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Win98 networking setup problem

Q: Win98 networking setup problem

Can anyone help me out here help.

I already have a working Win XP system with a Netgear USB adapter WG111v3 for wireless Broadband which is used in conjunction with a Netgear WG511v2 router providing access with a Firefox 3.6.9. browser on my laptop

I believe it's possible using an old Win98 system and by swapping over the Netgear USB adapter WG111v3 into the desktop to establish a wireless connection to the same single WG511v2 router with the Firefox 3.6.9. browser as before. After researching the net I found a great video : http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-jJr...with_kernelex/
Assumed I needed the software mentioned in the video (unicows.exe and KernelEx) in order to get the of the functionality of programs that required Win XP such the Netgear Installation CD WG111v3 ver 1.1 plus browser version 3.6.9.

I followed this to the letter all I got was a report about a missing file XUL.DLL in addition the adapter not having the drivers on the CD that might only be Win XP.
Getting frustrated by the minute as this was meant to be easy, so any help much appreciated


Preferred Solution: Win98 networking setup problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Win98 networking setup problem

Looks like Netgear only has driver support as far back as Windows 98SE.

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I installed my network cards to my 2 gateway 450 mhz, with win 98 os pcs, i put the tcp/ip, netbeui, isx programs into the network settings, and i have a cable modem, i put the settings for the cable modem from my computer to the hub to my other computer. I got two computers A and B. A is my computer, B is my dad's. A is the main computer that has the cable modem, hub connected to it. I used the same settings from A to B. One thing is that the cable modem works on B but the network doesnt. I get error message saying "\\(name of comp) is not accessible
No Error information is available"

What's weird is that i can find A from computer B on the find computer menu. But i cant open A from B. i can open B from A. Can someone help me solve this solution please, thanks.

A:win98 networking problem

Moving to networking

See this site for a guide, may help you out

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i have a win2kserver installed on one of my PC and a win98 client on the other .. now when i try to access the win2kserver
( \\server ) it asks me for this
resource : \\server\IPC$
password : __________

wht should i do i even tried to give the admin password here but its still not working . i cant get through .. ??
help me out ..

A:Win2K - win98 networking problem

It won't work with any password until an account is created for the windows 98 machine.

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I have three computers on a network. The first two was a xp pro system and a windows 98 system. Those two could share folders with no problems and had folders that appeared in the "my network places". I just hooked up my new laptop with windows xp pro and whenever I try to access the other xp system it tries to ask for some login name and password which I have no idea what it can be!

Can anyone help me?

A:networking setup problem

You need to create an account on the XP system with the shared files with the same name/password as you use to login to the XP-Pro system. The password prompt will go away after that.

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i currently have 3 desktop computers and a ps3 connected to a wired linksys router to a comcast cable modem. i usually bring my work home with me so i need to connect my laptop to the internet so i decided to buy a linksys wireless router (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833124190).

since all 4 slots of the wired router is already taken, i want to connect my wireless router to my wired router so i can use my laptop wirelessly and to connect my printer to the network so that all the computers in the house can share a printer.

is this possible?
what is the setup that i should plug the wires in?
should i connect the wireless router directly to the cable modem then connect the wired router using one of the open slots or should i do something different?

my computer knowledge is pretty good but i know nothing about networking and ive been wary of moving to wireless because of my lack of knowledge setting up the connection and it shows because im stuck in this setup process.

if someone can break it down, step by step...what i should be doing (using easy networking terms...i only know what router, cable modem, ethernet cord means)...it would be really helpful. also, i already tried using the linksys installation CD and i read in some places that i shouldnt use that so can someone please provide me with some direction...thanks in advance


A:networking/router setup problem

JohnWill's procedure for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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re: Setup of WIN 98.

I had noticed that when i start my 3.2gb HD (the one w/ win98 and ALL my other s/ware on it) it will NOT recognized the SCSI CDROM., after realizing that NO CDROM has been properly installed, I then started my PC with the WIN98 bootdisk, where it loaded the drivers to enable the CDROM to function! Now that I have C: (3.2 gb Hdrive) D: (ramdrive) and E: (CDROM).. that is how my PC is setup now.

Here is the question, when I run WIN98 'setup' from the 'E' cdrom, it comes to the Windows setup welcome screen. IF I click on continue will it overwrite my data on my HD? OR will it recognize that data exists there?

I need to know basically, how can I:
1) make the CDROM letter stay?,

2) if I clcik on continue would it posssibly 'clean up' my registry so that it is NOT as cluttered as it is.. or will that come from a re-install of the software?

thks once again

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I just got a new Dell 8200 with XP. This replaced an old Gateway with Win98 FE on it. I also have a Compaq 4000 PC also with Win 98 FE. The Compaq and the old Gateway were connected thru a crossover cable/NIC cards and were talking to each other as a local MS network before I got the Dell.

Both of these old machines accessed the internet independent of each other (only one at a time were running Internet) to a single dial up ISP.

With this new Dell I still want to keep this arrangement (no need to share an ISP dial up line at the same time).

Tried to run the Network Wizard on XP--got to the point where I loaded in the software on the floppy from the XT to the Compaq

Tried to get this little Network going under XP. Been unsuccessful.

I think the Dell XP is recognizing the connection to the Compaq--it sends packets to it but gets none back. Meanwhile on the Compaq it does not recognize the Dell at all under Network Neighborhoods after I did the floppy install.

When I boot up the Compaq I get the normal Windows networking logon screen but under XP I do not get this window.

Is this right?

What I am confused about is the XP selections available in the Wizard where it ask if you want to share an ISP. I took that option in order to get the floppy created.

Any ideas as to what may be wrong? Do I have to upgrade the Compaq to XP to get this to work?

As always thanks for any help.

So somehow I think I am not configured under Compaq.

A:Networking Two PC's Under XP/Win98 FE

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I posted my question to the wrong topic (win98). So, i'm hoping that someone here can help.

I have two PCs, both are 100MHz 64MB RAM, win98 o/s. My primary computer has run out of hard drive space.

i have dsl, and just connected a 4 port router to my computers. i'm not sure how to network my computers together so i can utilize the disk space (and periphials) on my second computer.

I still want to continue to use my primary computer, but use the secondary one for extra disk space for my primary.
(I hope i'm not being too redundant).

when i try to network my computers, i get a dropdown menu for NT only.

what do i do, or am doing wrong? i haven't been able to set up my network at all yet.


A:Networking w/ win98

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Trying to network a winME laptop w/ a win98 desktop computer. They are not communicating w/ea other.
Is there a conflict w/ ME & 98?

A:networking ME & win98

I take it your using nic's, are you using a crossover cable or a hub/switch/router.

Do the nic's have a green light on the back of them

What protocols have you installed and configured.

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I have a home network of three machines, call them A, B and C.
A and B are running Windows 98 and C is running NT4 Sp6. The network is 10BaseTx serviced by a 4port Netgear hub. All of the computers are working fine, except A is unable to access C. C is visible in Network Neighborhood but if I select it an error pops up that reads:

C is not accessible
No permission to access resource

I can't find anything that is set differently for B, but B can access C perfectly. The funny thing is that this morning I tried to access C again, in order to write down the exact error message for this posting, and a different box popped up that read something like:

You must enter a password in order to access this resource

So I entered a password there, making sure that it was the same as the passwords in the User Manager on C, and up popped C's drives! Everything was working fine, I could access all the drives perfectly. But, when I next rebooted A I was back to "No permission to access resource".

What am I doing wrong? I've checked all of the settings I can find and nothing seems to be different between A and B, so I assume the problem must be with NT's settings. Where should I be looking?


A:Networking Nt4 with Win98

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I have two pc's one had windows 98se installed and the other one has windows 2000 pro. I have installed the enternet cards. When I do a serch from the w2k pc it sees the win98 pc. but when I click on it reads "Network path not found".
So I'm guessing that it is seeing it but it can't talk to it.
In the 98 pc when I click on the entire network it reads "network not accessable".
Any ideas?

A:Networking win98 and 2000

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I upgraded from WIN 95 to WIN 98 and now my DUN doesn't work. I double click on the folder and nothing happens. I have tried removing and re-installing and that doesn't work.
Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Dial Up Networking for WIN98

This will seem funny, but the new DUN 1.3 should fix this, now getting it downloaded, and moved to your computer could prove to be a bigger issue.


Infinity Networking and PC's
[email protected]

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I have 5 win98 computers on a network with public ip's connected to a hub which is connected to dsl. I've added a new XP Home computer also with a public address, but i cannot browse the network on XP, I can connect to the win98 shares using the UNC name in the run box. On the 98 machines I see the same workgroup twice, one contains all win98 machines and the other has the the XP Home by itself. SAME WORKGROUP SHOWING TWO TIMES why is this??? Connecting to the internet is not a problem.


A:Networking XP Home and Win98


This particular answer costs me $35, MS Tech Support, 7hrs of Support. And after getting to the second twice (different days), IT Worked! : )

On the XP System change the "DhcpNodeType" to "4" (Mixed).

Probably currently set at "2".

This setting is located in the registry key:

1. For W2K/XP, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netbt\Parameters

2. Change the "DhcpNodeType" parameter to "4".

3. Restart the XP system.

4. Check your entry by running "Start" Run" "CMD"

Type "ipconfig /all", Node Type displayed at top group should state "mixed".

the e-man
EmTech Computer Services

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Please help!!!

I am trying to transfer files between a win 98 machine and an xp machine using a crossover cable. the xp machine has been configured with ip and the 98 with and both on subnet I have also used the xp cd to set up the network and activated file sharing on both machines and they are set up with different names and in the same work group. I can ping both network cards, but I can't ping either computer.

A:networking win98 and xp machine

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I'm looking to run a network between two computers, HP Pavilion, running WinME & a Compaq Presario running Win98. I've run a network between two WinME systems, and I'm hoping that this network will run as smoothly.
Is there anything I should know before I attempt this endeavour?


A:networking WinME & Win98

No real difference between me and 98, should be the same as 98 and 98

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I have 4 computers networked together through a router with DSL. All four can access the internet.
2 of the machines are win98se and 2 are win 2k. 3 of the computers can see each other and share files etc. 1 of the win98 machines can see all the computers but can only access the other win98se machine. when I try to access either one of the win2k machines it asks for a password. I checked all the settings and the settings are identical to the other win98se machine which can access the win2k machines. when I say all the settings, I checked network settings, password settings, tweakui settings, and installed windows components just to make sure I didn't leave out someting in the comunications section. I have set up networks before and this has me stumped. Just a note here I have installed all the service packs, and updates for all of the computers.

A:networking win98 w/ win2k

You need to have an account on the 2K machines with the same name and password as is used to logon to the W98 machine. I suspect the other W98 machine already has the correct name/password combination.

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I have 2 PCs, 1 is a WinXP MCE, and the other in Win98 SE. The router is properly setup physically and the settings are correct. ICS is working fine, i get internet access for both machines, i can play MP games on both computers thru the LAN options.
The XP computer can see the folders on the Win98 machine thru My Network Places, but my problem is the 98 PC cant see the XP comp in Network Neighborhood. What IS shown in Network Neighborhood is the Network name, and the 98 PC, and its own shared folders, but nothing about the XP machine. I have disabled the Windows Firewall in XP, and set the C Drive to be shared. Under the LAN connection there is no option about the ICF, so i assume by disabling the Win Firewall that cuts that off too. Is there something im missing?

A:Networking WinXP MCE and Win98 SE

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Hi, can someone lend me a hand in networking both a win98 machine to a winXp Pro one?

This is the current setup.
One router, one cable modem.
Both systems are connected to the router, and I would like to get the win98 os to see and have access to the winxp system.

Stuff that might help.
-The router is a d-link.
-I can't ping the win98 machien, it's ip or name.
-I can ping the router and the localhost.
-I haven't really set anything up manually. But did use the network setup wizard on both winXP and win98.
-I will want to add a printer to the network, but that can be done after I get both OS's to work with eachother.

Can anyone lend me a hand with this?
I've gone through the forums and have found quite a bit, but alot of it is beyond me and I need some guidance.

Thank you.

A:networking win98 and winxp

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Just wondering if anyone could give me a brief overview of how I would go about networking two computers, both running Windows 98, together.

And if it's not a brief process, then let me know that too!

A:Direct Networking in Win98

It's easier to read it try this article

Several ways to do it depending on what you want, just file sharing, internet connection sharing, etc.

Hardware wise anywhere from 3 ethernet adapters or two with a hub/switch/or router.

Once again, depends on your needs.

Post back with any additional questions.

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When attempting to access anything (printer, file or directory) over my network (that is, attempting to acess something on a computer running windows 98 from a computer running windows xp) it is extremely slow to load. This also applies when trying to print on a network printer - the software crashes for about 2 minutes then prints.

What is the problem? I am going to reformat soon anyway - will this help?

A:WinXP - Win98 Networking

This may be related to a problem that's been known for years with 2K and XP.

Delete the following key from the Registry (after saving)


Eric Pircher sorted this - apparently Win2k spends ages looking for
"scheduled tasks" on other computers when you browse them thru' Network Neighborhood

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Asked this question under networking but no answers.

I have a small office network of two XP (home) and three Win98s. Been working fine for years but fear
that there was a breach of some sort. Cleared problems found in Hijackthis.

Upon startup the Win98's are asking for password when user name displays. Previously I used no password.
I've tried changing under administrator in XP (which is the server) with no help. Problem appears to be with the server, since all the 98's haave the password issue.

any ideas? This is really putting me behind.


A:Networking Of Xp & Win98 Failed

Here is a link to fixes for various operating systems. You might find your solution there.

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I'm trying to get a windows 98 machine to access shared drives on my new Vista machine on my home network but am having no luck. I got the XP machine to access Vista by creating and ID/pwd the same on Vista and XP. I did the same on Win98 but even with the ID having the same password as it does on Vista, when I click on the Vista machine in Network Neighbourhood, it only asks for a password (doesn't let me enter an ID), and no matter what password I type in for the IDs I have on the Vista machine it says invalid.

Any way to get a win98 machine to access shared drives on a Vista?

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I am having difficulty networking my WIN98 and WIN2000 computers. I am able to share the internet connection but have not been able to share files. According to my instruction from lynksys, I need to have NetBeui and IPx/SPx Compatible Protocol installed. The WIN98 is setup that way, but I cannot find them when configuring the properties of the connection on the WIN2000. You should be able to install them. When I got to my local area connection, click properties, and try install the two, I get the following error: "Could not add the requested component. The error is: The specified path does not contain any applicable device INFs."

Where do I go from here?


A:Networking WIN98 and WIN2000

I think I may have narrowed the problem down to my firewall. I use ZoneAlarm and am trying to figure out how to add a subnet. How do I find out the IP address and subnet mask? I'll have to do this to both computers.

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to make a long story short I had internet connection sharing working on two comps, and the one that was connected to the cable modem got jacked up. On top of that my ISP just updated the system in the area adding to the confusion

Linksys nic = connected to cable modem
D-Link = connected to my hub
netgear 8 port hub

other computer connected to the hub as well

so anyways, i take net connection sharing completely off my computer. I get my cable modem settings right on the linksys. Then i check out my network and it's not seeing my other comp. Both comps have file&print sharing connected, and both are in the same workgroup.

i've tried everything i know(including checking all the connections), and the two computers just will not see each other.

A:trouble Win98 networking

did you check for client for microsoft networks
in network properties.

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Hereís a slightly different spin on what seems to be a fairly common theme. I am a complete networking rookie, so please bear with me if this has been covered before. (I have searched past posts - no joy)

Iím trying to set up a home network between a desktop PC running Win98 SE, and a laptop running WinXPpro. I have installed a wireless router (Linksys) to share a DSL internet connection, and that all seems to work fine. Each machine has access to the internet, but they cannot see each other.

Hereís what I canít seem to get past. In order to get the internet access to work, I have to let TCP/IP obtain an IP address automatically. But most of the suggestions for file sharing involve manually assigning an IP address to each computer. So must I choose between file sharing and internet access? Is there no way to have both simultaneously?

(BTW, even when I assign the IP addresses manually, the computers still can't see each other)

One possible problem is that in the Win98 desktop, each time I change any of the Network properties, the computer asks me to insert my Win98SE installation disk. I do that, but then get error messages saying that certain files cannot be located on the disk. That canít be good.

Is there something blazingly obvious that Iím missing here? T.I.A.

A:Networking Win98 & WinXPpro

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ok i used to have as network working between win98 to winMe but then i got winME for bothe and then on one pc winMe kept crashing so i went back to win98 on it but5 now i cant get my network to work anymore. i deleted the help you gave before i was wondering if you could send it again so that i can get my network working again. thanks for the help and patience.

A:networking winMe to win98

I used the Search option on this forum and found your name in many threads. I recommend you try it to find the information you need.

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OK, this is really frustrating me. i set the network up in early August and it worked fine - file sharing and 'net sharing. Towards the end of the month, the file sharing stopped working (the computers couldn't "see" each other), but the 'net connection was fine, so i didn't bother doing anything since we don't really use the file sharing. Then a couple weeks ago, the 'net sharing stopped working. i used the network wizard on both machines again, and the 'net connection worked again (but again, no file sharing). Now, the 'net connection has again stopped working. Running the wizard does nothing.

i've looked at different threads and asked a friend of mine for some help to no avail. i bought a new crossover cable which didn't help. i've looked at the IPs and that doesn't seem to work, but i may not be looking at them right. i've also installed the Netbeiu protocol.

Any ideas?

A:Networking Win98 to XP with Crossover

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I feel so stupid!

I am trying to get a Win98 PC to print to a HP Deskjet 920C which is connected via USB to a WinXP PC...

Doesnt sound too difficult, except I cannot get the 98 Machine to see the XP one. I can ping the 98 one from the XP one but not vice versa. I have checked the following:

1. Both machines are on the same workgroup
2. Same subnet
3. Same IP Range
4. Sharename is correct
5. Tried swapping cat5 cables between wallports and the result is exactly the same.
6. Printer is switched on
7. Machines can both access the internet so im guessing the patch leads and NIC's are ok

Can anyone think of anything I might have missed? Its driving me crackers lol

Thanks in advance,

A:Help networking Win98 to WinXP

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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully networked a win98 machine to Windows 7?

I'm looking at purchasing some PCs w/Windows 7 for a small business that presently has primarily XP Pro machines except for 2 PCs that run win98. The 98 boxes run proprietary software that controls production machines in the shop and they cannot be upgraded. They do however need access to files that would live on the Windows 7 machines.

If anyone has tried this (or would like to just for kicks) and could provide feedback on:
a) it is possible
b) what extra steps would be required to get this working

Thanks for any information you can provide!

A:win98 networking question?

Go here, (join if you have to) and pose a question to Microsoft directly. You may be lucky and get a reply answer posting. they may still have a copy of Windows98 to test - I have long lost my copy ..

Engineering Windows 7
Welcome to our blog dedicated to the engineering of Microsoft Windows 7
Application Compatibility Testing -- Overview

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I just installed a DSL 504 ADSL Router and can now connect all 3 computers to the web FAST. However they don't talk to each other! I can ping the router from all three but I cant ping one PC to another. I'm using Netgear cards in all. I've checked all the settings, but they just don't see each other. The PCs are standard non proprietry hardware with nothing fancy. I do have ISDN set up on two but not in use.

Can any body help???

A:Win98 Lan setup with DSL 504

Did the lan work before the router.

Are all three computers using the exact same workgroup name

File and print sharing enabled

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I put in my win98 boot disk and win98 cd(off kazaa) and loaded with cd support and typed d:/setup and it performed a system check. It said "Windows Setup Requires 7340032 bytes available on C:" I have 1.2 GB oc C. Phease Help

A:WIN98 Setup

This forum does not allow help for pirated software
closing thread

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I just tried to add and Hp computer to the rest of my Peer to peer network. My network has 3 Win98 Machines and my new HP is Windows NT workgroup ( All 3 win98 machines are working great and are all networked). Tcp/ip is the only Protocol installed on all 4 computers. Workgroup name is WORKGROUP on all 4 computers. NIC light is running and the cable was used before and is working. The port light on the router is also lite when I added the cable. I've done many small LAN's before but I have no clue what else to do ?? There is no error message so I can't work with that ! Can you give any more suggestions ??
Thanking u in advance.


A:Networking Windows workgroup & Win98

more than likely something to do with permissions, check helmig's site

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Since this is a Vista-specific problem, I am putting it into the Vista forum. I hope it's the right choice.

In short, only Vista systems show up on other Vista systems on a network. I find some information in the M$ site dealing with this problem but only dealing with Vista and XP, none for Windows 2000 or Windows 98.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

A:Networking Vista to Win2000 and Win98

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I have had three computers networked via router. One of my computers crashed and I just purchased a computer with Win XP. I have followed all the instructions for networking, ie. chose the option that the compter goes through a router wtih all individual connections to the internet. Made the disk to use on the other computers so that they would be recognized. Now I don't see any computers on the network. In the past, I used Netbeui to finally make the connection, but can't even find that option for the XP.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Trouble networking XP to two win98 via router

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Hi I have two computers, one running XP Pro SP2, and the other win98SE, my question is how can/do I network them together through my D-Link Router??? I guess I need some step by step instructions, because I cant figure it out. Let me know if any other info is needed, all help is greatly appreciated

A:Help with Networking WinXP & win98 through Router

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Ok, here is what I tried, and where the problem happens.

I have an onboard network card, a SIS900. I have a Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4).

I am using the onboard card to be directly connected to the internet, from my cable modem.

The computer with windows 98 (connected to the Linksys) is turned on. My computer (with the network cards and internet) is also on, and working with the internet. I go through the " Set up a home or small office network" process I can click on from the "Network Connections" in the Control Pannel.
- I chose: "This computer connects directly to the internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer."

The main problem: My computer does not "see" the Windows98 computer hooked up to the Linksys network card. I know this because when looking in the Network Connetions window I see a red X over the Linksys card picture. Also, on the back of the card the 2 lights, the light that shows a connection, and the light that shows data transfer are both off.

Is there a way to network a Windows XP Pro and a Windows 98 SE (both with full Windows Updates) to each other as a way the Windows XP computer can provide internet to the WIndows 98 SE?

A:Networking two computer, winxp/win98?

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Im having a bit of a problem... I would like to connect to a Win98 machine with my WinXP machine and Vice Versa... Is there a way I can do it... I can connect Win2000 and WinXP together but I just can seem to get Win98 to do the same...


A:[Resolved] Networking Win98 to WinXP

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I have a networking peer-to peer system with Windows 2000 Professional system and is working find.I added a Win98 machine and when I go into Network Neighborhood and access another machine it give me the message "Enter Password" Resource: \Ronw/IP$. I can access the Win98 machine from the win 2000 machine and transfer files to the win98 machine but can"t fransfer from the win98 machine to the win2000 machine .Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong . Thanks........

A:Solved: Home networking with Win98

Permissions. Windows 98 is wide open. Windows 2000 (based on NT) isn't.

The quick solution is to create an account on the Windows 98 machine and *log into it*

Then create the same account/password combination on the Windows 2000 machine.

Now, you will be able to access the 2000 machine from the 98 machine.


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I can't for the life of get my WIN98 machine to connect to the internet with my WINxp machine playing host over a wireless network. I am using a Linksys router with a cable modem connection. The WIN98 machine says it is connected to the network workgroup HOME but cannot find the internet. I do not know what else to try. Is it in the TCP/IP set up? I thought I had tried everything there too but I just need any advice. I have messed with off and on for a month now. I downloaded network magic but can't get it installed on the older machine. The most frustrating part is I actually had another computer connected at one time with the same configuration but can't get this one to go. ANy ideas?

A:Wireless networking from WIN98 to WINXP

go ontothe both PC and post an IPCONFIG /ALL for both lets see whats there
also model of router

there are two ways to do that


ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

Now for the 98 machine
instead of CMD - COMMAND should work
in fact you should see DOS prompt in progams
IPCONFIG should work on the 98 PC
butwe may need to try winipcfg

post back results - then we can start looking at all the setups

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My husband and I have had our computers networked together several times with no problems (He has ME, I have 98 1st ed) but this time we cannot access each others machines. When clicking on his machine in network neighborhood (setup the network using the windows ME home networking wizard) it says the computer or sharename is not available or is typed in wrong. (using TCP/IP). Also when booting up his machine it goes straight into windows, no log on box appears like it used to.

We checked the cable first which was ok. Then he reformatted and changed his network card to no avail. I did the same, still not working. We tried pinging each other and it just says "request timed out". We ran diagnostics on the network cards which were ok. We ran netdiag and it said that Error 14h had occurred (whatever that is). We both have file and printer sharing ticked and have shared items.
Would greatly appreciate any assistance in getting the network back up and running.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm helping a friend set up a small home network between two computers. One of his computers has Windows 98 "Classic" Edition and a Linksys NIC while the other has Windows XP SP2 with an on-board NIC that seems to be working properly.

The problem is that, while the two PC's actually see each other on the network (I can drill down through the "My Network Places" area to each PC), no other communication can occur between them. No pings, no tracerts, nothing. I'm wondering if I've done something wrong in the setup so I thought I'd post the steps I took on each PC here and ask if someone could be kind enough to troubleshoot this for me:


1: Installed NIC hardware and software drivers. The drivers say they will work with any version of Windows from 95 up.

2: Made sure that NetBUI was installed for the NIC I just installed.

3: Assigned a static IP address of to this NIC on this computer.

4: Assigned a subnet mask of to this computer

5: Did not define a default gateway for this computer since it will not require internet access.

6: Assigned this computer the name "Harold" in the IDENTIFICATION section of the setup

7: Left WORKGROUP as the default workgroup for this PC

8: Made sure that "Client for Microsoft Networks" is the default login client for this computer.

9: Setup a share to share the entire C: with the network and named this sh... Read more

A:Networking a Win98 and WinXP system

You didn't say anything about cabling (crossover ethernet?), but since they "see each other," I guess you must be something there. "No pings" indicates bad cabling, bad NIC(s) or Firewalls doing their job. First, make sure that ping works, then disable all firewalls until you get it working.

By the way, I think NetBIOS, not the old NetBUI, is something you want installed.

Side question: is Win 98 Classic the original, not Second Edition?

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Hi all,
I have a WIN98 machine connected to a modem/router and now also a Vista machine is connected. Both are able to see each other in their respective networking sections (and the printer attached to the WIN98 machine is visible in the Vista networking section) and the internet works on both. But I just cant get either of them to share files (ie I cant get into the directory structures) and I cant get the Vista machine to print via the WIN98 machine. When my XP machine is connected up instead of the Vista machine everything works swimmingly. File and printer sharing is enabled on both machines, the Firewall is disabled on the WIN98 machine. The closest I came to getting the Vista machine to connect to the WIN98 machine was when it found it but then asked for a user and password (but the WIN98 machine doesnt have users). I tried all sorts of possible usernames (Administrator etc) but nothing seems to make the connection.
I'm flummoxed Ė any ideas?

A:Solved: networking Vista and WIN98

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I've just purchased a G4 Powerbook with 802.11g wireless capability. So I bought a Netgear router (which may have been my first mistake) to network with a Win98 PC. I hooked the router up to the PC with an ethernet cable, and turned my Powerbook on. The Mac recognized the router immediately. The PC, however, is not so friendly. The Network Neighbourhood doesn't pick anything up. I have tried adding the router IP address. No avail.

Can you help?


A:Networking with Netgear router, Win98 and Mac OSX

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I have three related questions. First, I am runnimg W98 v4.10.1998 and Netscape v4.7. When I start Netscape Dial-up opens auto and dials my ISP, but when I close Netscape Dial-up does not close and I stay connected. I would like it to close auto. Second, I would like to select files for download and have Netscape/Dial-up download them when I close, and sign off when finished. (Multiple files and maybe from diffrent sites??) And third, my tray icon for Dial-up shows 115200 as my bps connect speed. My US Robotics 33.6 Sportster (Internet updated to 56.6) is set up for 115200 max however Dial-up will show 57600 if modem is set up that way. How can I make Dial-up show my actual connect rate.

Learning & Relearning

A:{DUPLICATE}Netscape, Win98, & Dial-up Networking

sorry, cant help you with the 1st and 3rd.
I have Cable, and its been to long since i had dialup to remember.

But for the 2nd, try www.tucows.com or www.download.com and search for a scheduler
i`ve used www.gozilla.com, but i think theres another one, getright.

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Hello all:

After much reading....My friend and I have attempted to Network to PCs. Original PC is Compaq running Win98. Was connected to the Internet via Cable modem and worked fine. PC#2 just purchased used from employer, running Win98SE. Installed a NIC card in PC #2 since it came without. Connected both PCs to a Dlink DI-704P router. Both PCs can access the Internet no problems.

Trying to access each PC is where the problem is. When opening the Network Neighborhood Icon on PC#2 , it shows itself under the network. Does not show PC#1. On PC#1, PC#1 does not appear, but PC#2 appears in the network and you can browse the C drive we shared. Both computers are setup under the same workgroup. Under Network Properties on PC#2 it shows: Client for MS Networks, the Network Card, IPX/SPx, NetBeui, and TCP/IP. PC#1 has the same except it does not show IPX/SPX or NetBeui. We cannot share a folder or drive on PC#1 either, the Tab to select sharing does not appear.
Since this is all we can find different between the two-IPX/SPX or Netbeui are not on PC#1 , could this be our problem?

We appreciate any advice and help you can offer, and in the simplest terms if possible. It's quite obvious we know next to nothing about Networking!!!We will try to continue this 'attempt' this evening, hopefully with some instructions from the good people on this forum!

Thanks in advance.

A:[Resolved] Newbies to Networking-Win98 to Win98SE

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I currently have two partitions on my computer with 98se on one and xp pro on the other. They're both formatted in FAT32. I want to get rid of win98se but keep XP pro and all my data. Also I'd like to change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS. Is all this possible?

A:getting rid on win98 on dual boot setup

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