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Flip Cam Ultra uploading to laptop issues

Q: Flip Cam Ultra uploading to laptop issues

I just got a flip video camera Ultra and shot a few videos. When I plugged the USB cable into my Toshiba laptop (I use windows vista if that matters) and double clicked on the icon in "My computer", it said I had to format the disc. Ive had this happen before with other things, I don't remember what they were though unfortunately. So I clicked "format" and when I did a box popped up alerting me that by formatting the disc, it would erase everything on it.

I cant afford to loose the videos I have on my flip cam. Is there some way to get the videos to upload onto my laptop without formatting the camera or as my computer calls is, the disc? When i read the info that came with the flip video camera, it said that some software was supposed to open and install when I plugged the USB into my laptop, but nothing popped up. I had to open up "my computer" and find the camera icon.

Also just to clarify, this is a Flip Ultra, not an HD.
This is a link to it on amazon:

Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation 120 mins

I hope someone here can help me, I thought it would be the best place to ask

Thanks in advance,

Preferred Solution: Flip Cam Ultra uploading to laptop issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Flip Cam Ultra uploading to laptop issues

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i have a flip ultra HD
the problem is when i play the videos on my computer
the audio works fine but the video is like in slow motion?!?!
all i did was open the flip file when i put in the USb and drag the videos to a folder on my computer
so i need help seeing thats in been awhile since i contacted
flip tech support and they dont wanna help.
so please help me

A:flip ultra HD HELP!!

I've edited your post. Please be careful of your language even if it's starred out.

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Alright, I'm becoming a bit frustrated with my wife's flip video ultra. I had just purchased this for her as a mother's day gift and it seems to works absolutely fine except when I attempt to use it's built in "youtube uploading" software. I receive an error stating "Error communicating with youtube".

I will try to post a screenshot of this error when I get home tonight. I'm awaiting a response from Flip about the error but I wanted to run it by you guys as well. The software doesn't seem to have a problem uploading to AOL Video. I thought it might be a YouTube problem but I successfully uploaded a video manually through their website without a hitch. I also suspected firewalls, antivirus and spyware protection programs so I disabled those as well. I tried another computer. Actually, i've attempted this on 3 computers. The only constant between all three is that they run WinXP SP3...Hmm...

I'll keep ya posted. Any suggestions would help.


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I purchased a Flip Ultra HD some time ago, and it's been great so far, but I recently experienced a problem where the computer would not recognize it upon plugging it in.

I made the mistake of rolling back the drivers from the device manager. It now no longer works on any PC, Mac, or Linux box.

Could rolling back the drivers from the device manager affect the device itself?

How can I solve this problem and return the camcorder back to it's original state.

I'm running windows 7 x64.

A:Flip Ultra HD Driver Issue

There is a way to reset the flip, maybe this is the problem.


Also download the latest software


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Only tried this card in one machine so far because I'm out of molex connectors on the other machines and I'm waiting on a shipment of splitters and power supplies.

Just wanted to ask in case anybody might have a suggestion.. When I put this Gainward 5600 ultra flip/chip vid card in and boot, I see on the screen the card's bios info, then the screen goes black.. I believe it may be because the machines 400w pow-max PS may not be powerful enough to push the card, in which case I'll have to try once the 550w coolmax PS's come in.. What do ya'll guy's think? Pow-Max isn't exactly known for high quality..

A:Gainward 760/XP 5600 ultra flip chip/black screen.

Please mark SOLVED.

Defective card, RMA'd for exchange..

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Hope that someone can help me with the following:

I have a Dell laptop with 256ram connected to DSL and with a USB1 card. I am having storage issues with my Flip camera because my hard drive is not big enough and when I try to upload to an online storage site, it takes hours for the upload to complete plus in addition I would have to download to my computer if I want to work with the file. One thing that I can do to free memory from my hard drive is using Flip's"my channel" where I can upload my videos but I am not sure if I can delete the files from my hard drive after I upload them and bring them back to my hard drive for editing etc at a later time. What would you recommend as far as storage, hardware upgrade and/or a web site that could make this process faster and more efficient.


A:Flip camera and storage issues

a 1 TB USB hard drive
and anything I really wanted to keep onto DVD

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Hi all =). I'm getting a computer made with a 450w power supply. I'm getting a Geforce 6800 Ultra at least, but the company recommends a 480w supply for this card. I've heard of people having problems with their power supply not being able to cope with this card, but I don't know exactly at what power their power supplies ran. Will I run into any problems with the power supply I'm getting, or should I upgrade to 480w or more?

Don't know if you need this information also, but I think this may also effect my power supply:

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard
Athlon 64 3400+
1.5 GB pc3200 DDR Ram
120 GB HDD

Also heard that AMD uses less power than Intel or something...sooo I was thinking that perhaps my graphics card will not be affected as much because of this...but dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated =D.

A:Regarding Geforce 6800 Ultra, Ultra Extreme, or Asus v9999 Ultra Deluxe

One, Use a title once.

Two, nope nVIDIA GeForce 6800 families or newer REQUIRES 480w of psu minimum, PERIOD. it is not matter how much watts amd or intel uses, what you means that you must have 480w or higher to have GF 6800 working properly.

Recommendation, get ATI Radeon 9600XT or 9800XT, they merely used up less than 350w.


You will get better games or things out of ATI instead of nVIDIA due to power usages

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About 2005 i bought a PURE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY handheld flip video camera. Works excellent except, the USB connector that flips up to attach to a computer to get media out is broke. I insert it into a computer and the computer does not see the camera's USB

It has a slot for , i believe, for a flash drive to retrieve media. Issue is i cant seem to find the flash drive of that size to insert.

PURE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is no longer in business so the product support is almost non existence.

I tried adding device drivers for the USB method , none worked
Thinking my best bet is to find a flash card thingy to get media out.

My computer expertise is about 6 on a scale 1-10
edit: slot on top of camera is 1 inch wide by 1/4th[?] length

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I am not able to flip my desktop screen. The shortcut keys (Ctrl + Alt + Arrow key) aren't working. I am on
Windows Vista Home Premium. Please send my answer quick.

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I am not able to flip my desktop screen. The shortcut keys (Ctrl + Alt + Arrow key) aren't working. I am on
Windows Vista Home Premium. Please send my answer quick.

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How can I stop the desktop from showing up in Flip and Flip 3D?

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A:Is this ok to flip laptop upside for quick sec while running?

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First off, lemme say it has been humorous for me to get all my greetings as idiot. I don't know where the first place to look for would be to find out how to download with the top down of my laptop using xp. I have turned power management to no avail. I have a compaq presario r3000 pentium with yer basic mobo ethernet (i'm not a complete idiot). Ok, so what I want to do is begin downloading a file, close the laptop screen, and have it continue on. Is there a software setting that allows or disallows such a feature? I figured it was power save and as it wasn't am looking for possible alternatives to getting files downloaded with the top down. I dunno, is this an impossible feat?

the idiot

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Hey all. I have a strange question, and I don't think I've seen it on here yet. I tried to upload a large (89mb) archived (.rar) file to a number of file hosts today. Including megaupload, rapidshare, and mediafire to name a few. Everytime I try, it crashes out. Meaning, it will not upload. The best error I've got reads:

Connection Interrupted

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

I have tried uploading smaller files, and it works fine. It breaks somewhere after 20mb. I've spent over an hour on the phone with Comcast, and they were zero help. It looks like an upload cap to me, but they insist that isn't the case. I don't get it at all! So frustrating. I'm running the 7000 build, and I don't think I have changed or added anything recently. Any of my brilliant friends here have any suggestions!? Thanks guys!


A:Uploading Issues

consider the sites restrictions... i have no clue on the above, i dont use'em. If you are using wireless, this could be the issue. Try using another browser or loading IE without addons. If still persists do a line test at dslreports, or do a ping -t to the webhost, and/or do a tracert to the webhost... while you are at it, do a ping -t to your dns (comcast) and your own network. If you see any interupts or timeouts then this COULD be the problem, but not necessarily. Could be a hardware issue then.... troubleshoot down the line.

Lastly.... the rar isnt pasworded, right? lol

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Hello there.

Not quite sure where to put this because this isn't an IE issue, I use Mozilla Firefox. So I just chose to put it under generic Win. XP support. Hope that's not an issue.

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks I've attempted uploading to various websites such as facebook, gmail attachments, image hosters like tinypic and imageshack and none seem to allow me to upload. I also have tried speedtest.com and it would freeze up at the upload part of the test. Althought I have a firewall/antivirus, it was installed after the problem presented itself (which is ever since I installed Windows XP on this machine).

A:Uploading Issues

Just an update, I have a wireless card and a direct-connect cable to my computer. I typically use the wireless card unless otherwise needed because it's a hasslle running the cable to my computer from the router every time (I only have one cable at the moment) however I found that the wireless card will not allow uploading but the cable will. I guess this limits it to a wireless card related problem?

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Khm....Im new here so im sory if i posted this under the wrong section , heres my problem : i wanted to upload a video on youtube and i import the video and click "upload"....then i can w8 for an infinite amount of time , and nothing happens !.....i tried uploading on myspace and all other sites....PS i have like 12 videos on YT so i know im not doing anything thats obvious wrong...SO PLZ help me

A:Uploading issues

what format are you trying to upload and how big is the file size ?

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Now I might be flamed because I might have not been searching properly but I have been searching for almost an hour now and couldn't get a straight answer to this situation.

My problem:
When I go to upload a file to a variety of sites it will fly to 100% but continue to upload in the background (I use Resource Manager to check). Now I can confirm this laptop had Windows Vista on it Pre-Installed and when I had that for a little bit the uploading worked fine. So I'm beginning to ask myself if anyone else has this problem and may offer me the solution. Google has not done much help and searching through these forums didn't give me a answer either. I have found a few links here and there directly speaking about my issue but when I'm done reading that website I'm left still confused with no answer. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks.

I'd also like to note this can't be a browser issue as I've tried with Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. I've even tried to make a video using Windows Live Movie Maker and tried to publish it straight from the program which even then it went to 99% and stalled there till the upload was complete.

A:Uploading Issues...

Use Wireshark to analyse what is going on.

Update lan adapter driver if it all possible.

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This is probably my 4th post asking for help with this issue and those who've responded have been very helpful, just want to say thanks.

As previously mentioned I've had upload issues before and I've gotten around them all by messing with the custom security settings in Internet Explorer.

Now I have a different issue, I can't upload files that are bigger than 400 kb.

The upload limit for all the sites i've tried have a 5 - 10 mb limit and my files are usually 1 mb or less.

When I try to upload it says Upload Failed,
Firefox can't find the server at www.filedropper.com<html><head><title>free%20file%20hosting%20-%20file%20dropper.Click to expand...

Forgot to add this but if I save a large file on my computer from off the web I can upload it to any site. When I save something in photoshop that's large in size it doesn't upload.

A:Uploading issues again...

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Well for 5 days now ive been trying to upload files on facebook and rapidshare for a friend and every time i go to those sites, ill chose my files click upload, and after 2 seconds it will take me to the old "this page can not be displayed" error. you know, the kind you get when you go to a site that's down or doesn't exist. Ive tried IE and i get the same issue, any idea what may be causing this?

A:Uploading Issues.


We can't really help you with any p2p services, as is stated in the rules. I might recommend though that you try sending the files to your friend in a different way, such as email, or IM.


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This problem isn't just with my Firefox (it's in IE and Netscape, as well), but as FF is my main browser and it doesn't seem like a connection issue, I put it in this forum. Apologies if this is the wrong place.

For a while this morning, I noticed images hosted on Photobucket weren't loading. And while that problem eventually resolved itself over the course of the day, I've now found that I can't upload or input anything. For example, I'm unable to upload images to imageshack or tinypic, log into my hotmail account, update the board wrappers on my InvisionFree forums, etc.

So far, I've tried reinstalling Firefox, creating a new profile, checked the connections on my router (I have Roadrunner highspeed), performed the Mozilla diagnostics, did a spyware scan, and even tried a system restore. And even logging into the guest account on my WinXP operating system had no different results.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?

A:Uploading/Inputing Issues

I tried to edit my post to include some extra information--I was unable to post this message in FireFox and had to use IE--but found that I was unable to edit my post, even in IE.

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I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium and have run into a new issue with Internet Explorer. I have noticed that my computer is getting a little bogged down when uploading. For example, I was running a Speakeasy.net speed test and I was able to measure my download speed, but when the site tried to execute an upload test, my computer doesn't respond. My wife told me that she noticed that the computer was a bit sluggish when she uploaded some digital photos to snapfish.com.

I ran the Speakeasy.net speed test on another computer on my network at home (a business laptop with Windows 2000) and it executed the download and upload test just fine. What do you guys think is the problem and how can I fix it?

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Hey guys, I hope you can offer me some advice.

I have had Windows 7 for about a month and I ran into a problem a couple of days ago. I ended up getting the "Bankerfox" virus and just finally got it removed.

However ever since this issue I can't upload anything to any website, including youtube and photobucket.com. I am concerned that it is something with my security that is denying myself the option to upload.

All these issues are network related, as I also can't go to the itunes store.

If you have any opinions please feel free to post them.

A:Windows 7 uploading issues


First, try running a scan with Malwarebytes. If that does not work, consider trying a System Restore to a point before the virus.

Hope this helps,

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There is a site (Talktomeinkorean.com) I use to study, but now I can't really use the site because of mp3 file uploading issues. When visiting the site, I am using a wireless internet connection from the library or other public place. The connection speed is excellent in regards to surfing the web. With an ethernet connection I can upload the embedded and download files on the site, but with a wireless connection I can't. The file is always "buffering" or the file can not be found.

Could it be that the files format is somehow different from other sites? (i.e I can upload videos on sites such as Youtube). Do I need to type in some command or download a plug-in? If it helps the file's properties reads "MPEG Audio Layer-3"


A:MP3/Audio Uploading Issues

Actually it may be the Library dont want folks downloading MP3 music and has somehow made a restriciton on that.
But thats just a guess.

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I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium and have run into a new issue with Internet Explorer. I have noticed that my computer is getting a little bogged down when uploading. For example, I was running a Speakeasy.net speed test and I was able to measure my download speed, but when the site tried to execute an upload test, my computer doesn't respond. My wife told me that she noticed that the computer was a bit sluggish when she uploaded some digital photos to snapfish.com.

I ran the Speakeasy.net speed test on another computer on my network at home (a business laptop with Windows 2000) and it executed the download and upload test just fine. What do you guys think is the problem and how can I fix it?

A:Internet Uploading Issues


Clear your DNS Cache on the system, make sure all the cables are fine (swap them around to test if you must) and make sure a firewall/anti-virus isn't blocking anything. Usually the sluggishness will denote an AV/FW scanning which slows everything down.

But is the computer itself sluggish or just the network speed during uploading?

If it's the computer, then open Task Manager and under Processes check what starts to get high CPU usage percentage while you upload. Maybe even right-click and create a dump worth analyzing.

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I have tried uploading a file (54mb) .rar) to mediafire.com, megaupload.com, and even rapidshare.com. All attempts have failed. When I start the upload this is what happens:
1. The browser uses majority of processor and becomes unresponsive.

Only way to get browser to work again is to to end its process. and re open it. Simply clicking X won't do the job, cause the process still is running.. using all my processor..

I have done some testing, but not a whole lot. I have tried:
1. Doing the same thing on another PC on the same network. (successful upload)

I am fixing to try and clear temp internet files and cookies and stuff like that. and try that.

Network wise. I do have smoothwall operating in my network. (http://community.smoothwall.org/forum/)
I guess its possible it could be some type of configuring in smoothwall (I really doubt it though..) but it is possible. I do have all settings to completely all 110% access to my PC. (my pc can do anything, no limits)

I have windows XP SP3 and all current patches/updates. AMD processor if that means anything to this problem with the AMD vs. SP3 stuff.

Thats about all that I can think of to be helpful atm.. need info just ask and I'll try to get you it.

All the computer specs is what I have up to date, in my profile.

A:Uploading Issues (Firefox & IExplorer 7)

The Problem is still here, I have not been able to fix the problem yet. I have pretty much ruled the problem down to my PC, and not the network though. Really need help on this.

The 2 computers I tested this on both had XP SP2, and not SP3 like my pc does..

Thanks In Advance

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So my drunken friend went and used my mothers computer. Morning after.. its just been acting fishy. She's got her AV up to date, AdAware and Spybot running..

Windows Update doesnt work. She cant upload pictures via Picasa either.

A:Net Issues (windows Update/uploading)

Hello BudikahWelcome to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum, sorry about the delay, but the amount of people posting with infected computers is through the roof and sometimes we can't get to logs as fast as we would like to. Sometimes with the amount of people posting a log or two may fall through the cracks as yours may have done, if you have not resolved your issue and still need assistance, post a new HJT log please as your system may have changed since your original post.Ken

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I was uploading a picture to Facebook when my Firefox crashed. I tried Chrome, IE, Dragon, all the same thing. So, I was due to factory reset anyway since I do it every 4 months. Once that was done, no problems, install the Post-SP1 updates, and the problem starts again. I thought it was just Facebook, but it's multiple sites, Mediafire, Turntable, Facebook.

Has anyone else had this issue and isolated the update that's causing the problems

A:All Browsers having issues Uploading Files?

I have not had that problem exactly but I had something that sort of sounds like it. It turned out that the anti-virus was scanning the file that I was uploading and the browser was basically timing out waiting for the av to finish the scan. (This could possibly be a problem with a firewall too.) One of the only differences is that it only starts after the post SP1 patches, weird.

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OK guy's... I have been all over the internet and have posted in countless forums hoping someone has an answer for this mystery that has plagued me for a while now.

Here are the specs of the first PC that started this mess.

//CPU: AMD 64 3200+
//Mobo: MSI Neo Plat.
//PSU: 350W - Stock w/ case
//RAM: 1024 Centon 3200
//GPU: GeForce 6800
//HD: Maxtor 40 Gig
//Audio: Audigy 2 ZS Plat. Pro

So here is the thing... I was getting what seemed to be jittering. No loss in frame rates, just plain ole jittering. At no point in time does the rendering completely stop it just jittered on every setting, with every driver. No matter what I did I couldn't fix it. So I figured the card was bad. I went and got the Ultra edition. Installed it and did the same thing. Well that weeded out that it was a card issue and since I didn't need that much power I returned it and got another plain 6800. Same thing! My next step was to try another mobo. Went with the same MSI just a different one. Same thing! Well ok, maybe CPU is having trouble... went and got the AMD 3700+. Yup, same thing! OK well maybe its a power issue... went with a Aspire gaming case that had a 500W PSU, Same thing!... Left scratching my head I said well it must be a RAM issue... went with Corsair TwinX Pro, same thing! WTF????

OK I have had enough, I went to a Pentium CPU and an Asus mobo... same thing! Went with a new HD - WD Raptor 74, same thing!

I have played w... Read more

A:Issues with 6800 Ultra

hey....this could be a disturbance issue.maybe there is some elctromagnetic field from anything with a transformer near by or even outside your house.it causes strange behavior like screen wiggle,gaussess etc.try to move your pc around to another place.also try another monitor cable if available or can be removed.have you tried your monitor on another pc or a laptop to check it's not the monitor's fault have you???.check your screen resolution and refresh rate(check if its set to default or any frequency or optimal).do you have any other issue like higher or lower voltage??got a ups???.

well try these,one of them should be the cause..

hope this helps

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I too have windows 8 installed on a SSD drive and did not want my everyday user profile to take up space on the speedy drive, so I changed my profile to work off of my normal drive where there was pretty of room. I noticed when they release windows 8.1 preview, that the upgrade would not work and the reason for this was due to my "user profiles" were not in the default location. So I waited for 8.1 final release and just figured they would resolve this issue...but know, they didn't. So, here is how I did the upgrade without losing data or installed software.

1. The first thing I did was to copy my everyday user profile off the drive and onto the server (just lucky that I have one...for those of you who don't have one, you could use a flash drive).

2. I then edited the registry to reset my profiles back to the %systemdrive%. See the pic. The pic points to my new profile location and not the SSD drive.

3. Anyway, just change where ever it says J: back to %systemdrive% Pay close attention to colon and typing before you save. Make a backup prior to making changes would be helpful. Also, never change the ProgramData entry as it should always point to the installation drive.

4. Reboot and log back in with your normal user account (I'm assuming this is an admin account), then create a new admin account with administrator privileges.

5. Now logoff of your normal account and logon with the new admin account you just created in step 4. Verify that this new users profil... Read more

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Hi all,

We are using a tool to upload our system workload to Access database 2003.
The OS is Windows XP. While uploading the data to Access d/b, there were some network connection problems because of which, I suspect that the d/b is corrupted. When I try to delete the last entry from the database, it is giving me an error message 'No Current Record. This is preventing me from uploading the data into the d/b.

Has anyone met with this problem ?
I am a novice in Access d/b . So if anyone knows how to correct the entries (i.e deleting of the corrupt entry from the d/b) , please let me know.


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I recently upgraded to the Leadtek A400 GeForce 6800 Ultra. I popped it in, loaded up BF2, cranked up the settings and away we go...well sort of. It was wierd. It would run beautifully (looked awesome, great framerate) for like 10-30 seconds, then lock up for like 3 seconds. I noticed that right as it got freed from the lockup, the hard drive light would start crunching away. For the life of me I can't figure out what it's trying to access that keeps jamming it up like that. This happened both single and multiplayer.

Now the really wierd thing is when I cranked it down to medium settings...it got worse! At this point I read the card's manual more closely and noticed that the two power connections it needs (yes two) should be from a dedicated line, not shared with other components. So I switched the power around. I also noticed what BF2 called the "latest drivers" weren't. So I updated from Nvidia as well. This seemed to have cleared up the problem with medium settings being worse. Medium settings run fine now. However, still getting the wierd, random, short lockups on high settings. And it's still accessing the hard drive right after it unfreezes. I was going to start enabling high detail on individual settings systematically, but it was near midnight so I called it quits.

Now I haven't had time to run any diagnostics yet. (Anyone know of any?) The only "test" I've run was 3DMark '05. I got a score of 5194. Whi... Read more

A:6800 Ultra Issues in BattleField2

Welcome to TechSpot

JFJohnny5 said:

If anyone has any thoughts, info, similar experiences...whatever. Please let me know. Thanks!
Here are my basic specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
GeForce 6800 Ultra w/ 256Mb onboard (AGP 8x)
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Audio
Primary HD: Seagate 120Gb 7200rpm w/ 8Mb cache
450W PSU (both molex connectors on a sinlge dedicated cable)Click to expand...

What mothrboard are you using?
There are new set of drivers from nVidia:
Version: 77.72
Release Date: June 22, 2005
WHQL Certified
Checkout this article Here
Also for various utls. you're asking for, try Here

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I have a Samsung Series 7 Ultrabook. The laptop itself is a nice machine but boy have I had some problems with it.

A while back I tried installing Ubuntu on it. As soon as the Installer launched Ubuntu, my hard drive failed and I was unable to load either Windows or Ubuntu. Best Buy replaced my hard drive for me, but they told me that they called Samsung and Samsung admitted that their newer models are set up to not be compatible with ANY other operating systems. WTF?! I bought the laptop to downgrade to Win 7 and mess with Ubuntu! I wish this "feature" would have been better advertised. The problem is, not only is it not compatible with other OS's, the hard drive bricks out when you attempt to install one. I lost everything on my laptop. All from running Ubuntu via disc.

Windows 8 has also given me lots of issues that I really need help with. For example, my drivers automatically reset, and the latest drivers simply don't work. I have to downgrade them every couple days in order for my touch screen to support pinch-to-zoom, flash player to work properly, and for my function keys to work. There are also various settings, such as automatic brightness that, even when disabled, automatically re-enable themselves without my consent! The unit itself was just really slow, and wasn't functioning like I felt it should. I can barely stream videos. I have Fios and my connection works just fine on my phone, desktop, xbox, etc.

After some fine tuning... Read more

A:Samsung Series 7 Ultra ISSUES!

Personally I would not believe anything that comes out of Best Buy's Geek Squad's mouth. The only thing that would keep you from installing Linux, is if there is no bios option to disable Secure Boot and UEFI. As for the hard drive failure, it should not have if it was a new machined, or even refurbished.

In order to change the brightness, you need to install Samsung's copy of Windows 8. If you want to install Windows 7, you still have to be able to disable Secure Boot & UEFI in the bios. Then install the extra software & drivers from Samsung's support site downloads for your device.

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I recently bought a Geforce 6800 Ultra graphics card.
I have a n2force motherboard with 512 MB of ram (pc2700)
Athlon XP 2800+ processor with 512 kb cache. My card is a eVGA 6800 Ultra 256MB DDR3.

I have encountered issues running MOHPA and Farcry. they get blue dashes across the screen, and then it crashes. I have run Doom 3 on ultra high quality and have had no problems what so ever. could somebody help me with the problems with Medal of Honor Pacific Assault????????

any input is greatly appreciated..

A:Geforce 6800 Ultra issues.

i am not sure but it might be some direct 3d - open gl issue.run dxdiag and check both.

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And I stress - Major issues... to start, here's the setup

Soyo SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra
Intel Pentium 4 2.53Ghz
1GB Corsair nonECC ram
Toshiba DVD ROM
GeForce Ti??? 128MB
Western Digital 120GB hdd (x2)

now the problem: I can't install any Operating System. Everytime I try it eventually tells me that it can't copy a file (the file is always a different one) and that I should clean the CD. I got this error even after copying the CAB files onto the hard drive. I've tried installing Windows 95, 98SE, 2k Pro, XP Home, and XP Pro as well as Red Hat Linux 9.0. Here's a list of what I've tried to fix the problem so far:

Used different hard drives
Used different CD ROMs
Used different cables
Flashed the BIOS (first thing I did)
Fdisk'ed and formatted several times
removed everything but what's needed to run the comp
Disabled all onboard devices
Even got another motherboard, exact same model

Right now I'm at the point of using a stream of four letter words about Soyo. This is my first experience with them, and I'll NEVER buy from them (this isn't my computer, it belongs to my boss).

Any ideas, short of going on a killing spree?

A:Soyo P4X400 Ultra MAJOR ISSUES

Didn't mention anything about trying different RAM, I've seen bad RAM cause problems like that.

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Hello,  I've been having a hard time finding this exact issue. We use T480s with the ultra dock 40AJ0135US. 98% of the machines dock without issue but I have a small stack where the display on the T480s with go dark with a slight flicker as soon as its docked. No external connections are activated and I'm not able to do anything until I undock and the screen goes back to normal. Specs are below.  Intel i5-8350U CPU 1.70GHzIntel UHD Graphics 6201703 office build

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Since installing my new motherboard, Windows XP Pro (service packs 1 and 2) has not been able to boot up w/ the PS2 keyboard working.

I can go into device manager and re-install the exact same driver by selecting it from the list and it will work. The driver install wizard cannot do it on its own, it will see that its the same driver and tell me it doesnt work.

Any ideas as to what is causing this? Its a real annoyance to have to manually re-install the generic keyboard driver every time I boot the system, and I'd really like to be able to use a password for my windows account.

I think I remember reading somewhere that its possible that USB devices and PS2 devices can conflict some how, however I've not had this problem with any of my previous motherboard setups, with the very same keyboard and mouse.

And maybe I just need a new keyboard and mouse! Hm. I should give that a shot.

System Specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-9 (nForce 4)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
RAM: 2x 1gb DDR 400
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Generic PS2 Keyboard (by Antec)
Logitech Mouseman Wheel (USB optical mouse)
PROBLEM RESOLVED: Found out from a guy with a similar problem, same motherboard, same OS, that for some reason in the BIOS, "USB Mouse Support" Must be set to "Disabled" even though it is a USB mouse. I did this, booted up windows, it re-installed the mouse drivers, and all works fine now.

A:PS2 Keyboard issues, GA-K8N Ultra-9 motherboard, and WinXP Pro

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Hi, I've had my Y-400 for years now and love it.  Recently I started having issues and eventually discovered that the graphics card (GT 650M) has a code 43 error and is disabled.  I've tried all the solutions for that (static discharge, reinstall drivers, update BIOS, etc) but haven't been able to get it to work.   So to keep my computer going, I bought a GT 750M graphics card for my ultrabay slot (it actually is for newer models of the laptop series, but I took the cover off and it seems compatible).  I've got it in and I've tried downloading the drivers but I can't get it to show up in device manager.  Have I skipped a step?  Is there more to do?  Does my first graphics card need to be functioning or can I just rely on this one?  Is SLI something I need? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Jeremy

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I've been having some issues with dual display with a T440s and a 40A2009US Ultra Dock. OS is Windows 7 64 Enterprise. I two identical Dell LCDs connected to the dock. One via VGA and the other DVI. Both displays are being mirrored and I can't seem to change it. There is only one monitor listed in Device manager.Both external monitors will only display an image if the PC is started closed from the docking station power button. Removing the laptop and replacing it on the docking station does not wake the monitors and there is no image until the laptop is manually shutdown and restarted. I have updated graphics drivers, as well as any driver related to the dock (USB3.0 etc). I have tried a displayport to DVI connector as well, no go. After some research I discovered the firmare may need to be updated. The synaptics package from the lenovo support downloads site gave me the message that my firmware was already up to date. The other fwdphb06.exe that is recommended elsewhere would not update. When I double-click the package there is no install prompt or process being run. There is an external monitor connected to the dock. I have swapped the dock for another, as well as the power supplies for each. I'm stumped. Any idea what my issue may be?

A:T440s+Ultra Dock Dual Display issues

I have the same problem and worse, when resuming from sleep it will often fail to bring up one or both of my monitors and I have to manually unplug their power cords to revive them. Worked fine with my old Thinkpad and dock. Trying the firmware update now... Lto 3 tapes

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Anyone finding stability with the X1C6 and the Ultra Dock to not be perfect?  I'm finding sometimes the laptop won't wake from sleep properly, requiring me to hit the power button on the dock (to put back into sleep) and then to hit the power button again (to wake it up, which usually resolves the issue).  Sometimes when it wakes from sleep, I lose my background (just a teal colour) and it goes to a black background (which I can revert back to teal right away in my desktop options).  Also, every time I wake up, I find all my open apps are now only on Monitor 1 instead of where I left them (some on Monitor 1, some on Monitor 2) requiring me to spend a few seconds reorganizing.  Finally, I find that each time I wake up, some (not all) of the icons in my taskbar next to the clock begin to get blurry, with each wake worse until I log out / log back in.   I do keep the laptop in clamshell mode when docked, with only my two external monitors in use and I have the laptop set up to not sleep when I close the laptop lid to ensure clamshell is as stable as possible.   All of my drivers are up to date, and I am on the Windows 10 April update that just came out (but the issues began before the update).  I never had issues like this on previous ThinkPad models with the previous Ultra Dock or OneLink Plus docks. 

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I just got a new(used) DA-2 power supply and while it does power up my PC it makes a crackling sound when the computer is shutdown.  If I unplug it from the PC the sound stops. If I turn the PC back on the sound stops too. Any ideas what the problem could be? The guy I bought it from says its my motherboard, hmm I think its maybe inside the DA-2 itself.

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A friend asked me to get this old laptop to work it is an Ultra TS30EG with a 486 DX4 processor.

When it boots up PhoenixBIOS A486 Version 1.03 comes up and then it comes up with a non ystem disk error replace and press any key.

I tried to boot with Windows 95 disks but it states its not a system diskette.

Any help would be appreciated! It only has a floppy drive.

A:Old Ultra Laptop, Please help!

Reboot with a bootdisk and from the a prompt type sys c: then remove the disk and retry to boot.

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Hey all, I cannot hook up my Laptop to the aforementioned docking station without experiencing one or more of the following issues right upon booting up the system: 1.) Video signal does not seem to go through to monitors (black screen).2.) USB periphery (keyboard and/or mouse) is not recognised / usable.3.) Short periods of black screen while windows is running. The issues can be circumvented by either repeated hard reboots or by hooking the laptop to the docking station after the boot up process is completed. Occasional black screens will remain however. I already tried running all Lenovo Software / Firmware updates available for the laptop as well as the docking station - to no avail. Is anyone experiencing similar issues or has anyone figured out a solution yet? Cheers

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when i plug my phone into my laptop, it used to come up with an option to view pictures and upload them but it doesnt have that anymore and i dont know how to access my phone on my laptop or find pictures from my phone to upload them.

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Hey there everyone. I have a dilemna, Ever since i moved into the new home, i have begun experiencing severe lagging when uploading anything on the internet. By Lagging, i mean not internet but my entire pc become super slow and the mouse become choppy.

The trackpad is never affected and yes.... i am using a wireless mouse so i suspect it probably is the culprit. Somehow. I did some speed tests and found i am uploading at 10/mbps . So i am a bit confused is this wireless issue where the signal my laptop is transmitting on uploading is affecting my laptop or is this the mouse causing interference and if so....why is that causing the entire PC to become sluggish?

really appreciate any advice or suggestions.

For the record
i have an Asus (n551jk)
win 7
using a Qualcomm Atheros Wifi driver

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Hi guys, back after a few months away from this great site/forum.

I have a question regarding the CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard I was searching all over the web but can't seem to find out if this motherboard will support the new AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU? It says it supports the AMD 64 & 64 FX CPUs, but what about AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU?

If anyone here can help me out, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

A:CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

Most nForce4 based motherboards support such CPUs but not all of them do so out-of-the-box. Make sure to have a motherboard from the latest production batch. If not, it might be handy to have a single-core to flash the BIOS in case it doesn't want to power up with the dual-core one.

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Can I put an Ultra ATA hard drive in a laptop that used a SATA hard drive. The reason I want to do this is because a friend's laptop won't boot , not even in safe mode,( imo the hard drive is nackered) and of course there was no backup done.The files are needed. Now of course you'll say why not use Acronis to transfer the files to an external HDD but the problem there is that none of my friends laptops USB ports are working( haven't checked this but I'm assured it is true), so there is now way to connect an ex. HDD to it. What I'm thinkin of doin is putting the HDD into an old laptop of mine and using Acronis to transfer the files to CD or an external hdd.

What ye think? I'm inexperieced with laptops so please be gentle if this is a stupid post.

A:Can I put an Ultra ATA drive in a laptop

It is possible that you might be able to connect an ATA HDD to the buss where the CD/ DVD drive is connected. Whether that is SATA or PATA is anybody's guess.

Although, if the Laptop's HDD is broken, I'm not exactly sure what you think you're going to accomplish by doing so. If it's dead, it's dead, and that would require the drive to be dealt with data recovery methods. Very expensive.

Plan "B" involves running a cable to a desktop from the laptop, and offloading the data that way.

However, dead is dead, be forewarned

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