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windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

Q: windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

Ok, I was having some ram issues, which I traced back to my 512mb stick (I had a 1024 and a 512, they didnt get along) Afer removing the 512 stick, I rebooted the computer. Everytime it boots up I get the message "Windows had to recover the registry from a log or back up file, the recovery was successful"

How did pulling a stick of ram manage to cause this, and what can I do about it?

Preferred Solution: windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

This is XP?
What happens if you log in to safe mode with user name administrator (if you did not password protect this account leave password blank) and then restart?
What happens if you boot to that profile and create a new profile (user account ) with admin priveleges and boot to it , shut down and restart?

What happens if you choose "last known good" from the list of options when you try to boot to safe mode.

Unlike win98, XP does not have a permanent registry . The XP registry is created as it boots from data stored in multiple files called hives (.hiv) which load at different times during the boot process.
Since the hiv files are saved each time windows shuts down (windows is now saving your settings) then your problem either indicates that the current hiv for your profile is corrupted and even when it restores the backup copy, when you use your profile some virus or something is again corrupting it; or it indicates that your computer is shutting down before these files get written from RAM to hard drive.
Check your hard drive settings, disable write behind caching. (Device manager, choose the drive, properties/ policies)

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My main computer's installation of windows (XP Home Edition OEM SP2) is completely dead. Due to a driver problem (to do with having alcohol 120% and daemon tools installed) it resolutely refuses to boot up, even in safe mode. I've tried everything to fix it, including several repair installatios of windows and much rummaging around with the recovery console, but it's gone, I need to reinstall.

Windows is installed on it's own partition, so I don't mind terribly having to reinstall, but one thing I'm annoyed about is having to reinstall all my programs (that are on their own partition too) when I lose the registry.

I'm running my computer on a gnoppix live cd, and I'm wondering if there's any way to get a backup of the registry (ideally a *.reg file) from the installation of windows that won't boot up: I can see all the files, and could probably copy the physical registry files, but I'm looking for a way of doing it that will produce a backup that my new installation of windows can successfully import. Is there any software than can export a windows-readable copy of the registry from a linux environment?

I also have a second installtion of windows XP on a different partition that I can boot into, so if there is any way of backing up the original registry from there, that would be just as good.

Many thanks

A:Need to backup registry, can't boot into windows; possible from linux?

If you are going to reinstall, you do NOT want to attempt to merge the entries from the previous configuration. This is asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, after the windows reinstall, you will have to reinstall all of your apps.

As a BTW, even if you could do the merge safely, there are still a "ton" of files that are installed by default on the Windows partition when you install other applications. Thus, if the merge worked, you would be still missing files.

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What basically happened is... I was installing Adobe After Effects on my computer and i was getting error "Installer can't initialize, restart pending on your system" or some similar stuff. I was trying to find solution on that problem, and what i found was that i have to delete some registry key named "InProgress".
So, i searched registry for that particular key... but i found like 2 of that. Deleted both but i've made Export (backup) on those keys before delete.
And yea.. i was working in After Effect for 2 days, without rebooting my machine.
But today i've rebooted it, and windows won't start.
I've tried everything... Auto-Repair can't find problem, there is no recent image saved for backup of the system (so if i restore to like 4 month old image i will lose all software installed, which is almost unacceptable), there was one other option which i am using now... reboot in dual boot with my Linux and search for solution online.
Now i am on Linux, I located the backup .reg files that i saved before i delete them. I've opened 1 of those registry files with Kwrite (notepad on windows) to see if i can locate manually reg file and put it where it belong ... but i couldn't find anything helpful inside the file.
Also i found how to restore them via recovery console on windows (cmd) using command: REGEDIT blabla.reg .

One of those keys restored successfully but the other one (the one that i've opened with Notepad) making problems. I getting message like "T... Read more

A:Urgent Problem! Can't restore registry backup, Can't Boot Windows.

Hi Cpekeh, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Let me just check I understood you correctly:
When installing software, Windows very clearly told you the installer cannot continue because of a pending restart, which by the way is quite normal for instance when you have updated or installed something that needs a restart but you choose to restart later.

Any sane user would of course have decided to follow clear instructions and reboot, but you chose to "play with registry" on a system where there are no fresh backups. This, of course, caused Windows to lose its functionality when finally rebooted.

Was that correct?

OK, now to solutions and recommendations: You need to do a clean, fresh install or restore the last possible image. Your installation is now so corrupted any other method to get it work at least temporarily is too little too late.


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I will openly admit I don't have 100% of the details in this case. As far as I know, this person used the windows backup system to backup his mydocuments/mypictures to a dvd. This isn't supported by Microsoft, but apparently it didn't stop him from doing it. However, it is not possible to use the windows backup tool to restore that data. This is a known bug, which microsoft of course says is working as intended.

Tonight I got the DVD from him, hoping I could do something with it. However, neither of my computers are able to find anything to even read from on it. If I had to guess I would say the dvd is corrupted. Is there any way I would be able to recover the backup file from the dvd, so I can at least try and get SOMETHING out of it? Apparently the files are EXTREMELY important to this person, to the point of costing him his marriage.

A:Recovering windows backup from dvd

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I want to recover my registry and files in Windows 7 Ultimate. I see many things like restoring data, creating image and many other methods in this Windows but are not helpful.

I want if I install a software which is not suitable and corrupt my registry settings and some Windows files (also is not a virus nor spyware), then (after un-installing that software) what methods should I use to recover those Files and Registry? Is there any method in Windows 7 to do this except installing image and re-installing Windows?


A:Recovering Files and Registry in Windows 7 Ultimate.

Right from MS. I decided to give you the official MS answer. The registry is very important and rather than to give you the steps and possibly leaving out a vital step, I thought it best to go to the source.

Back up the registry

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Here is the problem.

My hard disk died. Kind of. I was in the midst of activity of the kind I do regularly, in this case browsing the web and playing a game. The computer froze hard. No KB response, no mouse response. So I went into a hard shut down with the power switch held down for 7 seconds.

Upon restart got the message that windows failed to shut down properly, Should I load normally? I responded yes. It didn't boot but restarted again. This time I got the message that Windows failed to Start. Should I diagnose? Yes. After a lengthy scan I got the message that the Master Boot Record was corrupt.

After several more tries amidst online research on a laptop which steps to take I am able to boot to a command prompt from a recovery partiion and attempt basic repairs to the MBR with the BOOTSECT command (X:\Windows\System32\BOOTSECT NT60 SYS) The response? DISK I/O ERROR.

So at this point several hours into the frustration I resign myself that this drive may never boot again, so I go out and buy a new one. In that several hours I took out the old drive, replaced the SATA Cable, re-seated everything tried the start-up failure diagnostics several times all with no success.

Anyway, I also picked up an external USB>SATA external drive enclosure and put the old drive into it in hopes that I could get to the data. That is the good part

I encountered problems on the installation of Windows P7 Pro in that the product key, which was the same that was on the computer befor... Read more

A:Recovering Windows Registry from a good drive with a bad MBR

144 views so far. No replies. Is there no solution to my dilemma of good data on a bad hard drive moving to a new drive without hours of reinstallation and patching?

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Hello everybody,
Due some unfortunate events it seems my Windows 7 registry is corrupt.
 I've tried repairing it using System Recovery Options / Startup Repair but with no luck. The Recovery software indentifies the problem (CorruptRegistry) but is unable to repair it. I've tried to copy the files from windows32/system/config/regback to windows32/system/config still no luck (the back-up files are the same with the corrupted ones, same date, time, size --> great job windows!). I've tried even to use System Recovery (i have several restore points) but i got this wired message: "You must enable system protection on this drive..." --> stupid error, if I haven't had enabled system protection how do I got the restore points...
 Does anyone know if is possible to "extract" the registry files from a file called winre.win that I found in the folder /Recovery? I understood that this is like a system recovery image...
Or if someone knows another method, I really do not want to make a clean install unless is the last option available.

A:Recovering Windows 7 Registry Hives/Files

You can do In-place Upgrade to repair the system. Please launch your installation program in the system, and choose Upgrade. In general situations all programs and personal data will not be lost. However I still suggest you backup important data before upgrade.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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This could be one of the ridiculous post have ever made. But, I have been wondering what will happen if I backup all of the registry keys, reset Windows 10, and then restore the registry keys? Will it affect device driver? Will the device be bricked?

A:Backup Registry, Reset Windows, and Restore Registry afterwards

No. You could but it will not work as you expect it to.

Assuming you back up and restore your registry what do you expect will happen?

Firstly after you restore your registry (which is only a database) will say "I have my drivers here". Then you restore and they are not there any more.

Why? Because your drivers are in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore directory and you've now overwritten it. This is not part of your registry database but if you restore the old version of your registry it will look for drivers here and they simply will not exist.

Next you may have installed some programs. Their paths will also be saved in the registry database but they will not exist as you have overwritten C:\Program Files or whatever.

Your device will not be bricked (probably) but it will not work well if you do this.

A clean install (or restore) would be better. There are very few times restoring your registry would be a good idea. Pretty much the only time is to load the last known good configuration after a failed boot but even that almost never works.

Don't do it, but, if you do (for fun or learning), make a backup first.

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Please save my marriage.

We got a nasty virus on our home computer which has all of my and my wife's emails and contacts on it. After having no success getting rid of the virus and since I knew I had a good back up (Windows Backup) I decided to get rid of the old Vista 64 and rebuild my machine at Windows 7.

I was able to recover everything except my Thunderbird email accounts.

I have tried deleting the new profiles and pasting the old profiles in there place to no avail.

System was backed up using Windows backup (Vista 64 home premium)
Rebuilt at Windows 7

A:Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

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Hello I have installed win7 sp1 on my PC by custom install I didn't back up anything and I don't have my window 7 install disk can I restore these files? And reinstall back to my hard drive I'm running 64 bit versions window's.

A:recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk


The only way I know to restore the deleted files would be to do a data recovery scan using a software like Recuva which I have used to recover peoples deleted photos from a previous windows. It worked really well and recovered most of the lost files.

Here is a link to download Recuva: https://www.piriform.com/recuva

PLEASE NOTE: when performing the scan make sure you check this box that says 'Enable Deep Scan' this will take longer but in the past I was only able to recover any data using this option.

Goodluck I hope this is what you were asking for.

Let us know how you get on.

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For those who have read the posts on System Restore failed, but are running Windows 8.x, I also found a solution for my registry problem.

When running Windows 8.1 x64 a copy of the registry information is saved in c:\windows\system32\config\RegBack so you can make a copy of these registry files to your c:\windows\system32\config directory and that solved the issue I had of Windows 8.1 not starting up correctly after some modfication had been made manually to my registry (while using the PC Tune-Up application).

Success !

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Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this - couldn't figure anywhere better!

I've just reinstalled my Win 7 primarily to clean it up as it had become SO slow it was driving me crazy - well versed in undertaking the process so no problems there.

However, as always happens I invariably discover I've forgotten to back up one thing or other - nothing vital but just something I'd like to have again & which I can't easily get operational again for one reason or another, or maybe the likes of the MRU's in Word which for some odd reason are held in the Registry rather than within the Office folders etc.

SO what I wondered is - is it possible to open up a backup copy of the Reg within a new installation of Windows - either through a program or sandboxed etc??

I'd just like to be able to hoke about & maybe pull out a few keys that I know from experience are pertinent to what I want to do, while appreciating that if I do so wrongly I'll possibly kill the new install.

Any info appreciated. Thanks.

A:Can a backup registry be opened within Windows?

Yes, see here: Edit registry of a slave hard drive - Windows XP Home and Professional

Says XP but works for any version of Windows.

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Can you tell me how one can backup registry not using standart export method?
which is described here

A:Is there any other ways to backup windows registry?

There are a few programs that will do it. It begs the question why you'd want a different method?

I'm not sure this doesn't just export though.

Acelogix Software - Regbak

This uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service

Registry Backup

A Guy

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Hi all! I am seeing some vague references to older Windows versions automatically backing up the registry at startup and saving the backup in some folder... Can't really find out any more.

Does anyone have definite information about this in Windows 8, and where any such backups can be found?
How and when is the Windows Registry backed up in Windows 8?

If Windows doesn't do it, could you recommend a tool that can do it in the background on a regular basis?
I really don't trust myself with this anymore....

A:Does Windows 8 Automatically backup Registry?

There is a directory system32\config\regback - sometimes there will be back ups in there. Not clear what inspires win8 to make them . You might find the hives are 0 bytes.

Use this instead Acelogix Software - Regbak

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I accidentally edited windows registry without registry backup. Now what to do. Nothing is working.

A:I accidently edited registry of windows without backup.

Try a Last Known Configuration to roll back (hopefully) to when windows was working. This will only work if you had System Restore enabled.

What machine (make/model) do you have?

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Ok, well I need to know how to make a registry backup. A full one. Preferably to a cd, not a floppy (incase it matters). I run Windows XP Home Edition as you can see in the title.

Please help me

A:How to create a Registry Backup? (Windows XP Home)

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does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

is there a program that let me open and browse the backups?


A:does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

Quote: Originally Posted by drugo


does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

is there a program that let me open and browse the backups?


I believe the location is "C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack"; I don't use it, so this is from memory.

I use Tweaking Registry Backup from Tweaking.com instead, which is free and superior in my opinion.

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I have a corrupt Windows 8.1 installation and I have a backup copy of the Windows registry. What I want to do is replace the current registry with the backup copy. The problem is that I can't boot into Windows to do that.

I have tried Hirens and I have tried Windows RE, but neither have worked.

Is there a program that can import a backup reg file and replace the current existing registry, without needing to boot into Windows.

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Help regarding SSD please.

I bought a Corsair force 3 SSD 60GB last March and i'm using it as a cache with IRST on my Asus p8z68 v-pro /gen 3 mobo (bios updated), well something has happened 3 times since.

First I performed a clean windows 7 32 bits install, and installed the latest intel IRST drivers 10.8 (and now 11.2), then installed a game called SWTOR played for a few weeks everything was fine. then uninstalled the game (20gb size) and after a couple of times using the pc, suddenly voil?, i can't shut down windows 7, had to press the power button off, then on, then a screen appears telling me intel caching is rebuilding itself and finally 0 access to windows 7. Seems IMO like the raid 0 is not working anymore. Im so mad i've never had issues with my pc and my HDD drive so im suspecting 100% about the corsair ssd drive.

Im on the verge of replacing it by the samsung ssd 60GB.However what do you think? i know it is hard to tell but do you think my problem will be solved? i mean i had my suspicions about the corsairs ssd drives even before buying it cause some people complained about the sandforce firmware not being reliable however intel uses the same sandforce drive (modified a little), i know samsung uses itself. What do you think? Should i blame maybe diskeeper 2011?? or the IRST drives? the mobos bios? or the corsair SSD itself?

I have had this issue 3 times since last March all after doing a full clean windows 7 installations, sometimes i updgrade... Read more

A:IRST suddenly recovering with no windows 7 boot.

Why do you think diskeeper could be the problem... don't use it for a while and test. SSD's shouldn't be defragged anyway!

Upgrade the IRST driver to "Standard AHCI1.0 Serial ATA Controller", reboot and test.

Are files still on SSD after the problem appears?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5310 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 894557 MB, Free - 843392 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO,
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


Recently Windows 10 stopped working for me and I had to reinstall it. I used the Microsoft Media creation tool to reinstall Windows 10. Does this mean I have a clean install of Windows? I chose the keep files option when I downloaded and reinstalled Windows. When I reinstalled Windows I had not made a boot disk. I have a few questions and am I asking for your help and suggestions. I made a boot disk using this http://www.backup-utility.com/features/create-bootable-disc.html Would you please explain to me how I can test if the boot disk works?

I also made a disk with http://www.backup-utility.com/pe-builder.html I am not sure the difference between the pe builder and the boot disk.

I also downloaded and installed http://www.backup-utility.com/okr-free.html

Are these items good enough to use to recover Windows should I need to do so in the future? If not what other software or disks would you suggest I make if Windows recovery is needed? Please provide links if you suggest other software or making other disks/dvds.

I want to make sure I have all that I need to recover Windows 10 shoul... Read more

A:Recovering Windows and Boot Disk Questions

Another question I have is the following. What is the difference of using AOMEI system back up and disk back up? http://www.backup-utility.com/features/disk-backup.html What is being saved with system back up and with disk back up? What are the reasons to use them?

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Hi, I need to recover my computer, basically I removed the hard drive from my laptop, plugged it into another computer, ran defrag, (I know I shouldnt have... below is the long version of everything I did) but now I get the error "Windows started unsuccessfully last time" and it just continuosly reboots.

I need to fix this problem or I need to backup and export the registry in order to get my yahoo password back. It is saved on the computer because I recently changed it, but I can not remmeber it, and the password is saved to the registry. I can not access my registyu because I cant boot up. (I must have typed in a random date for the b-day- thats the security question that I also have entered incorrectly, according to yahoo. Any info / help would be appreciated.

Last night I was working at home and decided to finish the remainder of my work at my work (in my office) so I stupidly did not save my work before putting the computer in hybernate mode- so when I got to my office and resumed my data like I usually do, the hybernate progress bar hit 100% and froze. I held the power button, started it up and it asked if i want to restore the files and try to load the hybernate files again- so I said ok but same thing froze after the 100% mark was visable.

Yesterday morning I uninstalled quite a few programs I no longer need, so I figured since I didnt defrag if i did that, I may be able to load my files back. So I removed the hard drive, an... Read more

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I tried to import an entire registry backup, I received an error message similar to this one:" Error accessing the registry.".
then, Via "regedit" I tried to give permissions to my WinUser, (giving full control ).

I still received the same message, so I restarted my pc,And now all I get is black screen when I logon to my user,Same in safe mode.

(I made the backup via regedit, using the export option on every "HKEY" folder, and on "Computer", so I have 6 reg files )

I still have the entire REG backup on my hard drive.
I have hiren's boot and erd commander if it helps, they have some registry tools.

Is it possible to import the backup to my windows?

Thank you.

A:Windows won't load after failed registry backup-Import

Hello Supdoc,

To restore the complete registry, you would normally use system restore instead.Registry - Backup and Restore
If you have a restore point available dated before this happened, you could do a system restore at boot with the restore point to do so.

Hope this helps,

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Hi,I'm having problems after a nasty bout with viruses -- can't access some programs, error messages, etc. I had SmitFraud, Windows Polilce and other nasties.This trouble became apparent right after i downloaded some software for a 'WebConference' from a smallish accounting firm -- Back on 10/12/09.Since then I've had to do the 'System Recovery' from the partition 2 or three times already. Anyhow, i thought that i should do a 'System Restore' to a point before i had all this trouble. I was however disappointed to discover that i no longer had the restore points to go back that far. They've been deleted. I believe they were deleted because i ran out of hard drive space (which is another matter). Furthermore i strongly suspect that running out of hard drive space was a reasons for having to do one of the 'system recoveries' from partition drive.There is one particular tax/accounting program that i'd like to use. But i've always gotten error messages. Here is the latest error message that i get when trying to access it:"[particular program].exe - .NET Framework Initialization ErrorPlease set registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\InstallRoot to point to the .NET Framework install location"After recovery i installed all critical updates through and including sp2. There were two '.net framework 1.1' updates that wouldn't install. So i reinstalled Net Framework 2... Read more

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I am completely confused by my situation right now. My XP keeps rebooting before the profiles loads, flashing a quick blue screen, then rebooting constantly. My computer rebooted itself while I was working on it the other day, I had not recently installed any new software or do any updates. I thought it was a hardware issue since my power supply fan was starting to get louder by the day as if it were about to fail. So I replaced the power supply and ram. I've searched all over for different procedures but none seemed to work for me, so I put the disk in to recover XP.

The "press R to repair installation" feature was not available, and I accidentally pressed "Enter" to install XP on the given partition. The problem is, the partition already has an XP installation, so now it has two. WINDOWS and WINDOWS.0

If I go into WINDOWS.0 it loads fine, as a new installation with access to all my files, and even the programs. The problem is, is that the registry is clean so I have none of my settings or real ability to use the programs. Is there a way I can load the registry settings from WINDOWS to WINDOWS.0 so that I don't have to reinstall everything to use it. If need be I can just format that partition since all my files were on another partition, but I would love not to have to do that.

More details can be posted if this seems confusing, because I'm confused.

A:Recovering Registry to another Installation?

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I ran CCleaners registry cleaner function and created a backup. File size of the backup is 59 KB
I then exported my registry file using regedit. File size of that backup is 305 MB
Anyone know why exporting the registry is so much bigger (about 5,000 times as big)?

A:Export registry file vs CCleaner's registry backup

It appears that the backup that CCleaner made was only of the entries that it deleted, rather than the whole thing.
If you want a solid registry backup that you can also restore to an unbootable machine use RegBak. Very good recovery tool to have on board.

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When there is a failure to boot there can be many error codes.
For windows 7 professional using a windows 7 iso > command prompt > Administrator X:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
This command can be ran:  sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows
1) how do you determine the applicable drive letter?
a) would you run bootrec /scanos ?
b) would you run bcdedit /enum all  ?
c) would you run bcdedit | find "osdevice"
d) diskpart > list disk > list volume > dir c: > dir d: > dir e: etc.
Which of the above can and cannot be run depending on the error message?
2) if you run the command and it indicates that it found corruption and was not able to fix all of it what are the next options?
a) don't all of the dism commands fail to work in a windows RE?
3) There is a command attrib c:\boot/bcd -h -r -s    what do each of the letters mean?  when do you need to use this command?
4) If the failure to boot windows indicates that a critical file is missing that ends in .sys or ends in .dll does that alter the method for troubleshooting?  
a) do you specifically look for a replacement file?
b) if so how would you replace a specific file in the windows RE using command prompt?
c) if you do not look for the specific file is the error indicating that it is a failure to boot and it needs fixmbr, fixboot, bootrec /rebuild?
d) or if you do not look for the specific file is the error indicating that it can ... Read more

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I'm running Win 7 Pro 64bit and am a gamer. I keep all my games on my E: drive (2 TB) so they don't interfere with Windows on my C: drive (500 GB). My backup drive is 1 TB.

A while back I was installing a game and noticed that it was also installing MS .NET framework on my E: drive. The next scheduled System Backup failed and the error stated there was no space on my backup drive for a System Image.

Wondering why a 1TB drive couldn't backup at 500 GB drive I noticed that, in the system backup configuration panel, it stated that, along with my personal files, Backup would also make a System Image of the C: and E: drives. No wonder the backup failed.

I uninstalled the game that installed the .NET framework but the damage has been done. Unless I physically remove my E: drive, in which case Backup only shows the C: drive for System Image, Backup will try to image C: and E:.

I deduced that, with the E: drive uninstalled and Backup only showing the C: drive for imaging, but both for imaging if the E: is installed, that there must be some registry entry showing which drives Backup needs to image.

If I can edit this entry to only reflect the C: drive, with C: and E: installed, that would save me from having to remove E: every weekend to do backups. Luckily I have a case where I can flip a lever and pull out individual drives but in order to do so, I have to shut down Windows and power off the system. Editing a registry entry would save a lot of time.

There's got to be an entry... Read more

A:Location of registry entry for Windows backup drive identification

You might look at
Can I back up Windows 7's backup settings? - Super User

But won't restoring the image from before E: was included take care of it?
That's how I'd do it.

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I'm a total NEWB!!!! I hope I'm posting this is the correct place. Have a question, hoping someone can help. Trying to recover a stored Hotmail password. Have run a few utilities I found online and nothing is working correctly. Read that the password is stored in the Registry under


Ran regedit and found that key, printed a page of what's there, now what? Is there a way to translate that into a password? TIA for any help!

A:Recovering stored passwords in registry

Protected Storage PassView v1.63: Recover Protected Storage passwords

Try this. It is ok to use I have used it before.

Hope I was some help to you.


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See if you can do a System Restore from the Command prompt

A:recovering registry with OEM installed xp home

If you get a bootable Live CD containing an operating system, you can move your registry files from a restore point to the config folder and recover them that way.


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My registry became corrupt due to a power outage. I am following the recovery model detailed here at the windows site. I am trying to copy the existing registry files into a temp folder using the recovery console and the system file (the one that windows says is corrupt) will not copy. I'm not sure why it won't copy. I am very unexperienced with the recovery console. Please help.

A:problem recovering from corrupt registry

Just to be sure I am up with you....you have the computer restarted and can get to your desktop? You are at step 10?

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My WinXP SP3 shut down while unattended (it probably lost power and shut down improperly) and wouldn't boot without repairing it.  I did so with a USB thumb drive (I'm using an old mini-pc without a CD drive).  In attempting to repair it, it seems I may have selected the wrong option and so the operating system was reinstalled leaving the old non-OS files intact.
The problem is that my old settings are gone.  My old user still exists in the directory as do my programs / applications, which seem to run fine though as if they are freshly installed for a new user without my old settings, and other files are able to open.
In essence, it seems as if my old user and registry settings have disappeared though the user's files and programs remain.
Can anyone tell me how to recover and install the old user and registry settings, which I guess may require a file recovery program, and then delete the newly created user?

A:WinXP SP3 - Recovering Old Registry After XP Reinstall

If...you reinstalled XP and the programs remained intact...that would equate to a repair install of XP.
If the files and programs remained intact, then the registry would also have remained intact.
My experiences with XP are not necessarily universal...but I can envision no way that what you describe...could have occurred.  A repair install provides new system files and retains previous programs, data, and registry settings that relate to maintaining the programs in an operable/useable state.  A clean install wipes out all programs and related registry settings.  An inplace install...is just another name for a repair install of XP.

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~ a year ago my wife's computer experienced (paraphrased) 'can't find boot loader' when rebooting. At the time, I downloaded Win 7 repair files that corrected the problem until last night. Apparently there was a short power line glitch. Her UPS' battery was no longer effective, her machine rebooted and got stuck at the 'can't find boot loader' prompt. She tried rebooting a few times to no avail. This morning her computer was at the login screen so the machine apparently got through the boot process on her last attempt after she left the room.

Apart from getting a new UPS I need to be prepared to deal with the boot loader issue again. I can't find the disk I used the last time. EasyBCD appeared as the first Google hit, has very clear instructions on the 3 steps to repair/replace in order of what works.

Before downloading the file and using it assuming the boot problem is back again, I wanted to check here to be sure the software is as good as it gets for the problem.

[EDIT] I found the instructions online that I had previously used: How to Manually Repair Windows 7 Boot Loader Problems

Easy Recovery Essentials costs ~$20. I'd pay for the software if it contained anything more helpful regarding the boot loader than just using the Win 7 repair disk + the referenced website's command line instructions.

If I don't hear back on this post I'll proceed with the Win 7 install disk on the assumption that the RE software simply automates the command line options.

[EDIT] From last ... Read more

A:Problem with Boot Loader--EasyBCD--Recovering the Windows Bootloader?

To boot disk or stick just use the one-time BIOS Boot menu key which every PC has.

In the future the steps are here for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.
EasyRE is covered where it offers enhanced boot disk repairs. Otherwise you should make a Win7 System Repair Disk if needed for future repairs, during which the hard drive should always be set first to boot. A backup system image should also be stored externally to reimage the hard drive in 20 minutes if Win7 becomes irreparable.

There may be a problem with your boot files so let us see a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Please can someone help.In my Lenovoe G50-45,     Initially I had installed windows 7 on it as I hated win 8.1., I upgraded it during the free year to Windows 10 Home, and then decided I needed more room, so I upgraded the hard drive to a 2TB 7mm Firecude Hybrid drive. and then I bought an upgrade to Win 10 Pro.Anyway, I cant remember the partitioning info I ended up with, as I can't remember if I Ghosted it or did a fresh Win 10 install, and then the Win 10 Pro upgrade. A few weeks ago, I had suspicions that the drive was going faulty, so I ran some Seagate tests, and also others, and they all indicated that doom was not far away, so I did a ONEKEY image ( a USERS Backup ) on an externat 2tb backup drive.   However, I am now u able to use this as I keep getting the message " THE PROGRAMME CANNOT RESTORE THE SYSTEM PARTITION BECAUSE IT'S STRUCTURE IS INCORRECT.  YOU MAY HAVE TO RECREATE THE PARTITION TO CONTINUE. "    ( aS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE.) All I have that may help is a file called " Backup.wsi ",  But it is gobbledegoock to me.Can anyone PLEASE help.  I forgot to mention.  I do have a RECOVERY USB Stick, which sets the laptop back to factory settings, with Win 8.1, and all the partitions, which, including the hidden ones, I think there are about 5 or 6. I have just received a replacement 2TB Firecuda drive from Seagate under warranty, so please could someone decode the  info to English,... Read more

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I'm have an 160GB Intel X25-M SSD installed in my Dell Laptop running Win8 64-bit. I created a backup image on an external HDD which I would like to update and then perhaps have the need to recover to the updated image if the recently discussed problem with update KB2862772 should occure. Click here to view the TSG post discussing the problem.

My question regards whether recovering from a backup image to an SSD requires one run a secure erase on the SSD prior to doing so? In my research so far it been implied one should not only do a secure erase (GParted was recommended), but also create a partition table and create the required partitions. This all seems unnecessarily complex and I would like to hear what TSG members have to say on the subject.

Thanks to all who respond.

A:Recovering backup image to SSD

You don't need to do a secure erase, secure erase should only be done in certain situations where the drive is not performing up to par or having issues.

If you are making an image, and not a clone, then you will need to create and format a partition on the drive to store the image on. If you are cloning then no partitions are required as the clone will handle all that. But an image is the way to go for backups.

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I would think all the 'techies' and many others know that the XP registry can be reloaded from the original registry entries stored in C:\Windows\repair in accordance with the procedure outlined here -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545 .

The problem with this is that ALL changes since the original install are gone and recovering data from or repairing damage to the damaged registry files now saved to c:\windows\tmp\ is problemetic.

So, today, with a system running fine, I ran Recovery Console and used the copy command to copy all 5 Registry files of my current install to a new folder in C:\Windows.

I then booted normally and copied the .log and .sav files from C:\Windows\system32\Config, then also copied the systemprofile folder from C:\Windows\system32\Config there, as well as the userdiff and userdiff.log files.

I then copied all that over to a flash drive.

I hope I never need them, but at least I now have them reasonably secure.

A:Recovering from Registry Damage - Preventative Saving

CCT, that is an awsome link and really great information. Thank you for posting it man.

Happy New Year buddy.


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the form and in some very desperate need of help!

I backed up my computer a while ago using the Windows 7 back up feature onto a 1TB drive that I have. I then switched over to windows 8.1 and was not thinking and deleted my back up from windows 7. I have majority of the files but there are some files that I am trying to recover via "Recuva". I am trying to recover a my engagement video that I recorded, .mov file. It says that is excellent state and then I recover it, how when I recover it there is no video, the sound is all messed up, and the movie is 6 hr long. It seems that I am recovering a file that windows coded/encrypted because it was a backup file. Is there any way to recover a windows back up file that was deleted?

A:Help recovering deleted backup files

Try PhotoRec to recover the file and check whether it is error-free. I have atleast one report from a user here stating while most other recovery software did a bad job with media files with lots of fudge, PhotoRec recovered those clean.The scan may take a longtime. Do not lose your patience.

Guide to using PhotoRec recovery software.

(Just follow the steps under the heading Recovery)

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please forgive me if this is extremely long-winded. it's 3 weeks worth of trial and error, very tedious, but if anyone's willing to help me i want to try and explain it so that they hopefully have all the information and hopefully it makes sense.

...i was trying to burn all my precious data to cd, when i stupidly "cut" (not even copied) the files and pasted them to the drive, and never officially wrote them to the cd - and, because i don't know anything, i thought that was enough and i was done. but when i took the cd to my other computer, there were only shadowy images of the containing folders and all the files ...and when i opened the individual files, the data looked like gibberish (symbols) .
then, before i could do any sort of data recovery on the originating computer, disaster struck - unmountable boot volume error - and, i assume all the efforts made to get the machine functioning again, probably overwrote data ...plus, due to a misunderstanding, i have since also done a system restore and had to use the computer too.

now... i've run quetek file scavenger but probably did that the wrong way, too. the program showed a choice of drives (a, floppy; c, main; d, dvd; e, cd burner and... drive 0, with 38gb in parenthesis beside it) and... in my uninformed reasoning i thought drive 0 would have the largest contents so i selected that one. then .......i didn't know where to recover the files to. i bought a flash drive and it appears as ... Read more

A:Recovering from Botched Data Backup...

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Bit of a long story but here are the highlights

Added spare memory stick and PC booted up OK
Closed down PC, fixed cover on, tried to reboot but failed, got message from Windows saying system files corrupt
Found process on Microsoft KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545/en-us and carried this out. Only difference being that I was able to use XP from a second drive to do some of the copying which saved me from going in to Recovery Console all the time
Last step in the process is to do a system restore but I get a message that this was not able to complete
Tried several restore points - still no joy
My first question is "should I be concerned that I cannot perform System Restore?"

My second question is "is there a way of testing memory sticks?" as I have now taken out the one I added that seems to have caused the problem.

A:Cannot System Restore After Recovering Fron Corrupted Registry


There's a good possibility that one of the restore points became corrupted in the process. I would suggest turning System Restore off, then on again. This will delete all existing restore points. One new restore point will be created. Test System Restore.

How to Disable and Enable System Restore:

Tips Fixes and FAQ: How to test System Restore

Tips on keeping System Restore healthy:

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Windows 8.1
Just before upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1, I deleted, I believe, all files for malware like delta, babylon and some other ones alike. Renmant remainin registry, I would be reassuring to safely delete them also.
1) Adwcleaner deleted the files from current user
[ File : C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\preferences ]
[ File : C:\Users\local account\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\preferences ]
So when I connect now to my default browser, Google signals that it cannot find my preferences neither save them for next time.
The upgrade to 8.1 did not solve this.
But the files seem to remain for Guest user.
What can I do, some way to copy them from GUEST user or other?
2) I only accepted some of the deletions proposed by Adwcleaner, you can find the details in this log
Should I delete also the rest of the keys (or at least manually delete their their values different from default or if safer replace reference to, i.e. yonwc.exe by QUyonwc.txt?) in spite of Windows 8.1 warnings against using Adwcleaner?
3)Should I accept any of the recommendations of the Panda scan?
Non valid link. File not found:HIDDENPROC to be deleted
 unknown. file: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\REALTEK\REALTEK PCIE CA... Read more

A:Registry remnants, IE settings, recovering user file

log in as guest and copy and save the files to media like flash drive and log out.  login to your account and add them to the correct file.  you might have to give your guest account admin permissions or allow admin popup and password for system files and adding programs  copy n paste should work,but BACKUP the current files first in your file path so if it jacks up you can revert    yes accept them  but backup your reg just in case
also save your book marks and reinstall chrome?  see if that works  if your unsure about keys and files go to www.shouldiremovethis.com   Or google search it, it gives tips to almost anything in your computer and stats on use and users etc.

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Windows 8.1
Just before upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1, I deleted, I believe, all files for malware like delta, babylon and some other ones alike. Renmant remainin registry, I would be reassuring to safely delete them also.
1) Adwcleaner deleted the files from current user
[ File : C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\preferences ]
[ File : C:\Users\local account\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\preferences ]
So when I connect now to my default browser, Google signals that it cannot find my preferences neither save them for next time.
The upgrade to 8.1 did not solve this.
But the files seem to remain for Guest user.
What can I do, some way to copy them from GUEST user or other?

2) I only accepted some of the deletions proposed by Adwcleaner, you can find the details in this log


Should I delete also the rest of the keys (or at least manually delete their their values different from default or if safer replace reference to, i.e. yonwc.exe by QUyonwc.txt?) in spite of Windows 8.1 warnings against using Adwcleaner?

3)Should I accept any of the recommendations of the Panda scan?

Non valid link. File not found:HIDDENPROC to be deleted
. unknown. Register key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\IconMan_R. to be deleted.
Suspicious policy: HKCU\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CU... Read more

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Is there a free and easy way to decompress a set of MaAfee ARBUS files?

I was going through my external HDD and came across a folder that I had forgotten about. The name suggested it was some kind of dump of an old laptop's HDD. There are five files with file names consisting of a common long alphanumeric string and ending in -0, -1, -2, -3 and -4. The combined file size is about 8GB. There is also a 38KB Index.arb file. Opening that file in wordpad shows the word ARBUS in lots of places. A Google search found explanations of what the files are and how to delete them, but I could not find any solid information on how to recover the contents.

The files are over four years old and I am pretty sure there is nothing in them that I would want to pay any money for to recover, but I am curious as to what is in them. I am using a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. It running a McAfee Internet security package provided through AT&T. The package does not seem to include any kind data backup abilities.

A:Recovering McAfee Compressed backup files?

See this thread from July 2008: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/734680-solved-unidentified-files.html

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I've been getting ready for a disk replacement after 7 1/2 years but the disks arrived too late to avoid anything problematic.

My external HDD gave a cylindrical error while reading some data in a program so I knew this was going to be the end of it. I tried to avoid running chkdsk and suffer so I had time to backup but my harddrives won't come in the mail until tomorrow. I tried to navigate to the directory that gave the cylindrical error and half the files couldn't be found, as expected, going back the entire file tree containing couldn't be found either so I tried running chkdsk anyway and just go with it but it couldn't "load a RAW partition", so the boot sector of the drive failed, without thinking I shut off the drive and turned it back on.
Big mistake because now nothing loads at all.

I tried chkdsk /R, which did not work.

I downloaded testdisk and I'm running an analysis right now, its working, but extremely slowly (has been running for more then a day and is at 1%) and often gets stuck on a cylinder for several minutes to half an hour often resulting in a read error.

I have EasUS Partition Manager Pro 10.5 and HDD Regenerator as well if this does not help.

I'm not really familiar with testdisk, I never used it before, I did read the "manual" but that's only describes one scenario, mine already differs from whats on the site so I could use some help in how to fix this so I can access my data, copy and paste everything to the new HDD... Read more

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HI  I did a one-click backup of my Yoga 3 pro machine when I did a fresh load. It worked like a charm and was convenient. I now, however, need to get some individual files from that backup but cannot find how to do so.  I have checked several forums but have not come right. Please, can you offer some assistance? 

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My Z210 came with stripped RAID-0 array which is currently made up of 2x 1TB HDD where the OS partition lives. I want to change this to mirrored RAID-1 but since the IRST application does not allow RAID level migration of this type, I thought I?d try another approach.
As a solution, I'd make a backup, using the Windows Backup and Restore application. Then I'd change the array using the iRST Boot ROM before recovering the backup to this new array. But obviously a 1.9TB backup into a 932GB array does not go
So, in preparation for making a backup, I first disabled "System protection" and the "Page file". Doing this allowed me to shrink the OS partition to around 50GB using Disk Management. Then I re-enable "System protection" and the "Page file" before making the backup and creating a System Recovery Disk. This resulted in a 35GB backup which I stored on an external USB drive. And now a 35GB backup can fit on my reconfigured 932GB RAID-1 mirror
As such, I cold booted my system and during the start process I pressed CTRL-I to get into the Intel RAID Boot ROM. Mind you, CTRL-I only worked if I cold booted and directly plugged the HP USB keyboard into the first USB slot on the rear of the system. The first USB slot is at the upper left when looking at the rear with the tower upright. Plugging the HP USB keyboard into any other USB port or into the hub of my Dell monitor didn't allow me to access the Intel RAID Boot ROM!
HP should really investigate this fau... Read more

A:Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

I was able to resolve the Intel RST application issue by updating to later Intel driver v11.2.0.1006 but this highlighted a few issues which HP should address, see linked post above. PS: adding this post so i can mark thread as solved.

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Hello There!!
 I am new in the page, so I hope to find someone to help me. Accidentally I had done a human error after a problem with sound in my inspiron N4010 I tried to do a recovery factory but I didn't a backup of all my important files so that I lost all my information now. That I did. I used Dell datasafe local backup application to restore drivers, the hard drive was formatted and re-installed all of the software originally shipping on my computer, this didn't fix the sound problem and the worst using basic Dell Datasafe mode basic. not returned me all files. so that I lost important files. I will be appreciating a lot if someone can post here how can I recover data? what software should I use?  How can I do it? it is possible to recove lost data?
Thanks in advance 

A:Recovering Data after formatted Hard drive and reinstalled OS using Dell datasafe local backup application

You can try a free utility such as Recuva, but it's likely to be only partially successful at best.  If you must have the data back, and it's worth the cost, contact a data recovery service - it will likely cost a few hundred dollars but they are the best-chance option for getting the data back.

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After doing a complete registry backup and then a registry restore using GFI Home, my windows 7 (64 bit) machine will not boot from the hard drive. After the startup POST, I only get a blank screen.

I am able to boot to a Windows 7 rescue disk and have tried running the Startup diagnostics and doing a system restore to yesterday's system restore point but with no luck.

I have run the Windows Starup Diagonostics several times. Most of the time it returns 'no problems found - successful boot' but occasionally it returns 'bad or corrupt boot manager - successfully repaired'. In no case will windows then boot.

After it passes the bios screen the hard drive will flash once and the screen will go blank.

Can someone help me with replacing the startup files manually through dos or do I need to restore the operating system to day one?

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Can't boot windows 7 after registry restore

Welcome to SF!

Please keep us posted on the thread on the other forum, just so we know what you have tried and what's going on.

Can you boot up in Safe Mode at all?

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