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HDMI to VGA adapter connected to laptop to a project image jumps from laptop to projector and back and forth

Q: HDMI to VGA adapter connected to laptop to a project image jumps from laptop to projector and back and forth

Hi All I am in need of assistance.
I have a new Dell 17r inspiron laptop that only has hdmi output.
I have projectors that connect with VGA port only.
I purchased hdmi to vga adapters and when I connect to the laptop the image will jump from the laptop to the projector and jump back to the laptop and it will continue to do this over and over.
There are no error messages. on either. These are working projectors. These are new hdmi/vga adapters.
I have tried to change resolution to lower settings and I have tried to lower refresh rates. The projector can support all of what resolutions the laptop has for settings thus the image does show for a second on the projector. These are smartboard/projector 600 series. I have also tried swapping our the adapters that didn't work either. I have also tried making the resolution settings shutting down laptop , connect the hdmi/vga adapter and turn the laptop back on and the issue is still the same. I can't find any posts/forums on this issue to date.


Preferred Solution: HDMI to VGA adapter connected to laptop to a project image jumps from laptop to projector and back and forth

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HDMI to VGA adapter connected to laptop to a project image jumps from laptop to projector and back and forth

I am not aware of any issues with the 17r using external monitors. I would suggest trying to narrow down the problem and go from there. I certainly understand that you may not have all the devices present but if you do I would try to verify if this is problem with HDMI on the notebook, a problem with the adapters, or the monitors.
Basic steps, try running the notebook under power saving or high performance in the Nvidia control panel. The system is an optimus and it would be interesting to find if the problem only occurs with the integrated Intel GPU (power saving) or the Nvidia GPU (high performance). If you aren't familiar with configuring Optimus the following document may help.
Uninstall and reinstall video drivers. Download the latest Intel and Nvidia video drivers for your model of notebook from support.dell.com. Download the drivers and save them to the desktop, please don't install them yet. Uninstall the Intel and Nvidia driver and software from the system and reboot. Now install the drivers, with the Intel driver first, followed by the Nvidia driver.
If possible connect the notebook to a HDMI monitor, something that doesn't require the use of any adapters and see if the problem continues. Verify if the HDMI ports is working at all on the notebook.
If it looks like video is working fine on the notebook, and HDMI works well. Test the HDMI to VGA adapters. If possible try them on another notebook, or try other HDMI adapters on this notebook. Try to verify if the problem follows the adapters or the notebook.
If you verify that the notebook works fine with HDMI alone, and the HDMI to VGA adapters are good, try another projector. Or try your current projector on another PC. Again see if the problem follows the notebook or the projector.
If you have the spare adapters and projectors handy, you have access to a computer lab or office, test with other adapters, monitors projectors first and see if you can narrow down where the problem springs.
If you only have the one VGA adapter, projector then yeah adjust the Optimus settings and then uninstall / reinstall the video drivers.

Please let me know what you find out.


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When I connect my Inspiron 15 to my video projector (with HDMI cable), I don't have any audio from the laptop anymore... it seems that the audio was sent to the projector. How can I switch the audio output? I want the video on the projector and the audio on my speakers plugged on my laptop.
Thanks in advance :)

A:No audio from the laptop when connected via HDMI to a projector

Did you try this?
Go to Start>Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab.  Select "Speakers" as the default audio playback device.

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Thanks in anticipation
Edan Aharony

A:Laptop to Projector through HDMI but no sound capability on projector

Please provide more specific information on the computer that is being used to drive the projector.
This will help to give more specific advice.

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DVD plays on laptop but does not project through projector onto screen While attempting to play a DVD from a Panasonic Satellite laptop using any Video Player, we can get the frame of the DVD player software to project through the Panasonic PT-LB20U Projector, we see the DVD image on the laptop, but no DVD image through the projector. We have checked all connections, restarted both the projector and laptop. We have toggled the Fn+F5 keys. We get other images to display through the projector, but no DVD image. The frame where the DVD is playing on the laptop appears but no video displays within the frame on the projector. The video is playing in the frame on the laptop.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700 , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 89244 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, DBQ02, Null, 0123456789AB
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:DVD plays on laptop but does not project through projector onto screen

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While attempting to play a DVD from an IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop using WinDVD or InterActual, we can get the frame of the DVD player software to project through the ViewSonic PJ402D, we see the DVD image on the laptop, but no DVD image through the projector. We have checked all connections, restarted both the projector and laptop. We have toggled the Fn+F7 keys. We get other images to display through the projector, but no DVD image. The frame where the DVD is playing on the laptop appears but no video displays within the frame on the projector. The video is playing in the frame on the laptop. Help!!! I present in the morning.

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Have a new HP Envy laptop upgraded to Windows 10. Tried to use my old VGA HP projector. They said I needed a HDMI cable to connect on the laptop and VGA on the other end. When turning on the projector it says projected the HP logo with a count down and when it got to 0 the logo disappears and I get a blue screen and in the bottom right of the projected blue screen it runs through all different options of searching but nothing happens to project my desktop onto the screen. I was on the phone with HP for over 2 hrs. They updated the NVIDIA drivers but still it does not project. Is there something that can be done to fix this? I am able to use the VGA projector with my older HP DV7 laptop which has a VGA port. But I need to use the new HP Envy laptop.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer on this.

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Hi all

I have a Toshiba Qosmio E10 which has a component (RGB) output. I plugged it to the projector and after some tinkering the desktop shows up on the projector. However when I try to watch a DVD or a divx avi file there is no picture (a black space appears instead). The movie is showing on the laptop monitor with no problems. I tried different players (WMP 10, WinDVD and Divx player) but none of them work. Same problems with output to the TV as well.

The laptop has a Nvidia G-force FX 5200 graphics card.

I think it may have something to do with the decoder but I'm not sure.

Any suggestions?

A:Laptop output to projector is without DVD image - Qosmio E10


As far as I know you must first switch to external device and after that start the DVD player. If you start the DVD player before switching to external device there is no picture.

It is also possible that while using notebook display and external device at the same time the picture will be shown on display only. This is not a problem just graphic card restriction. Test it properly. I believe that the DVD movie can be shown either on LCD or external device.


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I've had my laptop connected to a TV through HDMI for years and it suddenly stopped working. The HDMI output is no longer listed as a playback device. It now shows spdif digital out via HP dock. The picture is fine but there is no sound. Also when you go to the playback settings screen the green lights are jumping next to the spdif which is set as default but there is no sound. I have tried everything if you do a Google search on this topic it seems like it is a common problem but there is no specific solution. I believe the HDMI playback device disappeared after the last Windows 10 update. The HDMI is not under hidden devices but it is listed under audio in the control panel.

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I'm using a laptop with an external monitor and would like to be able to shut the laptop lid and still project the image on the external monitor. Specifically, I'd like to be able to do the following, without having to manual change the settings everytime I connect/disconnect the external monitor or open/close the laptop lid:     When the laptop is NOT connected to the external monitor:     * View the image on the laptop screen     When the laptop IS connected to the external monitor:     * View the image on the laptop screen AND external monitor, when the laptop lid is OPEN.     * After closing the laptop lid, have the image disappear from the laptop screen, but remain on the external monitor.     * After opening the laptop lid, have the image re-appear on the laptop screen (and remain on the external monitor). Here are my system details: * Laptop: HP elitebook * OS: Win7 * External Monitor: HP EliteDisplay

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Hi, new Yoga 920. Tried two external monitors - one monitor and EPSON projector. Via i-tec adapter. Not working. No a blink. Drivers reinstalled. Any suggestion, or, even better, solution? Thnak you Daniel 

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I run a laptop and projector for my church. We have a Sony VAIO AR520 powerhouse media laptop with Windows Vista. It was originally hooked up through the corresponding HDMI port to our VPL-AW15 Sony Projector but sony has replaced the port once and it quit again. We switched to the vga hookup but because it is analog and not digital, it won't allow us to play our church videos. We bought a UGA adapter usb 2. When we hook up the HDMI adapter and change the VPL-AW15 Sony projector back to the hdmi screen, the projector doesn't talk to the laptop and switch the NVIDIA to a dual screen. I am not able to manually switch it to a dual screen, thus we have no picture on the projector. Before the HDMI port went bad, all we had to do was turn on the projector first and then switch on the laptop and it automatically detected the dual setting and brought up the dual screen for our media shout programming. I have exhausted all the things I know to try so if anyone has ideas please I can use the help. Thanks in advance and God Bless!

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This machine was purchased for use in the classroom with projector and smart board. When connected to a monitor, the second screen works fine, but when connected to the Epson DLP projector, the laptop screen and projector are both blank Laptop PC's from other manufacturers work correctly when connected to this projector.

Can you help?
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A:Satellite Pro C70 - Unable to get image when connected to projector

What notebook are you talking about?
…and what operating system is preinstalled on this notebook?

Are you using the Toshiba preconfigured system?

Is the screen resolution for both devices (internal display and external monitor) set properly?

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When my laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI the laptop display shows on the TV but the sound plays though the laptop speakers and not the TV. I have had this problem since I bought the laptop in October 2013, when it was running Windows 8, it is now running Windows 10, which has made no difference. I have tried updating the drivers for the graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M), Intel HD Graphics 4600 display adapter and speakers. If I go into the playback devices the TV does not show up, even when it is set to display disabled and disconnected devices, but I don't know why. I know the problem is something to do with my laptop and not the TV or HDMI cable because it works with 2 other laptops in my house, and the TV is shown as an audio device on both. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


View Solution.

A:No Sound through TV connected to laptop via HDMI

OK, that driver should have worked. Just click on that folder 7-zip created because I want to show you where to find the driver.  We are now going to try to force the installation. Click on the folder and it will show several folders.  Click on the DisplayAudio folder. Then there are two folders inside that one.  Click on the top one listed ( Then click on the IntcDAud Setup information file and you will see the driver for the hardware ID you posted. HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2807&SUBSYS_80860101. Close out of that now. Go to the device manager and click on the HD audio device again.  Click on the driver tab.  Click on Update driver. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option again, but this time at the bottom of that window, select the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.  Then click on Have Disk and browse right to that IntcDAud Setup information file and see if the driver will install that way. If it does, restart the PC.  If it doesn't, unfortunately, I have no idea why that driver won't install because it should have worked using the first method. But that missing driver is why you have no audio from the HDMI out port.  

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I have an Elitebook 8530p that I am trying to connect to my TV so I can view online TV on my TV screen. I can stream the online TV and watch it on the laptop ok, and I can connect the laptop to the TV with HDMI cord and I see the picture on the TV too, but as soon as I push the play button and it starts to stream the Laptop freezes. This happens on both TV's in our house with different HDMI cords which leads me to believe it is an issue with the laptop (not the TV's or cords). I have tried pushing the Fn + F4 buttons to clone it but that makes no difference. I have tried changing the display settings but I don't really know what I am doing! Another post said to choose full HDMI setting but even though the laptop has a HMDI port it didn't appear to have that setting. Is it too old?

A:Laptop freezes when connected to TV through HDMI

The problem is most likely the video card driver, so yes technically your laptop is too old, but luckily you can save that geezer! If updating the drivers doesn't work then you can try changing resolutions.

Solution found here:
a. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

b. Click System and Maintenance, click System, and then click Device Manager.
Note If Control Panel is in Classic View, double-click System, and then click Device Manager.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.

c. In Device Manager, expand Display Adapters, right-click the display devices, and then click properties and under the driver tab click on Uninstall.

d. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.

e. Restart the computer.

After the computer restarts, the drivers will be automatically installed. Check after this procedure. Also check if you have any exclamation mark or cross marks alongside the display devices listed in device manager.
You can update the drivers using windows update. Refer to the below mentioned link and use the steps provided accordingly -http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isnt-working-properly

You may also check if there are any updates for the drivers at the manufacturer website. You may even install the latest drivers from the manufacturer... Read more

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Hi all,
Toshiba Satellite U400-157
Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core(TM)Duo CPU [email protected]; RAM 4.00GB
Display Adapter: Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Stage 1
Laptop connected to Panasonic LCD 42" with HDMI cable
Both LCD screen and laptop monitor diplay correctly
Able to change display settings and control cursor at laptop
Everything is working fine

Stage 2 two weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, but the LCD screen works fine and the cursor appears on the LCD and can be controlled by the laptop

Stage 3 two (more) weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, LCD screen is blank, no cursor visible
I right click laptop screen, go to Graphic Properties>Display settings and try and change the Operating Mode: from Single display to Two
Primary Device: LCD
But these choices are not available.
I go to Control Panel> Personalization> Display Settings
Drop-down menu shows
1. Generic PnPMonitor on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Select down arrow
2. (Default Monitor) on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family appears

Connected HDMI cable and try again
I have two Black Screens ...!
Have tried restarting comp then TV, and vice versa, before and after connecting HDMI cable, but nothing works.
(all other independent operations on the laptop and the TV work perfectly well)

Yelp, help, please ...
PS I did not post correctly, so I ... Read more

A:Black screen when laptop connected to TV via HDMI

Hello, Do you have another HDMI cable to try , if not, do you have a VGA cable to use ?

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Recently my hard drive went out and I had it replaced with a solid state drive. The problem I'm having now is when I hook up my Samsung Smart TV through an HDMI cable (also tried a new cable with same results) I get wavy, scrolling lines on my laptop that go away when I disconnect the cable. The lines don't show up on my TV and this didn't happen before having my computer repaired.

The Staples tech wants to charge me again for diagnosing it after paying over $270 for a diagnostics and replacement of the hard drive. He said it's not possible for it to be a problem with the new hard drive so it would be another charge even though it didn't do it before having it repaired and my computer reformatted. I'm concerned I'm going to burn something out if I keep using it this way but I also don't want to pay more if it's something simple. He said it could be the motherboard or graphics card but I'm not sure whether or not to trust him. I'm a senior with little technical knowledge.

I want to use an HDMI cable so I can watch Xfinity programming that's available online only. I can live with it doing this as long as it isn't hurting my computer. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

MSI Laptop - 3 years old
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3886 Mb
Graphics Card: Int... Read more

A:Scrolling lines on laptop when connected to TV through HDMI

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Bought this new HP Laptop and also an LG monitor to have a bigger screen. When connecting the laptop to the monitor via HDMI, volume does not come out of the monitor.I did see all the older posts on this issue and I still was not able to fix it after > going to sounds and remove the laptop sound and have sound default from monitor, etc.Any other suggetion> greatly appreciated Rox

A:HP Laptop no volume when connected to LG Monitor via HDMI

roxharley wrote:.... When connecting the laptop to the monitor via HDMI, volume does not come out of the monitor. ...Hi, What is the model of your LG monitor ? Does it have speakers ? Regards.

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Hey guys. I have connected my PC to my HDTV (Sansui), and I cannot find an option in the TV for 1:1 Pixel Mapping. I need this because my TV is overscanning my laptops display and the taskbar and other images are cut off the screen. It is also quite blurry. I have the TV's manual here:


I could not find an option in the manual, but maybe you guys could.

Many thanks.

A:Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

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I have a Toshiba satellite L305-S5875 I have it connected to my Vizio HDMI HDTV to watch netflix with. It has been working fine except for the past week. When I unplug the laptop to skype and then plug it back into the tv when I am done I get a, "NO RGB signal" message from the tv. I don't know why it is doing this, I have been able to use system restore to get it working again, but it is no longer working. Any ideas?

A:laptop connected to HDMI tv was working now keep getting no RGB signal

Try this:

Hold down the input button on the right side of the Tv. This is the bottom button
With the tv off, press and hold the bottom button (input)

When the TV powers up and you see the input menu, release and press the button
to change the mode to your preference.

Hope that helps.

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Hey guys, I'm actually new here, so I am not sure if this is in the right forum page, but I need help. I have had a problem with my HDTV and laptop for a few months and finally decided to start a thread for help. The problem is that the HDTV is blurry and fuzzy when connected to my laptop via HDMI. However, I realize this is an overscanning issue, because in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, whenever I set the scaling for overscanning to 0%, the fuzzy text and screen is fixed, but the edges around the screen like the taskbar are cutoff the edge of the screen. I do not think my TV has an option for "Just Scan", but maybe you guys can find something I can't. Here is the manual:


Also, I am running Windows 8.1 with an AMD Radeon HD 7520G graphics card.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

Not sure I can help but I have the same thing. I have a cheap TV and I think it has more to do with that. I play videos is all and not an issue there, just desktop is expanded past screen.

My TV is only 720p.

I'd love to see if someone has a fix.

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I have connected my HP Laptop with Windows 8 to my TV through an HDMI port. I watch netflix and youtube. A couple times a day the sound will just quit working. I check the audio and it says it is still hooked up to the TV. The only way I can figure out how to get it working again is to restart the computer. This has never happened while audio was playing, just when it is not in use for a little while.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Laptop connected to TV through HDMI Sound turns off every now and then

HP has tens of thousands of different laptops. Which exact one do you have? The full model number will be on a sticker on the bottom and will be similar to DV9240ca or DV6-2130us.

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Hi, new here. After searching for information on my problem I could not find a single thread with the same issue.
Having said that, here goes.

I just bought a new TV and attempted to connect it to my laptop via HDMI. I have used both the laptop and the cable with other TV's in the past with no problem but when I connect the two the laptop powers off as if the power has been cut. It will not boot when the two are connected and only happens when the TV is on. The laptop will boot into safe mode but it seems that HDMI out is disabled in safe mode so I cannot test it. I have checked and my graphics drivers are current. Hope someone can help! Thanks.

More Information: I have since exchanged for a different TV (Different Brand) for an unrelated issue and it doesn't work with this one either, same issue.

A:Laptop Shuts Down When HDMI Connected To Television

I found this article on the Forum not sure if it will be any help

Computer shuts down while TV is connected through HDMI

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I messed up display settings for when I attach a TV via HDMI to my laptop. I set the system to display only on the TV (OK, not a totally stupid idea) and then picked a resolution the TV doesn't support (that was TOTALLY stupid!) When I disconnect the TV, laptop display works as normal. As soon as I connect the TV, laptop screen blanks and TV goes to Invalid Format. I have tried to change display settings through the control panel with the TV disconnected, but as soon as I plug in the TV, it goes back to the bad resolution on the TV and no laptop display.

Is this stored in the registry somewhere? I want to reset the flag telling the system to display only on 2nd display.

Please help

A:Invalid Format when laptop connected to HDMI TV

Hi OldWraith, welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should work:Connect the TV, don't mind the Invalid Format warning
Press WIN + P to open Display Switch dialog. You don't see it as it's on the non-working TV display but trust me, it's there:
(Screenshot from our tutorial Display - Change Main Display)
Press Right Arrow > Press Enter to change from Display 2 only to Display 1 only
Now you should have the desktop on laptop's display, you can change your display settings as you wish

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Problem started a little over a month ago on my HP laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

When I connect the laptop to my either of my TVs through an hdmi cord everything works fine. Videos run smoothly and the audio is in sync as if there's no problem.

If I try to watch a video on just the laptop though the problems start. If I try to play anything (songs/videos) in Windows Media Player then it says "Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file".

When I play a video on YouTube the video runs smoothly but there isn't any audio to go with it.

If I go to control panel - sound - speakers and headphone properties and try to play a test sound it says 'failed to play test tone'

Attempted to update the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver but windows said it was up to date. Same thing with the Intel(R) Display Audio driver.

Thanks for any help

A:hp laptop audio and video problems (unless connected through hdmi)

Are you leaving the HDMI cable connected to the PC when you try to us the PC's sound (IDT)? Generally, when an HDMI cable is plugged in and detected the sound automatically switches from the "Speakers" (the IDT) to HDMI as the default audio playback device and thus no regular PC sound.

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I've recently purchased a Samsung T23A750 monitor and to my disappointment when I try to watch a movie the built in speakers are not functioning. I have a Sony Vaio Z216GX connected via HDMI to the monitor (HDMI-DVI) port. I can definitely see the video, but no audio is playing from the speakers. The built in speakers are not at fault- I did a self-diagnosis of the monitor and the speakers seem to work fine. I also set the monitor as the default for the audio and even when Win 7 says its functioning properly, the speakers still don't work. Conversely, setting the default to my PC speakers work fine. I'm sure its not the HDMI cable- I used the same one to hook my pc to my tv with everything working fine. Any ideas??

A:Monitor Speakers not working when connected via HDMI to laptop

make sure you have the latest drivers for the hdmi can check by going to the windows start bar and right clicking on computer and choosing manage then click device manger and open the tab were it says sound,video and game controllers if you see somthing related to hdmi and has a yellow triangle then right click on it and update software if no yellow triangle is there try it anyways if that doesn't help then post here again, hopefully someone who knows more about hdmi can help also because i never had hdmi but ive had audio problems with my speakers before and this is how ive fixed it before

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Laptop audio works until I plug in HDMI cable to external monitor.  Looking for guidance on resolution.  Thanks,

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Hello,just a little question.I discovered, connecting my UHD TV to the HDMI of my laptop, I got 4k resolution on TV and on the laptop screen!That's great!But, whtn I disconnect the HDMI; I cannot select 4K resolution of the screen, but only  FHD.Why?How can I get 4K resolution on my screen laptop without connect UHD-TV? It support the 4K resolution. I saw it !thanks.

A:4K resolution on a screen laptop withou HDMI connected

matematiko wrote:.... But, whtn I disconnect the HDMI; I cannot select 4K resolution of the screen, but only  FHD.Why? ..Hi, The 4K resolution is for the TV, not your laptop because your laptop only supports 1920 x 1080      http://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c05193635     39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal FHD SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) Regards.

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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3764 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1754 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463838 MB, Free - 265342 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , ID59C , V1.05 , LXWLJ02009023BBCC42200
Antivirus: Bell Aliant Security Services Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

Okay, so over the holidays I received a brand new Hisense television and I was watching movies and tv shows on my laptop on the big screen through an HDMI cable for a few weeks. Before that I was doing the same thing with the big screen in our living room for months. I got up one day and wanted to plug it in but I kept getting a message saying no signal. I had had it plugged in the night before and it worked just fine. Yes, I checked to make sure it was on the right setting, HDMI 1. I also tried plugging it in the other HDMI slots on the tv and it didn't work in those either. It is doing the same thing to our tv in the living room and it just doesn't make any sense. The only thing I can think of is that my computer has some kind of driver that just needs to be updated or something but I have no idea which one. HELP PLEASE!

A:No signal message when laptop is connected to Hisense TV through HDMI cable!

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My laptop's screen goes black when I connect it to the TV via a HDMI cable, however this is completely new as it used to work fine. I can still watch things on my TV but I have to look at the TV screen where text comes up quite small and it makes it hard to do stuff, so I was wondering if anyone would know why my laptop's decided to start doing this, and how I can get it back to both screens working at once? The volume and everything else works ok, it's just a bit annoying is all!

I have Windows Vista Home Edition, not sure of the details, but I got it just when Vista first came out.


A:Help needed: Laptop screen goes black when HDMI cable is connected

do you have your drivers set to "clone mode" in your CP? (the bit where you set up multiple displays

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I want to be confirmed that some people say that if you have shutdown the Laptop, you must unplug the AC Adapter otherwise battery can be damaged. I am not certain as system by-self control the charging. So if system has been slept, there would be no charging and so if adapter is still powered on, for me there is no problem. Am i correct?

A:Leaving Laptop adapter ON and connected even after shutdown.

It is recommended to run your laptop solely on battery for at least 30-60 min per week to keep it (the battery) from withering. Some sort of exercise to keep it fresh. Also, don't let it discharge fully, that shortens its life.

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I connected my laptop with HDMI cable to LED TV. I can play videos bu cannot hear sound TV. but i can hear sound on laptop.  i have checked the playback devices where i cannot see the listed TVcan any one help me with this.

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Hello, I have a laptop yoga720-15IKB80X7. When I transfer a display to a computer screen (type-c to hdmi) I get a disappointing view (the adapter intel 630 are user) How do I change the video output settings and use the (nivida 1050 card) or just get a good view on the screen of computer/tv? Thanks for the help

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I'm hoping somebody can help me out with a back up image question for a laptop. I just purchased two identical HP laptops and they both have the same exact software and everything. I was wondering if I create a backup image for one laptop would I also be able to use that image on the other computer? Would I run into problems with key codes for the computer software? I've never done a backup image, so I'm kind of also wondering what would be the best way to go about it. Should I get an external hard drive and save the image on there? Will this be possible with the Vista back up program? Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

A:Laptop Back Up Image Question

Hi Jastmo, ad elcome to the vista forums

Although it would be technically possible to create one restore image and use for re-install in the event of total failure I would advise against it.
You would possibly have have issues with licensing, unless the restore options prompted for a licence code with the re-install process, this is possible but unlikely with my experience with OEM installs.
Although the two laptops are identical models there is a slight chance of them having minor variations. With the cost of DVD media these days it would be best, to create individual recovery images, it may be worthwhile to mark the disks with the serial number of the actual laptop they relate to.
The recovery process would normally default to DVD media but I believe there is an option to create to an external hard disk so that option is valid. My policy with similar situations, (dealing with anything upto 20 machines at a time), is to create disk images and store them away plus create images to a network drive which is used for normal rebuilds.

hope this helps

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I am trying to connect my Insp 5559 laptop running Windows 10 to my Optima hd20 projector via an HDMI cable, the computer tries to detect the projector (screen goes black for a sec and chimes ensue) but fails to detect the projector. Repeats this process ad nausea!

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I have a wireless network set up between my desktop, my Suddenlink modem, a Netgear wireless router, and my laptop. Up until yesterday, it was working great to where I could use my laptop anywhere in the house. Now, for some reason or another, I am unable to connect to the internet on the laptop unless the wireless adapter is connected directly to the laptop. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I just want the connection to work again to where I can connect to the internet from my laptop from anywhere in my home. Can someone help, please?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL-60, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2813 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114115 MB, Free - 70169 MB; D: Total - 110488 MB, Free - 110395 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Mantasta
Antivirus: CA Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Wireless internet no longer works on laptop without adapter connected directl

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Hi, I just got a new XPS 8920 from Costco that was connected to my older Dell monitor via HDMI to DVI adapter.
The monitor comes on when I start the computer, but will not wake up automatically from sleep mode unless I push the power button on the CPU slightly. 
Is there something I can do, or is it just a problem because of incompatibility with the older monitor.
Thank you! Kim

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I have a Latitude E6440 with an Intel HD Graphics 4600 video card and I have noticed that when the power cord is connected the monitor connected with HDMI goes black and back again randomly. This usually happens several times per minute. 
I have both tried with another HDMI cable and monitor but with the same result.
This never happens when the laptop is running on batteries.

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I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit (6.3, Build 9600) in my laptop (Lenovo Y510P). When I connect the VGA Port of my laptop to a projector and choose the duplicate screen option (Fn+F3 in my laptop), the display projected on the (exterior) screen starts flickering wildly. At the same time the display on my laptop screen is stable (the resolution changes, but apart from that it's okay). I have tried it with four different cords (and projectors), so I suppose that it may not be an issue with the display cord(s). My laptop is relatively new (still covered under warranty) and this issue started with my laptop since the first time I tried to connect the VGA port to a projecter. Is this a hardware issue with the VGA port of my laptop or is there a possibility that it may be a software (driver) issue also? Any help would be much appreciated!


A:Projector's image FLICKERS when projector is plugged in.

You need to go into your display properties and change the refresh rate for that output.

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Ok, I know this isn't exactly a computer problem... but it is computer related.

I have an EIKI LC-360 video projector that is stuck in rear project mode.

It's an older model, and I have inherited it, with no manual, and no remote control.

Is there some kind of battery that maintains these settings? How does it remember what it is set to when unplugged?

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Can anyone tell me wht is happening to my laptop i tried to connect it with beamer or projector for presentation the beamer display my desktop background but other icons and programs on my desktop did not show. is it the setting that is wrong or wht is really wrong. i need an urgent answer.thank u

A:Projector and Laptop

This is one of those tricky issues that can be hard to troubleshoot - ideally you would find a post with your specific equipment and be OK.

Since you didn't provide that detail, you will find you get a LOT of hits and guides using Google with this search string; connect laptop to projector

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I know this sounds like it should be quite easy to do but it has turned out more difficult than anticipated. I want to hook up my Dell 3300MP to my laptop Acer Aspire 3680, by going through my receiver Yamaha HTR 6030, by going from VGA to component to go to the receiver, then back from component to the M1-DA in the back of the projector. This however does not work. Thinking that the RGB might not work with the receiver's component input i ran the vga to component cable to the component to M1-DA cable to see if this was the problem but that did not work either. In order to check my sanity I hooked up my laptop with the short VGA to M1-DA adapter I have which worked perfectly as it always had in the past. I also have my blu ray player hooked up through the component to M1-DA adapter which works wonderfully as well. Any Ideas as to why my switching back and forth from component doesn't work?

A:Laptop to Projector

Hi tzurcher, and welcome to TSG.

A VGA output uses separate pins for horizontal and vertical sync. If you use a Red+Green+Blue component only cable or switching device anywhere in the signal path those needed sync signals never make it to the monitor. Your short VGA to M1-DA adapter is wired to pass the analog video and digital sync signals.

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My wifi connections goes off and on on my Hp laptop several times in an hours time. It stays off sometimes for two minutes and sometimes for 10 or more minutes. My other laptop and phone stay connected to the wifi. What do I need to do. I found this site thru anther forum and I went to their link they had in the forum and it took me to the InSSider Page of this site. I clicked on the download link for WIndows and it downloaded and installed on my computer and then just went back to that same page. I thought it was suppose to run a scan (analyzer) on my computer? So where and what do I need to do for it to run a scan on my computer to check the channels being used and possible interference with my wifi? Or if there is something else that I need to do to fix my wifi connection issue? Thanks in advance!!!

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Using Thinkpad and Optoma Projector. All working OK. Would like to keep my laptop monitor on while using. Presently when the projector display comes on, the laptop display shuts off. Something simple I am sure..... Thanks.

A:Solved: laptop and projector

You can usually hit the function button (fn) plus one of the function keys at the top of the keyboard ex. F1,F2, etc. On my laptop its fn+f4. By pressing those two together it allows you to switch between the different display modes.

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i just need to know how to hook up projector to hp laptop and make it work.


A:hook up projector to hp laptop

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I have an Aspire 3000 Acer laptop, running Windows xp. I need a projector for small presentations in my business. I purchased a projector and received it today. Along with vga cable s-video remote and so on.
I am unable to simply plug my laptop into the projector and play my presentations. I get nothing. Is there something I am missing here? Something else needed?

A:Connect laptop to projector

Yup, on your laptop is a special key combo, FN + F5. Click it once, it goes to the projector. Click it again, it goes to both. One more time, it goes back to just the laptop.


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