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Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Q: Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Hi everyone,
I bought a Dell XPS 13 2016 (9350) FHD, i5, 8GB, 256GB and two weeks ago i received it. It has a great hardware but software is not very optimized and I have a frustrating issue with the display: it flickers everytime i turn the Bluetooth on and stays on. I cannot figure why but I really hope it's a software issue because is very sporadic, at the moment it never happened today, I really don't know what to do.

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue with my Dell XPS 13. It's associated with the Bluetooth being on.

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It's been a week now since the screen started flickering. Everything is up to date. Specifically 9350_Video_Driver_JVM17_WN32_20.19.15.4531_A07.Exe
Bios XPS_9350_1.4.12
Any solutions?

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I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my XPS 13 9350.  It does have the Broadcom wifi/bt adapter.
My wifi issue is the computer will not connect to my 5GHZ network. Every time I try it just fails to connect and asks me for the password even though it's correct.  I can connect to my 2.4ghz but not the 5ghz

My BT issue is I have always have to repair my BT mouse when the computer restarts.
I previously had a 9343 and I had no issues like this.  I was able to connect to my 5ghz network and using Bluetooth manager as a trusted device my mouse always reconnected at a reboot.  
I know there are some issues with Broadcom adapters but my 9343 had one and I did not have this issue at all.  Is it just because the 9350 has a newer broadcom chip so it's not fully supported?

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Recently purchased the XPS13 9350  (6th gen intel  i5). Right from the start the  computer had an issue with a flickering screen. Sometimes it doesn't flicker, sometimes it is very bad. I have run the diagnostic tests for video card, motherboard and screen, and it all passes.    I have also opened a dell support ticket and no responses yet.  All the drivers have been upgraded to what is currently available on the dell website.

Any thoughts  would be greatly appreciated :)

A:XPS13 9350 (6th gen intel) flickering screen

I met the same problem. I also updated the current drivers to the latest, but sometimes the flickering still happen.
I noticed that that flickering happened when the processor is in a heavy load, so probobly maybe due to the energy management drive or something. Waiting for a solution!

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Good evening,

since i bought my DELL XPS 13 9350 im facing several Wireless problems. The build in DW 1820A is really weak. But the biggest Problem is, that i just cant establish moderate Internet-Speed, when Bluetooth is turned on. Everytime, when BT is turned on, the WiFi Speed just decreases to a Level, at which not even the Google page can be opened. DELL Germany send me a new DW 1820A, but the same Problem is occuring with the new Card.
However, now DELL Germany send me an Intel 18260. The WiFi-Speed increased compared to the DW 1820A. Furthermore, when BT is turned on, the WiFi Speed is stable. However, the BT has another Problem: While BT devices are shown as connected with the Notebook, they dont work really well. Headset dont stream Audio properly. After 30 seconds the Audio just is not streamed anymore, while the device is still connected.
If someone knows any solution, i would be very grateful. 

The newest Drivers are installed for the Intel 18260 and (i think) all Drivers and apps for the old DW 1820A are deinstalled (Network and BT-Drivers, Wissdom? Bluetooth app, DW WLAN Card app).

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I have just purchased an XPS 13 (9350) last month and its giving me problem connecting with the Bluetooth headset or speaker. I have listed below device which I have tried to connect:-
1. X-Mini Kai 2
2. Creative WP-450
3. Sony MW-600
It will eventually paired in the bluetooth device but not connecting. I'm unable to see the device in the playback device although I have tick Show disabled device.
I have also email to the Dell Support team and tried to troubleshoot as per their advise and its still the same:-
Thank you for choosing Dell. This mail is related to your recent interaction with Dell technical support regarding bluetooth connecting issues. Your service request reference number is SR <deleted> , and Service tag is <deleted>. Please try these troubleshooting steps: Step 1: I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth headset driver in the Device Manager.1. Press Windows Key + R Key.2. Then type “devmgmt.msc” without the quotes and hit on Enter Key.3.Search for Bluetooth headset driver and expand it.4. Right click on the driver and click on Uninstall. Follow the instruction.5. Restart your computer.
Step 2: Try to connect the Bluetooth headset onto the computer and install the Then run the hardware and devices troubleshooter1. Click on search bar next to the Start Menu.2. Type “Troubleshooting” without the quotes and click on Troubleshooting.3. Click on View All on the left panel of the screen.4. Click on Hardware ... Read more

A:Dell XPS 13 (9350) Bluetooth Connecting Problem

You may want to keep in mind the Wi-Fi can have an effect on Bluetooth.  We also need some basic info about your system.  If yo use the rich formatting for a reply you can attach snipping tool pictures.
In Device Manager you should show your Bluetooth device plus a couple of Microsoft entries.  If your headsets/speakers also show that is good.  No Unknown devices anywhere in Device Manager or yellow triangles on any Bluetooth components?
Do you know the Bluetooth version of your devices?
You seem to imply pairing the device does not work well.  Can you tell us what is happening and what tones you might be getting from the devices?  Are you able to get them in the pairing mode and your see on the Settings-Devices-Bluetooth page the system loading the drivers?
When you try to connect, do you just power on your devices and not put them in the pairing mode?  Any option showing up for connecting them.  The first time you connect, you may have to allow it but devices seem to operate differently and may not need certain steps.
What Wi-Fi card do you have?

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Hi Community,
My XPS 13 9350 (4k touchscreen) continues to have issues with the screen flickering.  The screen flickering occurs in one of two ways.
Temporary Flickering.  Screen flickers off and on quickly, twice every second.  Turning the computer to sleep and back on again can fix this issue.
Permanent flickering.  Screen flickers off and on quickly, twice every second.  When the screen turns black a weird horizontal bar with different colors displays across the middle of the screen.  After a few seconds the screen stabilizes but then flashes again and repeats the pattern.  Turning the computer the sleep and back on doesn't normally resolve the issue.  I have to turn off the computer completely wait 5 to 10 minutes before turning it back on.  This occurs when I using the laptop on my lap or during my 1 hour bus commute to college.

I tried updating the video card drivers.  Currently it's (Intel 520)
BIOS:  1.3.3
Updated all drivers via the "Dell Update" software client.
Disable Panel Self Refresh: Via Intel HD control panel
Changed resolutions:  1080p
Changed Refresh rate: 60p Hz -> 48 Hz
Attached an external monitor via dell TB15.  Mix results, the display shows other issues which I believe are most due to the poor TB15 dock than the XPS itself.
Any ideas?

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Having an issue where the Bluetooth driver is not letting the laptop sleep or even shutdown - It powers off briefly then an notification sound is played and the laptop is powered back on. I get the following pop up message upon restart 'This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your administrator'. I run an admin account and have not set any group policy. 
Many thanksAnton

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When applying this driver via Plug-n-Play during an OS deployment (Win7 x64) or when manually installing post OS deployment, this driver causes a BSOD.
There are no other drivers available for this. Anyone have a solution?

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When applying this driver via Plug-n-Play during an OS deployment (Win7 x64) or when manually installing post OS deployment, this driver causes a BSOD.
There are no other drivers available for this. Anyone have a solution?

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So, my ultimate goal is to connect a Firewire 800 device (medical instrument) via thunderbolt. I got my hands on two Apple thunderbolt adapters, first a TB 3 to TB 2, and then a TB 2 to Firewire 800.

When I connect the TB 3 to TB 2, Windows says "Try improving the USB connection" and it links me to this page. Opening the thunderbolt software shows no connected devices. I have the latest drivers that I am aware of, software package version I have BIOS version 1.4.10. I have disabled the thunderbolt security in BIOS and enabled the boot related thunderbolt options.

What else can I do? Thankful for help!

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I think I did the worst choice ever... I bought this Dell XPS 13 on last February which was replaced on summer, because I had problem with the grafic card probably ( couldn't connect it to an external display). 
This is an i7 proccesor 6560U, 16G ram 512 ssd... and infinity touch display. running win10 pro
the main reason that I bought it was that the battery lasts up to 18 hours like it says to the dell's site.
I am not new to this of cource I know that 18 hours are unreachable but I was hoping at least to 9-11.
on the contrary the battery does not last more than 4-4.30 hours. with normal use... email serfing on the net , youtbe....
I have the latest BIOS of course ... 
I had even left the laptop on the Bios screen open to check how long it will last with no apps running in the background ... same result ... 5 hours at most .. 
the battery was replaced 2 month ago with no improvment ... same with the new battery as well. 
I have turned the touch screen off, bluetooth as well... everything that I could in order to increaase the battery but with no result. 
I also run the battery test according to the dell's technicians advise, with the result saying that the battery is in good condition.
According to dell all theese are normal... but for me is unexeptable. My macbook pro is 5 years old and the battery lasts 4 hours !!!!
this is my expirience from the top model of dell!! 
any advise before I through it away?

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I've got an XPS 13 9350 with a clean install of Windows 10 on it on Bios 1.2.3.  The touchpad has a couple of issues:
1) Bouncy when scrolling.  In a web browser, when using two fingers to scroll down, upon releasing the screen jumps back up a bit - occasionally jumps to the top of the page again.  This is best described is this post, but with no resolution: 
2) Tap to click sometimes stops working.  When this happens if I wiggle a finger on the pad a bit and try again, it starts working again.
3) Click drag releases by itself.  More often than not, if I click and hold the button on the touchpad to move a file, it releases before the button is released.  Its almost impossible to move emails between folders in outlook due to this behaviour.
Are these common issues?  Could I have faulty hardware?  I've run the Dell update utility, but apparently my system is up to date.Any pointers appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Issues

Hi, I had scrolling issues specifically in Chrome when the XPS13 9350 came out In November. The Windows 10 TH2 update fixed that however. I would assume you have already updated Windows? 
Yours sounds as though you have faulty hardware and should be an easy diagnosis for Dell support. 

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I have a DELL XPS 13 9350 2016. I purchased it about 7 months ago.
I am getting this issue just today. It takes forever for the laptop too boot after I type my password in. Also, it takes forever to start the starting programs. Its so slow that I can't even post about it using the laptop.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
Also, how long does it usually take to get technical help?

A:DELL XPS 13 9350 booting issues

Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? Is there any damage on the system?
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
If the system is under warranty, we can help book a service call if the hardware has an issue and needs to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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This happens randomly.  I can't seem to reproduce it on call.  Basically I close the lid to put it to sleep but the computer doesn't go to sleep. Airplane mode just turns on but the laptop stays on. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Hi Viper2ko,
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?
Please update the BIOS and video drivers, also check the advanced power option settings ensure nothing is hindering the sleep mode from working. 
Also do let us know what windows the system is running on, do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and select send a private message .
Meanwhile you can go through the below steps to check more on the issue
Open the Start menu and then enter cmd into the search box. Hit enter and the command prompt window should open for you. If not, click it in the search result list.
Note: it is possible that you will need administrative privileges to complete the next part successfully. If you are having trouble, you can attempt to run cmd as Administrator. To do this, search for cmd again, and then right-click it and select Run as administrator.
Now that you have the command prompt window open, enter the following at the command prompt: 

powercfg -requests
There is a space after powercfg
Hit enter . 
If any process or device is preventing your system from going into sleep mode, information about it will be displayed here. The program will attempt to give you precise information on the disturbance
Though we can always rely  on this method, but good to give it a try.



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I have removed the original Win10 and reinstalled from scratch Win8.1 Pro on my Dell xps 13 9350. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the official "Dell driver download" page and run them all in the order suggested. Also the BIOS is updated. However, there are still several devices not recognized: 1. There is no Win8.1 driver for the trackpad. The one of Win10 is not compatible with Win8.1, so the trackpad is currently recognized in the device manager as PS/2-compatible. Moral: the scroll function does NOT work!! 2. Under "other devices" I get two "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" icons and one "unknown device" flagging "there are no compatible drivers for this device" 3. After installing the latest drivers (February updates -not sure which one in particular created the problem) I now get also under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and icon with "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" flagging "this device cannot start. (Code 10)" While I can live with 2. and 3., the issue 1. with the trackpad is VERY annoying, and it would be great if Dell would provide a driver for it (btw., this model is now more than 3 months on the market). PS: the February update seems has fixed part of the problems with the WiFi and with mouse. I could solve them temporarily in January by installing other drivers of another model (Dell xps 15 9550), in particular these two: Communications_Driver_G1... Read more

A:Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Hope this helps for items 1 and 2, not sure about item 3...
For item 1, have you tried using the Windows 7 touchpad driver?  Download link below.  When you run the downloaded Dell Update Package, choose Extract (not Install), and create a folder to extract the files.  Then right click Setup.exe, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and then check the Compatibility box and choose Windows 7.  This should allow the driver to install successfully.
For item 2, you'll need to install the Serial I/O driver, which isn't listed for Windows 8.1, but you can find it in the Dell Driver Pack for Windows 8.1, link below also.  You'll need something like 7zip to extract the CAB file, but you'll find the driver buried in there.  Once you have the driver pack extracted to a folder, you can go into Device Manager, then right click the PCI Data Acquisition device, then choose Update Driver. Then choose Browse, and point it to the extracted folder and make sure include subfolders is checked.  The driver should then install.
Windows 7 Touchpad driver:

Windows 8.1 Driver Pack:
http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DRW70&fileId=3491046975&osCode=WB64A&productCode=xps-13-9350-laptop&languageCod... Read more

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I am busy finding my way with a new Dell XPS 13 (9350). Many of the programmes I have display very well, but sometimes they programmes that load are so small that you need a magnifying glass to navigate your way around the screen.
Microsoft Office, for example, has no issues,
When I load my Adobe Photoshop Elements, the display is so small that I can hardly see anything.

How do I go about setting up the display so that it is easily readable? The attached screenshots hopefully illustrate the problem I'm having.
Sometimes - even in my browser - one section of the browser will display legibly, but another section of the screen (possibly linked to a java application) will display incredibly small.

Example of a website that displays inconsistently.

A:Dell XPS 13 (9350) Screen Resolution

I have the same problem. Auto cad tool bars are unreadable. Google Earth has same issues and very large text for state names. The drag icon is very small. Maps program will not show roads when zoomed in. i have heard this is a windows 10 issue, but I don'r believe it. I have two desk tops running windows 10 and all works well.

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I know the screen is working because I can access the BIOS on startup, and I can see the Dell Logo with the rotating dots when it begins the startup, but when it should be showing the Windows 10 login screen it's just black. I've tried typing my password to see if I get any feedback after logging in but nothing happened. Tried running the diagnostic test, nothing. Not sure if this is fixable or I'll have to get it fixed under warranty. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Black Screen

If I'm reading you correctly, you power on the system, you quickly start tapping the F12 key continuously but there wasn't no boot menu to run the diagnostic tool on the system?

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Just received the XPS 13 (9350) last week and I've been having some intermittent black screen flickering that normally occurs in short bursts of 4-5 short black outs within a span of two or three seconds. Tech support updated all the drivers and such, but I'm still experiencing the issues. Has anyone had similar issues and possible solutions?
I looked at previous posts and the screen flickering is not where it actually distorts things on screen, it literally just looks like it flashes on and off. Any help is appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 (9350) Screen Flicker

I have that problem and when it starts happening randomly, whenever I click on the Wireless Icon in windows 10, it suddenly happens again. I turned of wireless adapter in settings and to my surprise, the problem stopped!!

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Seen a few people seem to have almost similar problems. Rather than the whole screen flickering though, it is just the lower third of the screen and its flickering aswell as not updating - i.e. totally useless.
Tried updating the drivers, restoring to before the last system update and no change. Seems like it is not a screen hardware thing since it will briefly stop if I tax the system more.
Any fixes or will I be returning it?

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New XPS 9350, been using it for about a month. Except the Thunderbolt connecting to a 4K display issue (sorted out with keeping the lappy in airplane mode and having internet access though USB 3-LAN cable) everything seemed very good. Until yesterday when on an important meeting the screen while working on battery power, the screen went blank. Tried to reset with holding the power button down for about 10 sec. The button LED and the keyboard lights cycled, but the screen remained blank (no DELL logo on boot as well). I connected the power adapter, the screen came on. Few moments later it went black again. Cycled the power, no response from the screen this time. I did a quick browse for solution and found a guy claiming that disabling C-State in the BIOS has fixed similar issue. The problem is that this time no matter how many times I reset though the power button the screen remains blank... Eventually after 20 min the screen appeared and I managed to get the BIOS changed (disabled C-State). The rest of the day the XPS was working fine and I tough the issue is gone. Until this morning, when I opened the lid and the screen was black again. So, back to square 1. After few minutes fighting with the power button and connecting the power adapter, the screen is on again. Obviously this is not sustainable, as I won't know whether on my next meeting the lappy won't let me down again. I'm slowly getting fed up by this Dell product, and although I really like it, issues like... Read more

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On power-up, the built-in display shows the Dell logo then goes to a black screen.  If I attach an external monitor via a DA200, I can see the Windows 10 login screen and log in. 
The only way to have Windows show in the built-in display is to disable the Intel Iris Graphics 540 entry in Device Manager.  When I do this, I am unable to display to the second monitor/change the brightness of the screen, Windows has no sleep option, and etc...
I've re-installed Windows 10 multiple times and all with the latest drivers from the Dell website.
Can someone from Dell conclusively say whether the black screen is a hardware or software issue?

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Recently, my XPS 13 (9350) with Touch screen will just boot to a black lcd screen. I have a dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu. When I turn the system on, I can get past the dell logo to the operating system select screen. However, once I got past that screen, it just becomes a black screen. The only way to get it to work was to use an external monitor. When I used an external monitor, I did notice that the touch screen still worked despite the laptop lcd showing no image.
Since, it was happening on both operating systems, I suspected a hardware problem. I found a post on this forum that suggested running the lcd diagnostic, which showed no errors. Another poster said swivel/jiggle the laptop screen up and down. When I did that, the lcd screen image came back. I think there must be a loose connection somewhere or maybe a wire in the hinge is starting to fray?
Just how bad is this issue? Will it get worse? I have owned this laptop for almost one year already and warranty is probably still good for 2 weeks or so.

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Since I purchased this laptop under two years ago I've had so many problems with it I've lost count.  It regularly gets bricked after Windows forced updates, most recently a few days ago.  I tried reinstalling Windows and managed it a couple of times but after a while the screen just goes black. The most recent time, the screen went black during re-installation so I now can't even finish the installation (and you can't do this in Safe Mode).  I know Windows is still trying to install as I can hear Cortana trying to set up.  But now I can't see anything in order to finish the installation so I'm stuck, unable to do anything.  I have no external monitor I can use but in any case, if this is a hardware issue, this is not a fix.
I've run diagnostics via F12 a few times and it shows no hardware issues but who knows, it could be.  Since I bought this, Dell have replaced almost all the hardware inc. motherboard and SSD. I'm not sure what else but I noticed today in BIOS in the log dated May 2016 (one of the times it was 'repaired') that it states, "...primary battery is not identifiable...". 
Before the black screen issue there were wifi problems too, none of the available network-related drivers worked.  
I am well out of my warranty now and close to buying a Mac but if anyone knows the cause of this black screen and can help, please let me know!  When this laptop works, it's ama... Read more

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 - booting into Windows but black screen

It could very well be that you have a "lemon". Just like with cars.
It seems that you have tried every way to fix it and cannot.
I would not put any more money into it.
Chalk it up as a lesson learned.
Your experience is precisely why I tell people with new Dells that do not work right to return it.
Do not try to fix it.
30 days for a full refund.

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When I connect my Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop with QHD display to an external monitor through the DA200 USB-C to HDMI connector the external monitors flicker constantly (laptop is fine-no flickering). Sometimes it works for like an hour then starts to flicker or longer so its not consistent. Below are the troubleshooting steps Dell has walked me through (including sending me a new DA200 part) to no avail:
- Dell has sent me a new DA200 USB C to HDMI part
- They have upgraded the Thunderbolt drivers and all other relevant drivers to latest ones (as of June 15 2016)
- I have tried on different monitors (5-6) and tried different HDMI cables.
Dell doesnt seem to know what to do now. THey have refunded my DA200 part purchase and told me to buy a separate HDMI to USB-C cable to test. If that fails it seems they will replace the motherboard. They say it could be an issue with the external monitors not being compatible with QHD, but this is not documented anywhere (they admit) and I havent heard anyone else having this problem on the internet and surprised every single person using this setup has QHD external monitors. This is an unworkable situation for me as I work in PC labs all day connected to external monitors.
Any advice? 

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My mouse is connecting fine, but it doesnt power up easily. If I stop using it for a few minutes, it powers down, presumably to save the battery. But then it doesnt start up again when I twist the two halves of the mouse.
I keep twisting the mouse slowly to power up and nothing happens, and then randomly, after several tries, it will power up again.
I had this problem with the same mouse and, thinking it was faulty, ordered another, but the same thing occurred.
I like the mouse's shape and weight, but this power issue is a bugbear.

A:Dell bluetooth mouse WM615 with Dell XPS13 - power-up issues

Same issue here. Dell's troubleshooting advice to uncheck the option for "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the Power Management tab of the bluetooth radio in the Device Manager did not help either.
Who knows a solution for this issue?

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My xps 13 9350 laptop screen is just blank but when I hook up an external monitor it shows everything. I went to my display settings and it doesn't even recognize a second display, for some reason it thinks the external monitor is the main screen. When I click "detect" it doesn't detect a second display.
I have booted in safe mode and everything works on the actual laptop but otherwise it only boots with a an external display.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 only recognizes external monitor, laptop screen black

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please try to run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error codes and messages.
Also, can you boot into BIOS?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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My Laptop is 13 months old Dell I7 5558, i was facing this screen flicker issue previously ,where i got my Laptop Screen replaced by you ,but now I'm facing the same issue . 
Previously before replacing i used to have just few flicker,now flicker rate got increased even more & Screen Goes black which is really annoying.
Even at the logo Screen I 'm seeing Green & pink lines
Sometimes nothing appears on the screen just  flicker of Green & pink lines & black Screen After that.Where i should  to remove my battery  & place it ,to turn on my laptop in this case.
Problem is not related to software, if that was the case flicker should not be at dell logo screen.
But FYI my Graphic Card Drivers are already up to date.
I Guess the problem is at the hinges or with the monitor or maybe related to mother board itself.
when my laptop screen is less than 90 degree i can see few flicker,when it 90 degrees or more than that ,continuous flicker & black screen later as like monitor looses power nothing .

Any Other Information Required let me know.

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Typo on the title, I ment Truemobile 360, NOT 355.

I have an older Dell D400 I'm trying to breath some life back into and I thought I would try out Windows 7.

Well, I got everything working good I think, but the Dell 360 Truemobile bluetooth.

Windows 7 just won't see it. No matter what driver pack I try, it says no bluetooth found. The official Dell Vista pack asks me to turn on the bluetooth but I can't even figure out how to do that, and the light on the laptop is not lit up.

I see dell has this app/patch that it suppose to enable the bluetooth but that also tells me no blue tooth found.

I can't use my bluetooth cellphone as a modem, help please.

That being said, other people have been having the same issue with other laptops, same internal bluetooth and W7 but what worked for them doesn't seem to want to work for me.

On a side note it work's under Windows XP, just not W7.

A:Issues with Dell D400 Laptop, Dell 355 Bluetooth and W7

I opened the computer, removed the BT, rebooted, shut down, reinstalled the BT, rebooted and it's working now.


Thanks anyway I guess.

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I own a Dell XPS 15 (Skylake) and I´ve noticed that the screen flashes now and then.
It doesnt get all pitch black, it´s more like it dims/flickers for a second...

I´ve tried to restore the computer and installed the most recent intel&nvidia drivers.

Best regards 

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Hi,  I have large number of  XPS 15 9550 touch screen premium laptops, all with the latest drivers and patches to bios etc.  
A lot of them experience intermittent screen flickering problems.I read other users are experiencing the problem.  Can someone point me to an official dell document, that says that this is a known issue and they are working at it,
Forum posts don't cut the mustard with my managing director, or do I have to open an official support case with Dell!
It is so unacceptable that premium laptops, have such a blatant flaw / issue and there no official fix! 
I need to get to the bottom of this before they induce an epileptic fit to someone! It getting to the point where I might recommend returning them all for a full refund and buy something else, that how serious I think this issue is!

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1405. I had to change my operation system from Windows XP Home to XP Pro for work purposes and recently downloaded files off a disk for use of a new home printer. Since then, or right around that time, I have had a problem with my screen when I unplug the power cord. If I start up the notebook without the power cord plugged in, I can plug it in and out without any problems. It's when I start it up with it plugged in that I get the problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Flickering Screen on my Dell

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My laptop Dell Inspiron 15R 5520(Core i3 2370M 6GB ram win 7 64bit)  worked perfectly from Nov2012-April2016. 

Now the screen started flickering and jumping since a few days and there's a white dotted line that appears along the top of the screen that starts the minute there is any kind of display.
How do I figure out if the inverter on the screen is faulty or if it's the screen cable or the whole screen itself?
To satisfy my curiosity I opened up my laptop to find that the lcd cable was badly crushed under the screen hinge (definitely , a design/manufacturing issue! Will dell take responsibility?), and each time the screen was shut/open there was substantial pressure on the cable was what I noticed.
Unfortunately I'm out of warranty and I don't know what to do.
Please advise on fixing this issue.

A:My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 screen suddenly started flickering and the screen jumps 1inch every couple of seconds and is very annoying.

same problem.
I've already tried deactivating adaptive screen light.
seems incompatibility with windows 10

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Is anyone having screen flickering problems. I found a fix easily using the Lenovo virtual agent. Very helpful. Check it out. BTW, her name is NINA, but she likes to keep that a secret.

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My XPS13 9350 was one of the first with USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3) only and no DisplayPort, supplied in early 2016. It has caused a lot of headaches. As I tried to connect my external Dell monitor using  a USB-C to HDMI adapter from Dell (part no: 47KD7) there was no external display at all. Dell Support advised me to update BIOS. But it led to a complete freeze of my laptop and Dell replaced the motherboard. (It was a real nuisance as I use my laptop for work!!)
With the new motherboard,  the laptop/USB-C adapter/external monitor worked fine for 15 months. Until one day, out of the blue, the external screen started flickering with an image that was all distorted (cut in the middle). The laptop screen was fine. After a few weeks of flickering, there is no signal at all to the external screen. Moreover, as I connect the adapter in USB-C port the resolution on my laptop screen changes.
I know there have been a lot of issues with USB-C connector on XPS 13 and 15.  I have reduced wifi-power to 50%  but it has had no positive effect (several persons have said on this forum that it helped the video output). 
I am grateful to learn if anybody with similar problems found a solution. Cheers

A:XPS 13 9350 Flickering external monitor using USB-C to HDMI adapter

I have the same problem with the DA200 USB C to HDMI adapter

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the screen of my new dell has been flickering alot lately already did the display colour test its working fine. the problem isnt lines on the screen  its the screen flickerring on and off randomly. i have checked if it is relation to movement of the laptop and it isnt. i have updated the intel hd driver and the monitor driver is up to date. i have no external monitor to connect to. please help.....

ive also run multiple system test and antivirus scans it finds seemingly nothing wrong with hardware or software

A:screen flickering dell inspiron 15 700

It sounds like its a loose or bad connector from the motherboard to the monitor.  I'd call technical support for your area and have them fix/replace it.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7359 2 in 1 and the screen flickers with white dots constantly. At certain angles and also while starting up the screen the screen does not flicker. It does not flicker on an external monitor either. Can you tell me whats wrong and how to fix it Thank you.

A:Dell Inspiron Screen Flickering

First thing:  attach an external monitor.  Does the fault show there, or is the external image solid?

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I bought my laptop from the outlet in 2015 and in the past 6 months I have noticed the screen is starting to flicker and produce bands across the screen, the laptop has not been damaged or dropped and all drivers and software is up to date. I have tried connecting it to other displays and the flickering does not appear on these screens. This flicking is really making using the laptop impossible. Is there any fix for this?

Kind Regards

Connor MGlade

A:Dell XPS 15 9530 - Screen Flickering

Check to see if the flicker appears on an external screen.  If it does, replace the mainboard.  If it does not, it's the display assembly that needs to be replaced.

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So, I've had this screen flickering issue for a couple months now on a new build. It had been running with no issues for the first couple months.


The graphics card was replaced under warranty by XFX. The one they received was tested and was error free. So the issue is not the graphics card.

MemTest86 ran for almost two days and came up with zero errors.

The SSD was cloned from another computer, not sure if that matters or not.

Computer runs fine for hours after boot.

Temperatures are cool. GPU runs around 95*, CPU in the low 90's.

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I have purchased dell laptop 1 month ago.
I have faced issue of screen flicker,it's continuse and some time become annoying.
I have installed all new drivers related to graphic and bios as well but still same.
Can you tell what will be solution for this ?
It's hardware issue ?

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Hi Folks
about a month ago my all in one 2310 (1 year old) started badly flickering for about 2 minutes.
I checked the driver updates - all hunky dory.
Ran the pc checks - hard and software - nothing found.
The flickering disappeared but is now back big time -daily  - today it took about an hour to stop.I booted ran in safe mode but was just the same.I logged onto with the admin account but didnt improve.
For me it looks like a cable perhaps is loose inside the pc but not sure I want to open it up.
Any ideas ?


A:Bad screen flickering on a Dell Inspiron All In One 2310

Hi dave63,
The system LCD screen or the Video card on the computer may have gone bad. To determine the same lets follow the steps below:
(1) Press and hold down the power button along with the ?D? key on the keyboard. Please ensure you release them both at the same time.
(2) This will bring up a grey screen, followed by red, then blue, then green, and White which allows you to inspect the entire LCD for color purity on each screen. It also helps us better identify defects such as, cracks in the LCD or stuck pixels that may not be apparent in a normal viewing mode.
If the computer fails the test, then the LCD screen will need to be replaced. However, if the test passes, then the Video card will need to be replaced. Please write back with the results

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Sir I have bought Inspiron 5559 a year back and now its display is flickering and showing green and pink colours. My laptop warranty is yet not expired. Also the flickering is there while starting my laptop and the dell logo appear and even in BIOS diagnosis. My laptop's service tag is J9X7DC2. Please fix the display issue.uh

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My laptop screen start flickering a little 2 months ago and when i put it on sleep and open again the flickering pixels disappear and it works fine.i unchecked optimus nvidia from bios and it worked fine without any problem but it didn`t show that i use internal intel graphics card.it just show that i use the external nvidia quadro 1000m .yesterday i was watching a movie at my laptop and suddenly my screen flickered again but this time much hard and constant and not disappear by sleeping or restarting.can any one help me diagnosing this problem please.

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I have had my dell inspiron for 5 years now. two years ago, I dropped it and the LCD shattered. I purchased a new LCD from Amazon and took it to a PC repair store nearby. (Fry's Electronics was the first choice but couldn't install the LCD due to liability issues.) I got my computer back and it worked perfectly. Now fast forward a month later and i haven't used it in about 2 weeks. I go to start up and the screen is black, I check the brightness and that didn't seem to be the problem, then i see that the LCD is fine but the backlight is very dim and keeps flickering like a light about to burn out. Could this problem be hardware and a part stopped functioning?(motherboard/inverter I hear are common culprits) Or could this be a software issue?

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Hello!I came up with an idea to bring my old laptop back to life, and after 1 week of fighting with it every single day im totally exhausted right now...HP G62 was overheating and it had yellow stain on the screen and the screen was flickering (link to the video: https://youtu.be/0Xgd6eTs374)What excatly was/is happening:1. Screen flickering in BIOS (only on overheat info screen - it was overheating before fan cleaning and thermal paste replacing)2. Screen not flickering while choosing boot mode3. Yellow stain at login screen4. No stains - clear screen after logging in5. Vertical line appear while cursor is at the edge of the screen6. Screen flickers while cursor is pointed at some icons near the edge of the screen (info box appears)Few days ago the screen was constantly flickering while windows were maximized and while menu bar was at the bottom (it somehow doesn't happen anymore).Changing LCD cable didn't solve the problem. After cleaning fans and replacing thermal paste the LCD worked completely fine (no stain/flickering) for about 5 mintes - after one reboot yellow stain showed up again (and flickering as described above).What more - while connecting/disconnecting power button cable the LCD turns on/off - if it turns of and doesnt turn on, the power button doesn't work also - the only way to turn the laptop off is to pull out the battery and the AC cable - after that power button doesnt work until plugging/unplugging power button cable several times.What can be the issue?... Read more

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Hi guys,
For about 5 months now I've been putting up with my laptop having screen difficulties as I've just been connecting it up to a external screen using a VGA cable. The basis of my situation is that anything displayed on my laptop screen doesn't display the right colours - they all have a gray tinge to them and it frequently flashes when i try to alter the screen (move it up and down). I've tried many things to resolve my issue (fn+C for asus splendid technology to alter the display, adjusted the screen graphics, adjusted the intel graphics) I've been floating around different forums and they haven't been able to help.

The laptops gray flickering tinge does NOT transfer onto my external screen, It's NOT always like this, the screen doesn't start having difficulties with colour until i alter the screen (move it up or down) or start running various programs/games. The laptop itself is about 2 years old and the warranty has run out so i cannot use it. I'm aware it could be a internal graphics card issue as the screen flickers when I move the screen.
On a side note; around 5 months ago i connected a new Samsung screen (which i am now using), around that time this issue started occurring.

I'm just wondering if there's something i can try before I need to take it to someone to repair it for me.

Thank you very much.

A:Asus laptop screen flickering issues

Lose cable. If you are comfortable talking your laptop apart then go ahead. and try re-seating the cable connections, secure them tightly to the connections, if that doesn't work then determine from there weather you need a new cable or screen.
If you do not feel comfortable talking it apart then take it to a local shop.

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