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Boot issues, Hard drive error issues

Q: Boot issues, Hard drive error issues

About a month ago my hard drive froze up and I replaced it with a Western Digital Caviar Black 500 gb Sata drive. I used an external USB hard drive enclosure to remove files etc, the old hard drive still worked, just wouldn't boot the OS. Well since then I had problems with boot up. At first it was just that restart wouldn't work out of Windows XP. The motherboard would beep, display it's identity and stop. Sometimes it would stop after detecting the CPU and the memory but not continue on to even look for the Hard drive or anyother bootable device. Now it takes two, three, sometimes four tries to get it to proceed to detect the hard drives and occasionally freezes on the Welcome screen to XP. When I check the event viewer it seems to get into loops of security checks, running the same one over and over. The last time I checked the System events, it showed none prior to the current boot up. I am also getting hard drive errors. No bad sectors, just corrupted files and messed up index entries.


Amd Athlon 64, 200 MHz 3200+ about 3 years old
Winfast NF4SK8AA Motherboard
3 GB Ram, 2 x 512 Kingston, 2 x 1024 Lifetime
Asus branded - Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS
Windows XP Home, SP3

I am also having no problems once the computer actually boots, no BSOD's, nothing untoward. Also after it's going awhile, seems to start and stop no problem. It's feeling like an old car right now.

I am wondering whether to replace the current generic 450 W(DEER Computer Company ltd. )power supply with a corsair 450 W model. Looking at the Motherboard everything looks clean and appropriate (ie.. no oozing, crystallized gunk or anything like that).

I have not run memtest and will do that at some point too. Virus scans keep coming up clean.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Preferred Solution: Boot issues, Hard drive error issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Boot issues, Hard drive error issues

First, I would certainly change out your power supply because generic ones are often garbage. There are tremendous deals in the 450-550 range reputable psu's.

Second, check out this superb tutorial on USB by LookinAround: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic122125.html

Third, run ChkDsk.

Fourth, I think it would be good for you to run a harddrive diagnostics. Your manufacturer will provide a free utility to do so.

* By the way, I have the same cpu on my second rig and it is a solid one. Steady as she goes...

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Hello, Firstly my internal hard drive failed on me, I bought a new one and fitted it. I carried out a test and it passed.   Now I'm completely stuck I had thought I could download a file called media creation tool on to a disc and start downloading Windows that way by pressing F10 and switching Legacy boot and Secure boot etc from this page: http://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c03653226#AbT2, it didn't work (as I had hoped it would/supposed to) I got near the end where I was supposed to insert the disc, after doing so a message came up saying that either there is no disc or the hard drive is no visible (something simlar anyway).  From then on when I have tried I had the message "exiting pxe rom" in white writing on a black background.  I have a few questions, any help would be much appreciated, I'm trying to save money from taking in my PC to a shop to get fixed, but I will do if it will all take too long or is too difficult.  1) I had updated to Win10 from Win8 last year but I havent any boot discs at all. Do I need to buy a HP recovery disc, or is there anything else that I can do to install Windows?  2) Do the boot discs need to be Windows 8 (my original version) or Windows 10 (what I upgraded to) followed by a product key or something.  3) should I just take it to PC world a fork of the 60 or so to get someone who isnt clueless.  Thank you for any help,  

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I am having an issue booting my pc up. It is a ibm thinkpad t42. It runs windows xp, or at least it did until recently. My first issue was the monitor. it just wouldnt start up. so I attached it to a desktop monitor, and when I turn it on the ibm logo appears then dissapears as it tries to boot up windows. it redirects me to a msg saying, "<windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe please re-install a copy of the above file." The pc was refurbished, and did not come with any discs. so I can not boot from disc. I can enter the bios setup utility and reset the defaults but it doesnt change anything. I have tried to boot up in safe mode to no avail.. it just redirects me to the same msg. I have tried to restore to the last known good configuration and tried to use the directory services restore mode. both redirecting me to the same msg. Nothing is seeming to work. Normally I can solve my pc issues with google, and following others advice on what worked for them. except this time I notice that although many ppl get the same msg as me, most either have a boot disk, or can still acces windows somehow, and get into their control panel. I am completely lost. If this doesnt get resolved soon, I might have to just put my laptop in the BBQ, sauce and all. I will literally eat this thing digestion problems or not. i am getting that frustrated. anyone that might be able to help can reply or email my hotmail. [email protected] thank you in advance to anyone... Read more

A:Boot issues, possible hard drive failure?

tried a program called spotmau. it tried to replace the files, and now it is even worse i think. I am getting a different error msg. and now I cant even press f8 to get to the safe mode option. not that it worked before, but i found a different one to try and it wont boot up to it. it is called new multiboot dvd. both of these programs came reccomended i am still having issues..

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Sometimes when i boot up my windows 7 home premium 64 bit computer it gets to the boot page before windows even loads. it doesnt register that the hard drive is there at all but it registers my other sata device (my disk drive) however when i turn the computer on and off a few times it does eventually boot fine and the sometimes it will boot fine several times in a row before the problem repeats itself.

can anyone help me this is driving me mad and its ruining the which i spent a lot of time and money building.


A:sata2 hard drive boot issues

Hi and welcome.

Please fill out your system specs so that we have a better idea of what kind of hardware you have. It's easier to help that way. Thanks.

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On my laptop which is now about 6 years old I have been experiencing a few issues. First as the laptop is so old it has seen its fair amount of system restores but one thing I have been noticing is that my hard drive space is disappearing. The laptop started with 160gb (shows how old it is) split 80gb between the different partitions but now it only has 69.5gb per partition, so does anyone have any clue how to restore the space?

The second problem I am having is with installing my printers, I have successfully installed two wireless printers on my desktop pc but when it comes to connecting to the printer I must first setup a temporary link with a usb to one of the printers but when I connect them together it does not pick it up. But if I plug other devices in then run fine, anyone got any ideas?

The last issue I am having seems to be some sort of autorun problem, for example when I insert a install disc the autorun box pops up but does not display the install and I only have the option the view all of the files so I have to find the setup application within the disc myself. Any ideas?

I know I am asking about a lot of issues but any help is appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] USB, hard drive issues and auto run issues

Hi try this for auto run Fix Windows 7 AutoPlay Dialog Box Missing or Not Appear, Display and Pop Up ? My Digital Life
for question one are you saying you have 69.5 gb free on each drive partition
on question 3 did you install the driver for the printer which is the default

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Hi Folks,
I'm new to this forum. Thanks in advance for your help.

I cut and pasted this from another thread, it's very similar, but I read trhough the thread and it did not resolve my problem. It's also dated. http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic5352.html

I have a big problem. Windows XP pro got a blue screen suddenly. And now it can't boot. normal mode... safe mode, recover console,... anything.

ERROR 0x00000024

and it says... check the disk with CHDSK /F to repair the problem.... but I can't because I can't access to anything to do a CHKDSK...

What I've done to date is: Replaced the HD, The system can boot, but I need critical data on the other hard drive. I called MSFT tech support and had them walk me through a boot from cd. If I connect the old HardDrive as a secondary, the blue screen does not allow me to proceed. I do not want to overwrite/reformat the hardrive until I get the data off.

What elss can I do?
Really need some help here - Thanks

A:Hard drive issues - NTFS.SYS ERROR 0x00000024

Went to the knoppix site, it's not english and I'm mono lingual unfortunately. Any advise? what does knoppix do anyhow?

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Dell Optiplex GX280, Windows XP Pro, MS Office 2000 Pro
All issues started within the past 24 hours
1. Try to open MS Outlook, error message, "OUTLOOK.EXE - Application Error", "The instruction at "0x02b80df3" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". etc.
2. Open MS Word, Visual Basic.net tries to install but it's already installed and was working fine until now.
3. Sometimes the hard drive will start running as if searching for something and will do this for many minutes then stop. Usually happens with a browser window open (I only use Firefox, doesn't matter how many tabs open)

Just ran Hijackthis, have log file

Thanks for any assistance!

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I have an HP Touchsmart 310 All-in-One and it will not boot up. I was running windows 7 on it. Every time I boot the computer, I get the error message ?AHCI Port 0 device error? press F2 to continue. It doesn?t ever boot to windows when I press F2, just eventually back to restarting with the same error message. I was unsure if it is my hard drive that went bad, so I attempted to replace it to see. When I did this, I no longer got the AHCI error message, but got another. PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM. Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or insert boot media in selected boot drive and press any key. The system boots in the correct order?hard drive first. So I?m unsure as to what could be wrong. Please, please help! I just want to get to my windows screen again.

A:Hard drive issues-AHCI port0 Device Error

With the new drive installed, you need to install windows on it. It's asking for the install media (what ever you have the ISO of windows on DVD/USB drive) and then to change the boot order so it boots from the install media.

As far as the first message goes on your original drive....looks like your HDD was switched from SATA mode to AHCI which explains your error message. Go back into the BIOS and change the the drive mode to SATA and reboot and see if that works

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Hi, I really need some help here.

My system has two drives:
1) SSD (C: drive) where my win7 OS boots from (call this normal_win7)
2) HDD (D: drive) where I keep my data

I created a D:\virtual_win7.vhd file and installed win7 on it (for testing purposes) following these instructions:

Virtual Hard Drive VHD File - Create and Start with at Boot

When I boot, I get no boot menu asking me to choose either between normal_win7 or virtual_win7 install. By default, it boots into virtual_win7. To boot into normal_win7, I need to press F11 at reboot to enter into Boot Menu and select it. I thought I would be presented with a boot menu at reboot each time? Those instructions I followed in the link told me the boot manager would be present. So I got a feeling something went wrong somewhere.

These are some things I observed:

1. I installed EasyBCD within normal_win7 and it only has one entry listed in the bootloader:

HTML Code:
Entry #1
Name: Windows 7
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
2. Within System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Startup and Recovery, there is also only one entry.

3. In Disk Management (within normal_win7), the vhd does not appear.


What do I need to do to get the boot menu manager going when I reboot my system to allow OS selection?

Why doesn't the vhd appear in Disk Management within normal_win7? Is it because it is being dynamically mounted each time it is booted into? I thought th... Read more

A:Boot issues with virtual hard disk. No windows boot manager

I guess everyone is using win8 these days, or my question is at the cutting edge of technology that no one knows the answer

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My boyfriend purchased a second hard drive this morning and attempted to install it. After getting everything connected, we started the computer. It stalls on the boot screen with a message saying that the Nvidia media test failed and to check the cables. Cables have been checked, they are firmly in place.

We tried booting from the Windows disc only to find out that the computer thinks that Windows needs to be reinstalled. I click through this past the "Enter your CD key" screen and then the computer informs me that it cannot find a hard drive to install Windows on.

So, basically, the computer no longer recognizes either HD. I tried taking the new one off, no luck. Tried just the new one, same deal. Would appreciate any help offered.

Edit: Running Vista Home Premium.

A:hard drive issues

If the pc does not recognize any hard drive which had already been installed by your boyfriend then the installation had been incorrectly done.

It only point out that both of you has very little or no knowledge on how the task should be done.

I suggest that you take the pc to the shop from where the hard disk was purchased and have them check it out and re-install the disks properly.

This you should do before you do more damage to your computer and incur unnecessary additional cost.

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System crashed while running chkdsk i: /r chkdsk got to stage 3 and then I received the error - unable to read security descriptor data stream, does anyone have any suggestions?


What is drive i?

What is your system setup? Sounds like multiple hard drives or partitions?

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I have a 120 gb Western Digital hard drive and it won't simply appear in my system when I attempt to boot it up. It isn't in the manage storage, the computer simply doesn't see it. But When it is with other hard drives it gives me a "101 Error". How can i fix this? And is there a way to bring back this hard drive?

A:hard drive issues

Good Afternoon Num, is that a normal IDE type drive or something else?
The 101 usually means a big error of some kind as far as I recall.
What kind of machine are you trying to hook it up to?
Is the drive new or previously used and what system might have been formatted on it previously if so?

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Hello again all, i have a curious problem. I have recently installed a new hard drive in my computer and i have been having problems with my computer freezing. the screen either freezes or goes screwy, like the v-hold on an old tv is a bit off, and it freezes like that. when i restart, it gives me a hard disk failure.this has happened twice, and i cant seem to isolate what it is that seems to trigger it. i do notice when it freezes, the only way to correct it that i can surmise it a hard reboot. i do notice that when it freezes, the orange light on the front is stuck on. the first time it happened, i figured it was just trying to load, but after ten minutes of being frozen, i restarted it, then got the hard disk failure. i waited about a hour and tried again and it worked for a few hours, then it froze again, with same hard disk failure. again i waited awhile and turned it on again, and here i am. it seems like an overheating issue to me, but when i opened the computer, nothing seems to be hot.

my computer is a compaq presario sr2010nx
operating system is windows xp home i believe sp2, but not sure.
processor is AMD Sempron 3400+
old hard drive was 120gb
new hard drive 160gb

A:Hard Drive issues

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I am still having hard drive issues... when the computer is booting up it is still finding my TB hard drive i put in but when I go to check my drives there is still only one hard drive there.. then I did what someone told me to to go to disk managenent and utilize the drive, well now it made is a system reserve drive with only 100mb, instead of a full drive and the over 900gbs that it has.. can someone plz help

A:Still having Hard drive issues!!!

it is also saying that 931gb Unallocated

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Ok, so i had a working 200 gig Maxtor Hardrive that stopped working when i moved my computer from my place to my dad places. By stop working I mean it still shows up in windows, but does not display a capacity and says the drive is not yet formatted when I try to access it. I don't know if moving my computer was the cause, but the problems came about when I moved it.

So I figured it came disconnected or something while i moved my computer, however all the cables are fine and it detects it correctly in BIOS just as before. But for some reason windows decides it to have no capicity and not yet formatted, even though it should be and I have data on it.

Any Idea how to fix this? if not then how to retrieve the data? (data isnt critical, just annoying if i lose it). Im afraid to click format for obvious reasons too.

A:Hard drive issues.

Try data recovery software.
There are free ones on the net just google it.
Free one

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I'm new here and could really use some help. I have an older computer, Emachines C1904. I've replaced the power supply, the motherboard and added a video card. The video card is a MSI FX5200 TD128LF. My problem started recently when the hard drive was packed full and I decided to reformat. I had never reformatted since the new mother board by the way. So I usually just use the six floppy disk method of re-installing XP. I would get to the XP setup screen and it would boot from the first disk okay but as soon as it says please insert disk two it would freeze everytime, so I tried using an XP cd-rom and it worked (or so I thought). After the re-install with no other partitions, the computer runs really well and quickly and looks like a fresh copy of windows but when I check the hard drive it says 33.8 GB used out of 40. How is this possible? I checked all the folders under the C: drive and they add up to about 3 or 4 GB. So basicly there's nothing on it but it's telling me it's full. I also just tried using a kill disk. It will boot from the kill disk but then it just says A:\ A:\ with a blinking cursor but won't let me do anything. Is my hard drive toast or is there something I can do about this? Any advice helps! Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive Issues

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Hey all i recently put a new dvd burner and wireless network card into my computer and i plugged everything back in and suddenly my computer cannot find my 2 slave hard drives....

My Primary Hard drive is a Western Digital 250gig Sata2 16mb cache
Slaves 160gig / 250gig western digital IDE

ive tried everything i can think of im new to the whole sata with ide thing so im clueless

ps. it did work before.

hope someone can help

A:Hard Drive issues

Check your connections & reboot. If that doesn't work then get in2 the Bios & enter heads,sectors & clynders for your hard drives. If they're not printed on the hard drives then u can get da H,S, & C from from your hard drive manufactor website. Make sure u search for the correct model of each HD. Let me know if that works.Before that above suggestion make sure that your hard drives are correctly jumpered. That should help detect your HDs.

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installed a new seagate ultra ATA/100 300 GB hard drive into my Dell 8200 with windows xp, the original hard drive was a 120 GB. The new hard drive is only allowing me to use 127 GB's. What do i need to do to use the entire 300 GB?

A:new hard drive issues

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Hope someone can help with this issue.

The HDD in my Pavilion 7955 XP got hung up in the SP1/soft Restore issue.
(can explain further if needed)

I do not want to loose the photos on this drive so I took the HDD from a spare
computer and installed it as the master. Using the Restore discs I obtained from HP, I began loading. All was fine until after disc 7 when it said "could not create user partition." I followed the steps given for this exact issue on HP's website with no luck. I cannot get to dos to run fdisk.

My next thought was to take the original XP HDD and install it as a slave on another PC running W98se and pull the files that way. I can see the HDD in device manager but there is no drive letter and I cannot access it.

Is there a step I am missing? I have tried setting the jumpers to both slave and cable select positions.

A:Hard Drive Issues

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Ok everybody heres the issue. I have three hard drives lets call them 1, 2, and 3 number one has the the operating system on it. This needs to be the master. 2 and 3 need to be slaves. I jumpered 1 as master and the other two as slave. everytime i plug them in and turn on the machine it trys to make 2 the master. When i unplug number 2 and just leave 1 and 3 plugged in it loads the op sys and all but in the very first boot screen where it lists the drives 1 is labeled as primary slave. even though it is jumpered as master. What am i doing wrong here this is the first time i have ever had this problem. please help and thanks in advance!

A:Hard Drive Issues

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Hello, I have a lenovo G780.  This morning i was getting an error that my drive wasn't working.  It worked fine yesterday.   I did what several people recommended about switching the Boot to Legacy and Legacy first.  That didn't work.   I am still getting the error Cable not connected PXE-MOF:  Existing Intel PXE ROM.  My BIOS showed that the hard drive was not detected.  I reseated the drive but that didn't help.  When I cold start my computer it beeps continuously.   I tried getting into my BIOS again a few minutes ago and I can no longer access it.   The data on my hard drive is very important.  Can anyone please help.  Thank you.

A:Hard drive and other issues

Hi jwolvie , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Non detected device on the BIOS may already signify issue with harddrive physically and this can be confirmed if another harddrive would be detected. Try to reseat again the harddrive assuring that it is firmly seated then checking again on BIOS as you F9 to load defaults F10 save and exit hoping for detection .
If during the course of restart that you manage to boot to WIndows , do take that opportunity to do needed backup as it may not have the same opportunity the next time. Alternatively , slaving the harddrive on an external harddrive enclosure for backup can be done but if even that would not have the harddrive detected then best way to recover data would be thru data recovery centers. 
Running diagnostics on a bootable device can help verify any physical failure . 
If initially that it fails , shut it down and allow it to cool down a bit before retrying again. 
Hoping for the best.

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So I just recently built a new pc for the first time and it is able to boot into the BIOS perfectly fine. I have a flash drive with windows media creation tool on it and everything should be working. Under sata information it shows that I have my Kingston 120gb ssd and my WDC 1tb hard drive, but it doesn?t show them in the boot menu, or give me the option to put them in the boot order. It shows my uefi usb in the boot list but it will not actually boot into windows. I?m not sure what to do, and if other information is needed to solve the issue I?m more than happy to do what I can

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I have a usb 3.0 2tb hard drive that works fine on a windows 7 machine. When I plug it into Windows 8, it see's it but doesn't let me access it, gives a ton of errors in the event log, and slows down the pc. I am an techy with 10+ years experience and I am at a loss as to what's wrong. I hope someone here can shed some light.

examples of event errors
The IO operation at logical block address xxxxxxx for Disk 3 was retried.

The device F:\ (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 3 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.


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I have 2 hard drives in my computer. The slave drive which is 80gb large and pretty old and is giving me problems. It keeps on shutting down then booting then shutting down... How I can tell it is doing this is because constant noise is coming out of my computer tower, which sounds like it's booting up and shutting down. And when I go into "My Computer", the 80gb slave drive doesn't show up.

I had important files on this hard drive, and now I can't access them. I switched ribbon cables and the power plugs but with no effect - my hard drive is DEAD!

So now my question: How am I to retrieve my files on that hard drive, or how do I make it work? I have the knowledge to build a computer, but I don't have the knowledge to break apart a hard drive. If someone can give me directions, or tell me how to retrieve my files, I would greatly appreciate it!

A:Hard Drive issues

Did you ever make backups of all those important files?

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hi guys please could someone confirm that my hard drive is on it's way out. if so is it repairable. only hard drive C is the issue.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8189 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 845678 MB; F: Total - 305241 MB, Free - 289506 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-78LMT-USB3
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


A:hard drive issues

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I hooked my hard drive to my computer with a USB adaptor. The drive is showing up but it is saying drive H:/ inaccessible invalid parameter. I am trying to pull some documents off of it. does anyone have any suggestions.

A:hard drive issues

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woah ive had soo many problems with this . i reformated .. and . bam my 200 gig is reading . 31.4 . its a westren digital . my bios is updated and is readin it at 200 gig
ive tried the maxor patch and reformating it again .. i think the person that instatlled it had this issue the first time around .. but i dont kno how he fixed it . i'm running a P4 2.4 ms 6577 768 ram ect ect .. any ideas i dont kno what to do .

A:31.4 hard drive issues . should be 200 gig

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whats up?

i put an old ata66 15gb in an older PII system (440LX chipset) that has WinXp on an ata33 4.3gb.

they are both on the same IDE channel with an 80 conductor cable.

the mobo only supports ata33.... i was under the impression that the channel will work at the speed of the slow drive on that channel, in my case the ata33 drive.

i boot up... and bios has no problem detecting the drive, yet it cant find the boot sector of my ata33 drive.

that leaves me to 2 questions:
1) what up wit dat?
2) any work around suggestions?


A:Hard Drive Issues!

:wave: Hello & Weclome to TechSpot :wave:

Are you sure that the drive with XP is set as primary master (or at least as first boot in the BIOS)?
Check the jumpers on the drives to make sure...

If that doesn't help, try connecting each drive with it's own cable to their respective IDE channels.
Make sure that the XP drive is on the primary channel.

If that doesn't work, what was the XP drive used as before? Was it C:\, or another drive letter? If another letter, was it just another partition, or another physical drive?

The reason I ask is that if it was a secondary drive, all the boot information will be on the original primary drive... And as such, we'll have to create the files needed for it to boot... (mbr, and ntbootloader)'

If you'd be so kind as to tell us the above, we'll do our best to help you

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alright, i just recently bought a sony vaio with a 120 gig seagate drive, and added my old 100 gig (western digital) slave drive from my old system (old system ran XP pro, new runs XP home). The system reconizes the drive only in device manager, yet it is not accessible nor does it even appear in any other part of the system, such as my computer. Also in device manager all of the parameters are blank, what much i do to get it to reconize this drive so i can access my files

A:Hard Drive issues

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i'm in the process of getting my new computer all working. I'm having a problem with it recognizing my 2 additonal hard drives, they arn't seen in the bios even! what could be the problem? both are set on slave.

A:hard drive issues

Good Morning lightsareout, if they are on the same IDE, one needs to be slave and one master.

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My laptop has two hard drives, both around 17 gig each.
The C drive however for some reason is full, though when i check all the files in the drive it adds up to 12 gig and so windows continues to tell me to free up hard drive space otherwise it can't run, and no matter how much i delete it still says it's full.

Could any one tell me a way to fix this problem?

A:Hard Drive issues

Windows XP?

Try going to start -> control panel -> system -> advanced-> performance settings -> page filing. You probably have another GB or two here being used. Lowering this too much and you lose performance. I set mine to 2.5 fixed my physical RAM. You might want to lower this a little, but be careful! Too low can also cause instability.

Also, you will have some hidden partitions and files taking up some space. Windows wants a minimum of around 15% free space, likely you will either need to remove programs or get a bigger drive.

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I'm running a 20g Maxtor and LiteON 24102B off a gigabyte
GA-6VTXE mobo. My OS is win98. When I go to listen to mp3's from my HDD the whole system slows down and starts to lock up intermittently. I use a registered version of Musicmatch Jukebox 7.0. It seems to get a little better if I remove any disks from the CD-RW. This makes it hard to play games and listen to music at the same time. Are the IDE controller drivers causing me grief? Does my HDD not like my CD-RW? Also, I've tried installing the latest Via 4 in 1 drivers and seems to have caused other issues with my system.
Any ideas?

A:Hard drive, cd-rw issues

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I've got a Toshiba drive in my laptop and it seems to be very sluggish as of late. I defragged it, checked it for errors (found none), but nothing has helped so far. So I ran some benchmarks and it seems that the sequential read/write are about normal for the drive; however, the buffered read/write and sequential burst are only operating at 50-70% of what they should be. If it was a hardware problem with the drive, I would think that the performance would be affected across the board, not just in those areas.

Any ideas or suggestions?


A:Hard drive issues (?)

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I have a computer I am trying to get the files off of. It's a Dell Vostro 220 with a 750Gb Seagate Hdd in it. I try to boot it and no boot media can be found. I go into the BIOS and I can see the Hdd, but when I run a diagnostic, it says there is an error 2000-0146. I pull the Hdd out and connect it to another computer. It does not show up in the file manager in This PC. I go into Device Manager and can see it listed in Disk Drives. Says everything is working. I go to Disk Management and it says Unallocated. I right click and all I can do is Properties and Help. All other options are greyed out (and those options were only extend, shrink, or delete). I also have the option to initialize drive, but seeing as my point now is to recover the contents, this wouldn't be a good thing. I then went into the command prompt, thinking maybe I could just assign a letter and maybe be able to have it accessible. It was already assigned H and had 0 volume. So now my question is, how can I recover the files off this Hdd? All suggestions will be considered and appreciated. Thanks for considering this.

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Ok well i always had 3 hard drives hooked up 1 sata 2 ide which ran from a convetor yesterday i had some error ntldr which got fixed did not had to format etc now today for some reason when i hooked up all 3 hard drives after the windows boot screen the pc restarts every time! if i hook up only 2 it works does not matter which hard drive once its only 2, whats going on i never had this issue befor

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Little background. I am running Win 98 on a Compaq (Pentium2) I have an extra 40 gig hard drive that I use for downloading music and movies.

The other day I was trying to convert some mp3 to .wav files, and i get a message stating that my hard drive is full (the 40 gig one). i know that this cannot be correct b/c I had checked earlier and had about 10 gigs left. I then went into explorer and tried to delete some items out of the drive, but once in explorer I could not understand any of the names of my flies (it was almost in some weird language) I then rebooted my PC, and once it came up I could not even see my 40 gig hard drive in Explorer.

I have tried to disconnect/reconnect it, and all to no avail. When the computer boots up it recognizes it on the very first boot up screen, but I still cannot access it once the computer is back up and running.

Any idea as to what has happened here................please?

A:Hard Drive issues???

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I have two hard drives. One 80GB SATA, and one 160GB IDE. The SATA contains my operating system (XP), and the IDE is mainly an extension, as the SATA is running low on space. The IDE is on its own cable and is set to master. Now, whenever I boot up with both drives installed, it will always boot into the IDE drive, when I want it to boot from the SATA.

The IDE does have XP installed as well, as it came from one of my old machines. Do I need to uninstall XP from the IDE for it to stop booting into it?

Also, another issue. Whenever I take the side door off my PC when it is running, I can hear three or four audible clicks from the SATA drive, and it shuts down with a BSOD. This is without even touching it, only removing the door. I've noticed it also happens whenever I touch the PSU cables. I'm thinking it's a paranoid PSU, but I could be wrong.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.


A:Hard Drive Issues

In your BIOS you just need to change the boot order the primary hard drive from the IDE drive to the SATA drive to stop the computer from booting from the wrong drive.

As for the other problem, try changing the power cable that goes to the SATA drive, and maybe even the SATA data cable, it could be just a poor connection.

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Well, today I bought a ned DVD drive for my computer, and a new round ATA cable.
While I was installing the drive, I moved the hard drive down a couple bays, so that there would be room for the extra cable and make everything more accessible.

After I hooked everything back up and started the computer, I got a message that said there was a hard drive error, insert system disk, hit enter.
I have no idea what happened, the hard drive worked perfectly yesterday, even today, but now I can't get past this error. I know while I was moving the HDD down, I accidently had my hand on the bottom (on the open board) a time or two.
The hard drive doesn't make any sound, or vibrate at all when the computer is on. I'm using a new power supply, but the hard drive has worked with the PSU before, and the PSU still powers everything else fine.

It's a Maxtor 150 GB SATA hard drive.

Any ideas on what to try before I drop $70 - $100 on a new hard drive?

A:Hard drive issues

Well, I'd do some basic troubleshooting before you buy a new drive.

First off, if the drive doesn't spin up, it sounds like the power connector is lose or damaged. Have you tried a different SATA P/S connector on the drive? Take a close look at the drive and see if anything got damaged in the connector area.

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ok, here is how my story goes...
Awhile ago I got a hd from someone... A friend or something. I put it in a comp alone, no operating system found, so I tried to install windows, but it said no HD was present (ps, I check all my cables constantly. its not a power supply issue >_<) so I put it in as a slave with another hard drive to try n format it, this master was a perfectly fine running hd, never had any issue with it, windows xp on it and everything. Anyhow, when I put this screwy HD in as a slave, it caused the master hd to do the same thing, I was upset I lost a good HD by trying to fix another one. So I tried to fix that master with another one, and it plagued another HD and caused it to do the same thing. I stopped after that.
So basically, I ask you... What happend? and Can I fix it?

A:Hard Drive Issues.

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Hi I just bought a Western Digital 1TB Hard drive. But it seems to despise working for my correctly, or Vista won't let it work correctly.

I get frequent errors saying that the file on the hard drive is corrupted or unreadable, but after restarting or doing a check disk it becomes readable again.

I have reformatted the hard drive numerous times and even reinstalled Vista. I've also checked for loose cables and such and I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

A:New Hard Drive Issues

Have you also removed the partitions and repartitioned it with Vista? Try that. Vista makes a different partition than other apps or operating systems.

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Hey guys,

So I have a Dell Dimension XPS gen. 2 (I know it's old). I decided to purchase a new hard drive for it. I got a new SATA 1.5 TB. My old hard drive is a 75gb IDE. I upgraded to Windows 7 on my old IDE. I then installed my new hard drive, formatted it, and then installed Windows 7 on the new hard drive. For a while, when I turned my computer on, the system would ask me which Windows 7 installation I wanted to boot from. I corrected that problem by booting the one from my SATA and then going to MSCONFIG and deleting the old installation. Now my system automatically boots from the SATA.

I thought I was good to go, and so I tried reformatting the old IDE to use as extra space. The thing is, Windows won't let me. I then restarted the computer to change the BIOS settings. I wanted to change the current setting (CD, C drive, DISKETTE) to CD, R drive, DISKETTE. I don't know how to add the R drive (my new SATA) to that list. Furthermore, if I try to turn off my Master IDE from BIOS, and restart, Windows won't boot from my SATA and will either allow me to retry or go to BIOS settings where I need to turn the Master IDE on again. If I leave the Master IDE drive on, and unplug the IDE, the same thing happens. Windows won't boot anything. It's as if my new SATA is dependent on my old IDE to boot.

Some people said it might be because the SATA isn't my primary booting device. I don't know how to change my SATA to that status. Others said... Read more

A:New Hard Drive Issues

You are booting from the IDE drive then transferring control to the SATA drive. This is why the IDE drive must be present.

I suggest you unplug the IDE drive then use your install CD to do a repair installation. This should cause Windows to identify the SATA drive as the primary boot device, then write the necessary master boot record and boot files to that drive. They are not there now.

Once you have done this and can make the system boot without the IDE drive present, then you can reconnect the IDE drive and reuse it. The system may again try to boot off of it, and this won't hurt you, but you will be able to stop it by wiping out the boot portion of the master boot record. Just be careful to not damage the partition table, which is also there.

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So I used to have vista, xp, and mac on my pc. After a while xp screwed up and left me with only vista and mac. My school handed out a bunch of software including windows 7. I saved the installer and key on my desktop and pretty much just left it there for two months. Eventually my vista crashed and could have only used mac. After a very short while my mac crashed to. Thankfully I saved my key on a piece of paper but unfortunately I lost the installer.

This morning I found a iso, burnt it on another computer and poped it in. Everything was fine until I was asked where I want windows to be installed. Due to the fact that I tried to fix vista from dos, my hard drive configuration got messed up. Regardless of that I didnt care becasue everything was backed up on a external so I tried to format all of my harddrives and then instal windows. "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition." What am I supposed to do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Hard drive issues

Let me ask you this. When did the message appear exactly. Was it when it asked where to install the partition, or when you tried to format it?

There is software that you can burn to a disk the simply erases everything on a hard drive. Kill Disk is one example. This will return it to its original configuration; unformatted and no OS. However, I am worried that your HDD might have reached the end of its usable life. If this is the case you can no longer use the hard drive and it will need replacing. I recommend getting a new HDD from Newegg, because they usually have the best deals on hardware. Now-a-days you can get a brand new hard drive for as little $35 plus shipping. Good luck.

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So I've been having a problem for some time now where my hard drive has been running extremely slow. I didn't know for a while what might've been the problem, but I've been noticing recently that anything installed on my external runs just fine, and anything on my main HD runs at maybe a tenth of the speed and kills my computer's ability to do anything else. I've run a disk check, with results of everything's fine, as well as ActiveSmart to check the disk (says everything's fine except the temp, which I can manually verify is not what it claims, considering it claims it is 215C). Not 100% where to go from here.

Couple other pieces of info: no crashes or blue screens (IE and Firefox, both on the HD, do lock up, though), Samsung SV0602H (according to ActiveSmart)
Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
2 MB Ram
NVidia GeForce 7600 Video card

A:Hard Drive Issues

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I am having a problem with the computer starting up. It is making a load clicking noise what I start it up. When it goes forward, it is telling me that there is not a Operating System detected. So I tried to run a fully recovery and nothing, it wont even do that. Is the hard drive done? HELPPPPPPP

A:Hard drive Issues

Have you tried booting off of a boot disk and then running scandisk from the boot disk? When you do run a surface check of the disk [it will be one of the options]

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Alright, me and a far more computer-savvy-than-myself friend of mine have been hard at work trying to fix a hard drive space issue on my computer.

Every day or so, it seems I lose another Gigabyte or two of hard drive space, with an absolute max on my hard drive of 139 GB. I've got a hard drive space visualizer that I've been using to track down where this space is being used up, and it doesn't seem to register. The space is just gone.

Solutions we've already tried include the following:
Defragged the hard drive, thinking it might be a packing issue(whatever that is). Didn't work.
Ran two seperate high-end anti-virus systems(Windows Security Essentials, and MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware, one after the other, both updated to the latest versions. Found some viruses, but the problem is still ongoing, and my friend says this is not typical malware behavior.
Deleted restore points, under the impression that it may be restore point bloat. As soon as I did this, I actually lost another 100 MB of hard drive space, meaning this is not the issue.
The classic blobs.bin problem. File's been deleted, and coming back, but not at a rate fast enough to warrant it being this particular hard drive issue.
Internet file overload. Checked them, and they're not big enough for them to be the problem. I'm not getting very many new temporary internet files, and the problem persists and gets worse by the day.
Hence, problems we've eliminated include viruses and malware, packing issues, restore poin... Read more

A:Hard Drive Issues

Run Treesize - see where space is being used -

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

The other issue could be with VSS/ System Restore. Download this app; extract the batch file; save to Documents -



RIGHT-click on the BAT file, select "Run as Administrator".

A Notepad will open with the results - save as text file. Upload and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .



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Hello, I currently have two Seagate 320GB hard drives set up on a raid 0 using Sata ports. They were on an Intel Motherboard D975XBX2. This intel board would not let me access the bios, and also would not boot up the computer. I took out the hard drives and put them in another computer without running them on a raid 0. I just hooked them up as regular hard drives as I wanted to get back up the information that was on them. My bios reads both hard drives but will only show one in my computer. I looked in the device manager and it shows both hard drives, but again only one shows up in my computer. The one that show up in my computer also has nothing on it. All it says it the drive letter and when I click on explore it says drive needs to be formatted. The other drive will not show in my computer but it will show in device manager, and bios. How do I access the drive that will not show up in my compter??? Thank you for your assistance.

I have the drive connected by usb port and I'm running an Asus motherboard ASUS P5E DELUXE, intel
CORE 2 QUAD Q9300 2.5G (1333Mhz), EN9500GT OC/DI/512M GeForce 9500 GT, KINGSTON 4GB KIT on windows vista home, and a seagate 1TB hard drive.

A:Hard Drive Issues

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