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VM WNDA3200 network adapter drivers not compatible with windows 8

Q: VM WNDA3200 network adapter drivers not compatible with windows 8

I have just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro from the Consumer Preview. I am using a Virgin Media supplied Netgear WNDA3200 network adapter to connect to a Virign Media Superhub, but the drivers for the adapter don't seem to work with the release version of Win8. I had the same issue with the CP of Win8, but was able to resolve it by downloading the 1.2 version of the WNDA3100 driver from the Netgear website. I have tried this and all the other WNDA drivers including the windows 8 beta ones, but the adapter still isn't working.

It seems odd to me that it would work in the CP, but not in the full release version of Windows 8.

If anyone has any ideas as how to go about solving this issue, they would be much appreciated.


After much frustration, I figured out the issue. It turns out that the adapter had defaulted to running one of microsoft's drivers, which was not working correctly. To get around this, you need to make sure you already have the driver installed, then search for "Device Manager" in settings (without quotes), and open Device Manager. Once it's open, sroll down to Network Adapters, and expand that. Then double click on the adapter. It should open a small window. Navigate to the 'Driver' tab, and select 'Update driver'.

From there, go to 'Browse my computer for driver software', click 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer', and click the 'Have Disk' option. Browse to where the driver is installed (usually under ProgramFiles(x86)\Netgear\WNDA3200\Driver\Win764). Then continue with the wizard. Once it's installed (It may time out but it still works) unplug the adapter and plug it back in. This worked for me, so it may work for other people.

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Preferred Solution: VM WNDA3200 network adapter drivers not compatible with windows 8

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi there, I have recently changed my windows 8 of my HP 14-b113au for a Windows 7 Ultimate 64x. I can't find a pack for the drivers regarding the network adapter.  Is there somehwere where I can get the drivers for the same machine but for windows 7?  Thanks in advance,

A:Drivers for windows 7 for network adapter

 Hi, WiFi 802.11b/g/n Qualcomm Atheros AR9485http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp64501-65000/sp64676.exe   Regards

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Lan Bigfoot - e2200 e2205 Killer (Bigfoot) LAN - the driver package has lan drivers, wireless, and bluetooth all in the one package and 8.1 support.
Available as a beta driver (said to be), but has the microsoft signature after install - for gaming Notebooks - http://www.msi.com/index.php

A:Windows 8.1 MSI network adapter drivers released

You might try to install the driver manually.
Extract the driver package to a folderOpen Device Manager->Network AdaptersRight click on the driver -> Update Drivers Software... -> Browse My Computer for driver software

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I just performed a clean installation of Windows 7 Home Premium. The machine used to have Windows 8 but the user did not want that OS. Now that the OS is up and running I need to find out how to get the drivers needed on that machine. I can't even connect to the internet with it to download them from the laptop itself.

Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1
AMD E-300 APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics 1.30 GHz
Installed memory: 4 GB
System: 64-bit OS

A:How to install network adapter drivers on windows 7?

I would use a USB flash drive.

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I hate to describe the problem as vaguely as I did in the title, but here's the gist.

Yesterday night I went online and my network adapter worked fine. This morning I powered my machine on and there was a big red "X" over the LAN connection in taskbar. Weird?

I did the Troubleshoot for the hell of it and it replied that I needed to "Install a driver for my network adapter" as "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter". So, yeah, BS. It was properly installed yesterday night - why not now?

Anyways, I googled around a bit and did the things other people were recommending.

I went to Device Manager to reset the hardware but not only was it not showing up, neither was the "Network Adapters" category. So I un-hid it and opened the folder and my adapter wasn't even in there.

I also let off the residual charge in my machine by unplugging the PSU and powering on.

A ping to returns 4 for 4. Pings to (router IP) fail generally. IpConfig shows one device, the Turedo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface. I also installed the driver from disk, although I doubted that was the cause. All of this to no avail.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks! ~WR

A:Windows 7 - Network Adapter Drivers Disappeared?

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I recently installed a new USB Wifi Adapter and I want to remove my old internal network adapter that I have in my laptop.  I went into Device Manager and uninstalled the drivers, however, every time I reboot my computer, the network adapter re-appears again. I've tried it many times and the same thing keeps happening. I've even disabled Windows Update from updating any drivers automatically.  It seems to be causing a conflict with my new USB wifi adapter so I would really like to have it uninstalled. 
How else can I try to completely remove the drivers without having to open up my laptop and remove it physically?
Thanks for your help!

A:How to completely remvoe Network Adapter drivers from Windows?

Hi to BleepinComputer,
Check the BIOS/UEFI to see if you have some option there to disable the internal network adapter, in some machines this option exist, if not on the device manager right click the device and click Disable this should make windows stop installing the drivers for it.

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I just bought a new computer and had to go with Windows Vista 64 bit version as it has 8 gigs of RAM.

I tried to switch over my Linksys WMP54G Version 4.1 from my old computer but it is not 64 bit compatible.

I need a new Network adapter that will work on my system. I am currently set up using a Linksys Wireless Router model: WRT54GS.

I would like two options, if you may, for ...

1) A compatible Wireless Network Adapter w/ a compatible driver
2) A compatible Ethernet Card to connect via hardwire

Thanks for taking the time to help me!

A:Please HELP: Network Adapter needed, 64 bit Vista Compatible

Most current adapters will support Vista x64 computers
I am assuming that this is a desktop computer so the computer should already have ethernet capability. It's on the back on the computer as is the port that looks like a big phone jack...
For wireless though, I recommend....
Any new DLink or Linksys PCI or USB adapter should work with x64 Vista

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Hello everyone,

I searched around the forums and found a relevant thread but it said to open a new one since it had been 417 days since last posted on. I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop not being able to use my wireless network adapter. I've looked for the correct drivers but can not seem to find a site that isn't just trying to get me to download a driver medic of driver fix app. If someone can provide me with a link or direct me in the right direction i would appreciate it. The hardware id's are:


A:Acer Apsire 5515 Windows Vista 64bit Network adapter drivers.

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. In the Link below go to Notebook Aspire then your Model Number ..
Acer | Download

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I'm about to leap into setting up a wireless router for the first time near my office desktop computer so that I can hardwire that computer, printer and cable modem, but also be able to communicate with another older computer with a new network adapter in my living room which will enable me to network from that computer and also be able to surf the Internet on my HDTV.

My initial research has me leaning towards a (Linksys 160) N router for strength of signal and distance, although distance is not really a factor for me at this time. A tech type friend of mine also suggested that I purchase a network adapter of the same brand as whatever router I decided on in order to get max speed performances. Apparently some brands work better/faster when coupled with their own brands even though other brands are supposedly manufactured with compatible standards. I have no reason to question him, but I thought I'd like to hear any other words of wisdom that would point me in the right direction for selecting these two pieces of equipment.

One further issue that's cropped up is this business of versions of hardware. At first I just presumed the most current or latest version would be best (as in Linksys 160N V1, V2, and now V3) but I've also seen comments that V1 is better than V2 for heavy loads, for instance...? While this particular reference was about a Linksys brand issue, I'm actually asking generally about how important it is to get the latest version of an... Read more

A:Recommendations for selecting a router and compatible network adapter

moved to networking forum

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Hi! i have a Acer TravelMate 5744. i recently upgraded my software to windows 7 professional but it doesn't allow me to log on to the internet because of the missing Network Adapter Drivers but i can't find them on the internet using a different PC and i can't even run an auto update course it can't go to the internet. if i go to the device manager...i can also see that i'm also missing drivers for Ethernet Controller, Network Controller drivers please help it's be 2 days looking for these drivers over the internet i can find all kind of Acer Models but i can't find the one that i am using also tried different kind of drivers and still nothing

A:Network Adapter Drivers

Have you tried the drivers from this Acer site?
Looks like they have Win 7 drivers...

Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook, Ultrabook / TravelMate / TravelMate 5744

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What it looks like...

IMG_4375 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was removing malware from my computer when I was disconnected from the internet and I'm now unable to connect.
windows is telling me it's the drivers, so I reinstalled the Atheros8132 driver and I'm not seeing an error on that adapter now.

After installing the atheros8132 driver, the internet still wouldn't work. I tried running in safemode with networking and still could not connect.

Is this from a virus? Are there any drivers I could install?

A:Network Adapter Drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by RubberDucky451

What it looks like...

IMG_4375 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was removing malware from my computer when I was disconnected from the internet and I'm now unable to connect.

windows is telling me it's the drivers, so I reinstalled the Atheros8132 driver and I'm not seeing an error on that adapter now.

After installing the atheros8132 driver, the internet still wouldn't work. I tried running in safemode with networking and still could not connect.

Is this from a virus? Are there any drivers I could install?

Welcome to the Windows 7 support forums Duck,
what was the malware?
It seems you lost almost all your nic drivers.
Can you fill out your system specs on your profile page please.
Also if you know what your motherboard model is, update your chipset drivers.

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hey, i reformatted my computer and now when i try to install the driver for the network adapter nothing happens. This si really frustrating me, can i have some help please
here are the specs on the computer:
the mother board is a I865GGA8IG1000MK
windows xp home edition
network card integrated 10/100 network 82562EZ

A:Network Adapter Drivers

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The hard drive in my HP laptop died and I replaced it with a 1TB hard drive. I installed Windows 7 on it, but it won't connect to the internet because I need the drivers for it. I'm having a hard time trying to find the exact drivers. I can't download them on my laptop because of no internet connection. I'm using another computer to try to find a link to the right drivers so I can put them on a disk and transfer to my laptop.I am not having any luck finding the right drivers for a 17 f115dx HP pavilion laptop running windows 7. Please help.Thank you.

A:Network Adapter Drivers

Hi, Your machine uses  Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi adapter:        http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=J9N59UA   (Please bookmark the link) And you need:      http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=ob_134477_1 Regards. 

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I am trying to connect my laptop to the internet but am unable to connect via wireles adapter or thru ethernet it says im missing the driver.. do you have a link as to which i may do so? thanks so much!

A:ne3eding the drivers for network adapter

Hi @pokerface1, Thank you for posting at HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help.  I understand that your laptop cannot connect to a wireless network or a wired network. Please enter your product number here to search the drivers. If this post helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos. If you need further assistance, please post back the product number of your laptop.  Regards,

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Okay. so here is my dilemma. My brother gave me some PC parts because he upgraded his gaming machine. and he built me a desktop PC out of an old tower and parts we both had. I am running an ASUS M3N78-VM Motherboard. I do not have my network adapter drivers installed and cannot get online with it. Luckily I have a laptop which I can come on here with.

I have tried multiple different driver installers. but they all require an online scan to find my drivers, I found one from dell that had the same driver but it said "The Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep Mode is enavled Please Plug the Cable."

Mind you. this computer was built less than an hour ago and I do not have the motherboard CD.

Can somebody please help me? while I was online I found a page that said the on board network driver was " Lan: Realtek RTL8211CL." because a person was having the same problem but they had their Motherboard CD because theirs was new.

your help would be greatly appreciated,

A:need network adapter drivers. offline


Look here & download these drivers: -

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M3N78-VM

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Hello Everyone,

I have an old computer that I just recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7. I have installed the proper audio drivers but I do not know how to find the appropriate drivers for the network adapter. If anyone could tell me where to go to download these drivers, it would be greatly appreciated
Here are the specifications:

Compaq Presario SR1520NX
SIS 760

Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: K8S-LA
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Salmon-GL6E
Network (LAN)
Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface

A:Drivers needed for Network Adapter

Welcome rogi44,

Is the network built into the MB, or is it an add on network card ?

Can you run a system info program to get a more exact mfg/model of it ?

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Win 7 sp1 x64 Dell laptop
Feel pretty dumb about this, but believe I should only have 1 network adapter driver installed. I think the only one I need is the Intel ® Centrino® Wireless- N1030.
Regarding the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller I always get a warning in Event Viewer- System that says
Event 1 RTL8167
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller is disconnected from network.
I only use laptop at home. Wireless connect to Netgear router. Attached is pic of device manager.

 Device Manager.jpg   159.45KB

A:to many Network Adapter drivers loaded

I am pretty sure that is your Ethernet Adapter. The event viewer warning comes up because it doesn't detect anything connected to your Ethernet port.

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I reinstalled windows on my laptop after it got wiped and now it won't connect to the internet at all. When i troubleshoot the problem it says:
"Install a driver for your network adapter
Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver."
"Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter."

After troubleshooting the hardware, the problems were:

"unknown device doesn't have a driver
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller doesn't have a driver
PCI Device desn't have a driver
Network Controller doesn't have a driver
SM Bus Controller doesn't have a driver
PCI Simple Communications Controller doesn't have a driver
uknown device doesn't have a driver
Hardware changes might not have been detected"
I'm not sure what I should do from this point since I can't connect to the internet. I have an HP Pavilion dv7 that runs Windows 7 64bit. Please help!

A:Missing drivers for network adapter?

Hi! Type device manager in start and right click your troubled drivers, hit properties.
click details, and on the drop down list select device instance path
you should get a string looking kinda like this
Copy and paste them here, or somehow post it here.
Preferably lets get your network drivers 1st. As well, do you have access to another internet connected computer? and portable storage?

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Hardware ID's listed, i cannot install drivers for this device. It is detected but won't allow me to re install the drivers from the website.

A:Cannot install drivers for network adapter

Those vendor and device codes identify it as an Intel PROSet/Wireless device that has a Mobile Intel 5 Series chipset.

You didn't say which Windows version and bit version your computer is running.

The Intel site should have the driver you need.


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I just recently rebooted my computer and installed a new graphics card everything installed right and works fine but the only thing is i can't connect to the internet it says i don't own a network adapter now it just randomly dissapeared i looked in device manager with hidden files and i find microsofr ISAPTAP adapter but it does nothing when i troubleshoot in network and sharing center it says i need to install a driver for my network adapter and i hit next and it says windows cannot find a driver for your network adapter so ive tried system restore and disabling the adapter and uninstalling it but i cant install anything online because theres no way for me to get on the internet this is probably one of the worst problems ive had if anyone can help me that would be great

A:Network adapter and installing drivers for it

You've taken all the usual steps. A long shot, but most unlikely is that the adapter "broke" coincidentally at the time of the installation.
I don't know the computer name or adapter name, but you might have the driver(s) on a disc. Call the manufacturer and see if you do or whether it's downloadable from another computer to a portable medium.

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installed win7 32 bit,installed all driver but Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter Drivers shows in yellow hilight.checked device status shows windows cannont load the driver for this hardware. the driver may be corrupted or missing . (code39). can you please tell any one how to fix this problem.

A:Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter Drivers

Hi: See if this driver works... http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=6943827&swItemId=ob_145419_1&swEnvOid=405...

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I installed windows 8.1 in my HP probook 450 g3. But now I can't connect to any wifi network. I don't install any driver. In my laptop there is no wirless driver. Plese give me a link that I would downlod the driver for my laptop for windows 8.1

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HP 2000 Notebook PC
OS version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20
Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3688 Mb
Graphics card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 4 Mb
Hard drives: C: 465 GB (452 GB Free)
Antivirus: None

The hard drive failed in my old laptop, so I installed a new one with Windows 7 (see above specs) because I want to give it to my son to use. When I tried to connect to the internet to install updates, I discovered that the old laptop needs drivers for ethernet controller, network controller, and PCI device. Since I cannot connect to the internet to download the drivers, I've been trying to download drivers to a thumb drive from my newer laptop, but I cannot find the drivers online.

Please help me find the drivers and give directions for fixing this issue.

Here are the hardware IDs:

Ethernet controller values

Network controller vlaues

PCI device values
pci\ven_10ec&dev_5209&am... Read more

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I scan my laptop daily for any virus and one day it found 200 viruses after that my anti virus asked me to delete them or no and i deleted them then it said you need to restart for the computer to take effect then i restarted my laptop and i saw that skype cannot go online and i checked my network it said limited access i reconnected and still says limited access and all tho its connected it shows an icon that isn't connected to the internet and i opened up Malware Bytes and scanned all my disks and when it was scanning windows files it detected a virus located in temporary internet files called PUP.Skytech i don't remember the full name and it took 3 and a half hours to complete the scan i deleted it and still my network isn't working i disabled and my network drivers and enabled them still and it had exclamation mark and it said windows cant use this driver because it is not signed it could be a malicious file i removed it and i used another laptop which i'm using right now and downloaded new drivers from my laptop manufacturer and i used the same compatible drivers for my laptop model but still not connecting to the internet

A:Network Adapter Drivers hacked help

Don't know if this might lead to a solution but will have a look

With network adapter enabled and driver installed, right click in DeviceManager->Properties. Click Driver tab. Click Driver details button.

Click on each file you see. Is a Provider and Digital Signer listed for each one? In my example below, there's only one driver file and you can see it is signed.

/* EDIT */
If you find one or more files that are not signed, so give me a screen shot so I can see all the list. Tell me which one(s) aren't signed

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I just upgraded my motherboard to a Gigabyte z170x-ud3. I cannot get it to connect via ethernet to my network (and thus the internet beyond that). This is an existing Windows 7 install.
I have run the driver installation disk included with the motherboard. When it attempts to install the PRO/100 drivers it complains "Cannot install driveres. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer"
In the Device Manager, it reports my adapter as a generic "Ethernet Controller" and says no drivers are installed.
Letting windows "Search automatically for updated driver software" fails, it finds driver software "Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) 1219-V" but reports "A device attached to the system is not functioning"
I let the driver update scan the driver disk for software, it reports the same thing.
I had a standalone installer (PROsetup.exe?) from Intel's website that I misplaced and can't remember what it said, but it also failed.
msinfo32 reports no Problem Devices
I attached my dxdiag report to this post

And the most frustrating/encouraging part of it all, I was able to boot to an Ubuntu LiveUSB and the network adapter worked just fine there. So AFAICT this is not a hardware problem.

A:Network adapter not accepting drivers

Hi Alterform,
try this one


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I recently restarted my PC to finalize an update process, aand when I logged back in, I was unable to access the internet. Apparently my network adapter driver needs updated, but I can't update it directly because I have no connection on my desktop. So I decided to ask you guys if you could direct me to the proper driver [version, etc.], and I will download it to my son's laptop, and transfer it via jump drive to my desktop.

I included a couple more logs from the network adapter troubleshooter results.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12270 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940261 MB, Free - 723342 MB; I: Total - 953868 MB, Free - 143103 MB; Y: Total - 13565 MB, Free - 5985 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0Y2MRG
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : JPZOFERRIS-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . .... Read more

A:I need help w/ the proper network adapter drivers

you need to goto the dell site and should be able to download the driver for the Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethnet for your model of PC - you may also need other drivers , including chipset

post here the model of the Dell
also it will have a service tag number on a label on the PC _ post that info

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Hi everyone,
I have a pluscom network adapter which I use to connect my xbox to xbl through my pc. I've recently had to clean reinstall win7 so I've I need to reinstall the driver for this, but can't find it online anywhere. Could you please help?

A:Pluscom network adapter drivers

See if you have a better name for your device.

All I found was this:

Pluscom Wireless USB LAN Adapter 802.11g WU-ZD1211B Drivers | Wireless Driver & Software

I think this is owned by Zydas, and Zydas is owned by Atheros. Whew. And you may have to use the Vista driver.

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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with the installation of VPN network adapter drivers with Windows XP Home SP 2. I tried quite a few different programs but none of them was able to install a VPN network adapter driver.
After doing some research with OpenVPN's TAP32 driver I found out that in the file "C:\Windows\setupapi.log" the latest entry after an unsucessful install is "#E154 Class installer failed. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."
It seems like the adapter is created in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0016" but then missing a NetCfgInstanceId value. I suppose that's where the class installer fails.

I tried to log all the accesses to the file system and the registry that the installer does but I didn't find anything that was obviously wrong there, besides there were like 16000 items.
I checked that there's no problem with unsigned driver installations, I created another admin user account, I tried to start and stop different services, I updated Windows and had SP 3 installed, still no success. I even heard that a missing "RunOnce" registry key could cause Windows to stop recognizing .INF drivers correctly, but these keys do exist here.
On my laptop however it's no problem to get VPN to work.

Reinstalling windows is unfortunately not an acceptable option though any kind of help or advice would be appreciated.
Thanks ... Read more

A:Can't install VPN network adapter drivers

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After upgrading to Windows 8.1, things were working fine until about 100+ updates came through... and now these TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and TAP-Win32 Adapter OAS drivers are installing over and over again. I uninstall the drivers and they come back, I
disable them, and they re-enable themselves. I have looked up answers to this issue, and I do not use a VPN...so none of that applies to me.

The unfortunate part is that I get constant interruptions with my internet and don't even want to touch my laptop hardly anymore because of this...but I need to because I am trying to start a business and get back into school. The only way I can get the
internet to work again is to disable the drivers, and troubleshoot my wireless adapter. It renews the wireless adapter, the internet works for anywhere between one minute to an hour before I have to troubleshoot again.

HELP?? How to I block those drivers? There needs to be a Microsoft Removal Tool and a major update...
I tried to add a screenshot, but it took so long to verify me that I had already deleted it after 4 days.

A:Unwanted TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and TAP-Win32 Adapter OAS drivers installing

Ok it's more than a week now and I'm not seeing any Tap-adapter, hopefully it will work for you guys too: untick all in IPv4 and IPv6, if another Tap appear, uninstall them both from device manager.

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Hi guys,
I have a pc and i'm having some issues with my network adapter.
When i try and find model, it says "System Product Name Desktop"
I'm currently running Windows 7 64bit, Core i5 750 2.67GHz
Motherboard; ASUS P7P55D LE (Intel DMI Host Bridge)
Graphics; AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (2GB)
RAM; 8192MB DDR3 SDRAM 1330
LAN port; 1 x LAN(RJ45) port

BTW, I purchased this PC as a refurbished PC almost a year ago and never had this problem. It's always been connected to the internet and always updated??
Everything happened after we capped our internet, i booted my pc when our internet reset and this problem started.
It had been asleep (not properly turned off) the day before we capped the internet as i was downloading stuff, then it was turned off and turned back on we had this problem.

My network adapter is built into my motherboard so i don't have a separate chip.
I don't have wireless, it's only connects via Ethernet cable.
Tried a few cables, all are fine (we have another computer running off Ethernet cables to test, but switched it back to wireless and all cables are working)
Went into Device manager, there is NO network adapters showing up what so ever.
Downloaded all new drivers through ASUS's site, all work except the LAN driver, in which it's says "The realtek network controller was not found. if deep sleep mode is enabled please plug the cable"
I've been reading forums, i've turned my PC power settings to High performance and tried re-installing dri... Read more

A:Network adapter not detected, drivers not re-installing, HELP!

Hello and welcome Jay now mate I am just a bit confused s to where you got y=the LAN driver from - if you were using the Windows feature then it is pretty usellesss in my mind and I always go to the manufacturers for any driver where one can.

Now this is the driver you want https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P7...Desk_Download/ and what I do when I am stuck for installing any driver I jump on another computer and download it to a stick then install it from the stick to the machine you want up and running. I find the LAN driver the one that almost always presents as an issue when I cannot get onto the net.

Let us know how you go.

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short story....my daughter deleted network adapter drivers. and I lost wireless internet connectionthen...  following absolutely credible(!) random Youtube video advice.. i know iknow..urghh! I proceeded to delete all drivers under the network adapter tab in device manager---> in the hope and expectation that when i later clicked "check for new hardware" it would reinstall all drivers correctly...  But this did not happenthen... (in deperation)I selected "add legacy hardware" and re-installed what (i thought) were the correct drivers..RESULT... nothing...THEN...I went to HP and downloaded the network driver from there, installed fine, greatNEW RESULT... I can  see the wireless connection and select it, but it wont connectNOW..I'm trying to UNinstall the drivers I installed previously but I cant.So here's my problem... Specifically... RAS ASYNC ADAPTER - cant uninstall but I can disable it I would like to reinstall all the drivers that were there before i deleted them, i remeber there was a list of about 4 or 5 but I do not know what drivers these were...  Please help.thanks  

A:missing unknown network adapter drivers

Hi, Go here and enter the product number of your machine the go to Network drivers..

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Hi, I recently changed the motherboard on one of my friend's PC. I was able to find an old ECS 761GX mobo and before I formatted, everything worked fine. Post-format, the new OS refuses to install drivers. I've downloaded the proper driver from the manufacturer's website, I launch the setup, everything says it's completed, but in the device manager page, it still shows up as a yellow question mark and no network adapter appears.

I tried the different drivers I've found on the net, but not to not avail, they all show up as successful installation and the drivers just don't work.

Any idea?

A:ECS 761GX integrated network adapter drivers

Best place to get the driver from is the ECS Support page.

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Hello guys, so I am here because I just reformatted my HP pavilion and now I don't have internet nor any connections shows up in the connection list.
These drivers are missing:
Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
SM Bus Controller
- And also my network adapter.
Can anybody please help? Thanks!

A:Network Adapter missing + 3 drivers cant be installed

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Hello, im a member of OverClock.net and Sevenforums was suggest for my current situation. I just upgraded my Compaq Presario SR1403wm from (Windows Xp Home edition) to (Windows 7 pro 32 bit). Everything went well except im now missing Network adapters/Ethernet and am unable to connect to the internet. Im having a hard time finding drivers that support the Mobo/OS. HP refused to provide me with driver because the fact that its a retail version.

Any suggestions? Thank you

A:Looking for Network adapter drivers for Compaq Presario

Seems rather a obvious question but have you tried the site. they have 7 32 drivers listed. HP Software Update Utility Compaq Presario SR1403WM Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English) . Fabe

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soo so lost ..tried to update avg on hubs laptop so the kids can play and now after i did it we can't get on line period!! on the tool bar were the connection pic is says limited connection?? so i did all of the steps to fix ect and it finally came up to
there might be a problem w/the drivers for the wireless connection2 adapter
* there might be a problem w/the drivers for the local area connection adapter

I am soo clueless!! MY actual modem is good as we have 3 running right now -
should i go to restore point " before avg n the critical update moments before i realizes this problem?? I am soo not tech ans my 15 yr old doesn't even know where to start!!
help me please i am afraid to mess up worse! TRACY

A:drivers for the wireless network connection 2 adapter

first of all relax

I doubt AVG would mess up your connection. . Assuming you are using Windows 7. Try these:
- Goto control panel, then open network and connection sharing, on the left panel click on change adapter settings. Then right click on your local area connection and disable it. Then re-enable it. Do the same with the wireless connection.

- If that doesn't get you online, then right click on My Computer, click Properties, on the left panel, click on open device manager. In device manager, find "network adapters", you will probably have two listed. Right click on each one and click uninstall. Then restart your computer.

Hope that helps

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Hello, I recently booted up my laptop and discovered that it wasn't able to identify any wi-fi networks, so I attempted to System Restore and came to error 0x08007005. I attempted to patch it with the error fix, but it failed.

I did more searching and believed I was missing a Lan Driver, but upon installation I got an error message reading that there is no Network Adapter identified, which leaves me here.

I have used msinfo32.exe to indeed identify that there is currently no Network Adapter identified, as well as a fair amount of problem devices, and at this point I don't know where to turn to find more information, please help, and let me know if there is any relevant information I can elaborate with:

A:Laptop missing Network Drivers and Adapter

Hi Myotonia,
can hardly read your screenshot.
But you need the Realtek one thats in the list, Ethernet
and the intel centrino one for your Wifi.

Go to your comps model homepage and download them to a USB.
Then open device manager update but point it to the USB.


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Older Lenovo Vista Desktop system. The onboard Network died and nolonger works. I suggested a PCI network card. User first installed a TP-link card and received "The system cannot find the file specified" during installation of the driver. The user tried several times and couldn't get the device installed. Also the router could not see the device. It never recognized it was there. I recommended he return the TP-link card and get a different Mfg.

Customer bought a D-link DGE-530T PCI card and proceeded to install it per the instructions. Guess what same problem. I stopped at the users site and restored the system prior to the first install and then re-installed the D-Link adapter per the instructions and still getting the same error. I have attached a screen print of the error. After doing some research, MS says the error is produced due to a path issue. The following is a response to a similar problem on the MS forums:

Hi Chris,

This issue occurs due to Driver software path is not specified .

In-place upgrade would be the best choice.

If you would like to fix them one by one, please Locat and install the driver software from the c:\windows\winsxs folder.


The issue is that the driver software was never in the winsxs folder.

I'm looking for some idea's on trouble shooting this problem.

A:Error Installing Network Adapter drivers

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I am trying to connect my desk top to a mobile hotspot. I bought a netgear n150 wireless usb adapter and get message an error has been encounter and then a restart any ideas?

A:what wifi adapter is compatible with windows 8

Go to the manufacturer's website and see if there's an updated driver available.
I upgraded to Win 8 on a new computer that has a Ralink wireless card. It would only connect randomly. A trip to the Ralink site and newest driver solved the problem.

UPDATE: Here I found this - right near the top under downloads is a Win 8 beta driver. Read the instructions to install.

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Cannot connect to Internet to download network drivers.

Direct ENet connect to router doesn't work.. obviously with out the drivers.

I downloaded Win 64 Net drivers from MS / Acer site onto SD card from another laptop. Tried uploading drivers to my AspireOne through its F: drive / SD card because it doesn't have CD / D drive.

The AcerOne doesn't show F: as a valid drive so I can't upload from there. Not sure if that's a separate CPU issue??

So I can't find a way to get the net adapter and drivers onto the AOne

I purchased this 'second hand' and original owner doesn't have any original documentation or support tools etc..

I'm not a expert computer tech, but know my way around pretty well. Just keep hitting obstacles on this problem...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:AspirOne NBOOK missing Network Drivers / Adapter

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Does it not have any USB Ports ?....

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I have purchased two PCI Network Adapters and for each I have received a "The device is not configured correctly (Code 1)" error in Vista's Device Manager when trying to manually locate and add the drivers, either from the software accompanying the adapters or from the companies websites (I have tried products from Linksys and Belkin). After hours on the phone with tech support ppl, who were conviced the software I got was corrupt--not true-- I think it might be best to install a new OS (revert back to XP) because I want results.

Has anyone been able to find a way out of this predicament in VISTA?

Please note I have tried the basics, i.e. going to Device Manager and trying to search for the drivers or manually add them from software or company's website. No matter what I do, I get an error message indicating that the drivers can't be found - even if I have "browsed" to them!

Thanks very much all

A:PCI Network Adapter problem in Vista - Not recognizing drivers

When browsing for them make sure "Include Sub-Folders" is ticked and search "C:\". That might give you a much better chance of locating them. As for Internet locating you can't really change how it scans for that. Maybe a disk came with your hardware containing the Adapter's Drivers.

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Recently was forced to update to windows 10 and now I cannot access the internet. When I run the trouble shooter It tells me that I need to install the drivers for my network adapter. When I search my computer for the adapter, I can't find it at all in my device manager. It worked before and never had a problem and now its just gone.

A:network adapter and drivers missing since download of Window

I can't find it at all in my device manager.Click to expand...

can we see a screen shot please

make and exact model of the pc

Device Manager

Please Post back a screen shot of the results in device manager as requested below.

If the PC is currently unable to connect to the internet
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply​
how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key.
Device Manager screen should now open.
You may see Device Manager on the left hand menu - Left click on Device Manager

On a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

If the above does not work then

For Windows 7 or Vista

Click on the Start Orb > In the Start Search box type > device manager and then press enter
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
start > control panel> Syste... Read more

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just got home today and turned on the PC to my dismay I no internet connection on my Primary OS 32bit windows 7 so I went into device manager and got this error

so I uninstalled it but it just plainsly disappear and did not ask me to delete the driver files like it would normally do and I tried to reinstall my Driver but got this error
The Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep Mode is enabled Please Plug the Cable.

so I am preety stumped on what to do so I tried doing an SFC /SCANNOW and hope it will fix it after that I got the message that it weren't able to fix some files and gave me a loaction for the logs its still the same I am preety annoyed by it since my Internet is working fine on my secondary OS which is a 64bit windows 7 I am even using it right now as I type this

SO help me PLZ if you need me to post my SFC logs I will

A:Help Network Adapter Problem wont uninstall drivers

We need to know if this is a NIC card or and on-board chip. That is why we always ask people to fill out their system specs.

If it is an add-on card, it would be good to know the make and model number.

If it is an on the motherboard chip, then the make and model number of the motherboard.
If a chip, check in your BIOS settings to see if the network device is enabled there.

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Recently, I've been attempting to use my NetGear WG111T adapter in order to connect to my wireless network. However, the software to install, even the most recent version, is not able to complete the necessary steps to establish connectivity. The provided "Smart Wizard" will load, and then disappear a second later. I am given no access to my network whatsoever.

I'm wondering if there's any way to fix this, or if there's a different adapter I could try? I've looked at the things regarding the WG111Tvx.inf file, but I am unable to locate it, and do not appear to have this file. The closest I have is WG111Tv.inf.

If one is able to provide me with this file, it would be most appreciated; failing that, I am open to suggestions for other USB adapter solutions.

A:Solved: Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for Windows 7?

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please i need the link were i can download Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 bluetooth adapters thanks

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Hi and sorry if this sounds confusing but I was hoping I could maybe get some help. I got a Acer Laptop from my buddy that had windows 7 and when he had it his harddrive had crashed so he put in a older harddrive in it and installed windows Vista. Doing that caused the ethernet and network adapter to not work at all (says it need drivers) and I can't access the internet at all on it. I don't know if I can grab the drivers somewhere else or if I have to just count my losses. Please let me know if you need anymore information thank you!

A:Solved: My network adapter and Ethernet drivers are not found on my Vista

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I have an opeeating system 32bit Win 7 Pro
And installed 64bit Custom. After Installing I cant Connect to The Internet
My Mobo is Gigabyte but idk what is its Model. And My Network adapter is Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller. RTL8167
I installed The 64bit version of the same model of driver but still doesnt work. My 2 Usb Hubs also wont work because of the drivers
Unfortunately i dnt have the drivers anymore but i have a same PC Build which has the same hardware components but is A 32bit O.S

Hope Someone can help me with this problem

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