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Desktop shortcut icon's arrow size.

Q: Desktop shortcut icon's arrow size.

How can I reduce size of the SHORTCUT ARROW on icons, for very hi-rez desktops?
I have 30 in. monitor (2600X1900 res.) I have too many shortcuts, so I have to keep them smallest, but arrows are not proportionally small. They are covering most of the icon area, thus I can't see the content of the icon.

Preferred Solution: Desktop shortcut icon's arrow size.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Desktop shortcut icon's arrow size.

You can try installing some third party icon packs. Some of these icon packs have better looking shortcut icons, possibly with smaller shortcut arrows beside them. Some third party themes also come with such icon packs but they are harder to install.

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what is the arrow on the left bottom corner on desktop short cut icon for?

A:an arrow on desktop shortcut icon?

To show that it's a shortcut.
Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

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Hi, a while ago, I was annoyed with having the little shortcut arrows on desktop icons. I decided to try to find a way to have them removed, so there would be no arrows for shortcuts, and I looked on the internet for how to do so.

1. One site had me download a registry edit thing, and change my registry.
2. Another site let me download a program that would supposedly remove the shortcut arrows.

And, for a while, one of these methods worked, and I didn't have any arrows on my icons! But then, for some reason, it backfired, and now I have that strange 'unknown program' icon in place of an arrow. Here, http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u...s/Untitled.jpg
(It's a safe image, don't worry)

The problem is, I really don't know which of the two things above made this happen, but I can't get it back. What can I do? I'd be fine with or without the arrows, but just not how it is now!

This happened over a year ago, I do not remember the names of the programs, what I did with the registry, and I cannot use system restore that far. Please help with any solution. I have Windows 7.

A:[SOLVED] Icons on desktop have 'missing file icon' instead of shortcut arrow?

Well, the first thing I am going to ask is if you backed up your registry (You never should make changes to the registry - especially if its a never heard of online tweak - without backing it up) That's the short fix, if you did not back up your registry then please bare with me.

Please test the following:
-Double click "My Computer"
-Go into your C:// drive
-Enter the "Program Files" folder
-Go into any folder containing an installed program, and right click on the exe file inside
-"Create Shortcut"

If a shortcut is created within the folder without that ugly missing file icon, then you can just simply go and do that with all your other programs, drag the shortcuts to your desktop, and delete the previous shortcuts. (Then you can rename them something more straightforward, instead of shortcut to so and so just so and so)

If that did not work, I would try a registry cleaner. CCleaner is free and has a basic registry optimizer built in, though you could try a more specific program, such as a RegSeeker.

If none of those work, then please get back to me on it. (I'll probably have thought of another fix by then)

By the way, now that you mentioned those shortcut arrows, I'm getting annoyed at the ones on my desktop!

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Hi...I'm a newbie user of Windows 7 - 64-bit. When I click on Windows Explorer>Desktop etc at top right, there's an down arrow which allows choice of Icons: large/medium etc and List/Details. When I click on the arrow all I get is a blank 'roll-down' and of course no choices. Can anyone help me rectify this? Many thanks

A:Lost Choices on Down Arrow eg Icon size etc

Hello Kwil, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if running a sfc /scannow command may be able to help if it was corrupted system file at fault.

If that didn't help, then you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before you had this issue to hopefully undo and fix it.

Hope this helps for now,

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On Vista the shortcut arrow on the desktop Icon is much larger then previous Windows, is their a way of making the arrow smaller or other options?

A:Desktop Shortcut Arrow


Originally Posted by BeBop TCB

On Vista the shortcut arrow on the desktop Icon is much larger then previous Windows, is their a way of making the arrow smaller or other options?

Try = http://www.frameworkx.com/frameworkx...blog=57&id=531


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Hi, I had the glitch which didn't let me pin items to the taskbar, so I removed the shortcut arrow through registry. Restarted and everything worked fine, no shortcut arrow and I could pin items.

However I restarted my comp again and now the desktop items have block boxes where the shortcut arrow should be, it's not transparent.

Any help!?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.


A:Desktop icons have black box instead of shortcut arrow!

Ok so I restored to an earlier date because no one could help here. Got the shortcut arrows however the glitch seems to have gone away, now I can still pin icons even with the shortcut arrow on the icons.

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Not at all sure if this is W7 related, or due to something else, but thought I'd take the liberty of asking here, as you folks seem to know about "most everything" PC related.

First time this happened.
As is typical apparently, it will probably happen again, and would like to learn about what might be the cause beforehand.

I turn on the PC, and it boots up normally.
All the Desktop items are there, and in place.

But 2 anomolies:

First, the arrow cursor does not appear; only the a hourglass cursor which does not go away. Stays that way indefinitely.

Why might this be ?

But, if I move the cursor (now the hourglass) into any portion of the desktop that is the first third of it in a horiz. direction, it turns into the arrow.

If I move the arrow back horizontally into the right hand 2/3 of the desktop, it turns back to the hourglass.

Vertical positioning has no changes; it's only the horiz. position that results in the hourglass going to the arrow icon.

Any thoughts on this ?


A:Desktop Hourglass And Arrow Icon Question/Problem ?

When you click on the cursor when it's an arrow, does it work properly? (i.e. does it open the icon you put it on?) What about when the cursor is an hourglass -- what happens if you put it on an icon and click on it?

I've had a somewhat similar situation in which both the cursor/arrow and the cursor/hourglass allow me to click and perform the function I'm trying to do. It happens occasionally -- very sporatically, and doesn't seem to affect anything else --- I also occasionally have a boot-up situation where my cursor is completely frozen!

I don't know what causes either situation, except that occasionally a computer will have a 'corrupted' boot-up, and the sometimes the best thing to do is just to shut down and re-boot.

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My HP 15-AB271S-A Windows 10 laptop has larger desktop shortcut icons than my older E Machines E 732 laptop (which was recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Both have virtually the same screen dimensions and on checking the display settings in the control panels both are set to max screen resolution of 1366x768 and item size of 100% (min). While this situation is not a serious problem I would like to know if there is any way of making the icons on the HP smaller to match those on the E Machines. Incidentally I use the desktop (as opposed to the "Tile Screen" all the time.

A:Size of Desktop Shortcut Icons


R/Click Desktop>View>Select Icon Size.


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Well basically I have just realised on my laptop desktop the small shortcut icon displayed in the bottom left of an Icon has changed to a sort of user icon, I was wondering how I get this back to the small arrow??? Please see picture below
Shortcut icons Changed.PNG

Guys I now have realised it has just changed again :S:S:S:S:S

So whenever I copy something or save something new to my desktop it changes this icon :S

A:Desktop Shortcut Icon

lol, that icon means that it is being shared on your homegroup. Why don't you make it so that your "desktop" folder is not being shared on your network?

Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings

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I'm trying to install a photo editing software called Gimp. After I have successfully installed it, the message says: Application may be launched by selecting shortcut," etc. But I don't see any shortcut icon on my desktop. I'm using Windows 8, 64 bit if that is important. Never had a problem like this before. I am a VERY low tech guy. Thank you.

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I recently got a Toshiba Satellite L500 Series Laptop.

There is an Icon or a Shortcut named "Recent Places"
I want to remove it from the desktop as I do not need it and its out of place. However I'm confused because the only options when right-clicked are: Open, Clear recent items list and Create Shortcut.

I tried dragging into the start menu but it is still on the desktop as well. I cant drag it into the recycle bin and I do not know what else to do.

Can someone please help me?


The Noob

A:Cant remove desktop Icon/Shortcut

Try right clicking desktop>personalize>change desktop icons (top right of the window)>uncheck recent places.


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How do I put a facebook shortcut icon on my desktop?

A:How do I put a facebook shortcut icon on my desktop?

If you are using Internet Explorer you should be able to right click on you facebook home page and select "Create Shortcut".   

I am an employee of Hewlett Packard.- - Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem so others can more easily find the answer - -- - Please click the Kudos star if you would like to say thanks - -

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I recently downloaded IE 10 Can not open IE 10 with desktop shortcut Icon , the Icon opens to an add I have renewed several times, always same results, any one have a clue

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6133 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 601581 MB, Free - 462345 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N826N
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE 2.0, Disabled

A:IE 10 will not open with Shortcut Icon on desktop

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I've seen solutions posted all over for removing the desktop icon from appearing in windows 7 when you press alt+tab, but this does not seem to apply the change to the win+tab shortcut.

I added a DWORD called 'AltTabSettings' in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and set the value to 1, is this supposed to work for both alt+tab and win+tab?

If not, anyone know how to do this? It would make win+tab (which is much prettier of an effect than alt+tab) much more effective.

-on win7 home premium 64bit

A:Anyone know how to remove the desktop icon from the win+tab shortcut?

Hello Bob, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Unfortunately, that will only work with the ALT+Tab option. I'm not sure how to do this with WIN+Tab, if possible.

ALT+TAB - Use Classic Icons or Default Thumbnails

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One keyboard shortcut is.... Win key + shift + arrow left . Does anyone know how to take this function and create a desktop icon to do the same thing? THANKS for any help. Undine.

A:From keyboard shortcut to desktop icon.

Win+Shift+Left(Right) moves ACTIVE (focused) window to second monitor, doesn't it?
While clicking on desktop icon your pointer automatically focus on that icon, and your window loses focus, so trick won't work.

By you can try this software, it was made for multiple monitor management
(it has quick window moving function even in Free version).

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I used to be able to drag a url to my desktop from ie or firefox and change the shortcut just as I would for other desktop shortcuts. Now when I try, if it is an ie shortcut, it does not change, and if it is a firefox shortcut and I attempt to change it, it goes to the default ie shortcut icon. I did create a url desktop shortcut a few weeks ago before this problem started happening and that icon has remained changed. Please help. My children need different icons in order to go directly to some of the educational pages they use. Thanks.

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I have installed the Windows 8 consumer review OS to a separate SSD installed on my high-end machine. I would like to put a shortcut icon on the Windows 8 desktop for solitaire. Has anyone done this?

Thanks Dan but I have tried what worked in Win 7 and it doesn't work in Win 8.

A:How to add shortcut solitaire icon to Windows 8 desktop

If you rightclick on "Solitaire", do you get the option "Pin to taskbar"? That'll pin it to the taskbar (kinda obvious...)
If you want it to the desktop; try dragging the "Solitaire" icon from the folder to the desktop (Works in W7).

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I have a copy of Windows 8 RTM and I want to put a shortcut icon for solitaire on the desktop, not on the taskbar. Does anyone know how to do that?

A:How do I put a shortcut icon for solitaire on Windows 8 desktop?

What version of solitare are you referring to? The "real" version copied from another computer, or the messed up metro version?

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Since installing IE8 RTM in Vista SP1 x86 I've been having some problems with internet shortcut icons not displaying correctly on my desktop.
I've tried deleting and redoing them, tried using AM Deadlink to refresh my Favourites icons to no avail. They show normally in Favourites but show as a smaller version within a white frame on the desktop. This doesn't seem to effect all of them, just some.

I've attached two thumbnails to illustrate what I mean. The first one is the Canada Post item in Favourites and the second one is the same shortcut on the desktop. As you can see there there's another one doing the same thing for Newegg.ca.

I think I am right in saying that it's not a case of rebuilding the system icon cache as that only effects system icons, am I right?

FYI desktop resolution is 1680 x 1050 and I have the desktop icon size set to Classic.

So any ideas folks?

A:Some Weird Desktop Shortcut Icon Issues

Maybe it shows the favicon in the shortcut instead of the IE symbol.

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Hi Here is a similar posting at the Microsoft Community site: (Win 7, 2009 Toshiba laptop) "Desktop shortcuts activate the lowest right icon - very perplexed, even reinstalling Windows didn't fix it, need real expert help please..." In other words, clicking on any desktop icon will activate only the bottom of the screen, shortcut-linked program. That icon is already blue too. I am refurbishing an old Acer Travelmate 2420 w/new install of XP sp3, exactly the same problem,also the mouse pointer won't move pane sliders enuff to click on downloads. I think that this is a hardware problem perhaps overheating? (because we have different machines and OS so it's probably not software, and also everything was fine while playing CloseCombat until I was 20 minutes into the game). Any suggestions as to what and where I can find a diagnostic tool? Thanking you-all in advance. Cheers!

A:Lowest desktop shortcut icon is active

Hi and welcome to TSF you can use this to monitor the temps though the bios is usually the more accurate HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
Did you install all the drivers

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Running win8 gives me beautiful panoramic scenes across my dual screens unspoiled by desktop shortcuts...... EXCEPT FOR THAT STINKING GARBAGE CAN. I have a recycle bin icon that will not allow me to remove it. Right clicking on any other shortcut would bring up a menu with a delete option. Not this one. It wants to stay. Anyone?

A:Removing recycling bin shortcut icon from desktop

Right-click on the Desktop and click Personalise. Now follow the steps shown below (an item that is checked appears on the desktop, one that isn't doesn't). These are per-user settings.

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Hello All, I want to know how to create shortcut icon for all users in windows 7. I tried C:\Users\Public but no folder for Desktop. Thanks

A:How to create shortcut desktop icon for all users???

I found it! I have to view hidden folders C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop

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iv been searching for how many hour, editing registries but no luck how to remove the desktop shortcut icon properties,i already remove the properties in desktop but when you click the shortcut and right-click the properties is still there

A:How to Remove Desktop Shortcut Icon Properties

Hello and welcome Gabriel mate can I just ask what you are trying to do?? For example make them larger, smaller or simply just an icon name??
In Properties as you can see you can change them for one of your choice etc but first why??

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Hi all guys,

Please help me to find out my problem.

I use Windows 7.I delete shortcut icon of program on desktop by shift+delete key. And when I open program(it work as normal) but it show unknown icon.


Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


A:Problem with Windows 7 shortcut icon on desktop

Hi there, yuth and welcome to SF

Clear and rebuild your icon cache and see if that helps

Icon Cache - Rebuild


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I always use Sandboxie to open my browsers and this still works perfectly with Chrome, but the normal Chrome desktop shortcut icon has suddenly stopped working.
All the other desktop icons work OK.
I would appreciate any clues as to why this has happened and how I can resolve it.

A:Google Chrome Desktop Shortcut Icon not Working

It looks like a false alarm.
I use Standby and Hibernate all the time and only shut down perhaps every 2-3 days.
Somehow the desktop Chrome icon function must have got paralysed during the sleep period, because when I eventually did shut the computer down and restarted it, the Chrome icon is now working.
Sorry for the false alarm, but the icon freeze puzzled me. Just re-booting never entered my mind as a solution.

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How can I make a desktop shortcut for Internet Explorer?

There is no option to create a shortcut after right clicking on IE--neither in Start/Programs nor on the IE icon I have on the task bar.

I think the icon I have on the task bar is the one that used to be on the desktop before I moved it; because I couldn't find how to create a duplicate back then either.

A:How Make Desktop Shortcut Icon for Internet Explorer?

Hello Tom,

This can help show you how to.

Internet Explorer Desktop Icon - Create in Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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This happens: a new App (a zip files Manager) has messed up some icons of Windows 8. The Send to context menus has lost the shortcut to send to desktop. So I downloaded the Fix REPAIR SEND TO DESKTOP (the zip file) and I followed the procedure. The unzipped DESKLINK file actually appears in the Folder, however not in the context menus: no shortcut, no icon.
I bypassed the inconvenient with an expedient in the SEND To Folder: I dragged into there the icon of the desktop from the Explorer and and least the function of sending is reactivated.
In reality there is a difference in what is sent to desktop: with the regular send to command you create a shortcut, with my expedient you send the real file/folder. It is not the same thing.
I tried many ways to restore the original configuration: NOT the system restore, not the re-installation. I believe that the mess created by the new App is rooted in the registry. I did not alter anything in there.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

A:DESKLINK - Send to Desktop > Loss of shortcut and of icon

Hello geomazo,

You might see if using Option One in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Send To Context Menu - Remove or Restore Default Items - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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When I create a short cut for a Word document, why is a second greyed-out icon also created on the desktop?

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Hello, I work with my companies IT department. Over the past year or so I have had the same problem as listed below. Sometimes uninstalling, deleting the softwares folder and re-installing the program takes care of the problem. Other times (like this one) it does not.

I have a user who has a desktop icon that when double clicked tries to open an install for another program already installed on the computer. It is looking for the location folder for what to install. If I click "OK" it will give an "Error 1706" and then repeats. If I cancel it then it comes up again. If I cancel it a second time it will actually open the intended program for the icon.

How can I get this icon to open the program without going through the install it is asking for?

A:Desktop shortcut icon tries to open install from another program

Hi and welcome to the Forum
Try this:
Right click the icon on the desktop, click delete. You should get a pop up telling ou that this will just delete the icon and not the program. OK. Now go to C:\Program Files\ and search for the folder of the program in question. [or if the folder is not there try C:\Program Files (x86)] Locate the program exe file and right click it, choose "Send to" Then choose "Desktop (create shortcut). This will put a new icon on your desktop.
Hope this helps!

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Unil this morning i could click on a little "up" arrow on the right side (not extreme right) of my taskbar to display a pop up list of my desktop icons. I could then click on the 1 i wanted. it was very convenient because i didn't have to close all my windows to see the icons. The arrow suddenly disappeared & everything became different & i don't know why. How do I get it back?

Desparate in ny


A:Desktop icon "list arrow" missing from taskbar

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I have researched until I am blue in the face and not found out how to do this.

We are getting ready to have house guests, and I have created an account for them to use. I would like to create a desktop shortcut icon which is roughly double the size of the other icons to draw attention to it. The target file will be a basic readme with a couple of short rules for using my computer.

If I cannot find a way to create the single larger icon, I will resort to another idea I have in mind. That idea is to type the rules in Word and use Snipping Tool to capture the text and use the resulting image as a desktop background.


A:Is there a way to change the size of only one desktop icon?

Why don't you just use sticky notes ... make the note as large as you want

Sticky Notes - Create and Delete

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I am using windows 7 starter edition on my dell netbook, but find the icons a little large, with XP its simply a matter of reducing the number size in advanced settings (display properties-appearence-advanced-item) but how do you do this with 7 starter ?

I have already used the icon size set to small, but find them not small enough.


A:Desktop icon change size ?

See here: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/...-windows-vista/

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I've searched for a while now but can't seem to find a way to increase the size of the icons on the desktop toolbar. Maybe it's something that can't be done but it'd be good because they look silly that small when you have large icons set on the taskbar

A:Icon Size on Desktop Toolbar

right-click - view - large icons

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In Windows XP, how can I change the font size on my desktp icons, without losing the graphic part?

I havetried changing the resolution, but that seems to eliminate the graphic part of the icon.


A:Font Size & Icon On Desktop

Right click on a clear area of the desktop and select properties.
Click the appearance tab. At the bottom there is a pull down menu for font size, choose your option and ok back out


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By default Windows 7 has desktop icon view set to Medium. I want to change the default user NTuser.dat hive as part of SCCM build so that each new user has small size by default, but can change if they wish (hence can't do it as a GPO)
Does anyone know the registry key(s) to change?

Ian Burnell, London (UK)

A:Registry key to change desktop icon size

This view size is controlled by HKU specific user registry. Thus it can't be mapping to another user account.
If you insist, there is a complex workaround(However I wouldn't like to recommend you use this method):
Copy the following registry value to place another user's registry.
Note: It can't be imported, just copy its value.

Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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I have my setting at 125 - but would like to set it to something between 125 and 150. I want to experiment with this setting if I can make it variable. Thank you.

A:How change Windows 7 Desktop Icon size (other than 100, 125 & 150)

Click on an open area of the Desktop. Press and hold the Ctrl key then roll the mouse wheel. One way makes things bigger, the other way smaller.

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Hello everyone. I need to find where the Desktop icon size is stored in the registry. I already looked into this:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics - Shell Icon Size
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop - IconSize

But neither of these seem to change anything. Even if I change the icon size by using right click or the mouse scroll wheel, these values don't change at all. So where is this data really stored? Thanks in advance.

A:CHange Desktop icon size via registry

Hi Butters, right click empty desktop &:-

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I have connected my laptop to a 40" LCD TV using HDMI cable and everything works fine. Since the desktop icons/fonts on the TV shows default (small) size from the laptop, in order for me to see it from the distance I have to change the desktop icons/fonts to a larger size.

Here is my question; Is there a way to set up a different desktop icon/fonts size to match the TV and the laptop? (perhaps different profile settings???) Meaning, when I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV, I want the size of the icons/fonts go back to default/small size icons and vice versa .

Hope this question makes sense.
Thanks in advance!

A:Desktop icon/font size on the laptop and the TV

Quote: Originally Posted by freesunshine

I have connected my laptop to a 40" LCD TV using HDMI cable and everything works fine. Since the desktop icons/fonts on the TV shows default (small) size from the laptop, in order for me to see it from the distance I have to change the desktop icons/fonts to a larger size.

Here is my question; Is there a way to set up a different desktop icon/fonts size to match the TV and the laptop? (perhaps different profile settings???) Meaning, when I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV, I want the size of the icons/fonts go back to default/small size icons and vice versa .

Hope this question makes sense.
Thanks in advance!

I can't think of anything that exist within windows. It wasn't necessarily designed to be used on 40" LCD from 10' away in the way you are using it. That's why Windows Media Center's fonts are so much bigger.

Per this Topic here on 7F: dual monitor text is different sizes between screens you're out of luck.

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Until very recently any shortcut to a website that I create on my desktop automatically takes on my default browser's icon. (Currently Firefox.) But all of a sudden the icons for websites that have an RSS option in them have reverted to some standard boring icon that has nothing to do with the browser nor with rss feeds. (It's definitely not the orange rss icon; it's just some standard boring default icon, like a document page with a folded corner with a square and some colored dots in it.)

So, out of all the links to websites that sit on my desktop, just the ones that point to websites with an option to subscribe to an rss feed have reverted to a common icon picture. Everything other link still has the Firefox symbol. And any new shortcut I create has the same pattern; if there's no rss feed option in that website, the shortcut icon will match the browser's icon. But if there's an rss option the icon will be a plain looking standard icon.

My OS is Vista Ultimate. Any ideas? I can't seem to find this issue anywhere in the forums I've visited. (Or else I just don't know how to phrase it correctly.)

A:Default browser icon lost in desktop shortcut to websites when rss option present

Okay, now I'm not so sure it's strictly related to sites that offer RSS. I played with it some more and some new shortcuts I create (to some of the same sites) take on the browser icon, while others keep defaulting to that boring white icon. I can't determine a consistent pattern. I just know it wasn't happening before!
If anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance!

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This was done successfully in Windows 10 for Google Chrome browser.
The normal shortcut icon as installed: Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
Shortcut path: C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop
The name on this desktop shortcut is "Google Chrome"
Processed tried for creating another desktop shortcut icon for Google Chrome:
Open File Explorer
Go through path to the item C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Right-Click this chrome.exe item or file
Chose Send To..., and within the choices there, chose Desktop(create shortcut)
The new desktop shortcut on the desktop has on its own, the name, "chrome - shortcut"
Shortcut path: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop
Making the new shortcut into incognito:
Right clicked the desktop shortcut icon just made
Click Properties
Target field is already highlighted.  Press keyboard right-arrow button, press spacebar one time, type the word 'incognito'  but not use any quotation marks, click Apply and Ok.
The new shortcut to google chrome with the Target adjusted was tested and will open Google Chrome directly into Incognito mode.
Only thing now to do is try to rename the new icon to mention "incognito" and see if this desktop icon still works.

A:Adding new desktop shortcut icon for Google Chrome in Incognito mode on Windows

This is the same method described in the link I posted here.  I don't see any difference in the method you described above.
Why start a new thread?  Why didn't you simply post the above to the thread you already started?

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Good day.

I wish to know if there is a way to change the font size/style (bold, etc.) of the icon labels ONLY on the desktop screen.

I've tried the Control Panel method (Appearance & Personalization -> Display) that allows me to change the fonts for 'ICONS'. However, this option also changes the appearance of fonts in the directories/filenames, which is not what I want.

E.g. Labels on the desktop with size 12 and bold. Fonts in folders: size 9 and UNbolded (default style).

Anyone have a solution for this?

A:Changing Font Size of Desktop Icon Label

Hi vyrians,

I found THIS thread that offers a couple of possible solutions.


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Hi all. I'm using Windows Vista on an Aspire 5935G laptop. My problem is, the icon size is too big but the internet font size is fine. How do I decrease/increase the icon size on the desktop?

Merry Christmas to one & all!



A:Solved: Windows Vista desktop icon size

Try this:
Right click the Desktop.
Place your mouse over View.
Click Medium or Classic Icons.

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I am using windows 10 Pro > Microsoft Edge.
When I create a shortcut om my desktop the ICON is to small, see example
I try to refresh with the pull down menu of the desktop, refresh BUT DON'T work..
Is there a way to refresh this ICON to the correct size?
Thx Robert

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Hi, This is my first post. I recently was given a new Dell 15R touchscreen computer and it was upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only used Windows XP up until 3 days ago. I am a novice user.

I liked the way the desktop icons looked in XP, the shortcuts for Netflix and Ikea were a nice big red box with an N in it for Netflix, a yellow and blue box for Ikea . They were medium sized, about 1/2" big, but I could recognize them easily and quickly because of the individual graphics.

Now with Windows 8.1, the shortcut icons are a 1/2" white square and a very teeny tiny logo in the center that I can barely see and have confused with other similar icons. I have found where to change the icon size and text size but not the icon appearance. Where would I find this? I have right clicked on the desktop, I've looked in the control panel, I've checked display.

8.1 is a heck of a learning curve for me and I am enjoying learning the new system but I would like to be able to quickly and easily see what I put on my desktop.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate it.

A:How Do I Change Desktop Icon Appearance, Not Size Nor Text

Hi Giselle, Welcome to 8 forums.

This link might be able to help you. Changing the Visual Appearance of Windows 8 | HP? Support

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Hi all, I just installed WIn8.1 Prox64 and I'm facing the following issue. I want to be able to adjust the desktop icons' spacing (vertical and horizontal), desktop icons font size, etc. In Windows 7 this was achieved by going to Personalization/Wndow Color/Advanced Appearance Settings and then you'd have a drop down menu with many items to be able to adjust. In Windows 8.1 it seems that this list is much more limited or impossible. Am I missing something or otherwise is there a 3rd party tweaker for this? Thanks

A:How to adjust desktop icon labels font size, spacing, etc?

Not sure on font size, but here's a tutorial on Desktop Icons - Change Horizontal and Vertical Spacing in Windows 8

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I have a PC connected to my tv in the lounge which i use as a media centre mainly.
It's 4 meters away from my armchair and my eyes aren't so good any more so I increased the icon text size to 150%.
that was fine except the one other Program I use regularly, which has a fixed windows size is now too big for the screen.

I only wanted the text size altered. Why is this happening?

PC is win 7 and I altered the text size from control panel/display BTW



A:resizing desktop icon text seems to change the size of program windows

Im no expert on this but i thought if increasing above 100% you may need to reduce screen resolution to still fit display window

Although im not sure what that would look like on a big tv ?

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