles, but that seemed a little inefficient (as did opening advanced power options under several layers of GUI). So I just finished writing up some batch scripts to change advanced power settings.

All you need to do is copy the attached files into the System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32\), for which you'll need to provide administrator privileges. Then, just press Win+R and type the name of the setting followed by the value. For example:

"bri 30" will change the screen brightness to 30%.
"maxp 50" will change the maximum CPU throttle to 50%.
"sleep 5" will change the time until sleep to 5 minutes.

Like so:

By the way, you can change the command just by changing the name of the file. Renaming "disp.bat" to "Display Brightness.bat" will let you type "Display Brightness 4" instead of "disp 4".

Let me know what you think. I can make one for each and every advanced power setting, all you gotta do is ask. Enjoy! (Don't mind giving me rep if you use this, I spent quite some time on this )


A:Useful tool for power enthusiasts on the go (advanced power options)

Well written! Rep given.

You might also find this batch file interesting. It deletes all file in the .tmp folder. You'll have to edit it in Notepad to change the xxx's to your user name though. After, just right click it and select run as administrator.

More info if anyone wants to write batch files:


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I recently had graphics card problems and had to get my 8800GTS replaced. This took several weeks and now I'm running a 8800GT perfectly fine.

However, I've noticed my Power Options seem to be corrupt. Upon going into Power Options in the Control Panel, it says "Your power plan information isn't available."

I cannot understand why this has happened. I haven't touched any settings or anything to do with that. I have tried System Restore to an earlier point (before I got my new graphics card) and it didn't seem to help.

The help on the page says that registry keys may have become corrupt or been deleted. I'm not sure if this is the problem, but if it is how can I fix it? System Restore didn't help.

I would like to avoid doing a Repair with the Windows disc. I'm hoping there's an easier way to fix this problem. There has to be! I've been looking on Google and there is hardly anything on this problem. The very few people who do have it cannot seem to fix it, or used previous registry backups (which hasn't worked for me). There doesn't seem to be any resolutions from Microsoft at all.

I also tried using the "powercfg" commands in the command prompt, but didn't seem to have any luck there either.

I'll really appreciate any assistance! I cannot Hibernate or Sleep at the moment and it's a real inconvenience. I'd really like my Power Options back!

Thank you very much,


Edit: Oh, and I've used "sfc /scannow" to ch... Read more

A:Power Options Corrupt (power plan unavailable)

Well, I'm quite amazed not a single person has replied (funny how my other problem has gone unanswered too). Guess I must have very uncommon problems!

I'm glad to say I've managed to fix it though. As described on a website somewhere, someone else managed to fix it by restoring the registry keys associated with it.

I decided to export the ones on my mum's laptop, delete mine, and then import her's to mine. It seems to be working fine! All Power Options are back, I can change how my PC shuts down, and I can Sleep now! And this was all without a restart. I'm guessing I can Hibernate also; I'll find out when I want to turn my PC off later.

If anyone else has this problem and needs a copy of the registry keys, I can send you them (I believe they work regardless of the computer. I had concerns because it was a laptop, but it seems fine). I'd rather not post them publicly as I am not sure of the sensitivity of them.

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I am running Windows XP Home edition. I made changes to my power scheme
settings in the 'Power Options Properties' of 'Display Properties'. Now the power schemes box is empty no schemes or options are displayed. How may I reset/refresh/reinstall my power options?

A:No power schemes listed in Power Options Properties

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Hi all, and thanks for helping.

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GRX570, using XP Home. Some time ago, for no reason I can fathom, my Power Options Applet stopped offering me the chance to change Power Schemes settings! When I open it, the Power Schemes window is blue and I can't type anything into it, and there are no settings available to choose. I can change the Alarms, Power Meter, Advanced, and Hibernate settings, but can't set any Power Schemes. As a result I can only run full power which as you can guess drains the battery fast. Any ideas to repair this? Can I reinstall the Power Options Applet easily?


A:Power Schemes missing from Power Options Applet

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My Power Options Control Panel quit working pretty much, a few weeks ago. Seems it was always a little awry, but generally worked with reliability in that it turned off my monitor after a certain idleness period, and went automatically into Hibernate after a longer specified idleness. Now, it shuts the monitor off correctly, but won't go to Standby or Hibernate based on my specifications. But the PC can still go to Standby and Hibernate just fine when commanded to do so from Start Menu >>Turn Off Computer. I swear this problem began after I plugged in a different USB keyboard, a Saitek Eclipse II. So I reverted to my old USB keyboard, but the Power Options Control Panel never revived.

What I meant by "always a little awry" as opposed to now...

Now, if I define my desired specs and then use the Save As button and give the scheme a name, there is no error message; but when I leave and later reenter the control panel, that Saved scheme is not present in the drop-down menu. BTW, I deleted all but the main default entry, Home/Office Desk, while I was delving into this matter. That's nothing.

But it always had a bit of a quirk concerning the Save As. In the past, it would Save your scheme by name just fine. BUT, if you then changed the specs for a given scheme and try to Save it anew using the existing name, an error message window would pop up, entitled "Power Policy Manager - unable to set policy", with the bad news message, "Indicates ... Read more

A:Solved: Power Options Control no go; and what's Power Policy Mgr?


look at that advise

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I asked this question once before here, only on the video boards - got nowhere then, and I've changed almost all my hardware but the video card (and reinstalled with the upgrades) since then - so I'm giving it another whirl here.

My monitor won't power off consistently. It's an ingoing issue, and has lived through more than one complete format & reinstall, and more recently a motherboard/CPU swap, and now a new monitor. I ended up with a burn in my old monitor, and would love to avoid burning into this one too.

It cropped up sometime after I switched to LCD from CRT, but I'm not sure it's related to that - it didn't happen immediately with the switch.

Neither Google searches nor searches here have turned anything up. Help, please!

Here are my machine specs (everything's at stock speeds), a cpu-z dump and hijackthis log:

2x1gb ram
AGP x850xtpe
acer 2216W (previously a Princeton 19" LCD)

Number of processors 1
Number of cores 2 per processor
Number of threads 2 (max 2) per processor
Name Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Code Name Conroe
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
Package Socket 775 LGA
Family/Model/Stepping 6.F.6
Extended Family/Model 6.F
Core Stepping B2
Technology 65 nm
Core Speed 1863.1 MHz
Multiplier x Bus speed 7.0 x 266.2 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1064.6 MHz
Stock frequency 1866 MHz
Instruction sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T
L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associa... Read more

A:[moved from other h/w]My monitor won't power down correctly, as set in power options:


Im not seeing anything out of line, except no antivirus and possibly no firewall..

Curious how a 3d screensaver looks to be running while you took that log

there is a kb article related to that although i doubt its part of the problem

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Hello, what's default of hardware power options after power loss (On,Off,Previous state) in bios for z440? I need pc to turn on after power resume back and how to remove bios password? when I am pressing F10 it's asking to put password. this workstation is brand new but there's password on bios. thank you and appreciated for your kind support.

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W7 PC wakes up from sleep every few minutes. It didn't use to. I am the builder / owner / sole user. Investigation done so far at the DOS prompt to establish the cause:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
(no results returned)

powercfg -waketimers
There are no active wake timers in the system

powercfg -lastwakeWake History Count - 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count - 0Other ideas to try and establish the cause with please?

Many thanks.

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Hiya !

So with windows 8 I have it currently where it uses my Hotmail email address.

Is there any way to over ride it so I can use another password without needing to change the password
on my Hotmail email account?

I'd prefer to use a custom password?

Are there any alternative ways to still keep a password in place but not use the same password as my email?


A:Win 8 start up and wake up password change

Hello Hissnsid, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I'm sorry, but since a Microsoft account is tied to the email address, the password will always be the same for both. If you like, you can change the Microsoft account password though.
Microsoft Account Password - Change or Reset in Windows 8

In addition, you could also use a PIN or picture password to sign in to Windows 8 with for your Microsoft account instead of a password.

User Account - Create a PIN in Windows 8

Picture Password - Create, Change, or Remove in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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From Windows 98SE/2000/XP SP3 I always set my power settings as always on/never shut down (hard drive always on) with the exception of turn off display after 10 mins. Both my PCs are on for about 16-20 hrs each day and I always shut them down manually every night.

Now in Windows 7, I created a custom plan that basically more or less similar to the above, always on/never shut down/never sleep, turn off hard drive after 10000 mins (basically never off) except to turn off display after 10 mins.........well, last night I thought of trying out the "Balanced" (recommended) plan....and after 30 mins of inactivity, both my PC were off/shut down and I had to press the power/on buttons on both my PCs to bring them back (cause clicking the mouse/pressing any key on the KB wouldn't bring them back), is this normal or the way the Balanced plan supposed to work?

What's your or how you set your Power Options/Power plan settings on your Windows 7?

Thanks in advance.

A:Power Options/Power plan settings?

Balanced does turn your hdd and things off after 30 minutes(put it to sleep). Just go in there and change all the sleep things to never, or set them to 0 minutes. After you select your new plan, make sure your screensaver is on as well.

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Hi all,

The screen resolution of my Win7 HTPC keeps changing from the chosen 1200 x 720 to the lowest 800x600 after restarts or after waking up from sleep mode

The odd thing is that it does not happen each time. I have tried to reproduce the problem by powering on the devices at different order, but I cannot find any logic.

PC connected to LCD TV 32'' Sansung
Onboard Intel GMA X4500 Graphics card uing latest drivers
Do you know how can I prevent this to happen?



A:resolution change after rebooting or wake up from sleep

Try downloading and updating your VGA Drivers. Uninstall the current version first than install the most recent one hope it will help. Also download this version of DirectX 9 and install it.
Download details: DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

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Is it possible to set the netbook (Win8 64 bit) to go to sleep sometime after AC power is disconnected and to wake up immediately once the AC power is re-connected? Thanks!

A:Wake on AC power?

You could get it to sleep by setting the power options to sleep when battery is 95%.

Not sure about waking - you could schedule a task that woke the computer from sleep but only ran if AC power was found. It seems that you the minimum time the task can be scheduled is every 5 minutes so it is not really waking immediately.

Presumably you can't press the power button?

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I have a X1 Yoga 2nd gen with an OLED display. When I wake it up from standby, change it into tablet mode, or connect an external display via dock, there is a 50% chance that the screen freezes: The screen wakes up, then freezes for 10-15s, where I cannot do anything, and then adjusts itself (e.g. changes orientation, goes to desktop, ...). This "mandatory break" is very annoying. Using Windows10 with latest drivers from lenovo companion. Happy to provide details.

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Neither Wake-up Key nor Power key function.  All other keys seem to operate properly.

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When ever I wake up my laptop from sleep by opening up the lid then pressing the power button it sometimes restart itself instead on showing the lock screen. I want to if there's a to fix this problem.  I have Windows 8.1. 

A:Dell Inspiron 15r 5537 sleep-wake problem/Change

I have solved my laptop wakeup problem!! DELL 5737 17R
I'll try to explain what's happened.
After upgrading to Win8.1, windows update try to update the Inter HD Graphics driver preinstalled into dell systems. This video driver is *CRUCIAL* for suspend/Hibernate/LidClose mode to operate properly.
This is the signature of the update Win8.1 suggest to apply:
[x] - Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
If you do, this will conflict with AMD graphic adapter and result into nasty problems, including:
* Unable to restore from black screen if you close lid then reopen* Unable to properly hibernate* Unable to restore from LCD monitor switchoff for powersave
IF you see DELL site support, you can notice that the LATEST Intel HD video available is OLDER than the liveupdate installed (from microsoft).
1. Remove/Uninstall all the AMD stuffs2. Reboot3. Remove the Intel HD Video driver and reinstall the older driver from DELL site4. Reboot (disconnect lan/network... *IMPORTANT*)5. Disable automatic LiveUpdate6. Reattach LAN/network7. Look for available update package, hide "Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 xxxx"
You want now, after a final reboot, to say NO, NO, THANKS, to LiveUpdate of Intel Video Driver.
You have now a dell with working sleep/hibernate mode.When i close lid than reopen it, finally the LCD switch back on.Dont allow liveupdate to i... Read more

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Hi guys,

Have a problem with my Toshiba Sat Pro L850 PSKG9A-00C001

Every time i close my laptop screen and put computer to sleep and Then Wake it up again,

My screen is at MAX brightness (Blinding nearly) and i cant change it with my keyboard shortcuts and it says brightness is at Level 1!?


A:Satellite Pro L850 PSKG9A: cannot change brightens after wake up from sleep

Can you change it in certain power plan settings that you use?

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