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Solved: Thunderbird doesn't automatically check for new mail on pop3

Q: Solved: Thunderbird doesn't automatically check for new mail on pop3


first I'd like to say that english is not my first language so please have understanding for any spelling or grammar errors.

Most of our clients use Thunderbird as a mailclient. We never really had any problems with it and we are very happy Thunderbird users.

The problem is that one of our clients now connects (on a new external domain) to a POP3 server out of our reach. Thunderbird is configured to check for mail every minute, but it doesn't seem to be able to find new ones automatically. When we check for mail manually, it downloads new messages without a problem. Strange thing is that MS Outlook CAN download/find the new mail each minute. And Thunderbird gives no error or anything.

So in short; Thunderbird (2.0+) seems unable to check for new pop mail each minute, while outlook (2007) can.

Is this a known issue? Any help would be very welcome and thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Solved: Thunderbird doesn't automatically check for new mail on pop3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Thunderbird doesn't automatically check for new mail on pop3

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I use XP Home SP2 and TB 1.5.01. I have TB check for email every ten minutes automatically and when I get some the tone sounds and the envelope icon shows in my sys tray, but the mails not showing in TB. I still have to select get mail by hand to actually receive it to view it in TB.
Is that the way it's suppose to work. Seems a little quirky to me.
Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Solved: Thunderbird doesn't complete getting the mail to desktop.

Did you check your settings?

Tools > Account Settings > Server Settings

There are options there like:
Automatically download new messages
Fetch headers only
Leave messages on server

Perhaps you need to tick/untick some of these.

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It works fine before, just suddently happened this morning. All other hotmail accounts can be received and read, only earthlink email can't be received from outlook express 6.0. keep receive the error message:

An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'mail.earthlink.net', Server: 'mail.earthlink.net', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C013B

I contact the earthlink tech support, and did everything as they taught, remove the account and then re-add it, search the *.dbx and rename the send_items.dbx file to send_items.old, rename the outbox.dbx to outbox.old, then restart the computer. but still can't fix the problem. then they said they did everything they can do, suggest me contact Microsoft. I think I better go this forum ask you guys' help. My OS is XP home. Thanks.

A:Problem for using outlook express 6.0 to check pop3 mail



maybe one of these can help.

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Last time I asked a complicated, general question. This one is extremely specific. I hope that will be less annoying.

I recently migrated to Thunderbird from the Outlook Express I had on my 12-year-old computer. Thunderbird definitely does have the correct settings for my account; it successfully checks for and downloads new messages every time I open the program. However, despite being set to check for new messages every 10 minutes, it never does. I can verify this by going to my ISP website and finding emails that have been waiting there for a lot longer than 10 minutes. Even manually clicking Get Messages does no good. But if I close Thunderbird and re-open it, then it does download the waiting messages.

It seems to send messages I write immediately. It's not like it can't send OR receive. It simply won't receive.

In case you doubt I have it set correctly, I have attached a screenshot of the settings page. I don't think it includes any confidential information. Incidentally, the way I am used to taking a screenshot didn't work. I found an article that claimed there are many ways to make a screenshot http://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-take-screenshots-windows-8-81-using-built-tools and none of them worked either -- until I tried the Snipping Tool. What happened to good old fashioned "Print Screen"??? But that would be a different question.

For now -- what on earth can be wrong with Thunderbird that it checks for new email successful... Read more

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I use XP Home SP2 and TB 1.5.01. I have TB check for email every ten minutes automatically and when I get some the tone sounds and the envelope icon shows in my sys tray, but the mails not showing in TB. I still have to select get mail by hand to actually receive it to view it in TB.
Is that the way it's suppose to work. Seems a little quirky to me.
Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Thunderbird Doesn't Download Mail All The Way

Go to Tools/ Account Settings/ Server Settings, there is an option to check called "automatically download new messages". This Thunderbird FAQ is a good resource.

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I keep getting this error everytime I try to send mail.
It just started doing it yesterday. I'm using Windows Mail, Vista Premium OS,
IE browser. SBCGLOBAL is my mail server.

The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'Re: very funny', Account: 'Home mail', Server: 'plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

A:Solved: Out-going mail POP3

Sounds like you may be using the wrong server URL, the wrong port, and you need to use SSL.

This page mentions time is running out to change your settings and maybe your time ran out yesterday:

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installed something where my computer can periodically go into my email account, and check if it has new email, but I'm having trouble.

I"m using yahoomail, and the instructions says:
If you are using a web mail service (like Hotmail) please visit their page in order to get the right IP for the POP3 server.

I dont knw how to get it for yahoomail......anybody know? what is the right ip for a pop3 server for yahoo?
ps, what is POP mail anyways?

A:program to automatically check mail

Some programs do not work for Yahoo - are you sure yours does?
Check this thread for information:

Check Yahoo help for all answers too.


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Hi Folks,
I have been experimenting with Thunderbird Portable (latest version just released) using Gmail with IMAP. To say the least, I don't like IMAP and never will.
My image shows the TB account settings using IMAP, do you know the settings if using POP3. I posted this on FF Forums but no reply so far.

A:POP3 in Thunderbird

Have you checked this? It has the settings needed. https://support.google.com/mail/trou.../1668960?hl=en

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I am about to scream, I have several workstations that continue to have the same issue. The settings in the email account keep changing from mail.gci.net to localhost or to the loopback address. This happens dispite the fact that i save the settings. it does not happen on every machine in the network just 4.

A:Solved: Incomming Mail Server POP3 Settings

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When I set up an account for IMAP server, it creates a separate folder. But for my 2nd POP3 account, the emails from both dump into the one INBOX. I want to have them go into separate folders. How do I do this?
OE6, Windows 2000. None of the mail accounts are from Hotmail or Yahoo.
thanks for your help in advance -

A:Solved: Separate INBOXes for 2 POP3 mail accounts in OE?

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My Thunderbird email client is not automatically checking for new email as it should be. I have each account set to check for new messages every ten minutes but it simply is not doing it.
Any ideas?

A:Solved: Thunderbird not automatically downloading

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Hi, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to throw my computer out the window . I have Outlook on one machine, and Outlook Express on another. Have Windows on both. Outlook was running fine; all of a sudden, I can no longer send or receive email. Error is that "Server name can't be found on the network" for incoming, and " Server does not support SSL connections" for outgoing. I had not changed any settings. I have the identical settings on both machines, and the one I"m using now is working perfectly sending and receiving mail in Outlook Express. I have run the registry and cleaned it up; have run Norton, which found nothing out of the ordinary. I shut down and rebooted, and I still can't use the email on Outlook. What gives?

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I have two POP3 accounts setup in Outlook 2003, both with the same ISP (@Talktalk.net). Lets call the first POP1, and the second POP2. POP1 was the original email setup, and POP2 is the newly added one. After some grief setting it up it was working fine. There were some setup errors, and then connection issues (0x800CCC92 email server rejected logon. EE could not connect to server). ISP was having some email issues, but now all fixed apparently. When send and receive in Outlook I get "Successfully completed" for send and receive on BOTH POP1 and POP2 accounts, BUT I do not actually receive any mail for POP2. If I log on to POP2 via ISP's Webmail interface I now have both read and unread messages in the inbox. None of these have been or are ever now received by Outlook.

Have this morning reported the issue to my ISP and it has been escalated ("will be resolved within 72 hours", BUT I am not optimistic, hence the post for help please !).

TSG Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8144 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7670M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942797 MB, Free - 705877 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 2nd POP3 issue - mail not received

Honestly I would suggest upgrading Outlook or use a different client. Outlook 2003 is notorious for this kind of issue. The only thing I can suggest for now is to remove the account and rebuild it.

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My Thunderbird installation has stopped checking for new e-mails automatically. It still gets all my messages if I click on Get Mail.
The only change I made to my system recently was updating to Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 - perhaps there is a connection there.
I have 3 different e-mail accounts, which were all being picked up automatically until a few days ago.

A:Solved: Thunderbird has stopped checking for new e-mails automatically

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I've searched for a solution to this issue many times on Google but have yet to find anything even near conclusive. Perhaps I'm simply not using the right search terms.

I'm fairly sure this is not a problem at the TSF end but was prompted to post this after getting a notification at 00.40GMT for a post that was made at 20:16 (4 hours 25mins later).

Another one at 04:05 notifying me of a post made at 02:34am yesterday (25.5hrs) Now I'm wondering if it is indeed a problem with TSF server.

The thing with gmail is that a lot of times I come back to my pc after several hours sitting idle and I don't appear to have any mail. Using the gmail refresh button doesn't seem to have any effect but if I refresh the page with the address bar button, I can sometimes get 20 or so emails all timestamped as if I got them hours ago.

Anyone come across this before?

A:Gmail sometimes doesn't seem to check for new mail

What browser are you using? Did this just start happening?

The TSF email delays may actually be an issue with TSF.

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I've searched for a solution to this issue many times on Google but have yet to find anything even near conclusive. Perhaps I'm simply not using the right search terms.

I'm fairly sure this is not a problem at the TSF end but was prompted to post this after getting a notification at 00.40GMT for a post that was made at 20:16 (4 hours 25mins later).

Another one at 04:05 notifying me of a post made at 02:34am yesterday (25.5hrs) Now I'm wondering if it is indeed a problem with TSF server.

The thing with gmail is that a lot of times I come back to my pc after several hours sitting idle and I don't appear to have any mail. Using the gmail refresh button doesn't seem to have any effect but if I refresh the page with the address bar button, I can sometimes get 20 or so emails all timestamped as if I got them hours ago.

Anyone come across this before?

A:Gmail sometimes doesn't seem to check for new mail

What browser are you using? Did this just start happening?

The TSF email delays may actually be an issue with TSF.

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Okay, here's the deal; I have a Gateway AMD Turion laptop w/XP-SP3, and AVG antivirus. I cannot connect to a pop3 or smtp server with either Outlook or Thunderbird. I can go on the web and even get webmail with no problem. I can also connect using gmail through both clients. I have disabled AVG totally, and I have even uninstalled it and reinstalled AVG. Also, I have uninstalled Thunderbird and reinstalled it. It wouldn't work. I even tried to tweak my registry as suggested in this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/446600-solved-incoming-mail-server-suddenly.html Nothing is working. Just to make sure that it was my machine, not the ISP, I installed Outlook on my wife's laptop (Dell, Vista) and used my ISPs settings and it began to pull down mail right away. Don't know what to do at this point short of wiping the entire machine.... Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't Connect to pop3/smtp servers w/Outlook or Thunderbird

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when I receive an e-mail ( I use Thunderbird ) a yellow star is adjacent to the address can anyone tel me why this yellow star is there I use Windows 7

A:Solved: Thunderbird e-mail

This should explain it for you. How to Use Thunderbird Adding a Contact to Your Address Book

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I have Thunderbird portable on two thumb drives. One of which I don't use that often. I have had to use it today, as my other one is at work. What I want to know is, is there a way of combining the new mail I have received today, with the mail on my other drive, so I don't lose any. I really would like keep my mail handy, so I can access it from one place, but not sure how to do it.

A:Solved: Thunderbird Mail

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Is there an easy way to edit the signature I place into my emails? I'm a novice, so the Thunderbird help page is a little complicated for me. I don't understand how to edit files etc. I actually can put the signature in the emails okay, but I cannot figure out how to make the font bold. Right now the signature is faded out. Any help to this newbie is appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Thunderbird mail help

hopefully this is an easier guide for a novice.


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I have set Bullzip (PDF creator) as my default printer. All my programs print to that printer without my having to make the extra step of selecting it as it is already selected.

Thunderbird is stuck on the Brother MFC-9340 CDW which used to be the default and I have to change it every time I print.

How can I fix this?

A:Solved: Thunderbird doesn't want to use my default printer

Go to this to change your printer to default: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers. RC on printer you want and set as default. If this does not work then the print spooler needs to be reset. But for now, try that.

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Two PCs - a WIN 7 (64 bit) and a WIN XP (32 bit with serv. Pk 3). After latest Thunderbird update to version 24.2 on the XP box I can no longer send email from that PC. (Incoming mail is not affected.)

I get a 5.7.1 Authentication required error message which says to check settings in mail preferences and to try again.

I am with AT&T as my ISP (though using an sbcglobal.net email address) which utilizes Yahoo for mail service.

What I have done to no avail so far:
- reverted to Thunderbird 24.1 and then to 17.0.8
- turned off AV (Avast! vers. 9) and Windows Firewall
- ran Thunderbird with all add-ons disabled

SMTP settings (which are identical in both computers and both use Avast! AV) are as follows:

Server Name: smtp.att.yahoo.com
Port: 25
User Name: [email protected]
Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely
Connection Security: None

The WIN 7 laptop is using Thunderbird version 12.0.1 and I can email from this unit without any problems. I do not want to upgrade Thunderbird on the laptop until my mail issue in XP has been resolved.

Appreciate any and all assistance.

A:Solved: Cannot send mail via Thunderbird

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This an error message I received trying to sign into Thunderbird Firefox:
Login to server smpt.mail.yahoo.com failed

I just downloaded Thunderbird so I am not that familiar w/ it. I did Imap to set it to receive mail from Yahoo in
Thunderbird. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Trouble w/ Thunderbird mail

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I have just installed FF and TB. Thunder bird cannot acess my mail citing a password error. I have double and triple checked all settings verses windows mail and all are the same. Does TB just have compatibility issues w/Hughesnet? Or am I doing something wrong?

A:[SOLVED] Thunderbird + Hughesnet mail

Thanks but I corrected my mistake. Please disregard this post.

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I recently installed Mozilla Thunderbird as my default email program. I want to have a sound playing when emails are received, so have followed the "Tools/Options/Play a Sound/Use Sound File" routine. But to have the sound play when receiving emails, the program has to be open on my desktop! I have pinned the program icon permanently on the taskbar, but this has no effect either. Obviously, if I am obliged to have the program open all the time I don't need a sound notification, as I can see a message as it comes in! Can anyone tell me how to hear the incoming mail sound without having the program showing on my desktop? Thanks.

A:Solved: Mail Recived Sound in Thunderbird

You can start Thunderbird and then minimize it to the task bar. That should still allow playing the alert sound as new messages are received. I believe that pinning it to the task bar only provides a quick way for you to start the program.

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I was having a spam problem and that was resolved. I just talked to Verizon and got a new user name and password. She told me that was as far as she could go because I needed to configure my account. She told me that I needed to contact Thunderbird because Verizon only deals with Outlook.

So now that I have my new user name and password what do I need to do to get it configured?


A:Solved: configuring Thunderbird to send and get e-mail

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I am running Win XP with Firefox and Thunderbird (1.0.6). I note now that I am unable to forward messages or attachments. When I hit the forward button I get a blank page with an attachment icon labeled with the message title. When I hit that I get another blank page. I have disabled my EZ virus and firewall with the same results. I have reloaded Thunderbird with same results. I have restored to earlier date with same results Any thoughts much appreciated

A:Solved: Mail forwarding problem, Thunderbird

I had the same problem before, never fixed it, uninstalled Thunderbird and used Outlook.

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I have been looking to changing where Thunderbird stores E-Mails.
I Googled it and found a couple of old ideas, basically its..

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\ApplicationData\Thunderbird\Profiles\ID #\Mail\Local Folders

This i think is for older version of Thunderbird (i have Thunderbird 3.0.3 in Vista) as when you get into Profiles now there is Mail AND a ImapMail folder.

I want to keep ALL my on my external hard drive (as it a Terabyte and will save space on my C: drive).

Shall i just copy everything from the Profiles directory (OR the ID # one) , and paste it onto my external drive, then go into Stettings in Thunderbird Account and Browe to my external ??

Any help would be greatful folks

A:Solved: Change where Thunderbird stores E-Mail


This here should help you out. Archive & Access Mail on CD

Says CD but that is still point to another drive so try it point to your external hard drive.

Just do not delete any from your out profile inbox till you know all is working. So you want to copy everything first and then know all is work because it will not hurt you to keep the email where it is at now.

Ramona is over at this site if you need more help.
WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum

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I know that Yahoo has been experiencing some problems lately, but I thought they pretty much had everything fixed. My problem is I can't send e-mail from my Yahoo account using Thunderbird. I can receive mail from that account fine, and can receive and send mail from my other e-mail accounts just fine, I just cant send it from Yahoo. When I try to send, I get a "connection to smtp timed out." I've checked all the settings for outgoing mail, and everything seems fine. I even tried switching the port from 465 to 587, but still does not work. Yahoo is pretty hard to get a hold of to figure out what's going on, so I thought I'd try here.

A:Solved: Can't Send Yahoo Mail Through Thunderbird

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I've got a funny that I just can't get a handle on:
The user's PC has Firefox as default browser and Thunderbird is the default mail client. When she clicks on a 'mailto' link on a webpage, instead of Thunderbird opening a new mail window, the browser opens the google mail webpage. In IE it all works as it should. I've checked in Firefox's settings and Thunderbird is the corresponding application for mailto. I tried setting this explicitly to thunderbird.exe (using the 'browse' button) with no effect. Curious thing is that the user claims she hasn't even heard of google mail, let alone used it. I thought maybe google toolbar was hijacking the link, but it isn't even installed.
None of the other users has this problem.
All are using Firfox 3.0.7 with Windows XP SP3
Any ideas?

A:Solved: mailto link in Firefox doesn't open Thunderbird

Please try to uninstall and reintsall the mozilla filrefox.
and then try tol click on a "mailto" and even if you are getting the same issue then please let me know.

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I have about 100 email contacts on my laptop using windows mail. The OS is vista. Each contact is a separate file so that I have 100 contact files. My other PC uses win7 & Thunderbird. I copied the contacts into my win7 PC & have been trying to import them into TB without success. Windows mail use a different system than have I seen in the past where all the names & email addresses are in 1 file such as *.wab or some such extension. When I try "tools-import" in TB the choices are "address books, mail, settings or filter. Contacts are not listed. I tried converting them to a csv file & importing them as an address book & it seemed to be working, ie csv was a choice under the import & a csv file was created but the data displayed in TB mail was useless. The names appeared but the email fields were blank. But, when I clicked on "properties" for each entery, the email address appeared twice under the field names "nickname" & "display" What am I doing wrong. HELP!


A:Solved: How do I move email contacts from win mail to thunderbird?

There is a discussion of that process here:


Note especially the 2nd post.

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Web site went down for about 2 weeks, but is now up and running.
Using Thunderbird for 3 different e mails
I have 2 websites that allowed me to send and receive from
Now one site seems to be blocked, as I can receive but can't send.
Deleted the server info for this site under tools, and then added it again, but every time I try to get mail, thunderbird starts checking the servers and asks for a password for only the one.
No matter how many times I use the password, the box comes back saying it is incorrect.
I can send if I use a seperate g mail account, so something must be corrupted that I can't find.
Any suggestions?



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Having trouble with this

Have installed ImportExport Tool for Thunderbird, but that only gives "Import mbox File"??

I have many thousands of emails and many folders that I need to switch to Thunderbird - but there seems to be confusion on many websites


A:Solved: Importing Messages From Windows Mail to Thunderbird

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I receive e-mail with embedded pictures. When I view this mail in Eudora, the embedded pictures appear in the mail along with the text. When I view the same mail in Thunderbird, the pictures are listed as individual files I can display one at a time by clicking on a link to each image.

How do I get Thunderbird to display embedded pictures in the mail?

A:Solved: Embedded images in mail don't show in Thunderbird

Never mind. I found it.

View> Display attachments inline

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I hope it's okay to ask about this here, as I have done various Google searches and have not had any success in figuring this out.

I'm a new Windows 7 user. I used to use Outlook Express for email and now I think I'd prefer to use Thunderbird rather than Windows Live Mail. However, I'm having trouble setting up Thunderbird to work as Outlook Express once did.

I have a catch-all pop3 address that is really the only one whose received e-mails I want to download onto my machine at home. However, I want to be able to send e-mails from my work address from my home machine, too, so on Outlook Express, I added my work account and simply unchecked "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing". And that way, nothing from my work account ever got downloaded onto my computer.

In setting up Thunderbird, I tried to do the same thing. First I added my home account, and it was working fine. Then I added my work account and unchecked "Check for new messages at startup" and "Check for new messages every 10 minutes" in Server Settings. And in Synchronization & Storage, I unchecked "Keep messages for this account on this computer" and set it only to "Synchronize the most recent 1 day" (I tried to go to 0 days but it wouldn't let me) and checked "Don't download messages larger than 1 kb". However, every time I open Thunderbird, it pops up a box asking for my work address's passwo... Read more

A:Solved: Setting Up Thunderbird to Not Sync Certain E-mail Accounts

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to view this post, i just hope someone can help.

I have recently had to reinstall my Op system (WinXP) and i have now noticed that i cant send emails via Thunderbird , but i can still receive

I think i have setup Thunderbird correctly, i followed the instructions found on the Yahoo, Options, Pop3 Forwarding config webpage. Whenever i try to send a email i get the following error message from Thunderbird

Sending of message failed. The message could not be sent because connecting to the SMTP server smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server setting is correct and try again.

It looks like to me that the SMTP setting is incorrect but i've triple checked it. A friend of mine is also having the same problem on the same setup as me so it leads me to believe that its something to so with yahoo.co.uk mail accounts.

Any advice will be much appreciated - please let me know if you need any other details.

A:Solved: Thunderbird won't receive emails from my Yahoo mail account

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if I try to find a jpg or pdf received mail attachment by its full and correct name, neither the windows search nor my FreeCommander finds them even when I search through the complete hard drive. The files must be there because I can open them. Looking through the settings of Thunderbird gives no hint where the client stores the files. Can anybody tell me how I should search better?
Kind regards, lampe73

A:Solved: Thunderbird: Mail attachments not traceable by file search

Attachments are part of the mail message they came with.
When you open them they become a Temporary file.
They won't exist in a permanent form that Search can find until you save them to a physical location on your hard drive.


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I have a relative who has an e-mail account with Comcast. She has been accessing the account from her Internet Explorer browser. I had no trouble installing and setting up her Comcast account in Thunderbird. But I am not aware of any simple means of importing the address book that she has set up to access from the browser into the Thunderbird address book. Is it possible to import the address book somehow, or is she just going to have to hand enter the data?

A:Solved: Transfer address book from web mail account to Thunderbird?

I found this: http://www.ehow.com/how_5796153_export-address-book-comcast-email.html

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When I use Thunderbird mail on my MacBook to send a picture (in "portrait" orientation) attaching it or inserting it into the text, Thunderbird turns the picture sideways 90 degrees to "landscape" mode.

The photo was taken with the camera turned 90degrees to take a Portrait orientated shot of a building. When the photo was placed on my desktop awaiting attaching to email, it was in the right orientation - but Thunderbird seemed to want it turned to Landscape so every email I sent with the photo added, showed the picture laying on its side making the recipient crane their neck to view it or turn their monitor 90degrees on its side!

I can't find any setting in Thunderbird or any reference to this odd behaviour in Thunderbird dedicated forums or in the settings of the mail client. The photo was 1024 x 768 and only about 150k file size. So this is a mystery. Could it be because I took the photo straight from my Canon Camera and dumped it on the desktop of my macbook? The Canon always presents the photo in the orientation in which it was taken without my having to rotate it myself.

A:Solved: Inserting picture into Thunderbird mail - gets turned 90 degrees!

Further investigation has shown that this seems to be caused by the Canon Camera which orientates the picture for viewing correctly whether taking portrait or landscape mode.
The photo that was placed on the macbook desktop was automatically turned the right way to view but the file itself remained in landscape orientation when filed.

So this seems not to be a fault with Thunderbird but entirely due to Canon doing funny things with pictures "second guessing" the end user in the way that such digital software often does.
That's the only explanation I can think of.
I took the same photo from the camera onto my PC and it appeared there on its side in Landscape mode so I turned it through 90 degrees using Paintshop and saved it - then attached it to email in thunderbird and it attached facing the right way up.
I never thought I'd have a problem like that to solve. Perhaps it's the way the Macbook deals with pictures. All very weird.
So consider this question closed and thank you if you were trying to answer it for me.

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Hi there. I've always used free web based mail and haven't had a problem. But my father likes using Microsoft Outlook Express (bleh!) which I can respect.

So basically I have to set up his email for POP3 mail which isn't my question. But I do have a question about POP3 mail vs webbased mail.

I've heard that POP3 mail is more prone to security hacks..is that true? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of POP3 mail. Thanks so much

A:Pop3 Mail Vs Web Based Mail

Many people prefer using POP E-mail because it allows you to read, reply, or compose messages off-line and at leisure; or because you have a copy of the E-mail that can be kept on your computer or archived to disk (especially for business uses); or because you can download E-mail while multitasking or doing other activities on-line.

Certainly, there are additional security problems associated with POP E-mail, since the contents eventually reside on your computer; however, these are easily handled by following best security practices about opening attachments and keeping your resident AV current. Since most E-mail providers now also scan your E-mail for malware, E-mail security is much improved.


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Since August 15, 2012, my computer has not been able to consistently perform auto update installations. Most of them fail, but about 6 have been successful. I am running Windows 7 64 Service Pace 1 bit on a Dell Inspiron 560 with Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70 GHZ.

When my computer checks for auto updates, I get a message stating "Windows could not check for updates automatically."

I've run a SFC /scannnow process, but this did not resolve the problem.

I've run a Microsoft FixIt process, but this did not resolve the problem.

This is a diagnostic report from MGADiag

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-QCPVQ-KHRB8-RMV82
Windows Product Key Hash: +Rj3N34NLM2JqoBO/OzgzTZXgbY=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00095
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {6E5C4687-83C6-4552-BDB5-8BCCC6AE997E}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File E... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Could Not Check for Updates Automatically

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Where can I get one? I was wondering. I want to use Outlook Express

A:POP3 E-mail...

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I know Yahoo (like hotmail) denied access to use OE for free. Now they want some $$ for this privilege (joke joke). I found a program "FreePops" that is suppose to let you access Yahoo and its free. I messed with it for a while and couldn't get it to send my emails....only receive. I talked to support staff but still couldn't get it fixed. Anyone know of any similar freeware out there? Tx


A:Yahoo and Pop3 mail...

Hi bailiff

There is Ypops:


According to the site, it works with all these mail clients:

IncrediMail Xe
Calypso 3.x
Outlook 2003
Mozilla Mail
Outlook Express
Outlook XP
Forte Agent News/Mail Reader v1.93
Outlook 2000
Pegasus Mail 3.12c
Eudora 5.x
Lotus Notes R6
Netscape Mail 4.x
Outlook Express 6
Opera M2


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Don't know much more then the title says.http://hotpop.com/index.jsp

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Looking for help. A friend asked me to set up a POP3 mail account on his Mac. AOL is the ISP. Is this possible? I'm not a MAC nor AOL person.

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I use Outlook Express software to check my pop3 mails but when i check my mails on pop3 serer it says that server is not responsing
Can anyone help me to solve this problem
Windows 98 se
Outlook 6
Internet Exploret 6.
Plese Help Me

A:POP3 Mail Problem

Can you post back the exact response the error message says.

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