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Solved: Folders showing up in FTP client, but not Windows Explorer. Why is this happening?

Q: Solved: Folders showing up in FTP client, but not Windows Explorer. Why is this happening?

I was testing my FTP server tonight and when I connect to the home directory there's two folders that show up (RECYCLER and System Volume Information) in the home directory that shouldn't be there. When I go into my home directory in Windows Explorer these folders don't show up there, even if I choose to show the hidden files. If I can't get these folders to show up in Windows Explorer I can't exclude them from showing up in my FTP Server software. Is it possible that they show up in my FTP client because I'm connecting to the same machine the server is on? That's all I can come up with. What's going on here and how do I fix it?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Folders showing up in FTP client, but not Windows Explorer. Why is this happening?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Folders showing up in FTP client, but not Windows Explorer. Why is this happening?

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My explorer has stopped showing folders. Here is a snapshot of c:\.
I have recently installed ultimate windows customizer and due to some error this problem has occurred.
The first picture shows that c:\ has the windows 7 OS files.The second image shows that the folder is shown empty. Please help!!!

A:My windows explorer has stopped showing folders.

Have you tried uninstalling ultimate windows customizer or doing a system restore back to the time before you installed it?

System Restore

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is there a way to get explorer to show size of File folders?

A:windows explorer not showing sizes of folders.

hi not as such but there is third party programs and a registry hack im searching for you now but have a look at this Microsoft link To change advanced file and folder settings (See the size of a folder in a tip when you point to the folder)
Change folder options

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Hey there! (Noob to the forums, wasn't sure where to post to begin with. Sorry if it's the wrong subject thread!)

Basically... when I go to "Choose file" anywhere online, whether it be a file or uploading a picture; my folders and C: disk.. pretty much everything on the left side of the Windows Explorer doesn't show up.

I ran a virus scan not just three days ago? Nothing showed up. Re-running another one... and nothing has yet to show up.

The problem is in the purple rectangle in the attachment. (Did the same exact thing when I was uploading this picture).

A:When selecting a file, folders aren't showing left of Windows Explorer

From where did you download and install that theme you're running? It looks like a theme has corrupted the display window options.

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I'm having a very bizarre issue on a laptop running Windows 7. Windows explorer is showing all items as the wrong size, it's as if the math is off by a few 0s. For example an outlook file is showing up a 548 GB which clearly isn't possible. I looked up the
file on another computer and it was actually 5.48 GB. Every file on the computer shows up that way. It also doesn't matter if I'm looking at a file on the local drive or on a mapped drive, it still shows the incorrect value. I've never run into something like
this before and haven't had much luck finding anything on Google either. Has anyone seen something like this before or have an idea for how to change the math behind explorer? If that is even what needs to be changed.

As an extra note, kind of funny but even the transfer rate is buggered up, the laptop is transferring files from a mapped drive at a miraculous 522 MB/s, sure do wish my computer could move that fast.

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I'm posting this as a help guide for all those out there who have had Windows explorer.exe start doing crazy things. I'm the go to guy for tech problems amongst all of my friends and I've discovered that I'm not the only person with one of these explorer.exe bugs.

Firstly I know that explorer.exe is the Windows service controls the UI and allows you to browse files, have icons on your desktop and have a taskbar. However of late bugs have been appearing that are causing it to malfunction in ways that shouldn't be possible.

Now I'm going to give two examples. The first one in red is mine and the second in blue is my friends. Please post in the same colour code when replying to a specific scenario.

About 3-4 months ago I did a Windows update, when I rebooted explorer started doing some really weird things! When you try to open say your My Documents folder from the desktop or startmenu all of the desktop icons flicker and reset, more often than not multiple times in quick succesion, usually they end up back where they are supposed to be but occasionally they don't.
The side effect of this is that you have to try again to open the file because explorer.exe refreshing itself repeatedly makes it forget that it's supposed to be opening the file. The second time you usually get the file open but then have to wait while explorer.exe does yet another series of refreshes! And does a semi freeze sometimes.
Now pointing back to the Windows update ... Read more

A:Solved: Windows explorer.exe mishaps. What's HAPPENING!!!

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I have a few subfolders in the favorites folder, and although I can see the subfolder in explorer, it doesn't show up in the folder tree on the left. Even if I go to the subfolder (doubleclicking in the main view), it still doesn't show up in the tree on the left.

Is it because it's a special kind of folder, and has everyone the same behaviour, or is something wrong at my end?

win7 RC 7100 & IE8 7100

A:favorites folders not showing in explorer

Windows Seven's default doesn't show all folders. Go to "folder options" and at the bottom is the navigation pane options, check "show all folders" then OK. That should do the trick for ya if I understand you correctly.

Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

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Here is my process. I scan documents onto my pc and save them to a file on my network drive. Then, I need to email these pdfs to other employees. I used to open Outlook, create a new email then click on "attach file". I would then get a drop down menu of the recent files I've worked with. There were some files on this recent list that I wanted to remove. I couldn't figure out how to remove only the select one or two files, so I cleared the history. Now, the files I view are not being saved to this drop down menu. I have to climb through 4 levels of files to get to the one document I need. How can I get File Explorer (not Windows Explorer) to start saving my recent activity again?

A:File Explorer not showing recent folders

You may need to turn Recent Items on.
See how:
Recent Items - Turn On or Off
Recent Items - Enable or Disable

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Ok, this question has been asked around many corners of the Internet and these forums and I haven't found a "real" answer so I'm asking it again and hopefully seeking a final resolution to the problem.

When "Protected Mode" is turned On, users are unable to view some folders in the file upload dialog that they can normally view (e.g. under Documents, Pictures, etc.).When viewing the same folders in Explorer running as the same user as the Internet Explorer instance, the missing folders are viewable.Launching Internet Explorer "as an administrator" allows the user to view the missing folders (but this is not recommended due to security concerns).
So far, the workaround that I found was to either run some crazy tool from BleepingComputer called Unhide that resets everything on your system -- this is the sledge hammer-to-thumbtack approach.  Another one was to go into Organize > Folder and
search options > View and uncheck the hide options and select the show radio option.  The last one was to search for the folder in the file upload dialog, right-click the folder, and uncheck Hidden.
None of these, IMHO, are valid solutions to the real problem which is that something is special about this folder that is causing IE in Protected Mode to treat the file as Hidden.
The last "workaround" seems to indicate that the "hidden" file attribute is set for the file, but this doesn't app... Read more

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I've always been able to add new 'folders' (subdirectories) in Windows Explorer via left click -> New -> and then typing the name of the new folder in the box that has been created for it. My primary PC is in the shop being fixed, and when I tried to add a folder that way using my backup PC (running XP/SP3), no 'New' option is offered via left click. I have supervisor priveleges, have always been able to do this on any PC that I've ever had, and can do so on my main (Win 7) PC, but not on this one. When I looked at 'Properties' for each directory on the backup PC, I found that each is 'Read Only', so I toggled that off and clicked 'Apply' before exiting.. But when I checked Properties' again, immediately afterwards, it was set, again, for 'Read Only'. Strangely, enough, I am able to save EMails to any of these 'Read Only' directories, and can even copy directories from elsewhere and paste them into any such 'RO' directory. If anyone knows what to do about this problem, I would greatly appreciate your help..

A:Solved: Can't add folders via Windows Explorer

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hi.both pc's are sharing folders,but no internet on the client.i have ics crossover(no router). thanks.

ps.i have got my ip automatic on the client pc.

A:Solved: both pc's are sharing folders but no internet on client

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I have a number of "removable disks" showing when I open up windows explorer.

Is it possible to clean these up, as there is no delete option, when I right-click on them?

Would "Eject" solve the issue?

See Attachment


A:[SOLVED] Removeable Disk Showing In Windows Explorer

Looks like you may have a mullti-card reader in your computer, (for little SD, MMC, etc. cards), and each one of those little slots in it has been assigned a drive letter.

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I use XP, SP3.

Suddenly when I am in Windows Explorer I have lost folders. C:\Documents and Settings\waxhawron\Applications......Applications folder and all sub folders including Temp are no longer showing. I know they exist on the hard drive because I have tried to add a new folder only to get a message that the folder already exists. I can run %temp% to get to the temp folder to clean it out, but that is only a bandage that does not resolve the basic problem.

Can you please help me return these folders to visibility in Windows Explorer?

Thank you very much in advance.


A:[SOLVED] Windows Explorer missing folders

start > right click on My Computer > Click Properties

Click on Tools > Folder Options

Click on View Tab

Click on the Radio Button for Show Hidden Files and Folder

Uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)

Click Yes on the subsequent security warning.

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Any time I open up a windows explorer folder such as My Computer or anything else like that, my internet with go through a cycle where it tells me its

No Internet Connection Detected
Searching for Internet Connection
No Internet Connection Detected
No Networks Available

then after a while of the last one, its connected again. I can keep the windows window open the whole time and the internet wont disconnect again.

Also, it disconnects all computers on the network both wired and wireless.

Some sort of virus or a strange bug?

A:Solved: Opening any Windows Explorer folders disconnects my internet for about a minu

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I sorta posted on this before but it was confused with a couple other issues. My fault.

So I'll try to be crisp with this: In my old OE setup I had four separate email accounts all happily separated and could manage each 'on its own'.... I didn't realize how rare that was 'til it all fluffed out. Anyway, I downloaded the latest attempt by MS of the "Windows Live" local client. The client gamely tried to import stuff from OE but it missed a bunch of subfolders I have setup that contain highly valuable emails - all organized for good reasons. I can find no controls in Win Live Mail client that allow me to deal with this issue, whatsoever. Best I can tell there is no manual Import function at all - it stabs at a one-time auto-import function but fails. No plan B???

Anyone have a clue how to remedy this or is it "just the way it is" ?


A:Windows Live Client Fails To Import Folders Correctly

Were you accessing e-mail via POP3 or IMAP?

If it's via POP3 then the folders were local to your machine and might still be recoverable. What exactly went wrong with your OE? If you haven't done anything drastic like an OS re-install then the folder files should still be on your HDD and someone here should be able to guide you through working with them (I haven't used OE for some years so am not the best guide). If your old OE was configured to leave e-mail on the server after downloading it, then logging into your webmail account should give you access to your mail, albeit unsorted.

If you use IMAP then the folders should all still exist but you will need to re-subscribe to them in Windows Live Mail.

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in win2k and xp, when the user deletes/disconnects a folder that is open, explorer would automatically close that window. i would like this behavior to be replicated in vista. help?

unfortunately, in vista, the window stays open and navigates back to 'my computer.' this leaves a lot of cruft that has to be dealt with when a portable hdd gets disconnected. how can i make vista act more like win2k/xp?

A:Solved: How can I make explorer auto-close open windows for folders that no longer ex

I think that is how Vista works. There is a mention of this limitation when i came across a free software called USB Disk Ejector, that overcomes this limitation by closing the explorer in vista before ejecting the portable disk. You may try that and see if it helps.

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in win2k and xp, when you delete/disconnect an open folder, explorer would automatically close that window. unfortunately, in vista, the window stays open and simply navigates back to 'my computer.' this leaves a lot of clutter that has to be dealt with when a portable hdd gets disconnected. how can i make vista act more like win2k/xp?

A:[SOLVED] How can I make explorer auto-close open windows for folders that no longer e

as a solution, i've opted to use the group view to close all the windows at once and created a batch file to reopen those folders which i use most often.

the structure of the batch file is as follows:

@echo off

start "" "G:\MUSIC"
start "" "OTHERPLACE"

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Hi everyone. I am having this problem with the My Music folder. I am using Windows XP Professional. Basically, whenever I select to view the folders as thumbnails, the title of the folder does not show up. This happened the other day. I think I hit some kind of key combination wrong or something and it caused it to do that. How do I fix it?

A:Solved: Problem With My Music Folder Showing Folders As Thumbnails

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I have just built a new computer, using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, however, I've noticed when I open Windows explorer, 3 out of 4 times it will continuously search for drives when opening up explorer and not show any drives that are installed. I've tried reformatting, using different hard drives, but the problem persists no matter what I do. I've reinstalled Windows 7 with only a single drive plugged in, tried different SATA ports, but this problem keeps coming back. The only thing I can think of is that the Windows 7 install disk is corrupted and not installing properly.

I've also noticed that once it starts searching like this, the icons wont display in any folder, although the file names will. Likewise, when trying to sort files by date, type, etc, they will not sort.

When this happens, I can easily type in C:\ to get to the drive without problem to access the drive but above problems with icons not showing, sorting, etc still is a problem.

Has anyone had this problem? Know of a way to fix this? I'm not looking forward to having to reformat again as I don't have the time to sit through and reinstall everything again after.

A:Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing

Hey Man.

When Im having problems with the system i do this:

Open cmd as administrator and then type "sfc/scannow" press enter

I will check your system for missing systemfiles and problems.

Give it a try and let me hear from you

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I recently upgraded from XP pro to Vista Business. While I am able to access the ftp site using IE, when I attempt to access the site using IE's " Page> Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer" menu options or directly typing the address into Windows Explorer - I receive the following messages

" Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

A connection with the server could not be established "

I am able to access the site using Windows Explorer on a pc running XP

This is probably being caused by the way I have VISTA configured, but I have been unable to source any information specific to this problem. Any guidance on solving this would be appreciated.

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I am trying to create a message rule in Windows Live Mail Desktop. For example, I want a rule to automatically place any email from Pay Pal, to a folder I created named Pay Pal. But when I chose the option "specified folder", only the Outbox shows up as a list of folder options to move this to.

Is this happening for anyone else? What could be the problem?

A:Windows Live Mail - Message Rules, Folders not showing


Tools>message rules>mail>message is from specified account>move to specified folder

I think that you forgot to check where it is from a specified account.

I have wlm, if you give me step by step of what you are doing I know I can work it out for you.

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I hace a folder called X and I moved 4 emails to X - however they don't show up in X. When I first did this it gave me two X's to choose from thereafter only one. When I do a search for the emails in all folders it finds it. How can I get the missing X into my folder list?

A:Strange thinmgs happening with folders

do they all appear when you refresh (F5) the folder?

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This was a duplicate post because it appeared that my initial post did not save.  Please accept my apology and erase this thread.  Thank you.

A:Trojan.Gen.2 keeps showing up on scan, weird things happening.

Topic will be closed.

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Hi and Happy New Year.
I have tried to avoid coming back here, tried to be careful with my laptop and scan/clean it regularly.  Yet, there is something that quite possibly was embedded before I got this machine that is recurring.
I have noticed that my antivirus software keeps notating that there is a .tmp file infected with Trojan.Gen.2.  The file name begins with DWH, and then has 3 or 4 random numbers behind it.  98% of the time the file is quarantined.  Sometimes the file is labeled "access denied."  Also, my boot time is elongated, and strange things happen from time to time with my browsing, like a known. trusted site will not accept my login or I won't be able to navigate to a site at all or there is a pregnant delay before taking me to a site.
So, I would like to check and see if there is a remnant of a hijack on this machine, and then get rid of it.
Here is the DDS file; the other file is attached.  Thanks in advance!
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17496  BrowserJavaVersion: 11.25.2
Run by owner at 10:36:00 on 2015-01-06
#Option MBR scan  is disabled.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.2991.488 [GMT -5:00]
AV: Symantec Endpoint Protection *Enabled/Updated* {63DF5164-9100-186D-2187-8DC619EFD8BF}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Symantec Endpoint Protection *Enabled/Updated* {... Read more

A:Trojan.Gen.2 keeps showing up on scan, weird things happening.

Hey my friend, Can you give me please the file path of the file it detects as Malware?Please download FRST (by Farbar) from the link below and save it to your Desktop.Download Mirror #1If you are unsure whether you have 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows, see hereDisable all anti-virus and anti-malware software to prevent them inhibiting FRST in any way. If you are unsure how to do this, see THIS.Double-click FRST.exe/FRST64.exe (depending on which version you downloaded) to run it. (if you have Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8: Please do a Right click on the FRST icon and select Run as Administrator)When the disclaimer appears, click Yes.Click Scan to start FRST.When FRST finishes scanning, two logs, FRST.txt and Addition.txt will open.Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) the contents of both of these logs into your next post please.

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Why is it that sometimes the folders icons show samples of their contents and sometimes not?

Check the two images: the first shows Desktop in Windows Explorer; the second shows the desktop itself.

Any idea on how to make Windows always show the folders contents samples?


A:Folders icons showing/not showing content

Hello Paul,

You might see if clearing and resetting the thumbnail cache may be able to help.

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Hey folks, every now and then my Belkin brand router will just switch from green light, to red light. Sometimes unplugging it for a while fixes it, sometimes unplugging it for a LONG while fixes it, sometimes prayer and chanting fixes it. But most of the time the red light sits there mocking my efforts.

What's making this happen? Is it my wireless security settings? Because I used to try and fix it by pressing/holding down the WPS button. And once we figure out why this is happening, how can I fix it?

A:Belkin router showing red light, connection suffers. Why is this happening?

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Guys this is scaring me...Today is the second day now. Randomly around 9pm or 10pm at night I would hear a series of clicking into folders sound, you know that sound windows makes when you open a folder? It's that sound.

Nothing is moving on my computer. I just hear that folder opening sound sometimes.

It's not just 1 click. It's a series of 5-6 clicks, with pauses in between each click. so it actually sounds like someone is going through files..... Does anyone know what could be wrong? I ran a full slow check with AVG and it found nothing...

I don't know if this is coincidence but....as soon as I heard the clickings for the second time last night I shut off internet and no clicking happened. Then after a while I turn it back on, no more clicking for the night.

Today when I was listening to music.. I suddenly heard the clicking again at 10:57pm... Please help guys... I have an Asus K53E-B1. If that helps at all...

And I did not install any new programs or go on any weird sites recently.

A:Series of clicking into folders and files noises randomly happening?

canuck eh?

I would also try using MS built in stand alone scanner MRT the Microsoft malicious software removal tool, go to the run box type in MRT and then OK, set up the scanner to do a complete scan. Make sure you let the scanner do the full scan it could take many hours depending on how many files you have.

BTW you do update your system correct, because that way you have the latest version of MRT. Get back to us!

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Background:Outlook 2003, SP3 + all updates current, OS: XP SP3 + all updates currentAV scan (local+web based) results show cleanTask: Created new PST folderResults:1) new pst folder appears in all mail folders view--> expected result2) expand new pst folder, ->shows deleted items & search sub folders-> expected result3) use as any other PST folder, eg: move mail to/from or create new folders within this PST folder-> system behaves as it should.4) toggle between folders view (ctrl+6) & mail view(ctrl+1) and -> system behave as it should.issue:After a few hours or days, the same PST folder you created above now shows the following; what ever you had made above --> expected result New stuff as in "inbox, out box and sent items folders" Where did these come from? I did not add these.. I don't what them! I can not delete these! I have been using outlook over 12 years, this never happened before. I verified on another system and this happens there also. Is also shows AV scan clean and it is upto date. Any clues as to how to fix this?Not using any special "views or rules so I am at a blank?????{Mod Edit:moved from XP to Web Browsing/Email and Other Internet Applications ~~~~boopme}

A:All Mail folders, strange things happening (Outlook 2003)

Hi The_Archive_Guy. Under normal circumstances this would happen if the Deliver email to the following Location under Tools > Email Accounts > View/Change Existing Email is changed to the PST in question which would make it the default delivery location. There is no option to delete them from within Outlook. The entire data file would have to be removed.As for automatically happening without intervention, as of right now I cant confirm. I created another PST to see if it automatically happens, but as of a few hours having gone by, the change has not happened. If it does happen to change I will amend this post.

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I used to be able to see the little icons for the .cur and .ani files when I looked at the Cursor folder in C:\Windows. The files themselves are still there and I can use them in the Mouse Pointers setting in Control Panel, but now the icons are all the same IN THE EXPLORER DISPLAY: a bland pointer with a star at the end of it on a piece of paper background.

At first, I thought maybe it was a setting in Folder Options in Control Panel, but I realized it's not a matter of file associations. I don't need to open them except in the Mouse Pointers setting, which as I said works.

Then I thought maybe it was some setting in Appearance in Desktop Properties, but that wasn't it either.

I have TweakUI, but I don't know if that "Rebuild Icons" repair is what I want. I don't need to rebuild any of my Desktop icons, and I think that's what it's for.

So I'm out of ideas.

This isn't that much of a big deal, but I would like to view all the little icons for .cur and .ani in explorer INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT THEM ONE BY ONE IN THE MOUSE POINTERS SETTINGS WINDOW.

Any other folder DOES display little icons, but these are always dependent on file associations. For example, a .doc file displays the little MS Word icon. Cur and Ani files seem to be the only ones that DON'T depend on a file association for anything other than the "standard lack of an association" icon to appear.

Oh . . . one more thing. I tried the Thumbnail... Read more

A:Solved: .cur and .ani icons not showing in Explorer

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Win 7/64. Desk computer (named owner-pc) cabled to modem, laptop wirelessed. Just got a new modem. Both computers connect to the internet ok. In Windows explorer on the desk under networks I can see the desk computer and access all the shared folders. On the laptop I can't see the desktop. However, in the right hand pane under media devices the music folder of the desktop is listed and I can access my desktop music.
Also if I try to open a program on my laptop and enter the location \\owner-pc\users\docs I can read and write to a file on the desktop in my docs folder? Similarly for any shared folder on the desktop.
So the connections are there but how do I get my desktop to appear under networks on my laptop's windows explorer?

A:[SOLVED] networks not showing in explorer

Check you have all the files and folders correctly set on each machine File sharing essentials
Enable file and printer sharing
Networking home computers running different versions of Windows
In Windows, how do I share a folder, drive, or printer on the network? - Knowledge Base

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Ok since Windows 8 there was a cool feature within windows explorer that would show the content of a shortcut folder at the bottom without having to click on it.

Then 8.1 disabled the feature and hidden the feature really well. It took some time doing, actually it was probably more of a fluke, but I was able to turn on the feature again.

But now it was some how rested and the feature has been disabled again, and I can't find it.

Have no idea what the feature is called, all I know is that if you open up your file explorer go to either of your Documents / Music / Pictures / Video folder, it then would show the contents of your shortcut folder from your other hard drive. The view at the top, lets say you went to pictures, would show all the folders that you have in the Pictures. You'd have a description above the folders that says "Pictures (how many folders you have)" and below that the file extension. Below that you would have the "(The name of your shortcut) (how many files/ folders you have)," the extension, and then the content that are within the Shortcut all within the same explorer.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate the info. It's really messing with my inner OCD.

A:Solved: Showing content within Explorer

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I have a windows vista premimum loaded laptop with internet explorer 8 installed. Everything was working fine up to a point when i had to reset the internet explorer settings to its default.

Prior to the reset, I was able to add favorites and view the favorites in my address bar asi begin to type the letters. But after the reset, this behaviour stopped.

I have tried the autocomplete path. The address bar and the favorites check box are ticked under tools > options > content > settings. I un-checked clicked ok and checked back again, just to make sure that it gets reset in the registry. But still I cannot get the favorites to display in address bar as I type.

This happened before and I followed a registry tweak which corrected the behavoiur. Unfortunately I cannot find the link anymore and I did not add it to favorite !!. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Internet Explorer Favorites not showing up !!

Ok, Looks like either no has a solution or no one has bothered to reply. Anyways, for the benefit of others who might have faced the same problem, find below the solution that I figured out.

In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > Content.
Click Settings under Auto Complete
Make sure Address Bar is ticked and so is Favorite.
But most importantly, make sure that "Use Windows Search for better results" is un-ticked.

Click OK and OK again.

Now you will be able to see favourites appearing in the address bar.

Thanks for viewing.

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Have done a reinstall of Win 7 onto my SSD C drive. Decided to continue cleaning my PC by doing a disk clean with Diskpart command on my D drive - carefully following the steps in Brink's Disk - Clean and Clean All With Diskpart Command tutorial. The procedure failed, with the error message: "Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot, systems pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume"

This is odd, since status in the Computer Management/Disk Management window shows it as "Healthy(Primary Partition)" without mention of boot, pageflie, crash dump or hibernation vol. Those are shown for the C Drive. (I will add that I was very conscientious in identifying the correct drive for the Clean)

I exited the elevated command prompt, subsequently checked my computer explorer and found my D drive is no longer listed.

The disk is still listed as #0 in Computer Management/Disk Management window with two partitions: System Reserved (100 MB NTFS Healthy {System, Active, Primary Partition}) and Volume (930 GB NTFS Healthy {Primary Partition})

The disk also shows up in device manager under Disk Dives as working properly.

How do I now restore my D drive?

A:HDD Not Showing in Windows Explorer

The mistake you seem to have done is reinstalling Windows 7 on the SSD with the other drive also connected.

Just disconnect the other drive and try to boot your system. If it does not boot, then definitely the boot files are on the other drive.

Simplest solution I would perform is to reinstall Windows 7 on the SSD after disconnecting the other drive.

Confirm you are able to boot into the system and then groom your Windows 7 on it.

Afterwards you can connect the other drive and format it the way you like.

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I have three USB key disks, two from Disgo and one from Integral.
They were working under SP2 until a host of fixes came in through Windows Update.

My home and work PC's have the same level of patching and none of the 3 USB disks now work on *either* system.

Does anyone know of an issue with any of the fixes that would have been installed?


A:[SOLVED] USB Key-Disks not showing up under Explorer - SP2 / patch problem?

You might try inserting a USB key and then checking Disk Management (right click My Computer, left click Manage, left click Disk Management). See if the key shows up there and if possibly Windows is assigning a drive letter that's already in use by another device or network drive. If so, you can change the drive letter for the key from within Disk Management by right clicking on the drive and following the prompts.

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Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5700.0006)
Boot mode: Normal
Dell Dimension B110 2.5ghz, 512 ram
hijack is clean
avg is updated
ccleaner (temp, registry) is super clean
Problem: Notice considerable lag when doing the following simple tasks:

- use the dialog boxes to browse folders (save as, etc) is slow
- double clicking my computer or any folders is slow
- right click and create new folders is slow
- clicking START button and going to programs is slow

What are the steps to speed/clean this up?


A:Solved: browsing folders very slow in explorer

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Hi I'm new to tech support forums so please be patient if I have missed anything, I'll try to follow the rules as best I can...

I have recently come up with a problem that whenever I close ANY folder (windows explorer) explorer.exe will crash and restart itself. I have done some troubleshooting to help identify the cause of the error but haven't been able to come up with anything. I haven't been able to link any system changes (hardware, software installations) to the time the problem started.

I am running Win XP Pro SP3 with IE 7

Here is a copy of two of the errors displayed from the Event Viewer:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Date: 22/10/2008
Time: 4:20:33 PM
User: N/A
Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2900.5512, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x016216ce.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail
0010: 75 72 65 20 20 65 78 70 ure exp
0018: 6c 6f 72 65 72 2e 65 78 lorer.ex
0020: 65 20 36 2e 30 2e 32 39 e 6.0.29
0028: 30 30 2e 35 35 31 32 20 00.5512
0030: 69 6e 20 75 6e 6b 6e 6f in unkno
0038: 77 6e 20 30 2e 30 2e 30 wn 0.0.0
0040: 2e 30 20 61 74 20 6f 66 .0 at of
0048: 66 73 65 74 20 30 31 36 fset 016
0050: 32 31 36 63 65 0d 0a 216ce..

Event... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Explorer.exe crashing when closing folders

Since its not an urgent problem i've just let this one slide but just bumping in hope that someone might be able to help me solve this once and for all.... :)

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If I keep any folder open for longer than like 7 seconds, explorer.exe encounters a problem and needs to close, I can usually just drag the error to the corner and keep looking at the folder for about 20 more seconds before it crashes completely, sometimes explorer shuts off with no warning while viewing a folder. I have tried the remove defective right click menu buttons thing and scanning for viruses, but it still does it, tell me if you want more info.

A:Solved: Can't view folders without explorer.exe crash

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i'm using build 7100 RC.

after long use of the computer, the windows explorer stops showing files.


every folder that i'm trying to access is the same. the green bar at the top is loading and no file is showing.

after restart it's working for some time and then return to this state.

A:Windows Explorer ain't showing my files

Hi, I presume you are using windows 7, if so, try this link and see if it helps fix your problem.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
or this one.
Repair Install
Repair Install

I hope one of these works for you.

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I am using a 12+ year old Compaq pentium running XP.
1. Lately getting blue screens.
2. Heard that XP is no longer supported.

Since I was happy with the Compaq I bought a Envy from HP. It had Windows 8 installed.
Hey, I'm naive I thought that 7 must not have been very good and 8 was an upgrade.
I installed classic shell and was having hopes that I could get around in 8.
Then I saw that 8.1 was out and was an improvement. I figured that I might as well try the latest.
That seemed to take away some of the things that Classic shell had provided as well as my local account.
I found someone to take out that stuff and put in Windows 7 Pro.

Now the problem.
I copied Windows 8.1 (at least some of it) to a plug-in disk. I copied XP to another plug-in disk.
I used command prompt to make a directory named XP and another called W8. Still in command prompt, and using Xcopy /s /e I copied the disks into the Windows 7 machine. BUT when I try to find them in Windows explorer they don't show up. I believe that from the amount of free space that they do exist. Also,I can cd into them. However I was hoping to be able to drag and drop files that I thought that I needed. When I try to make a directory using Windows explorer, the computer tells me that it already exists and wants to know if I want to merge them. Still they don't show up on windows explorer.

Should I just rd the directories and start the copy process over?
Will rd work since they are not empty?

Thanks for any hel... Read more

A:Directories Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer

Try taking ownership of the XP and W8 directories.

An easy way here: Take Ownership Shortcut

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After doing a reinstall of my C drive from a backup, my USB ports are not showing up in Windows Explorer

Windows xp pro sp2

A:Usb Ports Not Showing In Windows Explorer

Have you looked in the Device Manager to see if there are any problems with the drivers?

Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Device Manager.

The Universal Serial Bus controllers should be at the bottom of the list.

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it is my hope that someone with experience editing the registry will read this thread and offer some feedback.

I am trying to get embedded album art to show in W.Explorer for m4a Mpeg4 files. I am not talking about the art on the folder but the art in the files itself. Mp3 shows up no problem but m4a is being difficult.

I have browsed many threads on this issue and have not found an easy solution aside from using a shell extension.

The only possible solution I found in another thread and will post it here:

"I fixed the problem as it was mainly due to corrupted registry for some strange reason.i imported the .mp3 dile extension key from registry and opened it using notepad and replaced all .mp3 extension with .m4a and saved it as .m4a.reg and run it and had to do a system restart after that thumbnails again started showing up in windows explorer as normal.such as in the below screenshot"

My questions

I don't have a corrupted registry as I just did a fresh install only a week ago. so.
is it possible for me to edit the registery as this person suggests? how would I go about doing so exactly? I have no experience messing with registry files so if someone could offer some guidance it would be a real help.

A:Album art is not showing up in Windows Explorer Help! plz

Hi icehammer, welcome to Eightforums!

As far as I understand your question, you want to be able to see the artwork of your m4a music files when browsing with Windows Explorer.

I myself have most of my music in m4a format and I can see all the albumart in Windows Explorer.

The ONLY thing I did was installing K-Lite Codec Pack. I don't use other codec packs, K-Lite worked for me.

Here is the downloadlink ==> Download K-Lite Codec Pack

Just remember, if you run a x64 Windows you MUST install the x64 codecpack AFTER you install the NORMAL codecpack. If you have other codec packs installed please uninstall them first!

Goodluck trying and hopefully enjoying the albumart in Windows Explorer

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I have the exact same issue but this didnt work for me. It was already unchecked. I still get the message stating "Windows photo viewer can't open this picture because either photo viewer doesnt support this format or you dont have the latest updates to photo viewer". Please help me.

A:pictures not showing up in windows explorer?

i have moved the post to thread of its own

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I don't know if this is a fault or something I have altered but if I go to 'My Pictures' in windows explorer I get a long list of files that are mostly .jpg (there are some bmp's) .

They just show up as files, in fact, I use a picture program called 'irfanview' so they all have that as the picture on the screen.

If I open the preview pane and click on one of them it shows up on the right side of the page just as an irfanview file and doesn't show the picture.

I am sure this used to show the picture in both panes?

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

A:pictures not showing up in windows explorer?

matelot2 said:

I don't know if this is a fault or something I have altered but if I go to 'My Pictures' in windows explorer I get a long list of files that are mostly .jpg (there are some bmp's) .

They just show up as files, in fact, I use a picture program called 'irfanview' so they all have that as the picture on the screen.

If I open the preview pane and click on one of them it shows up on the right side of the page just as an irfanview file and doesn't show the picture.

I am sure this used to show the picture in both panes?

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?Click to expand...

This is very simple to fix. While in the directory of the troubled files, click "View" in the bar, and select Small Icons, for a smaller thumbnail (preview) of the picture, select Medium for a some-what larger view. I have also attached a picture.
If this does not help please let me know by replying to this thread.

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In Windows 7 Explorer, the Computer icon is not showing in the left pane--neither in the default view or the 'show all folders' view.

You can see from the screen captures that I have Explorer set to open to Computer, but no Computer in left pane, and no drives are accessible directly through Explorer.

The drives are fine (from using alternate Explorer alternatives).

How can I get the Computer icon back in the left pane?

A:Windows 7 Explorer not showing Computer

Make a shortcut to windows explorer and in properties for the shortcut,
place the following in the target line.

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,/e,C:\

This might or might not be what you want to see.

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I am running windows XP and for some reason when I look at windows explorer it shows I have a C and D drive, both with the same name and same files. I am afraid to erase the D drive because I don't want to accidentally erase the C drive. I have looked on microsofts site and found nothing. I am running an HP pavilion.

A:2 Drives Showing Up In Windows Explorer And Only One There

Hi pbman41

to BleepingComputer.

On my Pavilion, the D: drive is the Recovery partition on the main C: drive. This is the area which will restore your computer back to factory condition if everything goes wrong. GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE, and do not add or delete anything from it.

If that is not what it is on your PC, it may be a backup created by some program on your machine.


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Just like the title says, I can't see any of my drives in Windows Explorer and I can't figure out why. The Disk Manager knows they are there and they are even labeled properly (the hard drive as C; and the dvd drive as D but they won't show up in the Explorer window. I just recently switched from XP, so am I missing something or what? If you need any more information just ask. I dont know what else to provide right now.

A:My drives are not showing up in Windows Explorer.

Welcome to SevenForums Balian,

Can you make a screen shot or use the snipping tool of what it looks like in

Windows Explorer ?


" Doc "

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