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Tiscali 100Mbps +Router &wireless adaptor. Any speed tweaks or tests?

Q: Tiscali 100Mbps +Router &wireless adaptor. Any speed tweaks or tests?

Hi, i am running tiscali 100mbps through a 3com router and wireless adaptor (56Mbps) but on both machines i only seem to get about 30-40Mbps (at once not together) is there any way i can check what the limit truly is? and any programs available to tweak the performance?

Preferred Solution: Tiscali 100Mbps +Router &wireless adaptor. Any speed tweaks or tests?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tiscali 100Mbps +Router &wireless adaptor. Any speed tweaks or tests?

Which Tiscali service is this? I can only find 512kbps, 1mbps and 2mbps services on the Tiscali site.
You could try out the speed test facility on http://www.dslreports.com/stest. There's also tweaking tips/software on the same site.

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I have a Linksys WGA11b game adaptor (802.11b) and D-Link (DI-614+) wireless router. What do I need to do to transfer the data at a faster rate? Do I need to upgrade both items or just one of them? I was reading someone where going to a "G" instead of a "B" would make transferring quicker.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


A:increasing speed with router and gaming adaptor??

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Just wondering if you could help me! I am thinking about purchasing a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router, and i was just wondering if a tiscali broadband modem (a sagem one) would have the correct cable to connect it to the back of the router. PLEASE HELP ME!!! LOL

A:Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router and Tiscali Broadband

If you have a model number, we could probably help. Do you know if the modem is USB or Ethernet? USB is not compatible with a broadband router, Ethernet is compatible.

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My room mate and I have a Linksys wireless router connected to our cable modem. He can access the Internet on his laptop through the router, but I'm having trouble connnecting on my desktop (windows XP). I have a TRENDnet TEW-424UB wireless USB adaptor, and it's fully installed, but I have no idea how to get it to connect through the router. The setup didn't walk me through anything beyond installing the USB adaptor, and I'm entirely new to using wireless connections. I don't even know where to start.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Connecting a wireless USB adaptor to a wireless router

Hi Lieskens, and welcome to TSG.

Did you get a printed User Guide with the adapter or a PDF file for the User Guideon a CD? If not, there is a download link for an Adobe Acrobat PDF file on the Trendnet web site:


The guide seems include the set-up procedure for establishing a connection. You will need to know the Wireless SSID of the router and any encryption key being used.

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So I can't find anything that really answers my question, maybe I'm googling the wrong thing.

I have a network from Comcast so the actual modem can't change because there is only one room in the house that has coax and telephone plugs. I have a second building on my property that i need to send wireless signal to, but from the room the modem it is in, there is no signal because of wireless-N dropping off so quickly. From everything I have read and have already tried, the powerline adapters seems like the most viable option (I have already tried repeaters).

My question is can a powerline adapter output directly to a wireless router?

all of what I'm reading seems to say it will plug directly into a computer fine (duh) but is this possible?

Thanks everyone in advance,
Evan Krambuhl

PS. If you need anymore information just ask. If it helps, this is a network that has to file share for backups and be used by OS X and Windows.

A:Powerline adaptor to Wireless Router

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If I have a Netgear Router, does the wireless adapter for my PC have to be Netgear as well or will another brand work (like D-Link)?

A:Solved: Wireless Adaptor to Router

As long as they cover the same bands like Wireless N, B or G.. then you will be fine

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I have a Speedtouch Wireless g adaptor which I want to use to connect another pc to the internet. The trouble is it was designed to work in conjunction with an Orange Livebox adsl modem router which i no longer have. So i just want it to connect to my current Belkin N1 modem router. The original installation disc wants me to connect it to the orange livebox- of course I can't and it all ends there. I tried just installing it through windows and the hardware isnt found. There must be a way-after all its only a standard USB wireless G adaptor.
Im using XP Pro .
Any ideas anone- is there a generic driver I could use and is there a generic wireless connection utility?

A:How to use a branded USB wireless adaptor to connect to different brand router

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Does anyone know why whenever i disconnected the AC power (and use battery only), my link speed drops to 10Mbps. when power plugged in, it's 100Mbps. Machine is Dell Latitude E6400 brand new.

Ps: This is not OS specific i don't think, Vista and Xp have this problem so i'd more W7 too.

A:NIC link speed either 10 or 100Mbps

As this issue, (or is it a feature? ), is OS independent I have to assume that it is a bios feature, included to reduce power use on battery power.

If this is correct there may or may not be an option to select this in the power management options in the bios, (normally press DEL on startup), the control may also be available from a specific DELL utility shipped with the laptop.

As this unit is stated as Windows 7 compatible, it is possible that this will be an option in the modified mobility centre that will be shipped with their version of windows 7 when available

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My XP netbook says it has a 100Mbps port.
I connected a network cable from my Vista computer to it and dragged over a bunch of files to a shared folder on it.

It says the Speed is around 100KB/sec. Thatís 800kbps right? At around 6GB is estimates 17 hours.

What gives?

A:How to get 100Mbps networking speed

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I have (2) emachines XP. They were wired together thru a hub and #2 computer could only get to the cable modem & the internet thru the other #1 computer. #1 computer connected to the LAN at 12mbps and the #2 at 10mbps. Now I have removed the hub and installed a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Both computers are hard wired as before. Both computers have an internet connection speed of 100mbps. #1 computer connects to the local area connection at 100mbps; however #2 still only connects at 10mbps as before. Why is #2 limited to 10mbps and how can I increase the speed to 100mbps??

Can the age of (1) network card be the limiting factor?? #1 computer has a Realtek RTL 8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC and #2 has a Realtek RTL 8029 (AS) PCI Ethernet.

Thank you

A:Solved: How to raise LAN speed to 100mbps from 10

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have gigabit router tp-link gigabit switch cat 5e cable only getting 100mbps no 1000mbps on realtek pcle fe family controller doing my head in now

A:Satellite C855-1j1 - LAN speed only only 100mbps instead of 1000mbps

Is it Windows 7?
Sometimes 7 reports the speed at being 100 even though its 1000.

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Hi, i have tiscali up to 8 meg.
I know this means from there servers but i should be getting more than 1.5 meg average?
it also doesnt even seem like it is running at 1.5 meg because everything i download off the internet averages at 30 kb's a sec download, which is very slow.

maybe it is to do with my modem settings?
is there something to optimise this?

here is my speed test results:

Thanks all help is apreciated.

A:Tiscali not giving me the correct speed?

read JOHNWILLs post here

and try the tests etc he suggests

post results

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while plugged in directly to the notebook (Thinkpad T520) it is running in full Duplex 1000.Windows10Intel NIC driver, Driver date 18:08.2015Already changed cables, but with all cables the notebook is delivering full speed, just docked in => reduced speed (100 MBit) Seems to happen since a few days.I already installed old driver, no change, so I went back to the newest one.Connected to Switch => Router  (but was working fine before as CNET network speed tests were showing all the time, I have a fiber GBit connection, usually the tests went up to 800-900 up and down, now only around 100 Mbit)Docking station defective? Any idea or same experience? Thank you in advance for your comments and help

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Good day to all. I am using AT&T(sbcglobal) dsl. My plan is for the speed of 1mb and under. Now, I realize I am not going to get 1mb, the speed will be under. But the tests I am running are showing speeds around or under 1/4 of a mb. All these tests were run one right after another, at 5 different times of the day, from 8am to 11pm for 3 consecutive days. I have 2 computers running XP that I ran the tests on, and there are no problems with either computer, other than the internet speed. Here are the results.

Speedtest.net: download: 0.24mbps / upload: 0.32mbps

Speakeasy.net: download: 0.24mbps / upload: 0.32mbps

McAfee Internet connection speedometer: 200kbps

CNet Bandwidth Meter: line speed 224kbps

Now, when I run my ISPs speed test AT&T Speedtest, the test shows my speed is: download: 1.58mbps / upload: 0.31mbps. I don`t understand the large difference in speeds I am getting from independent speed tests, and the speedtest from my ISP. Now if I am to believe my ISPs speedtest, they are going to try to tell me I am receiving more download speed than I am paying for. I find that very hard to believe.

Since this is the first time I have looked into this, I am kind of in the dark about how much speed is expected exactly, but 0.24 seems on the low side to me. I know I will have to contact my ISP to look indepth into this problem, and that is why I came here first. I don`t want to sound like a complete idiot when I contact them. Hopefully someone can look at my speed... Read more

A:Solved: My internet speed, and the various speed tests

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We recently got SBC DSL and a router shared between two computers. All of the online speed tests that I have run said my download rate was around 315 kbpsand the 2Wire site for my router site also returned a download connection of 384 kbs, but web browsing and downloads max out at 40 kbs. How do I get my browser up to speed? I am using XP and firefox.

A:High Speed tests but low connection speed

315 Kbps kilo bits per second = 39.4 KBps kilobytes per second.

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I am transferring some large files from my computer to the laptop but the transfer speed is very slow.
Im sure that when I do it on my sisters laptop its like 9-10mBps, almost max bandwidth all the time but with my laptop its very slow. About 1/5 of the maximum bandwidth i believe.
They are all running windows xp with SP2.

Is there anyway which can make transferring of files use most or all of the available bandwidth on the 100Mbps ethernet network?

A:LAN ethernet 100Mbps transfer speed only 2Mbps from comp to laptop

Are you talking about a connection through a router?

An ethernet connection is through a router, but you might be talking about a crossover cable, which looks the same as an ethernet cable, and has the same connection type (RJ-45), but is a connection between two computers.

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I have a Verbatim pen drive, the capacity is 16 GB. When I start any transfer, say of a 300 Mb file, the first 200 Mb of data gets transferred at about 100 Mbps, then it freezes for at least 2-3 minutes after which the last 100 Mb will get transferred at 8 Mbps. This happens with every file. I reinstalled the USB 3.0 drivers and the pen drive is connected in a 3.0 port. Any suggestions?

A:USB 3.0 starts transfer at 100mbps, freezes, speed reduces to 3-4mbps

Have you tried the onboard usb 3 ports at rear of pc/mobo are these the same

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Thought this deserved it's own thread.

I'm returning to post a follow-up; This appears to be the root cause of my issues... on a number of seperate installs. (Setting the WAN Speed to 10 resolves some connectivity issues.

Dlink has posted the following information as of Sept 23.

The firmware that was shipped with the DI-524 has the WAN port speed set to 100mbps. This can prevent connectivity with some DSL and Cable modems. For this reason we have put together this article which explains how to change the setting so you can get a successful connection. Be assured that this inconvenience will be fixed in the next release of firmware which will be applied to future releases of DI-524.

We sincerely apoligize for the inconvenience!

Click here for details on how to change the speed

A:Dlink firmware connectivity issue - WAN port speed set to 100mbps.

Bumped once more to hi-light issues for others.

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I am attempting to network two computers together via a cable network and a "mentor" adsl router. I also have tiscali broadband to add to the equation.

I have had the broadband working via the router, although I dont understand how; when I connect to the router setup, it has the option to enter the ISP username and password, which I do, then it connected to the internet (I dont understand how without a number or provider name).
However the connection is shortlived and it keeps cutting off.

My second problem is that evertime I reboot windows server 2003 it takes about 15 minutes to load to the log on screen, as it says it is "preparing network connections", and it does this every time I reset the machine...

This is the first network I have attempted to setup, so I am a newbie!!

Can anyone give me any pointers?

A:tiscali via adsl router

Back again!

I am still having trouble; I now have the two computers networked and able to file share, but I cannot get the broadband working - the USB modem provided by tiscali will not work with my network cards, when I enable the usb modem in "Control panel>system>devices" the network closes down and the two computers wont communicate.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ive been with Tiscali broadband now for quite some time and have decided to move to Sky broadband as a man who worked for them told me it would be a lot cheaper as i have Sky television.

Ive bought a Sky router (Wireless), and have set it all up, my laptop then picks up the signal and i then enter the Network key and SSID codes and it says conected, duration 00.07 etc. However when i click onto Internet explorer it comes up with "Page cannot be displayed".

Does anyone know if using a Sky broadband Wireless router work when Provided my another provider? in this case Tiscali.



A:Tiscali provider compatable with other router?

have you tried typing http://www.google.com into the address bar, and as far as i understand a router is just a router no matter who your provider is

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Obtained a new router with adsl modem, started to configure the router, got to the site, closed it...blonde moment...then when I tried to reopen the site it is constantly saying it cannot find it etc etc.
Please can you help me, has something changed to prevent me accessing the site? I tried rebooting the router, but still I cant get to the site

A:Belkin modem/router on tiscali problems

Can you get on any site with the new router in place?

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I have a wireless n router which should be connecting at 100mbps but does not. It only connects at 54mbps. When I first originally hooked up my laptop it was getting 100mbps but now it gets only 54mbps. How do I get it back to 100mbps? please help.

Thanks in advance..

A:Cant get wireless to recieve 100mbps on 54.

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are there any windows xp aol dsl tweaks that will help my internet speed


A:XP Aol dsl Speed Tweaks

Yes, there is one. Go to Control Panel>Network and Internet Connections>Network Connections>Local Area Connection. Left click on Local Area Connection then click 'properties'> 'configure'> 'advanced' tab. Scroll down to 'speed & duplex' and highlight it. In the 'value' box to the right choose 100MB full then close out everything. Your pages should open much faster after this change is made.

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Hi, I have had no problem connecting to any other network via my wireless and usually connect straight away quite quickly. But for some reason, usually when I am in hibernate/sleep mode, but sometimes even when I start my laptop, it just fails to connect to my tiscali internet at home! It connects to my Netgear router but only shows a local connection with limited connectivity. Sometimes it does work, but it's very frustrating when it doesn't! Sometimes the only thing that will solve it is re-starting my computer or re-starting the wireless network adapter. I've tried all the other solutions that vista try to give me but they don't help!

Any ideas? Why won't it connect automatically like it does with other networks? Is it because it has to find the IP address automatically rather than have one IP address to connect to straight away?


Router: Netgear DG834G 54Mbps v4
System: Windows Vista
BB: Tiscali

A:Tiscali + Wireless

Best chance of a fix is if there is an updated driver for the wireless adapter.

Sometimes a given combinatiion of router, adapter, OS, BIOS, and driver just don't work, or only sometimes work, after hibernation or sleep.

So far my Vista has worked fine, but if I don't want to take the chance of having to restart my XP laptop I switch the wireless off before hibernation and then switch it back on after awakening it.

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Hello, I have a cable modem with a 2.4G D-Link Access point and two laptops with 2.4G D-Link adapters. I know that I can get good reception when close, but in the other room reception is not good. Is there anything I can do to speed up this other conection?

A:Wireless Router Speed

Does the WAP have two antenna's? I was able to get better signal strength by dis-allowing send _and_ recieve. So one antenna sends and one recieves.
Hope this helps.

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Hi, I know that you may be slower if your wireless, but is the speed of being connected WITH a wire to a WIRELESS router, the same as being connected WITH a wire to a WIRED router? Thanks in advance.

A:wireless router=same speed?

lol....that was just worded weird I guess....no worries though, I've confused many a person in my posts Anyway, if I understand your question correctly, no you shouldn't lose any speed just because you have a wireless router between you and your modem. (If, for example, your set up is like this: cable line ----> cable modem -----> wireless router ------> computer.) That's the set up I have anyway, and have noticed no loss of bandwidth. However, my wireless laptop DOES lose bandwidth, due to the fact that it's not physically connected to the router. (Obviously, with any wireless you'll lose bandwidth). Hope this helped!

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I just did a couple speed tests on my computer.
The first one was 285pc Ping. 2.40mbps Download speed. 0.56 Upload speed.
The second test was 265pc Ping. 2.20mpbs Download speed. 0.60 Upload speed.
Are these numbers good? Thanks Ray ( hope I put this in the right forum)

A:Speed tests

With the exception of ping, they are nearly the same as what I have. Ping is a measure of time it take to get a response from a server. You could try a different server for different response times. However there are numerous reasons for fluctuation ping results, which could simply be a bad day.


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I hear alot about performance numbers but where do you get the programs to run these tests to see if changes made help or hurt a systems performance?

A:speed tests

Futurmark's 3dmark 2001se gives a good indication of how your pc wil perform in curent games and 3dmark 2003 wil show you how your card performs in dx9 games.... but dont rely on benchmarks too much if. there are other benchmarks too can't remember any at the moment i've just wokenup

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I am not too clever when it comes to all these numbers on the laptop. But I was downloading a UK program and it's taking forever. I am downloading thru Megaupload via Firefox. I did a speed test and this is what it says. (By the way I am with Cox Cable),

DL = 13.36Mb/s
UL = 1.86Mb/s
Ping = 101ms

Is this okay? I DLd yesterday and it only took about 7 mins for a 30 min show ??? It's saying that this one is gonna be nearly 3 hours!

A:Speed Tests...

Better then what I get thru Road Runner. Pretty much double what I get.

The place you are downloading from could be getting swamped with requests.

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Hello there,

i had a netgear 54Mbps wireless router, but decided to upgrade so bought a Belkin N1 modem router that claims to run at 270Mbps. However the wired computer it is connected to is only running at 100Mbps, and the notebook with the 108Mbps Wiress Adapter (netgear) is only running at 54Mbps.

Basically, i would like to find out why the notebook only sees this 270Mbps network, as a 54Mbps network, and why the wired computer is runing almost 1/3 slower than it should.

Both computers are running XP Home and have fairly standard specs.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Belkin N1 Wireless - running at 100Mbps

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Some excellent tips all on one page to make your pc load faster, use fewer resources and improve efficiency. My fps in games has increased, overall boot time reduced and application performance increased. Contains some useful direct links to recommended software.

Found it at digg.com


The direct link is


A:26 Windows XP Speed Tweaks

That's a handy link, but one thing to note.

Step 8 recommends using a registry cleaner to clean your registry which we try to discourage here as they tend to cause problems and are hard to recover from if they do.

The rest of them seem fairly straight forward and accurate though.

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I am looking for any information/freeware for increasing my dial-up connection speed. I have a 56k modem with v.92 but my connection speed is only 45.2 bps. I am running XP home and would appreciate any tips.

A:Speed tweaks for dial-ups

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By default win7 is pretty quick but would like it to be even faster

What do you guys recommend for tweakage?

A:Best tweaks to speed things up?

Hello Shockwave,

These can help speed up the performance.


Hope this helps,

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Just a query about the speed of broadband I'm getting.

I'm in the UK and have an up to 8Mb connection with Pipex. I use a Netgear DG834 wireless router to connect.

The router identifies the downstream connection as 8128kbps and the upstream connection as 448kbps, which is what I think they both should be.

When I do a speed test online I get an average of about 348kbps for uploads - not too bad - but only about 956kbps for downloads.

Am I misinterpreting the figures, or am I losing a lot of speed between the router and PC? If so, is there any reason for this/way I can improve it?

Thanks in advance

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I currently have a linksys wrt54g router for many many years already.

My linksys wrt54g is still pretty good for my laptop that works good with the wireless. However, when i download something big. it rarely goes over 200kbps on the laptop to download something. But when i download something on my desktop it always goes at least 500kbps. Sometimes it goes 800kbps and 1mbps when downloading when im looking at the download speed when its downloading. I'm not sure if my letters are right with the kbps or mbps but i think you know what i mean.

Is this b/c my desktop is wired which is why download speed is so fast?

Also is it because my linksys router is a G router which is why it would never go like the speed of my desktop? I mean sometimes it does go 500kbps when downloading a big 100mb file but its rare and speed always goes back to between 100-200 kbps.

If one uses an N router on my laptop when downloading... would i see downloading speed go as fast as my desktop?

A:Wireless Router G vs N Speed Question

Your wired connection is not "g','n', etc, it is Ethernet & either 10 mbs, 100mbcs or gigabit. It will generally always be faster than wired. If your laptop uses 'g' wireless, a new router w/ 'n' wil not (necessarily) be faster.. the laptop will only work at 'n' speeds..
The speed, however can be affwected by distance, or obstacles(walls, appliances etc) between you and the router.
Also, check is the software on your router or laptop lets you use different channels in wireless. Using a less crwoded channel may help your performance. (if you have an android phone or tablet, there is an app that will tell you the best channel)


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I have TL-WR941ND router and it advertises 300Mbps wireless transfer rate, it says that in router settings also.

Here's my problem: I plug my computer via ethernet cable directly to the modem and I'm getting speeds of 20-30Mbps depending on time of day. (I use http://www.speedtest.net/ for speed tests.) Then, I unplug the ethernet and browse the internet via wifi from the router and the speed is cut in half or sometimes one-third. (There are no other computer or wireless devices online at the time.) Is there anyway I could keep the original speed? Some way to change it from the router settings??

Extra info: There are actually two routers between my computer and the modem. I tested the internet speed from the first router and it remains just as fast as the speed with direct connection to the modem. It's the second router that's the problem. We have a first router (from our phone company) because it allows us to plug a phone line (we use internet phone) into it, but the first router doesn't have wifi.

I was wondering if someone could help me speed up my connection through the second router.

A:increasing wireless speed on router

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I have comcast cable internet with a netgear router 35g. Laptop wireless is a broadcom 35g w450. Processor is 2 gig with 500+meg or ram. Win xp home. SP2 NOT inistalled. I am getting connection speeds of 11mbps on the wireless. My desktop that is directly hooked to the cable modem run lightning fast. On toast the speed level shows faster then anything. Being that I am new to wireless, is the 11 mbps a normal or good speed? When the wireless 1st connects to the router, it starts off around 25 mbps and then gradually drops down to 11.

Thanks for any info you can relay to me.

A:wireless router speed? What to expect.

11mbps is a huge amount of Speed. Think about it this way a T1 connection is on average but can go a bit higher 1mbps so technically you are getting speeds 10x the amount of a T1. Most of the time you will not usually use any speeds beyond the 11mbps unless playing high Graphical Games over a Lan or doing some serious File Copying.

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I put a Linksys Wireless 802.11g Router on my home network and got my laptop and computer both running on the Internet fine. I secured it with WPA, no problem. The problem is my Internet speed has suffered greatly. I ran netspeedz before connecting the router and was getting 16-17 Mbps for download speeds and after connecting the router I was getting 1.4-1.5 Mbps. I huge difference in speeds. The model number is WRT54GS Ver 7. If you need more information, please let me know what you need and I'll try to provide it.

Thank you for any help and support!

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One of my PC has become very slow. I checked for malware and it was cleaned recently.
The systems is very slow and I checked with comcast they are saying there is no issue from their side. I am getting 1Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload when I did the speedtest.
What could be the problem ?
Can someone help me ?

A:Solved: Speed Tests

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I'd like to try this line test, but I keep getting a message saying my ip is not pingable. It says "Please disable firewall ping protection." I've turned off my Trend Micro and the Msoft firewall isn't on anyhow....

how do I disable the firewall ping protection so I can run these line tests?

A:Internet Speed Tests

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Since I have installed W 7 my speed test results from DSL Reports are 1.5 Mbs. With XP they were just under 3 Mbs. I have tweaked 7 for high performance and low visual. Could it be because I only have 2 gigs of memory? It really doesn't seem any slower. In fact, it seems to run faster for the most part. Any ideas on this one? Thanks, John

A:Slow speed tests

Do not know what is causing your speed to change, but you may want to read this:

Speed Up Windows 7 – Ultimate Guide To Make Windows 7 Blazing Fast!!!

This from our own surpurb Tut Collection

Optimize Windows 7

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speedtest.net - I have pinged about 10 servers tonight, half in France and half in Ireland & UK. Every French server is pathetically slow in download and pings (28ms) and uploads are in the region of 4-5 everywhere, I am supposed to be on 11. Best was Virgin Media Croydon with 125MB (I am on 120MB at present) and 12ms ping (I used to get 7ms) with slow upload again!

A:Broadband Speed Tests

I really would not put too much weight against what speed test results show. If you want to check what your Upstream & Downstream are. Run Shaper Probe.

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Many of us (me included) are concerned about how "fast" our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is. Here are five different speed test sites in the US to help you answer that question. To get an accurate assesment of yours run tests several times at different times of the day and on different days.
If your ISP sold you a package with a download speed of, say, 25Mbs and your result is only 14Mbs, that's normal. ISP's advertise the maximum speed their network is capable of during a very light load. More users online and the speed drops far off the adveritsed rate.
In my experience with a wired router the available speed is divided by the number of connections to it which are active, I have no wireless so have no experience with that.

For best results clear your browser cache, cookies, temp files, etc. before a test.
The farther you are from the test server, the lower your results.

Speedtest.net This one has a map and lets you choose worldwide servers to test with.

Wide Open West

Audit My PC

c|NET Cnet may go wordwide I don't know, it has options to check where you are, work, home, etc. and I got widely varying results with each.

SpeakEasy This is what my ISP (Comcast) uses when they are here for a service call, I thought it was because it always gave the best result, but not true after I checked on the other sites.

This is an international forum, please add your own test sites for your area of the worl... Read more

A:Broadband Speed Tests

browser speed tests arent that clear though. as "your only as fast as your slowest man"

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Are there any tools out there that can test network speeds between OSes (namely Linux and Windows)?

A:speed tests between OSes

maybe a java app or applet? or maybe a TCP/IP tool/protocol that has extremely low overhead to better gauge transfer speeds between point a to point b?

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Hello. I need some tweaks for improving the speed and performance of ie7. It is REALLY slow. thanx

A:Any tweaks for improving ie7 speed and performance??

IE is naturally a bit slow, but you could try clearing out your temp files and the cache, although it will probably have to load images again the first time you visit a page.

What is your connection speed do you have? This obviously makes a difference too

Try Firefox if it comes to it, it's quicker (I did a side-by-side test once) and you can get extensions to make it faster as well, plus if you really know what you're doing you can tweak it yourself.

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Good Evening ,

hows every 1 ?

well guys i use internet on telephone line with 56 k modem. but the speed gets really slow , in fact there is very little or no loading of page sometimes. And here in my village i cannot get dsl or cable net or any other wireless internet connection. But i heard that there some tweaks for modems that speed them up a little bit. So i was wondering if any one could help me by providing some tweaks and links to get tweaks. i just want the pages load normally. At the moment they are very slow.

Guys i have Lucent Modem.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

A:Modem Speed Up Tweaks And Techniques.

Really depends on what you got for dial-up modem? Some had dual 16K buffers which really speed up the connection in PCI bus and some for laptop where 32-bit faster than 16-bit PCMICA. If you got a WD type they you're out of luck. Those are dem slower models. The best way to go was to buy a ZOOM external DUAL 56K modem. But those uses a serial port 9-pin or 25-pin. On avg you should get out of 56K connection 43K to 49K. Let me give you another example if you were working in a company on large scale and they had a good modem connections you would get at best 53K. Again these numbers could rise or fall. Now for tweaks there were programs that increase the connection but alot of those sites kind of die out.. There might be some around but you'll have to check.

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