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Nvidia quadro 1000M vs K2000M

Q: Nvidia quadro 1000M vs K2000M

Can someone tell me what's the difference between 1000m and k2000m ?!? becouse i have a Lenovo w520 / 15,6 2720qm 2,2ghz/16gb ram with 1000M and i found another laptop W 530 / 15,6. 3820qm 2,7ghz 8gb ram with K2000M ! should i buy that laptop ?!?

Preferred Solution: Nvidia quadro 1000M vs K2000M

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Nvidia quadro 1000M vs K2000M

any advice would be apreciate !

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If the laptop is on and the lid is closed and then opened, the screen will remain black until either powercycled or an external VGA monitor is attached.  The screen returns immediately once the VGA monitor is connected, and it stays lit when the external monitor is disconnected.  This happens whether or not the user is logged in.  The power options for Windows are set to "Do Nothing" when the lid is closed for both on battery and plugged in.  This happens whether or not the laptop is plugged in.
When the lid is reopened, the backlight comes on, but the screen remains black.  The OS accepts input -- if the screen is black and I type on the keyboard and then connect an external monitor, I can see the results of the typing.  Doing Fn+F8 does not affect the black screen.
This is a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro Build 1703, Bios A16, with the latest NVIDIA Quadro K2000M driver installed (v21.21.13.7735, 1 May 2017) and the other latest patches and drivers.  This does seem to be a software/driver issue because if Windows is put into hibernate mode instead of fully rebooting after the lid operation, the Dell logo will appear on the screen prior to restoring from hibernation, and the black screen will then continue after the UEFI boot has completed.
Apart from always shutting the system down completely before closing the lid or keeping a VGA monitor on hand, is there another solution to this issue?

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I have a laptop dell precision m4600 the graphics card inside is NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory, plus intel graphics HD 3000. Is it possible to upgrade the NVIDIA Quadro 1000m to meet a 3D VERY complex modeling design which I am working on it at an engineering software?
because i have some 3d drawings work slowly in performance with the existing graphics card.
if so, please provide me by the list of varies upgraded graphics cards based on dell recommendations on my laptop.

A:dell precision m4600 the graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 1000M upgrade

No you would need a top of the line laptop or a desktop with a separate high powered video card. Your laptop graphics are integrated on the board--not removable cards. Read-- Upgrade Video

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Worked fine before.
I am buying expensive workstation hardware so I can use them for a long time, I have the full expectation to keep using this machine for another few years.

Dell.... you are working on an updated driver, right?

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I have a p71 with basic NVIDIA Quadro M620.Is it possible to upgrade to  a Quadro P4000 8 Go? I heard it was mxm boards.The idea is to be VR ready. Thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, Greg 

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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didnīt work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-ø  

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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didnīt work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-ø 

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I regularly check for driver updates with the Lenovo tool.  Recnetly, I've noticed that I have the following driver that's called for as an update: NVIDIA Display Driver (NVIDIA N16S / Quadro N16P) However, I've never successfully gotten it to install.  Finally I manually downloaded it and ran the install.  During the CMD window that scrolls by with details, I see these lines at the end: INFO: Did not install 'c:\drivers\win\nvidiagraphics\nvidia\display.driver\nvlt.inf' because it is not better than the current drivers.INFO: Returning with code 0x100 Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas why we keep getting these types of driver 'updates' when they're not actually updates? Thanks for you input in advance!

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Greetings all. I recently sold my Nvidia Quadro FX4000 256MB AGP graphics card on Ebay to a guy in Germany (I am in UK). Used the standard Ebay description tool which displayed it as PNY NVidia Quadro FX4000 256mb AGP card.

My question is: are there 2 varients of this card ie Nvidia and PNY? The guy is stating that I have sent him an Nvidia Card as opposed to a PNY card and is requesting a refund.

I sold the card in good faith (using the Ebay description tool) thinking that there was only one varient and the picture I took is exactly like the PNY varient too so I thought I was selling one in the same?

I would appreciate your views guys. I think maybe this guy is trying it on?

Many thanks.

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I've read Quadro's are stable and highly recommended for CAD, etc workstations (not for gaming) and gaming cards are obviously better for gaming. I am looking to setup two separate dual output video cards in a new machine. It will be used primarily for streaming real time financial info/web surfing (no CAD nor any 3D modeling) with a secondary use of gaming (not important for me to run top games at top resolutions-average is fine). Should I look at getting Quadros or game cards. I am leaning toward the game cards like Nvidia 8600GT, etc as they are lower price and seems like if they can run games fast/no problem-why wouldn't they easily be able to handle business applications? Quadros seem to cost more and can mainly only be used for business apps?

A:Nvidia Quadro vs Nvidia gaming cards

Quadros are for Digital Content Creation and CAD purposes mainly. For you, a pair of 8600GTs would be fine.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to get one of these suckers to work with Win7 x64? I bought the thing back when it was brand new and I spent like $600 on it and I don't want to have to give it up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

A:Nvidia Quadro NVS 400

Quote: Originally Posted by jnkueppers

Does anyone know if it is possible to get one of these suckers to work with Win7 x64? I bought the thing back when it was brand new and I spent like $600 on it and I don't want to have to give it up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

here is a link to the latest drivers ,have you tried these? NVIDIA DRIVERS 197.54 WHQL
if you still dont have success loading them, try installing them in compatibility mode Compatibility Mode good luck ,post back if you need more help

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Has anyone found a Vista 64 driver that works on a Nvidia Quadro 4 card. I think it is a 750xgl.


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The new Quadro CX card has been designed to deliver 192 CUDA parallel processor cores, a total of 1.5GB of GDDR3 memory with 384-bit memory interface. The memory bandwidth is specified at 76.8GB/s and, as you might expect from such a monster of a card, it comes with some hefty power requirements for a maximum of 150W. The card itself is equipped with a dual-slot cooling system, and provides just one dual link DVI port. Additional specifications include support for NVIDIA's SLI and CUDA technologies, as well as for DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0.

Read more at the source.

Later Ted

A:NVIDIA Intros Quadro CX

Now i would sell a kidney for that. Looks freeking awsome

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hi all, ive just brought a second hand pc which has a nvidia quadro4 900 xgl card installed the problem is ive re installed my medal of honor game, allied assault plays ok but breakthough & spearhead keep chrashing on start up does any one know if this card handle games like this or do i need to change any settings, thanks
windows xp (sp2)
1gb of memory
intel xeon daul core 2.4ghz processer

A:Nvidia Quadro 4 900xgl

I don't think the quadro is used for the games, only for the development and workstations uses only.

I may be wrong, so It is appropriate if you hit up on the google.

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Does anyone know if there is Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M drivers for Windows 8?

I cant seem to find any and Windows 8 installs some Microsoft Basic driver which doesnt work properly.


A:Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M

Hello sudohost, try installing the Windows 7 drivers

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I've always shadowed the forums, but never had to actually ask my own question before, so bear with me a moment;

Normaly I'd throw out a system info report, but I can't actually access the PC in question at the moment, so I'll have to roll with what I know. Here goes.

I'm running a stock Dell Precision 390 desktop with an Nvidia Quadro card and running Windows XP. At the moment it's connected to my Bush LCD via the stock Dell-VGA splitter and it runs fine... sort of. Before the main problem there is a small irk I have with the system itself in that it can't seem to make up its mind which ports and cables it wants to work with. Each and every time I update my drivers (I know that there haven't been new ones released in a while, but there are two [one with OpenGL but older, one without but newer] that I find myself needing to switch between now and again) the port on the tower that i need to plug the splitter into OR which of the VGA split-cables i need to plug into the LCD. If that doesn't make a whole load of sense don't worry too much, it's just a secondary problem that I'd like very much to know if there's a way to force it to always use the same port/cable.

Onto the main event, however: along with the VGA splitter supplied, I was also given a HDMI splitter, however not once in all the tweaking and changing of drivers have I been able to get the LCD to recieve a signal. I wouldn't even be wanting to sw... Read more

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My nvidia quadro fx 3400 is overheating
At least that s what i think when i turn up the graphics on my games it scrambles up the objects and does a fan like feature.
I have felt the card its pretty dang hot, and the fan is spinning quite fast
Any help ?

Is this even the right place to post this lol
This is a pic of what it looks like

A:My nvidia quadro is overheating please help

Have you tried reseating the heatsink with some artic silver? Passed that, how's the air flow in your case?

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I have an nVidia Quadro in my desktop here at work, just installed Windows 7 Pro 32Bit (trying all the flavors before rolling out to prospective clients).

I can get multiple displays running but I've encountered a problem that has driven me to the breaking point.

From my onboard VGA, I can get full resolution and a great picture. From my Quadro all I get in dual dispaly (not the full 3 or 4 I want) and when it does display on two screens together, it's mirrored.

The display options are only seeing the monitors and Generic PnP and it detects the two both as monitor "1". Their resolution is stuck to 1024x768.

Here's the stranger part: In my Hardware Profiles, it has 2 Standard VGAs listed in Device Manager and 2 "Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family". One of the "Intel" chip and one of the "Standard VGA" each are showing that the devices could not start.

I've uninstalled the drivers for all 4, rebooted, removed them from device manager and even switched my BIOS to boot from the onboard instead of Auto (Dell BIOS).

To finally confound things more, when I do reboot, guess what displays on the BIOS? QUADRO!

My BIOS obviously recognizes and identifies the card, but 7 is just throwing it down. I've tried the new Forceware drivers as well as every driver nVidia had listed for Windows 7 32bit for every model of NVS Quadro with no avail, it just says that no matching hardware is found.

Can this be addressed and fixe... Read more

A:NVidia Quadro driver help

I think this is a windows seven configuration problem as in a previous post where someone wanted to run 2 displays from 1 card in PCI-e and 1 from a pci slot. Yet would get an error 10 message pci bridge to pci bridge. Yet he could run this setup in XP. My first thought for you is to load the display driver that is showing the PnP display, as well as the drivers for the other 2 displays. but if the graphics chips are not compatible your going to have issues. onboard VGA chip verus Quadro chip displaying at different refresh rates and resolutions. Of course with the new ATI Hd 5870 you can run 3 displays from 1 card 2 dvi and 1 hdmi, all for around 380.00. Anyway at this time I don't think windows seven from all the articals I researched for the other thread is capabel of these kind of 3 display configurations. Sorry I know this is of no value to you but thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth . Here is a great artical on ATI's new eyefinity techknowledgy ATI Radeon HD 5870: DirectX 11, Eyefinity, And Serious Speed : Introduction - Review Tom's Hardware by the way these cards are now for sale at the egg. Welcome to sevenforums and let us know if you figure this out. Fabe

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I have a Lenovo T61, and the driver that windows automatically installs doesn't work right, and openGL doesn't work. The install package I have from the lenovo site would fix it, but I can't install it because it has to be Windows 2000/XP/7. Any way to get around this? Is there some way to manually install the driver or something without the setup package?

A:NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M

nevermind found out something hahahahha oops

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Hello guys,

I got a nVidia Quadro FX 2000 graphics card.

I was wondering if this graphic card could do a spilt screen so I can do two things at once.

If anyone knows can you get me a step by step tutorial on how to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Nvidia Quadro Fx 2000

Hi joeey.s.
If all you want to do is split the desktop in half with two different apps open and in view, windows will do that.
Right click the taskbar and select "Tile Windows Horizontally\Vertically", depending on your viewing preference.

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I bought a PCI-Express graphics card off eBay because the seller said it was a PCI graphics card. Well, it was only $20 so shipping it back probably would not be worth it. I wanted to put this in my old desktop to make it a bit more useful, but it has AGP, and PCI, not PCI-Express.

I don't see how it could be at all useful to put into my new desktop, as this is a 128 MB graphics card... it does have dual DVI ports though.

A:Nvidia Quadro FX 1400... What to do with it?

You can look around for a convertor: here i did a google search for you :P pci to agp - Google Search

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Hi all

Thaught I'd make a post of this since I had trouble getting my graphics driver working with build 7264 x64 and the latest 7600 x64 release..

The driver I used earlier was presented on windowsupdate as a
(WDDM Pre-release) (does not show up with build 7264 x64 and latest 7600 x64)

Download this driver -> http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/nvidia...24_win7x64.exe

When you extract it you will find a zip archive called: additional_infs.zip
Inside this archive extract the file called: nvlt.inf

Put it with the rest of the files you extracted from the .exe file.

The driver is not digitally signed, but you will at least get your videocard working


A:Lenovo T61 with Nvidia Quadro NVS 140m

Champion post, have been looking all day for this information.

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Hi there,
Just bought a new computer with Windows 7 and Nvidia Quadro FX 580.
After startup I am getting BSOD with:
attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed

I tried every single avilable driver for this card - nothing helps.
I would very much appreciate any help here.
Thanks in advance.

A:BSOD in Windows 7 (Nvidia Quadro fx 580)

Please provide us with the information in this post to get us started: http://www.techsupportforum.com/1871981-post2.html

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Hi there,

I have 2 x Nvidia Quadro graphics cards and am trying to connect 2 monitors to each (4 monitors in total). Each card has two ports but it is only recognising the monitors plugged into the DP, not the DVI port!

Running Windows 10 Pro

Please help, this is driving me crazy!

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hi,Basically after an automatic anniversary update my Nvidia was on code 43 ,disabled. I've tried rolling back,restoring windows to previous version,clean installs ,clean installs for drivers,installs via support ,installs with nvidia drivers,Bios updates - Nothing works and i can't work either  any help is appreciated,i can't believe the card is trully dead update: i did the uefi video mem test - status : passedspecs: i7 4810mqquadro k1100m32gb ram

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Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help out what seems the problem. The card used to work before I reinstalled Windows.

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Does any one know if the Dell Nvidia Quadro 3000M graphics card will support DP 1.2 and MST? Looking to attach a StarTech MST Hub to enable 4 monitor support and these two items are the requirements for it to work.

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I have recently upgraded my Windows 7 64-Bit desktop with a Nvidia Quadro NVS 450 card which is connected to 4 x Dell U2410 Monitors via displayport. I have a Gigabyte P55-UD3R motherboard with Corsair 520 watt PSU.

Since completing the upgrade last friday I have been having intermittent problems with the display turning red/black and then the system becoming unresponsive, and ultimately receiving a blue screen of death.

I have tried a few things to resolve it including downloading the latest drivers, without success. Some days the computer works most of the day without a problem but then other times it crashes more frequently. I use this computer for work so can't afford for it to unstable.

Before the Nvidia Quadro NVS 450 Card I used a HIS HD4670 which was ran smoothly for the last year.

Tried following the instructions regarding performance report and all I got was a popup saying that the computer was collecting data for 60 seconds but that went on for over 10 minutes.

Appreciate any advice or suggestions to help me resolve this. Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] BSOD with Nvidia Quadro NVS 450

Hello and welcome to TSF.

Please follow the instructions here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f217...ns-452654.html

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Hello all,

I need to set up a computer with 5 different screens for a restaurant menu. Only images will be displayed on 5 tv.

I made some research online to find one or two graphic cards that could connect 5 tvs on it.

I found a great Nvidia video card with 4 display slots that is very cheap! (see link below). My idea is now to buy a computer that have a normal graphic card and to install this second card which mean that they will be 5 different outputs!

I did some research of which motherboard I need and apparently I need a 'pci express x16' motherboard with a free slot. I also saw that both cards need to be in the same family (NVS I guess)

I was wondering if someone could guide me with this ... ideally I would like to buy a computer already made, and just need to insert this card into it to make it work.
Is there someone that could advice me on a computer where this card would be compatible? I am looking for a 'cheap' one and can't spend a lot of money on it.

If anyone got any advices or link for a computer that would work, please let me know!

Many thanks,


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I'm Dell Precision M6500 user. I've problem with Quadro 5000m. My graphic card have different hardware ID than Dell product and I'm not able to find correct driver. I've spent many hours on a phone with dell tech support but they were unable to help me (same as Nvidia) so I think the only solution is to flash my Quadro 5000m bios with original Dell bios. Sorry for my bad english.

A:Nvidia quadro 5000m bios

The most current BIOS A09 for the 6500 may be downloaded from the following link.
The most up to date Windows 7 video driver is available from the this link
You may have to uninstall the video driver completely from the system before attempting to download and reinstall the latest driver.
If your system does have A09 installed but you aren't able to install the video driver it is possible the GPU may be defective.   If you would like for me to look into this further please reply back and include the steps that you have taken to troubleshoot, including when the problem started, please also include the operating system that you are using.

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I am sorry for not reading this entire thread but I was wondering if there are any drivers for Quadro 2500M or if there will ever be any. I have seen some on this forum use Windows 7 and the Dell M90 with the Quadro 2500M but I cannot figure out how to do it. Thanks so much.

A:Drivers for NVIDIA Quadro 2500M?

Quote: Originally Posted by zeke18

I am sorry for not reading this entire thread but I was wondering if there are any drivers for Quadro 2500M or if there will ever be any. I have seen some on this forum use Windows 7 and the Dell M90 with the Quadro 2500M but I cannot figure out how to do it. Thanks so much.

Could this be it?
If not, keep looking at the nvidia drivers selections for notebook drivers, try them all

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I recently installed an Nvidia Quadro CX card under Windows 7 (risky, I know). Although I'm using the latest drivers from Nvidia, I can't get the second monitor to display through the displayport-to-DVI adapter.

I can swap cables all day long and each monitor works fine with the DVI connector; it's just that nothing is detected when plugged into the second output (displayport).

Has anyone else run into this problem with Windows 7 build 7000?


A:No dual monitor with Nvidia Quadro CX

i have intel gma 950 with tv out same problem doesn't locate the connection

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Sony Qualia video projector, game PC with ASUS P4C800 / Intel P4 3.2 Ghz and a nVidia Quadro FX3000 graphics card. The problem I?m having is an image that has an almost sandpaper like look, not really pixelized but sort of splotchy and incorrect color.

I?m using the DVI-I output of the FX3000 and the DVI-D input of the Qualia. Following Sony direction I am setting the projector?s input to DVI Video GBR and the FX3000 output to 1920x1080. When the computer boots up the projector senses the signal and switches to its? video memory 5 which is 1920x1080. The image is undistorted 16:9 but with the quality issues described above. The projector DVI input works fine with other video sources and I?ve tried other DVI cables. Using the HDMI input with a DVI to HDMI adapter produces the same results.

Does anybody know what type of signal the FX3000 outputs? Is it Digital or Analog? Does it have the ability to output Digital? I?ve tried the online tech support for the nVidia card but so far no response.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


A:NVidia Quadro FX3000 question

I'm sorry - I don't' have a helpful response, but I'd be very interested of seeing some digital pics of that setup. Sounds like an awesome/unique gaming config you've got there. Any chance of seeing some pictures?

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On my dell D820, no luck with vista drivers, and not being prompted by windows update.

A:Anybody have any luck with nVidia Quadro NVS 110M

Have you tried installing the Nvidia Nforce drivers in compatibility mode for Vista.

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

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Hey all,
I got a problem with my new pc i installed the card and the drivers and when i reboot the card fails to initialize.

The error given is:

921 - pciexpress slot failed to initialize

i could only see the error when i plugged the monitor cable into normal vga port not the 440's one.

Any ideas?

This is the model dc7600 i have

also i have added a 1GB + 512MB Ram to the pc so now it has 2GB Ram and Dual-Core 820 2.8Ghz processor

A:HP dc7600 & NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 Problems

did you remember to change your bios settings before you installed the enw card? some HP systems make it impossible to disable the onboard graphics, meaning you have to do it from windows.

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Hello. I have tried everything I could to get Aero to work with my card.
I've had every beta dating back to the 6xxx series of betas, which Aero had worked.
I recently just got Aero to work last night/this morning. Then I shut my computer off and
turned it back on again, only to find that Aero is no longer an option.
Anyone think they can take a stab at how to fix this?
I'll list what I have done:
-Reformatted Windows
-Updated Windows after installing Windows
-Installed the correct/most recent drivers
-Disabled Desktop Window Management Session Manager

Edit: It is a Lenovo ThinkPad R61

A:nVidia Quadro NVS 140M plus Aero

Figured it out. Run WEI and select an Aero theme. Then have Windows Troubleshoot it
to figure out the problem.
Desktop Windows Management should be enabled.

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I ran some benchmarks, and the scores seem quite low for what an nVidia Quadro P5000 should be. Has anyone else tried it as well?

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Hello, all,

My system:

Computer: IBM Intellistation M Pro, model 6849-52U
Mobo: Intel D850GB
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 with 256 Level 2 cache
RAM: 1GB PC 800 Rambus RIMM
Video: Nvidia Quadro 2 Pro/Nvidia Quadro FX 1100
AGP 4X slot
Power Supply: 340W
OS: Win2K SP4 (Computer has Microsoft Win2K COA)

This is a workstation that I bought used (eBay) to run high-end engineering graphics. It came with the NVidia Quadro 2 Pro board (64 MB) which was an OEM option. I recently bought the Quadro FX 1100 (128 MB) used (also eBay) for the additional 64 MB to bring video up to snuff for the graphics I want to run.

The Quadro FX 1100 installed just fine, and I noticed improvement in video performance from the added RAM. When I got curious and started really digging thru the info in the NVidia View program that comes with the drivers, however, I noted that the board is running at PCI X 0 speed, rather than at AGP 4.

I don't know what the Quadro 2 Pro was running at before the upgrade, as I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention to the graphics before I did the upgrade. I did reinstall the Quadro 2 Pro card and drivers, though, and the Quadro 2 Pro also runs as PCI X 0 now. It probably was running at the same speed before I installed the Quadro FX 1100.

As the computer was designed to run the Quadro 2 Pro, something about the way I have the computer set up is most likely the problem.

I have checked the obvious things (BIOS settings, power to board... Read more

A:Nvidia Quadro AGP cards recognized as PCI

This sounds to me like a reporting error. If everything's running fine and faster than before, I'd tend to believe that you're running at the 4x speed and the nView program isn't reading this correctly.

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I an trying ti install a video graphics card, when I plug in to my pci ex slot and plug in the leads the screen does not work, but the computer does, now I see that I have a pnp monitor but the card and a vga adapter on it, I have tried everything possible but cant get to work, anyone any ideas?????????

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Who is right - who is wrong ... if any?! I have a ProBook 470 G2 G6W69EA running Revit and Autocad Architecture, and it is not working to well.So i am thinking of buying a ZBook 17 G3 instead, and when comparing the different specs, I came across this : According to NVIDIA at http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro-for-mobile-workstations.html  the Quadro M2000M is made for the 15,6" platform.Among others, HP ZBook 17 G3 - T7V62EA#ABY is according to HP spec built with the Quadro M2000M, though it according to NVIDIA should be the M3000M when on a 17,3" platform.Is that perticular ZBook proper built, or is it "money down the drain" not to go for something like the Y6J67EA  with Quadro M3000M instead? 

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Is there any way to disable the Quadro 4000m gpu without booting into safe mode? The option to disable it appears in the device manager only when I boot into safe mode. Since I have to disable/re-enable the gpu often, I would much prefer it if I could do it without having to reboot. The system is Elitebook 8760w running Windows 10 x64. I have tried a number of drivers both from HP and Nvidia sites. I have also tried installing only the graphics driver. The result remains the same. No option to disable the GPU in normal mode. Any suggestions? Thanks.  

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I've had occasional BSOD while playing games or running graphics intensive applications (SolidWorks, etc) with my previous AMD graphics card, so I thought I'd try an nVidia instead. I put a Quadro K2000 this morning and now my computer is crashing hourly. The culprit is reported as nvlddmkm.sys for what that's worth.

I believe I have all the latest Windows 8.1 updates and I tried two versions of the nVidia driver, the version "certified" for SolidWorks and now the latest one (340.84).

Any help would be appreciated!


A:BSOD after installing nVidia Quadro K2000

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is usually
caused by drivers using improper addresses.
If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace.
Arg1: ffffd00137b48184, memory referenced
Arg2: 000000000000000e, IRQL
Arg3: 0000000000000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: fffff8000c82e519, address which referenced memory

Debugging Details:
Kernel Generated Triage Dump

READ_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800f13e1138
unable to get nt!MmNonPagedPoolStart
unable to get nt!MmSizeOfNonPagedPoolInBytes


fffff800`0c82e519 658a042584010000 mov al,byte ptr gs:[184h]





ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.17237 (debuggers(dbg).140716-0327) amd64fre

TRAP_FRAME: ffffd00127b86850 -- (.tra... Read more

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Hi everybody,I need some help regarding the compatibility between Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphic card and my pc. I have a hp pavilion elite hpe-521 it with 16GB of RAM and now an 250GB SSD, on which I have the operating system installed (Windows 10), integrated with a hard disk of 1TB. I would like to know whether my PC is fully compatible with the Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphic card?Does it support the PCI express 3.0? I will be grateful for any help you can provide. Have a nice day,Lorenz 

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I put new graphics card in HP Pavilion Elite HPE-599uk but not start upThis computer motherboard accept NVIDIA Quadro K620 2GB Graphics Card.?Kind regards

A:NVIDIA Quadro K620 2GB Graphics Card

Were you using onboard before? If so, you need to enable discrete GPUs or disable on-board video in the BIOS of the computer. Then it should work. If not, check for any power plugs that have come undone and if that still doesn't work, the card is most likely dead.

I don't run HP, I just like helping others!FX6300 / Biostar TA970 / 8GB ADATA DDR3 / MSI HD 7950 / Corsair RM850 / Sandisk U110 250GB SSD and 2x WD Velociraptors 300GB / Antec 1100 V2 / NZXT Respire T40

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Symptoms: Device manager check: it shows the icon and name of NVIDIA Quadro K1100M with an esclamation markClicking on it it displays the status field text as follows:Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). Actions tried:Downloading new setup file: sp70052.exeRun setup (note: on the last file overwriting one file could not be overwritten because of concurrent use by other process, unknown) Result:On first restart the status is like before the reinstallation and, furthermore, the NVIDIA control panel menu cannot be run. It is listed and clickable on right clicking on the desktop window but nothing appears, while it is apparently running among the processes listed in Task Manager. On subsequent warm restarting the restart jams at the black window with HP logo (with the ?type esc to go to the startup menu). So it needed a forced cold restart after which the Nvidia Quadro K1100M disappeared from the available adapters (both in the Windows Device Manager tool and the HP Support Assistant System Information list (only device 1 is listed: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz). SO, IN CONCLUSION I HAVE A POWERFUL NVIDIA QUADRO K1100M ON MY HP ZBOOK 15 G2 THAT I CANNOT USE

A:Problem with NVIDIA Quadro K1100 M driver

?Thank you for using HP Support Forum. I have brought your issue to the appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post ( serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with the Forum's private messaging please click here to learn more.Thank you,Omar

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Are there Z420, Z620, or Z820 users reading this that are successfully running Win 7 64-bit OS with a Quadro M6000? I currently have a Z820/Quadro K4000 combo for Maya modeling and rendering. I have a 1125 watt PSU. The QuickSpecs for the Z820 list the Quadro K4000, K5000, and K6000 as "compatible". However, I want to upgrade to an HP Quadro M6000 but the QuickSpecs for it say: COMPATIBILITYThe Quadro M6000 is supported on the following HP Z Workstations:- HP Z840 Workstation- HP Z640 Workstation Is this because, The M6000 is compatible with a Zx20 but HP doesn't have the resources to test it and certify it, even though the card is $4500 right now on the HP online store?HP has tested it, and the Quadro M6000 is not compatible with the Zx20 workstations.Thanks all!

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