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[SOLVED] Audio Errors, Drivers, Codecs,

Q: [SOLVED] Audio Errors, Drivers, Codecs,

Hello all, and thanks for your time.

I have just recently reformatted my computer, and I installed WindowsXP along with Service Pack3. I have updated every driver, however sound does not want to work.
I have tried installing C-Media, and Realtek AC'97. Neither have worked so far.
I have attached pictures of various related parts on my computer. Hopefully these will be sufficient.
I also have attached the HTML source of Belarc Advisor. This should cover all of the computer specs you may/may not require.

Thanks all for your time and patience. (Patience might come to play in a bit )

*I can't attach my picture, it's 1.97 MB, and the limit is 1.96.

Thanks again!

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Audio Errors, Drivers, Codecs,

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Audio Errors, Drivers, Codecs,

Hey Steve0189, I am experiencing a similar problem to you, please read my thread for some advice from some people which may come in handy:


I wish you luck, because I feel your pain.

Edit: I will try and find something thatll help you, I will do so asap.

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I have some audio and video problems (noise/disturbance). I have legacy audio drivers and NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio Codec Interface. I have lost the CD with the installation files for the drivers. Can I get it from the internet? How do I go about reinstalling them? Do I have to reinstall audio and video codecs as well?

A:How to reinstall audio drivers and video codecs?

Type the model of your sound card in Google's search bar. In it is built in mobo type the model of mobo and find audio drivers for it. After downloading just run the driver file.

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 Compaq IT Support/Codec needed. Dear Compaq Community.                   I have been advised by the Intel online Community to contact Compaq for Codecs that they do not make themselves. Can you please assist me by providing the necessary Driver/Codec below?The reply/advice from Intel to me and my initial question to them is below. Many thanks. Mr BennettIntel Community Advice ?The device you identified is the Intel High-Definition Audio interface. The driver that you actually need is not for the interface itself but for for the media Codec that completes this circuit. Intel cannot helps you with this; they do not make these Codecs. You need to contact the board vendor for the appropriate driver.?My Initial Question to Intel?Dear Community.                            Can anyone assist me in finding a "Multimedia Audio Controller" Driver for the PC "Compaq Evo D300" ?Exact Model: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=92161&lang=en&cc=us?077Ch? is the Main Board.Company and Device:VEN 8086DEV 2445I upgraded to Windows 7 from XP but I think Intel do not do Drivers any more for this PC.I'd be very grateful for help.Thank you.Mr Bennett?Thank you.Mr O Bennett

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Just tried running a Div X file on my computer when the following message appeared.

The video file you are opening includes an Audio Codec which is not recognised bt the Div X player. The file contains the following type of data

Audio data tag 8192.

You may need to install a new audio codec on your computer...

Note : This is also the same message I get when using Microsoft Win Med Player, my DVD (Through Power DVD) and RealOne.

Where do I get the bloody codecs from?

A:(Solved) Div X and Audio Codecs

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As thread title says, downloaded a few films to my girlfriends laptop - when I try and play them the video plays fine but there is no audio. Downloaded K Lite codec pack which I have on my PC (films play fine on there) and now when I play the file the video doesn't play right (skips etc) and weird crackling noises come from the speakers. Deleted the codec pack and back to square one ie. video fin but no audio.

Any tips to fix this?

A:Solved: No audio while playing AVI on WMP (tried codecs)

Downloaded AC3Filter - problem solved

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Hi all,
I need some help: I am trying troubleshoot my Audio Codecs in Windows Media Player (on a Windows 7/64 bit system) as a part of troubleshooting a problem with another piece of software I'm using -- AVS4You Audio Editor --  I believe something with the codecs or related issue is causing that AVS issue to hang, and their support seems to think so also
Whenever I open Windows Media Player and go to Help --> About Windows Media Player --> and try to click on the "Technical Support Information" to view my codecs, WMP always freezes up and will never load the next screen so I can't ever troubleshoot or otherwise view my codecs. I've tried about 10 times now and it always hangs on that step.
I've tried all of these and *none* of them have worked -
1. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Windows Media Player from the Control Panel/Windows Components
2. Clean reboots with and without power cycling
3. Clean all spyware and viruses - using Spybot and Avast
4. Cleaned and repaired Windows Registry with CCleaner and AVS Registry cleaner
5. Repaired Windows Media Player with Microsoft FIX-IT tools for WMP and Codec Repair
6. Physically found all *.acm codec files in Windows/System32, deleted them and forced WMP to find and re-scan
7. Hacked out all the references to "codec" and "Windows Media" that I could find.
8. Ran "sfc /scannow" from the CMD prompt - it either finishes with no errors,  or errors out at 24% and doesn't finish
I'm a total loss on how else to repair and cle... Read more

A:Windows Media and AVS Audio Editor - how to repair audio codecs

If you have a "codec" problem of any sort...the simple solution is to install an appropriate codecs package.  The original codec package installed with WMP is not adequate for all types of video files.
Using any "registry cleaner" is definitely a wrong step.
Your errors with sfc /scannow...are a source of concern, IMO.
I'm trying to understand...why you think that removing all evidence of codecs...is a step forward to resolving anything.  Do you know what codecs are and why they are needed?
FWIW:  http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/multimedia/f/codec.htm

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Hi everyone.

Before I start blabbering on about my major problem. I just wanna say that any help right now is so unbelievably appreciated you have no idea lol.

Ok. *just letting you know - I have Microsoft Windows XP*

Our comp dude did something to our computer which is basically making it unable to download and save new programs to the computer. (I think he deleated whatever lets you save programs to the computer..or something because this has NEVER happened before and he didnt even like the idea of downloading programs off the net anyways)

I have been trying to download this program called 123 dvd converter, and naturally I want to download the free trial before I buy it, to see if its the right program for me.
But it just wont install. **before our comp dude did something to our computer.. I had been download many free trials before... and this had NEVER happened before.

Then, all of a sudden iTunes wont work.
So, I uninstalled it and started the downloading again.
But, the same sort of error messages were popping up...in a result - not letting it save.

I print-screened some of the errors to give you an idea of what i mean -


123 DVD converter errors -



3 There were 15 similar errors after this.


*after continuing*

itunes errors

1 ((this is a different save box then I was used to before. That really did indicate to me that something wasnt right.))

... Read more

A:I need major help. (errors/codecs etc) please.

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I need help configuring k-lite codec pack!

A:Solved: AC3,ffdshow audio, ffdshow video codecs

just install it from k lite it will default itself initially then try the video you are attempting to play also install vlc as plays anything http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

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Can someone explain wat Audio Codecs are.

Can they get corrupted?
If they did could it cause a system freeze whien ripping CD tracks?
How would I update or refresh the codecs?


A:Audio Codecs

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hello everybody!
i have a big problem with my notebook.A just bought a new notebook (acer travelmate 5520) and i changed vista with xp, now i lost all the original drivers and codecs which were preinstalled...the image lost it's clarity and I no longer can see a movie properly.I want to recover them , please give me a piece of advice.
Thank you in advance !

A:notebook codecs and drivers

Hello adrian455

Here is the download page for your drivers


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LAME, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey Audio, APE, AAC (which I use in iTunes
So many audio codecs out there and their various programs, but how do these stand up to each other? Are there many differences between them, which is the most popular and what do the experts use? Thanks for any advice.

A:How do the following audio codecs compare please..

LAME uses their own version of the lossy MP3 format (i think.. can't remember)
AAC is tonnes better than MP3, since the compression algorithm are audibly better for it
Ogg vorbis is supposed to be like MP3, but i haven't heard what they sound like yet
monkey audio and APE i haven't heard of either.

Nothing beats fully uncompressed 24bit/48k/stereo .wav or .aif files... or the original multitrack files

the higher the sample rate/lower compression the better the sound, but it does chew up your hdd like nothing..

think of it this way, if you can't hear the difference, then there is no difference to you, but if you can hear it then you can tell whats the difference.. (not trying to pull a Yoda here )

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I just installed ultimate 64 and I cannot get my sound to work. I have an asus m2a-vm motherboard with onboard audio. At first in the sound mixer it only showed spdif audio which i do not have. Sound came out as static, a high pitched digitized static if that makes sense. I have tried several codecs and nothing. any suggestions?

A:Realtek HD Audio Codecs

Hi Burnboy,

Try installing these drivers;

I hope this works


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Hey all,

I installed the K-Lite codec pack last week to fix a problem with video playback in Sibelius 7 (music notation software). It worked, and I was able to import the video, however since then I have been experiencing audio glitches whenever I play video/audio files, or whenever audio of any sort is played on my computer.

Here's an example of the extreme it reaches that I recorded: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/44624848/Bug sample.mp3

I have uninstalled K-Lite, reinstalled my Realtek drivers, tried an external sound interface, tried a different codec pack (CCCP), but nothing seems to help. I've also tried system restore, but for some reason I cannot work out, no system restore points exist since I first encountered the error.

I've also found that running my ASUS WLAN Utilities program for my desktop's wireless card causes the system to hang, so I have uninstalled it. The system is also pretty laggy on boot, but speeds up after a few minutes. Has anyone got an idea as to how to go about fixing this? I'm trying to put off doing a fresh windows install, as I require my computer to be available for work pretty much constantly! Thanks!

A:Audio glitches - Codecs

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Ok, so I had problems with codec packs and such, so I searched here and found that "they are evil". So my question would be: how to get rid of the stuff installed right now and which codecs and where should I get.

A:Video/Audio Codecs

Codec packs are indeed evil.

Firstly, ignore DivX completely. Use the latest sable binary of XviD instead... http://www.koepi.org/xvid.shtml

You can get away with not installing Real Player (if you hate it as much as I do) by using Real Alternative... http://www.free-codecs.com/reviews/Real_Alternative.htm

The same goes for quicktime and quicktime alternative... http://www.free-codecs.com/download/QuickTime_Alternative.htm,
though it's worth knowing that you CAN get Quicktime WITHOUT itunes...

There are obviously other video codecs, but these are really the ones that are used mainly. In terms of audio, well I'm not much on audio codecs. I tend to just download what I need as and when I need it, which at the moment means I have a codec for pretty much everything I come across

This might actually be quite a useful thread to be honest, especially if someone can add a free DVD codec to the mix, and some audio.

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after reinstalling xp i accidentally installed extra audio codecs. now system sounds will not play as well as audio from the internet, but cds and files played in media player will. any help?

A:Extra Audio Codecs

Welcome to TSG....

Try this it is usually overlooked:

Since windows was re-installed the thing that has to be done is to install all of the special drivers like chipset, buss, network, audio, video and others, they can be installed in any order you wish and can be found on the system recovery disk set for the computer if it is an OEM like Compaq, Dell etc. or if you do not have a recovery disk set the drivers can be found on the manufacturers web site for either the motherboard or the manufacturer of the computers web site. You can download these drivers and burn to a CD-R and then install those following instructions to reboot when asked.

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Games on my computer often crash - e.g Counter Strike Source, HL2 and oblivion.. Well oblivion crashes to a black screen, I heard deleting unwanted codecs could fix this.. ( And maybe the other games?) So can you tell me which codecs are unneeed and therefor can be deleted? Thanks (Picture below)

A:Removing Audio Codecs (Icl. Img.)

The screenshot you posted gives no help sorry to say, you would have to go into the properties to see, it would probably be under video codecs, I am almost 100% sure that is not your problem. Are your drivers full up to date? Is everything plugged in correctly? Is the inside of your case clean? Is your Ram and video card properly seated? Is there any dust or gunk in the connectors? Are your fans spinning correctly?

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recently I try to install Z Cinema usb speakers in my xp pro sp3 computer but the installation program fail to install with no aditonal information, I notice I'm missing usb audio codecs on my DEVICE MANAGER under SOUND,VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS. I update the USB ENHANCED HOST CONTROLLER AND THE PCI TO USB CONTROLLERS in the hope the USB AUDIO CONTROLLERS to appear without results. can anybody tell me how to have those USB AUDIO CODECS ?.tHNKS IN ADVANCE. JOENALMO

A:missing usb audio codecs

Go back into device manager and click on the tab view, choose show hidden devices

Any question marks or red X items there?

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I've got a small problem that has mushroomed into a big unwieldy thing resulting in me reinstalling Windows Xp and even formatting, and yet the problem persists.

For a while before, whenever I played movies on my Windows Media Player, it would play for a few short minutes and give a blue screen error message. I've asked for help on this site before on this matter, and I was instructed to install the new XP patches and run a lot of virus scans, also to use 'HijackThis' logs to find a cure to the problem. Although the moderator did everything she could to make the log come out 'clean' at the end, the problem yet STILL persists.

Yet I have uncovered some important data now. The BSOD (Blue Screen) doesn't come anymore once I play the movies, it used to come before but now the computer just abruptly restarts itself (This started occuring after I took the moderator's advice and did all that she asked). I cannot remember entirely what codes were written on the BSOD, but I do remember this specifically. It said 'IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL' every time after I played a movie.

And now I've realized it's not any movie, it's only movies that require the codec(s) DivX for sure, but I'm not sure about 'Xvid'. Anything that requires DivX to play it will cause the computer to restart itself after playing it for about 10 seconds. Anything that doesn't require DivX will play normally without any problems. I&... Read more

A:Codecs possibly interfering with OS drivers

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Realtek has made available it's AC97 Audio codecs version 6305 for Windows Vista/7.


A:Realtek AC'97 Audio codecs v6305

In case anyone is looking for the High Definition audio codecs those are available at Realtek

You'll find that both the 32bit and 64bit alike require you to first agree to the terms on both of the links here. I'll be making a reference to the one you have there Airbot as well as this one!

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I am running a Dell Latitude c640 with Windows XP and things were going ok with the video until I had to reinstall windows and now it acts like I'm watching a webcast over a dialup connection...VerY BAD. My sound never has worked too great.....I could hear things fine but I need to crank my WMP 11 up to the max and I had to do the same in the Volume Controls (everything is as high as it'll go) and it still wasn't that loud. I thought these problems were because of WMP so I tried quicktime, Realplayer, VLC......and just got the same problem.

I checked the driver download page on Dell.com and tried a sound card driver and to my surprise IT WORKED but then when I rebooted everything froze and the only way to get things going was to do a System Restore I've tried to download other stuff to help me through Dell.com and I make sure to check the compatibility before I do but I still get the same problem. I have tried a program called Driver Genius and download what it recommends but still have a problem with my pc freezing.

Does anyone know what I can do? I am so confused......I have no idea what to do (what else is new?) I keep trying everything I can think of but it just leads me back to do System Restores......Oh what fun!!

Someone Please help me.....I can not live without my music and this is driving me crazy.

A:Can't get drivers or codecs that work so NO sound or video :( please help.

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the very first time I pulled my 64bit home premium out of the box and turned it on it sat there on that microsoft page that comes on before your homescreen page for almost 2 min. I was freaking because this is my second vista since febuary. I had to return the other one because of hard drive issues. so when I saw this I was worried. When it did come on the first thing I did was of course set up the computer and then second I went into my favorite program the media center to set that up and as soon as I hit setup it crashed and set searching for a problem. I had my internet set up but havent even been on any sites yet! So it couldnt be something I did. anyway a guy come out to install security on the computer and checked it out. He said that he thought it was norton because other things like slooooow loading of pages and frozen pages etc. stopped happing after he took norton off. It did help the internet thing but then when I tried to set up my media center library it says cannot play dont have the right codecs. but the same movie plays in media player fine! I have the codec package. I even tried to convert movies to wmv and it still says it. And now to make things worse every movie I play through Itunes or media player the voice does not match up with their mouths, it is so off if you so something on the video fALL and was soposed to hear a crash it would be in the next seen of the movie almost 1 whole minute off. but what is weird is the movie is perfect in vlc player with ... Read more

A:64-bit vista having several problems, codecs, drivers etc. 3 weeks old!

tell about your computer, cpu, ram, harddrive size and free space.

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Hey guys, I've been without sound on my computer for about a month. I was just surfing myspace and my computer froze on me, so I went to restart it and then my sound wouldn't work. I've checked the audio codecs and sound drivers and everything appears to be in order, the speakers are plugged in and nothing's fried in them, they turn on, the computer just won't output any sound.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm running Windows XP SP2 on a Dell Dimension 4500, 2.8ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram and such, ask me if you need more info. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound Card Fried?/Audio Codecs

If it's a sound card, you can delete all the sound drivers in the device manager, and pull the card. Reboot your system. Replace the card and install your drivers again. Let us know..Jazz

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Hi all. Not sure if this is a W7 thing, or a Vista thing...

I have a wired network with several computers. Right now, I am dealing with two: my W7 Ult. SP-1 machine, which is .100, and my Vista SP-1 machine, which is .102

I can browse to the Vista machine from my W7 machine, and share files and folders. Except, this one situation that is really bugging me. In my Vista shared folder, I have two .mov files. One has the wav/PCM-16 audio codec, and the other has the AAC codec. They both play fine in Vista, but I can only see the first from my W7 machine. The .mov with the AAC codec is not visible. I have not yet played around with other codecs; I have only dealt with these two for now.

Anyone have any idea why this would happen?

Thanks in advance.

A:Files with certain audio codecs not showing on my network

What codec the movie uses should make no difference. Are both files shared?

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No AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED, this is the message l got on sound icone since l installed windows 7
l have downloaded it several time the latest one it shows on control panel but not on device manager, l guess this is not really installed but l keep installing it and restat the laptop after ward , howevernothing happens
the sound work only on my external speaker, but not on the external microphone - micro NOT WORKING AT ALL EITHER

after l installed windows 7 - l got a message on the task bar saying that PCI memory card was not installed l went to toshiba and downloaded the utilityes driver again so PCI memory is installed and nothing wrong shows on device manger this pounds ok
, before to instal it on device manager was a notice that some 'basics card were missing'' now there is no yellow triangle there so l gues is ok
however does not show realtek installed on device manger no sign of it there- so l cannot update it or even unistal as nothing shows there

this is a satellite U 300 model- used to have windows vista...
lm tired of googling it and have clue how to sort it out.. l have downloaded several other realteck or any card sound , installed those that are accepted but nothing works on it...
this one does not even finosh installing ,
High Definition Audio Codecs

l really cant figure out what went wrong with this windows 7, so far my laptop was ok

please can any one help me with this issue
my email

many thanks in advance

A:CANT INSTALL High Definition Audio Codecs

Right click on the speaker icon next to your clock, go to "Playback devices". There you right click on a blank spot in the middle of this window and check the 2 settings that come up. Now you should see all playback devices on your system. There you can make the settings by right clicking > Properties on the device in question.

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Hey all.
My laptop didn't have the codecs to play video so I downloaded media.player.codec.pack.v3.9.6 and the video started working but now, I don't have sound anymore! What happened and how can I fix it?

I use Windows XP Professional btw.


A:No audio on computer after downloading codecs to get video

Try uninstalling the media.player.codec.pack.v3.9.6 and any other codec packs you may have installed. Then install a more reputable codec pack: CCCP.

CCCP is maintained by a community of enthusiests and is less likely to cause problems.

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Can someone tell me which BEST speaker configuration FITS my IDT HD Audio Codecs in left 4 dead?
-2 Speakers
-4 Speakers
-5.1 Speakers
-7.1 Speakers

A:IDT High Definition Audio Codecs best speaker configuration for l4d

As this is really a gaming configuration issue, the best place for this question would be the gaming section.

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I'm having the same maddening journey it sounds like most others. Successes initially with several properly installed (and de-installed) codecs, but finally absolutely no signs left in the registry. Tried both Acer and RealTek. I am starting to be convinced that some of these flaky "driver tool sites" have actually created a worm or trojan to infect certain machines. I like the ones who have automated page scripts which "update" the driver signature to the current date. Duh. I was born at night, but not LAST night.

Acer wants money to check it out. I only hope to be able to correctly diagnose the RealTek ALC268 chip. Any ideas??

A:Vista Acer 5520 Audio Vanished - Codecs

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Hi All,

Could you please advise me about an issue I'm having with installing realktek High Definition Audio Codecs?

After installing R2.82 (latest) I cannot see the tray icon or launch the app directly (nothing happens). (Source: Realtek)

I've tried a reinstall, restart etc on my Windows 10 64-bit Desktop PC.

Screenshot is attached.

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Hi All,

Could you please advise me about an issue I'm having with installing realktek High Definition Audio Codecs?

After installing R2.82 (latest) I cannot see the tray icon or launch the app directly (nothing happens). (Source: Realtek)

I've tried a reinstall, restart etc on my Windows 10 64-bit Desktop PC.

Screenshot is attached.

A:Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs Issue

Hi. . .

I need to get some system info from you. The easiest way is for you to run the Sysnative BSOD File Collection App -


Please attach the resulting zip file to your next post.

I also need to know your system's manufacturer and the product number.

What was the reason that you updated the driver?

Have you tried to roll the driver back to the previous version?

Please provide the Realtek link that you are now using/have used to update the driver.

Have you tried the Realtek audio codec supplied by your system manufacturer's (OEM) support site? Usually, OEMs will modify the Realtek codec and it is the modified one that ends up working.

Go to the OEM support site, download the Realtek audio codec, install it snd see if there is any difference.

First and foremost - ALWAYS create a system restore point before updating drivers.


Regards. . .



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The following are not working in my computers, the error message is shown below:

1. Portable devices:
MMC storage

This device cannot start. (Code 10)
Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.
2. Network adaptors:
6T04 adaptor
6to4 adaptor

This device cannot start. (Code 10)
Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

In Microsoft windows vista, I right click my computer, properties
In the system section, the following are like as they are: but they were not like these before.
RAM: not available
Processor: not available
I can’t do check disk from command prompt also, this error message appears if I try to type in “chkdsk” and then enter: Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges.
You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode.
The system restore fail also.

anyone help please

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Hello all,

I just installed the Shark007 Codecs and reboot the PC. Because, I need to play.MKV video files. I didn't change that plugin settings. Now when I play the AVI video files which has dual audio (two languages), now Windows Media player automatically playing both audio sounds.

When I search on the internet, I found that setting Haali as the AVI splitter in the AVI tab will fix it. Unfortunately, in my situation, it didn't work. After I choose Haali splitter, it shows "Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file" error.
So how do I disable 2nd audio auto playback?


A:Dual audio issue Windows Media player Shark007 Codecs

Fixed the issue by using LAV's splitter.

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See the title.

What's the easiest way to do a clean reset to default codecs. I want to start fresh to see if I can fix this bloody thumbnail problems (i.e. thumbnail previews crash explorer)

Also anyone got good codec pack suggestions?

Cheers in advance

A:Resetting video codecs to default/uninstalling codecs

Check out this thread: http://www.moviecodec.com/general/xp-windows-explorer-avi-problem-3588/

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I wiped Vista and clean installed XP. I need an XP version of the audio drivers for the Sigmatel device that comes on the Emachines T3604 motherboard. I went on the Emachines website, and the only drivers there were for Vista, as it was the originally installed OS. I also asked two live support agents, and they cannot help because they say they have no XP drivers in their database.

At first, I accidentally installed the vista drivers and I got sound, but when I went to the Sigmatel option in control panel, it said "Unable to connect to COM interface." And when I added the volume icon to taskbar, I would turn the volume up or down and it would make the beep noise like when you don't have an audio device installed. I uninstalled the vista drivers and have been looking for an XP version.

I will be your best friend if you find the seemingly nonexistent drivers I'm looking for.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.33GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1050, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 95001 MB, Free - 86030 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D945GCL
Antivirus: Avast Free

A:Solved: Need Audio Drivers For XP

You have the Sigmatel HD Audio Driver (integrated sound card) on your system system. E-machine website doesn't show any drivers for xp for that model anymore because it only comes with vista. This same chipset is used by gateway and they have XP drivers: http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=20706&dscr=SigmaTel%20HD%20Audio%20Driver%20Version:%20%205.10.4647.4&uid=208846466

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I installed windows xp pro sp3 and I have no sound
when i ran msinfo32 i found problems with these

Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0862&SUBSYS_11791205&REV_1000\4&1E09AF89&0&0001 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&VEN_11C1&DEV_1040&SUBSYS_11790001&REV_1002\4&1E09AF89&0&0101 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI FLASH Memory PCI\VEN_1524&DEV_0530&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&31F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI FLASH Memory PCI\VEN_1524&DEV_0520&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&33F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI FLASH Memory PCI\VEN_1524&DEV_0551&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&34F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Video Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27A6&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&11 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Video Controller (VGA Compatible) PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27A2&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&10 The drivers for this device are not installed.

A:[SOLVED] audio drivers

Hi jj71787 and welcome to TSF.

Can you post the make and model of your computer. If you are unsure what your specs are, download and run Speccy, then when it's generated the information (about 10 seconds) go File>Save Snapshot, and attach that .speccy file as well.

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Hi, Right I have xp pro on my laptop, but when I tried to play a song on it earlier it said that "Windows media player could not play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, It might be in use by another program or might not be functioning properly"

I checked other programs were not using, and went to the control panel and to sounds and audio devices.

The volume tab states NO AUDIO DEVICE with all areas shaded so cannot select anything.

The sounds tab has the sound schemes of NO SOUNDS and WINDOWS DEFAULT.

The Audio tab has
Sound Playback (default device) No playback devices
Sound recording (default device) No recording devices
MIDI music playback (def. dev.) No MIDI playback devices.
Voice playback under VOICE tab No playback devices
Voice recording No recording devices.

But when I go into the Hardware tab I get

Audio Codecs
Device properties
Manufacturer: (standard systems devices)
Location: Unknown
Device Status: This device is working properly,

Legacy Audio drivers
Device Type: Sound, Video and game controllers
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
Location: Unknown
Device Status: This device is working properly,
and this carries on for the rest in the list.

Can any one tell me where I can find them and what folder that they should actually be in or either that that is a lost cause and where I can obtain more drivers to put on to ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Audio drivers

You could go to the manufacturer's web site look up your laptop and download the correct drivers from there then install them.

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I have been going nuts trying to find audio drivers for a Hp Pavilion a620 computer. I believe it had Realtek Sound controler on board. After spending much time searching the internet -- going 'round in circles, actually and getting things like "driver restore", "driver tuner", "driver wizard" and other useless downloads, I have not been able to find the audio driver I need.

I know that this is an old computer, but is more than satisfactory to watch movies, listen to music and connect to the internet from the basement study room.

I thought this should be easy, but I guess I need some help.

A:Solved: Audio drivers

I've made 2 assumptions as it is an old computer the o/s is XP and the computer is a desktop.The driver should be a Realtek ac97 driver http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=424215#N187

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Here I am again asking for help . After I reinstalled windows xp on my pc and did all the updates , now I need audio devices because when I go to CONTROL PANEL->SOUNDS, SPEECH, AUDIO DEVICES->DEVICE VOLUME is on low and gray so I can not move the volume to hear out the speekers. So I did a "Sound Troubleshooter" and this is what I found: "Have you installed signed drivers for your sound device?" I don't think I have it. I went online looking for it, but is for sale, where can I find free drivers? Thank you.

A:Solved: Audio Drivers

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I have a friend who formated her hard drive and did a clean install of Windows 98. Now her speakers won't work. I tried removing the sound device from device manager, but windows can't find the sound card driver. She has an old computer and there are no downloads available from the computer maker's site. I've searched microsoft but couldn't find a download. The computer is up to date on Windows update.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Audio drivers

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I just recently bought a new video card, MSI ATI Radeon RX2600pro, and it has its own HD audio drivers on it that install when i installed the video drivers and these HD audio drivers override the old ones on my computer, i cant even see the old drivers on the hardware devices page. the only ones that show up are the new ones from the video card. it shows no conflicts with other hardware, no infamous yellow question mark anywhere. i have tried installing new audio drivers for my sound card (they were Realtek AC97 audio drivers). i just cant seem to get my sound back. my pc is a compaq presario model #SR1703WM. can anybody please help get my sound working again?

A:Solved: Need help with audio drivers please!!

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after recently installing Vista Beta 2 (build 5384) im already having problems finding drivers for my C-Media onboard audio and I can't find working video drivers for my Connect3D Radeon 9550, i know if you go to ati.com you can download the vista drivers, and i have tried, with no luck and so i was told to go to connect3d.com and use theres and they dont even work in XP for me, so any help on where to get such drivers?

A:Solved: Audio and Video Drivers?

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Hi all,
This is my first post on the forums so I apologize if I do not provide all the information needed.

My situation is this:
I have a Lenovo T60, 1951/44U. I have installed a new hard drive and installed a copy of Win XP Pro. I downloaded the drivers from the Lenovo website for the ethernet, the video, BIOS update, Chipset, Touchpad, PC Doctor, Hard Drive Analyzer and the audio which shows up as "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus". Here is what the file information is listed as:

Release Date: 2006/11/17

File link File size File description

77a224ww.exe 6,811,016 Audio driver

After restarting Windows I was still prompted via the New Hardware Wizard for the Audio Device and for the SM Bus. Device Manager does see the audio device and the SM Bus but is not able to locate a driver for either. There is also an Unkown Device in the Device Manager and I am not sure what that is.

I did install all the updates from Microsoft including SP3 for XP Pro. At no point either prior or after the updates did I get any audio other than the system 'beep'. Any help in figuring this out would be truly appreciated. Thank you!!!!!

A:[SOLVED] Audio & SM Bus Drivers for a Lenovo T60

and welcome to the Forum

Did you install the CHipset driver first? That should take care of the SM Bus controller error. Look again to be sure they do not have something like Notebook System Software . . if so, that should be the first thing to install, then the Chipset.

The Unknown Device is usually a modem

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Hi guys,

i have a friend who cant get audio on her pc.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+, AMD64 Family 15 Model 79 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3582 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 6 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 51899 MB, Free - 25749 MB; D: Total - 901865 MB, Free - 662423 MB;
Motherboard: , RS690-SB600, Unknow,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and EnabledClick to expand...

HD audio only shows, and she has no mainboard drivers disc.

Does anyone have any ideas how she can enable non-HD audio on this pc?

A:Solved: Audio drivers issue

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I have a pb w3910 notebook and i have just replaced my broken harddrive and had install a new version of windows xp professional as my recovery disk is faulty but it won't reconise my network card does anyone know how i can find out what make my network card is so i can get drivers. I managed to find out my graphics are radeon express 200m and downloaded drivers but i need help find drivers for my audio- realtek alc 880. if anyone can help it would be great thanks

A:Solved: Drivers for audio and networking


See if this is it >> http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/index.php?sn=658906370231&t=1409


Billionton 802.11b/g Mini-PCI Wireless LAN adapter
That's from the UK PackardBell support site..

Everything you need to know about your computer is there.

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Ok, so I made a earlier post about this issue to no resolve. So I'm going to explain everything and hope for a answer.

A few weeks ago my computer got the BSOD and we got a new hard drive ( it was diagnosed as a hard drive problem ) We then reinstalled windows with the original disks all nifty and good. But apparently a few drivers had yellow ? / ! marks. We fixed the first 3, then I fixed the 4th, ( Ethernet controller ) through this forum. Found out I needed the 10/100 driver. So now the internet works. Now, the present issue is 1 driver ( Multimedia Controller ) Has a yellow ? / ! and ( Multimedia Audio Controller ) has just a yellow !. So, I've tryd 'about' everything. Here's a list of things I've done and outcomes:

1) Downloaded AC97 driver off realtek.com / RESULTS: BSOD

2) Tryd to update via the ' Device Manager ' / RESULTS: 1/2 through, BSOD

3) Downloaded via safe mode / RESULTS: Success! But when I went to restart and get to normal mode, I get the BSOD, and have to run earlier working configuration to get back on.

I've tryd to use the 'actual' sound card, ( Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 ) and the audio drivers off the dell site for my service tag have ended up saying " No Sound Blaster Audio Card Detected " SO, I'm in a real fuss trying to find the solution.

Windows XP
BIOS version A07
Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop

If any of you have any ideas or fixes please share! I'll try my best to ... Read more

A:Solved: Drivers, and Audio. What a mess.

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All of my audio drivers are "missing or corrupted". Now I have tried updating these drivers but they can't be found. This means I'm scared of uninstalling them as I might lose them.

Here are my hardware:

SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC
Manufacturer: SigmaTel
Location: Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

TOSHIBA PCI DVB-T/Analog Hybrid Tuner
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA Corporation
Location: PCI bus 4, device 9, function 0
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Audio Codecs
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
Location: Unknown
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Legacy Audio Drivers
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
Location: Unknown
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Media Control Devices
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
Location: Unknown
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
Location: Unknown
Device status: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or ... Read more

A:Solved: All audio drivers not working

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Okay, this started off as me trying to update my audio drivers and degenerated into some sort of driver hell.

I determined in a previous thread that my sound card was an "Intel 82801BA(M) ICH2 - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-4]" (this is from a previous thread).

I tried to install the driver that yto_daniel suggested to no avail. So then I downloaded this program called DriverMagic Pro which is supposed to automatically detect your hardware and d/l the correct driver for it. I downloaded the driver it told me to, tried to run the install (it was called Realtek AC'97 I think) and my computer just shutdown and restarted.

After the restart it went to that blue screen before you log on to check C:. It said a bunch of files first allocation units or something were off so they were truncated (don't know what this really means).

Now when I log into windows there is no audio, I can't even run sndvol32 because it says no mixer devices available. On top of that, for some reason my CD drives are no longer recognizable. When go into device manager I get the yellow (!) next to three items under DVD/CD-ROM drives:
Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

On each of them it says that Windoes cannot load the device driver. It's a bit strange though because I only have 2 CD-Roms, a normal CD-Rom and a DVD-R/RW.

If anyone can help please do, I'm really in a jam here. I tried system restore but it didn't work either.
... Read more

A:Solved: big problem now, no audio or CD drivers!!

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