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Windows Event Sounds Do Not Play

Q: Windows Event Sounds Do Not Play

Some of my Windows sound scheme sounds do not play. In the sound scheme settings, under Program Events ,regardless of sound scheme selected, the Sound events for Windows DO NOT play, but sound events for Windows Explorer, and every single other application, DO play. When I click Test, the sound always plays, but in practice, never does. This only happens with the sound events under the Windows category? everything else plays fine.

I?ve tried changing the sounds around (using different sound files), and it?s not the sound files themselves, my sound drivers, or anything like that. I?ve tried checking the registry, and that seems to be set up correctly. I?ve tried creating a new user profile, and it has the same problem.

If you redirect me to a thread about similar problems, chances are, I?ve already read it if it?s easily found by a Google search. Not everyone has had the same exact problem anyway (where it plays when I click Test and only the Windows events are affected). Please don?t tell me to re-format, re-install, or repair Windows. :-)


Preferred Solution: Windows Event Sounds Do Not Play

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Event Sounds Do Not Play

Update… I noticed something strange… the restore up, restore down, minimize, and maximize sounds still don’t play in Windows or any Windows program, except for Excel. I have Excel 2007. For some reason, Excel is allowing these sounds to play.

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I installed the XVid player for Windows XP Home the other day and it hung during installation so I had to restart my computer. All of a sudden I don't have any more system sounds and I can't play .wav or .midi files. I tried doing a system restore, but of course none of my restore points allow me to roll my computer back to that date. Then I tried troubleshooting it through Windows Support...no go. I removed and reinstalled my sound card and drivers (Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!) and installed all the codecs I could find, still no dice. Here's the kicker...I can play MP3s through WinAmp and video with sound through Windows Media Player, but I can't play .wav files or .midi files. Whenever I go into Sounds and Audio Devices and highlight an event sound, the play button remains dimmed. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue short of formatting my HD and reinstalling Windows, I would be very appreciative.

Losing patience quickly,


A:System Event Sounds and Wav Files Won't Play

In the sounds and audio control panel is your sound card registered as the preferred device for playback ? What is listed in the MIDI box ?

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I placed the custom .wav files in the media folder and pointed to them for the events I wanted the sounds to be used for. They all test OK and I have in fact applied the sounds. Problem is they do not play when the actual event; ie, Windows Logon occurs.
Everything looks like it should be working but no sounds are heard.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening...I'd appreciate any help.

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Ok so I have a simple, but annoying problem. I have no Windows Sound Events like the login sound, the logout sound, and when the battery is low. Every other sound like playing music and running YouTube videos work fine. Even when I turn on my laptop I hear the whole computer startup sound, but I don't hear the login one. I don't understand the problem. I went into personilazation and went to Windows Sounds, but when I select one and click "Play" I don't hear anything. I tried the other Sound Themes and they don't work either. I ran the Fix It program for Audio, and it didn't find anything wrong.

A:No Windows Sounds, but regular sounds play fine

Hello! I have the same problem you have (or had?) with Windows 7 64bit. Everything is working good, but no system sound at all! No sound when I login..no sounds when i insert or remove USB devices..and so on! But sound is ok in youtube or in videogames...how did you fix that? If you fixed it?

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Have tried to remove or change sounds from certain events. I know the procedure but, after I apply and click ok on each one and then reopen the Sounds file the previous sounds are still there. This also includes when I change the sounds to "none"
Any ideas?

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Hello all,

I have been searching the internet of a while about my problem, but unfortunately I still did not find anything related to the issues I am having. The problem is quite a strange one, I tried finding the cause and a solution by myself but I just cannot find a possible cause at all.

This problem started showing up a few months ago, but since Windows can run fine with the problem it was not on my top priority list (and still is not). But it is getting very fustrating not finding the cause and now I am very curious what is causing the problem.

This is the problem a am having: every time Windows triggers an dialog alert (like windows asterisk, windows critical error ect.) I don't hear the event sound related to it. I looked over and over the settings in the config screen: looking for currupted settings in my windows sound scheme or currupted media files in the windows media dir. But it seems that everything is simply okay, all the settings are correct and the files work well (I can hear the sound when I click test in the sound config screen). It just looks like it that the sounds do not get triggered by the event.

Does anybody know more about this problem? Maybe there is somebody else having this problem? Like a said, it is not a major problem but it is very strange. It just came out of the blue, everything worked fine and just the other day I did not hear dialog event sounds anymore.

Things I have tried:

- sfc /scannow to fix possible currupted media files (altho... Read more

A:Windows dialog event sounds not triggered

Hi Soemie and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

See if you get the same issue if you create a new user account.

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Hi,. i for some reason cannot get my windows sounds to play. In the control panel/sounds and audio devices box, it is set to play them. But for soem reason doesnt. It also doesnt preview them. All other sound play, and when i manually play the files via c:/windows/media they play fine through windows media player. Can anyone help with this?? I have also noticed i can't seem to get sounds to play through webpages. For example, www.ebaumsworld.com, none of the sounds from there will play. Any help would be appreciated, thanks


P.S windows XP Pro

A:Windows sounds will not play.....

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Hello! I am having a problem with the sound drivers/cards on my Dell optiplex gx620. I can only run 1 program with audio (normally windows media player). I treied youtube on Google chrome, lunascape, IE and firefox. wont work at all. and if windows media player isnt the first program i run, then it gives me an error message that states that i may not have sound cards/drivers installed or may be in use by another program. i have gone through my audio devices and found nothing. I click on the volume controll and an error message that says "There are no active mixer devices available"

If any other details are needed then feel free to let me know.

Great melinko

A:Windows wont play sounds


Try to restore your current setting. From Advanced Boot Options (By pressing F8 on BIOS) select Last Known Good Configuration (advanced).

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Hello,I was hoping someone could help me with a problem that I am having with my computer. I have been searching all over the internet for a solution and nothing so far has worked. The problem is that none of my Windows XP (SP3) system sounds work. If I go into the Control Panel to try and change the sound schemes, the Preview button is grayed out. I also do not get any audio in Realplayer or any web sites that use Flashplayer like Youtube. However Windows Media Player and Winamp both seem to be working fine. This seems to have just started randomly a few days ago.Some people have suggested installing the K-Lite codec pack and using a tool that is included to repair the sound. I have also tried reinstalling my sound card drivers and Flashplayer with no luck. Other people have suggested checking my registry for a missing "wavemapper" key which wasn't the problem either. When I try system restore it goes through the process and then tells me that no changes were made so unfortunately I can't use that.I haven't made any major hardware or software changes recently and I am out of ideas at this point.My motherboard:http://www.giga-byte.com/Products/Motherbo...me=GA-M57SLI-S4Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows won't play system sounds

Hi .Have you tried replacing any missing/corrupt system files...by using the sfc /scannow command?LEARN how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker) in this article! - http://www.updatexp.com/scannow-sfc.html Did you try the K-Lite solution?Louis

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I have had this problem for as long as I can remember... I have no idea why they dont play. In the control panel Sounds & Audio or whatever, i selected Windows Default sound scheme, both Windows Startup and Shutdown sounds are activated and the sound files work fine. All other normal windows sounds work.

Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks

A:Windows startup and Shutdown sounds do not play

Long shot but it could be a third party program which is set to disable to logon/logoff sounds in an attempt to speed up the process.

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Hi all - I didn't have time to go thru' & read all the threads here to see if there's a solution to my problem. Man! You guys are prolific!

I actually have two problems, but I'll stick with this sound one for now.

I customized my sounds for the opening & closing of Windows way back in the XP days. The changes have played thru' all the updates & the older Windows like Millennium & Vista, but now on Win 7, they won't play. (??) If I go to my control panel, they are there, if I hit the test button I can hear them. For all intents they should play, right? But they don't.

Now problem two - I am a pinhead when it comes to computers so any solutions you might have for me are going to have to be explained like you're talking to a hamster?
It's so weird that I can operate a blog, run a hockey board, but can't do the simplest things with Windows.

A:Sounds for opening & closing of Windows will not play

I haven't tried it on my Win 7 install, but I too used to use custom startup and shutdown wavs. However, I recall there was something I saw on the web about Win 7 not working or working properly with user sounds and the reason I've never tried it.

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recently reinstalled Windows due to upgrading my PC and now whenever a system sound is played (for example the error sound or exclamation sound) all other sounds, whether they be music files or games or anything else, will have their volume significantly reduced, even for a short time after the sound has played. makes it very irritating when, for example, listening to music while editing documents (exclamation sound playing on closing to save) I've already disabled the option in Communications tab of the sound settings but can find nothing else and a google search hasn't helped either

A:windows play system sound and all other sounds go quiet

I would try this: go into the device manager in the system section of the control panel; completely uninstall the sound card and any other associated components; reboot; let windows hopefully re-detect the card and any other components and reinstall them; reboot a second time. Try this out and see if it resolves your issue.

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Windows do not play any media files and more but I can hear the sound effects windows play (Critical Alarm, Windows Start-up, Windows Shut-down, ding, beep etc..) and also I can hear any sound/music, etc from Firefox browser.
I can also hear any music/sounds etc from games
the only problem I have is the media files.

Windows Media Player won't play any media file I throw at it the same problem happens with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (codecs are optional)
this has happened after I followed these guides:
Remove Favorites, Libraries, and Homegroup from Navigation Pane
Computer - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

I clearly wanted and I still want to hide some items from navigation pane.
If you use it much some items are not needed and are bothersome if you have them.

So I hid Libraries and done everything as it says to remove Homegroup.

So what I have to in order for Media Players play media properly once again?

Except of Restoring everything as it was.

A:Windows do not play any Media Files (you can hear sounds though..)

1. Go to device manager, find the audio device, and make sure it's enabled.

2. Update your on-board audio device.

3. Click on Start and type SOUND. Click the tab PLAYBACK. Right click to show Disabled and Disconnected devices. Make sure your speaker is Enabled. Right click on speaker and run Test. Should hear up and down notes. Double click on your speaker to bring up Speaker Properties. Go to tab Levels and make sure nothing is muted.

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I?ve been thinking of making some sound files for customizing the audio events in Windows 7. Right now, I?m just in the planning stages.

I need to formulate the number to make - or, better yet, to which events to associate. Next, what is the preferred length - 1 second or less, longer? Finally, what is the best format - PCM wave, 44 kHz, 16-bit, stereo, etc? Would MP3 be better?

What ?theme? do you think most people would like? In other words, Sci-Fi, nature sound effects, electronic, voice comments, movie/TV sounds, etc.

Let me know what you think.


A:What Event Sounds Would You Like?

If this is for a standard Windows sound scheme, it only allows WAVE (.wav) files. MP3s would have better sound quality, but you can't associate actions with MP3s, only WAVEs.

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Hi! I have an annoying problem maybe one of you smart people can help me solve. I am getting obnoxious "event sounds" when using MS Word (Office 2000), Excel (Office 2000) and Outlook (2003). I am using Windows XP Home Edition. For example, every time I open one of these applications they always make a "popping" sound while opening. Then, for example, when I am copying/cutting a range of cells in Excel it makes another whole set of noises. I have enough voices going on in my head without having to hear these!

Here is what I have done so far:
1) Applications: I have gone to Tools-Options-Other-Advanced Options and made sure the "Provide Feedback with Sound" is UNCHECKED. (Tools-General in Word and Excel)
2) Windows: I have gone to Start-Control Panel-Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices-Sounds. Here is a listing of all of the event sounds. I have reviewed all of the sounds by clicking the option to hear the sound, but none of them are the same sounds mentioned earlier.
3) I went to "Add/Remove Programs" and made sure that "Microsoft Office Sounds" was not installed. It is not on my system.
4) I have no "Themes" active.

I recently upgraded to the Outlook 2003, from Outlook 2000. I can't swear to it but I think that is when my problem started with these stupid sounds.

Any thoughts on how to turn these sounds off for good?

A:Event Sounds

When you go to the control panel is there a program called "Microsoft Office Sounds" available to be removed? If so, try to uninstall it. Also, check to see if there is any program that may be causing the sounds (i.e. Sounds.exe) running in your Task manager when your office is running.

Also, is it possbile that the sounds are being made by the "Office Assistant" program? (The annoying auto-help feature added to Office)

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Somehow my event sounds (Windows Start, Exit, Exlamation, etc are not playing on my system. Other sounds -- music & game sounds play normally.

I went into the aplet for Program Event Sounds. They play OK in the aplet, so they seem to be set up properly. However, I get no sound for any event when it occurs.

I switched user to an alternate login. The event sounds work for that user.

What is going on here? Is there some registry entry that is defective for the User I am having problems with? Has anyone else heard of this odd problem?

A:Lost Event Sounds

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Very Strange and Annoying! For some reason just befor an event sound plays I get a crackling sound that usually cuts off the begining of the .wav sound file. Every test / diagnostic says that nothing is wrong but this is not right. The only test that indicates something is wrong is the Yahoo Messenger Audio test. When it runs it sounds like a thumping heart beat and completely locks up my computer in the FEEDBACK test. Any Ideas on how to correct this???

A:Event Sounds Problem

Maybe checking for an updated audio driver.

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Select Sounds teb in Control Panel under Sounds and Audio Devices Properties.
Scroll down to Start Windows and 'Windows XP Startup.wav displays in Sounds:
Click the right arrow to listen to the sound.
Sound plays slowly.
Now cllck on Browse and wav files are displayed in Media folder.
Right click on 'Windows XP Startup.wav' and click on Play
Windows Media Player is opened and the Startup sound plays perfectly.

THE SAME SLOW SOUND OCCURS with other WINDOWS Events eg:'Asterisk', 'Exit Windows' etc

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XP Pro_SP3
I hear the Windows Startup and Shutdown sounds, but nothing else. All the Program Event
sounds like "Empty Recycle Bin" just stopped a few hours ago.
The default for audio and video is the latest version of VLC Media Player.
Everything in "Device Manager" and "Sounds and Audio Devices" looks ok. Tested the sound
card and speakers by playing several audio clips with VLC. No problems.
I googled "xp program event sounds not working." It's frightening! There are endless posts
about XP sound problems that resolve nothing. This is the first time I've ever had a sound
problem with any version of Windows.
Most weird problems like this are resolved in the Registry. If that's true, I need to know which
Keys and Values are responsible for this trouble.
I don't know if this matters, but I'm the only user with full administrative rights. There are no
viruses, malware, etc.

A:Program Event Sounds not Working

Does the problem persists if you reboot your computer?

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Howdy. I'm running Win XP Pro and I've got a weird problem with a couple of my customized Windows event sounds. All the sounds (empty recycle bin, exclamation, program error, etc.) work fine EXCEPT for the Exit Windows and Start Windows sounds. In the Control Panel Sounds options, these 2 sounds are selected and work fine when the preview [>] button is pressed, but they do not play whenever I boot up or shut down. Does anyone have any suggestions or a fix for this problem? Thanks for any help. Cheers.

A:Strange Event Sounds problem

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I have read various submissions regrding the beeping sounds being made within various tower units.
My issue goes along the same line but the symptoms are different.
yes the beeping starts at start-up. After I have signed in with the password/ sign-in name.
But the beeping is not constant. It is erratic at times. Low piches and High pitches. Sometimes at the same time and others slow and fast. The beeping happens when I start some programs but is not specifically related.
And the beeping happens at any time from start up right through the use and until shut down. And times where no sound is heard for long periods.
In one of the members comments was mention of the 'Event Viewer' report.

My system is;
Giga-Byte Technology CO., LTD i440BX-8671 1.0
Board: Corporation Name i440BX-8671 1.0
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 4.51 PG 08/26/99
384 Megabytes Installed Memory
600 megahertz Intel Pentium III
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
20.48 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
8.94 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
Windows XP Professional
64Meg of Graphic Card
I know it is old. But it is all I need for the net and simple programs.

I have viewed the Event Viewer report (and do not know what it means ) and this is what it lists below..

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ACPI
Event Category: None
Event ID: 4
Date: 29/05/2005
Time: 10:07:18 AM
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxxxxxxxxx
AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an i... Read more

A:Solved: Beeping sounds and event viwer report, what does it all mean?

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I've got the RC beta of W7 installed on the 5th.
My motherboard is an Asus P5Q-E with Soundmaxx audio.
I plug my headphones into the front audio jack and it is NOT seen by W7.
I move the plug to the rear jack and it is not recognized.
Go to Sound control panel and the headphones are listed as the default device but it is greyed out and can't be used.
When I look at the volume settings for the system I see the green bars moving. There is sound in there somewhere but I can't access it.
The headphones work.
The front jack works.
According to W7 my drivers are OK.
I do not have enough knowledge to know where to look next.
Hope somebody can help me fix this.

A:W7 does not play any sounds. Need help.

Hello Halfbaked,

First of all, have you the latest Vista driver for your chipset ? You can find it here : http://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mis...10_Vista_n.rar

Then I heard of that problem, it seems that your headphones are the default device whereas you should have the speakers as a default, try to install the driver i linked in order to see if it can solve that problem.

Good luck !

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I installed the latest build 7100 and it won't let me play my music. I get a popup window with the message:

Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

I tried taking ownership of the directory, but still no go.
What am I doing wrong??

A:Won't let me play my sounds

Did you install the driver for your soundcard?

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Well, that's it, mostly. I know VB.Net can play sounds, but I have no idea how to do it. Little help please?

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My IE will not play sounds from sites like ebaum, youtube, etc. I went into IE advanced settings and checked the box beside play sounds but nothing is working. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:IE7 will not play sounds

What are the settings on "control panel">device volume>advanced???

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Windows XP Home Edition
IE 7
Windows Media Player 11
(All of these installed a week ago)

Webpages with mp3 backgrounds (i.e., bgsound) are not played by IE7; there is no sound.

What works:
- Playing the same file directly from my PC (no IE).
- Get sound OK from this webpage using another PC.
- Get sound OK playing YouTube vids

- Browser Setting - Playing sound from webpages is enabled.
- Volume: All volumes up; no volumes muted.

- A popular registry import fix (no change); re-imported original key settings
- Installed Windows Media Player SDK (no change).
- Ran FileMon during the time when the webpage would be initiating the mp3. Some files were shown as "not found", but those may normally not be found, for all I know.

Add-Ons listed by IE:
Adobe PDF Link Helper
Diagnose Connection Problems...
HP Clipbook
HP Print Clips
HP Print Enhancer
HP Smart Select
NitroPDFBHO Class
PDF Download
PDF Download - Options
Shockwave Flash Object
Windows Messenger

I don't see a Windows Media Player ActiveX listed. Should there be?


A:IE does not play sounds

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Hi there,
Recently I've been having a problem with the sound on my computer. I can only play MP3s and WMAs, but only in Windows Media Player. .wavs do not play, which means there are no system sounds. And when I'm watching something on a site like youtube, the sound won't play either. I've also tried to install codecs, but that didn't work either. I'm using Windows Vista.

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Hi there,
Recently I've been having a problem with the sound on my computer. I can only play MP3s and WMAs, but only in Windows Media Player. .wavs do not play, which means there are no system sounds. And when I'm watching something on a site like youtube, the sound won't play either.

A:Certain sounds won't play

I've also tried to install codecs, but that didn't work either

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Over the past couple of days, my kids have been saying that they hear sounds starting to play out of nowhere. I've checked active programs and processes, the only thing that is suspect is an item in start-up: c:\progamfiles\commonfiles\alg.exe ... I've ran MalwareBytes, removed the items it suggested, uninstalled the torrent and p2p program the kids were using, and performed the log scans as outlined. Here they are. Any help would be appreciated...

JP Balzen

DDS (Ver_09-11-24.02) - NTFSx86
Run by John at 21:35:53.21 on Fri 11/27/2009
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18828 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Basic 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.1918.785 [GMT -5:00]

SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil ... Read more

A:Sounds play out of nowhere


Please do the following:

Download Combofix from either of the links below, and save it to your desktop.

Link 1
Link 2

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

IMPORTANT - Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. If you have difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, refer to this link here

Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.When finished, it will produce a report for you.
Please post the C:\ComboFix.txt for further review.

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Hi everyone,Until a few minutes ago my computer was playing sound files perfectly fine. All of a sudden I can't play any sound anymore. I tried testing Windows sounds in Control Panel -> Sounds and Devices, but an error messages appears which says -"ErrorWindows cannot play the file %systemroot%\media\Windows XP Battery Critical.wav file. It may be damaged or may not be a valid sound file. Replace the file and try again."I'm also unable to hear audio on the Internet and on Windows Media Player / VLC.Any idea what could have gone wrong? Edit: I have a Dell Dimension 9150.

A:Can't play sounds on my computer

If you go to start, run, devmgmt.msc do you see any yellow question marks next to your sound drivers? It used to happen to every time I ran windows update on xp, it replaced my drivers with ones that didn't work.

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Some system event sounds won't play in Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1525. It was working until about a week or two ago and I have no idea what happened. I've searched here and elsewhere, chatted with Dell tech support and tried absolutely everything I can think of.

The problem is some even sounds work, like Startup, Shutdown, mail notification and some don't like Asterisk, Default Sound, Close Program. When I use the Test button in the sound scheme scheme area the sound will play, but then the sound won't play when the event happens in Windows.

Things I've tried:
-updated sound driver (confirmed with Dell support)
-upgraded to SP2
-checked items in services.msc to make sure Themes support and other sounds items are running
-used default sound theme and overall theme
-checked Mixer to make sure nothing is muted (even though some sounds are playing)
-other things I can't even remember

After upgrading to SP2 I apparently don't have restore points going back far enough.

Anything I can try? This is driving me nuts even though it's not anything critical. Thanks.

A:*Some* System Sounds Won't Play

other drivers can conflict with this..u can try getting drivermax its free and it will tell u what drivers need updated and things like that..idk try that

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I click on the speaker
then audio devices
then sounds
I click on (example desktop mail notification)

windows notify email. wav pops up
I click on test

no sounds

and this goes all wav. files

A:no wav. file sounds will play

Do you have a filetype association for .wav - here: Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations

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The volume on taskbar is turned all the way up like it playing but no sounds plays.
I dont know what happen to the sounds.I went to sounds and its say it's works.

A:Sounds wont play

Originally Posted by lynn618

The volume on taskbar is turned all the way up like it playing but no sounds plays.
I dont know what happen to the sounds.I went to sounds and its say it's works.

Hey lynn,

Did the sound work before?

When you went to sounds and it was working do you mean here?

If yes then try clicking configure and follow the Wizard to setup your speakers

Next click on properties
and then on levels
Then make sure that the sound is turned up
I hope this helps


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Okay, so this problem has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now. My computer will not play any sounds through the speakers unless it is through a media player and the file is on my computer. I have a Realtek AC97 sound driver. I know that my speakers are fine because my Xbox 360 is hooked up to them and they play perfectly.

I have even done an XP repair install, this has not helped either. Sometimes, when a sound needs to be played, the speakers make a bumping crack (if you know what I mean ). When I play a game on my computer, they just make a constant crackle. It is as if they want to play an instrument but don't have a music book.

I tried downloading that codec pack (forgot the name, but it's popular). I have tried fully uninstalling all my sound drivers and stuff and then reinstalling from manufacturer's website. I have tried all the suggestions out there about editing the registry and stuff, they haven't done anything either.

I did get it back from the pc shop recently because they replaced the hard drive with a new 500gb one and the sound did not work from the moment I turned it on. I would like to avoid having to spend more money there and instead see if this is something I can fix with a mouse and keyboard?

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help.

A:Sounds ONLY play from files?

Take the computer back to the repair shop. They shouldn't charge you to fix this sound issue

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Audio output in media player 9/10 sounds like it is playing too fast, the person's voice sounds like they are one of the chipmunks. No not Alvin hahaha
Anyway what would cause this? ALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

A:CD's play but it sounds like the Chipmunks

WMP9 win2K rebuilt computer a while back and it has been this way since. Maybe up for XP and WMP10 but would like avoid that if possible for a year or two. XP's not cheap. Any help would be very much appreciated. Jim Croce doesn't cut it as one of the chipmonks.

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My Windows 7 computer won't play most sounds when an event occurs. I've already gone into the Sound window from Control Panel, and the sounds still won't play. The following program events DO play a sound : default beep, device connect, device disconnect, device failed to connect, empty recycle bin, windows change theme, windows logoff, windows logon, windows UAC, and start navigation. The following events DO NOT play a sound: Asterisk, Critical Stop, Exclamation, and System Notification. How can I fix this? I can appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Some System Sounds Won't Play

Have you tried changing the Sound Scheme to something other than the "Windows Default (modified)" that you have. Then change it back to the Windows Default Modified and see if that fixes it.

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Hi, I've recently had a lot of spyware on my computer that I've been trying to get rid of. I've got a big part of it removed, but after my efforts my speakers have something weird going on. I can play music from my iTunes fine, but any sound I try to play from my browser won't play. I don't get any errors, I just don't hear anything.

The only audio device I have in my device manager is "Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device", which makes little sense to me. I'm not sure if that's referring to my speakers or not. When I go to Sounds and Audio Devices in the control panel though, it tells me there are no audio devices connected.

So my questions are: Is this "Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device" referring to my speakers? And if not, what can I do to get my computer to detect the speakers? Obviously they're hooked up right and functional, so what else could the problem be?

My operating system is XP. Hopefully I gave you guys enough information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Some sounds won't play

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Hello, from my username you can tell I am experienced with Macs. However, I am using a Windows computer for a school project and I am having trouble with Powerpoint.

I'm using several sound files for my presentation. Most of them are midi files from Clip Art. Everything was working fine, and all the sounds were playing, so I saved the presentation and then I added another file, in wav format.

This file wouldn't play in previews or in the slideshow, so I deleted it and tried again. Still didn't work. I took it out again, and tested the presentation without it. None of the other sounds would play.

How can I get the sounds to play, and what do you think caused this? I didn't move any files or anything. This is so confusing!

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Powerpoint Won't Play Sounds?

What version of PowerPoint are you using?

Are you sure the sound has NOT been "muted' on this system?

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Windows XP Home Edition
IE 7
Windows Media Player 11
(All of these installed a week ago)

Webpages with mp3 backgrounds (i.e., bgsound) are not played by IE7; there is no sound.

What works:- Playing the same file directly from my PC (no IE).
- Get sound OK from this webpage using another PC.
- Get sound OK playing YouTube vids

Checked:- Browser Setting - Playing sound from webpages is enabled.
- Volume: All volumes up; no volumes muted.

Tried:- A popular registry import fix (no change); re-imported original key settings
- Installed Windows Media Player SDK (no change).
- Ran FileMon during the time when the webpage would be initiating the mp3. Some files were shown as "not found", but those may normally not be found, for all I know.

Add-Ons listed by IE [toolbarcop.exe not runnable]:
Adobe PDF Link Helper
Diagnose Connection Problems...
HP Clipbook
HP Print Clips
HP Print Enhancer
HP Smart Select
NitroPDFBHO Class
PDF Download
PDF Download - Options
Shockwave Flash Object
Windows Messenger

I don't see a Windows Media Player ActiveX listed. Should there be?


A:IE doesn't play sounds

Try to use that web site with the Mizilla firefox , it working , then its a case with internet explorer , for that sake , open the internet explorer Tools > internet options > advaced . and click on the reset. it will solve your issue .
But if that is not playing then its a case of device drivers . on the computer .

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Hey all. I'm wondering why windows 7 doesn't allow you to play sounds thru 2 different jacks or ports. As in, my case has USB, front headphones jack, and rear speakers jack.

But I can only at one time use one of the 3. I can only have sounds routed thru my speakers. Or thru my headphone jack, or my USB headphones. I can't have 2 running.

Basically sometimes I want game sounds thru speakers and vent thru headphones. Or much simpler, I want 2 headphones running so my girlfriend and I can watch hulu together.

My audio drivers are all up to date. It's a Windows 7 option/setting or lack there of.

How do I get it to play sound thru both the front and rear speaker jacks simultaneously?

A:Play sounds thru 2 ports

No help?

Not even a "Sorry, that's not possible?"

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When I change a few system event sounds, such as Logon and Logoff soundswith two particular files, NOT default Windows sounds, and "test" they won't play, but if I set them back to default or any other .wav file in the drop-down list, those all work. I might note, that I made this change and did have the sounds working, but now, they won't work at all. I have tried to move the file and redirect the "system" to the new location and nothing. I can open the sound clips in Media Player and they are fine, but "windows" just won't play the audio when I logoff or logon. Any suggestions folks?

A:Sounds will not play when not set to default ones


Did a driver rollback on my Raeltek HD audio card, retried and all is working! Funny thing is, ALL the defaul Windows Media .wav files played, but messing around, I also found that Windows Narrator wouldn't work either! After I did the driver roll back, all was fine!

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I've been having this really strange problem lately. Sometimes when I plug in or in rare cases when I unplug my headphones random sounds starts playing. Advertising, sounds from movies, music, anything.

It seems to start playing, not at the beginning of the "sounds", and it does not play until the end of them. Also, these sounds are NOT on my computer anywhere. They are completely unrecognized by me. When they play, a strange "program" appears in the sound mixer. See attached screenshot.

Anyone else having this problem?

A:Random sounds play

Sorry for another post, it seemed like the image was deleted from the host server.

Also, I might add that there are often several random sounds playing simultaneously.

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It's wierd,I can play music in Itunes but I can't hear sounds from anything else! I opened sound properties everythings like grayed out! And when I try to play windows sounds it says that it can't play the sound and my video may be in use. I tried starting the service but it wan't work!
Here's what I see:


A:Solved: Cannot play sounds

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I have Win XP Home SP3 and I use mIRC 6.35 for xdcc download. When I choose mp3 file to play sound for events that listed at Tools --> options -->sounds,

mIRC crashes and a message appear saying that " mIRC has encountered a problem and need to close".

If I went to set sound for even I have first to convert them to .wav.

What is the solution since some scripts like xdcc klipper for mIRC doesn't allow you to choose the files for the sound and they are mp3?

Note : I can play mp3 file normally outside mIRC ( I can play them with windows media player 11 , media player classic or VLC)

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I'm running windows 7 ultimate on an acer aspire 3050.

System sounds play fine, sound from my internet browser plays fine, but any audio file I try to play doesn't work, any video I play has no audio.
I've tried playing different files with different players (Windows media player, media player classic, divx player, quicktime player, vlc player)
Audio and video files start up in WMP and then an error pops up "windows media player encountered a problem" all other players will play the file but no sound is produced.

I need help here, I've tried everything from system restore, reinstalling the players, downloading new audio files to test, to reinstalling my audio driver.

I'm out of ideas here

A:Audio files don't play but other sounds do...

Hi Designation7,

Welcome to the forums. Have you installed a codec pack? I can recommend Shark007's as one of the best around
Shark007.net - Windows 7 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs

If you have already installed one, there could be a problem with it, so try Sharks.

Good Luck


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my computer has had no problem like this before.
i have been listening to music on media player all day, watching anime in japanese with subtitles and hearing all the normal computer sounds.
I paused the music to go downstairs and when i got back to press play all of a sudden it was static. The kind of noise from a blank tv channel like the movie the ring.
its not just media player. its every single sound. Msn alerts, vlc player, anything off the net too.
Ive read a tonne of similar problems but none the same. my static is only there to replace the original noise.

Ive tried rebooting, system restore, checking everything to do with sound in device manager, run a couple of different virus scans....I have not had one single error report on any program....

oh man if someone can help with this ill love you
please try something, i havent seen anything like this anywhere

i have windows xp

A:Solved: all sounds play static

could it be an issue with yr speakers? sounds obvious but have you tried headphones?

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