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DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

Q: DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

I installed my linksys wrt54G v1 router that has DD-WRT v32 SP2 on it and my network worked great. I then plugged in my linksys switch with about 20 devices (internet phones, networked printers, windows pc, linux asterisk phone system) already connected and on. Almost immediately my internet went down, I could not access my router hardly ever, and lan connectivity failed or was flaky at best.
The dhcp lease table did not show the new devices assigned except for several static assignments.

I unplugged the switch, power cycled the router and all was fine.
I then plugged in the switch without devices and worked fine.
I turned off all networked devices connected to the switch, turned them on one at a time. Then everything worked. The lease table showed all the devices with default lease time of 24 hours.
About 48 hours later I walked into the office with internet down, no lan connectivity, and could not log onto the router either.
I performed the same fix above, and now we are working again just fine.

I had the same problem with a stock linksys 8 port router and using either the linksys switch or a netgear switch.

I think I am having lease renewal dhcp issues, but I have never experienced this problem before. I would appreciate your advice to avoid the next network crash - it ruins my morning.

DD-WRT v23 SP2
linnksys WRT54G v1
linksys 24 port switch

Preferred Solution: DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

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We are having a problem with our DHCP renewals. At 50% of the lease the comp tries to renew it's address and we get the following entries in the Event Viewer:

Event ID:1003
Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network [from the DHCP Server] for the Network Card with network address 00104B67D185. The following error occured:
The semaphore timeout period has expired. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address [DHCP] server.

Event ID: 1007
Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the network Card with network address 00104B67D185. The IP address bing used is (default).

Event ID: 2505
The server could not bind to the transport \device\NetB T_Tcpip_ {BA16FD88-B75B-49E1-8F07-2CFD4F0FB2DC} because another computer on the network has the same name. The server could not start.

This last error terminates ftp and telnet connections.
Our DHCP server is NT4.0. The clients are W2K and NT4.0.
Appreciate your thoughts. Thanx.

A:dhcp lease renewal

Is the DHCP service actually running on the server? If so what lease duration is set on for the DHCP scope?

Renewing after 50% of the lease time is standard in Windows, and the way to extend the interval is by increasing the duration of the lease.

An IP address starting 169.x.x.x is what you get when the client times out after looking for a DHCP server that isn't responding to network requests. That's why I ask whether the DHCP server (or the service) has crashed. Even if the server itself hasn't gone down it would be worth stopping and re-starting the DHCP service.

the last error maybe caused if a computer either has the same NetBIOS name or IP address on the same netwrok segment. Check how your scope is configured, and that you have enough addresses for the number of clients accessing the server and requesting IPs.

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  I have several windows 8.1 machines connected to a private network.  The clients all obtain their first DHCP leases correctly and work well for a time. At some point after having been running for awhile, they get into a state where they start
ignoring the DHCP ACK messages from the DHCP server when they attempt to renew their leases (see attached pcap file).  They go on ignoring the responses to their DHCP Requests until they lose their IP addresses and then send a DHCP Discover and receive
a DHCP Offer.  At this point, they seem to accept their new address and move on until it is time to renew again, at which point they start ignoring their DHCP ACKs again and the cycle continues.  These machines will work for hours with no problems
whatsoever, but they all seem to experience this issue at some point every day.  When they get into the state where they are ignoring their DHCP acks, they will stay that way until they are rebooted.  Disabling and then re-enabling the adapter does
not seem to fix the issue.
 Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?  I'm pretty stumped at this point.

Thank you,

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Hi all, I have a problem with my laptop (Inspiron 1545 Windows Vista 32) that it disconnects briefly from the internet every 30 minutes. I believe I've tracked the problem to the DCHP Lease. It is only for one hour, so every 30 minutes (half of the lease time), it tries to refresh it so the lease doesn't expire. I have a Netgear WNR2000 router, but my wired PC's DHCP lease is 1 day, whereas my laptop's is 1 hour. Please let me know if you need any other information to help me extend my DCHP lease. Thanks!

A:DHCP Lease problem

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I have a machine which seems to fail to run GP update after it's DHCP lease has expired and renewed. The machine will display a black background on the desktop window. The machine is a laptop running Windows 7. The user informed me that she lost connectivity
and rebooted her machine. After login and the Desktop window was black. In our environment we have all machines perform Dot1x authentication using Windows native supplicant, Cisco switch as the authenticator, Cisco ISE as the authentication server. From the
authentication server and Cisco switch logs, the laptop was successfully authenticated and received a valid IP within the subnet that it should be in. Is this an issue with authentication, DHCP, DNS, or something else?

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Having a very frustrating problem.

Heres the scoop i cant get a good IP address from my DHCP server. It's an at home network and Ive been able to get this network adapter to work before with x64 but not with this particular machine (Upgraded). First it take forever to aquire an address and sometimes it gives me "limited or no connectivity"

Here's ipconfig /all you'll see some issues.

Host Name computer
primar dns suffix.........(blank)
Node Type................Unknown (This cant be right)
IP Routing Enabled..........NO
WINS Proxy Enabled........NO
DNS Suffix Search List...........WorkGroup

Ethernet adapter wireless network connection:

Connection-specific DNS suffix .......WorkGroup
Description........Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card
Physical Address...............00-12-17-8e-12-43
DHCP Enabled................Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled......Yes
IP Address........
Subnet Mask...........
Default Gateway......
DNS Servers...........
Lease Obtained.....Wed, Jan 10 2007 10:36:05PM (heres the problem)
Lease Expires........Wed, Jan 10 2007 10:36:04PM (Got no clue whats wrong)

Im thinking it's an easy fix or a Critical system shatering malfunction. Im using other computers that get normal leases that are good for about 8 days and my access point shows my problem machine getting a good IP lease. I looked up the "Unknown" Node type issue and microsoft said something about registery keys for &... Read more

A:DHCP Lease Problems

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Hey guys,

Just a quick question:

I have an MN-700 Microsoft Router. It works perfectly, except for one flaw. It won't renew the IP addresses for any devices connected to it wirelessly. I have two Inspiron 1525s, and two Xbox 360s connected to it. I have had to set all of their IP addresses manually, because the router will not hand them out automatically. On the laptops, if put to "Set IP Address Automatically", the laptop merely states "IP Address Invalid" and shows for every parameter. Any help would awsome.

A:DHCP Enabled but No Renewal

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I have a VPN gateway device that I need to install that requires a static IP. The cable modem provider will not give out a static IP no matter how much I beg. So here's what I was thinking. Currently I have a Cisco router in the network that I want to replace with the VPN gateway. The router is DHCPing an address from the ISP and it has been the same address for over a year now. I was thinking of just programming the VPN gateway with that address and sticking it in there. But I would assume that the once the dhcp lease expires and the dhcp server puts the address back into the pool problems could arise and a call from the ISP would be expected. So, to overcome this I was thinking it would be nice if there was a utility out there that could maintain a dhcp lease for another device and renew it as needed so that the IP address doesn't change. Is there such a utility? If so, where can I get it? I would prefer something I could stick on a Linux box since I have a couple of them connected direct to the cable modem (via a hub). All the other computers and devices are sitting behind the cisco router. Or, if nothing is available is there any other work around?


A:Having another computer maintain a DHCP lease

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I need to do a net use when an IP is assigned via DHCP. The only way that I can find to do this is to schedule a task based on a logged event. To do this I need to specify
the log (I picked "Microsoft Windows DHCP Events/Admin")
the source (I picked Dhcp-Client)
the event ID (this is what I can't figure out)
I looked at the logs with the Event Viewer and found a bunch of dhcp-client log entries but none of them were "successful IP lease" or words to that effect.

I get tons of these: (50067) Dhcp has received network hint 146514C4F4E4 for the Network Card with the network address 0x4025C2636874

and, while meeeing with the router) a few of these: (1001) Your computer was not assigned an address from the network (by the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 0x4025C2636875. The following error occurred: 0x79. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

but I never saw something indicating a successful lease and I know there was one or I couldn't be posting this question!

OR IS THERE A BETTER WAY to schedule a task when an IP is assigned?

A:What is event ID for dhcp-client IP lease? (Or ia there a better way?)

There is event id 50058 from DHCP that says Your computer was successfully assigned an address from the network... I have to say that I've never seen it in a log. Do you need to know when a new IP is assigned? Or simply when it gets TCP/IP connectivity?

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Ok, I've read the rules, had a quick search for some of my keywords and seems well for me to post.
I have just installed a new graphics card, soon thereafter I started getting problems with art programs and if I opened several pictures at once across any browser (I think, although I was mainly using firefox). Of course recapping what I had done I realised that I had not uninstalled the old card, long story short I uninstalled it, got the new one reinstalled and the browser problems stopped, or so I thought.
I quickly noticed that the Art programs still didnt work, and (although less frequently) the browsers still expierence some problems.
The Error symptoms are: Computer freezes, no access to anything, Mouse doesnt move and After afew clicks the computer will beep at me, On the art programs about 2/3rds of the image will Flash, or turn black entirely about every 4 seconds.
Annnnd the error log says:

"The ip address lease "ip" for the network Card with network address "network address" has been
&#000a;denied by the Dhcp server "similar ip" (the DHCP server sent a DHCPNACK message),
So, I think thats about where I stand. Soon after this I realised that every time this happened I was in fact online. (should have noticed earlier).
Im on a dynamic ip and using a linksys router (aren't I the fool), and thats about everything I think I can give you information wise. If anyone can h... Read more

A:Dhcp Ip Address Lease Denied?

This is strange, what kind of card did you pull?


what kind did you add?

the more details the better

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im using a d-link di-604 router to share a broadband connection(cable)between two pc's. under the dhcp tab, dhcp server is enabled, there is starting and ending ip address and lease time which is set to one week. what does this lease time thing mean? sorry newbie question.

A:DHCP Server Lease Time

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OS: Win98SE
Modem: RCA/Thomson DCM 315 (cable modem)
ISP: Comcast

Today, out of the blue, one computer can no longer access the internet. I have two computers connected to the same modem, a laptop via USB (the one with problems), and a desktop via RJ-45. The desktop connects to the internet just fine--in fact, I'm using it to ask this question. For some reason, however, the laptop refuses to get a DHCP lease.

winipcfg always yields an IP beginning 169 (meaning: "DHCP lease failed"). I can't even release an IP (is this standard behavior for 169 IPs?). I've tried switching USB cables, and even switching the USB for the RJ-45. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the modem drivers. I've tried restoring an old registry. And yes, I've rebooted zillions of times. Always the same thing: DHCP lease fails. My ever-useful modem guide suggests harassing my ISP, but since the desktop works fine, I doubt it's on their end.

This setup has been working (albeit with a hitch here and there) for months.


~Modem cycle fixed it.~
Sheesh. "Sorry" and "Thanks" all at once.
*mumbles about 'puters and feels stupid*

A:DHCP lease errors, out of the blue

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So I've been getting ddosed recently and my ISP will not change my IP, they've told me to shut off my modem/router it's a 2 & 1 for 5 mins/hour, I've done that.

My DHCP Lease Time is 24hrs, could I make it 1 hour and shut off my router for 1 hour and have a new IP? Can anyone explain this to me?

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Hey guys,

Before I begin I just want to say that my computer knowledge is quite minimal so please forgive me. I know you are all busy so I will do my best not to waste your time. I have read every forum I could find on these topics and tried most solutions I could work out (see list below)

Basic problem: lost internet connectivity 2 days ago. I was using the internet fine and then when I came back a little while later it would no longer work.

- computer: old Asus F3E series intel centrino
- Windows Vista
- router/modem: unfortunately I am travelling and staying in Paris at the moment so my internet was essentially an open wifi network which to connect usually you go to the wifi network, connect to the specific one and then when you open the browser it takes you to the landing page where you type in log in and password. These were provided to me by the landlord so it's not my account and I have no idea where the router/modem is unfortunately.

After much reading of forums and attempting of solutions, I went to event viewer in admin, which confirmed my suspicion it was a DHCP problem. The event viewer on the day the internet stopped working said "Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP server) for the Network Card with network address 0011xxxxx. The following occurred: The semaphore timeout period has expired. Your computer will try and obtain an address on its own from the network (DHCP server." Also ... Read more

A:DHCP connection/ IP lease problems, please help!

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I'm on ADSL, and the provider automatically renews the IP every 4 days. Under Win XP, I simply had to click on the network icon in taskbar (lower right corner) and the window showed me since how long I had been connected (and thus if there was a risk of getting disconnected soon or not).

How can I easily get to the same info under Win7 ? (Win7 Ultimate x64)

By "easily", I mean without having to use cmd > ipconfig all
Many thanks in advance.

A:How to find out DHCP lease time remaining ?

Quote: Originally Posted by BouhPwet


I'm on ADSL, and the provider automatically renews the IP every 4 days. Under Win XP, I simply had to click on the network icon in taskbar (lower right corner) and the window showed me since how long I had been connected (and thus if there was a risk of getting disconnected soon or not).

How can I easily get to the same info under Win7 ? (Win7 Ultimate x64)

By "easily", I mean without having to use cmd > ipconfig all

Many thanks in advance.

You don't get disconnected at all!! How do you mean?

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I've become the unofficial network admin at my work place, we are having some network connection issues and I have no idea what's causing it. This problem only started occuring about 3 weeks ago, there haven't been any changes made to the configuration of the network. The network has 1 linux server, 7 computers, and 2 network printers. The router we are using is a D-link DI-604, there are 2 d-link switches connected to it, as well as a d-link DWL-900AP+ wireless access point. Sometimes when we arrive in the morning and turn on the computers, some of the computers cannot acquire a network address. Loading the router configuration page shows the dhcp server leasing IP's to an unknown device, screen shot is attached.
The mac addresses of all known devices connected to the network (computers, printers, server) begin with 00, i don't know what the device with mac address beginning with 52 is but the dhcp server is leasing all the unused ip's to that device.
Anybody have any ideas?

A:auto dhcp ip lease to unknown device?

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I have two PCs in two different locations of the neighborhood and each with a different Internet provider. Both are served by a radio link from the respective (different) providers (Antenna on the roof, Modem DSL box inside, Ethernet cable connection to PC).

The trouble arises at one location where the connection sometimes goes down briefly and then is back up but sometimes is gone for good. The provider then advises to cut off the mains power to everything (modem box, PC etc) and reconnect after a couple of minutes.

It usually works but sometimes it doesn't at all. Last night 3 times had no result. I contacted the Provider this morning who told me to disconnect/reconnect again and this time it worked. But he told me that they had done nothing their end and that the PC here had failed to renew DHCP lease. I understand what that is but my PCs at the other location have never had that issue (DHCP change is not so frequent with that other provider but this one here is expanding his customer list).

What bugs me is that the net goes down frequently with this one during a session but then comes up again, presumably renewing the DHCP lease all the time. Takes a coupla seconds, half a minute at most (DHCP changes quite frequently I know from a neighbor who often runs the config command).

I'm leery of the (usual) provider take that the fault lies/lay at my end.

I've only been working on this one for about a week so I don't know the provider's track record... Read more

A:Solved: PC fails to renew DHCP lease?

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Can someone please tell me how to change my LAN DHCP Lease Expiry time! Mines currently set at 1 hour and its driving me crazy!

A:How to change your LAN DHCP Lease Expiry time

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Ok, Toshiba Satellite, unsure of model. XP Pro, all nicely updated. Intel Pro 2200 BG internal wifi card. Using the Intel Wireless manager.

Hadn't been able to get a good address when attempting to release/renew on the card. Tried everything I could think of, updated the drivers, removed encryption from the access point, tried connecting to a different network. Nothing would make it get a new (proper) address. Except for one thing, when the driver was reinstalled, it would properly get an address via DHCP and work nicely. Reboot, then nothing, won't get a proper address no matter what.

Swapped in the wifi card from my laptop, Intel 2915 ABG, it's based on the same driver. Detected the card on boot-up, Winblows installed the driver, connected very happily to the network. Reboot. Now it won't get an address.

This made me think. So, I went into the device manager, deleted the card, re-detected it, it joined the network no problem, and received a proper address via DHCP.

Any thought on this one?

Oh yeah, I also did a repair install of XP thinking maybe there was some Winblows update the broke things. No such luck.

A:Intel Pro 2200bg On Xp Pro Won't Renew Dhcp Lease

Have you tried connecting to the network manually when it doesn't give you an address?
Have you tried to recycle the router (remove the power cord from the router and turn the PC off, wait 3 minutes, turn the router back on, wait 3 minutes, turn the PC back on)?

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Hello! After weeks of my own investigation and trial and error, I have come to you guys for, hopefully, an answer.

First off, my Laptop is about nine years old, HP Pavillion Pentium 4. I run Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP3. I use a broadband card from Verizon that I just put in my USB (no router, etc) I'm getting a System Error Source DHCP Event ID 1002. When this happens, my computer, I believe, is going into sleep mode and I have to reboot the system. When I turn it back on and go back on the internet, all my websites that I was in are still there.

The error says: The IP address lease for the Network Card with Network address 2c3068c16ED1 has been denied by the DHCP Server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message)

It gives an explanation too: The DHCP Server Service did not extend the lease on your computer's IP address, so your computer temporarily lost its connection with the Network.

OK, so here are all the things I tried. I tried the ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. I tried going in services.msc and going under DHCP and keeping it automatic but stopping it. I called Verizon and I believe he refreshed my Network settings (I think I knew more about the topic than he did) He said it was my computer, whatever. I just tried the static IP but it didn't seem to take. I restarted and it jumped back to automatic. My last guess is it's something to do with the time frame of when it automatically obtains the addre... Read more

A:IP Address Lease Denied by DHCP Server

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The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 0xD0DF9AEDE650 has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message). Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client/AdminSource:        Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-ClientDate:          5/4/2018 7:12:47 AMEvent ID:      1002Task Category: Address Configuration State EventLevel:         ErrorKeywords:      User:          LOCAL SERVICEComputer:      User-PCDescription:The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 0xD0DF9AEDE650 has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).Event Xml:<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">  <System>    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client" Guid="{15A7A4F8-0072-4EAB-ABAD-F98A4D666AED}" />    <EventID>1002</EventID>    <Version>0</Version>    <Level>2</Level>    <Task>3</Task>    <Opcode>76</Opcode>    <Keywords>0x4000000000000000</Keywords>    <TimeCreated S... Read more

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I am having trouble with DHCP and sleeping Windows 7 systems.  My Windows 7 systems go to sleep after an hour or so.  The Intel and Broadcom NICs we have use ARP offloading so they continue to respond to ARP while the machine is sleeping. 
The problem is that after the DHCP lease expires, the NIC continues to respond to the ARP requests and that causes IP conflicts on the network because the computer is responding to ARP requests for an IP address the computer has lost its lease on.  Any
time a computer is asleep for longer than the DHCP lease time then when a new computer gets the IP from the lost lease, an IP conflict is reported because the new leasee does an ARP to see if the IP is in use and the sleeping computers NIC responds to the
ARP and this results in an IP conflict for the new leasee.
I opened a ticket with the Hardware Vendor, which is Dell in this case, and they opened an engineering case with Intel - the NIC OEM.  The outcome of this case what that this is Windows fault.  Windows is supposed to wake up from sleep and renew
its DHCP lease at the lease half life and then go back to sleep.  My computers are not doing this.  They let the lease expire while they are sleeping.
Is there a problem with Windows 7 that prevents it from waking up and renewing its lease periodically?  It is supposed to maintain the lease according to Dell and Intel, but in my case it it not. 

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Probably this error is pretty much a non-issue and I haven't a clue if the affected W7P machine, even runs Windows Server 2008 R2 (or any windows server for that matter).

Is this 'server' thing, software that is by default installed (and I'm guessing it's only used when the machine networks with another machine, home/work groups)?

As for if and what version the W7P machine even 'runs', the only loosely provided instructions I've found (by clicking the event log's link to information about the error), results in a webpage...

Event ID 1001

..which sort of implies to me that the W7P machine might be running 'Windows Server 2008 R2', if only because the event log error report's link led me to that web page's article, ie; the article says it applies to Windows Server 2008 R2.

I tried following the article's mentions of checking to see what version of 'server' that is installed, but step 2 seems too poorly written for me to follow what's actually be said...

Determine if there is a network connectivity problem
To determine if there is a network connectivity problem between the‚ DHCP‚ server and domain controller:
At the DHCP server, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
At the command prompt, type ping server_FQDN, where server_FQDN is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the domain controller (for example, server1.contoso.com), and then press ENTER.
What's unclear to me is where it alludes to...

"..where se... Read more

A:Event ID 1001 DHCP Client Lease Validity

I have been looking at the same page as you, and I too am just as confused about how to follow the instructions. It would be good to fix this problem, but how is it done?

My event viewer shows this error.
Event 1001, Dhcp-Client

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hi everybody,
i installed vista x64 recently, everything works fine except one thing, the network admin. installed mikrotik proxy server, i used to configure my ip manually(in XP and he installed the server right after i installed vista so i wasn't able to try in XP) so if any conflict happened, the connection isn't interrupted, but now, as i get automatic ip address, when any conflict happened, the connection is lost, it returns only after diagnose and repair. i tried disabling ipv6 like some suggested, but nothing happened and sometimes the whole connection stops working, so how to fix this?
the other problem is that after installing any windows update, the network connection is lost, i found that all of the internet and network services are not working and when trying to running them, errors appear, like "can't start this service, depending service is not running" and other times, error messages with number appear, but can't remember them. so why does this happened?

A:ip conflict, no automatic renewal, DHCP lost and other things!!

ok, after searching for more than a week, i found that the cause of all these problems, is installing the tcp/ip limit patch on vista. anything that is done after the patch is installed may lead to stopping the network and internet connections.

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I reformatted my computer because after installing service pack 1 and other updates from Feb 14th my computer has been having issues getting a dhcp from my router. I have a windows 7 home premium 32 bit laptop that works just fine. I also have a ubuntu machine that pulls an address from this router and an xbox 360. From what I've read other places online it appears this is a bug with dhcp that appears some time around windows 7 service pack 1 x64. Is this update the one causing issues with the dhcp problems I'm having? Should I uninstall service pack 1 or reformat and not let windows install this? I'm a little confused as to what this problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Dhcp issues and network connectivity issues since windows 7 x64 sp1

I've never heard of a service pack creating a DHCP problem.

You might want to try resetting your router either by pushing in the reset button "hold in for ten seconds" or you can reset the router from the router's service page or unplug the router for ten minutes then plug it back in again.

Just because other machines can pick up the DHCP address doesn't mean it's working correctly for all machines. Routers can limp along sometimes but the functionality becomes erratic until you reset them.

Or you can try using the ipconfig commands, such as the ones outlined in the link below.
ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility

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Error screen:

We are getting this error prompt after windows 7 OS TS completion during first boot of the laptop .Also laptop not installed with NIC & bluetooth drivers.<o:p></o:p>
Issue is only in a single site laptops in which Imaging worked perfectly until last week.i have found only below errors in BDD.log and setupact.log<o:p></o:p>

i have gone through some solution in msforum link below which says to add sleep time in litetouch.wsf file but unfortunately i cannot test that script changesin my environment


Is issue really from DHCP or MDT 2013 bug ? if its MDT bug then the above sleep time update will really work .Seeking your help to understand and to isolate this issue better.<o:p></o:p>


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Hello everyone,
I am working with a moderately sized network of about 75 devices. We have a device for our VOIP that supplies DHCP for the phones. Unfortunately this device is also handing out IPs to our other devices and causing them to be unable to see our other network services ( Internet filter and hosted applications ). I need to put a system in place to force our network to prioritize our other DHCP over our VOIP server. Setting a static ip address works but this is not an ideal solution.
VOIP - 10.172.0.X ( Forces all devices to have an address in this range when assigned to DHCP )
Network - 10.170.0.X

A:DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

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Hello All, My company has been buying the M910Z systems since last year and I have noticed that the NIC card on these things will just randomly not pick up an IP address via DHCP when the PC is first powered on or when a network cable is unplugged. This doesnt happen everytime, but there are instances when the PCs go to sleep and the user is unable to connect back to the network due to the PC dropping the network connection. To resolve the issue, i have to either shut the PC down and then boot it back up or go into the control panel, diable/enable the NIC card in hopes for it to grab an IP. Is there a fix to this issue because im assuming its either a BIOS or NIC driver issue because I have isolated the issue down to these PCs and i wanted to see if the community could help me out here.

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WPN824v3 router

ISP ---- router ------ MyComputer

Lately I've been having intermittent internet connectivity problems.

When I log in to my router and view the "connection status" page, it shows the date&time for "lease obtained" and for "lease expired". The date&time are exactly the same for both. Yes, exactly the same - not 24 hours different.

Is this abnormal? And how would I fix it? Or is it a config error at my ISP?

A:lease obtained date&time same as lease expired

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Recently my computer started disconnecting whenever the "Lease Expires" time is reached, i.e

Lease Obtained: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 5:20:59 p.m.
Lease Expires: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 5:25:59 p.m.

and when it reaches 5:25:59 p.m. my computer will disconnect from the internet for a fraction of a second. Now i realise that this process is entirely normal etc, but this has only just started occuring, and from looking at friends networks they all have lease times of an hour, or a day.
If anyone knows how to change the lease time, or something so it gets renewed before it expires I would appreciate it greatly.

A:Network Lease

The DHCP lease time is determined by the your router or modem. You should be able to change it in the setup menus.

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I come to you again seeking help. We have a problem with our logon and startup to our Windows 7 Enterprise system. We have more than 3000 Windows Desktops situated in roughly 20+ buildings around
campus. Almost every computer on campus has the problem that I will be describing. I have spent over two months peering over etl files from Windows Performance Analyzer (A great product) and hundreds of thousands of event logs. I come to you today humbled
that I could not figure this out. The problem as simply put our logon times are extremely long. An average first time logon is roughly 2-10 minutes depending on the software installed. All computers are Windows 7, the oldest computers being 5 years old. Startup
times on various computers range from good (1-2 minutes) to very bad (5-60). Our second time logons range from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. We have a gigabit connection between each computer on the network. We have 5 domain controllers which also double as our
DNS servers.
My original posts on:
Technet: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproperf/thread/e8400dbe-e6b8-4b1d-8851-a03e7af32e6e
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/w5f38/network_logon_issues_with_group_policy_and/
I followed a lot of what you all told me to do from testing the domain controllers with dcdiag and also completing netlogon tests. I did group policy tests where I got rid of the group policy
and just did default policy and it only slightly fixed the prob... Read more

A:Major Network Logon Issues (8 Domain Controllers and 3.5 thousand workstations) DNS, Time Server, DHCP, and Group Policy Errors


I would like to suggest using Network Monitor to troubleshoot the issue.


Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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Hello. I'm having some seriously frustrating issues regarding internet connection. I have been trying to fix the problem myself all day using bits and pieces of information I've found on similar articles on the internet but I haven't completely solved it. I'm going to try and provide as much information as I possibly can hopefully somebody can shed some light for me!

My parents have a Windows Vista desktop computer with a Westell Model 2200 DSL modem from Verizon. I have a Windows XP Service pack 3 laptop. In order for me to connect wirelessly, we purchased a Linksys router back in 2008. The router is connected to the modem by an ethernet cable and I'm able to connect on my laptop. My parents however seem to have a completely different connection-- the only network that ever shows as available for them is Broadband PPPoE.

The problem arose this morning when I couldn't seem to connect to the internet. The bars on the bottom right showed as completely blank no matter what I attempted to connect to--though it didn't show a red X or anything. I opened the utility and found I had to reenter the password (which was a 26 digit password I had written down and couldnt find) so I went on my parents computer, typed in the IP for the router and reset the password.) What ended up happening was I somehow connected but with Limited or No Connectivity. I spent the entire day trying to repair it but could not renew my IP address (this was the error that p... Read more

A:DNS Server communication problems /IP renewal issues

Is the Vista attempting to connect to the Westell modem/router or to the Linksys router?

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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i bought a second hand acer one net book for my daughters birthday in a couple of weeks when i first tried it it work i could go on the net, now it wont says can't find server. connection strength is strong 100% system is running ubuntu please can anyone help i really need to sort this before my daughters birthday, thanks a million

A:please lease help acer one network concerted but can't find server

welcome to TSG

please do not duplicate posts here - Continue here http://forums.techguy.org/networking/983666-acer-aspire-one-wont-find.html i will close this thread

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Recently my system had some crashes.
0x0000009f (0x0000000000000004, 0x0000000000000258, 0xfffffa80054fd680, 0xfffff80000b9c510)

0x0000009f (0x0000000000000004, 0x0000000000000258, 0xfffffa80054f9040, 0xfffff80004520510)

Before, there occured strange issues with the Network. At some point in time my network card did no longer receive packages. Windows did not detect any hardware issues. The behavior was as if the switch went defective and the cable was still puggled in. deactivating/activating the network adapter sometimes resolved the issue. Sometimes the Network-Adapter could not be activated again.

As i suspected a hardware issue i did the following:
- RAM Test (except shared ram for gpu)
- CPU Burn-In with Checks
- replaced all network cables
- replaced router, switches and respective power sources
- replaced the power supply of my computer
- checked for visible damage on my mainboard
- replaced the network card

And for possible software issues:
- Upgraded from Vista to Win7

Still won't work reliable.

Could someone hint me to the source of the issues?
What do the error codes say?

Thanks a lot.

[EDIT] I don't have minidumps of the issue, but normal size dumps. After the next crash i can provide you with a minidump. [/EDIT]

A:Crashes and Network issues. Hint?

it is usually the result of a driver run

driver verifier

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I recently installed windows 7 about a week ago, since then I've noticed that My network adapter will stop working random and will not work again until it is reset.

I have also noticed that since I got my new gfx card(ati hd 5770) and windows 7 that sometimes when playing games my computer will crash and display green red and white pin stripes. Just a note all my drivers on the computer are up to date according to Driver Checker (even if thats wrong I manually updated my video drivers)

Any assistance towards fixing these issues would be great.

A:Pinstripe Crashes and Network adapter issues.

Hi go to your computer makers support site and see what updates they have

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Okay, so my Tablet PC which is running Windows Vista Ultimate is crashing a lot lately... about once or twice every few hours.

Explorer.exe crashes, then restarts eventually...
After it restarts and I look at the system log, it shows at the time of the crash, an error about the Dhcp-Client.
It says "The IP address lease <insert current IP> for the Network Card with network address <insert MAC ID> has been denied by the DHCP server <router IP address>. (The DHCP server sent a DHCPNACK message.)"

I'm not sure why, but every time I've gotten this error like this repetitively when explorer crashes, I've had to reload the OS to get it to act normally again.

I don't see why a DHCP error is crashing explorer.exe.
Anyone know anything about this?

A:Explorer.exe crashes, returns Dhcp-Client error

Do you have Norton or Symantec. What other security. This is a Ethernet error usually caused by what is called a SYMTDI dependency in the registry. If you remove that, DHCP will usually start normally. The starting range of the CHCP pool is off kilter. This has been often reported as caused by security software, most often Symantec.
Try changing your lease time to perhaps 60 minutes. Your machine will then be expected to renew its address every 30 minutes. You might also try changing your router address from to something different, like or other suggested by your router manual.
Be careful as it could be a sign that your network security has been compromised. Somebody could be trying remote code execution. Be certain all networks and patches are up to date, by checking for downloads. Do any users have incorrectly assigned rights? It could be a case of a hacker or stoopidity stopping DHCP Client Services and that blocks your system from signing in properly to the network.

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I need help on DHCP settings. I have a laptop that connects with a router whose DHCP is set to assign addresses in the 192.168.1.XXX range. The adapter is set to use DHCP.

I get Internet access through a USB WiFi adapter that connect to a WiFi network whose gateway is This adapter is also set to use DHCP. This setup seems to work sometimes, but other times there are problems that seem to be DHCP related.

What are the proper setting for this setup?

A:DHCP issues?

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I'm having issues.

No matter what type of NIC I am using, if it is configured to use DHCP, it does not retrieve IP address information at startup. If I configure a static IP after it starts up, disable the LAN connection, and then re-enable it. Then reconfigure it for DHCP, disable, enable, then it will authenticate to the DHCP server and DHCP messages will be sent as normal.

I am running Windows 2000. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

A:DHCP Issues

might want to reinstall your tcp/ip protocol under network properties. what kind of network are you running ? is the dhcp server a router?

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I am seeing a strange problem with very few dhcp clients.
It shows connected but the gateway will not ping.
If I give a static Ip or any other IP other than the IP the system is having network is fine.

But if I do a release/renew the system is getting the same IP.

DHCP server is in windows 2003.

How to get a new IP from a DHCP server when I release and renew it.


A:DHCP issues

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered on this board...

Here's my problem. I live in an apartment complex that offers High Speed internet through an ethernet connection. Everything is supposed to be working fine. I've set up for DHCP the way they recommend. I've taken off all adapters and protocols except my NIC and TCP/IP and set TCP/IP to obtain addy automatically, etc. That part I know is fine. When I first start my computer (win98SE, with updates) and try to connect to the internet, it works just like it should. After about 5 minutes, I lose my connection. I goto winipcfg and can see all my info. If I click renew all, it says "DHCP server unavailable"... However, if I click release all and then renew all, it works just fine and i have a connection for another 3-5 min. and I have to do it all over again.

I plan on replacing my NIC and cable with brand new ones. I have no access to the DHCP server. If replacing those components don't work, is there any other suggestions? I'm not running any firewalls (that I know of) ... I'll try disabling Norton AV, although I don't see how that would cause this? Any help, advice, suggestions, ideas are greatly appreciated!


A:DHCP issues

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I took apart my computer yesterday to get some CDs out of the drive my son had jammed in there. When I hooked everything back up I got the following error message. The System notification event service could not connect. Also my DHCP client only says "starting" and I can't stop and restart. I tried accessing my help and it's not available. Also I can not get on the Internet.

Any ideas of what is going on?

I'm using vista.

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I am having trouble accessing the internet; my IP address is not renewing. I checked online and read about making sure that the DHCP client has started and the steps to follow if it isn't. I tried everything and each time I receive the same "could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer" error. anyone know how I can fix this issue?

A:DHCP client issues

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Can anyone tell me how to stop the dhcp-client identifying the network connection
every minute? I'm running vista home premium and it's a wireless connection i'm using
on a laptop.



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so sorry, was having issues with it getting on. wasn't sure it it worked or not. so sorry, please delete it if pos

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After upgrading to windows 8 i seem to have an issue when windows either boots without internet connection (yellow sign is present) or looses connection randomly.

When this happens i am unable to access my router as well. Its as if windows can't communicate with my network card (i have nVIDIA nForce 780i SLI (MCP55PXE) - Gigabit LAN Controller).

It seems that restarting DHCP service fixes this issue. Any idea why this is happening and how can i fix the issue permanently?

Updating network drivers won't work since nvidia hasn't released any new drivers since 2009. Also windows installs some 2012 drivers anyway.

A:Internet/DHCP client issues.

Did you have any luck resolving your issue yet?

If not:

Have a look in the computer's Event Viewer Logs (type in "Event Viewer" in the Win8 Search box). See if any errors are there related to the DHCP service. It is set to start automatically by default, and to restart automatically if it fails. But it also has a fair number of other system components on which is it dependent -
-Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock
-NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
-Network Store Interface Service
-NSI Proxy Service Driver
-Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
-DCOM Process Launcher
-RPC Endpoint Mapper
If you see any error messages related to either the DHCP service itself, or to these components on which it depends, make a note of the error - you can also click on the blue-highlighted link "Event Log Online Help" to see if any information is available from Microsoft for the error (clicking the link should open up your default browser, and check on the Microsoft webpages for error information).

You should have the DHCP Service and the DNS Client Service set to Automatic in the "Services" applet in Control Panel (type "Services" into the Search box).

It's pretty rare for a wired connection to have any trouble. I imagine you've already done the obvious hardware checks -- the cables, activity lights on routers/gateway/modem -- and the setup screens of these devices are OK, power cycled the router/gateway/modem, shutdown &... Read more

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I've recently set up a new office area in our home and hard wired 4 ethernet network points in it. I have been running a Netgear 4 port wireless broadband router in the kid's study and this has worked without fault.

I ran a cat5 cable to the router from the office. I have plugged in a Netgear 5 port switch (FS605) into this cable to connect the office (there appears to be no identified uplink port). I run at present both a Mac and PC laptop form the office.

Proble I have is the Mac will retrieve its IP address without fault from the router (DHCP set) but the PC comes back with a strange,, IP address and says it has limited or no connectivity. All cables test perfectly.

I am pulling my hair out. If I plug the PC directly into the cable from the router all is fine but when I put the switch between them the issues start. So the issues seems to be with the switch or the set up on the Laptop. It is currently set to DHCP. I have tried to overide that with a manual IP and subnet mask address setting - without luck.

Should I be using a router rather than a switch? But if so why will the Mac work fine?

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: DHCP Issues with new switch

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