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Looking for advice on purchasing a laptop

Q: Looking for advice on purchasing a laptop

I've gone ahead an ordered the y510p, Thanks for the help.

I live in Indiana, USA

My current laptop has probably died on my graphics wise, and I'm planning on getting a new laptop. Whether or not Wal-Mart abides by the warranty I purchased from them.

It's the sort of screen corruption seen when the integrated graphics are shot. The laptop probably needs a new motherboard. Playing high intensity video games for long periods on laptops isn't a good idea unless they have been designed to do the job. That warranty should come in handy.Click to expand...

With this in mind, I want to purchase a laptop that can handle prolonged gaming, as that is my primary use for the laptop. The secondary usage is for my college courses. As I have not spent much time comparing computer products, I'm not sure where to begin my search, or what to look for.


My current laptop is an Inspiron N5050
Intel Core i3-2330M Processor
4GB Memory
Integrated Intel HD Graphics (Stupid no 3D shadow shading)
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Dell Stage software

The main games I play are Minecraft, Pay Day 2, and League of Legends. I would like to play games such as cube world, Planet Side 2 without lag as I have invested money into them, but not had that much opportunity to play extensively due to current lag issues.

For most games I'm used to playing with the graphics more or less on minimum to get the best FPS out of the games as I can. So I am more than happy to play games around 30-40 FPS, at whatever settings.


For me, being able to play games is the larger focus for me. If it can do that well enough, I don't really care about the other features.

Don't Need:

I almost always have the laptop plugged into power whether I'm at home or at school.

I don't watch movies that much, nor do I burn disks, so a normal DvD Player is fine.

I never have used a touchscreen, and see no need to make having one a priority, a mouse is fine.

At the moment, I never use a webcam, and have no plans to use one in the near future.

Do Need:

I do need wireless connection. I use the wireless when at home, and at school.

I use the laptop on the desk at home and at school. I also use it sitting on my lap in bed, though usually on a cooling fan. So having something that is less likely to burn my legs or make them over heat is a plus.


I am looking to spend $750-$1250 on the new laptop. I would like to purchase where I can get a warranty on the laptop, in-case something does go wrong. Quality for its price is what I'm looking for, with my needs/don't needs in mind. If I can get the same gaming quality for cheaper not having one of the things I don't need, all the better.


With these things in mind, are there laptops you guys can recommend, or things I should keep an eye out for when looking at laptops?

Preferred Solution: Looking for advice on purchasing a laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Looking for advice on purchasing a laptop

Bought my son a Sager from Xotic PC. They certainly build gaming systems and they give you some latitude to configure. Their customer service is excellent. I never heard of them before until I went here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/ and through research - a ton of research - I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Other excellent companies are PC Digital, Power Notebooks, and Mythlogic. Seriously, check them out.

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Hi all,
I am in the process of purchasing a new laptop and I was thinking if
Dell Inspiron is a good choice.
Any of you guys has good experience or bad with this brand, please share this with me.
I will apreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

A:Advice on purchasing a new laptop

You should also consider post-purchase support.

Dell generally makes pretty good stuff--as good as any major OEM, better than most.

Dell support is fair to decent, not good. But as far as I know, NONE of the manufacturers have "good" support any more. It's all been sent offshore to Asia. If you ever have to deal with support, you will probably become frustrated, regardless of your brand choice. Part of it is the language barrier, but there are other shortcomings.

You may be able to choose a Dell support option for extra money that will provide support from a US source, but it isn't cheap.

About all you can do is hope you never have to deal with support. Dell is probably as good a choice as any, but you can have bad luck with any brand. I did.

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Current one is down on its last legs, umm so looking for the usual, good deal, but yet somehow built for gaming. Is www.IBuyPower.com a reliable site? Been eyeing a computer they have


Basically I would like something that won't be outpaced my minimal system requirements for games for at least the next 2 years, don't need max, just playability is fine with me oh and something that can easily handle current games like Oblivion and The Orange Box. Current one crashes on portal which was a sign....

How important is CPU speed? Dell has some great deals but all their duo core processors are 1.5 GHz and no graphics chip to speak of...

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Hi, I need to purchase a new laptop for my studies and general use. I?m a graphic design student and use Adobe Creative Cloud; mainly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and occasionally Premiere Pro (least used/mainly personal use).

As I?m on a budget I am looking at the below laptops (most refurbished):

- HP 15 db0089au 15.6? AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Dual core 8GB 128GB SSD + 1T HDD Win10 Home 64-bit

- Dell Latitude E7470 Display 14" Processor Intel i5-6300U 2.40GHz Memory 8GB Storage 256GB M.2 SSD Optical Drive Win10 Pro 64bit

- Acer Aspire A5 15.6? Intel i5 8265U 8GB 1TB HDD Win10 64-bit

- HP Pavilion 15-cc060wm 15.6" Touchscreen Intel i7-7500U 12GB 1TB HDD Win10Home 64bit

- Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6? Intel i5 7200U 8GB 1TB HDD Win10 64-bit

- HP Pavillion 14-BK091 14? Intel i5-7200U 8GB 1T HDD Win10 Home 64-bit

I?m really after advice on which one to get, or if they are all on par with each other. I plan on connecting to a larger screen when using it at home. I?ve looked at reviews but I?m really struggling to make a decision.

Thanks in advance!

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my current computer is

And i need advice of a video card and some ram to buy. Would like to get a video card that could run hl2, eq2, and games like them well. Maybe not at the highest setting but high enough that i dont have to sacrifice much/any performance compared to quality. But i don't really want to spend over $200.

also im not 100% sure what ram to buy for my comp, wouldlike to get another 512, maybe a 1024, but my limit would be at around $70

would like to order from a "real" website such as newegg or tigerdirect, and NOT from ebay or anything like that.

I know its quite picky but bleh.. I've never really been "great" at telling the difference between quaity of parts. I know how to install the crap tho, took a course on computer hardware, but unfortunately the teacher focus'd on installing the actual parts and troubleshooting that, without really teaching us about alot of the quality differences between parts of the same type.

A:Need purchasing advice.

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I've been on the look-out for the last couple of weeks for a new computer, as my current one is just on its way down. I've basically looked everywhere on the UK Online Stores for the best offers in my price range, and i think I've found a pretty good one for the price.

Before i post a link to the computer itself, I've basically been looking for something that's below ?300, has plenty of RAM, a decent processor/clock speed etc etc. My main requirement is it has to be good for editing in Photoshop/Sony Vegas, as i like to edit quite a bit.

Here's the model I'm thinking about purchasing:
Buy ACER X1420 | DESKTOP PC - Computer Base Units | Comet

It comes pre-installed with 4GB of RAM, however i plan on upgrading to about 6GB in the future to boost the performance as it can take 8GB max. It has a decent clock-speed/processor and comes with 1TB in disk space. I know it's only a dual-core processor, but taking all it's features into consideration, it really is the best one out there for the price.

My only problem is, in the "Technical specifications" column underneath the product, if you hover over the "Shared Graphics" text, it says it isn't powerful enough for digital photography, video editing and gaming. Sorry but surely that's wrong, my current PC only has 512MB of RAM and that handles Sony Vegas/Photoshop pretty well, yet there telling me this model isn't powerful enough to edit with possibly 8GB of RAM installed, if i upgraded.

Thoughts... Read more

A:Advice Before Purchasing PC

What versions of Vegas and Photoshop are you running, and on what OS? When XP first came out, I could run most audio and video editors fine on 512MB, but after SP3 XP by *itself* stopped running 'reasonably well' on only 512MB. I wouldn't even dream of trying to run Vista or 7 with less than 2 GB of system RAM.

You can run video editing off of integrated graphics OK, but if you're doing heavy transitioning and lots of rendering, especially 3D, your life will be so much better with dedicated graphic memory. Gaming pretty much REQUIRES a dedicated GPU and graphic memory.

A big problem with prebuilt computers is PSU. They are often underpowered and/or of questionable manufacturing origin, and therefore prone to fail (and ruin other parts of the computer with it). You should look over the building threads and see if there's a way to fit it into your budget to build your machine. Quality parts are worth the time and effort.


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We are going to purchase a new home computer. Will mostly be doing websurfing, (use cable pipeline) some gaming, financial programs - the normal stuff. Nothing unusual. We're presently using a Pentium 2 with only 64mb RAM, so anything newer will be an improvement.

I am comparing a Gateway and a Dell. Both have same specs except:

Gateway has Intel Celeron 2.0GHz
256mb DDRAM
48x24x48 CD-RW

Dell has Pentium 4 1.8GHz
256 mb SDRAM
40x CD Burner

My questions: Pentium 4 or Celeron? How much difference does .2 GHz make? Is it worth going with DDRAM over SDRAM?
Also, does 48x CD burner make a noticable difference over 40x?

I appreciate advice from you knowledgable folks. I'm not too versed when it comes to hardware! Thanks!

A:Need advice before purchasing new computer

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Hi everyone,

Currently, I have 512 MB of DDR-SDRAM in two Micron Technology PC3200 256 MB sticks of RAM with CAS 3.

I want to get another 512 MB, but I really don't know whether to get two sticks of 256MB, which is more expensive, or to get one stick of 512, which is cheaper.

By the way, the model i'm interested in is the KVR400X64C3A/512 or the KVR400/512CR both made by Kingston. Both of which I'm pretty sure are only one stick of 512 MB RAM. As well, I'm pretty sure the stats on the Kingston RAM and my original Micron Technology RAM are similar.

Any advice?

A:RAM: Purchasing advice needed!

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I am in the market for a video camera. I enjoy filmaking and hope to pursue it as an independent filmmaker one day. It's somethign I've been doing for a while but never with my own camera. Usually a schools/friends/parents camera. Finally I have the money to get oen of my own.
I'd like some advice or any suggestions people have. Anything I should watch out for, pros & cons, that sort of thing. I'd be looking at around the $800-$1100 range. I don't want something entry level although I realize that my price range doesn't go too far. Obviously I'm lookign for the most bang for my buck like most people. Something with a good picture that doesn't look too "home-made-video"
I've been told Sony and Panasonic both make a good camera. Down the road I'd like to get a nice $6000 panasconic camera but that's not in the budget right now.
I should also mention that personally I don't like really small cameras. I find they are harder to keep still and ones that have soem weight to them are easier to keep steady.
Thanks in advance for you help,

A:help/advice purchasing a camera

I'd start here: www.camcorderinfo.com

You're right $1000 bucks isn't much to start with. I haven't priced cams for a while so I don't know what's available in that range. Keep in mind you'll probably also want a tripod, camera case and extra battery as basic accessories. The one thing I would look for is low light capability, if it has good low light capability everthing else will generally follow.

Try here for pricing: www.bhphotovideo.com

Be wary of any prices that are ridiculously lower than anything you find on that site. Just as an example I was researching a cam and found it elsewhere for 2/3 what they wanted only to find out that was all you got. Just the cam. No battery, no strap, no lense etc.

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First of all, this is my first post on these forums, so I'd like to say hello to any and all who read this. I'd love to make my stay here longer than simply asking for some advice and then going off again, so I'm hoping this thread can convince me.

In any case, I recently decided to start upgrading, if not replacing, my current computer, which is still sporting an AMD Athlon x2 64 5600+, for example. While generally speaking it still manages to run somewhat recent games, such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, I feel it's necessary to get with the times. To that end, I compiled the following parts to comprise my new system:

Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4Ghz
Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme4 B3
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB PC12800 DDR3
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD3870 (carrying over from my current system, see below)

In addition to the above, I also wish to purchase a new case, which is what I have not yet been able to decide on yet. You see, the case I'm looking for should possess three qualities: sufficient airflow (keeping in mind that I will overclock the processor to some degree, but nothing extreme), low noise levels (for comfort) and room for new, possibly larger, parts. This last quality is where I would like advice on, because I am looking for an affordable case which has enough room for at least current high-end graphic cards (to replace the current HD3870), w... Read more

A:Purchasing new case; looking for advice.

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I am finally replacing my 5 year old laptop and am looking at this one - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NBAM7EE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1VJVAF8JB43GE

I have about $650 to spend. I will primarily be running Microsoft Office and Photoshop Elements on this computer. This is for personal use. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on this one. I have heard that the the Solid State Drive is better than the standard hard drive, which is one of the reasons I am looking at this one.

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

A:Purchasing a Computer...Need Advice

I think this laptop will be more than adequate for your needs. Moreover, if you haven't used a SSD before I'm betting you'll be pleasantly surprised. From turning on the machine from a cold start to logging into the desktop for my home PC, it'll do it in about 15 seconds or less.

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Hi, I'm currently using an AMD X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.01Ghz. I need a new CPU for these following cards, 8800GTX, HD4870, and GTX 280.

I initially wanted to buy the AMD Phenom II 940 X4 Quad Core 3.0Ghz Black Edition CPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819103471

But I'm having second thoughts since I play older games as well as new games. Would older games that generally use one to two CPU cores cause bottlenecking in a quadcore due to the limited CPU core use?

I was also thinking about getting the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 http://www.newegg.com/Produc/Product...Tpk=intele8400

What CPU would work best video cards such as the GTX280?

I'm trying to get all of my purchasing done in the next couple of days while Newegg has free 3 day shipping on the hardware I'm interested in.

A:Purchasing new CPU by 3:00AM tonight, need advice

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So as the title says I'm interested in a yoga 900 (or maybe 710 not sure), the thing is I want to run linux on it and from what I gather I need to purchase an ISK or ISK2 model or somesuch and I'm not sure how to find out what model yoga I"ll be buying, for example is the following and ISK or ISK2 model? https://www.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=17813 (the link is in hebrew but I think most will mange to locate the relevant info) in addition I'd love to hear your opinions about linux on the yoga 900.

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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is,WHAT...am I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD

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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is,WHAT...am I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD

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Im planning to upgrade to CoreDuo, but I want to keep my AGP graphics card (6800GT) as I wont get much selling it so I may aswell use it in the upgrade.

I have seen PCI-E and AGP8X combo motherboards, but I have yet to find one that will support a good speed DDR2 (eg 800MHZ) and that will support CoreDuo.

So to summarise, I need a PCI-E and AGP8X compatible motherboard, that will support quick DDR2 and the Intel CoreDuo.

Any help would be good regrading the CoreDuo, as im not sure which motherboards support it.

Thank you!


A:Advice on purchasing a CoreDuo motherboard

gamingguy27 said:


Im planning to upgrade to CoreDuo, but I want to keep my AGP graphics card (6800GT) as I wont get much selling it so I may aswell use it in the upgrade.

I have seen PCI-E and AGP8X combo motherboards, but I have yet to find one that will support a good speed DDR2 (eg 800MHZ) and that will support CoreDuo.

So to summarise, I need a PCI-E and AGP8X compatible motherboard, that will support quick DDR2 and the Intel CoreDuo.

Any help would be good regrading the CoreDuo, as im not sure which motherboards support it.

Thank you!

Alex.Click to expand...

Just to clarify, Core Duo, or Core 2 Duo? Core Duo isn't anything new to upgrade to, so I'm assuming Core 2 Duo.

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I am about to buy a UPS and have no idea what make/model to get.Many to choose from.I looked at this one and read the reviews.Any recommendations or is this one good enough?

A:Solved: Advice needed on purchasing UPS

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the current gen Touch has been out for more than 18 months, I'd like to hear some thoughts on getting one at this time.

I'm wondering if the asking price of $199 for one is worth it, and i'm concerned its an End of Life product with the 5th gen. model coming around soon.

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Hey all,

I'm upgrading my SSD from an Intel SATA II 320 120GB - which has worked very well for me - to a Samsung SATA III 840 EVO 250GB. My computer doesn't have any native SATA III hookups, but I do have several PCIe 2.0 slots that are open and ready to be used. As such, I've decided to purchase a PCIe to SATA III adapter so that I can run the drive through the adapter, and hopefully get better performance than using SATA II.

My first question is, is there a recommended controller or card that anyone here has used? I've heard that while sub $100 cards can work, most use Marvell controllers which have mixed performance. However I'm still unsure. For example, here's an affordable SATA 3 card, and the reviews are mostly positive, but it is a Marvell controller. I've read that LSI is a reliable brand that makes excellent controllers, but the cost is prohibitive for most upgraders.

I know that if I get any PCIe card, the first thing I should do is get at least a dual lane x2 or x4 card. Anything higher than that will be overkill, but x1 will probably be too little bandwidth.

To clarify, I'm not going to be running RAID with any of my drives. I have a standard 500GB HDD that I'm going to leave on the SATA II port on the mobo. I'm not sure if I should use HyperDuo mode or not if I get a card that sports such a feature. I've read that while HyperDuo is a convenient feature, SSD performance does take a dive, as opposed to a manual SSD+HDD setup.

I've also checked ot... Read more

A:Need advice on purchasing PCIe to SATA 3 adapter card

My Gigabyte motherboard has SATA III Marvell 91xx controller. Not having any problems with that.

Here is the benchmark for my OCZ Vertex 4 SSD. and my Intel 520 SSD. The OCZ is for Win 8.1 and the Intel is for Win 7 64 bit (dual boot). It shows as "SCSI" but not sure why (all the drives whether SSD or conventional are showing as SCSI).

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Hello guys and girls.

I've been considering purchasing a bigger LCD for a while now. Currently I have 2x 22" Viewsonic VA2216w-4's, but I'm looking at replacing them with 1x Viewsonic 27" VX2739WM LCD (click here) but I have a couple of questions I think I know the answer to, but would like to confirm if possible please.

1. I'll be connecting this via HDMI cable, my graphics card has one so all is good; but will my GPU handle the size and rendering of the screen OK?
2. Given the resolution of this HD LCD, will it be compairable to my 2x 1680x1050 LCDs overall, or will I be losing loads of desktop space?
3. If I decided to purchase another one down the road, would my graphics card be OK running both of these, or do I seriously need to consider upgrading BEFORE getting these LCDs.
4. If I used two monitors, would they both function with full HD using the HDMI connector on the graphics card, and the DVI-D connector to the 2nd one?

Most know by now I don't do gaming, but I do intend on purchasing a blueray player and using it to watch movies in HD. I have no requirement or need to ever play any games on this PC. My PC spec's are above, currently both monitors are connected by D-SUB (they don't have DVI/HDMI), my graphics card is listed here. This card has 1x D-SUB, 1x DVI, 1x HDMI.

Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if a lot of this is pretty obvious! lol.

A:Advice regarding purchasing a Viewsonic 27" LCD and suitability for my system

If you don't play games, you don't really need to worry about your graphics card being able to handle it: it will.

The 27" resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is higher than a single 22" of yours. However, I think a dual monitor setup with the 22" would have more desktop space.

1920 x 1080 ~ 2M pixels
1680 x 1050 ~ 1.75M pixels
2 x 1680 x 1050 ~ 3.5M pixels.

As you can see, a single 27" is just slightly larger in terms of desktop space, and replacing two monitors for just one will result in a huge loss.

Of course, you get a bigger screen to watch high-def blu-ray disks.
To your last question, only the 27" will perform at full HD (which is 1920 x 1080), but the 22" will not. There probably isn't a difference between using the HDMI or the DVI connector for this purpose. If there is, I'd like to know (HDMI carries sound signals as well, but unless your monitor comes with speakers...)
And you don't need to apologize. There are many more people with much less knowledge, and we're still happy to help (as long as they're nice and concise as you have been, or at least willing to answer everything we ask )

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I just now signed-up with AT&T to get DSL service to my boat for my PC.

It is supposed to be available by this coming Friday, March 20, 2009.

The sales person said I will need a modem. AT&T will sell me their modem (I don't know what specs it has) for $50 bucks, plus $13 for shipping/handling.

What I want to know is should I buy my own (better) modem and possibly a router too? I have extremely limited knowledge about the technologies. I am also looking for products that have good 24/7 free Technical Support included.

For instance, Wireless "N" compared to Wireless "G." I've seen those terms, but don't understand which product/model I should buy, etc. I plan to use my computer(s) at home, rather than taking a laptop somewhere else.

I'm trying to get the fastest speed I can afford because I plan to play online games.

I have a laptop in addition to my PC (Windows XP "Home" OS), and may want to use both of them simultaneously.

Your recommendations are most welcome (and, needed!) as to hardware, protocols, prices, etc. involved in getting trouble-free, affordable, and fast internet speeds. I'm paranoid of sales people who will sell me anything... even outdated junk.

The internet has a million terabytes of info (links) on this matter! It's much to difficult for me to understand without your expert advice.

A:Solved: Need expert advice purchasing type of modem & router

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I'm in the market for a new 15.6 laptop. Iíve been testing one of the new Acer models and it appears to be the best bang for the buck. It comes with a multitude of features including at least 4G Ram, 350G HD, Four (4) USB ports, HDMI, Modem, Card reader, Video, audio, microphone inputs, 8 X DVD, Web Cam, Windows 7, Intel Processor, etc, etc., for about $650 at Costco. The only downside I see is the terrible Acer support. Doesn't seem they have much interest in supporting their products. Their English is very difficult to understand and they are quick to hang up. Costco is the big plus. Two year warranty support and 90 days full refund if you are not satisfied. I'm not familiar with Acer at all and need some opinions. Does anyone have an opinion about Acer and please let me know what other brands you would recommend that can match up with these features and price?

A:Purchasing a laptop

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I am purchasing new laptop. I am tired with boot speed & performance of SATA drives & want to go with SSD.

Currently, I am comparing
XPS 17 Laptop - Feel the Thrill with 3D Laptop Screen | Dell
XPS 15z Laptop Details | Dell
Premium Laptop, Professional Audio Laptop | HP Envy

My requirements are

-> Slim & Stylish
-> SSD drives for OS & Sata for data
-> Long battery life
-> Shouldn't more than 7-8 lbs

Remaining things like Processor, RAM etc any thing will work from Core i7 range & 8GB will be good. Not high end gaming cards, just normal will work. I don't want any heating & rebooting issues.

I hope someone will help to choose some good laptop.

BUDGET is not an issue.

Waiting for some responses.


A:[Help] Purchasing new laptop

Well given the three choices I would automatically lean toward the HP. I have a grudge against Dell, they don't stand behind their products and their tech support is hopelessly useless. I've had good luck with the HP machines I've worked with. I currently run an Acer *See my system specs. that has been great. They just released a bunch of second gen iCore powered machines, might be worth a look.

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I'm not sure if I'm on the right board or not, but I'm giving this a go.

I have a superb desktop but recently a need has arose for a laptop. I need something rather cheap, my expenses are up right now and I can't really go over $500, (I know, not many good ones that cheap)

My only requirements (other than the standard stuff) is the ability to smoothly run all Adobe CS2 applications (not simultaneously), would you say any of these computers could handle it?


A:purchasing laptop

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Hello, I need a new laptop and I'm not quite sure where to start because I know nothing about computers. I know that I need something that is very durable because I move my laptop a lot. I do a lot of music downloading, so I guess I need something with plenty of memory, I'm not quite sure. I was reading that it was good to get an external hardrive to add on to the internal hardrive, but I don't know if that's hard to do. I was thinking of going through Dell, but not sure if that is the best bet. If anyone can give me some tips and recommendations, that would be great! Thank You

A:Need Help with Purchasing a Laptop

I would go to dell. Get me one of them XPS lappys lol.

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As my previous thread "HP Laptop doesn't work" I am planning to get a new one. I still plan to fix the old one to give to my Dad. Which was the original plan before I dropped the laptop.

I kinda like the Asus laptops but the 17.3 is so wide it won't fit in my carrying case at almost 18 1/2" wide. The Dell Studio 17 doesn't seem bad but would prefer a 17.3". I can spend about $900 and want something that has good reliability.

I primarily will use the laptop as a desktop replacement.
Office 2007
Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks CS3
Working on Website
Going to school online.

I am not into gaming except for the occasional game of hearts. However, I would like to connect the laptop to the LCD 1080p Television I plan to purchase in the near future.

There are so many choices and brands out there: Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, MSI, etc... it is scensory overload.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Purchasing a new laptop

I like HP...

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What is the most durable/best long lasting type of laptop that you can purchase? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks for your time.

A:Purchasing a Laptop???

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What are the main points to look for when puchasing a laptop in the price range up to about ?700.It will be used in the main for e-mailing,surfing the internet and games.Is a SSD superior to a hard disk drive and if so are there any drawbacks with them.Also what processor would you recommend.Any advice and guidance would be appreciated..

A:Purchasing a New Laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by denwilliam

What are the main points to look for when puchasing a laptop in the price range up to about ?700.It will be used in the main for e-mailing,surfing the internet and games.Is a SSD superior to a hard disk drive and if so are there any drawbacks with them.Also what processor would you recommend.Any advice and guidance would be appreciated..

Obviously features and basic specifications would be a primary consideration, but I'd also give a lot of thought to build quality and support---what is going to happen if you have failure of some type within warranty?

SSDs are inferior only as regards price and capacity. They are noticeably faster than standard drives. If your laptop will hold only 1 hard drive, an SSD may not be large enough to hold all of your data--in which case go with a standard HDD.

At your budget, I'd guess you can get an Intel processor of some type. They are generally better performers in the mid and upper price ranges.

If you have a supplier picked out, maybe you can post a link to the web site.

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Ok, I'm looking for a laptop under 2000$ that is powerful (um, something above 2.8ghz that's not a celeron), upgradable (that is in graphics card and up to 2gigs of ram) plus a case that looks cool (kinda like the alienware laptops). I've seen the new AMD 64's for only 1,600$ but they don't have nifty cases. Any ideas my dear friends?

A:I need help purchasing a new laptop.

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I'm in the market for a laptop. I've settled on one that looks good, but I'd like to get a second opinion. I'd most likely use the computer for word processing, running iTunes, and light-to-moderate gaming. I'd also like to not spend more that $575 on it (yeah I'm a cheapskate, I know ). Anyway, here we go:

Compaq V5000Z Series Notebook PC

OS: Windows XP Home Edition
Processor: AMD Sempron(TM) 3300+ (2.0GHz/128KB L2 Cache)
Display: 15.4" WXGA Widescreen (1280x800)
Memory: 256MB DDR SDRAM (1x256MB)
Graphics Card: 128MB ATI RADEON(R) XPRESS 200M w/Hypermemory(TM)
Hard Drive: 40 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive
Primary CD/DVD Drive: DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive (Q: Does this write DVDs and CDs, or just CDs?)
Networking: Integrated 56K Modem + 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Primary Battery: 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
Productivity Software: Microsoft(R) Works/Money

Final Price: $489.99 (after rebates and savings )
So, any thoughts?

A:Purchasing a Laptop: What do you think?

I would up the Ram to 512MB, 256 will work but you will get a big performance boost from 512.....especially since the graphics card will be using some of the system memory for itself.....

as for gaming....don't plan on too much with a laptop...that graphics chipset won't play much.........

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I am looking for a nice decent stable laptop that i can if possible run Windows and Linux on. I am also considering doing the Mac OS X on there but not sure. Ive never used OS X or rather any mac before but i am after all a Geek and need to know how to use them. Price Range: as low as i can. its not going to be a power pc or anything just something to get me through the day, possibly doing some Wireless Security Checking for clients and general things like typing and such. Any laptops that dont break down so bad over time? For instance: My sister purchased a compaq 2 years ago. so far she has had, A Failure, DVD drive failure, Screen failure, and keyboard failure. Anything anyone can suggest. Pretty much any software issues i can easily take care of myself so i dont really need the tech support i just NEEd FAST hardware repairs if the computer breaks down. Apple i hear makes a nice pc. probably a grand is my max price just doing some browsing. Or i plan on just getting a desktop i build from scratch which will do about 5 times the power as any laptop i can get for the same price, more stability, but no portability. The whole idea of carrying a small laptop around would be nice.

A:Purchasing a laptop

they do make very small factor boxes these days
I have a HP dv5094ea - excellent machine and great value for money given the spec
1GB memory

but it is a HP which meged with compaq 4 years ago...

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Do you have a recommendation re: buying a laptop with 4GB ran dual core must have windows XP home???

A:purchasing a laptop

what do you mainly use a laptop for, gaming, school, general usage. It makes a difference.

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So I'm thinking about buying a new laptop!

I've got a set of questions for you.

Background Info: I've pretty much decided that I want the current Dell Inspiron 1420, or that I want to wait for the new studio/inspiron laptops to be released (there seems to be controversy over how exactly the newer laptops will fit into the current lines of laptops as well as when they will be released.) Here's a link about them: http://www.engadget.com/2008/06/03/dell-studio-line-details-leak-out/

Other things to keep in mind: I'm not in a huge hurry to replace my current laptop (which is a dell inspiron 8600), but I kind of want to I'm slightly nervous about it since that blue screen incident (even though that turned out to be not a big deal)--it also does some other slightly disconcerting things, like beeping upon startup (which apparently indicates errors?), the screen flickers sometimes (particularly when it's not plugged in), and the fan is louder than it used to be (I think). I don't know if any of this indicates anything very negative, but these things combined with the age of the system (about five years) makes me slightly nervous--whether that is justified or not. *shrug* I would also like to be able to at least have the option of carrying the laptop to campus when I need to without dreading it--my current laptop is very heavy, and I can't take it if I have almost anything else to take with me.

On to the questions!
1. Do you think I s... Read more

A:Purchasing a Laptop--Many Questions!

personally i would wait.
When you do buy a laptop i would make sure it has a core 2 duo at least 2.0ghz with at least 2gb memory and a 250gb hard drive...

If you could afford it i would actually go with:

which i believe also has a new model coming out this month or next..

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I need to purchase a 3rd machine for my wife that will not have the heavy use of her office and home Win7 desktops. That would mainly be used at meetings for spreadsheet, Word, Quickbooks and mail. We'll get the same machine for her brother whose use is minimal.

We had previously purchased the now not available Acer 15.6" Aspire Windows 8 Laptop i3-3217U 1.8GHz 6GB 500GB | V5-571-6891 for another person at her office and he's been very pleased with the machine since.

The wrinkle in the pending purchase is the OS. I do not want Win8 for either of the machines. The current crop of Acer Aspires in the referenced price range ($5-600) come with Win8. The only Win7 machine I'm finding that BOTH is listed as a good machine and comes with Win7 is the Lenovo Edge. I've always had Thinkpads (model T) but the reviews all discuss woes with the trackpad and left/right clicker.

I'm sure I've missed something and that there is a machine(s) that fits my bill and YOU likely know the answer so I'm listening...


A:Purchasing inexpensive laptop?

I found a site with a few Win 7 PC's. I just Googled "Laptops with Windows 7".

Windows 7 Laptops

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Hey there,
I'm planning to purchase a laptop from Futureshop here in Vancouver,BC. Canada.
It's a Toshiba (Intel Centrino Duo Processor Tech. with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5450)
2GB Memory (type unkown)
250GB HD Space
GFX:ATI Radeon HD 256MB Dedicated
Wireless: 802.11a/g + Pre-N WiFi +BlueTooth
TruBrite Screen, Webcam and Mic, 5-1 Media Adapter
Price: $1599.99 CDA
$70.83/Month for 24Months

I kind of hate how Futureshop give such vague specs on the products they sell. :T I kind of don't want to buy it from here, but the laptop looks pretty good in terms of specs and Futureshop has financing available.
I'm just wondering if this will be a good buy..I'll be mainly using the computer for school, a little bit of gaming (WC3, CNC, ..etc, mainly RTS Games)
I'm fairly new to laptops..
basically want a decent one with a dedicated gfx card for my rts games and one with a fair bit of hd space.
any tips, suggestions, or comments please share them with me
I keep second guessing on laptops I want to purchase. I do want to get the most out of what I pay.
Thanks in advance! Cheers-

Here's another Laptop I'm Considering
HP Intel Centrino Duo Processor Technology intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5450
Ram: 2GB DDR
HD: 200GB
GFX: NVIDIA 8400M 128MB Discrete Graphics
Wireless: 802.11b/g Pre-N +Bluetooth WiFi
12 Cell Lithium-ion Battery, Webcam,Mic,5-1 Media Reader,Remote & Earbuds
Price: $1499.99 CDA ($66.67/Month for 24 mon... Read more

A:Purchasing a New Laptop, have some questions~

First off I will say that most of the time, Best Buy is pretty overpriced. Also I've never been a huge laptop enthusiast, as I use my computer for gaming, it's a little pricey to get a gaming laptop (and by a little I mean VERY pricey). But from when I have looked at laptops, I've noticed that if you know what you are looking for, you can often find something cheaper on warehouse like websites, such as Newegg.com. Also, if you go with Newegg, they offer extended warranty plans.

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I am wanting to check that the Notebook is maybe able to be upgraded in the future to a larger SSD without resorting to expensive technician soldering tasks - i.e. is the SSD simply a plug in device like the older generation notebooks?  ThanksOBuck 

A:I am looking at purchasing a 14-AL027TU laptop

Hi,Specs: https://support.hp.com/lamerica_nsc_carib-en/product/hp-pavilion-14-al000-notebook-pc-series/1086215...Your laptop came with 256GB M.2 2280 SATA-3 SSD. It is not soldered, it is plug and use.Video guide: https://h20574.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=10862154&MEID=65618DC0-D54F-403A-B3DA-F4E22780C9BFManual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05122703I just bought a HP Pavilion 14 al111tx notebook which is having exactly same internal configuration like yours.If I think in putting M.2 SATA SSD, I'll go for this one: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-850-EVO-Internal-MZ-N5E500BW/dp/B00TGIW1XGNow it's currently having Samsung 850 EVO SATA SSD replacing factory built in hard drive. Just upgraded 2 weeks back.RegardsVisruth

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I didnt know whether to put it in the Vista forum or the XP forum so I put it here. Question. I have heard that the license that comes with a Vista product will work for a XP Pro installation. Is this correct? Will I be able to install XP Pro using the Vista license or would I have to purchase a new XP Pro license, or at least use one that we have?


A:Purchasing a new laptop with Vista want XP

Only if you have Vista Business or Ultimate ... (According to this) ...

Don't know anyone who's done it yet.

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Hi there,

Apologies if posting in the wrong thread!

I have recently purchased a CEH course and it has supporting documents which talks about running labs. As I will be running a few VMs it has said there are some minimum spec requirements of the laptop/desktop.

Can someone help me on finding a laptop/desktop with the below specs? My budget is not huge and I was initially thinking if I buy a low level spec device and then upgrade individual modules to meet the min requirements. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz 64-bit CPU or better (multiple cores is preferred)
16 GB RAM (32 GB or more is recommended)
200 GB free disk space, 7200 RPM or faster drive (SSD is preferred)
DVD drive
1 Ethernet network adapter
Sound card
Internet access
Wireless network adapter (built-in or USB)
Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

I'm very new to the computer world and am really looking forward to purchasing a laptop for my boyfriend for his brithday. Trouble is. I'm not sure what to look for, what to look out for and most importantly..... that's in my price range... He would be using it for school.. so basically internet researching plus doing some research papers

Used/Refurbished/New.... doesn't matter to me... as long as it's in decent condition ....

Second it needs to be wireless internet.. preferrably built in wireless..

Third, this is the main one.. My ceiling limit is $500 CDN.....

Does anyone have any leads to this???????


A:Need Advise on Purchasing a Laptop

Wow! your BF is really lucky to have you as GF....lol Anyway to help you with your inquiry. First thing to remember when purchasing a laptop you should consider is the dependability of the computer. Second will you ue it for gaming, school projects, downloading or just for browsing the internet. Since you mention that your BF will use for school I say look for laptop that could handle hyperthreading...Hyperthreading means having to open multiple applications on your laptop but the speed is not very much affected. For the wireless connection there are laptop brands that has a built-in wireless card. Last thing to consider is parts availability if in case the a problem occur with the laptop.

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I am going to be purchasing a laptop and I would like some ideas and Brands to choose from. It needs to be great for gaming and graphics. Every store I go to has a different brand they say is best, I would like to know from users their opinions I would like to keep it under $1400.00 Canadian Thank-you

A:Purchasing a Laptop in Ontario Canada

This thread might help...


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Hello guys?

I wanted to know your thoughts on laptops. I need to research a laptop, and one guy had told me that the really expensive ones are unnecessary, but the cheap ones not good. But that doesn't help me too much in selection.

What are the minimum requirements you would want in a laptop? The uses are home use... running this software: http://www.berninausa.com/product_overview-n6-sUS.html

And Windows XP or Vista... whatever comes with it, I guess. Oh... and it will be used to hold digital photos and run an edition software. It needs to have a disc drive.

I was just wondering what minimum requirements you would recommend.

A:Purchasing a laptop - opinions on minimum requirements

try pawn shops in your area. I work at one and we get them out all the time. They will usually be alot cheeper.

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I'm looking for a *small* notebook that has gaming capability so that I can also take it, (outside of college) for example, to my relatives or friends houses.

I'm looking at Alienware's M11x, but am (VERY) open to anything else in that nature. Under 14" is very much preferred.

I'm looking at Asus' offerings on Newegg, and their smallest ones are running Intel IGP's.

Any suggestions?

A:Purchasing laptop in next 2 weeks, M11x worth it?

I ordered the M11x yesterday. Its by far one of the best ultraportable laptops out there right now. here is a great review


also youtube review from geek.com


Same guy opened it up.


Awesome machine!

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Hi, I recently purchased a new 12 cell battery for my HP dv-1659us laptop. I never have my laptop plugged in now days...as opposed to always having my laptop plugged in, becaues the HP OEM battery sucked. (So i couldn't tell you if it was the battery's problem.)

But, now, whenever I'm unplugged, ever so often, usually when im on Youtube, my laptop automatically goes to sleep and turns off the HD. I have to press my power key to wake it up..log back in..and my applications/ youtube video resumes. I checked my power management, put it to sleep at around 30 minutes, so I know that its not sleeping because I'm "inactive". Anyone know what might be the problem?

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The model of this laptop hard drive is a Western Digital (WD1600BEVS-60RST0). So, in order to replace the hard drive, would it be alright to purchase any WD1600BEVS model hard drive, or does it have to be exactly WD1600BEVS-60RST0? Thanks.

A:Solved: Quick question about purchasing a new laptop hard drive.

Basically anything even slightly resembling the specs of the old drive will work. Hard drives are pretty much just a generic storage device and don't need to be replaced by the exact same model.

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Hi, I have a query regarding OKR on Windows 10 Lenovo Z500 laptop where I'm expecting to get some definitive answers if after doing a One Key Recovery on my laptop will it remove all the partitions I added after purchasing this laptop?  So, it cam with only C and D partitions. I created few others for my data (let's say E, F and G). Will running OKR reset all my partitions or just the system 'C' partition? If someone has this kind of setup and have run OKR, please suggest based on your experience. I would appreciate if someone can respond to this soon as I need to do this recovery soon. Let me know if you need any clarification on the above query. Regards,Nick

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