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Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

Q: Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

My Deleted Items.dbx is gone from Windows, Applications, Identities, etc. When I try to make a new folder, I get the message that it already exists, but it doesn't or at least it's not visible. I was told that I had to "rip" the file, but I have no idea what that means or how to do it. Help! Thanks...Liz

Preferred Solution: Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

If the delete folder was deleted don't worry about it, close out Outlook Express and restart it. It will recreate a new one.

Just had another thought also. The properties on the file may have gotten changed to hidden in which case you will have to go into folder options and change it to show all files and then once it appears again right click on the file and change it on the file to archive instead of hidden.

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I have somehow lost the INBOX dbx folder in Outlook, a new folder has appeared named box.dbx with a create date of today.
If I do a file search with the word INBOX, my old folder is showing together with the new one.
If I try opening it it justs opens Outlook in the new Inbox file?

Can anyone help, have I lost all my eMails?

Also why is the new folder showing box.dbx and not Inbox?
There appears to be no way of renaming it!

Any assitance will be most welcome


A:Outlook Express, lost dbx folder

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I deleted a folder by mistake, in Outlook Express that had some important information in it. I tried restoring my system to an earlier date and the folder was still missing. Is there any place on my computor that might have a copy? Thank You.

A:I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

Welcome to BC.Is it in your Recycle Bin? You might look at something like, Free Data Recovery Software!

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I have an accidently deleted outlook express folder. It exists on the computer - see windows explorer - but I cannot access it with OE6. Any offers??


A:Lost Outlook Express folder

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Using Outlook Express, I typed and sent a message and instead of OE sending it it went into the outbox. Went to that folder, opened the note and sent it. Checked my sent folder and that mesage was there but all the others previously sent messages disappeared. Can you tell me what might have happened and can you help me recover them? Thank you.

A:Lost messages in Outlook Express Sent Folder

To try the easiest thing first, in OE, select the Sent Items folder. Then up at the top click on View, point at Current View and make sure "Show All Messages" is checked. If it's not, click it to check it. See if the missing messages reappear.

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For some time now, OE Delete Folder wont open - it freezes. Sure, I can still delete the contents by right clicking - but sometimes I want to check something I have put in the folder.

Any suggestions what might be causing it?

Sometimes it happens in the Hotmail Delete Folder also. All other Folders open ok.

Im using XP


A:Outlook Express Delete Folder wont open

Click on this site for how to repair http://www.oemailrecovery.com/repair-outlook-express.html

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I'm using outlook express 5, last night i changed the store folder for outlook express. next time when i opened the outlook express all my mails and mail folders were gone, i even checked the folder that i used as the new store folder and all the datas were replaced by the default outlook files.

how can i retrieve my lost mails in the outlook express?

A:mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder


Outlook stores its folders as DBX files, the path to them is

C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, where xxxxxx is the name of the account.

Look there and see what folders are listed and the size, blank folders are usually 1k or 2k, folders with stuff in will be bigger, it may be a good idea to search other users outlook settings in case something went screwy with XP, a quick cut and paste of the folders into the right directory shoud resolve the issue.

However if you cant find any DBX files of the right size then there is a good chance that the mails are gone.


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How do I recover the deleted folders that got deleted when I emptied the delete folder in outlook express.

I inadvertently deleted hundreds of messages by first selecting all messages in a folder, then deleting all, then emptying the delete folder.

I thought there was a copy in anyother folder, but was mistaken.

A:outlook express-how can I recover messges I deleted when I emptied delete folder

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hi guys,

I have import/copy all mail & account setting from OE to outlook 2010 in the same computer. I have many folder in sent items folder, the problem is got an empty folder in sent items folder, which means all the email is not copy/import to from sent items in OE to outlook 2010. how can i get my mail back ? it is possible to import for the second time ? Really need help. Thanks

A:copy/import folder from outlook express to outlook 2010

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All of a suddent mail from my daughter is getting automatically routed to the Delete Box in Outlook Express---I double check to see if I had accidentally blocked her, but that wasn't the case.

Any ideas---?

A:Outlook Express Delete

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Looked at a friends computer today and was shocked. She had 4144 deleted email in the deleted file. Finally got rid of them after several tries. She also had at least that many in her sent file. I have deleted about 1/2 half of them but can't delete any more for some reason. Have shut down and restarted, Microsoft updates are good, Tried to individually delete each sent item and tried the block deletion, without any sucess. kEverything else on the computer works okay. Needs more memory but works good and fairly fast. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks, Gary

A:outlook express: Can't delete

Hi Gary,

Most likely the DBX files are bloated and starting to corrupt.
If she wants any of the messages in Sent Items, move them to a new folder in OE.
Then compact the Deleted Items and Sent Items.
Select each in the folder tree to open the view on each folder and then click File>Folder>Compact.
If that doesn't take care of it, go into the Message Store folder and either rename or Delete the Deleted Items.dbx and the Sent Items.dbx.

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I don't use Outlook Express for anything and a while back l tried to set up an account but for some reason it failed but being that l don't use it l really didn't care.

Now l'm setting up a Brother's copier for scanning and it's all set up except that when l try to e-mail the scan the Outlook Express pops up and for some reason it doesn't except my password or anything.

Bottom-line how can l delete it or just get rid of it. I tried everything that l could think of which is not too much.

I want Outlook Express deleted completely.

Thanks for listening, it's so frustrating.


A:How to delete Outlook Express

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Hey guys, when I click on Outlook Express to check my e-mail, the hourglass pops up and nothing happens. Do anyone know how to restore Outlook Express?

A:Lost Outlook Express?

Problem Solved.

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Hi all,

Please help this idiot.....I recently had to reset my PC back to its factory settings and now im wondering if its possible to regain my old e-mail accounts as they have some very important e-mails in them.


A:Outlook Express lost???

Go to this previous TSG Thread:


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New to this site...hi all!

Was told (by friend) to go in to system tools and "defrag" my computer...found the maintenance wizard and set it to do the whole "clean up" on a nightly schedule...got up this morning and the address book from my Outlook Express wouldn't work?

"The address book failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured. please re-install"

And, even though I can receive emails, when I try to send, reply, or forward and email I can't?

"There was an error opening this message. An error has occured."

I have lifetime technical support with Gateway, but a lot of good it does me. Even after explaining to two different techs (they both sounded about 16 and acted as if they'd just found out what a computer is?) the best I got was to go to start, type in msconfig, count the items checked and unchecked (???) then, once the tech came back on the phone he told me to add them together (deep, huh?) and explained to me how there wasn't supposed to be more than 15 items listed? He told me to go to google.com and bring each item listed up in a search and that would tell me whether I could delete that item or not?

The next tech I spoke with told me to uninstall Outlook Express and re-install it? I did uninstall it, but cannot find where I can re-install it? It no longer shows up on my add/remove program, and when I use the Application and System Restoration CD's they told me to use, Outlook Express... Read more

A:I lost my Outlook Express

Hi Sandy More

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

msconfig can only have 15 items, hmmm, think they were wingin' it a bit?

I have seen more than one instance where the Maintanence Wizard has run off with the Address Book.
What operating system and version of Internet Explorer are you running?

Do a Search for:

Looking for .wab files and a file that has this extension: .wa~
The file with the .wa~ extension is a backup of your Address Book.
If any files are found with these extensions save them to a folder for backup on your desktop.

You have not mentioned your messages, did you backup those files before uninstalling Outlook Express?
If not, they may still be on your harddrive.

Do a Search for:
Save all files ending in .dbx to the backup folder on your Desktop.

Download the full installation of Internet Explorer (Outlook Express comes with it) here:
click on the file ie60sp1.exe to start the download.

Download the above file to a folder on your desktop, disconnect from the Internet, shut down all programs including your Firewall and Anti-Virus programs.
Click on ie60sp1.exe, it will extract its files to a folder, locate and click on the ie6setup.exe file and reinstall Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
Restart your computer after the installation is complete, you can then delete the folder containing the ie60sp1.exe file... Read more

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my son used my computer last night and normally outlook express opens automatically from "envelope" on toolbar..today, it opens directly to yahoo mail...i cannot find my outlook express and would like to know how to find it and get it back on my toolbar "envelope" my operating system is windows xp and using road runner internet access

A:lost outlook express

hiya kristyemac!

try this:

In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Email drop down list: select "Outlook Express" > Apply then OK

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Hi...I have just done a XP reinstall .... however there is no Outlook Express ?? its just not there ....so I tried to install SP2 as apparantly OE is in that...SORRY SP2 will not install cause there is a more recent version ...I presume it sees SP3.....??? Does that mean my beloved Outlook Express is no longer available to me or is there a work round here...

Yes I tried Windows live Mail.....but it will not even import my OE mail... I get this message ...

No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open..please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.. OK

Any help will be gratefully received...Hk

A:I have lost Outlook Express..

You are being helped here: Can I get Outlook Express

Please do not post multiple times for the same issue

Thread closed

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I have Windows ME.. Had a problem with pop ups that I could not get rid of, so I restored to an earlier date. Then could no longer open Outlook Express. When I clicked on the OE icon it says .. windows searching for msimn.exe. then says this shortcut changed or moved. Wanted to try and download internet explorer to get OE reinstalled but it says most recent versions of all items are already installed and it is recommended you exit setup without reinstalling. Can some one please help. Thank you

A:Outlook Express Lost

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When I click on a message in Outlook Express the message will not delete. I have rebooted, run several scan programs that are designed to find problems, however so far nothing has corrected the problem. I have also tried System Restore. I can send and receive fine, just not delete. Any suggestions? How can I reinstall Outlook Express?

A:Outlook Express Message Will Not Delete

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I am running windows ME. I get error message with yellow ! triangle saying "The message could not be deleted"

A:Cannot delete messages in Outlook Express 5

you may have a corrupted mail folder. If you are lucky, it is the
Deleted Items folder, and not the folder you are trying to delete the messages from.

For a corrupted Deleted Items folder:
- Close Outlook Express.
- OE5+: Locate the file Deleted Items.dbx in the mail directory and delete it. You can
use Start, Find, Files or Folders, "Deleted Items.dbx" to find it. .
- Open Outlook Express again. It will create a new empty Deleted Items

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I let my folder get so big that I cannot open it, or delete it, or anything. My computer just freezes up and I have to do ctr/alt/delete and get out of it. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express cannot delete messages

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i can't delete email(s) from the gmail sub-folder 'all mail'; it marks them with a red 'x', they never get deleted ? thanks

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all of a sudden my delete button will not work in outlook express.
Please help! I have over 4000 emails and counting. I need to delete most of them.

A:delete will not work in outlook express


Originally Posted by Susie Craft

all of a sudden my delete button will not work in outlook express.
Please help! I have over 4000 emails and counting. I need to delete most of them.

This should solve the problem.

Open OE>tools>options>maintenance>store folder. Copy the long address there-be sure to get all of it because all will not be showing
THen start>run and paste it in. You should now see all to the DBX folders.
RIght click and delete the Deleted Items DBX folder. WHen you next start
the computer a new one will be created. IF you have some emails in there you
don't want to keep move them to another folder before you do this.

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The past two weeks I have been experiencing problems with my Outlook Express 6 in Win 98. It is an old outdated computer. I use it for emails mostly. When download messages, and open the OE the delete button will not work. Buttons are misplaced. I have to shut down and start again the then the delete button will work for a short time, then shut down again.

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outlook express is working but i cant delete any mail from any folder
i click the delete and nothing happens
appreciate your help.

A:cant delete mail from outlook express

Read this and see if compacting helps.



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If you Delete an e-mail from the Delete Folder does it "totally" go away or(?)
is there another function or step one must take to accomplish total removal from your PC?

A:Outlook Express Delete Function

It's gone when you delete it from the Deleted Items folder.

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Running Outlook Express with 98SE and IE.. was deleting items from the sent folder and there were quite a few. As the computer was grinding thru the delete process, computer suddently decided to reboot itself. When it came back up again, the items were still in the sent folder. A message came up saying outlook had not shut down properly and would search for errors... it did that... and said it was remedying something that looked like txt.dbl... I then tried to delete a single email from the folder and said it could not be deleted. Same message as if you try to delete something that has already been deleted. Then found that I could not delete mail from the inbox either, nor in fact from anywhere at all. I can send and receive okay and move messages from inbox to sent folder or any other folder (except the deleted items folder) but cannot delete at all. Have searched microsoft.com for answers but can find nothing. There is no virus, have updated Norton and run it. I run ZA firewall and no other applications that could be blocking in anyway.

A:cannot delete mail in outlook express

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I can't delete any emails in the sent item folder or the in box. I recently deleted about 7,000 sent emails form the sent folder and then emptied the deleted item folder. Any help would be appreciated or even a point to right direction to look for help.

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i can't seem to delete emails from 'all mail' ? thanks

A:outlook express: how delete from 'all mail'

OE doesn't have an "All Mail" folder (at least mine doesn't). Perhaps you or someone else created one with that name.

If you use an imap setup with a web based email (like Google) they have an "All Mail" folder

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the sub-folder 'all-mail' of the gmail folder: trouble deleting email(s); when i click delete, it marks the email with a red 'x', marked for deletion ? thanks

A:outlook express : can't delete email(s)

If you have been using this account for a while it may be that your deleted.dbx file is over 2GB. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\{userName}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\
And rename the deleted.dbx to deleted1.dbx.

After getting into windows explorer you will have to unhide your hidden files and folders and your protected operating system files. To do this --
Go to tools options and click on the search tab and find the options below.

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For no apparent reason (no changed to hard or software) can no longer delete messages from outlook express folders. Deleted items folder is empty. Need an urgent solution, hard disk capacity exhausted! Error message, with yellow triangle, is as follows:

The selected messages cannot be deleted. An error has

A:can't delete outlook express messages

Hi JandC
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Bulletin Board

Sounds like some maintenance of Outlook Express is needed:

Tweak your Identity:
Tools>Options>Maintenance tab, remove the checkmark for "Compact messages in the background"
This a default setting each time a new identity is created. The use of this setting is discouraged as it can cause loss of messages stores and folder corruption, see next.

Your Deleted Items.dbx file may be corrupted.

With Outlook Express closed, Start>Find>Files or folders, key in "*.dbx" (without quotes). Locate the Deleted Items.dbx file and rename it to Deleted Items.old.

Relaunch Outlook Express and a new Deleted Items.dbx file will be created.

Outlook Express Maintenance:
1)Disable any virus scanners you have running.
2)File>Work Offline
3)File>Folder>Compact all Folders
Leave the computer alone until the task is completed.
If you have more than one identity, you will need to perform the above steps for each identity.
Compact your Folders and messages once a week, more frequently if you use Newsgroups.

Let us know if this resolves your problem or not.

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cannot delete outlook express messages.

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I have read the previous threads and get to the delete.dbx file. It will not let me delete it as I get an error message that the file is being used by another program. I have closed all programs with no success. I am running Vipre antivirus and have done a deep scan to look for viruses and I am all clean.

How do I tell which program is using the dbx file so I can disable it?


A:Outlook Express Cannot Delete Files

Hi Budheiser and welcome to TSG.

I assume it's the Deleted Items.dbx in the Message Store you are trying to delete.
Make sure OE is closed when trying to delete it.

You could try starting Windows in Safe-Mode and then attempt to delete the DBX.


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I tried to send a large file (30mb). I recently installed cable internet and didn't think I would have a problem. However the file won't send and I get a timeout error. I tried to delete the file from the send folder and it seems to lock up and gives me an "outlook express not responding" error. I locked my firewall and even disconnected my cable modem with the same problem. How can I delete this file?

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Hi, i am running Outlook Express verion 6.I am having a problem with not being able to move or delete recieved mail from the in box. Anyone know how to fix?(moderator edit: moved post to more appropriate forum and deleted poster's address. jgweed)

A:Cannot delete emails in Outlook Express

You probably have an email with a large attachment this happens a lot if you are using Dialup ISP.I am just shooting from the hip, you did not provide any information about your:Operating SystemEmail Client & VersionInternet Connection (Dialup or Broadband)In the future when posting for help in a newsgroup or forum please supply as much information on your system and problem as possible.You will need to log onto your ISP's home page and enter your email on there server and locate the email with the large file and delete it.http://www.wanadoo.co.uk/help/email/webblo...rticle=2&link=4In the future if you are using dialup ask people sending large files to Zip (compress) them then attach them then send.

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I am not able to delete any emails in my outlook express. It seems to me I read someplace that when this problem comes up that you go in and rename the existing delete file to something else and OE will create a new delete file when it opens, however, I do not remember the exact details. If there is anyone out there who has experienced this and knows the path to the delete file, I would appreciate the assistance. Thanks in advance.

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Can't delete messages in Outlook Express 6 with XP. Hitting DELETE has absolutely no response - no message or anything. SHIFT-DELETE works. I tried completely reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook Express with the same result. This is occurring concurrent with intermittently not being able to receive any messages - "encountered unknown error" - see previous posts and responses on this topic. Any ideas would be appreciated

A:Can't Delete Messages In Outlook Express

Sometimes that can happen if the Deleted Items folder is damaged.Move all messages you might want to keep out of the Deleted Items folder and into another mail folder you create. Close OE, then delete the file Deleted Items.dbx in your Identity's store folder. OE will create a new one when you re-open OE.

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I am helping a guy with his computer - he cannot delete messages from his inbox without highlighting them and then pressing shift+delete this is for each individual message - I have tried deleting various boxes in .dbx but it does not cure it - It did the first time but now it is back . if I install OE 8 will he lose his messages address book etc.

A:outlook express - cannot delete messages

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This is one of those really weird problems.

I have a PC on which I have Outlook Express as the email client.

A few days ago I noticed that I could not delete any emails that have attachments. Emails without attachments can be deleted as normal. But emails with attachments simply just sit there after being "deleted".

I am not an expert on Outlook Express as I use a Webmail client for my principal email account. So the solution could be quite simple, perhaps a setting or a tick-box or something equally embarrassingly easy.

If there are any Outlook Express experts out there I would be grateful to receive your advice.



A:Outlook Express - Cannot delete emails

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Outlook express will not delete messages. Does anybody know of a fix for this?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Outlook Express Will Not Delete Messages

Do you wish to delete all messages, some messages, or messages in a particular folder (s)?

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Does anyone know, why in Outlook Express, my Outbox looks ok after emails are sent, folder shows "empty"; all deleted email in Deleted folder shows "empty" after I delete them all, while program is running. After closing Outlook Express. when I go to Explorer, in my Outlook Express directory, the size of "Outbox" and "Deleted" files (*.dbx files) are never zero. Whenever I open them with a special program (Quickview), all my sent emails are there and in the Deleted folder all my deleted emails are there again. I have to manually delete the folders AND EMPTY THE RECYLEBIN to get rid of contents. NO I am not crazy, but after I noticed strange activity whenever I open Outlook Express, the amount of sent bytes are enormous. Also in the Outbox.dbx file, are all my existing programs and its locations listed sometimes. I have never sent anyone this information.
Now I do virus updates daily, have 2 firewalls, spybot and adaware, none can find anything wrong with my computer. It drives me crazy, since I have this problem on my XP computer and I had this same problem with my Windows 98 computer.
Anyone any ideas?

A:Outlook Express won't delete sent items

You are going to tinker with OE until it is broke! Unless there is a specific problem, there is no real need to delete any DBX files.

OE is a database. When you put emails into a folder, it is not like putting other files into a folder. If you place a file into a folder, you can go and look and there it is. When you delete a specific email, it is not on your hard drive as a separate file - it is held in a DBX file. OE needs those files in order to operate. Yes, new ones will be recreated everytime you erase them. So you are not necessarily causing damage but why risk it? From your description, everything is working just as it is supposed to.

Go here and read all about OE:



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Problem started today. Can't delete messages in inbox or deleted folder. I get a little box that says can't delete, there is an error. Doesn't tell me what error is. Haven't downloaded anything in a few days. Running xp pro, ie 8, all systems go until today. Does anyone have any idea what error could be, and how to fix? Much appreciated. Insurer

A:Outlook express won't delete messages

Maybe you reached the limit of Outlook express. Can you try the maintenance options found under tools/options/maintenance tab. Start by clearing the deleted folder, then run 'clean up now' to compact unused space. Let us know how it goes.

If that works....also advise you to delete old emails not wanted again and compact again afterwards also.

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I can't delete any messages in outlook express. It was working fine...then just randomly stopped working and now every time I attempt to delete a message...it tells me that message can't be deleted......?

A:outlook express delete has stopped...

First try doing a "compact."

Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Clean Up Now -> Compact.

If that doesn't do the trick try this:

Save any emails in the inbox that you wish not to delete. To do this make a new folder in OE and name it 'Saved Messages' or any name you wish. Move the messages you want to keep to that folder.

Close out Outlook Express.

Now navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\OWNER\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{E006D5D9-0388-......}\Microsoft\Outlook Express (the long number will be different than the on you see here but just open it and continue to 'Microsoft\Outlook Express'). OWNER will be your folder.

You should see several files with .dbx extension. Delete the INBOX.dbx. If your OS is set to hide the three letter extensions you will just see INBOX without the .dbx extension. If you don't see these files, check to be sure you have the option to 'Show hidden files and folders' turned on. To do this click on 'Tools'>>'Folder Options'>>'View' tab. Under 'Advanced settings' scroll down and look for 'Hidden Files and Folders' and click on the radial button 'Show hidden files and folders'. Click 'Apply'>>OK.

The next time you start Outlook Express, a new INBOX will be created.

You should now be able to delete emails.

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I recently received a huge e-mail from my sister-in-law containing pics. They were too large and therefore were useless. I deleted them and it took forever to delete. Now ever since, I cannot delete anything. Outlook Express just locks up and the only way out is to end task. Anyone ever heard of this ?? HELP !!

A:Can't delete e-mails from Outlook Express

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Can someone tell me how to retrieve the messages I lost in Outlook Express? I was in a newsgroup, and noticed everybody else had a different identity. So I thought I'd change mine. Now I cant find the messages I had in the main program, and there is no option to select the newsgroup. Help!

A:Lost Outlook Express 6 messages


Was the newsgroup a paid or free group?

If it was paid, then you may have to subscribe again. If free, that one may have died.

Is it the messages in the newsgroups that you have lost, or your emails?



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I was working on an attachment and forgot to save. How can I retrieve all my editing on this doc? Fifi

A:Outlook Express attachment lost

Would help to say what programs are involved.
If using MS Word to make a .doc file, did Word back it up automatically?

Otherwise, I think you already know - you can't retrieve it.

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