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Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

Q: Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox. If this checkbox is clear, the touchpad works properly. When this checkbox is marked, the touchpad does not work at all.
I have tried both USB and Bluetooth mice, and neither one allows the proper action: the touchpad should be enabled without a mouse, and the touchpad should be disabled with a mouse. That's how it works on other systems. It just doesn't work at all on this system.
I suspect there is some interaction between the touchpad and the touchscreen that is interfering with this setting. But I have another laptop with a touchpad and a touchscreen, and the mouse detection works there (it's not a DELL).
Yes, I have toyed with the idea of deleting the DELL touchpad control application and installing a "stock" Synaptics touchpad driver. But I don't want the DELL "update" app to overwrite it with the DELL touchpad control app every time it sees "the wrong driver" loaded. And I don't want to take the chance that the touchpad driver and the touchscreen driver are somehow linked together, thus disabling one when I disable the other.
Any ideas on how to get the "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" action working would be welcome.

Preferred Solution: Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

I would love to know where to find that checkbox ... Thank you!

Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox.

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I have been dealing with a loss of my touchpad\curser for awhile now, so have had to plug in a mouse. Yesterday I ran epsc pre boot assessment which took a good 1\2 hour I guess. After the program was completed, I was able to use my touchpad/mouse on the epsc program interface until I rebooted, than lost the touchpad\mouse. Thanks Keith
PS: In order to get out of the epsc program I had to reboot

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Dell Inspiron 3000 11" (3147) - 5 beeps 4 times on boot, and when it boots, there is no WIFI (network card also not listed in device manager).

All I could find on that beep code is that "5 beeps means replace CMOS battery".
But it's not "5 beeps", its "5 beeps 4 times", and my CMOS battery is fine at 3+ volts. I replaced it just in case, but it still did not help any, as expected. Any ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 3000 11" (3147) - 5 beeps 4 times on boot, no wifi

Same problem exactly, looking for a cure.

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I am unable to disable the tapping feature on my touchpad. I am using Vista Home premium. I know how to disable the touchpad completely but I donot wish to use a mouse. When I go into Device Manager for Mouse and pointing devices it shows only a PS2 mouse of which I have none connected. Can anyone help

A:Solved: Cannot disable "tapping" on the touchpad of my Advent 6311

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My new Asus K52J laptop with Windows 7 has an Elan touchpad. I cannot disable the "tap to click" option, despite unchecking the enable box in the mouse settings.

I have used touchpads for years and comes as second nature so please don't suggest using a mouse.

I have updated the drivers but still the touchpad will not accept the "off" setting for "tap to click".

Many thanks in advance if you know of an answer.

A:Cannot disable "tap to click" on Elan touchpad

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I got an Inspiron 15 7559 a few weeks ago and quickly realized that if I leave the computer idle for more than 5 minutes or so (or use a mouse for more than that amount of time), the touchpad will deactivate, i.e., the pointer will be frozen if I try moving my finger on the touchpad. If I click on one of the touchpad buttons (actually press the pad down), it will wake up and the pointer will be active again. I would prefer to shut this off so I don't have to click before the touchpad will work. Any ideas? I have been all through the mouse settings and power settings and didn't see anything.

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After the Windows 10 updated to version 1709, the touchpad is not recognized. As a result, native drivers were not set. The touchpad works, but there is no skrol and other gestures. It is impossible to set the native driver and a software does not see the device. Rollback to an early Windows version 10 and everything works again.

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I'm having many issues with my touchpad/trackpad.
- Touchpad loses its function (scrolling, gestures) after using for a while or after sleep/standby mode.
- Touchpad keeps freezing, the pointer constantly stops moving for a short period, like 5 seconds (but I can still do right click) only when I use touchpad. I can still use external mouse normally.
Hope someone can help.

A:Touchpad issues in Dell Inspiron 11 3147 (Windows 10)

If you haven't done so already I suggest updating the touchpad driver, you may download it here.


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One of the annoying "features" of windows 8 in the old windows desktop mode is how the movement of the mouse/touchpad changes the size of the window. That is it will zoom in or zoom out when all I want to do is move the cursor. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

I can undo it with ctrl and + or -, but it is still annoying. This would be ok if I knew how to activate it only when I wanted it, but windows 8 seams to do it on its own. I see it most often in Firefox, but I believe it occurs in Chrome also. I do not use IE.

A:Browser changes size when touchpad "mouse" used.

have a look to see if there is a touchpad control panel, on mine it runs in the system tray at the bottom right
mine is a dell not a sony but see if you have anything similar to this

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I'm going to buy Dell Inspiron 11 3147 and use it sometimes in "tablet mode" with external USB keyboard.
I know that this mode turns off original hardware keyboard and touchpad. But will external USB keyboard work? Seems it should but is there a proof?
Thanks in advance for answers.

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 in "tablet mode" + external USB keyboard

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Yes, the USB ports will be working even when the Inspiron 3147 is in the Tablet mode.
Do get back to us if you have any other query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hi, whenever I fold the keyboard part of my laptop under the screen, and the touchpad and keyboard are disabled, i.e. tablet mode, my wifi connectivity weakens.  Using the Wifi Analyzer app, my strength of signal is shown as -36 dBm or so when I'm using the laptop as one normally would, with the keyboard in front of the screen.  But when I flip the keyboard under, I can watch the signal drop in the app, down to -77 dBm.  This occurs when I'm standing next to my router, and no matter what orientation I place the computer (away from my body, upsdie down, right next to the router, etc.); the signal strength remains in the weakened state.  When I flip the keyboard back to normal "laptop mode," the signal suddenly increases again to around -36 dBm.
My guess is that something is happening with the power; maybe the wireless card gets less power, for some reason, when I fold the keyboard under.  I have tried updating the wireless driver and the Quickset software.  I've also checked the power settings, and the wireless is getting "maximum power."  Finally, I've unticked the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" box in Device Manager for the wireless.  None of these seem to make a difference.
Any thoughts on what is happening and/or how to fix this?
Many thanks.

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This new Dell Inspiron 11 3147 just arrived today.
The AC Adapter is "plugged in" but the battery is "not charging."
I've looked all over for help for this, Dell Diagnostic has found no problem, and I've had trouble getting a hold of customer service. The most commonly suggested idea has been to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft ACPI Complian Control Method Battery driver, which I have done.
The only thing I haven't messed with is the battery itself, which doesn't seem to be accessible without damaging the back, which is screwed on and secured well.
Any idea what's wrong?

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 Battery "Not Charging"

Update to my below post:
One day later, after the battery fully charged and all was well, I come back and it is back to the message "plugged in, not charging". I might see if reflashing the bios and rebooting will work again.
My original post on Dec 8, 2014:
I had this problem until this morning. In short, I updated the bios to Version A03,A03 (released Dec 2, 2014). Before that I did all the googling and messing about without success. Here's what to do:
1. Run "My Dell". You can access this by type Ctrl-Esc and then type in "My Dell" and clicking on the "My Dell" icon that comes up.
2. Click on the green "Drivers and Updates" panel. This should open a product support browser window.
3. Scroll down to the bottom beneath the section that says "These drivers match your selections" and click on the arrow next to "Bios"
4. Click on "Download file". Close all your other applications and run the file and follow the prompts. It will reboot for you at the end and the problem should be solved.
Good luck!
Version A03,A03

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A:notebook 3000 N500 touchpad doesnt work (touchpad funktioniert nicht)

Hi,  Today I bought this model and have the same problem. If anyone know the solution, please share it here. thx arghhhh!!!!  there, in a top right  corner of the laptop, is a sensor button. Just press it and touchpad becomes alive (it dosn't look like a button at all) ADMIN EDIT - There is now an official tip which explains the N500 trackpoint function and the button to enable / disable it.Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 03-04-2009 01:28 PM

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Just purchased a new Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and booted it up for the first time today.  I am having difficulty figuring out the touchpad, specifically the scrolling.  It worked initially during set up, but then once I had that done, I can no longer get it to scroll - at all.  I have looked through all settings, and it seems like everything is right.  The drivers are up to date as well.
What can I do?

A:Brand new Inspiron 15 3000 Series touchpad not scrolling

Thank you for writing us!
Kindly click on link below which will give you a few steps to check for the setting :

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When I fold the screen back and use the laptop in "tablet mode", the keyboard automatically get disabled but the touchpad does not. I have tried looking in the mouse and touchpad settings to no avail and it is very frustrating!

A:Touchpad not disabling in tablet mode- Inspiron 11 3000 series

I had the same problem with the Inspiron 11 3147 2-in-1 and discovered that it was because a program called Quickset was not running on start up. QuickSet is responsible for this icon in the task manager that alerts you when the keyboard is locked and unlocked. Evidently, it is also responsible for locking the trackpad when the swivel hinge exceeds 180 degrees. You can check to see if you have it by clicking the arrow on the task manager icons, clicking customize, and scrolling through the icons. There should be one there called QuickSet that says "Keyboard Unlocked."
Even if it is there, just to make sure its installed properly, go to the drivers page here: 
Inspiron 3147 Drivers
Under "Applications (3 Files)," download "Dell QuickSet Application (14 MB)." Run this installer and it should ask you if you want to install, repair, or remove the program (assuming QuickSet was already installed). In this case, use the "repair" installation option. If QuickSet is not already installed, it will ask you if you just want to install. 
After the installation. the QuickSet icon should now be visible in the taskbar (click on the small arrow to show all icons if necessary) and should be locking the trackpad in tablet mode.
To make sure QuickSet runs on start up, go to task manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or just search for "Task Manager" in the charms bar). Hit "More details" and go to the "Startup" tab. QuickSet ... Read more

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Hey! I've got a Dell Inspiron 3000 series which just recovered from some boot problems--I had to reinstall a Windows 10 image from the Microsoft website; was having problems downloading the Dell factory image.
One thing is still bugging me; I'm convinced that before the troubles, I could tap with two fingers on the mouse touchpad to send a right click. I've grown very used to this and can't figure out how to get it back. I downloaded and installed the touchpad drivers listed for my service tag, and the touchpad is working just fine for basic operations, but I don't have any control panel options to customize the touchpad beyond what a generic mouse could do. Is there any way to get this option back? Thank you very much.

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Hello guys,
I recently bought a Dell I15 5557 with touchscreen and I got a issue with its touchpad.
There is an option in Windows 10 which turns off the touchpad when an external mouse is present, but it appears that the touchscreen also counts as an external mouse. As a result, the touchpad is always disabled when this option is turned on, even if an external mouse is not connected.
Is there any way to automatically disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected and the notebook have a touchscreen?
Thanks in advance

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My touchpad is irratic and I prefer to use an optical mouse.  I have gone into the properties of the mouse and the disable button does not give me the option to disable.  I've read that it can be done through BIOS, but I do not know how to do that.  Is there a simple way to accomplish disabling the touchpad?  This computer is almost a year old and has Vista home premium.  Thanks in advance for some help.

A:How to Disable Touchpad on Inspiron 1525?

First of all, you MUST have the official Synaptics Touchpad drivers from the Dell website installed, else the 'Dell Touchpad' tab will not show in the mouse configuration window!
Once the drivers are installed, open Control Panel --> Mouse --> Dell Touchpad.Click on the large screen with an arrow, which will open the touchpad configuration window.Click on 'Device Select', and right at the bottom is a box which you can tick to 'Disable Touchpad/Pointing Stick when a USB mouse is connected.As soon as you tick that option, a message will pop up in the taskbar, confirming your selection.
You can make doubly sure however, by also choosing 'Disable' under the Touchpad' heading in the same window.
Be sure to click 'Apply' once you've made your selections.

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hi everybody,
the problem is I simply can't disable touchpad on my inspiron 14 n4050 using Fn+F3.
it's a big problem when you have to type a lot with the built in keyboard .
other combinations of 'Fn' key works just fine.also the F3 button works and opens a search window.
please let me know if there is any software solution like an application or driver for using fn key and any solution for disabling touch pad at all.

A:I cant disable touchpad on inspiron 14 n4050

Hi Aminpm,
Welcome to the Community. You can try uninstalling your touchpad drivers. To uninstall click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, click on device manager, click on the symbol next to pointing devices, right click on Alps touchpad and click on uninstall, once removed use the below link to reinstall it. After you reinstall make sure you restart your computer.
If the function key is not working, you may want to update your Quickset drivers, below is the link.
Hope this helps.
Thank you

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I have a Dell Vostro with Windows 7
This is very frustrating!!!

A:How do I disable the touchpad when using a mouse

The enabling and disabling options for touchpad might differ in laptops. Hence, please provide the model number of the Vostro so that I can assist you better.
Meanwhile, follow the steps below to disable the touchpad:

Click Start.
In the Search box type main.cpl, click main.cpl in the list of programs. In Windows XP click Run, type main.cpl in the box next to Open, click OK.
Click the Dell Touchpad tab.
Click on the picture of the touchpad.
Click Device Select.
Click to check the box to the left of Disable Touchpad / Pointing Stick when external USB mouse is present to disable the touchpad. Uncheck the box to enable the touchpad.
Click Apply and click OK.

Please reply.
Thanks and RegardsPriyanka S#iworkfordell

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Is there a way to disable the touch pad while using a plugged-in mouse? My previous Asus laptop did this automatically when it detected the mouse. Advice would be appreciated.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:Disable the Touchpad while using a mouse?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
What Lenovo model do you have and operating system installed?  Example Ideapad 100, Lenovo Z50..... Windows 8..... Windows 10.
If your laptop has the ability to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in, that option will be found in the settings / properties for the touchpad.  I have a couple of older Lenovo laptops using Windows 7 and 8 where the touchpad software / driver will allow disabling.  Where as my newer Lenovo laptops with Windows 10 does not have that feature.  The disabling is really dependent on the software / drivers for your model.  

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So I would like to disable my touchpad so my palm would not hit the touchpad while I am typing because it is so annoying when my palm accidentally moves the cursor. How can I do this without any external mouse? Thanks!

A:Can I disable touchpad without mouse?

Hi,Enable smart sense to max under Advanced tab in Synaptics Touchpad control panel settings.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04648748RegardsVisruth

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Yesterday I installed Windows-7 on my Inspiron 1525 laptop.  I was
previously running Windows Vista and the Vista-driver for the touchpad
had the intelligence to detect the fact that I have a USB wireless-mouse
(Kensington brand) and so it disabled the touchpad each time I booted
the PC.
But under Windows-7 the touchpad was staying active. I didn't want it
to be active since that was causing problems when I inadvertently touched the touchpad as I was typing.
I went to the Synaptics website, went to the downloads section, and I
downloaded a driver named:
I used Windows Explorer to access my downloads folder and I double
clicked on the above .exe file to run it.  That replaced the
Microsoft-supplied driver for the touchpad with the Synaptics-supplied
driver. The touchpad mouse control worked just fine with the new Synaptics driver.
Then I clicked Start,   Control Panel,   Mouse,   and selected the 
Device Settings tab.  That tab displays the settings for the Touchpad. 
It has a "disable" option, so I clicked on that.  Then the touchpad was
entirely disabled.   If I ever wish to enable it again, I can navigate
to the same place and click on the "Enable" button.
So now my laptop is running under Windows-7 with the touchpad disabled and I use my
USB wireless-mouse as my only mouse. 
 ... Read more

A:How to disable Inspiron 1525 touchpad under Windows-7

I had the same problem (Dell XPS L502X / Windows 7 Professional 64). I downloaded the driver R242713.exe from Dell website, and after installing the driver everything worked exactly as Snowcat explained it here (very good and complete explanation). I am very happy because the jumping pointer issue is really annoying...
Thanks, Snowcat!!

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I recently used a projector that plugged into my computer. Once I got the projector to work, my touchpad mouse on my laptop stoppd working, but I didn't think anything of it and just plugged in a wireless mouse with USB and my mouse worked again.

Now, I can't figure out how to get my touchpad working again, so I am thinking it is just a simple enable/disable option.



A:How to enable/disable touchpad mouse?

manufacturer of the laptop please?

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Salve, c'Ŕ un modo per disabilitare il touchpad nel mio envy 17 quando il mause Ŕ inserito? Non ho opzioni nelle proprietÓ del mouseHi, there is a way to disable the touchpad in my envy 17 when mouse is plugged in? I haven't any otion in the mouse settings  

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I have purchase multiple xps 13 and inspiron 13 laptops and observe the same issues.  I tend to use the touch pad with my right hand's index finger, and click the touchpad button with my left hand's index finger.  It's a quick way to get things done.  Many in my organization do this, too and have been running into problems.
However, quite frequently (but not all the time) when I click the button with my left hand the cursor jumps to another location on the screen.  Frequently this is the lower-left corner of the screen, but sometimes it is the upper right, too. This causes different windows to come into focus, or it activates the start menu.  Really , really annoying, and it happens on both laptop models.  Our previous Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and Acer laptops did not have this issue. 
I think this has to do with the touch pad thinking that the user has two fingers on the touch pad and moves the cursor thinking the finger jumped around the pad.  Otherwise the gestures and movement of the touchpad is fine. 
Is this a known issue to Dell?  It's really aggravating and other users in my organization are complaining as well.  I may need to return the lot (3 XPS 13, 5 Inspiron 13 machines ) and look at different hardware.  

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man this touchpad is so **bleep** annoying. horribly designed. I am very disspointed in Synaptics! Is there a reg hack to disable the touchpad where the mouse buttons are? I hate the pointer moving around whenever I try to click on a mouse button. I know that Synaptics offers a reg hack to do this, but I dont know if it is supported for the yoga version, I have seen it offered on the thinkpads..

A:disable touchpad over mouse button areas

I don't think you can. However, you can alter the sensitivity of the trackpad. Control Panal > Mouse > Hardware > Properties > Sensitivity. Also, Edge Swipe might be an annoying feature you might want to turn off.

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I use an external USB mouse most of the time. I must disable the touchpad via control panel each time I start or restart the laptop. I want to disable the touchpad except when I wish to reactivate it for temporary use without the external mouse. The system is a new HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7. The touchpad is a Synaptics TouchPad V8.1.

A:[SOLVED] Disable touchpad w/ external mouse

Usually there is a touchpad icon in the lower right corner of the Taskbar. You might find a setting there to disable the touchpad. Some laptops have an on/off button just above the touchpad, but you can accidentally turn it on.

You could also disable the touchpad in Hardware Manager. This is a more "permanent" solution, because you would have to go back into Hardware Manager in order to re-enable it.

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I have a Flex 2-15 20405, running Windows 10 Home, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.192. S/N WB15631486. It's runnng version of the Synaptics pointing driver. the touchpad shows up as "Synaptics Clickpad v8.1 on PS/2 port" in Control Panel. Up until a major Windows update on 12/9/2017 the touchpad was disabled whenever a USB mouse was connected. If I disconnect the mouse, the touchpad becomes enabled. But that no longer works. The touchpad is always enabled. Now there are all kinds of helpful people on Google who have suggested an easy fixed. You just go to the Mouse Control Panel and there is supposed to be a checkbox that you can set to obtain the behavior I am after. Well, that checkbox does not exist anymore. Another option that was suggested was to add a registry entry called DisableIntPDFeature at set the value to 33. I tried that. No go. The feature does work on my wife's laptop. Different hardware (hers is HP.) One thing I notice is that Control Panel on her laptop the touchpad is identified as Synaptics Touchpad v7.5 on PS/2 port (i.e., "Touchpad" instead of "Clickpad", and a different version number. And my wife's laptop does have that magic checkbox. Plus a few extra buttons that I don't have (I only have a "Settings" button which does not provide any useful settings.) So, I am stumped. Does anyone have any more ideas other than the ones others have already suggested? Bob MarshallCool, [email protected]

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No option to disable your Synaptics Touchpad when you plugin a USB mouse? The function is there but is disabled in the registry. Click the link and scroll down to message #9. Make the change, reboot and the auto disable works immediately if you have a USB mouse plugged in. Making the change in HKLM didn't work for me but HKCU did the trick. Navigate to the Synaptics settings page and the option to disable is now there. No credit due here, just passing it on to help others.

NP8662 - Auto-deactivate touchpad (scroll down to message #9)

A:Synaptics Touchpad - Auto disable with USB mouse

Thanks I never knew that.

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i have the latest lenovo driver installed and the checkbox "disable internal pointing device when external usb pointing device is attached" is checked (as seen below). still it won't disable, and the touchpad is driving me nuts.

any thoughts?

A:Touchpad wont disable when using external (usb) mouse

First thought: check the Asus website and see if there is an updated Synaptics driver.

Second thought: go to Device Manager and uninstall the touchpad, including the driver (if asked). Restart and then re-install the driver, then see if the setting will stick.

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I just had to replace the top cover, including touchpad, on an Acer 5741 running Windows 7 64 Home Premium. The cover appears identical to the old one, and everything works, but the symantics touchpad software doesn't recognize the touchpad as a touchpad; it shows as a "wheel mouse on PS/2 port". Therefore, I can't turn off the incredibly annoying "tap to click" function. The option to disable tap to click is grayed out... it appears that's because the touch pad is seen as a "mouse" not a touch pad, as it was before.

When no drivers are installed, Device Manager just sees it as a PS2 Mouse. When drivers are installed, Device Manager sees it as Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad.

Acer identifies three manufacturers of touchpads on the 5741 on its support website. I have tried all three; ALPS, Synaptics, and Elan; the Synaptics drivers install and work as above; ALPs installs but doesn't provide any control, and Elan doesn't even install.

At the recommendation of the vendor of the laptop cover, I tried a site called "magicdriver" to help identify the hardware, since Windows apparently does that based on the drivers. It does appear to be a synaptic touchpad based on "hardware ID" under properties, details, via device manager.

The OS is entirely up to date. I have tried the latest Synaptics drivers, I have tried using the original driver version that came with the laptop, and I have tried a couple of versions in be... Read more

A:Synaptic touchpad can't kill "Tap to Click" - Acer Aspire 5741

I determined that the touchpad in the replacement top cover was from Elantech. Even when deleting the Synaptics drivers under "uninstall programs" and deleting the driver in device manager along with the "PS/2 mouse" the device ID code implies that the hardware manufacturer is Synaptics. I downloaded the "Acer" versions of all three manufacturers' drivers from the Acer support page, then extracted them all to separate directories. I then installed and uninstalled them all. The key was to use "Update Driver" from within Device Manager to get them to properly install. That was hours of my life I'll never get back!

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I have the brand new Dell XPS 13 9350 with Windows 10. When I use the touchpad with two fingers to scroll down on websites the content "jumps" back up some lines. This happens when lifting the fingers from the touchpad.
It occurs in Chrome and Edge and is pretty annoying because I'm losing focus on the page I'm reading everytime I use two finger scrolling.
Any idea how this can be fixed? I found no driver for touchpad on Dells support page for the XPS 13 and I'm not sure if I should use Synaptic drivers ...
Thanks in advanceFrank

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 touchpad two finger scrolling "jumps"

I can also confirm problems with my brand new XPS13 which i received today.For me the touchpad is, let's say, unresponsive.
If i start scrolling up or down with two fingers it needs 1-2 seconds of scrolling before it starts scrolling on the screen. This is VERY annoying!
I mean the scrolling on my 7 year old Sony Vaio was better than this....
How to fix it?! The problem appears in every program

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Here's the full text of the dialogue box which is popping up:

Your TouchPad has been disabled because the Synaptics TouchPad driver has detected another pointing device plugged into your computer.

And then sometimes, for a few moments, my cursor gets a mind of its own and appears here and there all over my desktop.

But my mousepad isn't disabled: it continues to work just fine. I LiveUpdated Norton and ran all the scans, updated XP, and downloaded Widestep Elite Antikeylogger. Things were OK for a few hours, but then the "disabled" prompt and funky cursor for a few seconds.

Over the past day or so the window would pop up within ten or so minutes of a startup, so making it go away for several hours was better than what I had, but still. . .

I removed the drivers for my Gyration keyboard and mouse. While everything was loading at the next startup a box from the antikeylogger popped up and it said:
Name: unknown module
Type: Files and processes monitoring
Home Page: No information
The "warning level" was pegged.

But I allowed it for one session just to see if the problem was the Gyration software. Sure enough, an hour or two later I got what I suppose to be an attack.

I re-started, and this time the keylogger showed two more prompts in addition to the one I cited above. One said "Keyboard monitoring" and the other one I don't remember exactly but it sounded like part of a keylogger malware app.
I blocked all three, but th... Read more

A:"TouchPad driver has detected another pointing device..."

This problem with my laptop continues.

I ran the Secunia program, removed all the old versions and installed the latest ones, and I'm still getting this prompt about my touchpad. Only happens when I'm online and it usually takes 10 or 20 minutes after startup b4 it happens.

I'm worried about two things: the possibility my laptop is under attack and that I've said something wrong in this forum and that that accounts for the lack of any response to my post. The latter is of greater concern to me.

Is this concern well-founded?

I've been away from home and I don't have my laptop with me, but I was reading a blog this morning and I came across the word troll. Never had seen it used like that b4, did a little research. I have zero information about the thinking which informs the response to this post, but the troll thing reminded me of that "0" in the "Replies" column. I always tell people they should never deny things they haven't been charged with, so I'll say this: I'm a novice user who thinks his computer has been attacked and wants some advice about dealing with it. That's it.

I thank you in advance for any and all help.

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I was told I could add the Dell Active Stylus to the Inspiron computer, and it turns out I cannot.  Does anyone know if there is a brand out there that works when the Inspiron is in tablet mode?  I'm seriously disappointed!!

A:Stylus for Inspiron 11 3000 series (3147)?

I have the same problem. I've tried three or four different styli, and none of them work. The only thing I can write with is my finger. I'd really appreciate hearing if anybody has found a stylus that works with the Inspiron 2-in-1 in tablet mode.

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I am trying to find a way that the touch pad and trackpoint will disable when I connect an external mouse.  Other computers I've used have a setting for this, but I can not find one the Carbon X1. I don't want to disable them permanently (or at least not both of them) for those few times I'm not using an external mouse. My preference would be to disable one permanently, and the other only when an external mouse is present. Thanks 

A:Disable touchpad and trackpoint with external mouse on Carbon X1

Hi, mkmchughIf there is such an option available, it would be with the mouse settings. Do you see anything related to disabling them with a USB mouse connected when you go to Mouse under Control panel and go to I believe is the Thinkpad tab?

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The trackpad/touchpad works fine when it's set to always be on, but it is a terrible bit of technology so I don't want that. I want it on only when I'm not using a mouse...as a last resort if I just need to check something real quick. So I want the touchpad to only be active when no mouse is attached.
The XPS13 L322X ultrabook (and almost every other computer) is supposed to have this option available.  It exists as an option in the Mouse Properties.  Just click the picture of the mouse and you can see it there to "disable touchpad when USB mouse is detected".  So I selected it, but it doesn't work.  It just disables the touchpad completely...that is, when this option is checked the touchpad is disabled whether a mouse is attached or not.  When it is unchecked the touchpad works normally, but is always on.
Of course I updated the drivers for the touchpad (AND everything else) and made sure ALL my Windows 7 updates were up to date.  Changed nothing.  I looked in my device manager and saw two other HID-compliant mouse items when my USB was NOT attached, the option was ON, and the touchpad NOT working.  I don't know what those devices are supposed to be, but maybe they were casuing a false positive in USB mouse detection.  After disabling them, the computer still couldn't detect that there was no mouse attached and so should activate the trackpad.  Disabling them prevents the trackpad from workin... Read more

A:XPS13 Disable touchpad when mouse is attached NOT WORKING

Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm experiencing this on my XPS15.

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I've got a Dell Latitude D600 laptop, running Windows Professional XP. I recently upgraded to a larger hard drive and while that all went fine, I'm now noticing problems with my mouse cursor seemingly randomly jumping to different places on the screen - especially when typing.

What I get from researching this problem, is that the touchpad is the common culprit. Since this laptop has the built-in keyboard pointer mouse, which I use in favor of the touchpad, disabling the touchpad won't be a huge hardship. It seems improbable, but I'm unclear on how to disable my touchpad. I know you must do that through the Control Panel, but nothing about the Mouse icon or the Device Manager seems to tell me enough on how to disable just the touchpad, since it seems like the mouse cursor and the touchpad are "integrated" - but I could be wrong. Suggestions?

A:Solved: Hopping Mouse Cursor - Disable Touchpad - How?

Dell (and most laptops makers) has an app that controls the touchpad and other laptop specific features. So if you installed the app, there will a shortcut in the Start menu, and an icon in Control Panel in the lower right corner by the clock.

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Anyone any idea how to get the " Auto Disable Synaptics Touchpad when USB Mouse is connected" feature active again.  I found an old entry in a forum that referenced changing a setting in Registry to Hex 33 and implied that this would make the OPTION become visible in the Mouse settings in Control Panel.  But  it appeared to simply disable the touchpad ALL the time.So I assume Synaptics have changed things since this 'fix' was posted in 2009 I think. .
I have W7  XPS,  and Driver version for Synaptics Touchpad.  Cheers

A:Auto Disable Synaptics Touchpad when USB Mouse is connected


All - I've read through this and many forums and have found no solution. I figured it out on my own, so I am happy to share with you!
This solution applies to those who do not have a touchpad disable button on an F key at the top of your keyboard and have the Synaptics driver that does not show the option to disable the touchpad when the external device is present. This also applies to those where the registry key update does not work (as it did not for me).
Here's the solution.

1. Go to the Dell website and get the latest driver for your touchpad. Install it.
2. Once installed, go to c:\program files\synaptics\syntp in your windows explorer.
3. Open the program called DellTpad.exe (there is also one called DellTouchpad.exe -- don't use this one)

4. Once open, click Device Settings.

5. And voila, the old checkbox is there at the bottom! Just click to make this active and it works like a charm.

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I have a Yoga 920, which replaced my Yoga 3 Pro, and I love it dearly. I have adjusted to the tiny up/down arrows OK. My only real complaint is that I keep activating the touchpad whilst typing, and since I have an external mouse that I use a lot, I don't really need the touchpad. I would like to automatically disable the touchpad whilst using the external mouse, at least when typing. I decreased the touchpad sensitivity but then the touchpad doesn't work that well when I don't use the external mouse. I can't find any place in Settings or Control Panel or any registry hacks that apply to this model of laptop that would help this. (I'm using to twiddling Synaptics settings but this laptop doesn't have any.) Thanks for any help.

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ideally, i would like for any mouseclicks and menu opening commands made within X microseconds of a keystroke to be discarded, with the user setting the value of X.

for the record, i'm working on a laptop (2730p) which has mousebuttons and menu buttons quite close to the typing keys, and i have on occassion overwritten entire paragraphs and somehow even issued a close program command while furiously typing. needless to say, i would like a fix for this.

A:How does one disable touchpad and mouse + menu buttons when typing?

Hi, You can refer to the link which might help you:-http://www.ehow.com/how_7256993_disable-touchpad-hp-notebook.htmlAlso you can look into the manufacture's website for any key combination to enable/disable the touchpad.Thanks and Regards Deepa_R *moderator edit: removed shortened link and replaced it with full link - Queen-Evie*

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Argh. This is getting frustrating.

The "tapping" function on my Inspiron 9300's touchpad keeps getting intermittently disabled when I try to watch videos. It's very sporadic and I have, so far, been unable to determine any kind of set pattern or commonality between the times that it happens. The only thing that is for sure is that it only happens when I am attempting to watch videos. i.e., YouTube, CNN, MySpace, etc.

When it happens, I have to go to Control Panel > Mouse > Touchpad and then de-select "Tapping" (yes, it is always still selected even when apparently disabled) and then re-select it and click OK.

The left and right "mouse" buttons below the touchpad are never affected nor is the ability to move the pointer around the screen using the touchpad.

Help? Thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: I should have mentioned that I did uninstall the driver and reinstall an updated one from Dell directly. Also, I just discovered today that I actually don't have to deselect the tapping tick-box and then reselect it as I originally thought. All I have to do is open up the Mouse Properties under the Control Panel and simply click OK to close it again. Works every time.

BUT, why is this happening???

A:Laptop touchpad "tapping" keeps turning itself off....


Anyone? Thanks!

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Hello, I'm usually fairly competent when it comes to general usage, maintenance, and navigation of computers. But for some reason I can't figure this one out. I have an Acer laptop, Aspire series, that has a touch pad mouse. I have had other laptops in the past and haven't had a problem turning them off. I just want to decrease the sensitivity of it a little. The lightest tap is enough to trigger it.
Also, the vertical arrow on the right side of the pad, which I'm calling the "scrolling sensor," is going haywire too. I don't know the technical term, so laugh if you want! But in all seriousness I really need help. Please, if you have any advice at all, or know exactly how to walk me through to get to these specific setting I would really appreciate it. Thanks to all and anyone who has any input at all!!

A:Solved: Need help with "Acer" touchpad.....scrolling

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Is there a way to make the computer disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected? I have been able to do so in the Synaptics settings on my previous computers, but on this one I don't have the option, even though I have downloaded the latest drivers. I can shut it off with Fn + F6 but it turns on automatically after a while and it's very annoying.

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as the title reads, does anybody have the ubuntu distro that fully supports the inspiron 11 3000? ive tried downloading ubuntu from their website, but things such as the network card dont work at all. Im asking this because it's a factory supported operating system, yet i cant find it at all.


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