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Using multiple displays with M910q & Windows 7

Q: Using multiple displays with M910q & Windows 7

I'm not having any luck getting more than one displayport to work at a time. M910q w/3 displayports. Only one displayport works at a time. Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Using multiple displays with M910q & Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Morning, Trying to figure out something here, this is, for all intents and purposes, something new for me, as I've been mostly a "Mom n Pop" Tech vs "Business Tech" so, anyway. I'm working with M900, and M910Q with Intel 530 Integrated for video. I'm trying to trouble the following issues to verify if I missed anything, before punting said minipcs to Lenovo for RMA. Anywho, issues: 1. A M910Q, only the DP port with the metal bracket will work. When the Primary is plugged in, any secondary plugged into the other ports will show up under that port when looking at it in the Intel GFX Display view. I figured this out when I changed the resolution on the 2nd monitor, primary changes. Primary is the live monitor. 2. We have a number of M910s and M900's where when trying to use dual monitors, thru DP -> VGA or DP -> DVI. Monitors would flicker like strobe lights. This can sometimes be bandaided by swapping cables and adapters, but not completely remove the issue. I will point out that we do not have any actual DP Capable monitors on site. Not yet anyway, and those that will be, are going to ThinkCentres with Discrete Cards in them... Ideas? Am I miss anything? I don't see anything in the BIOS to help me, and updating the drivers doesn't seem to provide resolution either. Most are running old drivers, but a few are running the latest for the machine.

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Hi everyone,

I have 2 displays that are extended rather than duplicated.

How can I choose which display an application opens on when I start it?

The reason I ask is that one display is my desktop monitor and the other is my TV at the other end of the room which I use for MCE. However, if the TV is on some apps automatically open on the TV rather than the monitor. Can I prevent this from happening?
It seems to depend where the app was last used.


A:Opening Windows On Multiple Displays

Quote: Originally Posted by mangroa

It seems to depend where the app was last used.

That is how mine works.

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Does anybody know if WHS 2011 supports multi Display or Monitors. I have tried to connect a couple monitors via USB 2.0 to VGA without any luck.
Mod Edit:  Removed email addy, protection from spambots - Hamluis.

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Hi, I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon running Windows 10. I would like to connect an external monitor and my only option seems to be using the HDMI port and using a HDMI to VGA cable. I plug this into a Philips 24" ext monitor and nothing I try can get me to
duplicate or extend my display. I just get a message on the ext monitor of "Check Cable Connection". New cable, and new laptop.
How can I even check, if the HDMI port is enabled or is there some other hidden switch / setting / feature I need to turn on first. I have tried the display settings and 'Detect' but nothing.
Any thoughts please. 
Kind Regards,

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Hello, we have multiple Yoga's that will not detect multiple displays through the dock or directly on the laptop.  These all seemed to work fine until recently and now randomly lose connection to external monitors for long periods of time.  We have installed the Lenovo Update software and have assured all updates / drivers / firmware are up to date and continue to have this problem. We use Windows 10 Pro 1803 and 1809 

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As the subject line implies. I have a xps13 running windows 10 and I just purchased a d3100 docking station.
I assumed I would be able to run 2 monitors and the built-in digital display (3 total screens) all autonomously. 
I downloaded the drivers and then plugged into the docking station and to my dismay, the monitors are not working as I expected. 
I currently have just 1 27' dell monitor connected through the display port. (I need a dvi cable before I can connect the second monitor.)
The Intel HD graphics control panel doesn't recognize that I have multiple monitors. It only recognizes the built-in display. The system display settings do allow my to go into extended desktop mode but it's very clumsy, it won't let me decide which monitor is primary, etc...  
Am I doing something wrong? 

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Hello, I am using windows 10 1607. IE 11 version 11.1884.14393.0
The scenario is that the PC has dual or more displays. In this scenario, we will use a dual monitor setup and the left monitor (monitor 1) is the primary,  the right monitor (monitor 2) is the secondary monitor.

When IE 11 is on the right monitor, in a dialog box that supports spell check, if you right click on a misspelled word, the pop up menu is displayed on the primary monitor ( or left monitor)  This does not happen in Edge. 

If a word is not misspelled, the pop up menu will display where the right click happened.

I have tried this from a few different websites. Our companies custom website, this dialog entry boxes on this forum post, a popular reddit forum, my companies OWA site.  The point being, it is not specific to a website, but specific to IE 11. 
it could be windows 10 1607 and IE 11 specific.

Any one have any thoughts?



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...I was going to type up what I want to do, but I think that a post from this July sums it up pretty well. Hopefully someone will reply to it this time:

"I am using the 15" TFT as the primary display, and the 21" TV for games...this is working fine as long as I switch exclusively to the relevent display and work from there...e.g switch to TV then launch a game...

However I'd like to be able to configure the setup so that the main display remains on the 15" and I can launch games from here and they then go to the 21" TV, while the main windows desktop remains on the TFT...and if i'm being greedy, it would be good if i could somehow lock the controls to each display, so that I could keep a game on display2, while using display 1...e.g a game is playing and doesnt minimise the moment I open a window on desktop1...at the moment I have been unable to achieve this, the majority of software works fine, I just drag teh dialog box and expand it on the display I want...

But the likes of Vice City REFUSES to maximise to the second desktop...I'm using Hyrdravision and there is no individual application setting configurable for the likes of Vice City...does anyone know of any generic multiple display software which may be better than Hydra?"

I didn't post that the first time, but it is pretty much exactly the same thing I need to do now. Does anyone know if it's possible?

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I have a desktop set up with 2 displays, at the moment they are next to each other and i have an extended desktop.

I now want to clone or Duplicate these displays, i can do this but the resolutions have to be the same. One Display is 1600*1024 and the other is 1920*1080.

Is there any way i can have the same image on both screens, but with different resolutions? any third party software??


A:Multiple Displays, Multiple Resolutions

Hello Charlie,

It shouldn't matter what the screen resolutions are on each monitor. I have one at 1920x1200 and one at 1280x1024 that I set to Duplicate these displays.

Hope this helps,

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I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get two monitors, a small 1024x768 LCD, and a 46" 1920x1080 TV, to display the same wallpaper at different resolutions. My graphics card is older, a Nvidia Quadro FX 1700, but it is perfectly capable of driving both displays at the same time. It's a minor annoyance, but I'd like to get it working if it's possible. Thanks.

A:Multiple Resolutions on Multiple Displays

There is a free piece of software that allows you to use different wallpapers easily on two different displays so you could just use two different files at different resolutions even though it would be the same background.
Here is the link:
Dual Monitors: Use a Different Wallpaper on Each Desktop in Vista or XP :: the How-To Geek
This would be a quick fix. Hope this helps.

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can i use the built in graphics processor on my motherboard and a 32mb pci video card to have two monitors displaying my desktop?

i guess the question is can i use two totally different video cards,
say, one with 8mb and another with 32mb

A:multiple displays

Good Evening glowpowered , the answer is generally yes but I forget how to set it all up.
In some cases the onboard video may cause problems with shared memory and settings.
You may need to disable it and use two cards.
Is there any reason you haven't opted for a dual monitor output type video card?

What are your system specs?

Johnwill will know.
Cheers, qldit.

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Hey i just got another monitor and i set up multiple monitors and it works well excepts that the control panel set up the monitors in the wrong place so the monitor that i have on my right hand side is supposed to be on my left hand side, and vice versa. i don't want to move the monitors because the new one is the one i want to have in front of me.

A:Multiple Displays

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Dell Precision T3500, 2ea nVidia Quadro NVS420 boards installed controlling 6 monitors (2x2 clones and 2 independant). Curently running Win XP Pro

I am running with XP because when my IT Dept installed Win 7 they couldn't get the config. I needed with thr 6 monitors so they put me back on Win XP. I now have to install software that will only work with
Win 7. Is Win 7 capable of handling my 6 monitor configuration?

A:Multiple displays

Your hardware is what is stopping you. Look at this

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i was multiple displays and now that opion is no long available . what can i do to get it back.

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First time posting here, so hopefully I have the right topic place. We currently have 4 locations in Ohio, at each location there is one Flat Screen TV, main location 2. I am trying to find a solution that will let me send power points, or any other types of media to each TV at the same time from one location. Any ideas? Thank you!!

A:Multiple Displays

If the TV's are connected to computers, you can use any popular online meeting solution for that. We use MS Lync 2013 that we get with our Office 365 subscription.

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This is a really dumb question, and being in IT I should probably know the answer...But what do I need to set up multiple displays on a windows XP PC? I want to have 2 x 22" LCD screens linked, so I can drag items onto either screen and work with programs on either display...ie, effectively giving me 44" display.

I assume I would need two video cards, and not just a card with 9 pin and HDMI output? Does it matter what sort of card I purchase? Or does it need to be compatible with the multiple display system on XP?

Thanks for your help in advance!

A:Multiple Displays

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My Laptop detects multiple screens when there aren?t any attached to my laptop.
When this happens my display graphics goes for a toss.

i then have to reset/ uninstall the nvidia display driver and reinstall this.

? I have also checked the display in device manager there is no other unknown device attached.
? I have the latest nvidia driver. as per the site, hp and windows update
On resetting the driver the same is good for a day or two then it again says there are multiple screens....

I am tiered of this.... PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Multiple displays

Did your laptop come with Windows 7, or did you install it yourself?

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ive noticed some people have two monitors for one computer and they show different things
how do you do that and why? i mean whats the purpose fo doing it? it looks cool and i want to try it
idk if this is the right forum section

A:Multiple Displays

This would probably be better in Hardware, but anyways to answer your question: Many people use dual screens if they work in business and have to view full-screen spreadsheets, and still want another screen to do other things on. If you want to compare 2 pictures side-by-side, you can use a dual-screen. Basically, it's not like having 2 screens, though. It's like instead of having a 1024x768 resolution screen, you have a 2048x768 screen split in half. You need a newer graphics card with proper connections (2 of them) and you need 2 monitors, of course. Then, you can just make a dual-display in your display settings.

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Somehow my computer is detecting that I have two displays. I only have one display and that is my TV. I'm using an HDMI cable that is hooked into my Radeon HD 7950 card. I have went into both Catalyst and the Windows screen resolution tool and they are both detecting multiple displays. I'm not quite understanding how. I've tried disabling the display from the Windows tool, no results. I've tried deleting the display from Device Manager, no results. I would normally just ignore this but my mouse can go off screen and I can accidentally drag programs over onto my second display that doesn't exist. I've also tried just combining the two displays into one but that lowers my screen resolution. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Found a setting in Catalyst in a category I didn't think to look in. Deleted display. Problem solved.

A:Multiple displays without having multiple displays?

In CCC go to desktop management, select the monitor that does not exist, right click it and click on disable.
Ultimately, you could uninstall both your display adapters, and let windows reinstall them when you reboot your computer.

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Wan't really sure which forum to post this in, hope it's ok here.

I have a tv attached to my pc which I sometimes use as a 2nd display. I want to be able to activate or deactivate it easily, without losing the settings and ideally using a hot key.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Thanks in advance.


A:Using multiple Displays

dont think you have the hotkey option, but you can turn it on/off from the screen resolution menu when right clicking anywhere on your desktop.

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I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this issue, but I’ll give it a shot.  If someone knows of a better forum, please let me know. I’m trying to figure out if my current PC can handle the following requirements – and if not, what should I be looking for in terms of a new PC (laptop):
 I need to be able to show the same photos (or videos) on 3 displays simultaneously:

Display on my laptop
Projector with HDMI connection (EPSON Powerlite Cinema 2045, “Full HD, 1080p”)
External monitor, HDMI or VGA connection, full HD, 1920x1080

My current PC is a Dell Inspiron N5110 with an i5 processor.  It’s about 6 years old.  It has the following ports:
3 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 eSATA
System info is:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2410 [email protected] GHz (4 CPUs) ~2.3 GHz
Memory: 6144MB RAM
Page File: 2056MB used, 10044MB available
Direct X Version:  DirectX 11
Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Manufacturer:  ATI Technologies
Chip Type:  Intel HD Graphics Family
DAC Type: Internal
Approx Total Memory: 3329
Current Display Mode: 1366x768 (32 bit)(60Hz)
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor
Direct X Features
Direct Draw Acceleration: Enabled
Direct 3D Acceleration: Enabled
AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled
Main Driver: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll, igd10um
Version: 8.840.7.3000
Date: 4/10/2011 2:51:02 PM
WHQL Logo’d: Yes
DDI Version: 11
Driver Model: WDDM 1.1
So can t... Read more

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Computer specs on bottom.

Okay i have multiple displays 1 is 40inch TV and the other being my 24inch monitor.
For the past few weeks ive had my TV set up DVI(PC)-VGA(TV) and my monitor dvi-dvi.
no problems.
I recently purchased 2 Dvi-HDMI cables. 1 for my TV 1 for my monitor.
Here is my problem:
I have both DVI-HDMI cables hooked up and i am only getting a display on whatever is plugged into my primary slot on my graphics card. Weather it be the TV or the Monitor if i switch both will work just not at the same time.
What ever is in the secondary dvi port on my graphics card will show up as "No signal"
But along with that what ever is plugged into HDMI wont give me audio either and i have the rca cable going from audio jack on my pc to audio input on my TV

A:HDMI Multiple Displays

did you configure your sound properties in control panel >audio and sound?

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Hi all,

I have searched Google for a definitive answer with no joy, if anyone could help us out?

So i have 3 monitors attached to the PC and I would like 2 of the to display metro and the 3 just for normal desktop, is this possible? Also, is is possible to make it so Metro doesn't hide when i interact with a desktop application?

Thanks for you time

A:Metro across Multiple Displays?

Metro can only be on one monitor. You can drag it to any monitor you want, but it's just one.

Metro shouldn't hid if you're using an app on a different monitor.

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I've been browsing the web to find an answer for my question, but with no luck.

I use Windows 7 on a PC which is setup to be both an office and an entertainment computer. Therefore it's connected to two seperate screens with one graphic card. The screens are one 19" desktop screen (1280x1024) and one 40" Samsung LCD TV (1920x1080). When I'm browsing the web, working with documents etc. I use the desktop screen and when I watch movies, pictures etc. I use the TV.

Now I'm trying to switch between them in an easy way. I've tried several third party applications but eventually found that the best way to switch between these in fact is to use Windows 7 built-in software. I've setup Windows to recognize the two seperate screens and I switch between them by using the "Multiple Displays" option in the settings. I then switch by using "show desktop only on 1/2".

Do anyone know if this switch can be done by using a hotkey combination through Windows or through some other software? It's not the end of the world right clicking the desktop and doing it, but it'd be nice to save a few clicks every time.

I'm thankful for any help!

Best regards,
Kim - Sweden

A:Hotkey to Multiple Displays

Hi mimsan69, welcome to the forums.

You can use the WIN+P combination to bring up a quick menu of the multiple display options

Hope this helps


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I just reformatted.. I have an Sli config of 2x Evga 8800 Gtx's.

Prior to my reformat i had two monitors running perfectly, each in their own resolution.. Since i've reformatted It won't let me use two displays. It recognizes both but there are no options for dual-view, it says something about advanced / standard setup.. How do I enable my nvidia control panel to let me setup two displays.

I've read that you need to disable the Sli configuration? does that decrease performance or what.. I really forget what i had setup and its bothering me.

Please help

A:Sli and Nvidia Multiple Displays.. Need some help

Hi Pankie !

Did you reinstall the drivers ?

Start with the motherboard's chipset drivers, you'll find them on the motherboard's manufacturer's website. You need to install the chipset drivers before anything else.

Then reinstall the video drivers :
graphic cards => geforce 8 => XP

Could you post your complete system specs ? See the link in my sig and add them in your User CP (edit options) so that they appear under "my system" next to you posts.

Just curious : how much RAM and what version of XP do you have ? I've never had my hands on a computer with 1.5GB of video memory and if it's a 32bit version of XP I wonder what impact that will have on the reported amount of RAM. Read second and third paragraphs here if you have a 32bit OS : http://h20331.www2.hp.com/Hpsub/down...HP_MWP_x64.pdf

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Is it possible to run 5 displays on a Z800 Workstation?  What do I need for a graphics card? and are there other considerations like processor or power supply to worry about?  Thank you.

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Hello, I need help. Trying to setup 3 display monitors to 2 computers on windows 7. Would anyone know how to do that?

A:Multiple Monitors (Displays)

Can you explain in more detail the desired goal? Some monitors can receive multiple inputs, but all monitors can only display one input at a time. I'm just not sure exactly how you're wanting these to be hooked up.

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Hello,I'm thinking to purchase ThinkPad P51 for my work. I can't find answer on question, how many simultaneous monitors can be runned? If it can, is specific configuration required or not?Thanks in advance.

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I used to be able to right click on desktop click output to and click digital tv. Therefore ... Now withwindows 10 the only way I can find to get to the "project my screen charm" is to use the keyboard. ... Am I missing something?Thanks

A:Multiple Displays selection

Hi,You could do this:https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4608-display-switch-shortcut-create-windows-10-a.htmlElse,http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-use-windows-10-to-project-your-...http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-connect-to-a-second-monitor-or-...RegardsVisruth

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I have a Dell laptop with a docking station and a Gateway EV910 monitor
attached. Normally I have the laptop screen as primary and only turn on the extra monitor if I need extra space.

Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes if I just close the lid for the night, when I open it there is no display. If I turn on the secondary display I find my desktop. That's happened now and I cannot get the primary display back to my laptop.

Yes, I can, by doing a system restore to a couple of days ago, it worked fine, but I have added AVG and don't want to have to re-download. When I go to Display>Properties>Settings, and click on the Secondary icon, I get a popup window that says "Secondary Display (1600, 200), not a chance to check 'Use this device as the primary monitor' as documented in a Microsoft document I found through Help and Support. Anyone understand multiple display support who's willing to help? It sure would be appreciated.

I realize it wouldn't be a real big deal to restore and download AVG again, but I really think there is a way to do this without backing up, I just don't know where to find it.

Thanks, Stan

A:Multiple displays broken

Open your power options properties and change them from Portable/Laptop to Home/Office Desk, see if that will help. Sounds like when you shut your lid it is going into standby mode.

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I have a Lenovo s41-70 with intel i7 and ssd, running windows 8. It does not appear to have support for multiple displays - how is this possible?! When connecting the TV via HDMI the tv does not recognize any connection. In the displays configuration of the computer, there is nothing permitting multiple displays. Only the Built-In display shows up as an option. Are computers that don't support multiple displays actually even made today?!!  

A:s41 cannot support multiple displays?!

Hi, if no one else has had this problem with the s41 and it is a bug unique to my machine, is there any recourse?

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I am a teacher with a large classroom. The room us very narrow, but long. Consequently, I inevitably have students in the back that can't see. To get around this problem, I am trying to have both a front-of-room and back-of-room display.

My main computer connects to a projector. I currently splice those so that I drag what I want to display over to the projector screen.

I have a 2nd computer in the back of the room, connected to a Promethean board. I would like to set it up so that whatever is showing up on my projector screen, also shows on that 2nd computer, and therefore the Promethean.

Any ideas of how I could accomplish this?

We use Windows 7/10 if that factors in.

Thank you!!!

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I set up my two monitors to run as "Dual View" (Configured independently from each other) so they both act as an extended desktop. What I have right now is my main setup on my left monitor, and I can move my mouse over to my right monitor for other windows I have open there.

When I play a video game (eg. Counter-Strike) the game will be run on the left monitor, because it's the main monitor. Is there anyway to have the game run on the right monitor, so that my desktop is available on my left?

Again, the goal is to be able to run games such as Counter-Strike on the right monitor, and have my desktop on my other monitor at the same time. Thanks for any help thats given.

A:Running applications on multiple displays


Apparently this little program does exactly that, among other things

Just as a word of advice, having 2 monitor's doesn't mean you have 2 computers, so if you're running the CPU intensive application on the 2nd monitor, things you do on the 1st one will lag. Also, if you switch monitor's while playing a game, it's the same as the game window losing focus so it's likely to pause the game or minimize itself.

Plus most games will change your screen resolutions so it could stuff things up a bit.

Hope this helps

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I've haven't been able to run multiple displays since I got a new computer with Home Ed. preinstalled. I'd thought it was just a bug and that the issue would resolve itself with later Catalyst drivers.

I recently did a reinstall and thought I'd try and see if anything new had happened with my problem. It hadn't but I happened to click the troubleshoot option and through answering various of the questions got the simple answer: WinXP Home Ed does not support multiple displays.

Is this something that you can bypass through some program/tweak?

/Emil H

A:Multiple displays in WinXP Home Ed.

I fail to find any concrete information saying Windows XP home edition doesn't support multi-monitors.

Does your VGA card have multiple outputs or are you using two VGA cards ?

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My system acts in a very unstable fashion as far as multiple displays settings. Whenever I connect my pc to my tv, the tv display becomes my primary display. This is a very unfortunate situation, since I'm required to manage my pc via remote control, with my mouse, which is located attached to my pc in one room, and a tv display, located in another room.
Since I managed to perform a comprehensive configuration using this cumbersome procedure, I would like to keep it ready for use if/when a need arises.
Does win7 keep its multiple displays configuration in its registry? If so, where? Is it anywhere else? I would like to keep a copy of the setting material and use it whenever a need arises.

A:Where does win7 keep its multiple displays configuration

Does NVIDIA have a program like the ATI Catalyst Control. Iv never worked with NVIDIA before

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Guys I ask this just out of curiosity what is the pros and cons of more than one monitors.Does they have any uses than gaming?thanks

A:Pros and cons of multiple displays

Yes. I have a two monitor set up, (with an "extended desktop")
One I have in portrait, the other in landscape.
These are primarily for desktop publishing purposes.
Sometimes I want to view my work one way, sometimes the other.

I had always wondered how anyone would like it for gaming.
Seems to me the movement between screens, and breaks in field of vision could be issues.
But, I am not a gamer, so what would I know.

Cons? for me?
Holding my neck / head in one position for extended periods ,
other than a centered/neutral position,
can result in some neck pain.
Solution is to compensate by how I position myself,
and using the dual monitor stand's full ability to tilt, swivel etc.
Younger persons may not notice the issue as much.

I cannot imagine how I would use a set up with more than two monitors though.

This stand has been excellent for my purposes.
They also make a four monitor (2x2) version,
and I have seen stands where you can mount 3 monitors side by side.

By the way this set up is used alternately with..
a) Dell Vostro 3550 Laptop (has an i3 processor, and both HDMI and VGA out)
b) On board graphics with a Gigabye GA-Z77X-UD5H (has two HDMI, plus DVI, plus VGA)
So, no fancy graphics card setups here!

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The HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports are not recognizing the HP Pavilion 27xw 27-inch IPS LED monitor when I plug it in. I have installed the software that came with the monitor and also updated my PC. Any help that would allow me to use multiple displays would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Any way possible of using the motherboard displayports at the sametime as the Nvidia GT 730 display ports? I am trying to connect 3 monitors to this PC but I have not found a away... I belive that the GT 730 is not Display Port 1.2, so I cant use the one port for two monitors via a daisy chain.  Any ideas?

A:Thinkcentre 910s Multiple Displays

Review this thread, it will be one of the two processes documented:  ThinkCentre M720s w/ GT 730: how to connect 3 & 4 high res monitors (DP, enable Intel graphics)

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A coworker and I are having an issue with a Dell Precision 5510. This is a brand-new computer just ordered/imaged for a new hire. We tried to set up two UP2716D monitors for her first using One Display Port cable and One HDMI cable, one monitor works as expected but the other monitor is not getting the right resolution (it is stuck on 2048X1080 @ 29 HZ). I tried changing it over to a display port daisy chain but that didn’t fix it. I have updated all relevant drivers, using dell command update. Has anyone run into this or have any tips for us?

A:Dell 5510 and Multiple Displays

By the way all of the display connections are going through a thunderbolt dock we purchased new with the system.

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Just got my new computer together and ive encountered a blue screen problem.

everytime i enter a game with catalyst AI on and using more then 1 monitor i get a blue screen.

It works if i take off catalyst AI or remove all monitors

I can run bad company 2 or metro 2033 without catalyst ai on and 3 monitors. But that makes the game lag a little.

So i want to fix it and get catalyst ai on and still use 3 monitors.

My system is as follows:
I7 quad-960 3.2Ghz.
Xfx hd 5970
6gb Dominator dhx+ 1600Mhz
Asus Rampage II Extreme X58
Corsair 750W psu
windows 7 pro 64Bit
X-fi soundcard that came on the Motherboard.

The blue screen code is :


Stop: 0X000000D1 (0X0000000000000148, 0X000000000000000B, 0X0000000000000000, 0XFFFFF88004B54250)

Atipmdag.sys - Adress FFFFF88004B54250 base at FFFFF880048BF000, Datestamp 4b68f9c4
Ive been looking around for a fix and i found loads of others with similiar problems. But no fix. Thats how i found out i had to remove the other 2 monitors to get it working

A:Hd 5970 and multiple displays = bluescreen

What Catalyst version do you use currently?


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I have a 9500 gt in my PC right now and can't seem to get it to display on my TV (using S-Video) i had it working a couple of months ago, and then i moved, since then i can't get the PC to even recognize the TV's existence other than in one instance which i will explain later.

so i have been trying and trying and trying, googling all sorts of various permutations on this problem. And nothing seems to work.

to explain better:

when i use either windows personalization (display) or Nvidia control panel neither sees the TV,
if i set anything related to multiple displays in either right after i click apply the setting auto revert to previous settings,
the only time i have been able to get the TV to show anything from the PC is when it was the only monitor connected (via S-Video) and it only displayed up to the point just before windows actually loads and starts(basically until the loading bar disappears) Edit: this is the only time the PC seems to have recognized the TV
i am running Vista,
my TV has both S-Video and the red green blue connections(although i have never used them for lack of red green blue cables)
i have also tried to use an RCA Switch box(don't know what else to call it. Will explain if needed)
i know the TV can do this as i have done it with both this same computer and with a laptop

If i left out any vital info please let me know what you need and i will do my best to get you the info.

I would like to know what i am doing wrong and get thi... Read more

A:Problem setting up multiple displays

I don't believe you can use S-Video to setup a second display. I haven't used that type of output in ages, but I believe you can only output (ie: clone) the main desktop.

S-Video is low resolution. Depending on the video chipset and TV, 640x480 or maybe 800x600. Thus the reason why you loose the image as Windows loads. The BIOS and Windows loading screen are VGA (640x480), as Windows loads, the video drivers and desktop settings are loaded (which are likely higher than supported by S-Video).

Set the desktop resolution to 640x480, shutdown Windows and power off the PC. Connect the TV to the S-Video output, power on the TV, and then boot into Windows. You should have an image on the monitor and TV.

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I would normally be inclined to agree with you that a laptop SHOULD be able to support its built-in screen AND one additional external monitor/screen, BUT............. I've had chats with HP support folks for a couple of hours and they're NOT coming up with the reason why my wife's Ultrabook laptop (Windows 10 Pro and with the Core i5 processor and HD 4000 Intel graphics chipset/adaptor) is unable to call up two screens. We're not asking for miracles.......just a second/extended screen.Has anybody in the "real" world heard of a solution/fix?? When we go to Control Panel/Display, the old "Connect to an External Display" doesn't even appear as a choice, the way it did in Windows 7.  Instead, we have to select Adjust Resolution to get to the "Change the appearance of your display" screen, where you'd normally see a drop-down for selecting the additional monitor....be able to "Identify" the two screens as #1 and #2......stack them up, put them side-by-side....etc, but NONE of that appears on her screen. Just the plain old......Display: 1. Generic Non-PnP Monitor.     That's it. Anyone? Thanks.

Better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.Michael

A:Continuing discussion re: multiple displays....

This just appeared all by itself but appears to relate back to a prior post. I am sure additional information like model number has been provided there. 

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Hi I am wondering if my system allows multiple displays and if I am able to change alter something to get it to display. I have a HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC with the operating system of Microsoft Windows 10 (64- Bit) The graphics properties are:Display Adapter(s): Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500  The laptop has the screen and I am trying to connect a second display monitor with DVI to HDMI converter cable as there is no DVI input on the notebook. In both the Intel settings and Control Panel setting it does not detect that there is a second display present and I am un-able to change any of these settings. I believe that I have the most up to date driver installs. Any assistance is appreciated.

A:Does system support multiple displays

Hi, It supports ONE external monitor. If you wish to use more than one external monitor you have to buy more hardware such as USB dock:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzEMhRoCl_U Regards.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using multiple displays (extended) with a laptop and a monitor.
I use the monitor above the laptop and not alongside it.
this works fine, except everytime I lock my laptop (which I do several times a day) - the screen then defaults back to the right of the laptop monitor.

I've searched the web, but found nothing about it.

thanks and regards,

A:Multiple Displays (Extended desktop)

hmmm this is new to me. have you tried programs such as Realtime Soft UltraMon to combat this issue?

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Hi, I own a Lenovo Yoga 920 (i7, 16gb, 1Tb, UHD screen) and every time I connect it to an external display via HDMI cable, every so often the mouse cursor would freeze for a second or so. I have downloaded latest display drivers using the Lenovo Vantage app and everything else seems to be fine.  My OS is Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.16299.192).  EDIT: When I connect the external display, I set external display's resolution to 1920x1200 and laptop display's resolution to 1920x1080. Can anyone help me resolve this? I tried downloading latest display drivers from Intel for UHD 620, but they are not confirmed by Lenovo, so I can't install them.  Thanks. 

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