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Extracted ghost file removal !!

Q: Extracted ghost file removal !!

Hi All, thanks for reading.
I have this bug type issue, when i extract files from either a .zip or .rar, every now and then when i go to delete the extracted files they appear to stay where they where, be it on the desktop usually or a specific folder, the files however have actually been sent to the bin but they still appear to remain where they were extracted too.
The only way i can make them go away is by stopping explorer in DM and restarting, then the 'ghost' files have gone from the desktop or folder.
I am totally up to date with updates, i ran all sorts of scans but nothing seems to stop this occurring from time to time which is also annoying because it doesn't happen every time !!!

Any ideas peeps

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Preferred Solution: Extracted ghost file removal !!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Extracted ghost file removal !!

What happens if you press F5 (Refresh) when this happens?

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Well i extracted this one file to my desktop and it had a lot of files. I extracted to desktop on accident then i deleted all the files which field up my desktop and deleted them. After i had turned off and restarted my computer they were back. Now everyday i have to delete 60+files on my desktop because they keep coming back. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Extracted a file to desktop

I have a similar problem. There is a folder on my desktop named "Movies". I delete this folder and it just comes back. I have tried cutting and pasting it to a new directory but it just comes back to the desktop and then I have 2 folders names "Movies". I just want the folder to be permanently deleted. Any idea what I should do? Thanks

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I downloaded a .RAR with a 4 gig .mdf and a small .mds in it, and when I extract either one with WinRAR the files are nowhere to be found, but when I check my disk space I have 4 gigs less free. I tried searching for all files with the .mdf extension, and I tried turning on "show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options, but no luck. I tried three times in a different location each time, but the files are still nowhere to be found and each time 4 more gigs disappeared.

I've tried other .RAR's and they work fine. I have XP SP2. The name of the .mdf and .mds are in Japanese, if that makes a difference, but I have the Eastern Language Pack installed. Does anyone know how I can get my disk space back?

A:Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

i assume you log in as the machine's administrator, so what u need to do is go to control panel, folder options, select the view tab, then uncheck the hide extensions for known file types also uncheck the hide protected operating systems files.

Then do a *.RAR search of files in folders in ur local drives which hopefully will pick it up

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I had an .avi file which was made with the camera tilted 90 deg to the left.

I realise now that Windows Movie Maker can fix this by offering to tilt any movie by 90 degs, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I extracted the jpgs (902 of them), corrected the angle, extracted the audio and tried to create a movie in WMM but couldn't sync the jpgs/audio properly.

Is there a program that can import the jpgs/audio and magically syncronize the two back into the original movie format???

Unfortunately I no longer have the original .avi file either....

A:help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

Give a try for Adobe Premiere Pro. All the tricks and any situation for editing is possible and can be done by this powerful software.

This is not free, but the price is worth for the project.

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I working on project to make recovery DVDs using Ghost Image. And i want to use the command line for Multiple ghost images (which ever is available on DVD); example, if i am imaging for D600 and the image name is D600.GHO and on the other hand if i want imaging for nc6000 and the image name is nc6000.GHO, i don't want to change the name of the file every time in bat file and burn the DVD everytime. one command line which will work as whatever Ghost image is available it will load and start imagingon Hard disk.

The command line i am using in BAT file is:

R:\ghost -clone,mode=load,src=R:\NC6000.GHO,dst=1, -afile=C:\ghststat.txt -sure -FX

If someone could help me to use right syntax to use multiple images.



A:Command line for Symantec Ghost to load available Ghost image in BAT file

Welcome to TSF!

Is there just one .GHO file on the DVD?
What version of DOS does the DVD boot to? MS-DOS, PC-DOS, or something else?

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Hello, I'm not really sure how to phrase this but I will try, after being hit with a couple of virus's and removing them, I noticed now that when I format a drive such as a floppy, when it's finished and you click on the drive instead of it saying a:> only it says: a:> b:> c:> d:>

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To remove Norton Ghost from a SATA drive, which it will not work on, and if you are stuck in PC DOS,
and you don't have a floppy disk drive and cannot apply the solution

If you are starting with a hard drive that you tried to clone with Norton Ghost
and are stuck int he PC DOS parition.

1. Get a 2nd hard disk that is bootable
2. Boot off it as the Master
The hard disk with the problem is the slave
3. Service, Disk Management
4. Delete the Ghost partition
5. Make the original hard drive (with the problem) the Active partition
6. Reboot and switch to boot off the original drive.

For good results with a SATA drive, see www.XXClone.com
or even better Acronis.com Migrate Easy which reproduces partitions as well.

Norton has gone down hill since the old days, and just a ghost of its past.
Ghost has not kept up with the times.
Acronis is a great Ghost Buster.

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I am restoring a ghost 20002 partition images to three separate
partitions on a new hard drive. The first partition (the operating
system) went fine and the OS works well. The second partition
(programs) got to right neat the end when a message that say's "insert
next media and press enter to continue" I did that and that partition
is fine as well.

The third partition (my files) is about 6 GB, it gets part way through
when I get the "insert next media and press enter to continue" when I
do that it says "File does not belong to this file set".

When I was creating the image I was having trouble with "disk full" I
researched it and got this information from this group, "to boot from
a normal start up disk with ghostpe on it and run ghospe after the
start up disk had run"

I need this partition badly, I certainly hope someone can help me get
my files back. Any assistance appreciated.



A:Ghost - File does not belong to this file set

have you tried using ghost explorer to see the files in the image?

you can extract the ones you want - in this case ALL of them

or you can look at the compile function and try recreating the image to a different location

any reason you didn't just clone from drive to drive?

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a file appeared in a directory that has 0kb and no extension. I cannot delete, move or rename it because the computer says it can't find the file. How do I get rid of it?

A:ghost file

You can try this and see if it works

# Click on Start, Search, All Files and Folders
# Type the name of the undeletable file in the box shown
# Make sure the Look In box shows the correct drive letter
# Click Search and let the computer find the file
# Once the file is located, right-click on it and choose properties, make a note of the file location. Usually this is something similar to


# Close the search box
# Click on Start, Run, and type CMD and Press Enter to open a Command Prompt window
# Leave the Command Prompt window open, but proceed to close all other open programs
# Click on Start, Run and type TASKMGR.EXE and press Enter to start Task Manager
# Click on the Processes tab, click on the process named Explorer.exe and click on End Process.
# Minimize Task Manager but leave it open
# Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory where the file is located. To do this, use the CD command. You can follow the example below.

Example: to change to the Windows\System32 directory you would enter the following command and Press Enter

cd \windows\system32

# Now use the DEL command to delete the offending file. Type DEL <filename> where <filename> is the file you wish to delete.

Example: del undeletable.exe
# Use ALT-TAB to go back to Task Manager
# In Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the Windows shell.
# Close Task Manager

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Issue #1
On a home/office network consisting of XP pro pc's as well as one W7 pro 64 bit pc, and like others have run free AVG for some time.
Upon startup/reboot on all pc's, opening task manager processes shows a process (once on the W7) (twice in the XP processes list) AVG-Secure-Search-Update_0816av.exe in the XP boxes, additionally shows a following *32 on the W7 64 bit box, which i presume references it as a 32 bit file. I can kill the process(s) and they do not return until reboot/restart,
The last couple of times i've restarted the "server" XP pro pc i connect online with,( which by the way due to location i'm limited to dialup) I get more connection usage than i should see close to +/- 50% until i kill the above mentioned processes, and twice now AVG has quarantined the above named file as corrupt, found in Windows/temp. 
Checking the referenced directory Windows/temp the file was found still shows a file name of 0816av_Avg_Update_Config.json along with avginfo.id and toolbar_log.txt files, although the AVG toolbar has never been installed.
Other than the afore mentioned corrupt file quarantine, I can find no other reference searching any of the 3 pc's  for "AVG-Secure-Search-Update_0816av.exe" .
Doing a file search comes up empty, as does a search in the registry, and the only AVG reference in add/remove programs is to the AV software with no other AVG entries.
AV scans other than mentioned, have all come up empty as does a sc... Read more

A:Ghost File?

Something from awhile back:

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Ok, So I've Run 2 Anti-virus programs, 3 spyware detectors, hijack this, defragments and a scandisk and all of them did there thing, but after using my computer for a while, and running a program, i'm not sure which, i get these repeating errors about wkocco.exe failing to execute and closing, it's no big thing, except the it pops up a window every 2 minutes with the error... does anyone know what it might be?

A:Ghost File...

wkocco.exe didnt bring up anything in Google. Im suspecting you still have some type of malicious files infecting your system.

StartupList :
A simple tool that lists all and every auto starting program on your system. You might be surprised what it finds, this is way better than Msconfig. Commonly used to troubleshoot malfunctioning systems, trojan/viral infections, new spyware/malware breed and the likes.

Download HERE

Let me take a look at what you got running at startup and I can then determine where to go from there.

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I used 7zip to open up a .gz zipped/archived file. It seems like 7zip extracts and downloads the files to open it? Is that correct? If so, where are the files located? Or is it just stored somewhere temporarily and then deleted after?

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Well my problem is that a file I cannot delete because it claims that another program is using the file...

I've checked and not one program is using the file...

I also tried deleteing it though MSDos and MSDos claims that it cannot do it...

any advice or tips will help...

A:Can't Delete Ghost File

Hi Jovro and welcome to BC!There are two ways you can try to do it.1) Boot into Safe Mode by continuously tapping the F8 key as soon as the computer begins to boot. A menu should come up where you will be given the option to enter Safe Mode. Then try to delete the file and see if it's possible.If method 1 doesn't work, then try method 2.2) You can get either Delete Doctor 2.1 or Unlocker to help you to delete the file.

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Hey I'm running windows xp with service pack 3 installed and I don't know if I have a virus or something (even though an AVG virus scan checks out okay) because there is an icon on my desktop that I can't delete. I cannot rename it or move it or do anything with it but look at it. The error message is "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk" I've gone into "command" line mode and tried re-attributing all files (*.*) to -r -h -s +a which actually revealed some files that were junk which I deleted but it would not change the icon in question. It acts and assumes as if there is no file. If there is no file how do I remove the icon in question? Is there a registry edit I can perform? The only thing that seems to semi work is that I try to open the ghost "icon" with notepad, which it in turn tells me there is no such file would I like to create one. I say yes. Type a few bits of info and save and exit. But then I have two of the same Icon. At which point I can delete one or the other but not both. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanx

A:Solved: ghost file?

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When I extract a file or video to desktop I can't find it.
I retsart the pc and the file or video pop up,it does this
almost every time.Any help?

A:Extracted files on desktop

download this 7-Zip right click file needing to be extracted, expand 7zip and click extract to and choose the same name as the file you are unzipping, unzipp's will be there...
vidoe pop up? what? need more facts not random statements...

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I have winrar files and in them i have many many important pictures...

However when i extract these pictures it extracts but i cannot see the pictures the folder simply just says 'folder is empty' but it is not empty.. i know this because in properties it says contains: 139 files.....:?:?

anyone have an idea?

A:Solved: Cannot see my Extracted files?

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I want to extract a .zip file of Windows icons in XP.

To which folder should I extract them?

A:Where Should Icon Packs Be Extracted To?

make a new folder on your drive and name it icons and then when you want to change an icon to one you have unzipped, point it towards the folder you have created "icons"
it's not like Fonts, that has it's own folder - icons are usually associated with the program or app - when you want to change them, you have to tell the program or app where the new icon is that you want to use

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When I extract files from a zipped folder, a folder is created but with no files in them. Yet, when I open a zipped folder, the files are visible but inaccessible. Help.

P.S. Running Vista Home Premium

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Hi all,
This is one strange problem that only started happening since October 2008. Have never seen it in my 4 years using Ghost v2003.793. It happens in different Windows computers and in different configurations.
Ghost in PC DOS mode does not see some partitions and folders that hold .GHO files. In fact, Ghost.exe does not recognize some .GHO files even if it is recognizing the partitions and folders. This usually happens with .GHO files that are not the last one created but not always. In other word, the problem seems to be random. I tried reinstalling Ghost 2003 and updating to build 793 again with no avail. All my .GHO files for four years have always been able to restore system with no issue until now. Never have this problem before until two months ago. All my 50 something Ghost files (non-compress; 5-character name) pass integrity check by computers that behave (mostly older computers).
For example: In one computer, I have drive C, D, & E in one SATA disk. Only C drive has operating system (Windows XP SP3). D contains three folders that hold ghost files of three different creation dates. E contains the same.
When trying to restore C drive using Ghost.exe in PC DOS, E drive is not recognized. In D drive, only one folder of the most current set of Ghost file and span files is present. And that is the one that I do not want to use. Murphy’s law.
This is just one example. It seems to happen more frequently as time goes by. Like a virus.
Please help!! Thanks.

&... Read more

A:Problem seeing partition and Ghost file

I've used Ghost for years and used to have occasional problems. Early on, to escape the problems, I started running Ghost from floppy and now from USB flash drive and haven't had any problems since.

Still using Ghost 2003.

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I made an image with Norton Ghost V 8.2 with the boot disk I had created from Ghost on a previous installation. Norton Ghost was not yet installed on my computer. After reinstalling Ghost V8.2 using the identical program that created the boot disk, Ghost explorer does not recognize my image as a valid image file. However when I use the Ghost explorer file in Hirens boot V9.2 it reads the image file completely. Can someone explain this and tell me what I have to do to get the Ghost explorer I installed to read the image file.

A:Ghost won't read image file

I had the same problem with Ghost and also Acronis. Went to DriveImage XML by Runtime and it has restored flawlessly many times. Besides reliability, another good feature is that it is free.

I built my first BartPE Boot disk for this and while it took a while for me to read and study, it is really simple. The default boot disk already includes the plug-ins for DriveImage XML version 1.2. Not sure if the plug-ins are for the latest version but if they are not, they are very easy to add.

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While running a clone on Ghost 2003, the program keeps aborting on file 4380 Unnamed MFT table file. Is there a fix?

Windows XP fully updated. 60gb hard drive only 16gb being used. Ghost had been running up to 7 days earlier.

A:Ghost Clone Aborting on MFT file

Depends on what you mean by "running a clone on Ghost 2003."

Do you mean, recovering a cloned Ghost image to a hard drive?

You have to do this via a bootable CD. The original Ghost Install CD is also a boot CD to the recovery version of Ghost.

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I have an EeePC 1000H running Windows XP Home.
Made a Ghost image of C: Partition containing the OS and the installed software and stored it on the second partition (D:) on the 160GB HD.
The problem I have is that when I try to copy that 10.3GB image to either a newly formatted (FAT32) 16Gb USB Memory stick OR an external 250GB USB HD, it comes back with an error message telling me there is insufficient free space on the drive. I know there is adequate space on both but both fail.
I tried copying a 2.5GB folder of music instead and no worries. It just will not allow the transfer of the 10.3GB .GHO Image file.

Has anyone experienced this type of problem before.
I have just run Norton Ghost and directed the backup image to the USB Stick and it successfully created a 13Gb file (no compression this time) which proves there is room for the 10.3gb image.


A:Cannot copy 10GB Ghost file

Hi Imagumby.

Great login name...Welcome to the forum.

The problem with copying the 10 gig file is that the fat32 file system can not handle files larger than 4 gig.

Easy fix is to use the convert utility to convert it to NTFS and your problem will disappear.

Syntax for convert is available at the command prompt by typing convert /?

What was the external USB drive,? was it also Fat32.

Here is a link to a article on the subject.


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how to install the backup Ghost file to other PC?
I have a backup Ghost file of my old PC, I want to install this ghost flie in my new PC, how can i make this work?

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Hello, I just backed up my drive using norton ghost 2003 from a xp machine.
and now I can't read the file. Im wondering if its possible to do from another software. I now use Windows 2k. I tried using the norton explorer and it says that its a span extent file. Dont know whats up with that.


A:Reading a NORTON GHOST .gho file

Have you tried Ghost Explorer?


Unfortunately, if you can't read the image file with Ghost Explorer, you may not be able to get anything out of it. Norton does not provide any repair facility for corrupted Ghost images and suggests that you simply make another image.

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My major weakness is Ghost. I have 2003 and Enterprise 7
How big of an image file is created for say a HDD that is 20gb? How can you store it on an adjacent drive and access from DOS if your drives are NTFS? How can you find it?

I have no resources to use to obtain an external USB drive. CDs wont work. I have a fair amount of HDD space. 440gb over 10 drives. I have been using redundancy for backups. Multiple copies spread across differnt drives. A bit lame yes. I have done only one image in my life, drive to drive. That was easy.

I would like to learn how to image a remote drive at some point.
Basically, how do make an image from DOS and store it? I have Ghost explorer, but that is a bit confusing. I read but I am not comprehending well.

Can you take an image of a drive that is currently in use. Does it get the system state files, registry and system files?

A:Ghost: How big of an image file is created.....

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I have a file that only appears when I search for it ex, if i type *.gif, it appears in the explorer window.
when i try to delete it I get a message saying "this is no longer located in (path) verify the item's location and try again"

how can i delete this file for good or how can I make it not appear on the searches anymore ??

A:Ghost file appearing only when I search for it

Turn off "view hidden files"?

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On my USB thumbdrive, I had put data files: data_n.txt , n from 1 to 11

Trying to open my files weeks later, one of them is unusable. data_3.txt is now daïa_3.txt and it's un-openable.

If... then...

Open the containing folder, the file gets listed
Open it (double click or FileOpen), notepad says it cannot find the file, notepad++ too
Rename it, Windows Explorer cannot find the file
Delete it, Windows Explorer cannot find the file.
Create another file named daïa_3.txt, the two live

How do you fix this? Any tool or something that can actually open it or operate it?


A:Corrupt filename / ghost file

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Hi everyone

I am trying create a back-up image of my hard disk using Norton Ghost software. I want have a bootable DVD with Ghost image on it. I don't have a problem doing this however my back-up image is larger than what a DVD can hold. The ghost program splits the image when it's reaches 2GB. Now I have 9GB of image back-up divided into 5 files.
Now I wonder if I put the boot section (including ghost.exe) and first couple of image files into first dvd and when it asks for the remaining image files i put a second and third dvd containing only the ghost images. Is it going to work? my guess is No because they don't have access to ghost.exe anymore.
So is there a way to do it?

Thank you very very much for any advice in advance.

A:Bootable Ghost with 9GB Image file?

You could try a double-layer DVD (maybe your DVD burner is already double-layer - check in the manual - in which case you would just need to buy double-layer media).
I've never worked with multi-part images before (didn't even know it was possible), but I would think if ghostpe is loaded in memory, it would just keep asking for the next part, regardless of source.
You should probably ask in the hard drive forum. They'd know this on their fingertips (I think).

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I was using a programme recently, but I can't remember which one, and for whatever reason it decided to stop working properly and created a report to send to its developers. I decided to check what the report contained but never intended to send it. The file was saved as a .tmp file with text in it. I closed the programme and removed the temp file (and others, during cleaning) and it looked as if it wasn't there anymore. However, the very same file opens during startup. I have done a windose search for the file name and file extension but it doesn't exist anywhere, yet it still starts during startup. How can a non-file open during startup? How can I stop it from happening?

A:Ghost file opening on startup

Three possibilities that I can think of. It is just possible that the program also saved this information as a text file - try searching for 'filename.TXT'.
You say the program stopped working properly - have you tried uninstalling it and re-installing it ?  I appreciate this may cause some head scratching as you cannot remember what it was, but worth a look at 'Control panel - Programs and features' to see if anything jogs your memory.
You can try stopping it running at start-up by using Msconfig. Type 'msconfig' in search (without the ' ') and right click on 'msconfig.exe' and run as administrator and see if this file shows in the list of applications running at start-up. If it is there, set it to either 'Manual' or 'Disable'. If you have Ccleaner installed you can do the same thing with that. Start it running, select 'Tools' and then 'Start-up'.
Chris Cosgrove

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Hi everyone

I am trying create a back-up image of my hard disk using Norton Ghost software. I want have a bootable DVD with Ghost image on it. I don't have a problem doing this however my back-up image is larger than what a DVD can hold. The ghost program splits the image when it's reaches 2GB. Now I have 9GB of image back-up divided into 5 files.
Now I wonder if I put the boot section (including ghost.exe) and first couple of image files into first dvd and when it asks for the remaining image files i put a second and third dvd containing only the ghost images. Is it going to work? my guess is No because they don't have access to ghost.exe anymore.
So is there a way to do it?

Thank you very very much for any advice in advance.

A:Bootable Ghost DVD with 9GB Image file?

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anybody know how to solve my problem? i delete them but every time at startup the are there again and its cloging up my desktop.

(PS.Its probly a realy stupid question)

A:cant delete extracted files from desktop

The easy way is to use Move_on_Boot. Works every time!

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I have a 64-bit Windows 8.1 HP. It came pre-installed 7-Zip. When I extract it changes the file names automatically upon extraction.

On my old Windows 7 desktop I had WinZip and this never happened. So I purchased and installed WinZip on the Windows 8.1 and the same thing happened, it changed the file name automatically.

I have tried all over the net and on this site to find a solution but to no avail. I also compared WinZip settings on the W7 and I can't really tell if they are the same as it is different on W8.1

My real concern is that when I extract the folder, it changes the files names adding additional characters where there would be spaces and then an extension of numbers.
Windows 7 did not do this at all. Please help!!! How can I turn this off?
Original file name
Bride & Groom -7
Extracted new file name done automatically

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I don't know if other people had this problem but I have a folder that I need to extract but apparently when I extract it to desktop, I click on the folder and noticed some files were missing. I check the unextracted folder and all the files were fine.
I realized when I extract the folder to desktop, the files aren't actually deleting because they seem to be there in the unextracted folder but not there when I extract them.
the next thing I tried is extracting one file that gets deleted from that folder into the desktop and then nothing happens. So the main thing is that the files wont extract to the desktop for a weird reason. I use McAfee anti virus and I tried disabling
everything possible from it and extracted the file. But it didn't work; also i'm running Windows 10.
All I know is that this is probably not from my antivirus and it has to do something with the file not being extracted.

Please help me fix this problem ASAP as the internet has no good answers or no answers at all.

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Hey Guys
I have a little problem. FILES from capturing screens and videos, extracting compress file etc. are NOT showing immediately, I need to refresh the directory folder just to see it.

For example:

I will extract the "a.rar" it contains "a"
After extracting, no files were added to my desktop
But when i refresh my desktop
The file is now shown

A:Delay Showing Extracted Files

This could be related to a corrupted IconCache.db file. Delete C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\IconCache.db and restart your computer.

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Thick- May beI Have 2 .GHO FilesCDR00001.GHOCDR00002.GHOI have a blank Hdd (Due to Crash and its formatted) but Not got Norton Ghost stuff.. And I need to reload the .GHO Files Due to its got all my stuff on the .GHO files...Any idea How, I've Spent 2 days on google trying to find out and I just don't understand any of it... I have the 2 files and no idea what to do Please help!!! Ps : Am Sorry If this is in the wrong topic My Reading and writing is not so good

A:.gho File - Has Windows Xp Os But Lost Norton Ghost

More information is needed.

Ghost needs a whole primary partition to store its files on. You said you reformatted the drive due to a crash, but a drive with multiple partitions can not be formatted - only individual partitions can.

Is this drive with the OS on it ? Did you delete any partitions ? Is the OS on another HDD ?

If you formatted the partition that the Ghost files were on then they are gone for good.

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i have a ghost file that is an old torrent file, i deleted the original, now i have a ghost desktop icon, i can not delete or remove it. i used google for help, yet nothing i found will remove it. it comes up file not found, when you pull up properties of the file it says 0 bytes on size, and 0 bytes on size on disk. the type of file says "file" i dont know how to make a "file" with the same name to replace it. any help on how to remove it please let me know. I want to remove it. help!!!!!!

A:Solved: ghost file on desk top will not delete. help

If you are 110% sure the file is of no use then download this program:


You right click on the desktop file causing the problem, click on "Unlocker" and then select "delete" from the drop down menu.

You may be asked to reboot.

Unlocker used to be free and I think it still is though some sites seem to want to charge for it!

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I just finished creating a Recovery CD for my PC. When I try to test it, I can see the Ghost screen where there is a progress bar that indicates how far along the ghosting process is... but it is only on the screen for a split second..then I get ABORT: 11000, Invalid dump file.

I don't know if it's a problem with the actual image I made of my hard drive, or if its an issue with my startup disk files... that i used to creat the bootimg.bin file. I have also confirmed that my image file is named correctly (no spelling errors).

I am using Ghost ver.7.5 and Easy CD creator ver6 to burn the image.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Hey Gang,

I am trying to do a restore from Norton Ghost 2003. I have two drives, C and D, and they both have a full Ghost on my G drive. However I went to restore the D drive today and it has a corrupted file, so Ghost only goes about 70% through.

D drive has only games in it.

Is there any way I can get around this? I don't want to reload all the games in my entire drive because of one little glitch.


A:Solved: Corrupted File in Norton Ghost

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There is a file that is located in the C:\$Recycle.Bin folder that I would like to have deleted, but when I go to that folder, nothing is in it, not even when I logged onto the administrator account after activating it using cmd.exe. I know it is there because I seen it when I defragmented the hard drive. It's not a problem, but it is using alot of disk space. Other than doing a destructive reinstall of Windows, does anyone have any ideas on how to delete this file though it can not be seen to even remove it? I did press right alt in the folder to go into folder options to make both hidden and system files visible and its still not there. p.s. the file I want deleted is marked with 500 at the end of the file name. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I am running Windows Vista Business with Service Pack 2.

A:[SOLVED] How do I remove 'ghost' file in C:\$Recycle.Bin?

The folder C:\$Recycle.Bin is the storage for the recycle bin. You should not attempt to delete or modify it's contents in any way. That is why it is hidden by default. What you are seeing is actually a folder. Emptying the recycle bin will delete the contents of the folder but not the folder itself.

See this post for further information.

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Hellow there,
How can i restore an Image File created with Ghost9? (I don' t have the Symantec Recovery Disk)

A:Restore an Image File Created with Ghost 9

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My girlfriend was on the computer for a bit (she isn't very tech savvy by the way) and when I came back on to open My Documents, all my folders were gone replaced by the files that were located in each and every one of these same folders. Is there a way to revert this or do i have to go through the time-consuming job of regrouping every files into new folders?

Thanks for the help


A:My documents' folders have disappeared and extracted all files.

Hello Tom, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Is this in your Documents library by chance instead?

If so, click on View -> Arrange by -> Folder to see if that may help.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps,

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I dowloaded a rar/zip files of 256MB however when i extracted is 3.58G what program can was used to compress too much?

A:I dowloaded a rar/zip files of 256MB however when i extracted is 3.58G what program c

What was the extension of the compressed file and what types of files did it contain?

But it really isn't about the program doing the compressing but the data that is being compressed. Some types of files, such as many image files, are already compressed and any attempts at further compression will accomplish little if anything. Some file types, such as text files and some others, compress very well.

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In an OpenOffice (version 3) text document it is possible to insert a table containing merge fields that are populated from a relational database.

It is also possible to perform calculations on cells, as in a spreadsheet. That is, a formula editor allows a cell to contain a formula that will display the result of a calculation on two other cells of the table.

This works perfectly with hard-coded data in the cells but I have been unable to find a way to perform calculations on cells containing merge fields representing data from an external source. All attempts to do so have produced an "Expression is faulty" message with no further hint. I have been unable to find anything relating to this in the somewhat chaotic OpenOffice documentation.

The aim is to convert a spreadsheet-based invoicing system to run from a relational database, thus eliminating duplicated data such as company names and addresses, and making integration with other documents using some of the same data easier and more efficient.

Can anyone help, please?

A:Calculating on fields extracted from database in OpenOffice

it may be the imported data from the data base is TEXT rather than a number to calc
in excel you can use =value() to convert a number thats formated as text into a number

I just tested in OpenOffice Calc and it has the same issue

format a cell as TEXT put a number in and it is right justified and will not calc
use =value() to convert to a number
now you can calc

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I don't know if this is the right section for me to post this in. But since it has to do with video ( in an off sort of way ) I figured I'd try it here.
My question probably either has no answer, or the answer is no ( what I'm figuring ) or if the answer is yes. it will be too complicated for me to perform on my own. lol. But is it possible, as the title of my post asks, to extract video for a dumpfile ( DMP ) created when my screen recorder froze. And I had to close the program using the task manager. ( end program )
It's quite a large file, ( 256 MBs ) so I figure there is possibly video data is in the file. ( along with any other info regarding the freeze up or crash I suppose )

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I don't know if this is the right section for me to post this in. But since it has to do with video ( in an off sort of way ) I figured I'd try it here.
My question probably either has no answer, or the answer is no ( what I'm figuring ) or if the answer is yes. it will be too complicated for me to perform on my own. lol. But is it possible, as the title of my post asks, to extract video for a dumpfile ( DMP ) created when my screen recorder froze. And I had to close the program using the task manager. ( end program )
It's quite a large file, ( 256 MBs ) so I figure there is possibly video data is in the file. ( along with any other info regarding the freeze up or crash I suppose )

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