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HARDDISK not bad sector

Q: HARDDISK not bad sector

hello I'm back again with his brand problematic disks WD Scorpio Blue. bootscreen loading resulted in a very long time and finally did not find the drive...

how to fix that

Preferred Solution: HARDDISK not bad sector

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HARDDISK not bad sector

If you would please list the modle number of your laptop, so we can see if it's a PATA or SATA drive. Or the exact modle number of the drive.

If it's a PATA drive make sure that the little jumper on the drive is set to master or cable select.

Thanks Fabe

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Hello all,

I need some advice.

I recently replaced my old harddisk to a new harddisk. The old harddisk has windows xp home and other programs installed.

I did not format the old harddisk, I only took out the old harddisk and replaced it with a new harddisk. I then installed windows xp home to the new harddisk.

While I am installing programs on the new harddisk, I discovered that one of the programs do not allow me to activate the program license because I have previously activated the program on my old windows. I need to do a proper uninstallation to release the license, then I can activate the license of the program in the new harddisk.

My question is, can I take out my current new harddisk, replace it with the old harddisk, boot up as normal into the old harddisk windows, uninstall the program inside the old harddisk, then replace the old hardisk with my new harddisk again.

Will I be able to access the old windows on the old harddisk?
Will it mess up my current windows/programs settings?
Will my current new harddisk windows be able to work as normal after accessing the old harddisk windows?
I thought of accessing the old harddisk as a slave, but I do not know if it is possible to access the old harddisk and do a proper uninstall of the program?
Is there any better way of uninstalling the program on my old harddisk?

Thanks in advance.

A:Accessing Win XP on old harddisk to uninstall programs after installing new harddisk

you have to swap out the drive completely. at no time should you have both hdd plugged in.

repeat, do not run them as master and slave. run each hdd individually at each time only.........

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I have 40GB harddisk and now I am moving to 120GB SATA hardisk. But i want all the data with softwares, plugins and all the windows settings to be transferred in the 120 GB harddisk.

There is any way so that all files and setttings will transferred and I dont have to install everything again.

In my system Windows XP Pro SP1 is installed.

A:Transfer data/settings from small harddisk to big harddisk

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I am using a Lenovo G460 Laoptop with Windows 7 ultimate, Core i3, 3 GB Ram configuration.

As my computer had become slow, I decided to format and re-install a fresh copy of Windows 7 last month. After installation, it displayed an error for a fraction of second saying, windows couldn't install properly. I couldn't read the full message properly as it appeared just for a fraction of second. However, as the windows worked fine, i did all my drivers installations and switched off my laptop. The next day, it was unable to start and automatically did a chkdsk operation and found out many unreadable files and got stuck in the middle during the operation. I had to press the switch on/off button to restart it again and again did a windows installation. Since then, I have to install a fresh windows near about everyday when i switch on my laptiop. On doing the chkdsk operation, sometimes it shows no problems and sometimes it shows many unreadable files.

I am in a state of confusion whether its due to some bad sector/ some hardware malfunction/ any boot sector virus or any other problem. I think if it would be a bad sector then every time the chkdsk operation should detect it, which it doesnt. Please help.

A:Confused whether its a Bad Sector/ Boot Sector Virus/ Other problem

If you run chkdsk without the /r switch, nothing is accomplished. You must run chkdsk /r

Alternatively, you can download the hd diagnostic utility from you website of the hd manufacturer, burn it to cd, and run that.

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I need to view and search the contents of a disk, sector by sector. I have done this before; but, it was on a FAT32 partition. This one is NTFS.

We're looking for something that was not overtly saved to the disk but that may be in the free space.

Free would be nice; but, cheap will do.

A:Need to view the contents of a disk, sector by sector

Look around here, maybe you'll find something useful.


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I'm trying to educate myself on cloning i.e. bootable sector-by-sector replication, not just creating an image file of the used disk space. So far, I've bought a high performance HDD of the wrong size, trying to make sure that I replace it with an HDD with which my first cloning attempt will go without a hitch.

My laptop contains a 640GB Toshiba MK6465GSX HDD (Toshiba SDD - Product Detail). I am considering getting 640GB WD Scorpio Blue HDD for the cloning.

One of the constraints I want to observe is that I should be able to pick it up in person from one of the retailers in my city. However, they invariably carry the WD6400BPVT variant, which uses 4KB sectors ("Advance Format"). Nothing comes up in a search for "MKxx65GSX MKxx76GSX advanced-format" (without quotes), so I assume it has 512 byte sectors.

Is there a problem with cloning from a 512 bytes/sector HDD to an 4KB/sector HDD?

A:Backup cloning from 512 byte/sector HDD to 4KB/sector HDD

Since the currently available advanced format drives use emulation as if they are 512-byte sector drives, I would think that would make you immune from any issues here. IOW, I assume the AF controller would see (likely) contiguous 512-byte sectors of information to read/write and knows to group those to equate to a 4096-byte physical sector. Or, read of a single 512-byte block requested by Windows would have the controller read a whole 4096-byte sector, and return only the appropriate 512 bytes of it (1 of 4 chunks depending on sector/LBA).


Interestingly, the advanced format drives now have the same potential issues as SSDs re: alignment of partitions.

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What is the best imaging software, not like Norton Ghost, that does a sector by sector image copy that does not affect the original drive? I have a failed RAID 5 drive and need to do a manual data copy on that drive (it has a couple of bad sectors, but no hardware failure to my knowledge) and want to make a mirror of it to a healthy drive and then try rebuilding my RAID again. Thanks.

A:Best Sector by Sector Imaging Software

With RAID-5, you shouldn't need to do that. Just drop in a new drive and the RAID will rebuild itself... that's how its supposed to work.

RAID-1 (2 drives), if 1 drive fails - you have a functional system, but replace bad drive ASAP to retain RAID functionality.

RAID-5 (4+ drives), if 1 drive fails, your system is functional. RAID will adjust for missing drive. If another drive fails before a replacement, then some data could be lost.

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My laptop's original HDD failed recently. I managed to save my files but I still have to spend weeks to re-install all my programs. Therefore, I bought two identical HDDs, one will be internal, the other one external. I plan to regularly sector-by-sector back-up the internal unit on the external one so that, if the internal HDD fails, all I'd have to do is simply swap the HDDs to be back in business right away (without doing any other restore operations). What would be the best-suited software for doing this? Is Norton Ghost the best? Are there other good ones? Which one would you recommend? Thanks.

A:Sector-by-Sector HDD Back-Up - Which Software is the Best?

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Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade my Laptop's SSD from a 256GB disk to a 512 one, so i figured i'd clone the entire disk as is, then enlargen the data partition to fill the rest of the drive, using something like Paragon? (I have a spare PC so i can connect both disks at the same time when i clone them).

Now, I was planning on doing a sector-by-sector copy, so that every peice of data on the new SSD is identical to the old one, so that i can connect the new SSD into my laptop and as much as possible will remain the same in terms of file locations etc.

Yet i've seen on one of the UEFI tutorials that I shouldn't do a sector by sector clone on a GPT disk, because the UID numbers for the partitions will be the same as on the old disk, yet surely this is what I want in my case? As i'm only going to be using the one drive at any one time (going from the older to the newer one). Is this OK, can I still do a sector-by-sector clone in my case?

Let me know what you think, or whether I should be using a different method?

A:Cloning GPT SSD to larger SSD - sector by sector?

The UUID is internally used by Windows to identify the device and use it to mount the HD so if you clone sector by sector and connect both drives to the same PC, Windows will see the conflict and put one offline. It is OK if you use on another PC or connect only one to the same PC.

You can use Macrium Reflect Free to clone the SSD. After installation, click on Other Tasks->Edit Defaults from the menu->Backup to set the option. See the screen shot:

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I am trying to setup the 3rd Hard Disk in my CPU. It doesn't seems to able detect my already formated hard disk. Is it possible to have 3 Hard Disk in 1 CPU? If so, how do should I go about it? Do I need to do anything with the Jumper on the Hard Disk?

A:3 HardDisk in 1 CPU

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Hi which would be the best free hardrive checking tool that would tell me if something is failing or is dead



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Hey can anybody tell me which is the best harddisk drive for which i should go??????????I need atleast 250 gb or more of diskspace so suggest me the best HDD with their latest price ????????Thankyou.


Get Seagate 500GB SATA-II


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I have an 80GB IDE Hitachi HD which was formatted NTFS on my computer running Win 7 Ultimate. My problem is that when connected to my computer via external Sharkoon Drive link USB adapter, it is not shown in Windows Explorer but is shown in Device Manager as USB Device and in Computer Management it is shown as ?Disk 1 ? Not initialized? and when clicking on to initialize, an error shows as ?This device not ready?. Same occurred on another PC running Vista Ultimate. Strangely, when connected to IDE inside PC it works perfectly. Can anyone help please?

500GB sata Hitachi HDD
2GB Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate

A:USB Harddisk

Does the USB adaptor work correctly with any other drive?

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i have an old hdisk on an old pc.
the disk label shows that is 4+ Gigs
when i try to fdisk and format, only half is available
at fdisk options appears to be only 2+Gigs

A:only 1/2 of harddisk is there!

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i have a western digital 160gb caviar blue hd now i want to buy a new one but some questions are bothering me

first is seagate any better than western digital i ask this because 1tb seagate is just slightly expensive than 500gb western digital so should i go for seagate?

second is that if i buy seagate, will it cause any problem to the system having one wd hd and one seagate?

please answer in details would love to hear anything to increase the knowledge

A:help about a new harddisk?

1. you can mix any makes of disks. They are all 'compatibel'.

2. the make does not matter. They are all the same since they all come from the same factories in Thailand. I have a dozen different makes and do not notice any difference.

3. except Seagate - one of those just died on me. The first and only disk that died in my installations.

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My computer came with a 10gig hardrive with Windows Me preinstalled. I upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition and have been very impressed it was well worth the 90 I payed for the upgrade pack! I purchased 64MB of RAM to bring my memory from 64MB to 128MB and my computer hasn't crashed ONCE since I got XP! But having two operating systems on one 10 gig hardrive and lots of preinstalled programs such as office has taken its toll and I was warned the other day that my harddisk was nearly full! I deleted all my unnessesary files and managed to get back 1 gig of space but I'm still not happy and would like to get a new 20gig hardrive. It makes more sense to use my recovery disk to return my computer to the way it was when it left the factory and reinstall windows XP on the new harddrive leaving my old operating system on the old C:\ and installing all my programs into the new harddrive. I have two questions about this:

1) Will my computer become dual-boot which i DONT want to happen I want the same setup as I have know but with XP installed on the new harddrive?

2) Will I be able to call my new harddrive B:\ as I don't have a 5 1/2 floppy drive installed and would prefer to have things organised and call it that, if not what will my drive call itself as default as I already have A,C,D,Q,R drive letters already taken?


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My computer came with a 10gig hardrive with Windows Me preinstalled. I upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition and have been very impressed it was well worth the 90 I payed for the upgrade pack! I purchased 64MB of RAM to bring my memory from 64MB to 128MB and my computer hasn't crashed ONCE since I got XP! But having two operating systems on one 10 gig hardrive and lots of preinstalled programs such as office has taken its toll and I was warned the other day that my harddisk was nearly full! I deleted all my unnessesary files and managed to get back 1 gig of space but I'm still not happy and would like to get a new 20gig hardrive. It makes more sense to use my recovery disk to return my computer to the way it was when it left the factory and reinstall windows XP on the new harddrive leaving my old operating system on the old C:\ and installing all my programs into the new harddrive. I have two questions about this:

1) Will my computer become dual-boot which i DONT want to happen I want the same setup as I have know but with XP installed on the new harddrive?

2) Will I be able to call my new harddrive B:\ as I don't have a 5 1/2 floppy drive installed and would prefer to have things organised and call it that, if not what will my drive call itself as default as I already have A,C,D,Q,R drive letters already taken?

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I have an ultraDMA harddisk from compaq. I hope to know what is the ATA and RPM value of my 20GB drive. Is there some software that I can use to check it?


The only 20 GB HDD I could find on the Compaq site is 20GB Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive (7200rpm)

This was at http://www.compaq.com/products/desktops/options/options_storage1.html
That doesn't mean that there aren't more. The way to know, for certai8n, is to open your system up, and get the part number, or full specs from off the HDD case itself.

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a week ago i transferred a list of archived files to my mp4, then the light went off ,when it came back, i can't find the archives on the partition , nor the mp4

also some sound files disappered from the mp4, also files are occupying space whether on the hard disk or the mp4

i tried to show hidden files, but i still can't find the files

so what's wrong ?? , how can i get the files again ??? because the computer shows that they are still occupying space

thanks in advance

Best regards,

A:HardDisk & MP4

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitooo

a week ago i transferred a list of archived files to my mp4, then the light went off


Does that mean you lost power to your computer or drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitooo

because the computer shows that they are still occupying space

If you lost power whilst transferring, there is a good chance some of the files will have become corrupt.

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Hi!Where can i buy sata cabel to my ideapad y700 because i have ssd but i cant connect hdd harddisk because i dont know where to buy the cabel. I only have ssd m.2 .  Please help me !

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Re: Win98SE - Intel 465 Mhz

The harddisk in my PC is 8 GB of which only 2,56 GB is still available now.
From I similar PC (done away in the meantime) I still have a 8 GB IDE harddisk.
and want to place it in my PC.
Please mind that I have never opened a PC sofar.

a) I don't know to what electronic circuit-cable it must be connected (wondering about serial and parallel)

b) then this second harddisk must somehow be connected to and made visisable to the system (by cables I think; however what cables, new ones or
already present)

When I tried to google this subject I only found items on partitioning etc, not
about how to get and connect a second harddisk inside a PC.
Furthermore I have no idea whether there are special well-known problems
related to having a seond harddisk installed (e.g. very slow system)

Advises will be highly aprreciated.

Best regards,

A:add a second harddisk

This may help http://www.perfectdrivers.com/howto/seconddrive.html

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Resinstalled 7 on Dell Inspiron 1545 which had just passed Dell Diagnostics run from partition, which I saved on HD.

OS runs fine but I wanted to confirm Diagnostics still ran from F12 so booted in to run it while I went out. Upon return I find dell diagnostics error code 8146 MSg Error code 2000-0146 which research shows could be a false positive when choosing AHCI mode instead of SATA (as I did) - some users got same error after replacing drive, but didn't after reinstalling in SATA.

But to be sure I ran HD Diagnostics boot scan. Since it's Samsung HD there's no OEM diagnostics for it so I ran Partition Wizard boot CD Surface scan and it found one lone bad sector in the middle of the HD.

Here's my question: Since I only did a quick format during install on the C partition (having deleted SysReserved, Recovery and C to recreate C and SysReserved) just to be sure the sector is quarantined should I reformat it with Diskpart full Format so I know the bad sector is quarantined? Any other suggestions of precautions?

Thanks in advance.

A:One Little Bad Sector

I`ve found that with a bad sector ( I have 2 1TB drives each with 1 bad sector ) no more data has been written to those areas and it`s never been a problem and they`ve been running for 2 years. If it`s for a company and they want to pay to get the drives replaced, then they should. I will look into seeing if formatting does anyhting, but I highly doubt it. A bad sector is a bad sector.

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Hi. I own a laptop Pavilion Dm4 and I protect my files in a partition on HDD by Simplepass protection. and hide this partition by change the security permissions. Now I get HDD 1 (301) error and can not accept OS Setup . I change the HDD by New One and Inistall a New OS But when I try open my old HHD by external USB method and change permission the files appear but not open ( Access is denied ) and when I try to open encryption by Simplepass The program told me ( No protection ) . Please Help ........ Thanks

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Disk Type : SATA with SCSI controller

1. When chkdsk reports a "Bad Sector" on this type of disk is this a physical, logical or can be either error?

2. Can a high-level reformat (e.g. Windows XP Format) sometimes fix the disk or does it just "hide" the bad sector from the OS ?

A:Bad sector

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Hi everyone

I have a bad sector in my hard disk.
when I checked it from error after rebooting it said that there is a 32 kb of the hard bad sector.
it is too small but it makes the windows to be slowly

Is there anyway to fix it?

Ahmed Hassan

A:bad sector????

The only way to eliminate a bad sector entirely is to replace the hard disk. The system has indicated there is physically a bad/defective microscopic spot on the disk platter.

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How can i fix the bad sector for HDD?


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ill just ask what to do with a hard drive having a bad sector? my using seagate 20 GB & maxtor 80 gb. they both have a bad sectors 9 kb.... is there any software which can eliminate this bad sectors? colud please just someone explain this to me im having a hard time coz when my pc boots it hangs in the middle of the process and when i restarted it its fine, but most of the time it hangs, im using win xp in 80 gb (master) and win 98 in 20 gb (slave) and their both having a 9kb of bad sectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i already used this defrag in windows but still my pc hangs when its on its way to boot? pls. help!!!!!!!!!!!!1 could someone explain this and could someone help with problem im going nuts i really need my files!!!!!!!!!! is their any software utilities for these or anything else which can me ? pls. thank you and GOD BLESS U always and more power to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 thanks in advace

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my 40gb hard drive has developed bad sectors. how can I get rid of these bad sectors? please guide me

A:Bad Sector

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my 40 gig hdd has some bad sectors on it and i want to know is there any free software i can use to fix it or if i have to buy the software i will buy it as long someone can recommend some software

A:How to fix bad sector on hdd

Have you tried letting Windows see if it can fix the bad sectors?

Double click my computer and right click on your hard drive. Select properties/tools/error checking/check now.

Tick Automatically fix file system errors and tick scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Click Start and follow the prompts to schedule a disk check and reboot your computer.

Regards Howard

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Hello, this is not a problem but a question.

Will using command prompt to clean (total format) my hard drive have any positive effect on the bad sectors of the device?

Any reply will be most appreciated. Thanks y'all

A:Bad Sector

if you use chkdsk you can identify bad blocks (format will do the same)
the program chkdsk will try and recover the data in the bad block and allocate to another area of the disk and then flag the area as a badblock so it does not get used again
most drives will have some bad blocks - but if they start to increase consistently - that is often a sign the drive is failing

What do you mean exactly by
have any positive effect on the bad sectorsClick to expand...

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I checked for my external HD for bad sectors by HD tune PRO it displayed 47 bad sectors..I was shocked to see this and to verify I checked the disk using default windows tool.I chose scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors and the report showed no problems..Does it really have bad sectors?

A:Bad sector

I dont know how it this problem arose

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Toshiba Laptop is keep saying it has a bad sector, how can I correct this problem.


A:Bad sector

What OS are you running? Use either scandisk/chkdsk or? If this is a continuing problem replace the drive.

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Hey, I have a bad sector on my hd (4kb bad sector). I am running xp and this shows up in the summary (i can only run scandisk on restart).......anyway, what type of problems can a bad sector cause? do i need a new drive...
as long as we're asking....if i get a new drive, i notice they connect with ATA...but my current hd connects with IDE....do i need anything new?

A:HD bad sector help

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I had to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7 as my PC was getting slower and slower and really bloated. After the OS install I also installed FF, Thunderbird, Alibre Design (170Mb installer), MoI (16Mb installer) and Avira. Not a lot, right?

It seems though that only 129Gb of my 148Gb harddisk is still available. 19Gb for an OS and a few piddly programs?!

A:What is using my harddisk space?

Don't know if this is the reason but installers are usually much smaller than the actual program. Just as an example, the free Nitro PDF reader says the installer is 28MB, but the installation footprint is 106MB, and it can use up to 335MB of available hard drive space.


If you go into control panel > programs and features it may show the size of each installed program, app, etc. And don't forget to include other things like Windows Updates, whether or not you've installed IE9 or some other browser, your anti-malware suite, etc.

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I dual-boot my pc. Win2000 and Win XP. The software i used for cloning the harddisk is Norton ghost 2001. Its installed on win2000. My question is, if i clone the pc, will i only clone the partition with the win2000 only? or the software will clone the whole harddisk for me including all the partitions and information thats on a single harddidk?

A:clone a harddisk

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what is best thing to do wen a laptop DAT is suppose to boot asks of harddisk password....and d harddisk is Toshiba mk3265gsx

A:harddisk security

Have you set any passwords in BIOS?
Please make sure that you have turned off the 'Hard disk password' option is turned off in BIOS of the laptop.
To reach the settings,
Tap F2 or Del or Esc key to enter the BIOS (The exact key will be displayed while the first screen is shown after your press the power button on laptop.)
Navigate to 'Boot' tab.
Check if there is an option related to 'HDD Password' or 'Ask password on boot'.
In case of 'HDD Password'
Select if and press enter
Choose 'Modify' if available or turn off/Disable.
Enter the current password if asked
Press 'Enter' if asked for new password. (TWICE)

In case of 'Ask password on boot'
Select it and press 'Enter' key.
Select 'Disable'.

If none of above works, Navigate to 'Exit' tab of BIOS (Last tab or option, usually)
Select 'Load defaults' or 'Load default and restart'
Please let me know the exact BIOS name provided by the interface for exact assistance. The name will be similar to APTIO, AMI for Dell, Phoneix etc, mentioned either at top or at bottom center.

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At present I am using a hitachi 80 GB SATA hard disk.It is so insufficient so I am planning to buy Samsung 500GB SATA.Now if I add the new HD what would happen to the previous one?(80 GB hitachi).Will it remain or replaced by the new one?Let it is possible to add the new one with old one(80+500=580) then reinstalling the operating system(xp sp3) is reqired?

A:New harddisk question

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I have a strange problem with my harddisk. There'e a light idicator on my computer shows that if the harddisk is running or not. After restarting my computer, this ididicator shows that the harddisk is running. This light lasts for many hours even I stopped all the programs running and Internet is disconnected. THe only way to stop this idicator is running a virus scan on the harddisk. After that scan, the idicator's light stops showing that nothing is using the harddisk. The virus scan shows that my computer is clean. Some days this problem doesn't appear but most days I have to do scan. I forced to do this scan because neglecting this may lead to harddisk failure as it happend before.

Any help?

A:Problem with harddisk

Hello Newtonx,

This is normal for there to almost always be some activity on your hard disk. Vista has many background programs and services that are constantly accessing the hard disk. Some of the most common ones are the Index updating the index during low or idle usage of the computer, System Protection creating a restore point, scheduled Disk Defragmenter scans, etc........

Hope this helps,

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Hi good people, I have been using my external drives full of office folder, but this morning I have found all of them with .exe extension and I cant access them at all can some help me to access them and recover my folder.Thanks in advanceEDIT: I moved your topic to a more appropriate forum ~ Elise

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question. If it is not, I apologise in advance. Just as a matter of interest, is it possible to over defragment one's hard drive? Can it maybe corrupt files? I defragment almost everyday, sometimes even twice or more times a day. Thanks.

A:Harddisk Defragmentation.

If you are talking about Windows XP it should tell you there is no point in defragmenting below a certain limit. If it does that don't bother to defrag - you're just wearing out your hard drive for no purpose.
Assuming everything is working perfectly no harm should come from defragmenting when its not needed but in the real world it does increase the chances of corrupting data through either disc error or power glitches. It's a matter of balancing the risks and the benefits.

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Hi, I`m a novice when it comes to computers, so I dont know all
(hardly any) tricks of the trade when it comes to cleaning up my system from unwanted files, doubles, etc.. Ive heard that Windows saves everything that I have done on my computer (all keyboard strokes, all internet surfing, etc.) in hidden files not easily accessed by a normal user. Is this true Is there (preferably) freeware available on the webb that would allow me to permanently erase these files and return the freed disk space for use?

A:Harddisk cleanup

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I have a 210GB Hard drive and apparently i only have 16GB of space left. This didn't look right to me so i went into my Cdrive and checked the size of each folder and added them up on a calculator. Not counting folders that were a few MB or KB the calculator told me i have only used approximately 146GB of space. I ran a defrag and cleanup only a few days ago. So what's going on?

Here are the folders in my C drive:

Program Files = 2GB
Program Files (x86) = 70GB
Windows Folder = 23GB
Users = 44.6GB
SwSetup = 6GB
Temp = 0 bytes
PerfLogs = 0 bytes
Intel = 604KB
inetpub = 188KB
IExp1.tmp = 0 bytes
IExp0.tmp = 0 bytes
Games = 126MB
col1832 = 2.16MB
ATI = 248MB
AMD = 3.87

A:HardDisk Problem

Are you counting hidden and system files?

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Yeah... So I'm trying to install W8 dual boot with W7, and when in the setup file (following this guide; step 6D, the installation: Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista ) - after entering the serial and agreeing with the terms - When it's time to select a drive to install W8 on; It says I can't install on the hard disk "Windows8" because it is... Well, I don't remember exactly what it said but something like "Can't install on hard disk Windows8 because it is a GPT hard disk". Windows8 is a hard drive partition I created yesterday; before downloading W8.
Now... How do I change that? The hard disk has 49,9 GB of space avilable. So... Yeah.. How am I supposed to do? I really want to install Windows 8!
Hope you can help! Thanks!

A:Can't install W8 - Something about GPT harddisk....

I'd use gParted by booting to it. Use that to make it a basic drive with a primary partition. Set it active.

Reinstall Windows.

Many, many ways to do. I gave ya mine. Good luck.

---- Edit:

Ohh, I re-read and this is not a drive but rather a partition you're trying to install to? You'd probably have to convert the drive to basic first, non-destructively. I think gParted does that too.
This thread seems to have other good info:

Unable to install Win8 x 64Pro Retail on 3TB GPT drive on ASUS UEFI

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Is it possible that a hard disk can be damaged by virus?A computer of a friend of mine has been complaining about her sluggish PC even if had been formatted.The technician said the harddisk was virus infected?The hard disk should be replaced?what do I need to check out first to know the cause of sluggishness?Thanks.

A:Harddisk Is Infected!?

Since the virus is stored at the hard disk when placed,yes
examples are:
-It deletes files needed to run a system
-Tracks down your activity and private information
-It also slows down pcs
and many more......

Did she download any AntiVirus program?
several of these at the same time may be the cause of the sluggishness
especially when they are scanning at the same time

Also,did she got recently infected with a particular virus?
After reformatt of her PC?

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I was thinking about partitioning the hard drive on one of my computers running XP SP3 and installing other Operating systems on them, but I have no clue how to do it Also, I know there's a way to do it with an OS disk, but I have a SP2 one, would using that make a difference partitioning the harddisk?

A:Partitioning a harddisk

I would recommend wiping the entire disk, and starting from scratch using the Windows installer to partition your drive out. What size of drive is it, and what OS do you plan on installing on the other partition?

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My don't start.I need a recovery cd or usb. On the mean time bought a new harddisk now I need Windows 10.Try to do factory configuration, but nothing. Or simple I can't do that.I have never made a recovery cd. M#: E0K02UAS#: 5CG3254F3L

A:Harddisk problem

If you have previously installed and activated the Windows 10 you can reinstall it without a license key. The hardware id is stored on MS servers and will activate automatically.Use the directions here to "create installation media to use on another pc".https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10

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