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Screen recording software

Q: Screen recording software

Hello there.

i love to play games on my pc . And i would like to record them.
Is there a good software to record programma's? =D

Preferred Solution: Screen recording software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Screen recording software

Camtasia Studio, TechSmith's Screen Recording Software

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i like to record myself playing BF3, but it is very difficult to doso because of quality, fraps slows to 5fps, though i have friends with lesser riggs than mine who record crisp...

i have have been recording with afterburner, but it slows down the recording if it is interfiering with gameplay, problem, its blurry, and after bout 5 min it will drop from full 30-40 fps, whatever i set rcrd speed at, down to 5fps, the 30, then 20, then 5 again, all in a matter of several seconds, and will repeat for the duration. also the recordings colors are off ever so slightly.

if anyone knows of a recorder i may try that may fix these problems im having, id appreciate it.

A:Screen Recording Software Help


Have you tried Camstudio with either the Camstudio Lossless codec (if you can get it to install as I have had issues with it) or using the Inno Screen Capture Codec (my personal favourite). Recorder and lossless codec availible here CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software and Inno codec availible here: iSCC (inno Screen Capture Codec) - Download.com. Adjust the recorder priority as well as that can help


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Im looking for a great screen recording program. Any help would be awesome.

A:What is the best Screen Recording Software

Camtasia Studio works fine!

They have a codec called TSSC (TechSmith Screen Capture) works pretty good

TechSmith | Camtasia Screen Recorder Software, Home

TSSC is a downloadable codec that works along with Camtasia Studio and it's available on the same website

TechSmith Products: Snagit Screen Capture, Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder, Morae Usability Software from TechSmith

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Is there a good 3rd party app to use that is good for recording screen (tutorial or games) that records and you DON'T have to upload,

Currently I am using EZVID, its ok but I would like something where I can record and make my own video rather then upload it to youtube then save the file.

I was told programs like Banditcam works how i want it too, but I don't plan on streaming

A:Screen recording software

TechSmith | Camtasia, Screen Recorder and Video Editor

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My PC Specifications:

1 GB Graphic Card (976 MB)
core 2 duo E7500 @2.93 Ghz
500 GB Hard Disk.

I want to record GTA 4 Gameplay, with all this, which software is suitable for my pc specs,
Right now I am playing GTA 4 in very low graphic, it takes only 293 GB out of 976 MB video card.

A:Which software can be used for screen recording for my pc?

I use this for capturing gameplay - https://obsproject.com/

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Hi all. What's the best screen recording software out there? (If possible is there one that can record voices from chats (ex. Skype)?)

A:PC screen recording software

HyperCam or Free screen recorder - BB FlashBack Express

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Anyone know of any good programs that record the screen?

I would like something that i can use to record parts of a game when i am playing it. I tried FRAPS but it lagged the game and the video playback was real fast.

Anyone know of any others?

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Can anyone suggest what the best software is out there to record my computer screen with audio (my voice)? The only 2 I know of is SnagIt and Adobe Captivate. I downloaded the 1 month free trial for captivate but it looks complicated.
Have you guys used these before? Any good?
I want to record a number of short video clips (my computer screen) with my voice and upload them to a website.

A:What is the best software for recording your computer screen?

Don't know about those,but you might check out this free one.

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I want screen recording software.
I need to record 60+ minutes of video.

I have Windows 10. I found it has a built in screen recorder. Which is OK.
But it records in avi (I think) and I get huge big files.
60 minutes would be under 5GB.

So, need something that records to a much smaller file format.

Free and spamware free would be great.
Else, happy to pay a small amount.


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Hey all,
So I'm looking for a screen recording program that can record my games (Namely Battlefield 2 for now), I'm aware of Fraps and its' competitors, Fraps works well, problem is, I want it to record my microphone in addition to the game and the game sound.
It gives me the option to record an external sound input in addition to the game sound, but I'm using a program called Mumble along with Battlefield 2. Mumble has 13 Hotkeys to talk, 9 for specific squads, one for local chat, one for squad chat, etc. I want a game recorder to record all of those.
Is there any program which allows me to record from an external input (IE: my mic) with multiple hoykeys for activiation. (Fraps and other programs allow to just constantly record the external input, but then the game has a lot of background noise (and everything echoes))

A:Screen Recording Software For Gaming

Ever tried CamStudio?

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I'd like to do two things: recording both the mic and speaker as well as the screen, or just the mic and speaker without the screen.

A:What is a good software for recording the screen

I use camstudio, it's basically like a free version of Camstudio.

I make my videos with camstudio, and then run them through handbrake (also free), to compress down their size.

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Had a question for CPU video capture. I'm sort of a FPS gamer and I like to make videos of me playing and such. Video capture software such as Fraps and Growler is good but I have to record at a lower frame rate so it doesn't eat up all my hard-drive space. Also, when im recording with software, anytime I switch screens ( example: Switch from in-game to desktop) my recording turns different colors.

So basically here is my question, is there any stand alone hardware I can purchase for screen recording so it doesn't touch my cpu resources? Im going to purchase a seperate hard-drive soon so that will solve my HD space problem. thanks in advance

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I'm interested in recording my screen in Windows 7 to make tutorials etc. Which programs would you recommend for recording my screen, preferably free or open source.

Thanks in advance!

A:Screen Recording Software for Windows 7

Hi Caleb and welcome to Seven Forums. You might like to try CamStudio.
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

Use v2.0 not the beta, it is unstable.

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Hi, I need hopefully free screen recording software that I can also do audio over while I record, I've seen some that also have a yellow highlighter? Any information is appreciated..

A:What are some good screen recording Software to use?

I would definitely recommend checking out OBS Studio.

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I thought I'd sign up to this website as this is the place to ask these sort of questions, as you're all skilled

Now, I am undertaking a A Level ICT and I need a high quality screen recording program so I can record myself using Microsoft Word. I'm going to make demonstrations on how to use it. I've downloaded various programs such as SnagIt, Camtasia and everything I've downloaded is dreadful. I record the screen, me using Microsoft Word, then once it's finished it plays in WMP as an AVI. file and the screen is pixelated like this:
Can anyone please tell me how to prevent this pixelation thing and suggest a screen recording program which won't do this.

Thanks so much if anyone can help me!

A:High quality screen recording software?

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Recently someone illegally installed the zdsoft.com screen recording software on my laptop. I have contacted the company directly, however their support department is below par (their response time is lengthy).

Here are some key points that may be helpful to assist me in removing the software:

- I do not have access to the PC that originally downloaded the program from ZDsoft. Apparently there is a log key of some sort that controls the program. So I may have to remove this from my PC manually from the logs/registry. The program is not detected in the install/remove programs list.

- Although I didn't realize it at the time, I experienced Internet connectivity problems during this illegal download unto my computer. The hacker offered to "assist"... immediately after that the software was installed. I'm not sure what he did.

- There are currently 2 PC's in our home. The hacker has been able to access both PC's. Although he hacked into the laptop initially. The software program seems to connect through our Internet hosting company.

- Before removing completely, please provide instructions on maintaining any logs/information that could be helpful for me in the future to prove my PC was illegally hacked into.

- Last, files/documents were remotely downloaded by the hacker. Any way to collect a detailed report of the files that were downloaded?

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. I will wait for your response.

A:Computer hacked with ZDSoft.com screen recording software

Hello ,I am going to ask that you repost this with a DDS log in a new topic. We need some detailed info.Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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I would like to know if my Dell Desktop Inspiron 530 running Vista Home Premium is able to record the sound played by a video or web cam when using screen recording software. So far, I have not been able to figure this out and have tried Fraps, BSR, ScreenRecorder Gold and CamStudio. Is it possible that this model of Dell does not have the ability to record the sound other than from a microphone? Strange, it plays videos and SkyPe with no problem.

A:How do I record sound from my computer system from a screen recording software

For a lot of sound such as you want or "streaming audio" from the internet it requires that the sound system have the "System Mixer" capability (SoundBlaster calls this "what you hear").  Unfortunately, many Vista and Win 7 sound modules - all PC's not just Dell - do not have this capability.    You do have the "line in" (for stereo) and Mic (for mono) recording capability. 
To check to see if your system has the System Mixer, click on Start then Control Panel, then Hardware and Sound and finally Sound.  In the Sound panel click on the Recording Tab and if the System Mixer is listed set it as the default playback device.  If the System Mixer is not listed, RIGHT click in a blank area in the Recording Panel and then click the option to show disabled devices.  If the System Mixer was one of the disabled devices it will be displayed and you will be able to set it as default.   If the System Mixer is not one of the disabled devices you do not have this capability. 
You can look around for a non-Dell sound driver for your sound, e.g. RealTek if you have the standard integrated (on the motherboard) audio system.  However, from past posts on this forum it's iffy if you get a non-Dell sound driver to work.   Your other option is to install a PCI sound card that does have the System Mixer/What You Hear capability and is Windows 7 compatible.&nbs... Read more

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the idea is a program that constantly records, and has a button that saves a video of the last minute or so. that way, i can just play around with the software, and when a bug occurs, then i can review what i did. (i often encounter a crash, and forget exactly what i did.)

does any thing like this exist?? if so, can i get a link?

A:software tester recording software idea. does it already exist?

screen recorder does it. It records what happened on your computer screen so you can check it out what you did before bugs occured.

Google will help you.

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In your opinion, what is the best recording software that is compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit) ?

I have tried camstudio but it has an annoying bug.

Also tried hypercam but stops responding after every recording.

A:Best recording software?

What bug are you getting in Camstudio? I had it work fine, aside from an unrelated Mic volume problem (which I have posted in the Audio forum to hopefully find a fix for).

I tried Camtasia, which is what I used on my old XP Pro system, but I couldn't get the actual screen recording portion to launch. The editing, title creation, and audio recording portions all worked fine. Maybe the newer version fixed it, though. I was using an old Camtasia 5 copy because I was being too cheap to pay for another right now.

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I am buying a new computer that comes with an LG combo DVD writer - DVD-GSA-4040B/OEM. The software that will come with it, according to the LG site is BHA recording software. Has anyone heard of this? I use Nero for Cds. I can use it for DVDs as well, I think. Should I just not bother installing the BHA software or is it required for the DVD writer to work?

Thanks very much!!!!


A:DVD Recording software

What I would do is install the software that comes with the drive. That way you can experiment to find out which works better. Use that, and get rid of the other later. What ever you do update the software and drivers of both programs immediately.
Gene K

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Hey guys, I'm going to be doing some tutorials for some multimedia programs. What is the best software to record these days? Is it still hypercam? I doubt it, hy2 just seems so old. What would be the best picture perfect quality and stuff?

A:Recording Software

Camtasia.. snag it... screen recorder...1AVcenter..
I use Camtasia7 myself...great result

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Hello there, I was curious as to which recording software would be the best to record gameplays? I am currently getting 60 FPS while recording Minecraft with Fraps. However, if I don't record I usually get 120 FPS. Any suggestions as to how to improve my FPS or is there a better recording software?

Anyways, here are my specs:

Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 970 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Hard Drive: 629 GB
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333)
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670

A:Recording Software?

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hello people,

i would like some suggestions of what dvd recording software to buy i want the very best money no object any ideas???

thank you 4 any help and advise

A:dvd recording software

If cost doesnt matter i guess you could look Here .

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What programs are used for these recording purposes?
Recording game play on Xbox 360
Recording game play on PC
Recording tutorials or that sort of thing on the PC
Video Editing (Basic & Advanced)
I ask this because I know there are multiple programs out there that can do any of these but I never find a definite answer when searching.

Thanks in advance.

A:Recording Software

For recording gameplay on PC: FRAPS. There is no better IMHO.

Though I doubt that you'll find a single piece of software that can do all that.

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I want to start recording some VHS tapes to my computer and then burn to DVD. What is the best software to do this with?


A:What is the best software for recording DVD's?

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I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right area but here goes anyway. I am looking to help someone on the computer and would I would like to do is recored everything I do on my computer then send him a mpeg file of what I have did. If not mpeg something else that anybody could read.


A:recording software

CamStudio use to be a great free application to do this, but it was bought out by Macromedia and they changed the name of it and charge money for it now. You may be able to google search for a download of it. I did a couple of months ago and found it. I might actually have it on one of my hard drives or backed up on cd some where.

Go here and click on the Softpedia Mirror link.

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i got a DTV1000s

Am trying to record some videos form a camcorder ( vhs-c)

Problem is when i select a type of compression the video slows down and when you play it back it plays back freezing and then playing (like lagging in a game)

i tried the dtv1000s program and NERO
both slow

whats some other programs out there or whats a type of compression that takes not much cpu power ?

I am under the requirements (pentium 3 1ghz it needs pentium 4 1.4 ghz but pentium 3 were faster then the early pentiums 3 ! lol)

edit : would a older nero help ?

Edit: no compression takes to much room

A:Best recording software

try importing it into windows movie maker - exporting it (and you can,if you choose, then burn it to disc with nero express)
that usually works for me if i have the problem - but i use a different camera.

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I just have a quick question: I'm interested in interviewing someone and the only feasible way we've come up with is doin it over Roger Wilco, recording the session, and converting that recording to MP3 ready for download. But i have no idea of whether it'd be possible, and if it is, how to do it. Basically i'm looking for a freeware program that'll let me record both my transmission and my compadre's. Your help is appreciated

A:recording software

Well anyway you go the quality is going to be sub-par unless you have video conferencing with good connections like DSL.

Just use Sound Recorder to record the mic noise and the speaker output (the guy talking to you). Save the wave and convert to an mp3 (a program such as Audiograbber can do this for you).

My Programming Page
Get Paid to Surf the Net

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anyone know of a good FREE streaming audio recorder?

A:recording software

THis one is a good ripper



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I would like to know of any software that my daughter could use to record her voice and music {guitar}. She then wants to burn the recording to a cd. This is for home use only.
What type of mic is needed for this. Thanks, Franco

A:Recording Software

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I am currently using WinTV in conjunction with my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 tv tuner to view and record tv. It sucks.

The interface is very dull and i was wondering if there were any better free alternatives that i could use. Something that has a standard auto scan feature. Thank you

A:Tv recording software

Only good free one I know of is MythTV but I believe that only works on Linux.

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I've just bought a Genius Webcam. The software doesn't work so I'm looking for an alternative. I'm not interested in broadcasting to the net, so I don't need that kind of software.

I'm using MSN for talking to friends, so that part is cared for. What I'm interested in is some free software that will allow me to:

Record in .avi or .mpeg format;
Change resolutions;
Adjust image quality, contrast, etc.; and
Take snapshots.

And could someone tell me about frame rate? This camera is rated at a maximum of 30fps, but the image is slow. I'm on 512kb broadband & those I've spoken to using MSN are also using broadband. Our computers are also quite fast. Any suggestions?


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Hello, so I just basically wanted to ask which is the best GAMING recording software for low end PC
My specs:
Windows 10 64-bit
8gb ram
Intel i5
Intel 530 HD graphics card
Thank you for your answers.

A:Best game recording software for LOW END PC

The 7 Best Game Recording Software to Use in 2018

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Anyone! Please kindly advice free software log recording for Active Directory without join domain, I want to know everything then user login to files server.
Thanks you.

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I have uploaded a track onto Audacity, so as to record myself singing just through my laptop. I was trying to add some echo but the effects column was all greyed out so i couldn´t get it to work. Is there someway i can get it to work. thanks.

A:Audacity Recording Software.

From the online manual
When playing, recording or paused, the Effect menu will appear grayed out, because changes to the audio data cannot be made until you press the yellow Stop button .

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Hey there!

You guys are so helpful, I thought I'd run this recurrent problem by you as well, because I've yet to find a solution for it, and it's been plaguing me for over a year!

Every time I start Windows I get the following popup in the system tray:

"Device or application disabled - CD Recording Software will cause Windows to become unstable. Windows has prevented these drivers from loading. Click here for more details."

I think it's either Nero or EZ CD Creator causing the problem, but I don't have the CD for either of them anymore and I've been unable to repair or uninstall or anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thank you!!!

A:CD Recording Software Disabled

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Hello Everyone,
Can anyone suggest a very good recording software for recording music played or sung on the computer.Presently,I'm using Cool edit pro & Sound Forge.I need it mainly for Noise reduction & editing.

Thanks & bye.

A:Music Recording Software

Amith said:

Hello Everyone,
Can anyone suggest a very good recording software for recording music played or sung on the computer.Presently,I'm using Cool edit pro & Sound Forge.I need it mainly for Noise reduction & editing.

Thanks & bye.
Amith...Click to expand...

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I have a monitor/tv that is connected to my laptop. I use it as a monitor for my laptop and as a tv also. Does anyone know how I can record the tv onto my hard drive? Thanks.

A:Software for recording tv connected to pc

Posted via Mobile Device
Your computer would need some kind of video input to record on to your pc. Just because you can use your TV as a monitor doesn't mean you already have the ability to record tv. I personally use a TV tuner Video card in my pc to accomplish this task. I have an ATI All In Wonder video card which includes a tv tuner. It has a coaxial cable input.

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Hi Guys, I know I have been away from these forums for months, but once again, I have a new problem.

I am using the program Bandicam to record, I recorded a video however the .avi file will not play but the other recordings will. The corrupted .avi is the most important.

Any suggestions or would you need the .avi? It is 1.13GB.

A:Bandicam Recording Software

I came across this. Hope it may be of help.

Bandicam - BandiFix: Free avi recovery program, play broken avi file

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I am trying to install the Personal Call Logger from Digital Logger on a Windows 7 enabled laptop. The directions say to choose "AK5371 MIC" from the recording device list. Even after I show the "disabled devices" AK5371 is not listed. The software is picking up every sound from the general mic in the laptop. The AK5371 MIC is supposed to be a default device in Windows?? PLEASE HELP.

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i've got a bunch of webcams that i don't use frequently, but would like to use them as security device around the home. unfortunately, i don't have software to do this. i would like to be able to cut to different cameras "at will", just like in a video recording studio, say the one we have at church where we can preview a camera shot, then cut or fade to it when we want. I have hooked up my laptop to a CRT Monitor and set it as a extended desktop.


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hey all,
i'm looking for a free recording program to transfer a huge heap of old LPs (ya know, vinyl records).
i'd like to record them into mp3 format. heres what i've got equipment wise;
2 computers with a good sound cards (1 turtle beach montego, 1 SB audigy), 1 stereo system (pretty standard stuff, it can output to; standard speak wire, "banana clips" whatever that is and standard mini jack), male to male mini jack cables.
my concept was to plug the stereo into the computer (via the M2M cables, headphone jack to microphone jack), set the levels as appropriate then hit record on whatever program i can get my hands on.

so, what free programs are out there (ones that are actually worth recommending i mean) that will record like that to mp3?
or if a better way to record comes to mind, i'd be interested in that as well. the one requirement is that it be very cheap or free, i'm doing this as a present for my parents (its their records) but i have basically no money to do it with. (maybe i could manage $10 US if i scrounge around)

A:Free recording software?

The program I use for audio editing is Audacity.

It is an amazingly popular open-source audio editor that really packs a punch. Just note that you'll need to download an additional .dll file to output in .mp3 format. Give it a try.

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Hello All...Has anyone tried out a good open source sound recording software where it records the file's sound that is being played on the computer... I guess GarageBand does a good job but sometimes it does leave me with a echo in the background.Any help is much appreciated...Thank-you Very Much...... Edit: Moved topic from All Other Applications to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Sound Recording Software

Have you Tried Audacity?


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I made a recording of myself singing, quite a while ago and when i listen to it now it has strange hissing noises as well as a scratch or two. So is there a free recording software that might be able to eliminate these noises and i can re record it. thanks.

A:free recording software

Audacity is probably the most widely used open source audio recording and editing application:

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I?m running Windows 7 64 Bit.

I have audio recording softwear, the instructions are:

1. Ensure ?SOFTWEAR? is running.
2. Click Start -> Control Panel.
3. Open Sounds and Audio Devices.
4. Select the Audio tab
5. Ensure that the default device for Sound playback is set to ?Softwearr? Recorder.
6. Close the control panel.

Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this using Windows 7? I don?t see an audio tab or sound playback option.

In addition can I easily switch back to my default settings after I finish recording and if so how?

Thanks for any help.


A:Audio Recording Software

What is the audio recording software?

I have a recording studio (I use Sonar) and my recording devices are automatically detected by windows. I don't have to set anything.

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Hello. My OS is Windows XP. I just bought a CASIO CTK 3000 Musical Keyboard. I connected it to my PC using USB cable and it got detected and installed automatically without any problem. Now my question is, which software would I need to start recording the music that I play on the keyboard? Just any good software which can record and save in a familiar format like MP3 or WAV? Thank you

A:Music Recording Software?

Audacity will do the trick.

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