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What is wrong with Lenovo?

Q: What is wrong with Lenovo?

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Preferred Solution: What is wrong with Lenovo?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Tried searching for warranty info on https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/warrantylookup however I get this pop-upScheduled site maintenance July 12 2019 7:00PM to July 14 2019 9:00pm EDT TODAY IS JULY 11 AND IS 9:15AM EDT What's wrong with Lenovo???????????????????????????????????

A:What is wrong with Lenovo?

Lenovo is worldwide.  Perhaps that message was posted from one of the other locations in another time zone.

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Hi, lately my lenovo 720-15 ikb isnt running good. Freezes for couple of seconds, etc.What also was strange that i always got notifications that a new bios for a Yoga 730 was available, but i always declined. But i dont know if my wife accepted it per accident. Because of all the latest problems, i checked the bios. And there is a 730 bios installed. FML.How do i change this?  Thanks for all the help.

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Greetings, community.I have the strange situation with Lenovo Diagnostics: after second run of Memory Test it displays wrong available RAM value.Maybe there is a problem.Configuration:- Lenovo ThinkPad T430s- 16Gb RAM (8Gb x2)- BIOS version: G7ETB0WW (2.70) 03/09/2018config_1config_2Steps to reproduce:- launch Lenovo Diagnostics utility on boot- launch Memory Quick Test - see, that memory test was completed successfully and "Available RAM": 16119 MB, oklaunch_1- exit to Lenovo Diagnostics main menu- launch Memory Quick Test one more time - see, that memory test was completed successfullyActual result:See, that after the second test launch "Available RAM": 8059 MBlaunch_2Expected result:"Available RAM": 16119 MBCould you please tell me if anybody had encountered such a situation?Thank you in advance )

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Hi, everyone, I bought a p50 from lenovo outlet this past wednesday. The specifications include 4k screen and M.2 512G SSD. But, this Friday when I received the laptop, I found it was only equipped with standard screen(1920*1080) and 500G HDD. This is totally not what I wanted. So, I want to ask if any of you has this simiar experience. My question is:if I request a returning for exchange, lenovo will refuse my request and give me the full refund since this specification is not on sale in lenovo outlet? or lenovo will try to assessmble an alternative one for me and diliver to me?   appreciate any ansnwers in advance!

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Hi users,  I am facing problem with my last row of keyboard and the numeric row.When i press zxcvbnm,./ following comes 1z2x3c4v5b6n7m9,0.-/ Please help me to fix this problem i have tried installing OS again. Tried changing the language also nothing worked.

A:Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Hi AnkurSharma,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Try connecting an external USB keyboard and test the same keys (zxcvbnm).
Another alternative to isolating if such is a Windows issue or a hardware keyboard problem is booting the machine using a live media image similar to this.
If the same issue with another boot image and likewise fine using an external USB keyboard then it is probable that there is an issue with the keyboard itself. You may try reseating the cable and cleaning but if still, the same, replacement may be proper.
Update us how it goes.

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Greetings!I have a Lenovo G50-70 notebook it worked fine so far, but recently I got some UEFI related treat warnings from my antivirus scanner. I'm not sure if its a falsepositive or not since I'm extremely paranoid about security and always make extra precautions to avoid nasty stuff getting on my computers, but just to be safe I wanted to reflash my BIOS.However when I head to this official download page: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS100522The BIOS update related cheksums are all wrong for me. The file I download has a completely different set. I would be very greatful, if someone could look into this for me. I don't want to end up with a corrupt or tainted update file during the flashing process.Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day!  

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I have a lenovo thinkpad laptop for school. It won't start up like normal I think icwrecked the hard drive

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Lenovo Companion appears in german for no obvious reason other than that I live in switzerland. How do I change the langauage?

A:Lenovo Companion appears in the wrong language

Yes, it's annoying. I want all my technology to be in English. Just because I live I Norway does not mean i want the program to read Norwegian. Please give us an option to change display language! We are not the only one: https://lenovocompanion.uservoice.com/forums/270555-lenovo-companion/suggestions/7410112-language

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Hello,. I have had this laptop for two weeks and love it but these issues are killing my experience. I have updated to the latest drivers, tried synchronizing internet time(and not) and the time slowly falls behind whether plugged in or not. After a short amount of usage the wifi pops up as disconnected as well. No other device in our home has this issue.

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Hi, (installed new official windows 10 Home 64bit)new bios is disfunctional  Supported Laptop SystemsLenovo V310-14ISK, V310-15ISK https://support.lenovo.com/fi/en/downloads/DS112898BIOS Update EXEWindows 10 (64-bit)Windows 7 (64-bit)0ZCN46WW06 Jun 2018Recommended3.62 MB 0zcn46ww.exe when i run exe file i see only error message  Install the package in Windows:Locate the file 0zcn46ww.exe that has been downloaded.Double click the 0zcn46ww.exe icon.Follow wizard UI by making sure what BIOS to flash and flash on what platform.Finally, press Install & Finish to start flashing. During the process, you are advised not to turn off the computer.When the update finishes, the computer will automatically reboot for the changes to take effect. My laptop:  https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ph/cs/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-v-series-laptops/v310-15isk/... Thank You for answerLubo

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 https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/HELP-lenovo-modern-imcontroller-pluginho...   hzfdbd"Lenovo Employee Posts: 267Location: CNViews: 111Message 46 of 55Re: HELP! lenovo.modern.imcontroller.pluginhost is it a virus??06-28-2018 02:30 AMThis was silently installed by the system interface foundation driver in the backgound when reboot system or resume from sleep. And a reboot is required to re-load the new version of plugin to take effect."I do not want Lenovo to have a secret backdoor to my P51 to "silently install" any updates, drivers or  programs without my prior express knowledge and approval.How do I really know what Lenovo is putting in my Computer ie. key loggers, spy ware, viruses?  I am not accusing Lenovo of doing anything neferious.  Just give me the option to say yes or no prioron my  to having anything installed on my PC.  It's my machine not yours. To Quote kriegaex.."  "I want to see a protocol of what was installed where and when.How does a group policy I am not even aware of help with that? And even if I use that group policy in order to deactivate the updates, this is not what I want. I want to have a choice and information, not completely disable the updates." Lenovo...Please No Secret Updates...Altoid666   

P51, 1535M Xeon, 512GB SSD x2,64GB DDR4 ECC, Nvidia M2200M, Win 10 Pro, 4K IPS , Intel vPro, Sierra EM7... Read more

A:Lenovo Silent Install Driver in Background...WRONG!!

This was silently installed by the system interface foundation driver in the backgound when reboot system or resume from sleep. And a reboot is required to re-load the new version of plugin to take effect."

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It's sad I've had to resort to the forums to try to get more light on this situation. It's absolutely atrocious what has occurred in this exchange between myself and Lenovo. On a model# 80E502XRCF the hard drive dies. The laptop is under warranty. The laptop is sent away for repair where they replace the hard drive. Should have been a piece of cake. Laptop comes back and has Windows 8 on it instead of Windows 10. To further this, Windows 8 isn't activated and will likely stop working in a couple days. Call Lenovo, they want me to pay for the factory recovery media to put Windows 10 back on. I refuse as this is Lenovo's problem. They blame the depot even though it's Lenovo's responsibility to manage the relationship with their authorized retailers. So now Lenovo won't help me and neither will the depot. Stellar service as always Lenovo. Stellar. Anyone have any suggestions short of throwing an in warranty laptop in the garbage and buying a different brand?

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A:Other companies have already announced new 2019 laptops, nothing from Lenovo yet. What is wrong?

What? New thinkpads (L & E series) have been launching all over the place already. Not only that, Lenovo hasn't even presented yet. Why would they announce something at CES when their event is still an hour and a half away? Link:11AM PST 7JAN19 https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/events/ces/ Though their UK site shows an extra day.

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hi all,  my pc legion Y520 my harddsik drive is 2tb.Lenovo nerve center list my hard disk drive 1 TB ???? Where is my 1 TB ?????      And other program list my hardware list true.  

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A:ThinkPad X280 , SIM card tray is a wrong from Lenovo . what I can do?

I have Fibocom L850-GL Wwan

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I was trying to install Windows 7 ultimate on a Lenovo b570 that had Windows 7 Home Premium, I Gparted the drive to all unallocated, and started the W7 install, at 57%, it hangs for three hours, I take the disc out, notice fingerprints, used a CD cleaner, and cleaned it, I put the CD back in, waited for it to spin up, before hitting "try again" with the "No disc in the drive message" after hitting "try again", instead of it continuing like normal, it kept saying "The wrong volume is in the drive" despite putting the SAME disc in. No matter how many time I try to click, "try again", I get the same "The wrong volume is in the drive" message. If I hit "continue" I get a "Windows was unable to complete the installation" the computer restarts, but now I get a "Bootmgr is missing" Won't even boot to CD, not even Gparted again!
Any ideas on a fix on these various problems with installation?

A:Cannot install Windows 7 on Lenovo B570 "The wrong volume is in the drive" 57%

Hi. Is booting from a USB flash drive an option? It would be a lot more reliable, faster and one could even inject all current updates to the install wim file (a little over 7GB to date).
Just create the bootable drive
Extract the image to the root of the drive
Boot from drive and install
If all USB ports are 3.0 or better... one may have to configure BIOS to enable legacy and use a USB 2.0 drive as there may arise a driver issue when trying to install. One may pybass these errors by also including the secure boot option to Windows 7 installer.

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Hi,I have Lenovo y700-15isk, Win 10.The problem: Suddenly the keyboard began behaving weird. Some keys perform different actions than expected.For example, when I press 5 from Num pad, it shows 5 but also activates "options" key (between left Ctr and left Alt).When i hit - (minus from Num pad) it opens Start menu. Strangely, the Win key does not work and does not open Start menu and sometimes instead shows a minus (-).When i hit + from Num pad, the cursor immeadiately goes to the top of the page and then adds the + symbol.When i press 2 from Numpad the cursor goes to the bottom of the page and then adds 2.It is as if the NumLock is on and off at the same time making the keys perform double action.In short, the problem seems to be in the Num pad keys (with the Win key exception).I tried changing languages, layouts, safe mode, holding power key for 10 seconds, restarting... nothing changed.Please, guys, this is very frustrating, can you help me with this? Anyone had something like this?

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Hello! I purchased two ultraslim wireless mouse + keyboard combo packs from an online retailer, however i was sent the spanish version.As this retailer will not accept refunds, i'm stuck with two excellent quality spanish keyboards. Can i purchase the english key parts from Lenovo and swap them out myself?I'm fairly adept with things that require handy.... just need the keys. Windows detects the keyboard layout as engligh and all works perfect (except that i have to guess on symbols) your help is appreciated... thanks!! Brad

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I asked Lenovo support and they told me to go to Best Buy?s to get it fixed. This laptop is one year old. The mother board is fine dc in cable is fine and adapter is fine, how do I access power switch board and cable?Battery and disk is fine. It suddenly turned off and never turned back on after a day. The cost of initial repair costs 300$ excluding parts and service. I might end up paying the same price for how much I bought it. I want to know what caused this but I?m not willing to pay 1000$ for a repair. And im in college and money is hard to come by. I bought batteries to replace the old one but it doesn?t work. The motherboard has current running through all parts of it. I tried 4 different Lenovo chargers made specifically for the Lenovo flex 3 1480 80R3.if all doesn?t work how can I jump start it?also it doesn?t charge after the day it stopped working. The charging light doesn?t come on.  I would want to get it working as soon as possible because I?ve tried most of the methods like discharging the laptop, which didn?t work. Any way to help get this running would be much appreciated and thank you

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I asked Lenovo support and they told me to go to Best Buy?s to get it fixed. This laptop is one year old. The mother board is fine dc in cable is fine and adapter is fine, how do I access power switch board and cable?Battery and disk is fine. It suddenly turned off and never turned back on after a day. The cost of initial repair costs 300$ excluding parts and service. I might end up paying the same price for how much I bought it. I want to know what caused this but I?m not willing to pay 1000$ for a repair. And im in college and money is hard to come by. I bought batteries to replace the old one but it doesn?t work. The motherboard has current running through all parts of it. I tried 4 different Lenovo chargers made specifically for the Lenovo flex 3 1480 80R3.if all doesn?t work how can I jump start it?also it doesn?t charge after the day it stopped working. The charging light doesn?t come on.  I would want to get it working as soon as possible because I?ve tried most of the methods like discharging the laptop, which didn?t work. Any way to help get this running would be much appreciated and thank you

A:Lenovo flex 3-1480 80R3 isn’t turning on and can’t figure out what’s wrong with it

[Message moved by moderator for discoverability.  AG]

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I recently had to reinstall a windows 7 recovery disk and recovery driver disks that were sent to me from Lenovo support saying my warranty was good until 2015 sometime. Any way little did I know that I was in the think pad department and I have an idea pad Y570 0862 any way I explained to them in detail what my system was and they still sent me the recovery disk for the wrong machine. so I did the install not knowing it was for a think pad and now realize that there are things missing plus it is supposed to be win 7 64gb and the baseband drivers are not installed and I can't get them installed. well they won't transfer the warranty from one department to the other and say that I cannot get an extended warranty through the right department because it shows there that it is expired any way I have installed the drivers that are ment for my system to the best of my ability but I'm sure there are drivers installed for the wrong system and if I run test every thing says it is OK but I'm not sure I trust that plus I have a 32gb win 7 installed when I should have 64gb and I cannot find my blue ray info in device manager it just appears that I'm stuck unless I fork out more money for there mistake and I just don't know where to go from here or what to do! I hope this post is not offensevie in anyway I just have learned to trust this forum and respect the views and help I have received so if any one has any input please by all means let me know. Sorry again if this post is improper!

A:Complete wrong Windows recovery disk and driver disk sent by lenovo!

Hi there ... This seems all wrong to me you now have a 32 Bit OS which wont support your 8GB of Ram .. How ever you should have a Product COA Key it should be some where under your Laptop .. If this is the case you could do a Clean Install of windows with the 64 Bit OS .. But if i was you i would be seeking Legal Advice ...

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Since you have to hunt around different Lenovo sites (and other sites) to find out about these softwares, I decided to make a post to get feedback from actual Yoga owners on how these programs interact, what they do, which ones are prerequisite, and which ones are unnecessary. Please don't take this as a blanket answer. This is just what I have found. It might be right - it might be wrong. I'm looking for others to post their experiences as well. Lenovo System Interface Foundation Driver - Necessary prerequisite (missing driver in device manager without it). It allows the Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Companion to work. Lenovo Yoga Mode Control - Necessary if you want to use your yoga to seemlessly change between all the different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, stand). This software is responsible for autorotating and putting Windows into tablet mode. Lenovo Utility - Recommended(?) This one I'm not too sure on. I remember that I was missing some function that I wanted but I can't remember what it was now. Maybe battery cycle count and health? Lenovo Companion - I don't have this one installed and don't think it's necessary but would like someone else to shed some light here.

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With Windows 8.1, I am now having problems displaying and importing jpegs.   They show in odd colors, with a lot of black in them.    This wasn't the case early on, but now jpegs are impossible to work with for me.   I
only use -- Windows Photo Viewer, and place them in WORD documents.  Nothing fancy.   I cannot find a resolution here or anywhere.  Can you help?
This is crazy.  When I try to save the BAD image, it looks horrible (blue, purple, heavy black frame) on my screen in PHoto Viewer, but I import it here and it looks fine.  Please, help.

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To all -

My first post in this forum, but I've been around the block a few times building my own machines (and for others), but a month ago i ended up springing for a dell xps 8300 desktop b.c i got a great deal on a scratch and dent system with an i7-2600 processor, 1.5tb drive, and an ATI 5770 1gb graphics card.
So long story short I've added one component and upgraded one existing component. The first was adding an SSD drive to the mix, which worked out wonderfully (i boot from power off to desktop in 13 seconds). Very pleased.
The second seemed to be just as successful...I replaced the stock PSU (460watts) with an Antec 650watt continuous power PSU (certified and all). Reconnected all the cables, crossed my fingers, turned on the power supply...got the green light on the motherboard so turned on the computer and all was fantastic!!!
The catch is..........I didn't notice until hours later i'd not heard a sound from the computer in quite some time. Tested by playing a few songs and nothing.

Here's where i got lost. In the "playback devices" (right clicking on the audio icon in the task manager tray) it shows the music playing (as in the levels are bouncing up and down). First thought - i'm an idiot and plugged my speakers into the wrong hole.....not the case. Second thought - speakers could be toast - not the case. Tested speakers on mp3 player and tested the audio cable by plugging headphones in the front audio ports (th... Read more

A:Dell XPS 8300 desktop PSU upgrade gone wrong, horrible wrong....no audio!!

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Last night, My MS Paint GUI went screwy.

It looks like it is out of Aero mode or something, but Aero troubleshooter found no problem & everything else is fine. I was having an issue with a video game for PC (full screen) which normally fiddles with the Windows theme, but I honestly dont know.

I dont like the adjusted look, and fear this is one of those simple problems with a insanely complex solution.

Thanks in advance, back later


This image shows what it should look like (Top) and what mine now looks like (Bottom).

A:MS Paint GUI wrong- Perhaps stuck in wrong mode- Example shown

I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but I have to ask because it's not mentioned: have you rebooted?

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Hi everybody,
since friday we have a strange problem with some clients and ARP answers. We notice that our switch recognize wrong MAC addresses on some ports.
We use wireshark to see what happens and we get the following:
5 clients: (XX:XX:XX:F7:52:75) (XX:XX:XX:38:d1:a8) (XX:XX:XX:c2:b0:b9) (XX:XX:XX:88:c7:4f) (XX:XX:XX:7b:67:4d)
Wireshark runs on client 1 (, promiscuous mod off)
Client 5 ( send a broadcast arp question (who has - tell and client 1 ( is sending ARP replies with src = XX:XX:XX: 38:d1:a8. (XX:XX:XX:38:d1:a8) is offline (network cable removed) and has no entry of (XX:XX:XX:38:d1:a8) in his arp cache.
The clients run Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Why we get these phenomenon and how can we solve it? Is there maybe a problem with some updates of the last patchday? 

Thanks for the reply and kind regards


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Good evening and thanks in advance for your help on this. I seem to have a virus or something that keeps redirecting my browser to a google or yahoo error message that says 'page not found', or to google images. I noticed that when I recently installed AIM toolbar it now also redirects me to an AIM page that says 'page not found'. I have also noticed other changes to my computer such as my desktop background disappearing, icons in my internet favorites changing and programs like FlashPlayer disappearing. Here is my DDS text:
DDS (Ver_09-06-26.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Amy at 14:40:15.73 on Wed 07/01/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.6000.16851
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6000.0.1252.1.1033.18.1013.215 [GMT -7:00]

AV: McAfee VirusScan *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {84B5EE75-6421-4CDE-A33A-DD43BA9FAD83}
SP: McAfee VirusScan *enabled* (Updated) {C78B3C70-4777-4742-BB91-9D615CC575E6}
SP: Windows Defender *disabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: McAfee Personal Firewall *enabled* {94894B63-8C7F-4050-BDA4-813CA00DA3E8}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:&... Read more

A:Redirect Virus? Not sure what's wrong but something is very wrong.

Hello acarlson,Sorry about the delay. If you still need help, please post a new HijackThis log to make sure nothing has changed, and I'll be happy to look at it for you.Please do this:1. Download HijackThis? here:http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en-US/th.../hijackthis.php2. Click 'Do a System Scan and Save log'.The HJT log will open in notepad.Thanks,tea

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12240 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M, -1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 190425 MB, Free - 10048 MB; D: Total - 264644 MB, Free - 20230 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

for the graphics card it says 1024 mb, but the sticker on my laptop says 3 gigabytes.... ik i had the 3 before i reset to factory...
is there just a way it doesnt detect right or what

A:The sysinfo tool is wrong or my pc wrong?

Check your drivers http://www.geforce.co.uk/drivers/results/70187

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My ISP (windstream) is claiming nothing is wrong when my town is having trouble connect to internet itself. I don't know about other towns, never go there. I am suppose to have 12 Mb and The most I have had in the past 2 weeks is 3. Friends have even less somehow. Usually 10AM-10PM the average is 300 Kb. I have to pause a video for 10 minutes to load a minute sometimes.

They claim nothing is wrong. Anyone translate that into something that can be wrong?

A:ISP is claiming nothing is wrong when there is, any ideas on what's wrong?

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Situation 1
Hello. I had “music store card” [gift card] that I received as a birthday gift lying around so I figured let me it out. Anyway, I purchased 3 songs from iTunes.com. Attempted to burn them. It didn’t work I got some sort of write error on the CD.

While in main screen I clicked Edit > Preferences > Advance > Burning: Discovered that the settings were set to burn an Audio CD. However, I was using a Data CD. Is this why it didn’t work? Last I read up it should have worked. The disk was a CD-R Memorex Cool Color CD-R. This shouldn’t have proven to be a problem right?

This disk can’t be played in Xbox (original not Xbox 360).

Situation 2
In another situation I tried burning a copy of and an mp3-to-Audio-CD.

When copying the Audio-CD I was using Nero Burn Ultra Edition Got the error message saying along the lines of “write fail, unable to finish end session.” Same thing happened when I was trying to make an mp3-to-Audio-CD, except I was using Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 10.0.

This disk can’t be played in Xbox (original not Xbox 360).

So what am I doing wrong? Here are my objectives:

1) Want to burn audio CDs that will play in cars, stereo systems, DVD players, Xbox, and Xbox360 – when I get it . If I keep purchasing music from iTunes.com, this may prove difficult?

2) What media should I use for what ty... Read more

A:Burn Audio CD Wrong and Having Probs. What am I doing wrong? "What is the right Way?"

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My desktop isn't working normally and I dont know how to fix it.Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68Run by Benjamin Moeller on 2008-06-29 00:47:56Computer is in Normal Mode.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --60: 2008-06-29 05:48:04 UTC - RP282 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point59: 2008-06-27 01:14:13 UTC - RP281 - System Checkpoint58: 2008-06-25 23:31:37 UTC - RP280 - System Checkpoint57: 2008-06-23 18:51:45 UTC - RP279 - System Checkpoint56: 2008-06-20 18:16:54 UTC - RP278 - Software Distribution Service 3.0-- First Restore Point -- 1: 2008-03-29 05:59:44 UTC - RP223 - System CheckpointBacked up registry hives.Performed disk cleanup.-- HijackThis (run as Benjamin Moeller.exe) ------------------------------------Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 12:52:55 AM, on 6/29/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32�... Read more

A:Their Is Something Wrong And I Dont Know What Wrong.

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. You are running an older version of Java. This can be a security risk so let's get you the latest version.Upgrading Java:Download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 6.Scroll down to where it says "The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications".Click the "Download" button to the right.Select your Platform and check the box that says: "I agree to the Java SE Runtime Environment 6 License Agreement.".Click on Continue.Click on the link to download Windows Offline Installation (jre-6u6-windows-i586-p.exe) and save it to your desktop. Do NOT use the Sun Download Manager..Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.Go to Start > Control Panel, double-click on Add/Remove programs and remove all older versions of Java.Check any item with Java Runtime Environment (JRE or J2SE) in the name.Click the Remove or Change/Remove button.Repeat as many times as necessary to remove each Java version.Reboot your computer once all Java components are removed.Then from your desktop double-click on the download to install the newest version.Please post a new log from DSS.

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Hi,I have spent a lot of time looking for a laptop which could meet my requirements. A week ago I bought this laptop and I love it, BUT the screen is giving me painful eyes just after like 30 minutes. I tried during the day, in the evening, to simulate different lightning conditions, tried to update BIOS and all drivers, playing with brighness, color setup, ... the same result. My girlfriend initially said that it can be it's only my perception, but then she tried to use it and got eye pain after like 30 minutes. I'm a programmer and she is a graphic designer, so we are used to spend like 10 hours a day in average behind a laptop, but we never get such a pain, as from this one, after like 30 mins. I tried to check if the laptop has PWM flickering. I tried to record the screen with my phone, and compare it to my older work laptop (Lenovo T520), which I never get an eye pain or headache from. The recording revealed a lot of backlight flickering on my old work laptop (like when you display a page with Google results, there were a lot of horizontal lines moving vertically over white google background), but not really on my new one. When I look very detailed at the video from the new laptop, I can maybe see like a tiny flickering on the font displaying google results, but nothing in the background white). So why would this new laptop give us immediately such a headache? Resolution, size of the fonts are eqactly the same as the old laptop sitting next to it.... Anyone can... Read more

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(also posted in the X forum) I made this thread on reddit, I just wanted to inform the community here: https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/btj4i1/anyone_else_have_a_lense30256gmsp34meat3ta_i/ Looks like I also have the intermittent freezing/hang hardware issue a lot of people have run across. I am 97% sure this is due to the Lenovo branded SSD. Basically, the entire computer freezes or hangs for a few seconds, randomly. Nothing in event viewer. I can replicate this problem when downloading files. I've also made a video showing the problem. If your T and X series thinkpad are displaying these symptoms, see if you have a Lenovo brand SSD.

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Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself with my very first post in this community.So, I'd like to upgrade my Lenovo B590 (I know it's an old one ).Currently my specs are: - Intel Celeron 1005M 1,90GHz; 8 Gb DDR3 Ram (which i perfectly upgraded); 450 Gb HDD and Windows 10 - 64x and this mainboard Socket 988B rPGA (G2 if I am correct). Thanks to this forum an other posts like this one: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks/B590-Processor-Upgrade/td-p/1948989 I could figure out more like for e.g. which CPU's are compatible. So my question is I actually found on ebay an Intel Core i5 Mobile CPU Socket G2 PGA 988 with the following FRU 40W0492, but on the Lenovo Maintenance Manual the FRU of the i5 is completey different (102001067). So is my laptop with this CPU incompatible 100%? Aren't FRU numbers supposed to have 7 numbers with letters? Or am I wrong? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english I haven't talked it for 3 years or so. 

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Hi  We have purchased a Lenovo Yoga Laptop on 20.01.17. From 10th of April onwards , there is some issues with Laptop Power Button .We are not able to switch it on using power Button. We had a talk with call center executives, Senior Executives & service Head of Kolkata, but still there is no proper update. We are still in Dark .They are not able to provide any proper information about parts availability.Ticket Ref No. is 7007963157.As the Laptop is very high valued  & purchased on the month of Jan.We are in regular touch of Service Head since last week & he is still not able to provide proper info about the parts availability .NOw he says he is sending an engineer to inspect.THis is not at all acceptable.  Any suggestions Would be helpful.

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Hey folks,
Got an M93 with Win 10. Lenovo solution center asks to do upgrades on BIOS and a bunch of drivers. Did that, and now I can't boot the computer. 
Tried pressing F1 after pressing start button, no help. Can't enter BIOS, still stuck at lenovo screen. Also tried Ctrl+Alt+Del on that screen, blacks out then stuck at lenovo screen again. 
Please help and inform, thanks!!!
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A:ThinkCentre: Stuck at Lenovo splash screen after lenovo solution bios upgrade

I would try resetting the BIOS using the jumper, or by taking out the CMOS battery, wait a minute or two, and then replace it and try booting up. See page 73 of the Hardware Maintenance Manaul linked below for location of the Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper (# 20) https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/thinkcentre_pdf/m83m93p_hmm.pdf Clearing the CMOS (BIOS)1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the computer. Then, disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the computer. 2. Remove the computer cover. 3. Locate the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper on the system board. 4. Move the jumper from the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2) to the maintenance position (pin 2 and pin 3). 5. Reinstall the computer cover and connect the power cord. 6. Turn on the computer and leave it on for approximately 10 seconds. Then, turn off the computer by holding the power switch for approximately five seconds. 7. Repeat step 1 through step 2. 8. Move the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper back to the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2). 9. Reinstall the computer cover and connect the power cord. Good Luck, 

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