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Solved: Cannot record sounds other than microphone input

Q: Solved: Cannot record sounds other than microphone input

Hi, I hope this is the correct place for this!

I'm trying to start an LP series on Youtube but I'm having difficulties. I am recording with Fraps, and it records my voice fine, but not my game sounds (or for example, if I'm in a Skype call, it will not record the voice of the other person). I have tried messing with every setting I can think of messing with and I've been agonizing over this for months. I just can not get it to work.

I thought it may have had something to do with having onboard sound, and was going to buy a sound card, but now I'm not sure. Next I thought it could be related to my using a USB headset, so today I bought a proper microphone and some speakers. No luck, plus when I play Minecraft the sound coming out of the speakers is scratchy, screamy, and horrible. It sounds like the devil is in my speakers - and it's only Minecraft that does it (as far as I can tell)

Does anyone know what causes this? Is it some kind of XP limitation? I really need to get this working. I'm at a loss! Thanks for any help.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Cannot record sounds other than microphone input

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Cannot record sounds other than microphone input

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Suddenly and out of nowhere my microphone has started transmitting system mix to the microphone output and no one can hear me. I've uninstalled audio drivers and reinstalled them to no avail. I have been using Realtek drivers and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Computer Sounds being transmitted through Microphone output, not microphone

Are you plugging into the Back Pink audio jack of the computer not the front? Open the RealTek audio control panel in the Task Bar or in the Control Panel. Here you can adjust the Mic and test it.

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i just installed a new version of windows vista & though i can listen to songs online, etc. the "windows sound recorder" wasnt installed & i cant seem to record with other tools either, maby some1 can help me figure this out

Sony vaio
Vista Ultimate installed

A:Solved: cant record sounds

i have also installed the only sound driver listed under the sony driver website for my model & still nothing italked to a sony rep. who was of no help & sent me to a page where i was told

The Stereo Mix setting is not available in Audio Recoding properties.
The Stereo Mix setting is not supported.

NOTE: Third-party audio recording software or sound drivers may provide this feature, but they are not supported by Sony.
Also dont know that this matters but it worked once then never again, odd... i have tried 3 mic's too, any ideas ???

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I have tried three software sound recorders. None of these recorders will record sounds.

>>>Is there a diagnostic package or procedure to identify the problem?

I am running XP on a XFX mainboard.
All Realtek drivers have been updated today.
Using PCWizard 2012 here is the data for multimedia.

Device Audio : Micro-Star International MCP73 High Definition Audio
Audio Playback : Realtek HD Audio output
Audio Playback : Modem #0 Line Playback
Audio Playback : Microsoft Sound Mapper
Audio Recording : Realtek HD Audio Input
Audio Recording : Modem #0 Line Record
MIDI Output : Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
MIDI Output : Microsoft MIDI Mapper
Mixer Device : Realtek HD Audio output
Mixer Device : Realtek HD Audio Input
Device multimedia : AVIVideo
Device multimedia : CDAudio
Device multimedia : Sequencer
Device multimedia : WaveAudio
Device multimedia : MPEGVideo
Audio Compression : Microsoft IMA ADPCM CODEC
Audio Compression : Microsoft ADPCM CODEC
Audio Compression : Microsoft CCITT G.711 A-Law and u-Law CODEC
Audio Compression : Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC
Audio Compression : DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Software CODEC
Audio Compression : Microsoft G.723.1 CODEC
Audio Compression : Windows Media Audio
Audio Compression : Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.net audio codec
Audio Compression : Indeo® audio software
Audio Compression : Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (advanced)
Audio Compression : Microsoft PCM Converter
Video Compression : Cinepak Codec by Radius
Video Compress... Read more

A:Solved: Computer Will Not Record Sounds

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When I try to record, the oscillating line doesn’t oscillate. Some time ago, I did record something through my mike and have a wav file with the recording. I can play that through my sound recorder. I went out and got a new mike but that wasn’t the problem. The device manager says that my sound cards are working and I can play various wav files on the sound recorder. Any ideas? Thanks, grandpaw

A:[SOLVED] can't record through microphone

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Hey everyone, this is my first post (and hopefully my last ).

Ok, I'll start. I'm into games, namely half-life mods, and I use voice communication a lot. Recently my computer... blew up... so I had most of the parts replaced, and upgraded in some cases. The thing is, no matter what I do I can't get my microphone to work anymore. It's a cheapo labtec headset, but I'm pretty sure it's not broken. It wasn't plugged into the old computer when it blew up either. So I think we can rule getting a new microphone out.
Here's some details: I'm not that good with computers, but I think when I got the parts replaced we switched from using a sound card to "onboard", or something like that. Basically, the holes where I'm supposed to put the microphone jacks migrated from the bottom of the computer to the panel where I plug in my keyboard and mouse. I went down from 4 holes to 3, but I still have a pink one for the microphone so that shouldn't be a problem either.

Here are the stats if you need them:

AMD Athlon xp 1800+
1.53 GHz
256 ram
Geforce 4 mx 440
Windows XP (professional I think)
Labtec headset

I scoured the forums for hours and I tried basically everything, driver updates (says I have the best drivers), unmuting everything, fiddling around with settings, etc. Nothing works. There is one difference in my case I think, and that's when when I go to "Sound and Audio Devices Properties" under the "vo... Read more

A:(Solved) My microphone won't record anything!

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i just bought a new karaoke microphone and nothing records when i press record!

mic is checked, and i dont know what the problem could be. plz somebody help.

A:Solved: Cant't Record Sound With Microphone!

solved, thanks, although i didnt give anyone time to reply!

- i plugged the microphone into pink slot at back of harddrive!

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Hey, first, let me thank you for being here. I love being an independent artist and enjoy the challenge of doing a lot on my own, but I appreciate the time to reach out for help and this is definitely one of those times!

I'm supposed to be able to record right into my laptop, HP DV8130US. I've tried two different mikes - the one I'm using now is a SHURE Beta 58, and am using a Mackie micro series 1202 8 track mixer to go into the laptop. I was using a cord with an adapter to go from mixer to laptop, but Friday purchased one with an 1/8 inch on one end and a 1/4 inch on the other so I wouldn't have to deal with funky things that can happen with adapters.

I use Audacity as the recording software. I also have Soundforge XP that I tried earlier.

The bottom line is no matter what I do, I can't record a clean sound. There's static, loud crackling noise, and a high hum at times.

Yesterday I went out and purchased the external Sound Blaster Live 24-bit. The high hum isn't there but everything else still is, albeit slightly lower in volume.

There really isn't that much difference between going through the external card or my laptop card though...not enough to justify the purchase of the external card.

Now, earlier this week, my music partner took his DAT player out of his studio, set it up in my house and we plugged the mixer into that. The recording was great. Problem is to get the data off that, we have to put it back into the rack in th... Read more

A:Solved: Trying to record into laptop with microphone

audio recording chain has lots of potential for problems
"static, loud crackling noise" sounds like you have a level mismatch and are overdriving the sound card and "a high hum at times" is most likely a 60 cycle ground loop (very common when trying to interface "professional" gear to "consumer" level gear and to computers in general). Most computer soundcards, even supposed "high end" cards are made predominantly for hooking up multimedia speakers and gaming, not actually pro audio recording.
also, dirvers could be an issue with your software-to-hardware communication

there are fixes for these many issues, but best bet if possible, is trade the mackie mixer for or buy a "pro" audio interface, designed specifically for recording. there are many good USB models that can be ...bus powered from your laptop, are very portable and have decent mic preamps, zero latency monitoring, headphone amps, etc as well as "pro" drivers options that are designed and tested for your application.

some excellent products are made by M-Audio. I use these myself with great results
see here http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.list&ID=mobileinterfaces

you can email me personally if you want info on where to find great pricing and after sale support.

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I have a Windows 7 laptop and a 3.5mm jack headset. The laptop comes with a built in mic, like many laptops, but its terrible. awful background noise, horrible quality. so i use my Cyberr acoustics headset. But as of late, its decided to just stop working. It's almost as if There is no headset in at all.

The pink jack goes in the mic input and the green goes in the headphone input, and u can still hear out of the headphones, but the mic isnt working. its not a problem with the headse, because i have 2 of the same headsets and they both do the same. they used to work, now they dont... there must be a problem with the laptop?

Does anyone know what the problem is?

A:[SOLVED] Microphone input not working

Go into Device Manager and uninstall ALL audio devices.

Reboot the system - see if the audio works properly.

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I have a few cassette tapes I would like to put on disc.
I have connected a tape recorder output thru the mic input and can hear it very well.
But am at loss on how to record it to a Disc, Any suggestions?

A:record from mic input?

If you have a stereo tape you need to use the Line In instead of the Mic in which is only mono (it has a stereo plug but the ring is +5V DC for a computer mic).

You "record" the songs to the hard drive, saving each one as a "wav" file (not MP3). Then using a CD burning program you create "audio" discs (not MP3 discs).

The free (and popular) "Audacity" program will record and save files. The free CDBurnerXP will burn to discs (much better than the Windows Media Player burning). Only use CD-R blanks. Do not use CD-RW blanks.

You may have to set "Stereo Mix" as the default Recording Device for Audacity.



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i cant record sounds within my computer . .i know there is something that was called "audio mixer" when you show disabled devices in Audio properties so that i you can record internal sounds.. .but i cant find it..im not using a Realtek Sound driver.. and i think it was the default Windows 7 sound driver. .?. .any idead? im using Virtual Dj to record sounds and Audicity. .but it says there is something error please check the hardware?

A:i cant record sounds!

woaw sorry it was not "audio mixer" but STEREO MIXER..

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i have vista and i just connected my turntables to my pc, the sound comes out of speakers very perfectly, so i watch some tutorials on youtube on how to record sound from your soundcard withought software but it still dosnt work for me,


but for me it looks like this, so anyone have any ideas?


instead of saying the name of my card and saying mixer it says CD so can anyone help me out ? thanks

A:cant record speaker sounds

Do you have it connected to the line in or the microphone jack?

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I can record sounds from the mic. input ok. But can't record sound bits from a CD using Sound Recorder. I am using Win XP Home with Windows Media Player 10. How do I extract parts of a CD to wav. format?

A:Record sounds from audio CD

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i have recently wired a stereo and mixer up to my computer into the mic in (the red slot) on my sound card and the stereo into the speaker port on my sound card, the mixer and stereo and everything else is set up properly and working fine and all the sounds from the computer are going but i cant get to record on my computer, whatever recording software i use, when i try to record on it it comes up with an error saying : bad input device... or error opening audio device for input...or error while opening sound device please check input device setting and project sample rate...or an audio recording device cannot be found... i am on windows 7, in the sounds section on the control panel no other devices are showing apart from my speakers... anyone know what i have to do to get to record on my computer please?

A:bad input device/ cant get to record on my computer

Keep it simple -- use a purpose-made computer microphone!

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I am trying to record the audio my PC is playing using audacity (or adobe audition), but it does not work. I have enabled stereo mix. I then setup audacity to record stereo mix, but it does not detect any sound.

I am able to capture my system sound when I record video with FRAPS while having "Record Win7 sound" box checked. So, I know there is no physical problem with my hardware.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

A:unable to record sounds my PC plays

You have "enabled" Stereo Mix. But, have you made Stereo Mix the "default" Recording Device? It has to be set as the default recording device.

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And than somehow convert it to an .mp3?

I have vista 64bit

A:Is there a way I can record the sounds being played on my computer?

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Attempting to record an online presentation (with presenter's permission) and recording software (Debut) can't seem to record the audio. I think the problem is the SoundMax HD Audio card. The Recording control for that only shows two options-Microphone & Line In. The SoundMax volume control (output) handles WAV, SW Synth, etc. so we can hear the sound OK, but can't seem to capture it.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:SoundMax can't record internal sounds?

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Hey guys. I'm having a microphone problem. When I go to sound properties, and try to turn the mute OFF from the record properties it just kinda blinks but stays on when I click it:

Any ideas would really help. Thanx.

p.s. It's not a virus because its like this even after I reload my OS.

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I have a headset-microphone connected to my sound card. When I tap the microphone I can hear the tap on my speakers but I cannot record a sound to my Powerpoint presentation.
If I right mouse button click on the icon on the tool bar to open the volume control, I can see all the controls are set to the loudest and nothing is mute.
The options are: Master Volume / Wave / MIDI / CD Audio / Line In / Microphone / Phone. I have clicked on all options under all three properties.
I am sure I have neglected to do something simple?
I don't know why I cannot record any sound ?
In my hardware I have listed under Sound controllers:
NVIDIA(R) nForce (TM) Audio codec Interface
NVIDIA(R) nForce (TM) MCP Audio Processing Unit (Dolby(R)Digital)
I don't know what to do. The microphone seems to be 'live' but I cannot record a sound?
Please help.

A:Microphone does not record

Open the volume control.
Click options > properties.
Click on recording. In "show the following volume controls". Be sure there is a check next to microphone.
Click okay.
Under the microphone column put a check next to select.
Test it and post back with results.......

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I installed Net2Phone, and it works, but my microphone will not record.
I have Avance Sound Recording installed and running, I also have an input device driver for Avance sound that is up and running, so I'm not sure what's wrong.
Yes... I believe the mic is plugged in the right place
Can you please help me?

A:Microphone will not record

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My daughter has just bought a Shure C606 microphone for recording her singing directly onto our PC but for some reason we cannot get it to record.

It shows the microphone is enabled, the sound levels are set to maximum but it doesn't pick up any sound. She has tried plugging the micrphone into her keyboard and it works OK in that. The only thing I can think of is the adaptor I bought as the microphone plug wouldn't fit into the jack on the pc. I'm not sure if that isn't working or I've bought the wrong type?

Any help appreciated as she is keen to get recording!

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I can't get anything to record through my microphone.

I tried both of my computer's microphone jacks, I tried two different mics, Device Manager doesn't show any problems under "Sound, video and game controllers," the Volume for the Microphone Recording and Playback in the Control Panel's "Sounds and Audio Devices" are set to maximum, with equal balance, and the Sound Hardware Test Wizard's Microphone Test doesn't detect my voice at all.

Any suggestions?=)


A:I can't get anything to record through my microphone.

Well 2 quick questions, number one is it turned on? You would be surprised how frequent of a problem that is haha. Number 2, is your microphone plugged into an input on your pc. It may be plugged into an output. Also have you installed any drivers that came with the device. Often times the driver that is preloaded is incorrect and not compatible with what you are actually trying to use.

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does anyone know how I can record something by using the microphone and after recording listening to it?
I setup already the microphone and SW and tested it and everything works fine but how do I have to navigate or where do I have to go to make normal voice recordings since the installation only tells you that everything is configured correctly but no way to really record something now?
I'm using Win XPProf. and I'm using a Headset (micro included)


A:How to record using the microphone

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Can Camstudio also record the input and output without recording the screen at the same time?
If not can anyone what are the other programs that can do this?

A:Can Camstudio also record the input and output without recording the s

What do you mean by input and output? Sound?

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i cant record anything with Soundforge 9 because off echo.
before i could record for exemple music i made with fruityloops directly to soundforge 9 now it is impossible with the new mainboard and a realtek audio onboard device.
i choose "stereo mix" as source since it is the only possibility to record directly what goes through the soundcard but the sound is echoing and repeats itself.
on my old motherboard i managed to record my music that way now it is impossible.
i still can record youtube for exemples using the windows default recording thingy but since it is limited to 60sec that doesnt quite help me recording myself mixing.
anyone has an idea on how i could fix this so it works normaly again plz ?
plz dont direct me to sony froums, i went there allready and there is nearly no support.

A:Realtek HD audio input problem when trying to record with Sf9

i finaly got it working on quite a weird way :S. i use the asio4all drivers wich results in being now able to record the sound but not being able to hear it afterwards (only in SF9) without switching back the settings evrytime im done with recording.
in audacity i dont have this problem , it records without echo and without switching anything curiosly, only problem is the GUI wich i dont like.
at least i dont have this friggin echo anymore when i record myself.

still looking for a solution without all the switching though

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I am running Windows 10 home. I have a Logitec 260 webcam, and I sometimes connect a record turntable to record albums. If I want to use the webcam I can show video but the audio is muted. If I go into audio settings recording ( in Windows) it shows my webcam as a microphone. If I then go to properties I can set the level, but while I am watching it will go to zero and mute the microphone. This is crazy.

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Trying to help a friend here. She has a skullcandy W10, satellite that will not record sound. there appears to be no drivers loaded to record. can someone point me in the direction of suitable drivers, thanks

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cant post in the right forum please put where needed Hello  I am trying to record on computer sounds  from cassete player and cd player on to the computer i have an hp pavillion  i am using split leads from devices  connecting them to input in to back of computer the blue 3.5  connector i the back of the computer cant seem to record dont know what to do the help in the computer dosnt tell me anything can i record from these devices  music and sound from thoes external devices on to my computer i need help reply pls Pavilion Slimline s3020n Desktop PC    s5000 series

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i've just bought a new computer that has an onboard soundcard. It's the Realtek HD ALC888 driver that's on the pc and i can't seem to record sounds from the internet with it. I've tried using the various inputs and outputs at the back and on the front panel but nothing works. With my old pc which had an audigy 2 card, i could record any sounds my pc played just with headphones plugged in to the line out at the back.

If anyone has any information on this i would be most grateful.


A:Can't Record Sounds From The Internet With Realtek HD ALC888

Check with the manufacturer (of your computer) if the drivers are the most current. Also do you run Vista? If so check with Realtek also.

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I have tried multiple mics and all of them sound like trash with echo and fuzzing and static and just bad can anyone help?

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I'm having trouble getting my mic to record sound onto my pc.
i've checked all the connections and properties, and all is configured right.
when i open up Sound Recorder i try to record and nothing happens. i can hear myself out of the speaker when i talk.
i've checked the audio properties in Sound Recorder and the recording properties are grayed out and i'm thinking this the problem but i don't know how to get it ungrayed. All help will be greatly appreciated. (I'm running win98)

A:Microphone won't record Sound

You are correct - while it is grey you won't be able to record.

Many times, all you need to do is reinstall your sound card drivers. Do you have them on disk? If not, what brand / model card do you have?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech


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I have Win 7 Pro with 4 gb ram and am the only user. Sound plays fine on movies and audio files..

What I would like to able to do is record with my mic. I have a mic which has been checked on another pc and works fine.

Since I have 4gb of ram, the built in sound recorder it will NOT record (a stupid limitation Microsoft put in). Is there any way to record with my mic, either with something I don't know about or a third party software that will enable me to record.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

A:Record Sound with Microphone

First thing to look at:

Go to control panels/sound

Look at the recording tab.

Right click in it.

Do you see checkmarks next to "show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices".

Check them if not already checked.

Do the same thing on the playback tab.

Then try to record again.

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I have a notebook with windows 7 and if I try to record a video (with hypercam) then it will only record the sound from mey microphone.
(so if i talk, you can hear it. But if I play music, the music is coming out the speakers, and then goes back into the microphone).
Is there any proper way to record only the sound from my computer.
(I dont need the microphone, i only want to record the sound that my computer is making)

If I click that speaker on the taskbar, right click -> sound -> recording -> show disconnected devices.
Then the stereo-mix is not on that list

A:Can not record sound (only with microphone)

You didn't provide any system specs but it appears you want to record streaming audio from the Internet or "what you hear" on the PC speakers. In order to do that you need to have the "System Mixer" function and that function selected as the default playback device. Unfortunately some new PC's do not have that function and in those that do not - SOMETIMES updated sound drivers will take care of the problem and in others it's just not available.

To see if your system has the System Mixer, go to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally Sound. In the Sound panel click on the Recording tab. If the System Mixer is shown, select it as the default playback device. If it is not shown, RIGHT click in an empty area in that panel and then select both Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices. If you are lucky the System Mixer will be one of those devices and you can then select it as the Default Playback Device.

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can i plug-in a $10 cheap microphone (walk man size jack) into my windows/xp, 2004 dell desktop and record my voice ? do i need software to do this ? there is a microphone icon at the bottom right of my desktop, to the left of sound icon. thanks i want to record 15 minutes per day, and combine the files to make one big recording, about 4 hrs, then play it back (for 4 hours); thanks what jack do i plug the mic into ? thanks

A:Microphone : Record my voice ?

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As the topic above,
I need help

I using Headphone(include microphone)
I had the latest Realtek Driver.

My Laptop information :
Windows 8 64bit

How do i setting to record the both StereoMix and Microphone??
Anyone help me please..

A:How to record both Stereo Mix and Microphone

If you have stereo mix, any input should be heard on the PC's speakers and also any input should be available for recording.

For example if you want to record your voice with a music file, you should be able to do both at the same time. Computer mic's are only for spoken voice and not singing. I you want to sing you would need a better quality USB mic or if you use a standard P.A. mic it will need a preamp as the mic level is too low for PC sound card. You won't be able to split the voice on to one track and the music to another with the PC's sound device.

If you want to record voice on one track and music (or whatever) on another track you will need a recording interface device, such as a USB connected two channel unit. e.g. a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2, or some other similar device.

As a side note, the "CD audio" standard (and wav file standard) is 16 bit 44.1Khz, not the 24 bit 48Khz you show. If you have a 24 bit/48Khz recorded file, it would have to be converted to 16 bit/44.1Khz if you wanted to burn an Audio CD. I have a recording studio using Sonar X2 software.

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I did EVERYTHING I could to fix it! But it still doesn't work!!!!!! It's so frustrating.
I have my internal built in mic enabled and whenever i make a soung the green bar thing raises up, but when I record myself the green bar moves but I can't hear myself talk when i watch the video?
Please help, thanks in advance.

A:Why can't my internal microphone record me?!!

have you tried too turn on Microphone Boost.

Located Right click on Speaker and select recording devices, Double click on your Mic, Click on levels and adjust, Also click on listen and use that too adjust your listening.

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Just needing advice.

I do not if maybe its too many USB sound devices affecting my recording software.

When it was just my desktop mic, wave out mix was available.

But now I have a Samnson C01U and a Logitech Webcam to help out with voice acting and other ventures.

But I am actually about to start doing a podcast.
But I need help making my PC be able to record input from myself, and record input from people on a Skype Audio conversation.

But instead of just recording on my own comp, using a service known as uStream which would stream the input and output live as well as record it, of which the recording would then later be uploaded to podomatic and itunes later.

But ustream will not allow me the wave out mix option, even though it is there, and I do not want to use my mic to record everything being on speakers as I would prefer a crisper sound.

Maybe my sound card is too old? Or many too many audio devices (i.e usb mic and usb webcam) or what?

I need help!

Any help given would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, I'm new to Access 2007 and have a question. Any help is appreciated.

I have a form called frmProfile with a Combo Box called cboFirstName .. I want to use user's input from the CBO to match records to a table and then display the results in the subform of the Profile form

Also, before and after the user's search, i want the subform to display all records from the table.

I've been trying to figure out a code but failed. Please help.

Thank you

A:Access 2007: search record by input from a combo box

The easiest way to achieve what you want is to use VBA to set the Subform's Filter based on the Combo selection. But you will need a Command Button to reset the filter to show "All" records.

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I've been trying to record internal sounds from my desktop (youtube, internet etc..) into a DAW (Reaper, Audacity)

I right click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen on the taskbar. I click on 'Recording devices'. I right click on the list, and click 'show disabled devices'. I right click on the 'Rec. Playback' icon (IDT High definition audio codec), and I click 'Enable', and it is now the default device.

As I understand, this should now mean the computer is ready to record internal sounds. The first problem I see is that the signal bar next to the Rec. playback icon does not register any signal when I play a youtube video.
Please can somebody help me to crack this problem?

A:Trying to record internal sounds, no signal detected in Windows

You (very probably) need to use 'Stereo Mix' as the recording source. The stock windows driver does not have this. Check if this > http://www.sevenforums.com/sound-aud...on-7520-a.html can give you some hints.

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I'm not recording using a mic, I want to record a sound in the computer (like the sound in a video). How do I do it?

A:How do I record sounds in the computer using WIndows Sound Recorder?

Audacity is a nice programhttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/Don't use the Beta version

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hello friends

I lwas knocked into the street in Buenos Aires by a car, complete with backpack and laptop, and as a result I had to have a new hard drive installed (I think the two events were related)...

But ever since the installation, I have been unable to record music with the audio software, GoldWave, which always worked before with the old drive...

Something is missing somewhere, I'm sure... But could someone give me hints that go beyond just "re-install audio drivers", because I've tried that....


Bob Haskell

A:I can't record computer sounds with audio software (anymore) and I need to fix this!

hi ;

After new harddrive,are you using still millennium OS or different (win7,vista) ???

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and have been working on this stereo mix problem for a few hours today. Here's the solution I've found using Windows 7 and the IDT High Definition Audio.

This should work for any Window 7 system having the seeming lack of a stereo mix capability.

1. Go to the Sound controls for recording devices (right click on the speaker icon)

2. Right click on Rec. Playback and enable it.

3. Right click on your microphone and enable it and set a a default device (mine is a Logitec Pro 9000 webcam microphone, and I've set it as the "default communication device"

Here's the secret part:

4.When you click on your microphone then click on the "properties" button, and then click on the "listen" tab, and then click on "listen to this device"

Make sure you disable the Microphone/Line in by right clicking on it. As far as I can tell you can not have this enabled. It should read "Currently disabled" if you are doing this correctly.

Now you can hear your mic through your headphones and hear music playing through the Rec. Playback at the same time, and you should be able to then record or use it with any program to simultaneously play/record microphone and music.

I use it to broadcast my webcam with music and microphone at Don Browne - Florida on Justin.tv and it does work for that and should work for your use. (There is an slight echo heard through your earphones when you are using the mic but it does no... Read more

A:Stereo Mix-How To Record Microphone and Music

Hi just read this after stupidly buying this pc as I do internet raido like you.

Followed your guide and it works! Thanks. But how do I stop this echo in my headphones now please? I can't do a show with this.

Its weird as I am playing music through a numark cdmix 1 and that does not echo just the mic coming also from the cdmix 1.

Please help anyone with this echo problem if not I am going to take this computer back.

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so I have bought 2 microphones and neither work properly, the computer recognizes them and might pick up bits and pieces of sound... but not usually. I have gone through the control pannel and checked to make sure the mic isnt muted, etc. HELP I AM GETTING SO IRRITATED

A:My microphone wont record sound

Quote: Originally Posted by manthey

so I have bought 2 microphones and neither work properly, the computer recognizes them and might pick up bits and pieces of sound... but not usually. I have gone through the control pannel and checked to make sure the mic isnt muted, etc. HELP I AM GETTING SO IRRITATED

What driver is installed in device manager (type device manager in search>go to sound). Is the driver there? does it have a yellow triangle on it? Are there any other "unknown" drivers?

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All right, I'm trying to record both the stereo mix from my computer and sound from my headset's microphone at the same time. I'm using a headset with a headphone and a microphone plugging-in thing, but I only plug in the microphone one so the sound still comes out of my computer. I followed this tutorial from these forums:

Quote: Originally Posted by kq4ym

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and have been working on this stereo mix problem for a few hours today. Here's the solution I've found using Windows 7 and the IDT High Definition Audio.

This should work for any Window 7 system having the seeming lack of a stereo mix capability.

1. Go to the Sound controls for recording devices (right click on the speaker icon)

2. Right click on Rec. Playback and enable it.

3. Right click on your microphone and enable it and set a a default device (mine is a Logitec Pro 9000 webcam microphone, and I've set it as the "default communication device"

Here's the secret part:

4.When you click on your microphone then click on the "properties" button, and then click on the "listen" tab, and then click on "listen to this device"

Make sure you disable the Microphone/Line in by right clicking on it. As far as I can tell you can not have this enabled. It should read "Currently disabled" if you are doing this correctly.

Now you can hear your mic through your headphones and ... Read more

A:Unable to record both stereo mix and microphone

I don't know about the Microphone/Line In. I don't have that. I do have a mic and if I plug in a mic, I will hear it in the PC speakers or if I plug something into the Line In I will also hear it on the PC speakers. I also have Stereo Mix which is set as the default recording device, and if I want to record either the Mic or Line In, I can select the Stereo Mix and I can record. This would go along with the info you got, except for the Microphone/Line In, which apparently is in the Dell laptop, except I do a lot of support on the Dell forum and don't recall ever seeing that on any Dell.

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I am using Camtasia to record a video. I do not have the option for stereo mix. Is there any way I can record my microphone and my computer audio out (I am making a tutorial for FL Studio) so the video gets my microphone and the FL Studio audio, and i can still hear the audio?

A:Record Microphone and Computer Audio Out?

The free, open-source Audacity is a very popular sound recording and editing program. It can record your speakers and mic input.

You can use it to record the sound and your voice, and put it together with the video. If it cannot record both simultaneously, record only the speakers, put it with the video and add some narration in your own voice.

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i have tried troubleshooting, switching between the headphone jack and the microphone jack... still wont pick up my headphones microphone, won't even detect it! I have googled and visited multiple websites to help, but nothing seems to be making it work. I have also checked to make sure the drivers all up to date. whats the deal! I need to be able to record myself speaking for my job and have tried 3 different headsets, all basic headphones with a small mic on the chord.

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