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Yoga 2 11 Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

Q: Yoga 2 11 Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

Yoga 2 11 (Lenovo) Serial Number: YB******** Machine Type Model: 80CX59445810

Motherboard crashed and I need to get the data off the hard drive. However, Lenovo apparently uses some proprietary connection that no repair service can connect to. It does not just plug into normal hard drive interface devices. How can I get all of my data from this hard drive??

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 2 11 Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)


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I have a client give me two dead hard drives that quit spinning up. He seems to think that the data is still intact, but either the controllers or the motors failed. One is a Seagate Barracuda 500 GB EIDE and the other is a Samsung 500 GB SATA drive. I was told that there was a power failure the occurred right before the drives failed. I attempted to bring the drives up here and verified that the EIDE drive loads down the power supply and the SATA drive is just dead.

My question is, where can I send these drives in order to have them repaired so I can move the data to other drives. My client owns a photography studio and these drives contain portraits for several of the local high schools, so he freaking out big time...please help!


A:Critical: Data recovery from dead hard drives

Seagate offers data recovery services, and that is who I would use for the Seagate drive. Samsung may
offer similar service, just check their website. If Samsung doesn't offer the service just do a Google search for Data Recovery Services.

Generally speaking, the drive manufacturer is most likely the facility that can best perform a full recovery.

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Like many other users on these boards, by X205 is refusing to boot.

My question: How can I recover the data on my hard drives, since there are two of them?

I ran a search to find all of the files I wanted (*.jpg in this case), and the search came back with hundreds of files (photos) that I am trying to recover....but it won't let me open them up.
I'm guessing since the drives are installed in series in this machine, somehow I need to find a way to read them both to access these files?

Any help is appreciated!

A:Data recovery from serially installed hard drives

Remove each HDD from the machine, connect using 2,5? SATA box to other PC as external device and you should have access to all saved data.

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I had two 3.5 SATA disks in windows 7 SP1 64 system. Unfortunately, my MOBO crashed and now i have no PC to recover data. When I took my drives to the  technician, his windows 7 machine identified these drives as foreign disks. there was neither import
nor convert options available in windows disk management utility. my first drive (320GB) was a basic boot disk and the second drive (1TB), a dynamic data disk. Both has data to recover. Because of the risk of data loss , we did not proceed further.

My next option is to buy external 3.5 HDD SATA enclosure and connect the disks to my laptop via USB. I also have an external 4TB USB drive connected to my laptop as a basic disk. My laptop runs windows 8.1 64 bit.

I'm looking for help in these areas.

1. Once the enclosure d HDD's are connected to the laptop via USB, will my 8.1 system show/recognise my external 3.5 HDD's in the device manager ?
2. My 3.5 HDD 's are coming from windows 7 SP1 64 bit system. Will my 8.1 64 bit system identify them as basic and dynamic disks respectively ? The drives are not encrypted.
3. What is the best option to recover/transfer data from my 3.5 HDD's to 4TB external USB drive in this setup ? I do have a Macrium Reflect disk utility.
4. Do i have to first import basic/dynamic disks or convert ? Which option is safer to recover my data intact ?  because i believe, these disks are foreign to my 8.1 system, convert will erase the data on the disks. I worry and confused about t... Read more

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I note that this model has a very non-standard hard drive interface.  Any ideas as to where I can get a harness or adapter to plug it into a standard sata interface?

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i have a scSi disk 36.4GB, i lost information from it and tried to recover with other recovery softwares to no avail finally i got winhex & got the professional licence.

i can now be able to see all the information on the 1 whole NTFS partition, but the problem is that i can't be able to recover it.
when ever i open the logical drive i can see all the information and most of the information is stack up in a "free space" which is around 33gb which i can be able to see has all the information that i need.
i have tried to recover the free space but its only copied to the location that i specify and no recoveries are made.
recovering the files by type/ name has bore no fruits.

a freind told me i have to curve out that area and use data extractors to get the information out of that area (freee space).

the information in that drive are sql data bases and zip files. whats the header for sql.

what techniques do i use to curve out that space and be abele to extract the information, for i can even read the information in text format.

which are the data extractors available in the market

kindly assist its quite urgent i get this information out

A:data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery]

I don't know where this thread properly belongs -- but I suspect the question may be too esoteric for most here.

Since it involves data recovery from a hard drive I'm going to move it to Hardware, I think "all other software" is not likely to have anyone with this type of experience.

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I have a laptop hdd with a corrupt windows 10 file. I am trying to plug it into my desktop that has windows 10 but when I boot with both in the pc it gets stuck on the Windows loading screen without the laptop drive it's fine. I have the desktop hdd as the primary boot device and in a higher sata port. What could be causing this problem and and suggestions on how I could get my files

A:Laptop Hard drive data recovery

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Hi all,

Yesterday my clients laptop HDD became corrupt and unreadable. Unable to boot to Windows or recognise disk through WinXP re-install process. I replaced the HDD and software re-built his laptop. All went well.

My problem is that of course, he has alot of data on the old HDD and did not have a back-up in place. I have a USB - IDE tool that I connect the old HDD up to my laptop with, and WinXP does recognise the disk, but when you try to access the disk it says the file table is corrupt or unreadable. chkdsk returns a message saying master file table is corrupt, and it does not run the chkdsk after that.

The disk is in trouble I know, but it is not making any strange noises and My PC picks it up straight away, so there is a chance I may be able to salvage some data from it somehow.

Any ideas or programs would be appreciated.

Cheers :grinthumb

A:Laptop hard drive data recovery


Look at this guide:


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My old laptop is dead (will not start up -- it's either the mobo or CPU). I read in a previous forum post to buy an adaptor that converts your laptop hard drive to be able to connect to the desktop -- the link no longer works. So....

I found this connector from CompUSA -- will this work?


A:Dead Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

That will work just fine.

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I have Dell XPS 2013 laptop purchased in June 2013 with Windows 7 professional OS install in it. Suddenly the laptop stopped working giving an error message with complete black screen:
error: no such partition.
grub rescue >
When I took it to the service center they told me the hard drive of the system might have failed leading to such error. I am still unsure is it due to hard disk failure? On the top of that I have many important working files stored in the system for which I could not able to take back up. Is there any way I can retrieve my files? If I need to purchase a new hard drive which specifications I need to order. Unfortunately the system had only 1-year warranty period. Thanks

A:Data recovery from failed XPS laptop hard drive

Recover all data from its drive before it's too late. Here's how you do it - 


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A Moderator has Moved your thread to our Windows 7 forum as there are some things you need to know in order to

rescue data you probably need and some other stuff you shouldl be aware of..help should arrive soon

My hard drive won't boot, and SMART says it's 'BAD, backup and replace."

I can't replace it now(no money), so I was wondering if there's a way to get Windows 7 completely pulled off the drive from its sectors and transferred to another storage drive WITHOUT the hard drive connected to a motherboard, no BIOS, etc. Just independent of its self, with the jumper/power to start it, can data be physically removed from it without it being connected to a motherboard?

Is there any way something like this can be done?

Because here's what I want to do ...

I want to clear the hard drive and keep its files, the OS, and other files on it, move them to another storage drive, then boot them from, say, a 64GB USB drive, and install them on a new hard drive from there. Will something like this work?

Assuming I boot from the USB with a new, functioning hard drive installed, can I just sort of "move" the OS to the new, empty hard drive to install it there? What are the steps of doing this exactly?

I'm not skilled/experienced in this area at all.

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Does formatting a storage device means data has permanently deleted? I have SD card in my phone and now i want to replace it with the new one. But before replacing the SD card i want to erase entire SD card so no one ever get access to my files. I have
already formatted the SD card but i heard from my friend that data recovery is possible even after formatting the drives. Kindly suggest some tips to erase everything from the drive.

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can you help me please.i have a yoga thinkpad 2016 best buy is telling me [email protected] no moving parts cant be recovered data. i dont know who to believe machine wont go on. where can i get informed ? i believe its a PSU problem many have said their tools for recovery are basic. help
Moderator note: off-topic post moved to its own thread. Subject edited to match content. Was: Re: P51 SSD Firmware update killed drives

A:ThinkPad Yoga Data Recovery

could anyone help me please i feel helpless new to this world my lenovo yoga went out the other night spontaneously. no warning.
best buy is telling me that since my "M2has no moving parts" nothing can be recovered. I dont know what to believe since what is wrong with it likely did not wipe out the data i need data help who to believe other expensive alternatives say it may be possible
I need data should i send to lenovo? how could data be gone so fast

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Need to get data off old hard drives.

I have a dozen old hard drives going back ten years (most of them are ide 3.5", some sata, and a few are laptop hard drives). I've tried to access them through my Vista laptop with one of those USB drive adapters. None of them were recognized, even in disk management (which cancels out the common tip I've come across through Googling to create a drive letter). The USB adapter is supposed to work with Vista. I also made sure to set the jumpers correctly, but still no good results.

I'm thinking the only way I'll be able to acces them is if I buy a desktop computer and hook them up that way. I heard some other person with this problem say that the USB adapter didn't work, and they had to hook the drives up internally in a desktop computer.

I'd like to not have to take this route, since I don't have access to a desktop at the moment. Maybe the USB adapter is defective? Any ideas?
My specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz
Vista SP1, 32-BIT
GEForce 9600M GS, 1 GB

A:Need to get data off old hard drives

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I just opened up my Lacie 500gb external hd and there are two 250mb hard drives inside!

I need to get my data off them (power portion broke on the hd casing), but I dont know how since there are two of them. I was going to just get an external casing at the store...

One is set to master and one slave...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I dont have a desktop to install these into.


A:How do I get data off two hard drives??

Errr. Connect one to an external casing, take the data off from it, connect the other one to the casing, take the data off? Or buy two casings?

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I've been asked to retrieve the data from a very old 'server' running Netware 4.11. This 'server' is made up of 4 IDE disks and serves to a group of old applemacs via an appletalk module in Netware.

Anyway, I don't have much experience of this kind of thing but thought I could pop each disk in turn into an external hard drive box I have handy, plug this into a PC and see/copy files across.

The results were as follows:

Two of these drives don't seem to get picked up at all when I do this (ie. no device is detected at the other end of the USB cable). Tried switching between master/slave jumper settings but no change.

One is seen but doesn't get allocated a drive letter. I followed some instructions for manually allocating a drive letter but I wasn't allowed to open the resulting drive.

One drive mounts but only seems to have a load of Netware system files on - none of the databases and files shared seem to be on there (or are they hidden somehow?)

I'm sure there's something wrong with my method, possibly the using of a USB external drive case?

Any suggestions how I can do this? Thanks

A:Getting data from old hard drives

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I am just try to figure out some thing which works best out of these two. As recently have gone through a recovery company Stellar Data Recovery http://www.stellarinfo.co.in/company/company.php . And after surveying i found companies proving software also.
The services paid more isnt it?  but the recovery is maximum. what you think?

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In January I had gone on a trip out of state for a week, when I left my computer was running fine. I shut down the computer, and turned off the power strip before I left. The computer had RAID 1. When I came back I noticed I had an extra hard drive, and I noticed the RAID had failed for some reason (I don't know why, it was shut off the whole time).

Long story short, the computer was getting old and I decided to put the drives into a new computer, but when I did the computer did not recognize them. I booted the computer with a live cd and it said something about it being an unknown raid configuration, or something like that. All windows wants to do with the drives is format them.

I had set up the raid just so it would be almost impossible to lose the data on them, is there a way to recover the data? Can I make the drives usable without formatting them?

A:Can't get data off of former RAID hard drives

With RAID 1 the drives are each a complete duplicate of the other. I would remove one drive from the RAID and connect it as a secondary drive to a system without RAID. If that doesn't work, try the other drive. If that doesn't work, you might try some data recovery software.

I had a similar situation recently and Easy Recovery Pro did a superb job of recovering absolutely everything.

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Can anyone tell me how to transfer data between hard drives.
At the moment I have a 10g hard drive and I would like to install a 80g drive,
I would like to keep my operating system and programs on the 10g drive and all other data onto the new 80g drive.
Thanks for any help

A:moving data between hard drives?

Drag and drop, or copy/cut and paste.

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Got a question for you guys. Have a Windows 7 computer with two 500Gb data drives (just files, no OS) that I would like to "merge" into a new 2Tb drive but keep everything on one partition. I know I can clone the drives onto two separate partitions of my new drive, and then do a partition merge and resize to fill up all the free space. Or I can turn on view hidden and system files and simply drag & drop the contents of both drives to my new one. Which would be the better/easier/faster solution?

A:Copying data from 2 hard drives to new one

I personally just drag the files to the other drive, and then put the old one an antistatic bag (usually the bag the new drive came in) and put it in a drawer.

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I have a P-233 with a master and slave hard drive that both have lost their bios info. When I boot the pc I get the message 'your master/slave hard drives have failed'. I hit DEL to enter the setup program and found that 'None' is entered under 'TYPE' for the Primary Master and Primary slave.

I opened the computer's case and examined the hard drive for the missing info and found the following:

C2247 001 592 77 3237 D15

How can I tell which numbers go where in the setup program under the following headings:


I am assuming that I'm thinking along the correct lines about solving the problem.


A:No setup data for hard drives

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I'm sure that in some ways this qualifies as a stupid question, and if so, please feel free to have a nice horselaugh at my expense...but help me out if you can.

Every time I upgrade HDs, I find myself with a nice new OS installation on a big new drive and gradually add new updates of my old programs. Moving discrete files like .MP3s, documents, downloads and so forth from the old drive is not very hard, but I have a lot of old program data, settings, mail, bookmarks, partially-downloaded P2P files, etc., etc. on the old drive, however, and I never seem to be able to get it migrated properly, if at all, as it doesn't lend itself to transparent transfer to and incorporation into the new installation.

In my typical disorganized way, I wind up adding the old drive as a slave to the new one and gradually salvage a little bit piecemeal, but essentially wind up losing most of it -- in practical terms. This primarily just produces more noise & heat in the machine from running a drive that should be extraneous. This is an inefficient and dumb non-solution, but I've been doing it forever.

I've tried to copy the old drive to a big folder on the new drive, but XP doesn't seem to want to allow this. Most of one's valuable info that he should like to save or migrate is buried very, very deeply in non-obvious places.

So, my questions are two:

1: Taking the short-term, partial solution, is there a program or an easy way to just make some sort of an ima... Read more

A:Migrating Old Data to New Hard Drives

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My computer does not seem to power on, and i suspect it to be a power switch or power supply problem . my brother said he'll take it to the nearby PC repair shop. if the repair cost is too much, i'll probably purchase a new PC (i am in need of a replacement PC anyway )

My question is, i have important data on my current hard drive(NTFS) , would there be a way to transfer it to my new PC?


A:Transferring Data Between Two Hard Drives

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Hello everyone. I recently got a 160GB Maxtor 7200RPM hard drive.

In my system currently, I have 3 physical drives:

Maxtor 13GB 7200RPM (C: Windows Drive)
Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM (D: Programs & Music)
Maxtor 80GB 7200ROM (G: Video & Music)

Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to put all of the contents from the 80GB (G drive) to the new 160GB. All of the contents from the 40GB (D drive) to the 80GB (G drive). And finally all the contents from the 13GB to the 40GB (D drive).

My plan was then to take the 13GB out and use it in my FreeBSD box.

I need to make sure though that when I transfer my data, that none of it gets lost, and all programs/software still works...which I guess would mean making sure that the 40GB became the "C" drive, the 80GB became the "D" drive, and the 160GB became the "G" drive.

How can I do this?



A:Transfering Data From Hard Drives

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Hi everyone..

My external USb Wd mybook box has 1 tb Seagate Sata 3 and i use original Wd disc as W7 installed... in My PC Case as sata II

Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc...
I have Get Data Back NTFS (and i used before plenty of times for recovery, loss data or unwanted deletions) but..

This time im stuck.. Becouse the disk i try to recover includes 870 gb (about) used disk space (only audio files) only 50gb (about) empty space... Thats too big for me to recover to other disks.. i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle..

I have about 300 gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL510 Notebook..
So my question is
wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first, can i take them slowly to this 300 gb spaces (i know i can) and after create somehow emty space (deleting those recovered 300 gb + 50 on corrupted disk) and
use that empty space for more recovery. ???? Or smilar solutions.. Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some
equipments upgrades..
Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces (don't know how)

I know i look silly in situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files..

E-how happened (not necessary to read these part)

according my experiences Thats the mistakes... DOn't do those at the same tim... Read more

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.

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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which

you can try the trial of both products which give you a taste of what the programme is like  

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Can i recover my data after full format the hard disk on windows 7?

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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which


Both are good programs and i would recommend purchasing both ( if you can afford ). Both has it's own pros and cons.
"GetDataBack" is good at virtual reconstruction of damage/unrecognizable file systems but i personally found it weak at recovering image files. It recovers images but most of them seems to be corrupted in my testings. Also you need to purchase seperate versions for FAT and NTFS ( GetDataBack simple is garbage ).

On the other hand, "Power data Recovery" works with both FAT and NTFS and it is better at recovering image files. Another proven tools is "R-Studio" which has quiet good reputation among DR professionals. It's user interface is not newbie friendly but has lot's of options which no other tools offers.

Data Recovery from an External Disk with a Damaged File System

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Dear Friends.
Hope this finds you well!
I'm not certain this is in the best forum, but it is a Windows 7 computer
I was trying to do another sets of DVD's from existing MP4 files from a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card. These would then be used with DVD Flick and ImgBurn to make the DVD's. The first(2) DVD's worked well but somehow a few of the files were not copied entirely. So, I was redoing these again to make certain I had ALL the files for the next (2) DVD's.
These are files my older brother entrusted to me for me to convert them to a DVD format. They are files of his daughters nearly entire basketball season [frames] of about 70 files and were sentimental to him and his daughter.
I feel personally responsible to correct this if it is at all possible!? It could get ugly
It was an honest error on my part as I mistakenly deleted what was titled Video 100 on the SanDisk which contained all these MP4 files. I didn't realize I was removing them from the SanDisk. I'm hoping there is a free date recovery app I could use for this one application so that an expensive license would not be required!?
Thank You in advance for your care, compassion and cooperation. I'm stuck in the mud...
Very Truly Yours,
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3983 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 45 Express Ch... Read more

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Hi Everybody
My hard drive tells me that its about to fails and it gives that screeching/grinding noise! I am about to go but a new one so that I can remove the one that is about to die.
I am thinking about using Norton Ghost to Clone my whole drive to the new drive before removing it however I am currently ME and Win2k; I want to keep 2000 and get rid of ME (The PC came with it) but I know If I clone everything it will transfer with it to the new drive...what can I do?
I kinda want to start afresh but keep some data from the old hard drive (ones on Win2k)
Should I reinstall Win2k on the new drive then set it to master and reistall Norton and Select the files I want to keep? This is what I'm thinking however I am worried that maybe since the PC came with ME If and on the new drive I won't have ME Some things might not work like my screen or other drives like CDRW, FLoppy and DVD.
Can somebody help me with this...am I on the right path or can somebody suggest a better way to do this? I really hate ME and I'd rather not have it.
Your help will be greatly appreciated

A:Changing hard drives without losing Data

Hi mkuki, Welcome to TSG !!
You may need to find the drivers for your motherboard first. You can get AIDA32, install it and it should tell you. Go to the manufacturers web site and get any drivers it offers ( 4in1, USB, sound, etc.) You can get AIDA32 here: http://www.aida32.hu/aida-download.php?bit=32
This is what I have done:
Since you have a rewriter and you want to start afresh, copy any files you have to CD. ( Are these files NTFS or FAT32)??

Go here and download the DOS 6.22 disk. Open it , put in floppy and everything will go to floppy.
Reboot and go to BIOS, set it to boot from floppy
Put in floppy, save changes and reboot. When you get dos prompt type in fdisk and hit enter
Follow the instructions and delete all the partitions.
Put new drive in as master remove old one. Boot to BIOS and select boot from CD
POut in 2000 cd and reboot follow prompts and you can partition the new drive through 2000 cd.
One question though:
If this ME was in when you bought pc ( HP, DELL, Compaq, ETC. )

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Hey, I have 2 hard drives (SATA 3.0 G/s HITACHI Deskstar 500GB) from an old tower (HP Elite) that was destroyed. They are operational. However they were set in a RAID configuration. So, I bought a Universal Hard Drive Adapter (Hornetek) and I hooked it up to my laptop (Dell XPS12). I then attempted a Data recovery with the software Stellar Phoenix Recovery. I managed to recover 6.60 GB (945178 files in 401 folders) worth of incomplete data off the first hard drive. I haven't recovered the second yet. Because I'm wondering if I can combine the information.... Can I combine the data if I recover the stuff of the second hard drive? If so how can I do it? I will start the data retrieval from the second hard drive after I post this. Please let me know if you can assist me.

A:How Can I Combine Recovered Data From 2 Hard Drives?

I'm guessing this is a RAID 0 configuration?

If both drives are still functioning you should be able to recover at least most of the data..

Recovering data from each drive separately will be a very long winded process and trying to 'patch' the data back together will be difficult.

I think you will be better of buying an enclosure which can take both drives at the same time. Or you may get away with two separate enclosures used at the same time. Then try programs which claim to be able to recover data from raid 0.

Your best option here is to try lots of different recovery programs (some will be able to 'find' data others can't). Googling will give you lots of results of recovery programs.

You will also find lots of sites giving their suggestions on how you can recover from raid 0 eg http://www.freeraidrecovery.com/library/raid0-recovery.aspx

RAID 0 is for increased performance and increases the chance of an error causing loss of data. With all data, no matter what configuration you have, if it's important you should back it up.

Good luck

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this is how it all happened:My hardware:Hdd internal : Seagate 500 gbHdd external : western digital 250 gbProblem:i was using Windows 7 as an operating system and due to some voltage issues my SMPS broke down and when i got a new one my Windows 7 refused to boot, i then tried to reinstall windows 7 all over again but the procedure stopped continuously after i used to select the partition of installation, it used to say : "C:/ drive cannot be formatted" because of some error. i tried installing XP and the same happened.Then i used my spare Seagate 80gb internal Hdd to start my computer and installed XP on it. I Used the 80 gb Hdd as a Master and the previous 500gb as a Slave. it got detected and worked fine. Don't know why, it got impossible to install any OS on it earlier. My 250gb external was also attached at this time.Now the main problem occurred.As soon as i used my internet connection some how it got infected and corrupted all my 800gb data, changed my folders into (*.exe) extensions and as of now, i cannot even see anything after opening any drive even with the "show hidden files". When i scan it with Kaspersky, it does show all the content being scanned now. but i cannot see anything.this is what i can only see when i go into my external Hdd and the system info folder is now of 4gb, and the hdd is 95% full.the data is very precious to me. Please help me to get it back.Please let me Know if any more information is needed.

A:Cannot access any of my data on hard drives after infection.

Hello and welcome. We need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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I was trying to install elementary OS alongside Windows but when the installation was finishing it crashed. When I went back to Windows my hard drive didn't appear and now it says in Manage>Storage>Disk Management Disk 1 Dynamic - Invalid i posted a picture of this.I tried with Ubuntu then on the other disk same thing happened. Is there a way to get them back to normal without losing the data?

A:2 of my Hard Drives aren't showing the data

Go to: Downloads | mh-nexus , scroll down and select English/portable edition and download.Unzip and right click on HxD.exe and select run as AdministratorClick on Extras->Options and uncheck "Open disk as readonly by default"Click on the HD icon and select the disk (#1 from screen shot)select sector 0 (#2)From address 1C2, if it shows: 42 then change it to: 07 (#3)Reboot and run chkdsk /f X: where X is the drive letter.

NOTE: Since you've done something with UBUNTU, I am not sure if any damage done with it. Try it with one disk first.

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I booted up my Win 7 computer today and ChkDsk said my Ex HDD may have been corrupted and proceeded to delete some files. Those were some very important files - how can I get them back? (Video and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 files)

I prefer free methods on this - I know I can buy software to do this, but I currently don't have the money. Or a very cheap method, if nothing else.

It's ironic that today was the day I was going to back up this drive.

Please help!

A:External HDD data recovery - Chkdsk erased some data!!

"How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK ? Raymond.CC Blog"
How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK

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i have 2 drives that are going bad and i wonder if anyone can help with ideas or know which programs best to recover the data in these situations.

1/ seagate 300G AS - this one makes ticking noise (like a bomb lol) every minute or so and every few minutes it makes the ping sound (like if you were snapping a rubber band on someone); this one is still under warranty (so yay to seagate's 5 yr warranty), but i am having a hard time getting data off of the drive; after putting it in the freezer for a day, i put it in 1 of the pc's and it just stalls windows; after a while, windows tells me that a removable device (the bad hard drive in this case) has been unplugged or ejected, and it doesnt show up in windows at all.

2/ the WD 500G AS - this one is not under warranty it doesnt make the ticking noise like the other drive, but i also have no luck getting the data off of it either. I also tried putting in the freezer and then hook it up to the pc; during POST before windows is started, when the system lists the hard drives being connected, I notice that all other drives say OK but with this one, it says BAD. And then windows prompts me to run chkdsk on it; it checks and stalls at 12% forever so i shut it down and rebooted; this time, i chose not to do chkdsk and finally got into windows (albeit very slowly), i see that windows assigns it letter D but w/o any description; so i tried to format it and then if that were successful, i can try to retrieve the data via getdataba... Read more

A:seeking advice on how to recover data from 2 bad hard drives

First off, make sure your Seagate isn't part of this firmware fiasco with Seagate. If it is..you might be able to get free data recovery for that drive under Seagates warranty.

Have you researched "SpinRite" It might be able to save that WD hdd. Check it out

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Hope there's hope for this situation. Daughter's computer died (motherboard went). It has the old IDE drives and her new one has a SATA hard drive. Is there any way she can get the data off the old hard drives? I told her about making backup copies but she didn't heed my advice.

A:Help! Computer died and hard drives are full of data

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I need a utility to compare data between two hard drives.

I need the data identical on each drive...is there any program that can indicate in
some way some data that is on Drive A but not on Drive B ?

A:Solved: Two Hard Drives: Utility to Compare Data


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Hi All,

I need to copy all my data / photos / videos / docs etc. from one hard drive to another so I have a backup in case of a crash.

It's about 4.5 TB which according to most will take DAYS to copy over via USB 2.0.

I see online that I can buy a converter, but if I'm using 2 external hard drives and a desktop computer as the in between, which converters do I need to order? I.e. one for the desktop tower and one for each of the hard drives? I.e. 3 conversion kits? I'm not sure how to configure, could someone please spell out which specific things I need to buy and how to configure?


A:USB 3.0 question : data backup between 2 external hard drives

I use these type of caddies, the drives are then connected internally via Sata and are much faster than USB.

StarTech.com 5.25in Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack for 3.5in Hard Drive - Internal SATA Backplane Enclosure: Amazon.co.uk: Computers Accessories

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I have the same problem.... my backup hard drive doesnt allow my PC to boot, its a SEAGATE 160 GB Barracuda 7200.7 HD... i use it to hold all my files... i have all my Pictures and all my daughter pictures since she was born in that HD (shes 2 and half), more than 4000 songs and hundreds of video on that HD and seems that all has been lost.
This is what i get, if i plug the power cable into the HD and turn the PC on, it just wont come on.... i installed the HD in 2 other PC and it does the same thing, as soon as i unplug the power from HD, the PC turns on just fine... now, i tought the HD is with some power short and it prevent the Mother board to turn on, so i got an extra Power Supply ATX from an older PC, removed it and pinned the green and black wire from the power supply, on the conector that goes to the mother board, so it would turn on without being pluged into the PC at all, and then plugged a small cooler fan just to make sure the power supply is working, and it is, but when i plug the HD it goes Dead right away, so the HD is killing the Power supply it self, thats why no PC can boot when this HD is plugged into to it.
I contacted SEAGATE and they charged me 1.400,00 dollars to recover my data from that Piece of S**T HD.... i'm so frustated, does anyone has any idea how can i fix this HD so i wont lose everything i've saved from the past 3 years?

A:Hard disk data recovery.

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I'm trying to recover data from a friend's hard drive that suddenly failed to boot. It's a Samsung SATA. I've got it connected directly to the motherboard of my computer as a slave. It is seen in the BIOS, Device Manager, and Disk Management, but not in Windows Explorer.

The drive spins, and doesn't make any unusual noises. I tested it with HDTune, the SMART data is all OK, and a quick sector scan showed no bad clusters.

I've tried:

Spinrite: computer froze.
O&O Format and Recovery: Scan started then computer froze.
A couple of other recovery apps froze too, and some just didn't see the drive.
GetDataBack found a few things, but not much, and couldn't recover. (Trial version).

I installed Ubuntu on an attached drive, it couldn't see the drive.

So I'm about ready to throw in the towel, but thought I'd run it by the gurus at TSG first.

Is it possible that password protection on the drive limits what can be seen/recovered or do the recovery apps look beyond that? Anything I've missed here?

Thank you in advance.

A:Hard drive data recovery

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My son spilled milk all over one of my laptops, which basically killed it.  I opened up the laptop and dried everything off, but It just will not boot at all.  Fortunately, however, the Hard Drive actually survived and still works.
I connected the hard drive as an external drive on my other laptop using a USB adaptor, and can open the drive in Windows Explorer.  However, when I try to navigate to my Users folder, I get an error dialog box that says the folder "is not accessible.  Access is denied."
Does anyone know how I can get passed this so I can retrieve my data before I reformat the drive?
Thank you

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery - PLEASE HELP

Hi jamespeck
Please try this links http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810881

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I was reviewing the forums for an answer and found this article that almost fits my excat problem, with one variation.


My variation is that I have removed my old hard drive and would like to connect it to my new HP built computer using a USB3.0 cable. I have tried, but the new computer does not recognize the drive. All I want to do is retrieve data from the old drive because my old computer would not boot. I have tried connecting it via a USB 3.0 to Sata converter cable and can hear the drive spin up, but not recognized. Any ideas??

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Ok my ac adapter charger would not register when plugged into my laptop so it was sent away for repair (i assumed that i would be given a new charger) i wrote a letter explaining that i specifically did not want anything REMOVED/REFORMATTED as i was unable to back up my personal files due to my laptop not being able to work without a charger and i asked them to ring me in advance if they had to do so.
Upon receiving my laptop back i found to my extreme annoyance my old hard drive was removed then replaced with another one. I was furious as all my personal files were on the hard drive.

I went to PC World to complain (im sorry the level of customer service they provide ia appalling i am never going to shop there again) they said they could try to recover some of my personal files (for free) such as Uni documents pictures etc but not my music

Anyway the data was backed up but the adviser said the data that he managed to transfer was unstable and that if i was to recover the data by any other means it may damage my laptop?

All i want is my music videos etc back....... how can i recover it off the old hard drive. I was told it had become corrupt somehow but i dont understand what that had to do with my ac adapter not working? My computer worked fine before it was virus free etc......

All i want is my music back, someone mentioned something about a caddy?

Please someone help me....

A:Data recovery from old hard drive???

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Help. Can I recover the data on my hard drive which is in a desktop PC that died last week? Take the HD out, hook it up somehow, move the data to a backup or portable HD?
Thanks from Pacejo

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery

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