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Intel HD graphics card a problem after win10 upgrade

Q: Intel HD graphics card a problem after win10 upgrade

hi guys,

my wife has a lenovo flex2 14 laptop that has intel HD family onboard graphics card in it.and was running win 7 on it perfectly she clean installed 8 then upgraded to 10 and everything is fine except the display she has installed the win 10 driver for her laptop from lenovos sit but complains that text is a bit blury and that windows (in the software she is using) doesnt display as much as it used to on the previous win7 despite the resolutions being the same

any ideas how i can correct this for her...so she can continue loving me?

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Preferred Solution: Intel HD graphics card a problem after win10 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi, I am looking for a possible graphics card upgrade for my computer. My computer doesn't have PCI-Express or AGP, so PCI is my only option (short of buying a new, better computer which we absolutely don't have the money for.)

I am wondering, what you guys recommend for me? Right now, I'm getting 4 fps on World of Warcraft which is barely playable (max is usually like 10, in less detailed areas).

I am running this:
Dell Dimension 2400
Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz
0.99GB RAM

And I saw somewhere that I might have to upgrade my power supply, so here's the specs of it:

Model - DPS-200PB-146B Rev 01
Input 100-127V~/5A, 200-240V~/2.5A
Output - +12=--/10A -12V =--/1A
+5=--/22A -5VSB =--/2A
+3.3V =--/14A
Max Combined Power of +5&+3.3V Output: S135W
+5V&+3.3V 135W

Can you help me out? It'd be nice being able to play with a better fps. =)

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I have a HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-in-One with onboard video.  Video is Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset. I purchased the Compaq optional accessory video card p/n 628380-001 AMD Radeon HD 5570 1GBOriginal problem was that when installed I got 4 beeps and no video.  Research indicated that the standard 150w power supply was insufficient.  Need optional 180w power supply. Ordered new 180w power supply.  Installed card, attached new power suppy, Test. There is no boot screen.  The screen remains blank when I tried to boot up the PC.  Good news is no more beeps.I did not observed any specific video configuration in BIOS setup.Is there a jumper on the board that needs to be set, or did I miss something in the BIOS settings?Thanks,Marc

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Will a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 TI 4GB Windforce Graphics Card fit in the graphiic card slot for my Envy tower just purchased yet to recieve

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Hey every 1 , i have been trying to get Splinter cell PT to work but it does not work on my graphics card. it is a intel 82852/82855. the game installed ok but once i go to play the game it just disapears when the game is about to start does anyone know why this is.

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Hi All

I Have An HP G62 With Amd And Intel Graphics Card

I've Installed Windows 8 Then I Had A Problem

Only Amd Card Is Working But Intel Isnt And I Cant Install The Driver "Minimum Requirements"


A:HP G62 Intel Graphics Card Problem

Originally Posted by amabahhar

Only Amd Card Is Working But Intel Isnt And I Cant Install The Driver "Minimum Requirements"

Whatever driver you are trying to install is not compatible with your hardware configuration. So, I went to the HP site and I don't see any Win8 compatible drivers listed:

HP G62-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

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I am having a problem with my Intel 82852/82855 graphics card drivers. this started when I tried to update the driver. I downloaded the driver, and tried to update it by unzipping the file, and going to device manager, selecting the device, selecting update driver, and specifying the location. it worked pretty well, but right at the end of the proccess, where the bar was almos full, it stopped. the wizard told me that there had been an error while installing my hardware; "the specified file could not be found." however, I didn't see a file specified anywhere! also, after this, my video card, (or cards, I'm not sure; device manager shows two had the little yellow circle with and exclamation mark near it. I tried this several times, completely unninstalling the drivers from the add/remove program lists. I've even tried it with an older driver, but I get the same message. Please help me: I'm pretty desperate!

A:Driver problem for Intel graphics card

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Hi There,
Sorry if i am asking the same question which may have been answered in some other post. We created an image for windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3050 with HD graphics 630. Everything is working normally, but when we try to RDP to the desktop from another machine, the below error comes right after login
igfxEM Module has stopped working
The current display drivers are version We downloaded from Dell website and these are the most updated ones. 
We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers few times already. The error does not appear when login in locally, but only when we try to RDP.
When we disable the service "Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel Service", the error does not appear in RDP. 
Kind of trying to figure out the behavior and if someone has experienced this before. The same is happening on OptiPlex 3040 as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading this post. 

A:OptiPlex 3050 - Win10 - Intel HD Graphics 630

Hi idsinghbhambra,
You can find an earlier discussion (and workarounds) on the issue here.

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After I upgraded to Windows 10, The Graphics card worked fine, atleast 4 months later, I saw that the Intel Graphics tray icon was missing when I entered Device Manager it had a little exclamation point by it and said

Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device.
To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)

Then, I looked a little deeper into the problem and found this:

Problem code: 00000023
Problem Status: The resources required for this device conflict with the MCFG table.

I haven't edited the PC in ANY way, Any solution to this problem
PC Specifications (in case needed)

Model - NB10t-A-101
Processor - Intel Celeron N2810 @ 2GHz
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics.

(Another note: I need the latest Generic Graphics driver for Windows 10,)

A:Satellite NB10t-A-101 - Intel graphics card problem using Win 10

If Win10 supports that Intel HD graphics chip, a driver will be available in Windows Update.

Check if your Intel HD is compatible:

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525.
I seem to have broken my display when I was trying out the Intel GMA Driver's feature 'Flip 180' which supposedly flips the monitor's display. Instead it exhibited what would happen if you change your resolution to 640x480, with really large icons. I tried to restart the computer but when I checked in my display settings it says something like:

"The currently selected driver cannot be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows and is no longer compatible with this version.

The system has started using the default VGA driver."

And in my screen saver settings:
"The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D."

Aside from that, the computer works perfectly fine, but I don't want this to be a problem in the future. What happened here? Is there any way I could fix this?

A:Intel Graphics Media Accelerator/Video Card Problem

heres the driver for your intel chipset , try reinstalling it mate , this is for 32bit you dont mention which flavour of vista you have

Drivers and Downloads

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 running on Vista.
I seem to have broken my display when I was trying out the Intel GMA Driver's feature 'Flip 180' which supposedly flips the monitor's display. Instead it exhibited what would happen if you change your resolution to 640x480, with really large icons. I tried to restart the computer but when I checked in my display settings it says something like:

"The currently selected driver cannot be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows and is no longer compatible with this version.

The system has started using the default VGA driver."

And in my screen saver settings:
"The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D."

Aside from that, the computer works perfectly fine, but I don't want this to be a problem in the future. What happened here? Is there any way I could fix this?

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I bought this notebook HP Envy 14 on 6NOV2015 Windows 10Intel i7-6700HQ [email protected],Intel HD Graphics 530 w/Driver =  (8/24/2015) - Already latest as of todayNVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M w/Driver =  (7/13/2015) => updated on 30NOV15 CRASH ERR msg-Display driver stopped responding and has recoveredDisplay driver Intel HD Graphics Driversfor Windows 8(R) stopped respondingand has successfully recovered.- For the past 3 weeks, display driver crashed frequently while I was surfing the internet with (Fox,Chrome,IE,Edge). The situation seems to get worse. First 2 weeks, it will recover itself. A few days ago, when crashed, browser blanked out, close browser & restart, everything gone. I tried to update (NVIDIA driver and Intel IO Driver) from HP Support Assistant without success. I reported this problem to HP on 30Nov. A HP support person told me he has helped about 50 similar cases like this with Windows 10.  He remotely controlled my notebook to install all those associated drivers individually (NVIDIA driver and Intel IO Driver) from the control panel.  (not from HP Support Assistant)  He said he has resolved my problem and I should be happy. Well, today 01DEC.  I still have the same display driver problem - crashed all day long, many times.  VERY ANNOYING ! I wonder Is there anybody who bought HP notebook has the same problem as mine? Is it a c... Read more

A:Display driver Intel HD Graphics 530 CRASH on Win10 frequent...

I got a  HP Envy 15t Windows 10Intel i7-6700HQ [email protected],Intel HD Graphics 530 w/Driver =  (8/24/2015) I blinks constantly and when playing Netflix videos on Chrome Browser it shows failing patches randomly. It is more than "VERY ANNOYING !", it is "EXTREMELY AGRAVATING!"  You pay HP over US$1,000 dollars and get a unreliable machine, cheaply built. I am very disappointed with HP. Mauro Dutra

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A few days ago, I upgraded my my old GTS 250 to a GTX 550ti and added 4 GBs of RAM as well. I opened up WoW to test it and noticed that it would go from around 60fps to around 10 in a 2-3 seconds span and go back up again(the game would be all jumpy). This would happen every few seconds. I deleted all the drivers, used Driver Sweeper, restarted computer and installed the latest driver again and the same thing would happen. Today I took the card out, along with all the ram, made sure that everything was installed correctly and put it back together again. I also re-installed the drivers a few times and updated my mobo's chipset and still the same thing is happening (this time with Skyrim so I guess it's not a patch or anything). It's fan is working and all the other fans/heatsink as well. I defragmented my computer as well even tho it didn't really need it.

My specs:
XFX 750i sli mobo
4x2GBs of DDR2 RAM (8GBs of RAM)
intel core 2 quad q9400 @ 2.66 ghz processor
Coolermaster cd 690 case
Corsair power supply - 750 watts
Thermaltake V1 heatsink

A:Graphics card problem after upgrade

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I am replacing my current graphics card with with a new Gainward GeForce 6800. My problem is (I think) that the card itself is twice as wide as my current one and there is a (sound?) card in the way. I have moved the sound card to another slot, fitted the new graphics card but there is a problem - when I reboot, the screen i dead and I get a constant 'beep' coming from the PC's internal speaker. If I don't move the sound card, the new graphics card won't fit.

Apologies for non-technical language, I'm not used to this stuff!

Can anyone help please!!!!

Dell Dimension 8250, with a Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(tm) WDM Interface and NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200

A:Graphics card upgrade problem

Well lif the computer beep 3 times its's your video card. So I'am assuming that t you are not putting your video in the right way. Also make sure that your video card has a power cable going to your power supply because alot of people have that problem they forget about that. :bounce:


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I recently bought a nvidia 1050 2gb card but when I install it I get no O/S found...when I remove it the system starts again....I have a 400 watt power supply and the card recommends a 300 watt ....so whats up?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I used to enjoy 3 displays (2 Display Ports and 1 VGA) - the newest set of drivers from Dell for the Intel HD4000 Graphics adater vesion: has suddenly limited it to 2 displays at a time.  There MUST be a fix for this, right?

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Problem: I would like to upgrade from Win 7 32-bit to Win 10. Nvidia says my GTS 450 graphics card is compatible with Win10; Win 10 upgrade assistant says it is not. Can I force the upgrade anyway? Nvidia has a 64-bit Win 10 driver for this card, but no 32bit version. I have contacted Nvidia about this but no reply yet. Thanks for your help.

A:Upgrade to Win10 with incompatible graphics drivers

There have been so many Nvidia issues with video card drivers in Windows 10 I wouldn't do it if Windows says its incompatible, especially if you are upgrading.
I have seen too many upgrades fail and then the recovery to Windows 7 fail right afterwards leaving the client with a reinstall of Windows 7.

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I tried everything,installed the drivers for my AMD,disabled the drivers for Intel (it switched to microsoft basic graphics instead of the AMD),couldn't find anything in BIOS however...if anyone got some advice,please share it with me because I can't take low FPS in games anymore when I got a laptop with such good specs.

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hello everybody, my name is Brian, I own a dell xps 13 (9350) purchased in 2017, but its the 2016 model with intel iris 540 graphics, its also the model with the QHD+ touch-screen, 3200x1800 resolution.
not sure if it matters what else the system has spec-wise, but ill include that also.

My question is in regards to the colors, and what this screen is producing picture/video quality-wise when I'm viewing colorful photos, or watching videos with colors on youtube;

I've watched quite a handful of videos on youtube about the dell xps 13, and a lot of them suggest that this laptop comes "a touch off" in terms of color gamma and/or color accuracy - whatever that means, but they say the xps 13 out of the box, with no settings adjusted other than what dell and intel have done, that the color and screen needs to be calibrated. 

how do I know what to do and how to check if I need it? I mean, everything seems to be good looking, but if its off and I just don't know it, I would like to know how to modify these "said" settings, as I want the most out of my xps 13!

I'm also experimenting with different power-plan settings, trying to configure this machine for the best possible battery-life, and also longevity in overall-life span. meaning I want to preserve this machine in ways possible, without reducing any of the added benefits of having such a high-performing laptop.

I bought this xps 13 from a friend, we actually traded. I gave him my ipad... Read more

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I have an Intel Family HD 4400 Graphics card on my laptop and I have updated the driver as of an hour ago (latest driver released August 12, 2015).  Before I upgraded to Win10 I never had a problem with my graphics, even playing Skyrim or other graphics demanding games, but now, even watching a streaming video online, my graphics driver crashes and recovers...  constantly.  I've tried rolling back the graphics driver as well and still I have crashes.  Anyone else having this issue?  I've searched all over and haven't found much about graphics drivers being affected after the Win10 upgrade, but anyone who has had issues either just updated the driver or rolled back their driver and the problem was fixed, so I really don't know where else to look for ideas on how to resolve this problem. 
I don't know what all details would be needed, but I'll list some hardware specs here:
Dell Inspiron 17r 5750...? (or something like that)
Intel core i7-4500 cpu 1.8 GHz 2.4GHz
64 bit OS
8 GB Ram
Windows 10 Home Edition
Intel Family HD 4400 Graphics
Event viewer only says (for each display driver crash and recovery),
"Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered." 
If anyone has a clue, please let me know.  Much appreciated...

A:Win10 upgrade, now Graphics Driver keeps crashing and recovering

Dell Inspiron 17r 5750 or something like that.....This needs to be verified.
I imagine it would be crucial ....otherwise the compatibility issue will remain in doubt.
Start button>>> Control panel;>>>.System....make and model should be there

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I recently upgraded my 8300's graphics card, and it is causing problems...

Original Specs:
Dimension 8300
3GHz P4 HT 1mb L2
1.5gb RAM
305w PSU
Nvidia GeForce FX5200 (128mb).
Vista Ultimate 32bit

I upgraded the FX5200 to a 512mb Radeon HD 2600 Pro.

I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers, powered down, swapped cards, and then installed the ATI drivers. Now, for some reason, I only see the color BLUE on my screen... in the BIOS, in Vista... everywhere. What did I do wrong? Can I fix it?

A:Dell Dimension 8300 Graphics Card upgrade problem

Did you use the ATI driver disc or did you go to the AMD/ATI support site to obtain the drivers?

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I recently purchased an Acer Veriton (M498G) desktop which has an i5-650 processor, Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and Intel HD Graphics listed as the video card. I also purchased a PNY nVIDIA Quadro FX 380 PCI-E card for improved picture editing and home video viewing and editing. I have already replaced the original 300 wattt power supply to a 430 watt Antec Truepower I had on hand and boosted the RAM to 8 gigs from the original 4.

Question 1) Am I getting any improvement in visual quality or system speed with the Quadro or is it a waste of money and I should just save up to buy a bigger video card? This card was on sale for $115.

If I am getting improvement then I need to ask another question.

Question 2) Instructions for the Quadro installation are as follows...

1--Uninstall the existing VGA driver.
-Remove the existing Display Driver via "Add or Remove Porgrams".
-Shut down your computer.

2--Remove your Existing Graphics Board (or Disable Integrated 3D Graphics Controller).

skipping instructions on how to remove existing graphics board

-Systems with integrated (also know as on-board) 3D graphics may require you to disable the integrated 3D graphics system. Consult the owners or vendor manual that came with your PC on how to properly do this.

So how do I disable the onboard? just uninstall the driver? The only driver I can find on the uninstall menu is "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver" does this sound correct? I did find the option in BIOS and ... Read more

A:how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card

It's likely to be an improvement, but check it and see.
Onboard graphics are disabled in the BIOS (Try looking under "Integrated Peripherals" or something similar.
You probably don't need to do this, but it's nice to know how.

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Like a fool I've down loaded and installed the wrong driver for my Graphics card. Now all I get when booting is a black screen with a circle of dots rotating and the cursor. Windows 10 was a free download so no original boot media. Have now purchased a usb version and tried to boot from that but I get a message saying my C drive is locked! All I really want is Safe Mode but apparently it is no longer as easy as pressing F8.

Any help much appreciated.


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I just picked up an HP dx2000 desktop computer that has the "Intel Extreme Graphics 2" onboard video card. Im trying to play World of Warcraft on the machine and it is a bit jumpy due to what I assume is the graphics card. The system has 1Gb of RAM so I dont believe it has anything to do with the RAM.

My question is, will my system benifit from a PCI graphics card or is the bus too slow for PCI to show any type of improvement? The only reason I say PCI is because the system does not have an AGP slot.


A:Intel Extreme Graphics 2 VS PCI graphics card

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I have an Alienware m14x laptop with a GeForce GT 650M graphics card, but lately my games have been recognizing the "Intel HD graphics 4000" as my graphics card.

Anyway to disable the intel card without messing anything else up?

A:Games only recognizing Intel graphics card, but using a real card

I don't know to much about Alienware computers. But the first place I would look is in the BIOS. My old T400 had an option in there to disable the integrated or discrete graphics cards.

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Hello guys,

I need help for my new build.

from a fresh install of windows 10 i try to install the drver for my IGPU Intel HD 530. each time i do that i get a BSOD with this message:

VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE igdkmd64.sys
Or sometimes it's

i've tried drivers from motherboard manufacturer CD, website and intel and some autodetect driver software .
i always get the same behavior:

the screen start blinking several time ( black screen) before showing the BSOD then reboot and repeat it self.
even the driver downloaded by windows update have the same impact.
i've managed to install it in safe mode but when i restart in normal mode i get the same behavior.
i've tried 2 different monitors, VGA and HDMI , tried with UEFI on/off => same result.
i've tweaked onece the tdr delay to 8 second, but didnt work.

i really need some help here, i'm desperate!

CPU: Intel I7-6700KMotherboard: ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING
RAM: HyperX FURY HX421C14FBK2/16 - 16Go Kit (2x 8Go) 2133MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL14 DIMM
SSD: Samsung EVO 850 MZ-75E250B/EU 250 GB
with 80 PLUS 550W power supply.

A:Unable to install Intel HD graphics driver on a fresh install of WIN10

The most likely suspect is a bad video chip.

Now it could be a power related problem too, or heat, but if you have used good parts and a cool case and have tried multiple versions of the driver then it starts looking like hardware failure is likely.

Who makes your 550W power supply?

Double check all of your connections.
And you could go into the UEFI/BIOS and reset all defaults - don't do any tweaking until this problem is resolved.
Is that board running the most recent version of the BIOS?

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Hi there !

I will soon build new computer configuration and i'm using Windows 10 Pro 64bit version.
At the moment i have Asus R5 230 pci-e 1gb DDR3 graphic card.
So, my question here is,
is it for example Intel i7 HD Graphics 530 enough for using just application (audio processing) or should i keep my Asus R5 230 pci-e graphic card.
What is more recommended, for just using applications ?

Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts


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From hours of searching, this seems to be a common problem with Win 10, tho' I've only just experienced it after the
November 3 Gb "upgrade ?".
I have a 5 year old Dell Studio XPS 435MT and the Dell support pages were useless. The solution might not be applicable to other makes but after the dozens of other offered solutions that achieved nothing, this worked and moreover has stayed working.
Apologies if it doesn't work for your system but my elation prompts this posting !

I had not only lost the SD card reader but my drives were screwed up after the upgrade and the pc would hang every time I tried some "new" driver for the card reader.
I owe the end of my two days of frustration to the lady who posted here:-
Her link to the OSToto page seems dead but this link was good:-
The d/l of the exe file is free for "Driver Talent" and it identified the missing driver. Installation & a reboot and card reader back in operation.

I guess I should add I've no connection whatsoever with "Driver Talent" beyond being a satisfied user, which can't be said for Win 10.

A:Loss of SD card reader after Nov Win10 upgrade

I've been having problems with card reader on my Dell Inspiron 7537 following the Windows 10 upgrade - see Realtek Card Reader Keeps Disappearing

I tried the above utility but it didn't find a better driver than the one provided by Dell.

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I do not own a gaming laptop but have recently acquired a game and wish to play it on my Toshiba C50-B. My only problem is that my laptop is running on what I have heard is the worst of Intel's HD integrated graphics chips. Driver version it has no model number and I think it is a 32MB card. Is there any way of either replacing the card with the newest version, or upgrading the software or anything that can possibly make it any better?


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Hey guys. I recently upgraded my laptop- a pavilion dm4-3055dx to win10.  I've been trying to update my laptop graphics from Intel Graphics 3000 to 4000 but it keeps saying my laptop doesn't meet the conditions. Is there any other display resolution better than this i can get. I can't even install a decent game on the laptop because of this.

A:Intel (R) Graphics Upgrade

Whether you have Intel 3000 or Intel 4000 depends on the processor. You have a Intel Core i5-2430M which means you have Intel HD3000 and that is not going to change by going to Windows 10. What display resolution are you seeing? The laptop is native 1366 x 768 and that is the max and really only resolution it can run.  What is it saying under display adapters in device manager? 

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I need some help with my Alienware 17 R1. I did a clean install of Win 10 using the Media Creation Tool. I seem to have gone wrong somewhere as I've completely lost my integrated Intel graphics card. It's missing from my Device Manager and from my BIOS. I only have access to the Geforce 770M. As such, I can't even install the Intel graphics card driver from the Dell Support site. All other drivers installed without issue.
I have no idea when I lost the card, whether during this clean install or my previous Upgrade to Win 10 as I wasn't paying attention. Note: during initial upgrade, I didn't follow the guide on Dell Support as I wasn't aware there would be specific conditions to upgrade the laptop. That means during initial upgrade I didn't turn off Secure Boot in the BIOS, nor did I uninstall my graphics card drivers prior to upgrade.
Any help would be appreciated as I need this fixed URGENTLY for some pending work. Please let me know if anyone of you has a solution to this.

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hello to everyone i using now notebook g5 250 i3 2.0g/hz with intel hd 5500 graphics(128mb dedicatet) so how i can incrase shared memory(for now is using 1600Mb from 8gb ram i will upgrade ram but how shared memory?) or how can upgrade graphics for my laptop? 

A:how to increase or upgrade graphics intel hd 5500

Hi, Firstly you can't upgrade intel hd 5500 without spending an arm and a leg (ie buy new machine). aand secondary: system will assign available system RAM to video up to max GRAM supported. You can't do anything about this and adding more RAM  to 8GB will help. Regards.

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I want to upgrade my Win7 dsktop to Windows 10
However I’ve seen quite a few complaints about graphics issue
I ran speccy and it reports
Intel® Q45/Q43 Express Driver version:
I went to http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/ and followed through with the requested information
It reports compatibility for Windows 8 and 8.1
Does that mean I shouldn’t bother upgrading to Windows 10?

A:Windows 10 upgrade concern about graphics Intel(R) Q45/Q43

It may work, just have a fallback image of some kind

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Hopefully someone can help with this query as I don't know very much about graphics cards. I've connected an external 19inch monitor to my Sony laptop which the graphics driver (Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset v7.14.10.1295) can support with a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900. However I now want to upgrade to a larger 23 inch screen with a 1920 x1080 resolution. Basically I'm not sure if the drivers capability is determined by the specification of external equipment connected to it, so need to know if I have to upgrade the graphics card as well. Any assistance would be appreciated.

A:Intel Graphics Card

I'm not absolutely certain but if your onboard graphics adapter specifies the maximum supported resolution to 1440 x 900 then I don't think you can exceed that. You could always connect the 23" screen and run it at 1440 x 900 although it would look bad.

However, I suggest you wait for other opinions from the experts here before taking my word for it.

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Many game system requirements say that a discrete graphics card needs to be installed in order to play.

For example, even Diablo 3 which isn't that intensive wouldn't play on my friend's desktop computer until he installed a nVidia graphics card. Then it played perfectly. Even though he has a Core 2 Quad which came out before the Intel i-series chips.

Well I noticed that newer Intel i-series chips have the GPU embedded into the processor. Like on my Surface Pro 3 i5. Does this work the same way as if you had a discrete nVidia card installed? Meaning games with the requirement for an independent graphics card would work without need to install an independent graphics card?

Because alot of game requirements list the need for a nVidia or AMD graphics card. But don't specify anything about GPU embedded into the Intel chip as an alternative.

A:Is Intel embedded GPU the same as a graphics card?

by gpu embedded I would have to assume motherboard integrated is what you are referring to? integrated gpu's don't have video memory specifically for graphics so they aren't nearly as specific nor will they dependently focus on gaming/video performance.

It's sort of like with older laptops you can have a "dual core laptop" man back in the day we thought that was the new hit! In reality though without a dedicated card it might be able to run a game on low settings ( just maybe) but it won't do much more than that.

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Is it possible to upgrade an Intel graphics card in my Toshiba Satellite a100 PSAA8C-0FH00E laptop? It's because I can't run Halo 2 or NFS: Carbon, so I want a 512 MB instead of my current 128 MB. My friend said it's impossible since The Intel video card is integrated into the motherboard or something. Sorry, I'm a total noob with hardware. Thanks!

A:Intel graphics card for a laptop

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First time posting, so bare with me...

Okay, here's the deal: I recently installed W7 on my laptop. Absolutely, and I mean ABSOLUTELY no problems. SO, I decide to install it on my PC. Bad idea, I guess.

My computer keeps crashing. Once I run Winamp or get to multi-tasking, it crashes and reboots.

Recently, it's given me a "Solve PC Issues" message about my graphics card. So, I look into it. I can't find a Windows 7 driver for my graphics card and this is driving me nuts! Please, help!~

A:Intel 945GC Graphics Card Help

What is your graphics card?

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Hey, Yesterday I bought my Lenovo Z51-70 with Core-i5 5200U and Windows 10 (64bit) with two graphics cards - Intel HD graphics 5500 and AMD R9 M375. The issue is that cards don't switch automatically nor any other way. I just can't switch between them. (checked if they switch i AMD System Monitor) I have been searching my native and english internet in search of solution to the problem for last few hours, found many many people with the same prblem, but no solution. I have already installed all the newest drivers, patches etc. Changed many things in my Catalyst Control Centre, added apps and games to it. I have tried every possible way and now I'm losing hope. Anybody solved this problem?Thank you in advance for replies, Hope you can help me, please!

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Ever since I got Windows 8.1 and played League of Legends sometime in the game I will get a BSOD. This is info from the .dmp file.
102913-38484-01.dmp 10/29/2013 6:17:39 PM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
0x000000d1 00000000`00000028 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000
fffff800`01e8f287 igdkmd64.sys igdkmd64.sys+63287 Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver
Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows 8(R) Intel Corporation x64 ntoskrnl.exe+14dca0 C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\102913-38484-01.dmp 8 15 9600 333,928 10/29/2013 6:19:22 PM

A:8.1 Intel Graphics Card BSOD

Please follow these posting instructions for your BSOD issue so it can be properly analyzed:

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Good luck,


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Hi Guys

Just rebuilt a laptop after a HDD failure. Installed XP Pro and SP2 with updates and manufacturers drivers.

As soon as i install MSN Messenger the Resolution changes to the lowest settings. once changed back to original setting and I shut down and restart it returns back to the lowest resolution. however if i exit MSN Messenger or unistall it, it returns back to it original high resolution settings instantly. I have also updated the driver and still am stumped.

Any ideas..graphics card is an intel 82852/82855 series.

Is there a bug in MSN messenger 7.5? I'm sure it never happened in my old hdd.



A:MSN Messenger and Intel graphics card: Anyone come across this?

Have you installed the latest video drivers from your laptop manufacturer?

Try version 7.0, see if it makes a difference... If 7.0 works, either keep it or upgrade to 7.5.

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The graphic drivers for Acer E5-571 is very outdated. Its from last year. There needs to be an update to match Intel's.

A:I need update for Intel graphics card

Let Windows 10 install the driver, however, if you don't have any problem with the current driver, no need to worry about the newer driver.

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I have installed some games, but the Graphics are terrible. Any idea how to fix it?
I can't even read any text on the screen when i open the games...
It's Lenovo pc, G50-80, Intel i3,

If more information needed, dont hesitate to ask.

A:WIN10 program graphics problem

Hi Miran97 and welcome to PCHF,

Have you tried re-installing your video drivers? Laptops and netbooks :: Lenovo G Series laptops :: G50 80 - Lenovo Support (US)


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What versions of DirectX are compatible with the 82845G Graphics card? I want to get Fraps so I can show off my speed-painting on Youtube.

Thank you~

A:82845G Intel graphics card and DirectX?


I don't think DirectX versions change depending on your graphics card. They are Operating System specific and you can get the latest version here.

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I run dxdiag and check in with other methods and my graphics card is Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family, specifically GM965. I have version The latest according to intel is, but when I download the installer and run it, after extracting, it says that the install is not validated for my computer. I downloaded this installer:

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Det...&OSFullName=Windows* XP Professional&lang=eng

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't Update Intel Graphics Card Drivers

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Hi, I need to have access to OpenGL 2.0 for working with Kyvi framework in Python, but unfortunatelly I get an error that says that only OpenGL 1.1 is available on my laptop. I tried upgrading graphics card driver using Lenovo driver update tool as well as Intel driver update utility, but unfortunatelly nothing works. I own a Lenovo ThinkPad L512 model with Intel HD graphics card. Is there a way to get at least OpenGL 2.0 running? 

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On a Win7 machine with an Intel G630 2.7G processor, would an NVidia GT430 ouperform the embedded processor graphics located on the chip? I asked this previously in combo with another question on another machine.

A:Intel Processor Graphics vs. Video Card

Closing as already asked and answered in another thread.

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