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Black Screen on XPS 13 9350 with Intel HD Iris 540 Graphics Card

Q: Black Screen on XPS 13 9350 with Intel HD Iris 540 Graphics Card

Hello everybody,
I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 with an Intel HD Iros 540 graphics card.
Every worked nicely until an automatic update turned my screen black. After reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch, I discovered that with the generic graphics driver provided by Windows the screen works, but any specific driver for my card turns the screen black. I tried, with no success, in this order:

All the versions of the graphics driver found on the Dell website, A07, 29 Dec 2016, A06 07, Sep 2016, A05 29, Jun 2016, A04 14, Apr 2016
The latest driver found in the Intel website (

None of these works. As soon as any of these drivers are installed, the screen turns black. Upon reboot, the screen stays black in the login screen.
The only fix I found so far is to remove the driver completely, and use the default graphics driver of Windows. I also had to disable automatic driver updates, otherwise the screen would turn black again upon reinstallation of the driver.
What are my options? Is there any diagnostic information I can provide that can help me troubleshoot the problem? I am a Linux user and I know very little about Windows.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Preferred Solution: Black Screen on XPS 13 9350 with Intel HD Iris 540 Graphics Card

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


hello everybody, my name is Brian, I own a dell xps 13 (9350) purchased in 2017, but its the 2016 model with intel iris 540 graphics, its also the model with the QHD+ touch-screen, 3200x1800 resolution.
not sure if it matters what else the system has spec-wise, but ill include that also.

My question is in regards to the colors, and what this screen is producing picture/video quality-wise when I'm viewing colorful photos, or watching videos with colors on youtube;

I've watched quite a handful of videos on youtube about the dell xps 13, and a lot of them suggest that this laptop comes "a touch off" in terms of color gamma and/or color accuracy - whatever that means, but they say the xps 13 out of the box, with no settings adjusted other than what dell and intel have done, that the color and screen needs to be calibrated. 

how do I know what to do and how to check if I need it? I mean, everything seems to be good looking, but if its off and I just don't know it, I would like to know how to modify these "said" settings, as I want the most out of my xps 13!

I'm also experimenting with different power-plan settings, trying to configure this machine for the best possible battery-life, and also longevity in overall-life span. meaning I want to preserve this machine in ways possible, without reducing any of the added benefits of having such a high-performing laptop.

I bought this xps 13 from a friend, we actually traded. I gave him my ipad... Read more

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Issues again with laptop monitor.  Passes all hardware tests.  Did a complete reinstall of Windows 10 using MS Media creator.  Laptop monitor worked with 2006 MS Generic Graphics driver but when updated, laptop monitor went blank but external monitor started working.  Believe this is a driver problem but each one I try has the same result.  
Had same issue in January.  Was under warranty at the time and ultimate result was to reinstall Windows from Microsoft, motherboard was also replaced although the tech didn't believe it had anything to do with the problem.  Laptop monitor worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when new Windows updates were installed.  I have seen several other posts that are describing the exact same issue.  
Currently, I have latest drivers for the graphics -, Windows 10.0.15063.  At this time, my nice expensive laptop is just a desktop.  Any suggestions on what to try next?

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On power-up, the built-in display shows the Dell logo then goes to a black screen.  If I attach an external monitor via a DA200, I can see the Windows 10 login screen and log in. 
The only way to have Windows show in the built-in display is to disable the Intel Iris Graphics 540 entry in Device Manager.  When I do this, I am unable to display to the second monitor/change the brightness of the screen, Windows has no sleep option, and etc...
I've re-installed Windows 10 multiple times and all with the latest drivers from the Dell website.
Can someone from Dell conclusively say whether the black screen is a hardware or software issue?

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 Hi all,

I have an annoying problem with my Dell XPS 13 with W10 Pro and Iris Graphics 540.

overnight the laptop stopped booting into windows:
1. power on the laptop
2. key in bitlocker pwd [before anyone says, disabling bitlocker does not fix the issue]
3. W10 loads initially (spinning circles)
4. The load screen flickers (just when the movement of circles goes from smooth to choppy) and then remains black. Forever.
5. Hard reset by pressing pwr for 4 seconds

Rinse & Repeat, endless loop.

When I enter into safe mode the windows boots using the basic VGA driver - laptop works perfectly fine. When I disable the iris graphics and do a clean restart - it goes into full windows. The moment I enable graphics driver - black screen straightaway.

If I uninstall graphics drivers completely whilst in safe mode and boot into windows I get about 15-20s before windows realises that basic driver is not good (at least it works) and installs Iris graphics... which cause the instant black screen.

I have tried about 3 sets of drivers (recommended from dell website and directly from intel) - nothing works.

I have since applied all the recommended dell updates for this laptop including flashing the BIOS. This helped for 1 boot when everything started working fine and I was able to jug between iris graphics and VGA while in windows - restarted the laptop and I am back at square 1.
Google search does not help at all.

Anyone able to help with this?

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I own the Dell XPS 13 9350/2016 model with the iris 540 graphics card, I purchased this laptop in march of this year (2017). So I've only had this thing for about 3 1/2 months now, just short of the 4 month difference between then and now and I've had my ups and downs with this machine already, only until just yesterday did I decide on a clean-install of windows 10 home (I had previously been using the laptop and its OS as it came directly from dell with all of the dell apps/programs/services it came installed with). its working much better now!

my laptops specs:
Dell XPS 13 9350/2016
/Iris 540 Graphics
/512GB NVMe SSD(m.2) Toshiba THNSN5512GPUK
/16GB Ram
/QHD+ Touchscreen
/Windows 10 Home (clean-install, no dell software)
/Norton 360
so I am trying to understand how the CPU % and GHz (processor power) works, and what real world usages affect these numbers and how they would apply to me and how I use this specific laptop. I honestly don't use anything too demanding, I only use this device to browse the web, surf net/read articles, YouTubevideos, photo/video storage/sharing, social media, Netflix, some small/minor demanding programs/applications - and absolutely no video-editing, gaming, or anything else processor demanding. I got this laptop from a cousin who bought it band new and ended up needing a desktop instead so sold it to me, and is only 3-almost-4 months old now.
I have had a lot of high-temp readings (compared to what I've read others expe... Read more

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I have Dell E7470 and I'm considering a motherboard replacement. The board has i7 CPU with Dell Part # VNKRJ . I wanted to ask If the new board with i7 CPU 6050 and Intel Iris graphics 540 (Dell part # YDW8F) will fit on my laptop ?

In addition, If I purchased an i5 board (Dell part # 3GMP2) , will I be able to replace the CPU with the one that I currently have on the old motherboard and get an i7 board ? I'm asking because the i5 board is cheaper than the i7 board.

Thank you

A:Dell E7470 - is it possible to get the new Intel 6050 CPU with Intel Iris graphics ?

While the boards should interchange, bear in mind:
Whatever board you buy has a CPU soldered to it - the CPUs cannot be replaced separately from the mainboard;  they are not removeable.
If the system is in warranty, replacing the mainboard voids the warranty.

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I am experiencing a problem with the most recent updates for my XPS 13. The Intel graphics driver “Intel-HD-620-and-Iris-Graphics-640_4MRV7_WIN_22.20.16.4771_A08.EXE” prevents the auto installation of the available updates. Downloading the file and installing it manually led to a blue screen and “Windows didn’t start properly…” message. Trying to install it in Safe mode was an even worse idea – major blue screen, had to restore windows from the previous restore point to get it running again. Dell update keeps prompting me to install an update including this driver, but there is clearly a major incompatibility somewhere. The files for “Chipset |Intel Management Engine Components Installer” and “Chipset |Intel Chipset Device Software Driver” won’t install either, but at least they don’t cause blue screens. The recent BIOS update and other driver updates have installed (manually) fine. Any advice appreciated.

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Intel Core i3-2330M + Intel HD Graphics 3000 = Black Screen

first of all, my words of deep and sincere appreciation and thanks for this website. I use it, though only sporadically, for many, many years and always got very professional and useful help here!

Today I am inquiring about a problem that seems to be quite common and wide-spread, based on my own Internet searches: the bad combination of the Intel Core i3-2330M processor and the Intel HD Graphics 3000. During normal operations, my system works with that. But when using render software (POV-Ray) or attempting to play games, then I am getting that famous Black Screen. The laptop still continues to work, but I cannot see anything anymore. Only a restart helps, unfortunately. My online search did not reveal any solution, and having downloaded the "Intel Driver Update Utility", nothing new can be downloaded it seems.

I am speaking out here today about my problem with the hope, that someone here know a functioning solution. I need my system in order to create renders, that is my work. I just recently upgraded my system with that better processor, and it kills me now.

System Specs

Compaq Presario CQ57 Refurbished
Intel i3-2330M Processor
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Driver)
Windows 7 Home Premium
17 GB free HDD space on C:\

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This driver (or part of it) is not digitally signed, hence during silent install in SCCM TS Windows 7 x64 it will "hang" waiting to accept the unsigned driver (NOT during Apply drivers, but Sequence that runs setup.exe - I install ALL graphics drivers this way!)

Had top revert to previous version
Intel HD, 5300, 5500, 6000, 515, 520, 530, P530, Iris 540 Graphics Driver,, A05
to be able to do silent install!
Somebody else might have noticed?

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Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my experiences for those who may have similar setups. I have a Sager NP8265 laptop, with AMD/Intel switchable graphics.
I did a clean install using an ISO I got from Mosharino's beautiful thread up there.

You MUST install the latest Intel graphics drivers, and then, DO NOT REBOOT, for you MUST ALSO install the latest ATI drivers (13.11 beta right now).
If you don't do both, you will get black screen of fun when you do reboot. BSOF. Not as fun as it sounds.

As far as upgrading rather than a clean install, if you upgrade, you will likely get the black screen anyways. So what you have to do, is reboot to safe mode after the upgrade completes (oh you'll know, cause all you can see if a black screen, with a mouse cursor), and remove both graphics devices (device manager, right click the graphics adapter, uninstall)

Then you can boot into Windows normally, albeit with sh*te graphics. Then do the installs as I outlined above.
After a couple of reboots, you should (..should..) have a functioning machine again, that doesn't even look like sh*te!.

Hopefully this helps someone who had the same issues I did!

Both x64 and x86 versions can be found here:


AMD Catalyst? Notebook Display Driver

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Hello all. I disabled my Intel HD graphics (dumb I know but it's in the past), and was prompted with a blank, black screen. I read up on the problem, and it seemed as if though it was a common problem, so I kinda did some tinkering. I removed my graphics card as my battery was bellow it, and then removed the battery for about 10 mins. After putting everything back together, I had no success.
The monitor is still working as I hooked up an older pc to it to see if it still works (which it does).
Any tips?

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Laptop specs

Asus X452L
Core i3 4030u
GT 820m
I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and everytime I install the Intel HD Graphics driver, the screen goes black.

But when I go into safe mode and disable the Intel HD Graphics and use the Microsoft Basic Display Driver, it works.

So I connected in Team viewer and remotely installed the Intel HD Graphics and the screen still went black but was still okay in Team viewer.

Any fix for this? I want the GT 820m to work as well.

Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk

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As soon as I install Intel HD Graphics 4600 in my Dell Precision M3800, the screen goes black and after rebooting, it goes black again right after Windows is booted.
Here is everything I tried:

clean installed Windows 8 (original Dell USB drive recovery media)
clean installed Windows 10
install all Windows Updates and drivers from Windows Updates
Install latest (2015) drivers manually from dell.com (M3800_Video_Driver_7C6X2_WN32_10.18.15.4248_A00.exe)
Install latest (2017) drivers from intel.com (Intel HD Graphics 4600 15.40 2017 win64_154036.4703.exe)
let Dell System Detect install drivers automatically
In Safe Mode, in Registry, set "DisplayOptimizations" to 0x0  and "NoFastLinkTrainingForeDP" to 0

RESULTS: all the same, screen goes black as soon as Intel HD Graphics 4600  is installed and remains black as soon as Windows is booted, no matter how many times you reboot.

I restored Windows from Advanced Startup Options each time screen would go black as a result of installing Intel HD Graphics driver, sometimes restore failed, and I clean installed Windows from USB media.
screen works fine in Safe Mode and if I disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 in device manager, Windows boots normally and screen works. 
I could live with builtin Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver (1920x1080) but the the problem is screen brightness is stuck at maximum and there is no way to change it! 
I can use the laptop using TeamViewe... Read more

A:black screen after installing Intel HD Graphics 4600

Hi Beefesoft,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful:  http://dell.to/2zcEQc0answers.microsoft.com/.../608bb6da-a88f-48d6-af45-ea490b1e2cbd

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As soon as I install Intel HD Graphics 4600 in my Dell Latitude E6540, the screen goes black and after rebooting, it goes black again right after Windows is booted.
Here is everything I tried:
clean installed Windows 7(original Dell USB drive recovery media)
clean installed Windows 10
install all Windows Updates and drivers from Windows Updates
Install latest drivers manually from dell.com 
Install latest (2017) drivers from intel.com

Screen works fine in Safe Mode and if I disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 in device manager, Windows boots normally and screen works. 

Bios version is A09 . 
I tried a bios update. In Windows mode, or Dos mode. the operation goes through: restart. but the update process is no longer running. go directly into the windows boot mode.

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Hi all, after a lot of troubles and lookung for more solutions here some findings:
- Gfx performance - install GfX drivers from 14th April and it will perform as it should (also avail through Msft Win10 Update)
- flicker in screen - install GfX drivers from 14th April and it will perform as it should (also avail through Msft Win10 Update) & latest TB drivers
- coil whines - no solution found yet
- battery live - is the worst. I get 3-4h doing only eMail with 25-50% screen brighness. I ran some check tools and noticed that I have a constant voltage in the GPU (0,7V) which should actually go back down to 0 (at least all other 6th gen devices I have do that)
- fan is always spinning (balanced power setting) when plugged while only doing eMail (no streaming of music or similar)
- standby power issue - so solution found yet

A:Dell XPS 13 9350, i7 6560 with iris 540, issue thread

Sad that you have to do this amount of beta testing on a very expensive laptop.  Unfortunately, as  business purchaser of many laptops for my company, I cannot spend this amount of time to figure out whey a brand new laptop, 10 minutes out of the box is flickering and crashing to a black screen multiple times.
Not only am I not going to make a third mistake by ordering a replacement, I'm looking at other vendors. 

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The problem started in December when Windows 10 updated itself. The screen simply turns black after booting. (Dell symbol appears but black after)
I have found a couple of things out:
- laptop screen works if Intel graphics are disabled
- external screen works on hdmi
- I can access BIOS screen
I have clean installed Windows 10 several times with no success even when upgrading drivers. I have also tried a clean install of Windows 8.1 (which never had an issue before I upgraded) however this also gives the same issue.
I have updated and reset the BIOS with no success.
The laptop also has an nVidia graphics card also but I don't think it is at fault
I'm pretty much out of ideas as to what to try next!
Any help is much appreciated

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We have a number of Dell E5470s which have Intel HD Graphics 520 chips. Since upgrading the computers to Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Edition), when the computers are undocked (E Port Replicator), 99% of the time the built-in display will go entirely black or, black with the mouse pointer flashing. The computer will remain in that state until the computer is re-docked. Once re-docked the computer display will work as expected. This is not an issue when the dock is eliminated; connect and disconnect monitor from the VGA port on the computer.
The laptop has the latest bios (1.44.4), latest video drivers from Dell ( and Synaptics VMM3320 MST Hub Firmware (3.10.3).
I have contacted Dell support and they confirmed that this is not a hardware issue. I was fairly certain of that going in since this issue is consistent with multiple E5470s and multiple EPort Replicators and EPort Plus Replicators. Dell support then had me contact the Dell Software and Driver Division and they too said it was not a hardware issue, but would not help me try to resolve this issue or tell me if this was a known issue or if anything was being done to try to resolve this issue.
I would appreciate suggestions you might have to help resolve this problem.

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Help, I have been trying to solve this issue for some time now, the problem is that my screen turns black on startup after the microsoft recommended graphics driver installation? what do I do?

A:My screen turns black after the recommended intel hd graphics install

Is there any CD for installation on the driver.

If yes, do use the manufacturer driver file.

Most windows driver are common, "generic", and your card my not able to use generic.

Google search for the driver, especially on the manufacturer website.
This is most common, to many manufacturer to add updated drivers in the website, as this is recommended.
And they may also upload new drivers.

Windows driver may not be able to use, due to the "generic" as at the point of Windows installation.

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Windows Update is pushing an Intel graphics driver for T480 and T480s that is broken on Windows 10 Pro 1803 OEM. The recommended update on the Lenovo Support site is also broken. After Windows Update has installed this driver, the screen goes black and I have a blinking cursor. The only thing that works is to turn the laptop off and on again but then after initializing windows I'm supposed to be getting the login screen but instead I get a completely backlit black screen that doesn't respond to anything - no cursor, no blinking, nothing. The workaround is topower off and on 3 times in order to go into safe modeuninstall the graphics card driver in Device Manager and check the box to delete the driver fileschange from Yes (recommended) to No (your device might not work as expected) in Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Installation Settings->Do you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons available for your devices.I've experienced this on 2 T480s and 1 T480 in the last 30 hours, so I know it's a general issue. I can reproduce the issue with a brand new laptop fresh out of the box, not domain-joined. The driver that works is from March 2018. Any drivers after this date seem to produce the above issue. The issue doesn't seem to exist on Windows 10 Pro 1709.

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I just downloaded and installed the newest driver for the Intel HD Graphics 5500 in my Lenovo T450s. Now ON1 Photo RAW starts up and briefly shows the user-interface but then the program window goes black. The only thing I can see on screen is the white Title bar on top with the ON1 logo and program name + the Minimize, Maximize and Exit buttons on the right side. Even though I cannot see the Menu bar, if I hover my mouse pointer over the area where the Menu bar is, the menus will open and I can see and select menu items.I uninstalled ON1, downloaded it again and installed with Admin credentials but the problem is still there. I have no problems with any other programs. Is there a way to "roll back" to the old graphics driver? UPDATE: I have just rolled back to the previous HD 5500 driver and reinstalled ON1 Photo Raw, but it did not solve the problem My system: Lenovo T450s Intel Core i7-5600U, 20GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Graphics 5500 (OpenGL ver. 4.4) and I'm running Windows 10 Pro (10.0.17134)

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I just downloaded and installed the newest driver for the Intel HD Graphics 5500 in my Lenovo T450s. Now ON1 Photo RAW starts up and briefly shows the user-interface but then the program window goes black. The only thing I can see on screen is the white Title bar on top with the ON1 logo and program name + the Minimize, Maximize and Exit buttons on the right side. Even though I cannot see the Menu bar, if I hover my mouse pointer over the area where the Menu bar is, the menus will open and I can see and select menu items.I uninstalled ON1, downloaded it again and installed with Admin credentials but the problem is still there. I have no problems with any other programs. Is there a way to "roll back" to the old graphics driver? My system: Lenovo T450s Intel Core i7-5600U, 20GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Graphics 5500 (OpenGL ver. 4.4) and I'm running Windows 10 Pro (10.0.17134)

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hello, I was wondering if its going to have a direct impact temperatures of my laptop based on my processor, and how the CPU usage affects my laptop both over time, and in performance how this works?
for an example, my computer CPU will run between .77~3.0ghz+ depends on what I'm doing, switching between YouTube and other browser tabs causes it to fluctuate - is that normal? I'm not doing anything else, just browsing and watching videos every now and then - the temperatures of my laptop gets kind of  hot, I used to use a temp monitor app to watch it, and it usually stayed between 40~70c, long-term usage caused the temps to reach 70ish~ with just YouTube and web browsing - no gaming or anything else, so I am just trying to understand this all and also learn how to adjust the settings in power plan/fine tune for my system 

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Good morning! I wonder if anyone else has either experienced or solved the issue I am currently having with my Yoga 710. I looked for similar postings that may have solved this issue but did not find them so if I missed it, I apologize.  After visiting the IT help desk at my university several times as certain programs such as Spotify desktop, Zoom, Skype, SPSS Amos Graphics (a statistical modeling program) would open but display a black screen, the technicians realized that the Intel 520 Graphics Driver appeared to cause an issue once it advanced past a particular version of the software. They rolled back the graphics driver and everything was working great until last night my computer wanted to update Windows 10 which automatically updated the graphics driver and eliminated the option to roll back to a previous version of the graphics driver. Now I can't use a significant number of the programs on my laptop.  I could rollback the Windows update but that doesn't seem helpful overall. It seems silly to keep having to roll back the graphics driver when the Windows update seems to be forcing it to be more up-to-date. On an Intel forum it seems like Intel is saying that Lenovo has tested it and says everything is OK, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Any ideas or links to solutions would be most appreciated! Best wishesMandy

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Hello, whenever watching something in hd either on the browser or on the netflix app, i get a blue screen with following information:Stopcode: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALCause of error: VDD2HookKmode.sysThis only happens when my Intel HD Graphics 630 card is turned on. However, when turning it off and using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, i cannot connect an external monitor to my laptop. Also the battery life rapidly decreases and I have to always restart to switch back on the intel graphics card.I have tryed every way to update the graphics driver I could find (through windows update, lenovo update, intel hd upgrade), apparently it's not possible to upgrade the latest intel hd driver on the lenovo yoga?What can I do?

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I bought a Sapphire HD 7950 graphics card about 2 months ago. Everything worked fine until one day ago when I booted up my computer... everything booted up (Fans Lights & No system beeping) But I was only getting a black screen, with occasional small white flashes. I tried booting with multiple displays and multiple ports (nothing worked). I also tried changing my bios settings also with no luck. (the on-board graphics work fine when the graphics card is removed from the PC) My power supply is a 600W which is more than enough. Again Everything worked fine until that day. I doubt anything is damaged (I handle everything in my PC with extreme care). And yes all of the AMD drivers are installed. I will try to reply to any questions asap, I'm sorry if I don't reply quickly I have a very busy schedule . Any help on this issue would be VERY much appreciated! (Some PC Specs listed below)
Lenovo idea centre K450
600Watt new power supply
Intel® 4th Generation Core? i5
12gb system RAM
Not shure about the motherboard type

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I recently purchased a new graphics card(MSI Radeon HD6450) to hold out before I get my new laptop but whenever I start my computer with it in I get a black display.

Hp Pavilion p7-1287c

Intel core i5 2400, 3.1 GHz
Cores: 4

Pegatron 2ac2


8 GB DDR3-1333

Form Factor:

1 pci-e x16

A:Graphics Card Black Screen

Have you actually plugged your monitor into the card??

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Hi everyone, this is my first post and i hope its in the right place!

Last night i turned on my computer for the first time that day, and all seemed fine; windows logo came up with the little loading bar, but instead if loading the desktop, up came a black screen. Funny thing was that windows was working in the background! I read through people having the same problem in these forums, and it turns out its not an overly uncommon problem; graphics card issue. I booted in safe mode, and uninstalled the graphics card and drivers, and when i rebooted it was fine, albiet in low resolution. i downloaded and reinstalled the drivers from my providers site, and when i rebooted i had the same problem. So now i am sitting typing this (the text looks huge on this resolution) and have a simple question. Is the issue here that the graphics card is broken? I hope this isnt the case as it is an onboard card and will cost about $900 for a replacement. My specs are below (i'm a bit of a gumby when it comes to computers so go easy on me

HP Pavillion zd8000 (lappy)
P4 3.2
Onboard Mobility Radeon X600 128MB
XP Pro

A:Graphics Card - Black Screen

Do you have the same black screen using an external monitor? If you do, you won't be spending $900 on an on-board video card, you will spend $900 on a new motherboard...

Have you tried to install the graphics driver once more?

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Hi Everyone, Lenovo System Update installed the 'critical' Intel HD Graphics Driver on our X1 Yoga (20FR) and during the install the display freezes and on reboot we get the spinning dots at bottom of screen. We did a system restore to roll back the drivers and installed them again via the download on Lenovo's web site following their instructions but same probem. Anyone else having this problem but found a solution? Thanks.

A:X1 Yoga (20FR) display freezes/black screen with spinning dots with latest Intel HD Graphics Driver

Hi ChrisPerry,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you are facing issue after installing Intel Display driver from Lenovo 
If that's the case why not give it a try to update it from Intel one from here. And try to update it from Device Manager manually from zip file. 
Do let us know how it goes.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Recently purchased the XPS13 9350  (6th gen intel  i5). Right from the start the  computer had an issue with a flickering screen. Sometimes it doesn't flicker, sometimes it is very bad. I have run the diagnostic tests for video card, motherboard and screen, and it all passes.    I have also opened a dell support ticket and no responses yet.  All the drivers have been upgraded to what is currently available on the dell website.

Any thoughts  would be greatly appreciated :)

A:XPS13 9350 (6th gen intel) flickering screen

I met the same problem. I also updated the current drivers to the latest, but sometimes the flickering still happen.
I noticed that that flickering happened when the processor is in a heavy load, so probobly maybe due to the energy management drive or something. Waiting for a solution!

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I recently built my new computer and have been having problems with the graphics card. My computer runs fine on my i5 graphics but I want better graphics so I purchased a Saphire Radeon 7850. When I plugged it into my motherboard and plugged in the power I then turned on the computer. Everything was working fine. The fans on the graphics card began to spin. and I could here windows being booted. The problem was the screen was black. Nothing was showing up and my monitor went on sleep mode. I turned off my computer and un-plugged in the power sorce of the graphics card and tried to turn on the computer and it worked fine. The monitor worked and everything was good. If anyone could help it would be greatly appriciated!

A:Black screen when graphics card plugged in

Did you plug the monitor cable into the back of the actual graphics card, or is it still in the motherboard port?

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I just swapped my graphics card this morning to a new asus nvidia GeForce gt630 when I installed the drivers off the cd after restarting the pc I realised the drivers did not support windows 8. It loaded up to a black screen an stopped, I have since been forced to try to restore and it is now stuck on black screen with blue windows logo with no indication it is doing anything I have restarted the pc and put the old graphics card back in, but it is still stuck on a restore, I bought downloaded windows 8 pro online so do not have it on a reboot cd.
Please help

A:Graphics card install black screen

I have now got it into safe mode ..

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Hi guys, I've done a fair bit of looking into this but I can't get a definitive answer. I recently bought a Gigabyte GeForce 750 TI OC Edition to go with my computer, knowing it would fit in the case. But ever since I've tried to install it, it has been a nightmare. It fires up, fans whirring and all but all I get is the HP BIOS screen, no imput commands and 3 quick beeps then it goes to an entirely black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left hand corner. From what I've read around I have to enable Legacy mode in BIOS, but since my computer is running the HP 7.07 BIOS I can't find that it even remotely supports Legacy mode. Then I've read that some HP MoBo's cannot effectively run a different graphics card due to age/restrictions. It doesn't sound like a power issue as I've already upgraded the PSU with no issues. I'd just love an answer to what exactly is the issue because it's driving me nuts and I'm pretty much ready to sell the card at this point. IF I have infact bought a non-applicablegraphics card, could you recommend one that would ACTUALLY work? Thanks again.

A:New graphics card shows black screen

The HP 3300 SFF shipped with Win 7, and a BIOS that is not upgradeable to UEFI standards.Look here at the new MSI cards that offer Legacy and UEFI.

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Graphics Card = Nvidia 6600
Computer = Shuttle XPC Barebone (SS56G v2)
Motherboard = Shuttle FS56 V2
OS = Windows XP SP2

Well I took apart my computer and put it back together about 3 times and after the third i turned it on and the screen was black straight away as soon as i pressed the ignition button. (the other times I turned it on it was fine).

I have determined that it is the graphics card because I plugged the monitor into the motherboard VGA port and it worked like normal. I have tried taking out the card and cleaning the port.

I went into Device Manager and under other devices it says: "VIDEO CONTROLLER (VGA COMPATIBLE)" but it has a exclaimation mark by it. And when i go into the properties of it it says: "THE DRIVERS FOR THIS DEVICE ARE NOT INSTALLED (CODE 28)". But i cannot install the drivers with the cd I have and i cannot use hardware update wizard.

My CD ussually identifies the card and the installs the drivers, but this has not happened and at the top where it says what the card is it says "NO SUITABLE DRIVERS".

I have had the same problem before but i didnt know what the problem was and I gave it to a shop to sort out so i dont know what exactly is wrong.

Can someone please tell me what to do?

Much Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A:graphics card problem, Black screen

There should have been a cd with the graphics card, try that!!!

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I have a ATI/AMD Graphics Card on my Dell Studio 1558, and the chip has become faulty (design fault from manufacturer). Now the screen display is black and does not come on.

Temporary workaround I am using
I plugged in my separate VGA monitor to the laptop and using it, I switched on my laptop, and after the Windows startup logo, the computer would crash and restart (and repeat).

So I managed to get into Safe Mode, and from there, under Device Manager, I roll-backed my ATI/AMD driver to Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Then I restarted the Laptop normally (not Safe Mode), and the laptop DID NOT crash, it made it to the logon screen and I got in.


So now, I have my VGA Monitor plugged in to the laptop and using it, I am able to boot up windows normally.

While the laptop is on, if I unplug the monitor, the Laptop Screen stays black, nothing happens. When I plug it back in, I get this error that says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is not compatible with your display (I'm assuming it means my laptop screen since it's a Full HD resolution, whereas my VGA monitor is half that resolution.

What I need help with

Is there any other driver I can install apart from ATI/AMD which will allow my Laptop Screen to work? I want to bypass the ATI/AMD Graphics card completely as it's faulty and maybe somehow use Windows one just like the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is currently doing?

UPDATE: I do not mind using a smaller resolution on my Laptop Screen. I can learn to live... Read more

A:ATI/AMD Graphics Card error, black screen

I don't think a different driver would help with the laptop's screen. It sounds like a hardware problem, especially if, as you say, the chip has gone bad. It looks like the problem exists somewhere between the video card and the laptop screen, but it still allows you to use an external monitor.

You could boot without the external monitor and shine a light on the laptop's screen to see if there is anything there. If there is, that rules out the graphics card. It would be the actual screen backlight that is at fault.

Is there any chance that this laptop is still under warranty?

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My dad has a nividia geforce graphics card in his computer and a 22 inch benq lcd monitor. Everynow and then when he starts the computer(its becoming more frequent every day),the computer screen is black and when you turn it on it says no signal.even some times when its left idle it does it.I'm guessing its a problem with the graphics card.Ive done all the obvious steps like clean the graphics card, make sure the screens plugged in and update the drivers.

Does anyone know what could cause this??

I will put the specs of dads computer up tomorrow


A:Black Screen.Graphics Card Failure?

Make sure you update the graphic card drivers from the venders site, if you dont know then i can show you where.

Next click the link on my sig and do everything there then reboot. If the problem still exists then go into the bios and set the display to onboard graphics, boot then shutdown the pc and remove the graphics card. Then boot up and see if the problem still happens. If you need help with the BIOS settings then just ask.

NOTE: if you dont have onboard graphics you'll need another graphics card which you can put in instead of the one your using

If after doing all the above its still not working correctly then download http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php and run it then take a screenshot so we can see all the values and post it here

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I just installed my new 7950, and upon installing the drivers then rebooting back to windows I found that although my screen resolution is listed at 1080p, either my screen or my graphics card isnt doing this properly because I have a black outline, about 2cm thick, all around my screen where the screen isnt displaying anything. Any suggestions? On the nvidia control panel I could stretch/move the screen size to my likings, is this possible with catalyst?


A:New Graphics card causes black outline around screen

Ok First off I think you are Using a ATI Radeon card

Also if you installed Nvidia drivers on a ATI device GOD help you it even came on

Can you please do us all a favor and post screen shots of the card box and write down what drivers you installed

This would really help because the way i am reading this you are using a ATI card but you installed Nvidia drivers

7000 series card from Nvidia is Dinasour now

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I deleted all of my old ATI graphics card drivers, and even used a 3rd party tool to whipe out the traces in safe mode after. I then installed my new nvidea GeForce 9800 GTX+ graphics card. I installed the drivers as well as active X.

During my first gaming session with the new card, it randomly cut to a black screen and the fan started to spin at a pretty high rate. (Fan on graphics card)

Anyone have any clue what I can do here?

(First time posting by the way, so be gentle)

A:Black Screen after installing new Graphics card

System Specs (MB, CPU, Memory, PSU, OS)?
Are you running two monitors?
Have you considered the possibility of adjusting the screen refresh rate?
Do you have anything overclocked?
Are you generating any minidumps?

More information would be helpful.
And I am sure someone here can help you track down the issue...

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I have a
Hp desktop
1gb memory
ATI radeon x200 intergrated graohics card
200gb hd
Pentium 4 3.06ghz

This is the problem

I got a used grapgics card- an ati x800xl 256mb. The I uninstalled my intergrated one through device manager. Turned off computer. Installed the new card to my PCI-E slot. Then connected the monitor cable to the new video card slot. Turn on computer and............nothing! Black sceen saying "No signal.

I researched this problem. Went to BIOS then switched cards or slots had a option like "PCI, PCI-E, AGP. Figuring that I installed it onto my PCI-E slot i switched it to that option. But still no start up.

I seems that the intergrated card never goes off. I uninstall it but its still there. Cause when I restart my computer its still enabled.
POWER SUPPLY is 300w of computer. Graphics card is recommended at 300w also


How can I fix this problem so I can get the new card to work?

am I supposed to disable or uninstall the intergrated one? (I uninsatalled it first)

If I disable it and it still dosent work, the new card, can I reinable it cause I don't want to mess up the computer?

Thank you very much


A:Black screen when I install graphics card

No video at all even when you first turn on the computer? You have to disable the integrated video through the bios, not the Device Manager

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i have just put in a graphics card (asus EN9800gt 512mb hybrid power) and wen i turn it on all i get is a black screen! what could the problem be?
I have a 500w pc and its a very brand new pc with 64bit windows 7 and intergrated grraphics.

also note that the first time i put it in i forgot to put in the 6pin adaptor and when i turned it on it made a big beeping noise. could this have stuffed up the card? becoz wen i remove it, the pc works fine

help please???

A:put in graphics card bt only black screen wen turn on!!

i think ive had this problem before. the beeping sound you heard was I believe the POST telling you that something is wrong with the graphics card. This is expected since you forgot to plug in the power. For me, it turned out that my power supply was a bust. Everything else turned on fine but there was never anything on the screen. Replaced the psu and everything booted up. See if you can find a replacement? Your wattage seems to be fine.

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Im sorry to trouble you guys, but I have tried everything I can think of and have seen via google.

I tried starting my pc about 3 days ago and I got the windows loading screen up and then it all of sudden went black. To cut a long story short, my pc will not start with any nvidia drivers installed. I have tried a fresh reboot of the OS and all is good until I update the graphics driver.

I have tried re-seating the graphics card, and unplugging everything but it still isnt working.

Please could you advise on what to try next, or is my graphics card a gonner.

Thanks in advance

A:Graphics card and black screen on startup

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Hey I'm not sure where to start but a while ago I bought a desktop and a monitor and they are

Desk Top:
Newegg.com - Acer Aspire AX1420-UR10P (PT.SG9P2.003) Desktop PC Athlon II X4 645(3.1GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit


But the graphics card that came with the computer sucked, it simply doesn't support 3D games.

So I went ahead and bought this graphics card:

Graphics Card:
Newegg.com - GIGABYTE GV-N520SL-1GI GeForce GT 520 (Fermi) 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

Here note that the maximum power my computer has is 220W but the graphics card needs at least 300W for it to run

So I bought this power supply unit:

Power Supply:
Newegg.com - Antec VP-450 450W ATX 12V v2.3 Power Supply

Here's the story:

After I bought my computer and the monitor I bought the graphics card. It took me a while to figure out how to install it, but I worked my way out and installed it. So I followed the general guide to installing graphics card, remove driver first, install card, (the computer didn't have a card so the pci slots were empty) then I started my computer and tried to install the new driver with the disc that came with the graphics card. The first time it went so well that I thought it's gonna work, but after a while the screen suddenly goes back and on the top right corner it says "VGA then DVI... Read more

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i have just put in a graphics card (asus EN9800gt 512mb hybrid power) and wen i turn it on all i get is a black screen! what could the problem be?
I have a 500w pc and its a very brand new pc with 64bit windows 7 and intergrated grraphics.

also note that the first time i put it in i forgot to put in the 6pin adaptor and when i turned it on it made a big beeping noise. could this have stuffed up the card? becoz wen i remove it, the pc works fine

help please???

A:Put in graphics card but only black screen when turned on

Do you get any beeps after turning on your PC?

Also, what PSU do you have?

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Hello :) Today I bought a brand new Acer V3-772G laptop that runs Window 8 with a nvida gtx 760m graphics card built in.

Getting home I decided to use Just Cause 2's bench test to find out how the laptop would hold up. After completion and getting a rather low score I noticed it said the graphics card it was running was the integrated Intel(r) HD graphics 4600 card and not the nvidia.

So after some researching and trying out different ways with no results I right clicked on computer, clicked on manage, went to device manager then to display adapter, saw the intel card and the nvidia card so I disabled the intel card in hopes it would force the nvidia card to be used.

Once I did that all windows disappeared, the desktop was still there and I could still access the tile menu/start screen so I restarted hoping it would set everything back to normal and start using the nvidia card. Oh how wrong I was. Upon restart the acer title/logo pops up then disappears as usual but after that I only get black screen, nothing else.

Is there any way to fix this? To re enable the graphics card some how?
Thank you in advance!

A:Black screen after disabling graphics card Help!

If you could get to Safe Mode, you could re-enable the onboard graphics.

In some cases, if Windows 8 doesn't successfully start a few times in a row, it will display a screen with alternate boot options - among them an "Advanced Options" tab - which will include an option to start in Safe Mode. Try letting your laptop restart a few times. If it recognises a problem with the onboard graphics, it might produce the Advanced Startup Options menu.

If you don't see that menu appear, you can use a Windows 8 repair disc (USB, CD, or DVD) to boot your computer. It will produce a menu from which you can choose Advanced Startup Options & choose Safe Mode. The Wndows 8 repair disc is not your Windows 8 installation disk, nor is it a recovery disk (such as those provided by your manufacturer). The repair disc starts your computer into the Windows 8 Recovery Environment.

It only takes a minute or two to make the repair disc (literally). From a working Windows 8 PC, press the Windows & R keys at the same time. Then type recdisc. Choose create repair disc, & provide a blank CD, or blank DVD, or USB flash memory drive.

Apparently, your laptop uses a hybrid type program called "Optimus" that uses both the onboard graphics as well as the discrete nVidia mini-card. The idea is that the onboard graphics handle mundane graphics tasks (to save battery life), and the nVidia kicks in when needed for g... Read more

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Hi there,
I'm a bit of an amateur at this but I'm having a bit of a problem with my project computer it's an older Mac Pro 5,1 that I have upgraded the Ram, CPUs and also installed Windows 10 on to. Yesterday I was installing the drivers for my new graphics card when the computer crashed and the screen went black. So after a few minutes I decided to turn it off and on again however it powers on but is no longer displaying an image. I've tried swapping my old graphics card back in but it still has the same problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Okay i have a lenovo ideacentre K330B machine type 7747
cpu G630 2.7
6gb ram
integrated graphics intel hd 1000
i installed a cougar cmx 1000watt because i got a killer deal on it
and i install a gigabyte radeon 7950
i have tried everything i know that i can do for this i have tried looking into my bios and no option to for the pcie also tried booting into safe mode and disabling my integrated graphics through device manger i am having trouble finding a bios update for my motherboard but once i plug the power to my graphics card and try to boot up its just stays on a black screen and the its displays no signal but once i unplug the power my computers works as normal so i figured maybe i bought a messed up card put it in my buddys computer and boom works like a charm can someone please give me advice on something i can do without having to buy another motherboard..

A:Installing Graphics Card No signal just black screen

Use your intel HD 1000 and install the drivers for the card.

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