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Recovering files after accidental format.

Q: Recovering files after accidental format.

So, big screw up. Couple weeks ago, I try rebooting my computer, and when it boots, it gives me an error message that one of the boot files is screwed up. And in the process of trying to fix things, I use a tool that doesn't, in fact, recover the drive to a previous state, but formats and reimages the hard drive (it's an HP laptop, so it had a separate partition to allow you to reinstall windows without benefit of an actual Windows CD)

So, mea culpa, I didn't understand what the utility was going to do. The laptop, of course, is working fine again, except that I wiped out all my files. Obviously, there's no way I'm going to be able to recover things like programs and stuff, but I did want to recover at least things like certain text files and images. I downloaded a program called EASEUS Data Recovery, which said it could restore files after format...and after running it, it did, in fact, find files that had file names that I recognized.

However, when trying to recover these files, what I find instead is that most of the file names were in there more than once...and I realized that what it was actually finding was not whole files, but file fragments (which would obviously not open by themselves). I looked on the program website, but it didn't seem to acknowledge this as being a potential issue, or how to remerge the fragments into a working file.

Does anyone have any reccomendations re programs and/or techniques for recovering these old files? Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: Recovering files after accidental format.

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recovering files after accidental format.

Sounds as though you have tried to recover the files & only got fragments of them?

Do all the parts add up to the full file or not? If not, I would suggest you are "Stuffed". Sorry

Do you have a copy on a memory stick, back up CD or HDD etc?

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i accidentally reformatted my computer
i know, that sounds really stupid and yes it probably is..

basically i was having problems with it today, it kept blue screening when i turned it on (suspected virus) and safe mode didn't work either... windows just wouldn't load

so i dug up my acer laptop recovery cd and loaded that... unfortunately, i've never done "recovery" before and misunderstood what it meant... i thought it'd be like a boot cd but it seems to have wiped my whole computer - programs, files, settings, drivers, everything

i desperately want my old files back in particular... i had all these med notes i'd done and photographs i hadn't printed or saved elsewhere

is there any way to get these back? i've vaguely heard that even when files are 'deleted' they lurk on ur computers somewhere forever, for potential use by hackers if u sell ur computer.. so i was hoping they might still be recoverable, somehow...

please please help me anyone any ideas would be greatly appreciated

ps apologies if this is the wrong section

A:Recovering Files After Accidental Reformat

If you Reformatted; they are (sorry to say) gone.

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Hi there.

I recently reinstalled my windows 7 professional on my laptop after it began behaving strangely. I had backed up most of my files but I realised there was one folder residing on my desktop which I had forgotten. Can anybody recommend a good recovery tool to help me get these files back.


A:Recovering files from before a format/reinstall

Having used it, I can recommend Recuva.

Recuva - Download

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Hello everyone and thanks for your support in the past with all my problems.Note that i am not a very experienced PC user so bare with me if i don't get what you say the first time.

So my problem: I recently had my pc formated and thanks to a misunderstanding i lost all my files.
I asked the guy there if there were programs on the internet that could help me recover my files , but he said he has tried it all but none works and the only way would be to pay 4 000 $ so you can have your HDD scanned or sth i don't remember what he said exactly.
Anyway i downloaded a program called GetDataBack for NTFS and followed the instruction to recover my files.It works decently as i have gotten back alot of songs and pictures(even if some pictures are broken).

Although one of the things that was most important for me were my chat logs(all my dialogues from msn) and i really need to get them back.They appear to be in good condition when i recover them but only 1/5 of them work.The rest open and have strange PC languages instead of showing my chats.
Thanks to them being in .html format i find it very hard to understand why they wont open correctly or how could i fix it or for what should i search.

So i ask , is there a way to recover my msn chat logs after formating(better than the one i have?).If not , is there a way to "repair" those chatlogs somehow?

Note:The tech guy splitted my HDD (Maxtor 149GB) to two parts of 97GB+51GB.

A:Recovering files after format.(msn chat logs)

I checked through the rules and i didn't see bumping mentioned anywhere.Am i supposed to bump on time each day like in some other forums?Or i should just wait to get a reply without touching my thread?

Sorry if i missed anything in the rules and sorry for my english as i am not fluent yet.

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Tonight I was reformatting my external hard drive when I accidentally chose the wrong drive and reformatted my internal hard drive. My screen went black and now I have a computer with no operating to boot up. What are my chances of recovering? How can I recover my hard drive?

P. S. I tried doing a system restore and my disks hang on 80% completion twice now.

All help is greatly appreciated as this has been very frustrating. Thank you.

A:Recovering after accidental reformatting

The error code I get when system restore hangs is 0x4001100200001005

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There was an accidental deletion of a lot of emails from outlook 2000. I don't think there was any exchange type stuff and I've tried things like "tools > recover deleted items" which is not there in Outlook 2000. They were not archived either, i don't think. Is there any way that I can recover these emails. They were business related and it is a catastrophe that they are gone.

A:Recovering Accidental Deleted Emails in Outlook 2000

A little more info may be needed.
Lets start with is this a business or home computer?
Operating System?
If business, does it use Active Directory and an Exchange eMail Server?
* If there is an IT Department for Exchange, they may be able to assist
Where was the email deleted from? Inbox? Personal Folders?
* If deleted from Personal Folders, running Scanpost may resolve it, but that is only if you are using the term 'Deleted' freely to simply mean the mail is missing as opposed to knowing for certain that the Delete function was invoked.
If Home Computer, what eMail service do you use? Gmail? Outlook (formerly Hotmail), Live Mail ?
* Removing and re-creating the Outlook account will trigger some email provider services to restore quite a bit of previously received, viewed, and deleted emails from their systems. Some services Tech Support can also provide assistance and recovery from their servers.

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Hi all,
My sister had a virus on her computer and asked me to help, i wanted to boot the pc in safemode to get rid of the virus when i noticed "HP system recovery", I thought this was the option in windows to fully recover your pc to a backup made earlier in time, but apparently this option formats the hd and reinstalls windows :/
Is there an easy way i can recover the pc entirely?
The computer is a HP pavilion computer with windows xp

A:Accidental format, help !

If you used the destructive recovery option then I do not think you will have any luck recovering any files, give it a go if you wish

The HP Recovery procedure gives you two options
A Destructive and Non-Destructive recovery.
The Non-destructive option will leave your personal documents intact

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So I accidentely fast formated a drive in my disk managment (I actually formated the wrong one)

But when it formated it had checked that it makes a backup in case of recovery of data... but I have no idea where the backup is and how to restore it?

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Long story short, I was going to format my usb but I must have accidentally clicked on my C drive instead. Anyways, during the format of my only drive, a Samsung SSD, my computer crashed and I restarted it. I want originally worried because I thought I was formatting a 2gb usb flash drive. Afterward, my computer no longer detects my SSD in my bios. It's my SSD fried, or can I still save it?

A:accidental format of C drive

Hello and welcome iced dragoon I doubt if the drive is fried mate probably a bit confused I should say and I do hope you have data backed up.

So can you slip it into another machine and see if it is "seen" there?? If so then you can reformat and align it before doing a reinstall.
with this http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/113967-ssd-alignment.html

Once you have done that and the drive is ready then you can use this if you have no media
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

one advantage of this is you lose all the bloatware

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I am facing two different complications with external usb's

Problem 1: Hardware (?)
This usb IS recognized and mounts - however, the files on it are damaged - possibly because of hardware erosion...
I think ddrescue and safecopy are supposed to be good programs for this type of failure, but I do not know how to use them

Problem 2: Software (?)
This usb is recognized in the device manager, but not in the My Computer (so it doesn't mount). I think I can reformat the usb to make it functional again, but before I do that, I want to recover whatever files are on the drives

Any guide on how i can resolve these two issues?

A:Recovering files from a damaged drive and recovering files from an unrecognized driv

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hello back again this tine I accidentally formated my external drive and I want to know if ther is a recover program that will recover my drive back to same way it was before formatt thr ones i tried did not do that files are scattered and raw so is there one that will recover back to how it was before format thank you for answer

A:accidental external drive format

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I have a windows XP pro machine on which I accidentally did a "quick format" on the D drive instead of the A drive (I know' I know, go straight to bottom of class) The drive is just a second partition with data on it, thankfully nothing critical, but I'd like to get it back anyway, there doesn't appear to be an unformat command in XP which is extremely annoying as I _know_ all my data is still on the drive, does anyone know a way to do this ? It's not worth spending money on but would save a lot of downloading and hunting about on CDs.

Many Thanks,


A:School boy Error - Accidental Format


http://www.binarybiz.com/vlab/ms2-windows.php?KBID=1002&kw=undelete winxp


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hello everyone, I accidentally formatted my HP omen for recycling instead of a normal format. The computer gives the option to press ESC and bring up the start up menus with system recovery but when I press f11 for the recovery it doesn't do anything. It just recycles between the escape key option and the hp logo. Should I purchase a new Windows 10, put iton a usb and boot my HP from that in order to make it work again?

A:Accidental recycle format HP Omen

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My 6 year old laptop running Windows 7 is out of warranty, so here i am seeking help as i am not very computer literate. All i need to know is how many partitioned drives came with my HP laptop. My niece was playing on my laptop without my knowledge and had accidentally formatted Drive-G... i know this much, that Drive-C is my main drive, and Drive-D is the recovery drive to restore my laptop... But what is Drive-G which is only about 101 MB in size? ... does it contain any crucial operating files or data that i need to restore back on to the G-drive, or can i ignore the lost data on Drive-G? I have never added any partitions to my laptop as that is beyond my ability. I tried using a free Data Recover software, and it identified about a couple of hundred files with 6 different types of file extension such as: f0020856.regf0021056_bootvhd.dkkf0021248_mediag.exe.muif0081920_bootresf0051186.dbff0081546.ttf Is this a virtual drive, a casche drive, or....? Can i ignore what was lost, or do i need to be concerned to pay for the Data Recovery software to restore those lost files? Thank you guys in advance for your help. 

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I share my pc with a flatmate, we each have a passord although I am the main user. I switched on yesterday to find my password reset and all my files gone. Photos, uni notes, personal diary, everything i had saved. My flatmates info is still there. Could she have accidently done something to my part of the memory? Is there a way of getting my info back or is it gone forever, my recycle bin says it's empty, I am heartbroken, all my photos and uni papers.
Running Windows XP home edition.
Does anyone know about this password thing, will I be able to find my stuff?

A:Accidental Deletion Of Files

Sign on as administartor and explore the drive to see if there is a profile for you that isn't showing up when you sign on with your username.

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I have an advent desktop computer running WinXP. I have deleted some files accidentally, and now when I turn it on, I get the message "diskmgr missing" I have tried all sorts of ways to repair it, even re-installing but it gets so far and gives a error message, "Windows has stopped to protect your computer". I get other messages saying "run chkdsk", or "scandsk /f" but I can't get into dos mode. Can anybody help before I become fully bald.

A:Accidental deleted some files.

I've removed your poll, as it's not necessary here.

How did you try to reformat?

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Hi. I am in the process of trying to recover files. My whole D drive (the 78,148MB - see jpg attached) says it needs to be reformatted and so all the files are gone. I download a recovery program (thanks to suggested from this forum -tks!) and it shows that the files are on my computer. Now I guess I have to have somewhere to put all the files when I recover them.

I am picturing I just need to purchase a 100MB removable hard drive. Then I will just have to plug it in via USB and then transfer using the recovery program. Kind of just like when I transfer music to my mp3 player. Obviously my level of computer knowledge is NOVICE. Is that all I will need to do?


A:Help recovering files... recovering relocation?

what is your question? if you want best way to do it i figure a external harddrive and an os that works should do. if the windows that you have installed is not working. you can try knoppix a linux that boots from a cd

and resize your pictures

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Any chance of recovery of the sent file folder which was accidentally deleted. Outlook 2007

Actually just the files in the sent folder, not the folder itself.

A:Accidental deletion of sent files Outlook 07

Yes three ways
The first and the best is to use backup and restore. It is a feature of Windows 7
The next way is to download and use recuva.
The last and most sure way of success is the use System Image, which is part of Seven.
That system image will change everything on your hard drive back to the way it was on the day you select to return to.
System Image Recovery
Unless your lost documents are extremely important, I would not use the system image method.

Recuva will work best if you use the computer as little as possible, until you attempt recuva.

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

A:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/871411-possable-recover-formatted-drive.html

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We recently reinstalled XP. The file allocation table was also deleted and rebuilt using NTFS. All went well, but a file had not been backed up. The machine was taken to a PC store that was able to recover that data. The cost was surprisingly low too. How is it possible to regain lost data after the partition was obliterated and redone? I know there is some software out there that can do that but at a large expense. As much as $2000.00. This store charged $250.00 and that impressed me. Is there now some affordable software available to do that now? Anyone know how they did it?


A:recovering data after format

cajun1957a said:

How is it possible to regain lost data after the partition was obliterated and redone? Click to expand...

The best program to use for this is called RecoveryExpert Deluxe from Acronis. It works GREAT but is time consuming. If the partition was large it could take a week or so to fully recover it. And do NOT use the hard drive that you wish to recover information from, or you will destroy that information and then no one can help you to recover it

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Hi, I have just formatted my girlfriends laptop and I was so cautious not to lose any music or photos that I forgot about her uni work!

Does anyone know of a utility that I can use to recover the data, it was in my documents so hopefully the re installation of windows xp wont have over written that part yet.

Any help will be very much appreciated! I am in big trouble as you can imagine!

A:Recovering Data after a format

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I recently purchased the machine & completed installation of system updates.  As the mouse is very sensitive I ended up moving some files accidentally from the system folders while I was move the mouse over Winodows Explorer.  This resulted into stoppage of one of the softwares installed.  I want to eliminate this issue by protecting system files.  Dont know if partitioning the drive works best or I have put administrative rights for access to avoid accidental movement of system files while I am using Windows Explorer. Please help.

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So, I was visiting family and was called upon to play Tech Support. They had Norton 360, but was installed wrong so they were concerned for their security.

Computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium, SP 1. There are two profiles, the admin and another user.

While in admin, I tried to update Windows. Attempts to update SP result in error 80240016. Tried shutting down and restarting Windows Update from admin command line. No change after successful restart. Decided to try on the other profile.

Logged on to secondary user. Immediately assaulted by 3 different 'You are infected, click here for anti-virus software' adware. Attempts to download MBAM failed as internet was being redirected. Logged off secondary user.

Attempted to access internet from admin account. IE works. Download MBAM successfully and run scan. Results listed at end of post. Most were listed as successfully removed, but better to be sure.

Restarted in Safe Mode and ran another scan. All clear. Ran C-Cleaner to make sure everything was cleaned.

Is it worth it to download Super-AntiSpyware and try to salvage, or just get what I can salvage and format the drive?


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46

Database version: 4226

Windows 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1
Internet Explorer 7.0.6001.18000

6/22/2010 11:27:07 PM
mbam-log-2010-06-22 (23-27-07).txt

Scan type: Full scan (C:\|)
Objects scanned: 277095
Time elapsed: 1 hour(s), 15 minute(s), 3 second(s)

Memory P... Read more

A:Is this computer worth recovering or should I format it all?

Restarted in Safe Mode and ran another scan.Scanning with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in safe or normal mode will work but removal functions are not as powerful in safe mode. Why? MBAM is designed to be at full power when malware is running so safe mode is not necessary when using it. In fact, MBAM loses some effectiveness for detection & removal when used in safe mode because the program includes a special driver which does not work in safe mode. Further, scanning in safe mode prevents some types of malware from running so it may be missed during the detection process. Additionally, there are various types of malware infections which target the safeboot keyset so booting into safe mode is not always possible. For optimal removal, normal mode is recommended so it does not limit the abilities of MBAM. Doing a safe mode scan should only be done when a regular mode scan fails or you cannot boot up normally. If that is the case, after completing a safe mode scan, reboot normally, update the database definitions through the program's interface (preferable method) and try rescanning again.After performing a new scan, click the Logs tab and copy/paste the contents of the new report in your next reply.Is it worth it to download Super-AntiSpyware and try to salvageIf nothing else, you gain experience by attempting to disinfect as you can always reformat. If you don't want to downlaod SuperAntispyware, then do this: Perform a scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Online Safe Scan.Be sur... Read more

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About one weak ago unfortunately I wiped my internal storage and Iost my everything,
I tried to recover my data using hexamob android application(My device is samsung galaxy tab 8.9)
After two times trying, I recovered almost 32GB of data but almost all of them are in dbf format which I'm not familiar with, so I don't know if it is possible to recover these files to my images, movies, etc
Any helps desperately appreciated

A:Recovering a recovered file which is in dbf format

dbf files are used for Database storage - - you need the application that created them to access the data

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Quite a long time ago, I had this HDD giving me
CRC Errors then,
The message that I need to format my HDD. Partition shown as RAW. Sometimes it seem to connect/disconnect (Drive appears/disappears in My Computer) intermittently. Sometimes, I see NTFS and my data for a short period but trying to copy always fails, it seem to disconnect/get CRC errors
I tried using Ubuntu to recover the data, but I am probably not a good Linux user, Drive is not shown in GParted, I think I tried fdisk too
Then I tried formatting many times but I always get Drive is not accessible or something like that
Now I managed to format my drive, it doesn't connect/disconnect intermittently anymore, I want to try to recover some data. What should I do/use.

I am currently trying out EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard but its taking a long time ~70hrs, its a 500GB HDD. I still got 0 files found, not a good sign after ~40mins. I am not sure I choose the right option tho, I did "Complete" I think

A:Recovering data after quick format (Win7/NTFS)

Your data is toast after performing all those formats ... on a failing drive no less ... time to move on...

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I have some videos in AVI format and would like to convert them to DVD format. ( I would like to distribute them to some orphanage schools )

I would like to know which DVD format is most commonly used and good in quality.

And what is the best way to convert?

Thank you for your consideration.

A:Converting AVI files to DVD format?which is most used format and good in quality?

Hi bspkumar,
Here are a couple of links to some freeware downloads to convert from AVI to DVD format.


The above link gives information on how to go about converting your videos.

If you keep a backup copy of your videos then why not try these versions and see how the quality is? If no good, then you haven't lost anything.

Hope this helps you.
Kindest regards

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Hello members, I'm starving to restore back the files into its original format and icon after trying to open one file which has caused this hectic work.
I thought it could be a malware and decided to backup the data before formatting the hard disk but after reinstallation the same idiot coming....till now can not open any file.

Please I request your needful support to restore back my files ...
Thanks in advance


A:My files format has changed to wrong format and icon

Moved from Introduction thread.

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i was just wondering if what format should i use in converting my downloaded video in the net.. i want to watch it in the DVD..
so for me to do this..
i have downloaded an FLV video.. then i have a converting program which is anyvideo converter.. and im asking is what format should i use?
is there another useful and easy video converter out there?
plz help..

A:what format should i use to convert FLV files to be burned to a DVD FORMAT?

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I have my files in firefox format..If i want to change the format for only my files without effecting some other files which are in same firefox format...what i need to do?

A:how to change files from firefox format to another format

The simple and obvious answer is to just change the files that you want changed and leave the others alone. But you must have something more in mind.

What is "firefox format"? To what format do you want to change? Using what tool, application or method?

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I was trying to open a file with open with option but has affected all files in my computer....I thought it was a malware hence decided to backup my data and formatted the hard drive but after reinstallation of windows 7 the files are still in wrong format as previously.
Please I need your support to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance!


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windows 2000 won't boot because of a corrupt file. can i recover business files by hooking the drive up as a slave in my other system?

A:recovering files

Yes, the same thing happened to me recently, you could also reinstall win2000, or use the win2000 cd to recover the corrupt file. Do this by booting the PC with the install disk in the drive(make sure that you BIOS settings are setup to look to the CD drive before the Hard Drive)then choose the "Repair Windows installation", instead of the "Install Windows" option.

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I had to do a system recovery and I chose the option to save all files but when I went to run the computer again everything was gone. Is there any way to get my old files back?

A:Recovering Old Files

if you selected an option to save your files they should still be there other than that unless you try a system restore wich might work it might not then i dont know soz

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I'm trying to help someone recover files on an HP Pavillion dv9000 running Vista. From what I know, the laptop crashed a few days ago and when restarted the only option was to do a system restore. After the restore, almost all files are recovered but some are missing, namely all videos and certain documents - documents that were on the "Recent" list under the Windows menu. I did look around on the drive and couldn't find any trace of the missing files.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Recovering Files

You could try these free recovery progs:




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So I recently deleted a couple of video files without realising that I still needed them. They were too big for the recycle bin, so windows gave me an option to "Permanently Delete" them. I really need to get these files back and can't figure out how to. Any help is appreciated.

A:Help recovering files

If it just happened you can try Recuva (free) or GetDataBack (paid)

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I have an old Windows XP desktop that will not boot up. I don't recall the error, but it keeps rebooting over and over. I am interested in getting some files off the hard drive. What is the easiest way?

1. Buy a IDE to USB adapter to read the old hard drives using my Windows 8.1 laptop


2. Create a bootable CD or USB drive and try and copy files from the command prompt to another USB drive?

A:Recovering files

I vote for #1 I have docking cables. They are pretty cheap. I don't know W8.1.
I'm a W7 person!!

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Hi there Guys,
Im having a big problem with my computer.Am havin two 80GiG HDDs.
I recently formatted my HDD so as to install a new Win xp onto my computer.But i accidently deleted my other HDD too..i didnt format the other HDD just deleted the partition only.How can i recover all my mp3,txt and all my other files without having to loose any data? Is there any freeware software or any way i can recover my data?

Please Advise and thanks guys..need to get my data as i have some assignments to hand in school..

A:Need help regarding recovering files...

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Hey I have a laptop that has windows xp media edition installed. I can't get it to boot in regular mode or safe mode. I was wondering if I install windows xp home onto a different partition than the media edition if I will be able to recover my documents from the partition that has the media edition installed?

A:Recovering Files

easiest way would be to run hirens boot cd, get it here: http://www.hirensbootcd.org/ and burn it to a disc.

boot to the disc by going into the bios and setting the disc drive as the first boot device or simply press whatever f key your asked to press to access the boot menu.

once loaded simply load mini windows xp to access all your files and transfer them.

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I accidentally deleted some files, word documents, off of my usb and I really need to recover them. Does anyone know how to recover deleted files? I'm desperate for some help!

A:Recovering Files

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I had to format my computer recently, and I was able to retrieve many files with a program called Pandora. However, it only finds select file types i.e. .zip, .doc, .exe, .jpg, etc... and not file types I still want. They are:

.htm, .html - probably used for other programs, but I mainly want firefox files back, such as bookmarks

.rar - similar to .zip

.deh, .bex - 'dehacked' additions to playing classic doom

.pdf - adobe acrobat

.bak, .proc, .cm, .map, .script - map information for doom 3 maps

.txt - notepad

My computer info (though this seems likely to be irrelevant) is:
C521 Dell, Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 3800+
2.00 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
Does anyone know of any programs that can retrieve at least some of the file types I mentioned above? Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering Files

Hello mtres7 and welcome.I have heard good things about recover my files http://www.recovermyfiles.com/ sadly not free.There are some good freeware alternatives http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/system/fwdatarecovery.html

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I've lost all my emails and a lot of them were very important...grr

I realised tha my inbox.dbx had a copy, (inbox(1).dbx). I tried import and found that all email files that had a copy, would not import. (aka deletedfiles.dbx did not have a copy and it imported fine.)

So i did more googling and found the reasons was that my inbox.dbx was corrupt. More googling found me programs to use but that all cost! I'm a bit iffy about buying things over the internet and i'd much rather do it for free. (who wouldnt?)

I did find a .bak file somewhere of my inbox(1).dbx and im sure there was a inbox.bak there somewhere but i cant fnid them now. If i could i could just rename it and import it.

Does anyone have and ideas at all? I would be much appriciative of any help you could offer.

- Thankyou

A:Recovering .dbx files grr

Hi Taios. I not sure if this what you are looking for.

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My Laptop is once again in the Repair Mode Loop from Hell.

I'm trying to recover some important files I hadn't backed up yet with this ISO suggested on another thread.
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer
I put it on a USB flash drive but I can't get the broken laptop to read it.

When I start the PC I click ESC which gives me the option to open with the USB stick but it then goes directly to the page that says do I want to open windows with repair? (recommended)
Or normally?
When I click either I'm taken back to the loop from hell.

My laptop is so old that I'm given "floppy disc" as an option in BIOS

A:Recovering Files

You need to change the boot order in the bios first so it boots with the USB
If your computer does not have the option to boot from a USB you will need to put
Linux or Ubuntu onto a dvd or cd and boot into that
I use Linux Mint on a USB when I'm working on other peoples computers but have needed to have it also on a cd for older computers.

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i deleted a file right now that i need to recover. i know the path and i typed it into cmd like this:
recover c:\blah blah\file i need, and it said cannot lock the drive, volume is still in use. if anyone's got any tips they would be appreciated.

if it bugs just say it's a glitch in teh matrix

A:recovering files using cmd

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I have a Z710.   Today I downloaded the new premium Avast antivirus and when it auto restarted after the antivirus loaded my computer would not load.. I restarted it numerous times and wouldn't load the OS.. So i finally used the onekey recovery. I did'nt know it would delete all my files.. How can I recover the files that I had. I have countless irreplaceable documents.. Please help

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First of all, let me thank you for taking your time to review my question and to possibly give me a suggestion on what to do.

My situation is that I had a horrible virus and I had to reformat and reinstall my computer. The computer was windows 7, and I reinstalled windows 7.

Now, I had some very important files in my documents before the reformat and reinstall, and I would very much like to get it back.

Is there any hope for me?

Thanks again,

A:Help with recovering files

The file recovery would yield better results if you tried to recover the files after formatting, installing Windows has written over some of the previous files on the drive.

I have used testdisk, TestDisk - CGSecurity with great results, how ever it uses the command line interface.

Here is another free file recovery program
PC Inspector - kostenlose Software fr die Datenrettung von CONVAR - Die Datenretter.

Another good file recovery program, Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products
the trial will show what files are recoverable, however you will need to purchase a license to do so.

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I recently deleted a Document from my CD-RW, and am wondering if there is anyway to recover it? I haven't re-written any data on the disk after the deletion. Thanks

A:Recovering Files from a CD-RW

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I recently had a problem with my computer and had to reformat my hard drive to get my system working again. The thing is, I have two hard drives, one that I used for my program files, and one that I used to save important files. I accidently erased the wrong hard drive and deleted some very important files. Is there any way to recover these files??

I have Windows XP operating system.

I'm desperate! Please help!!

A:Recovering Files

Some well regarded freeware that has a good chance of recovering a re-formatted drive or at least some significant files:http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/file_recov....htm?language=1http://www.recuva.com/http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDiskIn situations where free software is unsuccessful, or only partially, I've seen numerous statements that GetDataBack succeeded, however this is not free software. But the demo will determine what the program could recover for you.http://www.runtime.org/Some of the advice regarding file recovery is general, and applies to attempting recovery using any software:http://www.runtime.org/recoverability.htm

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