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no hard drive partition guide from Dell while purchasing new laptop

Q: no hard drive partition guide from Dell while purchasing new laptop

hi, I ordered a new laptop through flipkart, after doing startup activities on new laptop I saw only one Drive ie C:,but in I could see apart from this drive,four other drives are there with name starts with Disk 0 partition 1/4/5/6.what is the use of them,should I keep them as it is in my laptop ? can I free up those drives ?

Preferred Solution: no hard drive partition guide from Dell while purchasing new laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: no hard drive partition guide from Dell while purchasing new laptop

All of the other partitions are required for system startup, recovery or operation. DO NOT alter any of them - or you will be greeted with an unbootable system when you next restart.
This is a GPT disc - there is no longer a limit of four primary partitions on a disc -- so you can add a D: partition (or whatever you'd like for your data) without altering the factory layout.

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Is there any guide here on how to do that, i tried searching on google but it seems kinda confusing and it looks like you have to buy a special software to do that. I want to experiment with something

A:A guide on partition a hard drive

You may or may not need special software, depending on your current partitioning and what exactly you intend to do.

If you have a simple partitioning requirement, you may be able to do it with Windows built in "Disk Management".

If not, you would need "Partition Wizard bootable disk".

The best thing you can do is post a screen shot of your current partitions as seen in Disk Management and describe your intentions as it relates to that screen shot.

Access Disk Management by typing those two words into the start button search box.

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The model of this laptop hard drive is a Western Digital (WD1600BEVS-60RST0). So, in order to replace the hard drive, would it be alright to purchase any WD1600BEVS model hard drive, or does it have to be exactly WD1600BEVS-60RST0? Thanks.

A:Solved: Quick question about purchasing a new laptop hard drive.

Basically anything even slightly resembling the specs of the old drive will work. Hard drives are pretty much just a generic storage device and don't need to be replaced by the exact same model.

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I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question. If it is not, please feel free to move it.

My Dell 1525 Inspiron with Vista Home Premium has a bad hard drive and I am getting a new one. I want the new drive to be like the old drive was as it was shipped by the factory.

On the old hard drive there are at least 4 partitions - Recovery (D - FAT32, has the factory image on it), OS (C - NTFS) and MediaDirect. There also is a hidden FAT16 partition with the diagnostic utilities on it and I have the CD that supposedly allows me to recreate that hidden partition on my new hard drive when I get it. But I can't find information about how to recreate the recovery partition.

The MediaDirect partition I can live without. It is apparently in what is called a Host Protected Area and what it allows you to do is to pop in a DVD and watch it on your computer without having to boot Vista. It is a nice feature, but never used on this computer. And I may be able to recreate it from the CDs that came with the computer, but even if I can't, I can live without it.

However, what I cannot figure out how to do is how to recreate the Recovery partition on the new hard drive from the recovery CD. I don't think I can. I can see the recovery partition on the old hard drive and I can boot into DOS from the Recovery CD and access the recovery partition (D). I can use the DOS command robocopy to copy the contents of D: to an external hard drive, then the plan would be to copy it back to t... Read more

A:Recreating the Dell Recovery Partition on New Hard Drive

There is no need to recreate, exactly, what you had. You can download this free software
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
Make a copy of your HD. Then keep it either on an external HD or on the HD that has the OS (this is not the best way). If you ever have a problem, you can just use the image that you saved.
I said this is not exactly what you had, because it is better. As you add programs etc and make changes, you can update your image. With the recovery partition, you would go back to day one. You have to install and the upadates, files and folders etc. This way everything is right there.

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ok....I have givin up scanning the surface....after four months it seems that it will be scanning forever.....so first question.....when you do a surface scan from scan disk are you scanning the hard drive?.....and if the answer is yes....it would seem that I need to replace it so can I buy just any ole hard drive?.....the computer is for children.....will never be internet used or the like.....simply for games.....lots and lots of games.....what should I purchase.....

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I have a laptop and just purchased a new laptop hard drive.
I place it in my sony viao and then boot from my windows xp pro cd.
Once I get into the blue screen I start to see my hard drive and then I have the option to create a partition.
When I go through the process of attempting to create a partition, nothing happens.
I just never get a created partition.

I have tried 3rd party software to view it and create a partition and it just doesn't work.
I know it is NOT the hard drive because this is the 2nd replaced one.

Its a 60gb IDE Laptop Hard Drive for a sony via.
Any recommendations out there or ideas as to what could be causing this?

A:I can not partition my laptop hard drive....

What happens? The process just locks up with no errors, messages, or any indication that something is processing? And the exact same thing happens with multiple boot disks? You've replaced the hard drive and have exactly the same problem?

I'd say there's a system board / drive controller problem. On a laptop, that would mean a system board replacement.

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Hello. Okay, so this is a purchase I plan on making in a couple of weeks (I have a little job thing going on, so yeah ). In any case, I'm looking for an external hard drive that is at least 500GB in size. I'm willing to spend up to ~85-90$ (that includes shipping and handling and tax). I did do some research on Newegg to kind of figure out what I could get, and I came up with two results:

Western Digital My Book Essential WDH1U6400N 640GB USB 2.0 Black External Hard Drive - Retail

Seagate FreeAgent Desktop ST305004FDA1E1-RK 500GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - Retail

What do you think about those? Also, as I was doing my little research, I came upon a problem: I really don't know which brand of hard drive is the most reliable, as I want this to last me for at least 2 years of usage. So, which brands should I be looking at for reliability? Thank you for your advice! ^_^

EDIT: Found another one:

Seagate FreeAgent Desk ST306404FDA2E1-RK 640GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 Silver External Hard Drive - Retail

A:Help purchasing an external hard drive

The Seagate Free Agent may not be what you expect... it does a lot of automatic data saving, but you have very little control over it.
If you want a drive you can access when you want to save or retrieve, We recommend a Vantec Nextstar 3, or the SATA unit with an open port into which you slide in the hard drive.
Then you use the enclosure cables and connections, but you use the hard drives that you trust and are used to using... Take a look at a large site such as www.directron.com and look at their external enclosures.
If you are looking at the Seagate Free Agent, CAREFULLY read up on what it does and how it does it... It will save your data, but you will have hell to pay trying to retrieve it quickly.

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Hi, this is my first post, you guys may have to help me with protocol a little bit! I looked over the existing threads and see some old ones related to this topic, but nothing real recent.

From my limited experience, and from what I'm reading on the Internet, it seems that getting a single computer backup system to work reliably seems impossible! Here's my scenario:

I have one old computer that we are ready to take out of service and another newer one that we will use to take its place, so I decided to buy an external hard drive to back everything up for use in transfering the data. The old system is also backed up on Carbonite, but even that does not seem to be fool proof, as the current computer apparently is having some problems, lost a few of our data files, and when we called Carbonite to get help with getting them back, they weren't available on Carbonite either, and not even their tech guys seem to know why!

OK, so I'm not confident that Carbonite is "the" solution and I start looking online to purchase an external hard drive. I see some reasonably priced ones at MicroCenter, so I start checking out the user ratings and comments. In particular, I was looking at a 1TB Seagate. Most of the ratings were ok, but a handful of the ratings say the drive completely failed after a short time period with minimum usage, and that is really scary! Now I'm really unsure as to how to proceed, so I start looking for further info.

Then I read a T... Read more

A:Purchasing An External Hard Drive

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Here's where I am:

I just had to reformat my Dell laptop hard drive. Dell DataSafe backup failed miserably. So I'm on my own.

I have a partition L: that the message says IS NOT ACCESSIBLE.

I have changed owner of L: to Me (Administrators (DOV-PC Administrator)), permissions (Me, Full control and all other), and other things. I get SETTING SECURITY INFORMATION popup (once per major change) but still no access. According to L:'s Properties, it's a 300GB drive with only 25GB used.

For some reason, the drive is displayed as L: (V:). Not sure why.

Any ideas about how to gain access?

(It's not the end of the world. Before reformatting, I copied (via Ubuntu; thank you Google for warning me how unreliable Dell DataUNsafe backup is) everything I needed, including a few drives such as L:. But it would be convenient to not have to restore 25GB from external hard drive.)

A:Can't access partition on laptop hard drive

Try changing owner to your user account not the admin group.

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I have a pretty decent spec laptop with a 750GB hard drive, at the moment there is just big "C" drive within both the OS, installed applications and my library files on it. Is there a better way of using the space with multiple partition etc and if so what are the idea ways that some of the more "PC Friendly" people currently use?


A:whats the best way to partition my laptop hard drive?

You can always keep another partition for storage. A purpose to keep another one for data is to move the User folders to it so it keeps the C partition smaller for imaging purposed. Then if C ever becomes irreparable you can reimage the OS and Programs to C in 20 minutes while your data is waiting and current in D partition.

To do this shrink C to create a new partition, copy your active User folders (Docs, Pics, Music, etc) there, rightclick each to add to related Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums.

Once everything is there you can delete the content of the User folder on C. But keep C in the Library so you can see if anything gets written there.

If you use another imaging apps besides Win7 you can actually move the User folders themselves to the data partition as shown here: User Folders - Change Default Location. However with Win7 backup imaging it would deem the new data partition a System partition and force inclusion of it in the image, which defeats the purpose of keeping C smaller for imaging purposes.

Once you're working with your user folder data like this you can also consider a modern backup and syncing method like shown here in Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums

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I wasn't sure which was the best forum to post this in so I posted here - if it's in the improper forum please let me know and I'll move/open a topic in that forum. I have a 2-year old Lenovo Y510 Ideapad. Straight out of the box, Lenovo partitioned the hard drive into a 29.2GB C: drive and a 103 GB D: drive. However, everything is set to save/install, etc to that C: drive and after about two years, the drive is nearly full. I've tried moving things over to D: with limited/mixed success - I've moved desktop, music, etc to D: and copied all my program files over there, but what now? What's the next step? I'm still frequently getting low hard drive space errors and anything that I download to D is still opening/installing in C (for instance my fiancee needed me to update her phone...the update's too big for my remaining space on C: and won't install). Any ideas here? I appreciate any help I can get here and if I can provide more information to help troubleshoot this issue, please let me know.

A:Hard drive/partition issues with my laptop

take a look at this...http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/shrink-and-extend-ntfs-volumes-in-windows/Hope this is what you wanted.

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Thanks in advance for any help anyone could give me.

I am on an older Dell Desktop that does not have high speed USB 2.0
A lot of the External Hard Drives I see have 2.0 in the name. For example a random google says

"Toshiba's 400GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive".

Does this mean my computer has to have USB 2.0 to work?

I am almost exclusively going to be storing music on this hard drive as a means of moving around my growing music collection. So that gives you an idea of what I am looking for.

If anyone could make recommendation for a good external hard drive that will work for my needs and computer it would be much appreciated.

I am running Windows XP and Service pack 2, not a terribly old computer by some standards, it just does not have a 2.0 highspeed USB slot.

I know the entire thing about how USB 2.0 is faster, To sum all this up I was just curious if USB 2.0 would work on my computer just at a slower speed. All of the External Hard Drives seem to have 2.0 in the title.

Thank you again for any help!

A:Question about purchasing an external hard drive.

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A:pavilion 23 hard drive nogood. purchasing new from hp d...

Sorry @rob616 but it does not come preloaded. To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108 REO

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I have an ACER 5520 notebook laptop I want to recover my OS back to original. I have loaded XP home on the laptop and at the same time had to delete the 9.8 partition F . I would now like to put back the original OS but need to know how to Partition the hard drive back to original. ANY one know how to do this would appriciate your help.

A:Hard drive partition for ACER laptop 5520

Do you have some need to create that partition? If so, you can do it when the installation routine begins - but I don't see why you'd need to recreate that partition.

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I replaced the hard drive on my Lenovo G585 laptop and I'd like to include a restore partition. I already created a 25GB partition but how do I include a file to restore an image of my fresh system?

A:Replaced laptop hard drive, need restore partition

See here: Recovery Partition - Create

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My new laptop XPS M1530 by DELL with Vista 64bit and a 500GB hard drive came with 4 partitions already in use. I shrank OS C: to give me 150GB's of unallocated space and tried to format and rename it F: so that I could install the Windows 7 Beta and the machine tells me I have to many partions already in use to make another. Apparantly you cant have more than four partitions on this machine. The question I have is can I use a partion manager or some other solution to have more than four partions on this laptop?


A:Solved: New Laptop wont let another partition on hard drive.

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Hi guys.
i have a dell 5010 laptop
I wanted to divide into five partition my laptop hard drive. But 7 did not let that make more than four partitions.
My hard drive capacity is 465 GB. 7 automatically maked partition 0 with a capacity of 100 Mb.
I built second partition 65 GB and the third and fourth with 125 gb.
In the end it did not make fifth partition with 165 GB
I've installed Windows then with diskmgmt.msc made the fifth partition but all of my partitions was changed to dynamic partitions.
after restarting windows it couldnt run and I cant remove partitions and fix them from 7 bootable.
now what do i must do?

A:I wanted to divide into five partition my laptop hard drive

Hello se8820726, welcome to Seven Forums!

There is a four (4) partition limit with Windows.

You will have to convert the disk back to Basic from Dynamic to correct this issue.

Download the zip file from this link below to the desktop then once it has been extracted burn the ISO file to CD and then boot the PC with the CD to use Partition Wizard to convert back to a Basic disk.

pw422.zip – Windows Live

ImgBurn Free ISO Burning Software

Have a look at Option Four of this tutorial at the link below for an outline of the process; I'm sure others will have some additional information for you and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

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This guide is intended to make selecting, purchasing, and installing computer RAM as easy as ABC 123; in an easy-to-understand language.

1. Determine your computer's memory compatibility. How? It's easy! Just visit www.crucial.com and use The Crucial Memory Advisor tool. It'll display every compatible memory module for your computer.

2. Know your computer's memory limit; never exceed that limit. You can learn your computer's memory limit by researching your specific computer model on the Internet, or using The Crucial Memory Advisor tool. And no, I'm not affiliated with Crucial. LOL The tool will automatically display your computer's memory limit after it's finished the scan. For example, mine's 2GB (2048MB).

3. Establish your needs. You want a minimum of 512MB, not 256MB, unless you're positive to never install any memory-hungry/graphic-intensive programs/software, such as Adobe Photoshop or the latest PC games. Remember, you can never have too much RAM, unless you exceed your computer's memory limit. And you know that's a don't do, right?

4. Always purchase name-brand (brokered) memory, such as Crucial, Corsair Memory, Kingston Technology, Micron Technology, Mushkin, and Samsung; never purchase generic (unbrokered) memory just because it's cheap. The saying "You get what you pay for" is true to memory; you've been warned!

5. Always purchase memory modules with gold-plated connectors;... Read more

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Hello there!

I am trying to dual boot Windows 8 release preview along side my present Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I understand that windows 7 only lets four partitions at once. My PC came in with four partitions, namely:


So when I try to shrink the space in the C drive and go through the new simple volume wizard in the Disk Management, a message comes up saying the disk will be converted to dynamic if I proceed. I was a little confused and stopped there. I read a few threads online and downloaded the minitool partition wizard but I am really lost as to what to do. To summarize it all up, I am trying to dual boot windows 8 release preview but I have four partitions already so is there anyway I can delete one of them or create an extended partition? I also included screenshots of my partitions. Please help! Thank you in advance.

A:Hard drive partition problem in Windows 7 on a HP laptop for dual boot

You don't need the HP Tools partition, delete it and then shrink C to create unallocated space to create a new partition, then, when u install 8, use the setup.exe in the Sources folder, this allows for a custom install where u designate the partition. ...and welcome to the forum sneakymode!

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I have a 1535 Dell laptop - I want to get a new hard drive

I've logged onto the Dell website and have looked up my laptop's spec for the hard drive:


Does this mean I *have* to get just SATA?
For example, I should NOT get SATA II?

SATA II hard drives have very good prices from what I can see
But no use buying if it's not compatible!


A:What hard drive do I need to get for my Dell laptop?

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I would like help installing new Hitachi 100gb harddrive in Dell 9100 laptop and I would perfer to start new. I Have an ez upgrade kit from Apricorn but would rather reinstall all the software and settings that I need.

A:need help w/ new hard drive for dell 9100 laptop

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The hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 700m died recently, and I've been meaning to replace it. When talking with my friends about it, they told me that they've "heard" that Dell laptop hard drives are custom-shaped for their laptops, so if I just go out and buy a generic hard drive, it might not fit. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

Right now, I'm using a spare hard drive that one of my friends let me borrow (also from a Dell laptop--so we don't know if the aforementioned rumor is true or not), and it's working fine. Which leads me to my second question: after I buy a new hard drive, if I just directly transfer all the data from my friend's spare hard drive to the new one, will everything run properly?

Thanks in advance!

A:replacing a dell laptop hard drive

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Here's what I am working on.

Dell: P-233 Latitude Laptop

Here's what I have done:

I got this computer used. I formatted the hard drive first, then I went into FDISK.
I noticed that when I hit Diplay info it shows this:

Partition: C:
Status: A
Type: Pri DOS
Mbytes: 2047
Usage: 66%

What Im concerned about is why does it show 66% usage? Does this mean it is only using 66% of the Hard drive? And if so how do I set it to get 100%?
When I set the percentage to l00 I notice it will still say only 66%...


Also: What WIN operating system in your opinion would work best with this computer being only a P233? I see it says it was built for WIN95/NT....

thanks again

A:Dell P-233 Laptop - Hard Drive Usage says only 66% - Need Help!

Sounds like you used an old version of FDISK or you did not enable large disk support when it asked in FDISK. Windows 95 at first only support a 2 Gig partition. Later versions support bigger partitions. What Windows are you using? If 95 you will have to just create an extended partition and format it. If Windows 98 you must use the windows 98 Fdisk to delete and create a new partition and don't forget to enable large disk support.

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hi all,
lately my laptop dell vostro1700 gave some weird erro messages as "Fatal Error System" and when running preboot tests, it gives hard-drive error message
so i decided to change the hard, however there are 2 x 160Gb hdd, model hm320hi
thought of replacing with one of above 320Gb; the specs coincide, but in the model number i get last two digits different for example JI
can anyone guide me through please
need to specify also that the connection is not through wires, but through connecter mounted on bracket

thank you so much

A:Hard drive upgrade for Dell laptop

Update the BIOS to the latest version.

DELL site reports this unit:

Single Drive:

5400 RPM hard drives up to 250GB or optional 7200 RPM Free Fall Sensor hard drive at 160GB56.

Dual Drive:
Up to 320GB configured with (2 x 160GB) 5400 RPM hard drives.

Okay so you can do the same thing with the 320GB or just leave it as a full partition. Download the latest BIOS for the unit. If not then you're might be stuck with 2 partition on 320GB new drive. Since a single can support 250GB you might get away with 320GB. Odd configuration. Even 500GB with 2x partitions of 250GB should also work. Just have to test it and see.

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Hey guys-

I'm pretty heartbroken on this one....My 20Giig HD for my Inspiron 8100 bit the dust.

I was fairly well backed up, but am missing my 3 YO daughter's birthday party and first day of school JPEGs. I tried jumping as a secondary on another PC- (this worked in a similar inceident few yrs back) and at first it recognized the drive and then made alot of wrilling and clicking noises and then it would not assign it a drive and allow me to get at it..... A few more re-boots and it will not recognize it.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions? OR would it be worth my while to get it to one of these "data recovery firms"? And hope they don't gouge to badly.....

Thanks in Advance,


A:Dead Dell Laptop Hard Drive

Try freezing it in the deep freeze for an hour (in a plastic bag) then accessing it before it warms up.

Its usually good for one try only, but has a measure of success depending on the nature of the failure.

Think many many hundreds of $ for professional recovery if the drive needs disassembly to extract the data.

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I have a Dell Laptop with a 80 GB drive and I am running out of room. I went to the store and got a much larger drive (I think 320 GB), a USB transfer cable and Norton Ghost.

I have run Ghost 3 times and each time I replace the old drive with the new one the computer can't seem to see the new drive with the Ghosted data. Even when I have the old drive install and the new one connect via the SATA to USB adapter will not read the drive even though the Vista see the USB device and says that it is ready to use.

What am I doing wrong???

A:Dell Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade

If you have a seagate drive ...use seagate tools....I recently cloned an hdd on my dell laptop using seagte tools


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Please help me locate and remove my hard drive. It needs to be fixed by Dell and they asked me to remove the hard drive first.

A:Dell latitude 800 laptop hard drive

tech support did not walk you through the removal of the drive? It is standard practice for techs to walk customers through how to remove the drive when determining to replace it. reseating the drive is one of the standard TS steps.
Anyway, is this a D800 or a C800? On the D800, locate the headphone jacks, you'll note that there is a cutout area around it and a screw just under the bottom edge of the system, remove that screw and pull the drive out. On the C800, the drive is located center of the right side, you'll notice a rectangle cutout with a single screw through it(if you have an IR port, it is located on the faceplate for the hdd) remove that screw, slide the plate up, grasp it firmly and pull the drive out.

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I have an older Dell Inspiron laptop and the hard drive is on its way out. I don't know a whole lot about hardware, but a guy at the local repair shop told me that any 2.5" IDE would pretty much work as a replacement. I looked on newegg first and had trouble finding one. Maybe I'm just an ***** but I was wondering if someone can help me find a solid one online so I can buy it. I'm looking for around the 60-80GB range maybe.

A:Hard drive replacement in Dell laptop

This will work for you:

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Hi I?am having lots of trouble my computer is slowing down and start when it feels like takes way to long to do that and sometiems messages that access denied comes out just like that. I already have done this with my desktop in the past and its a big diference it change some for better and I would like to do the same with the laptop but what would I need to do this if its just one hard drive and I have external hard drive (western digital) cna this work or how its done please.

A:Dell Studio Laptop hard drive wipe

Access Denied can mean you do not have administrative right on your pc through your user profile. What are you trying to access?

GO to the link "PC Running Slow?" follow all instructions to help speed up your system. If there is no positive results report back here. Let us know how it goes.

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It has been a long time but stilll see some familiar faces. My hard drive went and we just installed a new Toshiba (direct replacement) on this Dell Laptop.

I have the original OS Re-installation DVD (from Dell) but it is not recognizing it. Not quite sure what to do/try next.

Appreciate any input/direction.

A:Replace Hard Drive in Dell Studio XPS Laptop

Post here and ask Peter (Ex_Brit) to send you the link to the versions of Vista you need, 32 or 64. Include your E-mail address mucked up, like abc at xyz DOT com then edit your post and remove it as soon as you receive the link.

The ISO Peter provides has both SP1 and SP2 applied.

Pick up the Tutorial: How to Download a Vista ISO and Create an Installation DVD or USB here:

To Create Vista Installation DVD or USB Flash Drive with ISO File

During the install, when asked for the key, don't enter it. You will then be given a menu where you can chose the version you want to install.

Activate once the install is completed.

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Dell Inspiron e1705 with corrupt sectors on the hard drive. The good - able to cable it in to a desktop to retrieve files and personal info. The bad - the corrupt sectors are in the OS so unable to boot by the hard drive or recover windows with it. The question - is this as simple as replace the hard drive with new and off we go or will I need to find a disk for the OS? The laptop came with an internal partition to repair/reinstall but no CD Rom to my knowldege. I was running XP with SP3 before the crash.

The goal would be to swap drives and keep going but if I have to purchase a new OS it may not be worth it.

Thanks for the help

A:Solved: Restore OS to new Dell laptop hard drive

And apparently I have forgotten how to type "knowledge"

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I would like to buy a new, moderately-priced computer but I do not like Windows 10 and prefer Windows 7.  Can I buy a moderately-priced, Windows 7 computer through Dell?  Also, also i would like to have a 1TB hard-drive installed with 8MB of RAM.  Any and all replies/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:Want to Buy Dell Laptop with Windows 7 Installed along with a 1TB hard-drive and 8MB of RAM:

The only systems left with 7 as an option have sixth generation CPUs (Skylake - now about two year old technology) -- and only business models (Latitude/Precision).  
All the 7th and 8th generation systems require Windows 10 -- meaning a "no" to Inspiron, XPS and Vostro models.
If it's the interface  you don't like, you can easily replace the 10 shell with Classic Shell (free).  Also realize that Windows 7 will go end of life (no further security updates) in just over two years (January 2020), so that will happen within the lifespan of the system you buy -- carefully consider whether you want to saddle 2017 hardware with a 2009-vintage operating system.

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Trying to figure out what is involved in changing hard drives in a new Atg 6420 laptop.
Im guessing I need to create a ghost image of current HD, but not sure how to.
Once that's done do you just install new HD and reinstall ghost. If someone could guide me through this or send me a link for a tutorial I would be greatful.
It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult.
Thanks, Owen

A:Swapping hard drive in dell 6420 Atg laptop

Easiest is to use free Macrium Reflect or the premium Acronis Cloning/Imaging App which comes free with any WD or Seagate HD in the mix. Clone over the old to new including MBR and Track 1, then unplug source HD and run Startup Repair if needed to start it.
Seagate Acronis cloning free util
WD Acronis free cloning app
Excellent manuals are available on the Downloads page.

You can also use Win7 backup imaging or one of those recommended above to save an image externally, then unplug the source HD and reimage only with the new HD plugged in.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery

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Dell Latitude

I want to replace the original hard drive with a larger capacity drive, the original is (don't laugh):

Hitachi DK23DA-20, 20GB, ATA5, EIDE, 4200rpm

DELL's site gives me little to go on for replacement parts but an alternative site suggests:

160GB ATA100 5400 rpm drive

I have found a Toshiba 320GB ATA/300 5400rpm at Fry's. Is there anything I need to know about the ATA type to ensure compatibility? Will this ATA300 drive work with my system which previously had an ATA5 drive?


A:Replacing Laptop Hard Drive - Dell Latitude

Toshiba makes a very good drive. We rate it among the top three, along with Seagate, Western Digital, and Fusjitsu. In our repair shop over the past 20 years, Toshiba has been our most reliable drive. A 5400 rpm drive will last longer than a 7200 rpm drive, and that speed will be noticeable...
Also look at www.directron.com, www.zipzoomfly.com, www.TigerDirect.com, and PCMall.com among others... prices vary almost daily.

Be sure you are getting the right type of drive... some are SATA, SATAII, EIDE, and ATA6...

It is difficult to return hard drives, so be sure you are getting what you need.

The 320 GB is a good choice, and will be almost as inexpensive as the 160... and most certainly less costly per gigabyte.

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Hello.  I posted about a month ago when my 13-month-old Dell Inspiron N4110 was stuck in a startup repair loop.  It needed a new hard drive, which I installed myself, and everything worked great for a couple weeks. Then the constant freezing started. I thought it was Firefox, since that was what I was using most often, but it turned out that *everything* would eventually start hanging--Word, Task Manager, iTunes; it even froze on shutdown a couple times. I tried disabling and reinstalling all the plugins in Firefox, I ran virus scans and diagnostics and troubleshooters and chkdsk, and no issues were ever found--until, I think, I downloaded Microsoft .NET framework when a Dell diagnostic tool asked me to.  And finally the constant freezing stopped.
But then it started again a couple days ago. The computer starts up fine, but within a few minutes it will start hanging regularly--like every 30 seconds, the cursor either won't move or clicking on something gives me a "(Not Responding)" message at the top of the window.  This lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes.  When I open Task Manager, the CPU usage fluctuates wildly (when Task Manager itself isn't frozen)--it's usually at around 30-60%, but will rise all the way to 99% and then down to 0%.  This is when I just have one or two programs running--Firefox and Word--and I don't have many startup programs, nor a lot of programs or files on the computer in general. Once again, all the W... Read more

A:Replaced hard drive, now Dell laptop constantly hangs

Can you boot into safe mode? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Start-your-computer-in-safe-mode
Try running the computer for a while in safe mode and see if the problem continues. If it doesn't, it may be a problem with one or more of your drivers. When you installed the new hard drive, did you use the Dell install CD or just a generic Windows 7 CD? Dells use very specific drivers and it's best to install the OS using one of their install disks.
You may want to try a clean boot and performing some diagnostics. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135
It's hard to say at this point what it could be -- this kind of behavior usually indicates an issue with driver and/or system files not loading properly and hogging all the processor bandwidth.

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my old toshiba ATA 6 hard drive failed. so i purchased a seagate ata-100 hard drive from new egg. i installed the new hard drive and loaded the windows recovery cd. when in windows XP home edition setup it says,

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or set up program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3.

also in BIOS it says primary hard drive source: none

any ideas on how to get the hard drive working

A:Solved: Dell 600m laptop new hard drive not recognized

What were the symptoms of the previous drive failure?
Can you see this drive in the BIOS or the splash screen?
Can you hear the drive spin up?
Double check your installation.
It's possible some other component has failed.

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My Dell Latitude C610 laptop is reporting "primary hard disk 0 not found".
I would like help to see if there is something we can do to get it back.

A:Solved: dell Latitude C610 laptop - no hard drive

moving this to the virus section of the forum. It started to boot in windows, and then died.

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Okay, the subject line says it all.
It's all virused up and something's wrong with the keyboard, and I'm tired beyond description of fighting EVERY program on it to download an anti-EVERYTHING program, How do I just wipe the f-f-f-f-f-fdarned thing's harddrive clean, so I can re-install from the recovery disc?
I keep hearing about programs that one may download for such a thing. Am I the only one who's suspicious of the notion of downloading a program, for the purpose of wiping out all the programs? I'm not very cyber-literate, but I can't imagine that it's difficult to write such a program with the mission: "Make all the old info on the computer no longer accessible to anyone...except me, the programmer."
Thoughts, anyone?

A:P.O.S. Rebuilt Dell E4200 Laptop. How do I reformat the hard drive?

If the 'recovery disk' has the Windows OS install on it or if it is a Repair Disk used to boot and then reinstall using the
Windows in the Recovery partition, then all you need to do is pop in the disk and reinstall following prompts. No need to
format using any other program. The clean install will wipe out any malware on the hdd.

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I have to replace the hard drive in my Dell 2650 Inspiron laptop. Does anybody know the procedure or steps to do it. I can buy one on Ebay but want to find out how to get the old one out first

A:Dell 2650 Inspiron Laptop hard drive replacement

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Upgrading a faulty hard drive for my wife's laptop; but then I saw a previous buyer returned a hard drive as his laptop did not recognise the size.

We have Dell Inspiron 510M using 40gb IDE HDD

I want to buy 160gb IDE HDD, how can i be sure the BOIS and mother board will accept the drive?

Any help appreciated

(BTW, we went to Dell website and they require a product service number, which has fallen of the bottom of our pc so we can't even ask Dell the question in the support section)



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my issue is so like other posts but a smidge different. my dell 1735 has two hdd bays. i stripped my original hdd and loaded it with ubuntu. i placed it in my secondary bay and hooked it up. i recieved another hdd from dell, preloaded with vista and put it into the primary "original" bay. How do i boot up my secondary hdd? i think i may be missing the forest through the trees. thank you. sincerly, tommybee.

A:Trouble booting up second OS/hard drive on Dell 1735 laptop

you need to set up your system to dual boot.

just google "dual booting vista and ubuntu" and you'll find lots of guides on how to get you set up.

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My HD failed and I am installing a new one. Since the restore data is in the old HD, how can I restore to factory settings? 
I do not have any backups. And the only CD I have that came with the laptop is the Dell Drivers and Utilities. I don't think that cd has a copy of windows....so where will I install windows from?  The laptop came with windows 7.

A:Restore after new hard drive - Dell inspiron n7010 laptop


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I have a dell inspirion 9100 and I just recently installed a new dvd-ram drive because the old dvd-rw died...
I have a pioneer dvr-k16 and when I boot up it stalls for like 30 seconds now and then flashes "secondary hard disk drive 0 not found". Windows starts up like normal and my drive works, although I've only watched movies so far and haven't tried burning anything. How do I get the error message to go away? I've tried going into setup and that doesn't seem to help anything because I don't know what to do in there. I keep reading on other threads that you have to change the slave to cs or something like that but I have no clue as to how to do any of that or if that would even alleviate my situation. Maybe just a dirty computer? I do have two cats and I have fur balls floating all over the place that I can't seem to get rid of...that's a whole seperate issue of course. HELP?

A:secondary hard disk drive 0 not found on a dell laptop what do I do?

The bios in your laptop was set up to use your old drive, the specs on your new drive will be different.

First off, have a look at the drive you took out to see if it was set to master, slave, or cable select. To do this, have a look at the back end of the drive near the connector for the jumper setting, then make sure your new drive is set the same.

Then you need to go into the bios and look for any options to scan for hard drives (this will scan for optical drives too). You need to make sure its set to your new drive and not your old one.

If you don't know how to do any of this the your manual will help, if you don't have it you can probably download one from dell.

If you still have problems then let me know and i will do my best to help further.

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I have been asked to look into a problem with a Dell inspiron 1150 laptop concerning an intial BSOD error which is intermittent and has happened twice and only twice in the last week according to its owner.

I witnessed the error today but unfortunately did not note any particulars of the error. What I did notice was that the error happened when the power was supplied by the AC adaptor. The hard drive emitted a continuous clicking noise as if it were trying to boot after and at the BSOD. On turning the laptop over to its underside with the BSOD on screen, I noted that the fan was still.

On the BSOD, on pressing the power on button with power supply in, the BIOS reports that there is no bootable device and does not provide any access to a HDD menu in setup. On removing the power supply jack and rebooting from the battery pack, the laptop boots perfectly.

While writing this post, the laptop has emitted two click type noises and the screen has frozen.
I am now of the humble opinion that there is an overheating problem here since the underside of the laptop is warm and the fan has stopped - - at present the laptop turns on then swiftly back off again regardless of where the power is sourced.

I have advised the owner to purchase a cool mat to alleviate the heat build up since there is a paltry sized fan supplying air flow to the components.

Is this a common problem with Dell inspiron laptops, all laptops or is there a fundamental hard drive problem approaching. I w... Read more

A:Laptop Dell Inspiron 1150 - Hard Drive Error Vs Overheating

In this case I would call Dell tech support they may be of some help and have them check the part number of the AC Adapter for the unit. It may be the wrong one. If the unit boots which apparently it does I suggest until you verify the proper power supply that you do not use the pwoer supply, if the polarity is wrong for the computer and I think it is there could be damage to the computer, the noise you hear from the hard drive is probably the hard drive running backwards or trying to.

As for the BSOD if you can get the error message for us and/or Dell tech support it would be most helpful

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so i was told to buy a sata data and power combo cable and connect the hard drive to my desktop but i don't know what to do after that, is there a certain web site i go to to fix this problem or reformat it is a dell inspiron 1545 and i have windows vista please help

A:Dell laptop says internal hard disk drive not found and no bootable devices

Can you say what happened to your pc, does it boot into Windows?
What do you want to do with the SATA cable you have bought?

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I'm looking to purchase the Hard Drive Isolation Mounting Guide Screws for addind additional Hard Drives to my HP Dc7900CMT. Anyone know where I can get them? Thank You

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A:Where can i get hard drive isolation mounting guide screws n...

Hi: If there isn't a spare set inside the case on the drive bay, then you are out of luck. They are only sold with the purchase of a HP hard drive. I have searched everywhere for folks and cannot find any that even resemble the ones in a dc5800/dc7800, dc7900 or 8000 - 8300 Elite, 6200 Pro. I have given away all of the spare sets I have. Paul

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