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HP 2000 laptop. LED charger light won't blink.

Q: HP 2000 laptop. LED charger light won't blink.

Hi,So my laptop has been having some the same issue. All the other LED lights will turn on except for the charger light. I thought it was the charger so I replaced it, still nothing. Sometimes I have to open it up and move it, ove checked the wiring but everything's fine. Anyone else ever had this issue?

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Preferred Solution: HP 2000 laptop. LED charger light won't blink.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

A:hp i core 3 laptop blink light 3 times on vaps lock and no d...

@Jyoti9?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

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My Dell Inspiron 5558 Battery light continuely blink Amber and then white light just 1 time for each and can't find what mean by that light code

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My laptop is HP 650 and the problem is capslock light blinking,wireless light is orange and the charging light is automatically ON without putting charger

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My charger for my HP Mini 110 looks normal, and when plugged into the wall the blue light on the power brick holds stable and seems fine. But when I plug the charger into my laptop the blue light begins flashing and wont charger my laptop. I have no clue what the problem could be, and I've tried to plug the charger into different outlets and that has done nothing. Please help!!

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Hi Friends...I am using the Hp Laptop.From Yesterday i have meet the the problem..my laptop does not power on and charging light still blinking ...I am Affraid for this problem... please Help me Pls..Thank u

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my hp pavilion g6 wont turn on and has a red light on the side where the port is it has not working for 4  months and i took out the battery and power cable and held power button for 30 seconds and put the battery back in and conected the power cable and it lit up white for 3 seconds and turned red please help me as this for school work please if any one can help please  do so 

A:my laptop wont turn on and has red light beside the charger ...

Hello @dylanjmc119,   The Charger/A C adapter seems to be the issue.To confirm Please test the adapter, below link should will help you : http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00363266   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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Hello, I'm using dell Inspiron 3521..
Today, I looked at my laptop and noticed that charging light (white) is on and charger was not even connection... I clicked power to swich on my laptop but it didn't and meanwhile the charging light was on..
then I removed the battery and pressed the power button for 30 sec and the. reattached it and tried to on it..
But it didn't..
Please help me out...

A:My laptop is not getting ON and Charging light is ON without connecting the charger..

Plug in the adapter/charger and connect to power to see if the battery is dead

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My tablet yesterday was flashing an orange light on it's charger light.Now it won't turn on as well as the light still flashing orange.Any help will be very appreciated

A:Charger light flashing orange.Now laptop won't turn on

The percentage was also stuck at 68 while it was on.

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My original charger came up missing. Looked everywhere no luck. I bought an off brand,charger that had the right specs and was a 2 prong ac cord. It would turn on the charging/power indicator light, but would not power on the laptop after being on charge all night. Returned it after remembering my original charger had 3 prongs. Got a 3 prong ac/dc charger that claims to be compatible with the charging specs on my laptop. The led on the dc half of the charger is on but now the charge/power indicator light doesn't come in at all. It's the only laptop I have.

A:Laptop charge/power light not coming on with new charger

Hello mallori2003, Welcome to Forum !!   You might want to take a look at this document: Battery Does not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge. It suggests troubleshooting steps to determine if the problem is the battery, the power supply, or the system board.You might find the answer to your battery/power issue as you work through the steps in that HP support article.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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I press the power button and the light will blink on for a second and then go right back off. The monitor is unresponsive. When I plug in the charger the indicator light is lit orange and remains orange.

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My HP ENVY 15-u011dx x360 laptop's charger LED light is blinking continuously when the laptop is ON.When the laptop is OFF, the charger LED light stay ON (without blinking). When i put the laptop for charging, the laptop doesn't charge ! ... it is going to be dead soon. My product is out of warranty so HP support is ZERO right now ! I got the product from USA (I'm in India now) and the support is not available for this particular product here !  I'm disappointed with HP ! I don't know what to do. Please HELP me.  OS : Windows 10 64-bit & Ubuntu dual bootLaptop is just 1.5 years old 

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My HP pavilion dv7 laptop charger won't stay connected long enough to charge. The light flickers on and off like their is a loose connection within the charger port. The charger is fairly new so I don't think that is the problem.

Any advice on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated

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I don't use my computer for maybe a whole year.
Now, I wanted to use it but it's not working. My battery is addicted, basically, if I don't have a charger I won't be able to turn on the computer.
So when I plugged the charger on the wall, the light on the box charger was solid (it didn't blink); However when I plugged it in the computer the light blinked.
I don't know what's the problem and I would like to fix it, if possible.

A:When charger plugged in pc, the light on the charger box blinks

Hi and welcome to TSG.

What happens if the battery is removed and you only use the charger ?

What make and model laptop is it ?

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Whenever I plug in the charger the screen blinks black for a second, but goes back to normal afterward, and lags the computer for a few seconds (i figured that because my music or videos skips on WMP). The same thing happens when I unplug the charger.  I didn't used to have this problem, it started happening when I reinstalled windows xp pro or updated to service package 2.  But the previous times when I reinstalled windows, it never gave me this problem.  The first time my brother reinstalled Windows he had this problem, and recently just reinstalled windows and he doesn't have this problem.  Also, we have the same exact laptop and we used the same Windows XP Pro. disc.I don't know how to bring up all my information, I'm guessing its called BIOS, but I have a Dell Latitude D531, it has AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56, 1gb of RAM, using SP2, using an OEM battery and charger(I highly doubt the battery and charger are the problem, but I thought I should mention that).If you need anymore information I'm more than welcome to get it as long as you'll willing to tell me how to find it if I have trouble.
Any help will be well appreciated. Thanks

A:Why does my screen blink black when I plug or unplug my charger?

To help others who search. Posted by Shafimuhammad here:
The video "refresh rate" is switching between 60Hz (on AC power) and 50Hz (on battery power), and the screen momentarily goes blank.
While on AC power, Desktop>Right Click>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Monitor. Here, under Monitor settings, set the Screen Refresh Rate to 50 Hertz. After applying these settings, the blinking problem gets fixed.

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I ordered some new stuff, sound card, headset. So, i wanted to clean up my

computer before it got to the house. so i cleaned out everything, looking nice. i

put in the new Asus D2X and connect the Roccat Kave headset and the computer

only started for a split second. at this point only the fans and such connected

directly to my PSU would jitter / light up. So i took out my g

GFX card and...waaala. It worked, so i messed around playing with the cool Asus

software listening to 5.1 demos. Anyway I Talked to one of my friends who told me

to reconnect the video card into the primary slot instead. So i tried it and it did the

same thing again. Also i tried my backup video card with nothing doing. blinked

and stutterd for a millisecond and stopped, as it did before. Now, it is clear, i felt

relieved all it was, was the video card. so i can just use onboard until i find a good

deal, because my audio setup cost me 260$. Basically the question here is

why does it not work now as it did before i tried to setup the GFX card again. It

acts like the graphics card is still in there shorting it out or something.

please help, Thank you,

Matt "eb3" Eberhardt

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Machine won't power on.I have an HP DV6000, and the thing wont power on. I have had it for over a year, and my warranty is up. I press the power button, and the Power and HDD Indicators and touch controls turn on for about a second, and then turn back off. I have tried this with and without the power adapter. When i plug in the power adapter, the machineindicates that the battery is charging (it indicates through the charging indicator light (Looks like a Lightning Bolt).Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you

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fter connecting the AC power supply to CPU and on pressing start button , CPU light does not blink spontaneously ,It took 3 to 5 minutes to start blinking and window start immediately as light start blinking on start button .Reliability report does not show any error.Pl suggest me some remedial action

A:CPU light does not blink spontaneously

Ehm, CPU is "central processing unit", a computer component. It does not have a light linked to its operation. If by CPU you mean the whole machine, call it "computer".

If that led is close to a symbol that resembles a lightbulb, then it's the power led, and tells if your computer is actually getting power or not. It should go on when you press the power switch and remain on until you shut down the computer.
If it is close to a cylinder symbol, it is the memory usage led, and tells if your computer is reading from its main internal memory device. It does blink randomly when in normal operation and if you don't experience other issues you can safely disregard it.

Other leds can indicate the wifi connection or whatever the maufacturer thought to place there, if it's not one of the above, try to describe it or find an image of it from google.

Please follow this tutorial to fill your system specs (step 7 to do it automatically), so we can know what is the thing you have in your hands. Without knowing more, help provided will be limited.

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my modem the dsl light blink on and off , and default gateway is empty,

i have try direct connection
reset hardly the modem

none of them working ......need help!!!!!!

A:Solved: modem dsl light blink on and off , need help!

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CPU usage is nil and the light keeps working and you can hear the drive working when the light is blinking. I am running a RAID mirror using the Intel chip on my Asus board. This system has no virus.

A:Why does my hard drive light blink all the time?

Problem solved. MSCONFIG showed an Epson printer service running. Turned it off and everything is good.

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I had previously hooked this up to my big screen via the hdmi.  The next morning I went to turn it on and got nothing.  Holding the power button down with power plugged in, not plugged in any combination for 1 - 120 seconds produces the same exact result.  The little light on the " i " lights up for exactly 4 seconds and then nothing.  I have tried a different power cord and get the exact same result.  I have tried using the emergency reset with a needle on the back of the device...same result. Any help would be great.

A:Yoga won't boot. Red light comes on for 4 seconds no blink.

Can you clarify when you say it "lights up for exactly 4 seconds", is it a solid light or a blinking light?

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I have a thinkpad T460. The LED light in the "i" of the Thinkpad words on the lid keeps blinking at the sleep mode. How to disable it? It is very anoying and drain the battery. 

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I upgraded my HP Pavilion a1540n Desktop to Windows 7 a week ago. Ever since, my hard drive light constantly blinks. After looking at the disk activity in the Windows Resource Monitor and doing some research I am leaning towards the page file as the problem. I am not sure if that is in fact the problem as there seems to be quite a few processes creating high disk activity, including Firefox profile cache, $Logfile, and MpWppTracing.bin. I only have 1GB of RAM. Would I be better served to add RAM before doing anything else like using Cacheman?

A:Why does my Hard Drive Activity Light Constantly Blink

Do you actually have constant hard drive activity, or is the light just blinking?


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Black screen, caps lock light is blinking once blink every five seconds. Was just using it not ten minutes ago. Please help. I've tried removing the batterie with no success

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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.

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My Yoga 3 was bought 3 months ago at a local retailer. It had been an open box model. A couple of nights ago while using it, my wife got a Blue Screen of some variety. Since then, the machine doesn't work at all. When I push the power button (or the reset button next to it), the KB backlight comes on and power light comes on for about a second and then they both shut off. This cycle is repeated indefinitely until I hold down the power button at which time everything goes off. That is the only response I get from the thing. This machine is only 3 months old but I cannot find any way to get in touch with Lenovo for any kind of support, so I thought I would try here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Yoga 3 Pro 1370 - KB Backlight and power light blink - no other response

Hi RobReid , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It would be best to have technical support assist you on this.
As the way you have described the issue, there may be an internal issue that needs further checking .
You can call them at : 877-4-Lenovo,877-453-6686  choose option 1 for hardware techSchedule a Callback for faster support 
From the support site click on "contact us" as there is also chat support available for you.
Hope this help answer your query on best to proceed.

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This problem ariseed in the morning, please help! I can connect to the router via ethernet (my computer recognizes it as unidentified network with a 100mbps rate), but the internet and don't work. As for wifi no networks are availible. Could my router be dead?

A:Linksys EA6400 ethernet lights working, green light doesnt start or blink at all

Sure, it could be dead...or not. Have you rebooted the router? Pull the power and let if sit off for a minute then power it back on. You can also try resetting the router back to factory defaults, instructions here along with other info: http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/GetAr...dd9133a8b_KBxxxx_EN_v1.xml&pid=80&converted=0

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Hi there. I have figured out that electrical tape covers the lights I dont want to see, but my question is- will the light on my charger on my XPS 13 change colors to indicate when charging is complete? if not is there a way I can know that my computer is fully charged before I power it on?

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My Samsung laptop charger has the light coming on however it is not charging, the charger is heating up so is this the charger or the laptop? have ordered another charger from coywood.co.uk as they had universal one's and i rang a couple of local computer shops but these wanted 65 to even look at it so advice would be welcome incase this does not work?

A:Charger Light On, Not Charging?


first off dont use anything but an official charger, the cheap ones can and will damage your motherboard due to them being unregulated and supplying to much current.

If the charger has the light on but wont charge then the internal cable is broken and may be shorting out inside the sleeving.

check the cable by eye for severe kinks or bends in the cable.

Should you find one, cut the section just before and after the kink and then strip the cable back and join the wires and test it, if it works then you can either solder the wires and use heat shrink plastic to join them or buy a new one.

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Hello,I have had my HP dv2145 for years without using it. The screen is just black when I power it on, but the Caps Lock and Scroll lights blink continuously... Anyways, I just bought a universal adapter for it, it is 90W. From reading past forums about the adapters, this should be fine. However, I just want to know one or two hopefully simple things.When the laptop is NOT powered on, but has the adapter plugged in- is it charging if the light underneath the lightning bolt sign is NOT blinking?I am just asking because when I have it plugged in while powered ON, the lightning bolt light blinks continuously. I would just like a glimmer of hope with this. If this is a bad sign, I would like to know what I should do to get my screen to turn back on. Please and thank you for any information you can offer me.

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My laptop was working yesterday and I shut the screen. Today when I opened it it wouldn't turn on, so I plugged in the charger and the Orange charging light came on. The computer still won't turn on and the on button doesn't light up.

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Hi,My laptop won't hold a charge. I have replaced the battery and charger. The only time it works is when the charger is inserted into the laptop but even though it's plugged in it won't charge and will shut down immediately after the charger is removed. Please help.

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When my pavilion x2 is not charging or plugged into anything, why does the battery light come on white, and if i pick it up it comes on, then goes off at differnt times when i place it flat again, can anyone help please

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Hi there,

I am new here and have following problem;

Four Months after buying the PC (Satellite Z930-103) I had a bettery problem. Suddenly the orange led was flashing and the notebook couldn't be started anymore. Toshiba service replaced the battery and everything worked well for about two months. Then the same thing happened again. Because I was working in China I opened the notebook and disconnected the battery and could use it with the charger connected.

The PC was sent to a service point when I came home, where they again stated a battery problem and proposed to change the battery. Because the guarantee was expired I had to pay for it. I refused, because the price they were asking was 300 Euro.

Than the big surprise..when I received it back from the service point, they reconnected the battery and the service report stated "no defects found, computer is working well"........

Since than, I started my fight with Toshiba support and tried to find a solution myself. The problem however was not solved until today and still I have to disconnect the battery and reconnect it after waiting a day whenever I forget to disconnect the charger when shutting down or when it goes in sleepmode) I became a real expert in opening and closing the notebook....

Anyway, maybe someone has the same problem and found a solution, I guess it can only be a software problem but Toshiba hasn't solved it until today.

To describe the problem again:

The orange (power) led starts flashing... Read more

A:Orange light flashing after shutdown with charger connected.

Satellite Z930 is very nice machine designed for mobile usage and I’m really sorry to hear that you have such problems. I presume you didn’t find some identical thread on this forum so I hope it is not some “general problem” with this machine.

I’m not a technician but I cannot imagine that described problem has something to do with software settings. In BIOS you cannot change much and in Windows there are standard Windows power settings and several advanced Toshiba settings.
Power supply electronic placed in the mainboard has some “standard” functions and switch automatically between battery and AC power supply.

I cannot say for sure but I presume there must be the problem with power supply electronic. It is not easy to say what is wrong there and I’m really wondering that Toshiba service provider was not able to identify the reason why all this happen.

Let’s see what the other forum members think about described issue.

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The laptop just went dead,when I plug it into the charger the light by yhe charge socket illuminates however there is still no power when I try switch it on. Kindly assist

A:HP Pavilion just doesn't switch,charger light lights when ch...

What color is the led? Is it amber or white? @Iggy8Have you tried a hard reset?  See the document at the folowing link and use the appropriate method. (the hard reset  procedure varies by notebook model)https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01684768

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why can't i comment on the other thread about the hp spectre 360 issues? https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Boot-and-Lockup/HP-spectre-x360-13-4005dx-will-not-turn-on/td... and why in god's name, on a thread about tech issues, doesn't somebody with some shred of honesty speak up and tell the truth.. look all you people who are either innocently ignorant about the way this crap works or just really stuck so far up your own behinds that you can't think about this stuff the right way:   i'll say it once THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BURNT OUT, FRIED, OR BAD MOTHERBOARD.... TO THE MECHANICS IN HERE WHO KNOW ABOUT THE ALAN JACKSON REPAIR SONG... OK... you get it? a mother board is a freakin inanimate piece of mass that all the components of a computer system converge on in a close enough vicinity to each other to accomplish the desired functionality.... drives can go badprocessors can go badram can go badpower supplieschargersbatterys fanswirescapacitors network cardsmonitorscables...  you get the idea all or any of these things and others can go bad.. motherboards cannot go bad anybody who tells you that your motherboard went bad, is an idiot, a liar, a thief or even all three..    i don't care if you wanna argue about it or not....  you need to just take a look at that post... and all the people posting who paid for new motherboards after conferring with the geniuses up at best buy or off... Read more

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Hi I recently got a no battery detected message on my Dell Inspiron 17 5000 (5759)  also dell power manager lite started telling me "system will power down when ac adapter is unplugged" the battery charger light started flashing an orange light aswell but when I unplug the AC power the battery seems to work perfectly however the charging light still flashes orange I ran diagnostics from bios and other tools on dells website they all said that there is no problem.

A:No Battery Detected, Orange Flashing Charger Light ?

Hi DAVE23181,
Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Does the adapter charge the battery fine when connected?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point. Check the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Has the battery been replaced since you got the system or is it still the same battery that was shipped with the machine? 
It might be such that the battery might have reached the end of its rechargeable cycles, indicating the end of its durable life. I would suggest you to test with another battery and check.
You could contact our team to get a quote for a battery - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
Alternatively, order the battery here - http://bit.ly/2lKjitM
If the adapter port is loose, then replace the dc port - this is part you would need - http://bit.ly/2cLaDWJ
Also, please click my DELL-u... Read more

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Hi everyone, I need your help urgently!

I have sony Vaio laptop which has been working well. Recently its charger had a minor explosion and broke (it happened when I plug it in to the outlet as usual). So I replaced it with a new one. However, the light on the new charger was blinking whenever I plug it into the laptop and turned solid again when I unplug it.

Could you please help me fix this? All my assignments and works are in this laptop and I need it very soon.

Thank you

Ps. I have tried removing the battery and it still doesn't work. Also I won't be able to try another charger.

A:Sony Vaio Charger light blinking, won't turn on

I'm sorry to say but sounds to me like something got fried and that it might never start again. Even tho I can't say for sure without seeing the machine. Anyways, I would recommend to wait and see if some one else would have something smart to come up with on what and how to do.

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Good day, Replaced the DC jack adapter on the laptop.  Computer won't power on.  DC light is white and flashes amber (organge) constently.   I get the same result with the AC adapter and battery in, AC adapter alone and battery alone. Tryed many thingsHard resetBios different batteryDifferent adapterDocking statioThank you for your help,M

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I have a Latitude 7350 with Win8.1 that has an official charger. Despite this, Windows says Battery 1 is charging but Battery 2 is "plugged in, not charging". Also, when I plug in my charger instead of the normal steady white light, I now get a blinking light that alternates between white and amber. This does not happen when I detach the tablet and charge the tablet. The tablet will then give a steady white light.
I have tried using Windows 10 and I tried doing a factory reset but to no avail.

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Hello! Yesterday my laptop was working just fine, and today when the battery was about to die I plugged it in. After it was done charging I unplugged it, but then the whole laptop shut down (despite the battery being on 100%). I tried turning it back on, no luck, gave it a couple of minutes and tried again still to no effect. I plugged in the charger again and only then did the laptop switch on, and I now notice the light where the cable is blinks super fast and is red. If i unplug it, it shuts down again.I read that I might need to change the battery, but the laptop is pretty much brand new - maybe a little over half a year old. I've also been told that the warranty might not cover issues like this, but I couldn't find anything in the actual booklet, so... is that really the case?

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My Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't recognize charger any more. And unfortunately my warranty expired 2 month ago.It was plugged in and working in the morning, but then in the afternoon I noticed that it was running on the battery only. It wont start without battery (just charger plugged in).
1. So here what I have done to debug. Me and my brother, we have purchased the same Dell laptops at the same time a year and a bit ago. This is why for a debugging purposes it was good.I took my charger and plugged in to his computer. And it works. Definitely not the charger issue I guess. And when I plug charger in to my computer, green light is still on the charger. And I have the original charger that came with the laptop.
2. Now, laptop works on the battery only, so this means that motherboard is working. I guess.
3. Next thing I did was unplugged charger and removed the battery from the laptop. Then I pushed and hold "Power" button for 45 seconds to discharge a flea charge. Plugged charger back in but laptop wont start.
4. Next I started laptop on the battery, went to BIOS and checked if the charger is recognized in the BIOS. No, it doesn't recognize charger. So, if it is not a charger then what else can it be?
5. Laptop doesn't have any strange smells so I'm not sure if anything happened with the motherboard, but I would assume mother board is ok because it works of the battery.
6. I was thinking updating the BIOS, but I can't, because it wont update whi... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't work with charger. Charger is not recognized. Not charger problem.

Hi CJ777,
Thanks for reaching out with your query. You pretty much figured out all points of failure. Good job.
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS, it most likely is an issue with the mother board. In the BIOS set up, AC adapter should show up as 65w or 90w. If the adapter status is 'None' or 'Unknown Device Installed', it indicates that the mother board is not detecting the adapter for which the battery is not getting charged. Once the battery charge drains, I'm sure the adapter will not charge it again. Replacing the system board should resolve this issue.

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Hi. Tonight I had a problem with my laptop. It was in sleeping mode, and when I open the lid there were no mouse function and no touch screen function. So the only thing I could do was to press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off, but it didn't completely, because the screen turn off, but the power button light is blinking just like when it is on sleep mode, and I'm not sure if the hard drive light was on, off or blinking before this, but now is blinking. I press the power button and nothing happen, I press it for 3 seconds and nothing happen. I even did the HDMI connection to another monitor, but both monitors don't show anything, not even recognize that something is connected to the HDMI port in the new monitor. There is no sound, nothing, just the 2 blinking lights. What should I do? Thanks PS: I'm not sure if it's Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit. It was upgraded from Windows 8

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