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basic xp configuration questions

Q: basic xp configuration questions

I just dusted off my xp professional disc I bought way back in october 2001 and installed it in my multi-partition system. After a little figuring out and reloading I finally got it to cooperate with bootmagic.
Well, anyway, I guess I am sort of a new XP user now. After using ME for quite a while I wanted to know some things about how to configure XP that didn't seem so simple to find in the help.

1. When I set up profiles for different people, how do I get a program I load to the administrator profile (or another) to show up in the start menu's of certain other users? It only seems to show up on the profile it is loaded on and no shortcuts to it exist in any other profile. I'm sure this is one of those stupid questions that is easiest to answer. In the past I have always used partition and bootmagic with ME to just give each person their own OS but XP doesn't seem to like this sort of thing.

2. I find the popup messages, particularly the ones in the lower right of the screen to be annoying. When I do the "hide notifications" feature then it gets smart with me and pops up a message to tell me I've hidden my popups (duh!!!). I am the sort of person that does not like interruptions and reminders-even little ones and would like an OS that just shuts up and does what its told; I get enough backtalk from the kids already, lol.

3. Is there any way to shut off the "ambience" in the media player? I don't like it either. I am curently doing all upgrades and will have the latest version, 9 I think.

Preferred Solution: basic xp configuration questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: basic xp configuration questions

I do believe that Tweak UI will take care of those things for you, and welcome back to the future...

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Brand new user.

a. The new PC came with McAfee anti virus.
Should I use it ?

Is it as good as AVG, e.g., which I used on my old W7 PC ? Use them both ?

b. And, how do I turn on the "Defender" anti virus which I understand is part of
the W10 package ?

Would it interfere with McAfee or AVG ? How good is it ?

c. How do I turn on the Firewall; I'm assuming there is one like in W7 ?

Much thanks,

A:New W10 User Questions (Basic Questions, Please)

McAfee, AVG and Defender are all anti-virus programs and you should only run one. In fact Defender will get turned off when another one is installed.

Right click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Then select Security and Maintenance and under Security it will show your the status of the Firewall, Virus and Spyware and which program is running what.

Control panel also has links to Defender and Firewall.

That McAfee is a trial version and at some point you will have to buy it.


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That's my basic configuration and it's enough.
All works great!

A:My Basic Configuration

Even though you have Avaria another on demand scanner like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Zemana is needed. Please also list your adblocker in the adblock section of your config.

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That's my basic configuration and it's enough.
All works great!

A:Arrabida Basic Configuration

Even though you have Avaria another on demand scanner like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Zemana is needed. Please also list your adblocker in the adblock section of your config.

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Hi - I'm a Mac user and there are large gaps in my XP knowledge

How do I mirror my desktop across both outputs of my graphics card? I can find out how to extend the desktop, but I only want to mirror the same image on both DVI outs.

I'm using an ATI Radeon card, though I'm not sure if this is a card-specific thing or a general XP Displays preference..


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I have a few questions about simple WIndows 7 home networking. First, here are the various elements I have encounterd (let's leave any domain stuff out of this for now). There's the Workgroup, the LAN network, the wireless network and then the home group.
Could someone explain to me how all these elements are supposed to work and be configured just to set up a simple network for file sharing? I would also like to be able to use either Remote Desktop or Assistance if possible.
Actually, the file sharing thing is working - I have set up the public folders on computer A and can access that public folder from computer B. But I like things neat and tidy so that's why I would like to understand more of what's happening. One computer A, a created a LAN network and gave it a name. But on computer B, I would like t join this network, but it has already given me a network name (Network1). When I go to change the network, it brings up wireless neworks - how do I join the original network?
Can this LAN network and the wireless network be the same thing, or must they be different networks?
What about the Workgroup and Homegroup - do these these offer any advantages and if so how do I set them up? Thanks.
I am running WIndows 7 Home Premium SP1 on both computer.

A:Home Network Basic Configuration

Short answer: You get a network by sticking a cable between 2 computers. Wireless is the same thing just without a physical cable. Workgroup and HomeGroup are just something MS invented for LANs. As long as you have the cable between 2 computers and the IPs are in the same network segment, they will share resources. HomeGroup is just a way to make the trust and sharing between computers easier. You just select the HomeGroup and enter the password and you are done. Once you set up HomeGroup, you can just right click a folder and share it easily.

That network name (Network1) is not relevant. Create a HomeGroup on 1 PC and join to it with the other. With our basic home routers wired and wireless connections are both in the same network segment, there may be some that can configure a different one for wireless though.

I have run without a HomeGroup for years and haven't faced any issues. As long as it works, it will simplify your job. As you learn more about networking, you may find it redundant. Possibly better when you have more than a couple PCs at home.

Sorry, can't go into much detail due to time, if you have any specific questions, ask away.

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Hi, this is my first thread. apologize in advance for any mistake.

I have IBM server installed with Win 7 pro, i plan to use this as a server and will be connected by 10 PCs.
Need a help what are the basic configurations because this is my first time work with server. I believe they are few different configuration compare with personal usage.

Your advice is much appreciated. Please bug me if u need further info.


A:What are the basic Windows 7 pro configuration to be a server?

Hey oranje,

try this page. hope this helps.

System Requirements for Team Foundation Server

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Hey guys this is my first post, I hope I can find the answers here, as this might be of general interest.

First the first, I have a desktop computer:
640 GB HDD
4gb ram
Windows 7 x86 Ultimate
I clean installed windows to get rid of all preinstalled software, so I installed windows 7 ultimate, I realised that most (if not all) the advanced features were of no use for me. I checked wikipedia for the Windows editions, and the one best suited for me is HOME BASIC? Yes, I wanted the system to be as light as possible, now I know that by deleting the ei.cfg file I can install any version of windows, so the question is:

How much real wolrd improvement will there be by installing Home Basic instead of Ultimate?

The other question, it takes me years for me to completely configure windows once installed, things like these:

system restore
windows update
all security and maintenance options
all that can be found in action center
user account control
windows firewall
language bar

power options
taskbar options
add quicklaunch
performance settings
virtual memory location
and MAAAANY other things

Is there any way to make a script that I can run so these things are done automatically? I give maintenance to my friend's, family's computers, so sometimes I have 4 or 5 computers laying around, and configuring these settings is what takes most of the time. So double clicking a bat file would make my life easier.

Thanks in advance!

A:Configuration Script and Home Basic performance

Quote: Originally Posted by nevarezga

How much real wolrd improvement will there be by installing Home Basic instead of Ultimate?

Very, very little. Plus, you have to obtain a key for Windows 7 Home Basic...you cannot use your Ultimate key with it.

Quote: Originally Posted by nevarezga

system restore
windows update
all security and maintenance options
all that can be found in action center
user account control
windows firewall
language bar

I would not disable system restore (just set to low %), I would not disable Windows updates. I would not turn of user access control or the Windows firewall. Seriously, test your tweaks with a stopwatch and I bet you will be surprised by how little a difference it actually makes.

What I would do if I were you, is get your machine installed, configured and set the way you want it. Then, use something like Macrium Reflect free edition and make an image of your hard drive. Then if you are in need of starting over, you can simply restore the image and you will be right back where you left off.

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Okay, I'm modifying an HP Pavilion P6-2107C and am re-using hardware from an old Media Center WinXP PC.

This new PC uses Windows 7 and is currently stock. The info is in my profile and the board won't let me post the HP link to my product specs.

Anyway, what I'd really love to do is use the audio and video interfaces from that old PC.

Trouble is, it only has 1 PCI-E X16 and 3 PCI-E x1 slots.

Since I'm using the stock graphics card, can I use the PCI-E x16 slot to install my old PCI Coax in/out card? Does that even work?

If not, is there an adapter that will allow me to plug an old PCI cards into one of my USB 3.0 or 2.0 ports?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Pax, harmonia,

Brian G. Philbin

A:Basic PCI vs. PCI-E questions

You can try something like this.

Amazon - StarTech.com PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card (PEX1PCI1)
Newegg - StarTech PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card Model PEX1PCI1
The PCI card will not work in a PCIe card slot without an adapter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
PCIe usage:

PCIe x1, x4, and x8 will work in a PCIe x16 card slot.
PCIe x4 has pinouts to detect PCIe x1, and x4 cards.
PCIe x8 has pinouts to detect PCIe x1, x4, and x8 cards.
PCIe x16 has pinouts to detect PCIe x1, x4, x8, and x16 cards.
If the backside of the card slot (for instance x1) is open, you can use faster cards (for instance x4, x8,or x16) but the card will only run at the speed of the card slot (x1).

I know a guy that cut away the x4, x8, x16 pins to use a graphics card in a x1 card slot. It was an extra card laying around so he didn't care about physical damage and he only had extra PCIe x1 card slots available. He wanted the card for a special project he was involved in. I was surprised when I read that it was successful.


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Hi all, my PC crashed last week, now I'm a laptop owner and brand new to Vista, so I'm also a newbie to the forum.
Firstly, after briefly scanning the forum topics I'm a little over whelmed by the techinical flavour of the forums in general and wonder if my basic questions will still be ok (insert non-geek icon )
I have a couple of basic questions which may already appear somewhere... but just where... ? perhaps someone might direct me.
Anyway here goes:

1 how do I view an icon or picture when browsing that has been replaced with that little red cross inside a tiny black box... some kind of restrictive browsing setting, but I'm unable to find the option to correct this. (I will need very specific navigation instructions...)
2 what is Blue tooth ?
3 my Vista Business Windows media player won't play my DVDs as installed, whats the simplest way for me to be able to play them?
I have more real hard ones like these but thats enough for you guys to work out right now

A:basic questions

ok so I just installed Flash Player and sorted Q. number 1. Cheers.

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Had this new Dell for about a month - delivered with Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 installed.
1st thing - made a system image disk set - using Dell utility.

2nd - Tried to make a rescue disk - Dell Utility looks for a USB drive greater than 100mg < 3 TB. instered 16 Gig thumb drive - NOPE - wants an eternal HDD! Win 7 utility - error message. ( don't remember it off hand, but I didn't get very far into kicking off the utility. )

3 - Win 7 updates - spent 24 hours downloading and "installing" umpteen updates - Important! Currently I have at least 220 failed update installs sitting in the 'update' window of the whatever utility wants me to download and install more important updates ( which also fail to install).

Current program installs on that machine ( not using it to type this ) are AVG and Firefox. nothing else so far. By the way - Firefox does run without problems ( although I should evidently be using an alternative browser in the near future.. )

I had one instruction to erase the update folder - well can't find an "Update" folder - where the hell does Win 7 store this stuff.? ->Then, do I have to download each one - one at a time, with a reboot each time, only to find out they didn't install?

My account is admin level, and neither I, nor the Administrator, are allowed to see what's in various folders, even though I believe I have system folders as " visible".

If this thing can't accomplish basic stuff, I'm really tempted ... Read more

A:New to Win 7 pro 64 - Serious basic questions

How was it when you 1st got it ?

You didn`t do ant updates when you got it ?

Is windows activated ?

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Some basic computer questions here.

What is the difference of businesses laptop than non business laptop? If you go Dell web site or Lenovo so on they have section for home use and business. What is the difference between the two computer?

Do business computers have more RAM and hard drive space than home use? Can you buy business computer and use it for home use from say Dell, HP or Lenovo and so on.

Also what is difference when you see computer listed has open box vs refurbished computer? Can open box or refurbished computer be two or three years old? Reason why I ask I seen some Intel Core 2 Duo!!!! Yes Intel Core 2 Duo. This listed has refurbished computer.

Does this mean the computer it self is that old? The Intel Core 2 Duo where around before year 2010 so does that mean the computer is over 7 years old. If so why is it listed has refurbished? Or the computer been used for 7 years and now listed has refurbished.

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hi i know im being foolish but i have several basic questions :-

1)why do we need a special software for the server. i mean, isnt the server another computer like the others ?

2)what are dynamic html and static html pages ? why r they differently processed in the server/client(im not 2 sure where)?

3)what is jsp and what does it do ?

4)what is a java servlet and what does it do ?

5)what is an apache server( i just know tht it is some software to make r computer run like a server )? what does it do?
also, why is it different from jakarta tomcat(what the hell is it) ?

i'd really appreciate if somebody can answer my questions.

A:basic questions

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Question 1 please. When I move abroad (Philippines) from Oman shortly, do I have to have my computer set up in any different way once I am there, or do i just plug in and carry on?

And No 2. How do I put all my computer info/files etc on to hard disc as a security measure and will any type of CD do the job?

Many thanks. John

A:Two Basic Questions For Those Who Know!

Hi John.Voltage is 220v-240v standard. Some hotels have 110v for us dumb americans. Outlets on the walls, by american standards, are weird looking. Buy your adapter there if needed. I don't know what they look like in Jordan but here is an example for the Philippines.Anything you take with you as far as your system is concerned obviously doesn't change. Backing up your data isn't an issue with the stuff you already have. You will run across some issues with any new equipment you purchase there though.An example would be DVD region coding. If you currently have a home dvd player (not computer), it is most likely region 2 locked and will not play a store bought dvd movie purchased in the Philippines as they are region 3. Blank media doesn't apply of course. As far as your internet provider and physical modem connection is concerned, I'm clueless. And No 2. How do I put all my computer info/files etc on to hard disc as a security measure and will any type of CD do the jobBurn your data files on any cd\dvd you want. I'll assume you already know how to do that. Pretty basic stuff. If it were me, I'd also do a complete system backup on a secondary drive in case your computers HD is damaged in transit.

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At the moment I am using Win 7 (Dell OEM) and still considering Win 10. However, there are a few basic questions that I would be grateful for answers to.

1) I have Windows updates set to 'ask before downloading'. The impression I get from the media and internet is that MS are pushing users to upgrade with all their might. However, I haven't had anything at all from MS. Is this just me? If I actually decided to download Win 10 I am presumably going to have to call MS - have you got a suitable link?

2) As noted above my Win 7 OS is the pre-installed Dell OEM version. Am I entitled to the free upgrade?

3) I understand that the free upgrade will end about July this year. Is it possible to download the upgrade now but only install it after the end of the free period?

4) Is there a site where I can check whether my current system - hardware and software - is compatible with Win 10?

5) I take it that the upgrade will not carry over any of my installed programs.

A:Some basic questions


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Hi. i was just wondering, is video card the graphics card? if not how can i check what my video card is and how can i check what my sound car is? plz be specific, i'm very bad at computers

A:very basic questions - plz help

On the start menu goto Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and you can see a list of cards and their drivers. You can also run some basic tests by double clicking an item and "Troubleshoot".

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or at least i figure they are pretty easy.....

I am used to using a HDD that is ATA/IDE (whatever) and have used the one cable to connect both HDD and DVD drive. I am going to change over to a SATA HDD, and was wondering a few things...

1. Can i use the same cable i have been using (for the DVD drive) even though there will now be an end that is not connected to anything or do i need to get a single device cable instead?

2. What do i set my jumpers for on the DVD drive now? leave alone or change them to be something else (i thinks its set to cable select now)

3. For the SATA drive, what do i put jumpers set to?

4. for SATA drive does it make any difference which of the four MOBO connection i use? do i need to use Number 1 or any? and why?

Please respond to my simple but honest questions....

A:a few basic questions..

1. Yes

2. It depends. If the jumpers are on cable select now they can probably stay that way.

3. No master/slave jumpers on SATAs. There are sometimes jumpers to limit drive size and to make SATA2 drives work with older SATA1 MBs. Don't mess with them unless you are having a problem. If so post here.

4. What is your MB or system brand and model.

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Okay I am beginning to look at building my new computer and I had a few questions.

What are some opinions on Athlon XP vs Pentium 4?
Which is faster? Which has better prices?

What are some good motherboards for either?

Also what are some good internet sites for a newbie with some basic computer experience (I know basic info and have installed several components on my current computer).

Thanks for your opinions and info.

A:Basic CPU & Mobo Questions

I personally do not think speed is that much of an issue, given today's clock speeds. I do prefer a Pentium 4 because it has less energy consumption, and less heat generated, than the Athlon. (And you get a really decent heatsink if you buy the retail version of the P4).

Can't tell you much about motherboards, because I cannot remember exact models, but I have a bias for Asustek and Abit.

For sites, the only three I really visit are Techspot, Anandtech and CDRinfo. Tweak3D, occasionally.

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Will blame my inability to figure this out on my age now.
Would be most grateful for any help.
New PC; trying to get everything set up.

Boy, it sure is different than my old one with XP.

a. During the first turn-on, it asked for a Password, which I assigned.
I really don't want a Password for it; it's fine for anyone in the family to use it.
How do I get rid of the Password, and have it just start automatically ?

b. In XP, I set up two "accounts" (I think this is the right word for them)
One was called Bob (me), and one was called Steve (son).
When the PC first started there were two icons showing; one labeles Bob, and one labeled Steve. Depending on who was using, each of us therefore had their selectable "own side" of the PC, etc. Anything equiv. in Windows7.

How do I implement this kind of thing for two users, please ?

c. In Windows Explorer in XP, you could click on My Computer\ and a Drive
Letter to see what is in it. Is there anything equivalent to this in Windows7 ?

d. My new LG 2053TQ Monitor I have hooked up with the DIV Digital cable.
I read somewhere that the default in W7 is for VGA. Having all sorts of Monitor problems; no OSD screen, etc. So, I better check if it is set for VGA ?
How and where is this option ?

Again, thank you very much for the help.
Great Forums; glad I found you all.
Thanks again,

A:Sr. Citizen Basic Questions, Please

Hi Robert,

Here are a few Seven Forums tutorial that will help with these issues.

a. Password is a security measure, have a look at these:
type 'User Accounts' in the search box enter click 'Remove your Password'
Log On Automatically at Startup

b. You can set up accounts: User Accounts

You can add as many user accounts as you need.

c. In explorer you can scroll up then click on 'Computer' and all your hard drives and partitions will be listed.

d. With more information about your computer I can help with this. Try this free system information program.
SIW - System Information for Windows

Seven Forums tutorials covers just about anything you might want/need to do:

Let us know if you have any more questions.

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I've used Nero and Alcohol 120% quite a bit for buring data CDs. My daughter wants to burn some MP3 albums to CD. All the tracks are in MP3 format but there is one that is listed as an M3U file. What is this for and what does it do?

Also, should each MP3 track be copied in individually or can you just copy the folder containing them?

One more. After you burn the MP3s and pop the CD into your player, will it auto-play or is there something that must be done to ensure this?

Sorry if I sound like a total doof.

A:MP3 Buring Questions - Basic

The M3U file is a playlist. It won't matter if you burn that to the CD or not.. If you want to be able to play the files in a normal CD player, you'll have to burn the disk as a audio disk in nero. Nero should convert the files so they are uncompressed.

If you plan to use the CD in a PC, or in a mp3 capable player, you can just burn the folder's contents to a disk, it will not autoplay though..

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I have a basic security questions here.

1 Can a virus or worm damage the network card, router or modem?

2 Can a hacker damage the network card, router or modem?

3.Can current go on the internet cable and damage the network card, router or modem? Like a power out or lighting strike.

And the last can a capacitor explode or burn out and damage the network card, router or modem?
I know there is malware that can effect the BIOS firmware..

A:basic security questions

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Hi all. I have a desktop PC upstairs and my daughter just got a "new" used desktop PC for her room downstairs. I know I need a router to hook them both up to the internet. Just not sure what to look for in a router. I will be getting a wireless router, even tough I will be useing ethernet cables to hook it up. They are already there. About all we do is read e-mail, surf the net, and stream movies and music. And the connection "HAS" (her quote, not mine!) to be fast enough to play online games like on pogo.com. Those are pretty basic games though. I dont think I need a "N" router, but Im not sure. I also think a "G" would be pretty slow. So I am thinking about a "G+". Any thought? Also, since I will be useing a wired wireless, will that affect the speeds at all? And, if it matters, we have DSL through SBC, Yahoo, something or other.

A:Basic Router Questions.

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I'm sure I'm way behind the curve on this, but can someone give me the basic pros and cons on Firefox? Should I be using it as my main browser? Why or why not?

A:Firefox basic questions

Hello... I first installed Firefox around the first of the year and have been experimenting with it for the past 9 months. I used both it and an enhanced version of IE called MyIE2. After the 1.0 release of Firefox, and the latest release of Thunderbird (Mozilla's stand-a-lone Email program) I made the switch to using Firefox as my default browser.

The main reasons I have heard for switching to Firefox are for security. IE seems to have a lot of security vulnerabilities, and a considerable number of people who want to exploit them. Firefox closes many of these vulnerabilities. In addition, Firefox has a variety of very nice browsing enhancements. One that I particularly like is the tabbed windows. If I want to open a link in a new window, the window shows up as a tab in the top of the browser, and not a new copy of the browser. In addition, Firefox has a lot of "Extensions" available that you can install to personalize your web browsing. Firefox is not supported by any company, but by the mozilla.org. It is "open-source" software and just about anyone who desires, can submit changes (there are rules). I have found over the last 9 months that support is pretty good. Postings to their forums are generally answered quickly and competently. In addition, one forum is dedicated to enhancement requests, and as new versions are released, they incorporate the most com monly requested enhancements. All in all, I have found it to be a sound functionally strong ... Read more

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This will probably be basic, novice question, but my experience lies within software instead of hardware...

I need to replace the motherboard in my Compaq notebook (Presario 18XL), or so say the folks at CompUSA anyway. According to them, the part itself will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000. Iím convinced that there has to be a cheaper solution outside of the OEM part ordered directly from Compaq. Unfortunately, I donít have a clue how to find out which boards may be compatible with my system. Is there anyone that could help me out, by chance? Any easy-to-use sites that might be of interest?

Thanks a ton for your help!!

A:The most basic of motherboard questions...

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Hi folks

I have two pc's that I generally use throughout the day. My home desktop and my work laptop.

They are both connect to the web via my BT Homehub box. Both wireless.

I have a printer connected to the desktop and an external 250Gb HDD.

I want to be able to share both the printer and the external HD with my work laptop.

Can somebody point me in the right direction as to what I need to be doing to get this working.

I have tried to share the harddrive by right clicking and going to sharing and security but cannot see the drive from my work laptop??

Any help greatly received. Thanks

A:Basic networking questions: help please

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Can this:

Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
...............Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...
Turn into this?:
......................Switch -> Host, Host, Host, Host
Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
...............Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...

If not, why? If so, how?

Also, this network is P2P. Is there anyway to segment part of the network to have a server, to that it would look something like this?:

...............................Router -> Server -> Client, Client, Client
Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
................Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...


A:basic networking questions

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I would like to start using profiles in Firefox but have some questions. I setup Firefox so that before it starts it ask you what profile you would like to start, but I do not like this.

Is there any addon or some other way that I cam make it so that it will load the default profile, then when loaded I can change the profile?

Is there anyway that I can set a password for profiles?

All-in-all I would say that the Firefox community really needs some good addons for working with profiles...

Thanks for your time

A:Basic Profile questions...

So that is a no then? Or are the questions not as basic as I had thought?

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I have some basic questions that I would greatly appreciate some guidance on:

(1) Through Computer Management and my registry I have permanently disabled all administrative shares but cannot disable the IPC$ share. How do I disable this share?

(2) Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser 1.2.1 tells me that it cannot determine if patch MS05-009 (Vulnerability in PNG Processing .. ) has been installed. I thought that the Windows Update site will take care of all patches, or do I need to go through and manually check patches? If so, how should I do this?

(3) In Windows XP Professional I have tried to enable CRT+Alt+DEL login (instead of welcome sceen) by making the registry change suggested in Microsoft's 5 Minute Security Advisor (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/community/columns/security/5min/5min-103.mspx) but it does not work. Is there another way?

(4) Apparently I should rename the administrator account, but in Windows XP professional I canít see a way to do this Ö How is it done?

(5) How do I find out about any failed login attempts?

(6) My DSL-504 modem/router responds to pings Ė I have contacted tech support and they cannot help. Any recommendations on a hardware firewall? Ideally I would like a firewall with the absolute maximum security possible ...

Thanks In Advance

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The computer I'm using has several iexplore running in Task Manager, with one or zero real internet Explorers running. I've read a few threads on here that indicate this is because of malware.

This computer is my relative's and in a couple of weeks her new computer will arrive. I had already intended to reformat this HD and reinstall Windows, thinking that was why this machine is so darn slow.

Here are the really basic questions:
As we move her data from this computer to the other, will we be transferring the malware? Probably, right? Should I get set up to provide a Hijackthis log to you?

If it turns out that I do not need to remove the malware for data transfer, then will reformatting the hard drive make everything ok?

I realize these are very basic questions, thank you for your tolerance!

(By the way, the computer has had Norton antivirus on it since it was bought.)

A:Really basic questions about malware

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

I've replied to some of your queries below, in blue.



The computer I'm using has several iexplore running in Task Manager, with one or zero real internet Explorers running. I've read a few threads on here that indicate this is because of malware.

If there are no instances of Internet Explorer running, then Task Manager should not typically be showing any.Note that IE8 will create more than one instance of iexplore.exe at a time. I currently have two showing. One IE window. If I open another tab in IE8, that number goes up to 3. Another tab, another iexplore. You can read more about IE8 here


This computer is my relative's and in a couple of weeks her new computer will arrive. I had already intended to reformat this HD and reinstall Windows, thinking that was why this machine is so darn slow.

Here are the really basic questions:
As we move her data from this computer to the other, will we be transferring the malware? Probably, right?

It's possible, depending on what type of infection is involved, or what data is transferred. If you focus on only transferring documents and pictures, that should be fine. If you do a clone of the current drive, or simply transfer everything on the machine, then the likelihood of transferring infected files increases. Cleaning a machine ahead of a format seems an expense of time not needed if you... Read more

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How do I find out if my ram is SDR or DDR and if my video card is an AGP or PCI-E (if AGP, 4x or 8x). Is there a way to find out about these through the control panel/device manager? I'd appreciate your help.

A:Solved: basic questions


Download this and run it.
It will tell you whats under the hood
It will tell you what your Main Board is.

Then Google it.
It will tell you what it supports....AGP..PCIE ect..ect...DDR..SDR...ect.....

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I'm considering buying a USB hub. My knowledge in electricity is about 0, so I'm not sure about the preferred power specs of each.
So there's that one, 7 ports, with a 12V/3A power adapter.
7 ports, 5V/4A.
9 ports, 12V/5A

The last one has only one port designed for charging, and the rest of them may not be good enough.
From the second one (4A):
To ensure a stable connection, don't use this hub with high power consumption devices (those exceeding a combined current of 4 Amps among all ports) such as some large-capacity hard drives.
This hub is not meant to serve as a stand-alone charger. It is not compatible with iPads or any other devices which have irregular charging requirements.Click to expand...

From the third one (5A):
With an additional port devoted exclusively to charging, this hub was designed with compatibility in mind. At up to 2.1A fast, the charging port max-speed charges smartphones, tablets or even other USB-charged devices.Click to expand...

Are they talking about the amp parameter? The third product says specifically that the special port is capable of 2.1A. So how much do the other ports supply?
I thought the device can provide X ampere total, regardless of how it's divided. (by all ports, or taken by just one)
Is there an amp limit to each port?

What are your thoughts? Thanks.

A:Questions about a USB hub and basic electricity

You are correct, the total current (1000mA = 1Amp) output of a powered hub shouldn't be higher than it's power supply can deliver.
But some Usb devices don't need the full 500ma maximum current that a Usb 2.0 port can deliver so in practise you may be able to use all the Usb ports on the hub even if they can't all deliver 500ma.

Usb 3.0 can supply up to 900mA per port but here again the total current should not be higher than the hub's power supply can deliver.

Any electrical device will only use the current it needs to operate, possibly a lot less than the power source is capable of delivering. The Voltage a device is rated for should be the same as the source's though.
So a laptop charger that is rated for the correct Voltage and at least the same or higher current output needed for a particular laptop will work ok, the laptop will only take as much current as it needs, even if the battery is removed or is charging.

This is a good explanation of Usb hub current ability :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_hub#Power
Usb ports designed for charging devices can deliver more current, more info on all this here :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB#Power
'Normal' Usb ports are 5 Volts but see the table at the above link for some other types.

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Hi all I have some basic questions.
1 And if a CPU can do 30 calculations a second vc 40 calculations a
second how will it help me
2.And how does calculations work and what is point of the
calculations .

A:basic questions CPU calculations

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I am getting a new laptop for Christmas and will be using Win 7 64bit for the first time.

I've been using Win XP and since I was the only one using the laptop, I only had an admin account which I now know is a big no-no.


I will be creating an admin account and a user account with UAC for my personal laptop.

1. What will I use the admin for?
2. Which account do I install and run virus/malware scans?
3. which account do i make system restores?
4. which account do I uninstall the bloatware from?
5. What actually happens if my user account gets messed up with malware etc? Does that mean my admin is still clean and perfect?
6. Will the user account be able to see network places and share with my external HD?
7. What are some of the first things to update when i turn it on for the first time? Is there a proper way to install all of the windows updates? Do i do them all at one time or restart after each install?

Maybe just a little run down on the basics. I appreciate any do's and don'ts as this is a new computer and I want to do everything right at the start.

Thanks so much

A:New laptop with Win 7 and some basic questions

Quote: Originally Posted by janeydoll

I am getting a new laptop for Christmas and will be using Win 7 64bit for the first time.

I've been using Win XP and since I was the only one using the laptop, I only had an admin account which I now know is a big no-no.


I will be creating an admin account and a user account with UAC for my personal laptop.

1. What will I use the admin for? Installing elevated level apps
2. Which account do I install and run virus/malware scans? any user
3. which account do i make system restores? any user
4. which account do I uninstall the bloatware from? any user
5. What actually happens if my user account gets messed up with malware etc? (use admin to clean or create a new user)
Does that mean my admin is still clean and perfect? (possibly but not probably)
6. Will the user account be able to see network places and share with my external HD? (YES)
7. What are some of the first things to update when i turn it on for the first time? Is there a proper way to install all of the windows updates? Do i do them all at one time or restart after each install? (your call some install all some one at a time. be sure to have a restore point)

Maybe just a little run down on the basics. I appreciate any do's and don'ts as this is a new computer and I want to do everything right at the start.

Thanks so much

It really is your call, and depends on how you use it and what you run. I personally r... Read more

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Hi there,Recently i had bought a second hand T400 (Type ID : 7417CTO   ) with windows installed in it.  So far the system is fine, but I have few question eventually to ask and understand.1) I realized that this model also din't comes with Bluetooth module.  If i intended to purchase from outside, is it compatible with the connector ?2) My company requires to use a smart card reader (PCMCIA Card Bus), but once i inserted this reader into the system, windows only detected as "PCMCIA MTD 002".  I had searched around forum and one of the Microsoft guy suggested that this could be BIOS unable to allocate memory for the device.  Can u guys verified this ? The SmartCard reader is equipped with IC NCN6000 from ON semiconductor.Thanks.

A:T400 - Some basic questions

The bluetooth module for this model is 42T0969, but many or most of the models not configured with bluetooth don't have the connector on the LCD cable.  You need to pull off the LCD bezel to check.  Models with integrated smart card use a different express card slot 42X4992.

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I have a few questions relating to converting mp3 to audio cd, as I have some mp3 recordings I need to add to audio cdr in order to play on any hi-fi :-
1. What would you recommend as good tools for the job in converting mp3 to audio cd, with a high quality conversion? A tool that can verify the burns afterwards would be the best for me (ashampoo does not let me do this). Are there any free tools that can give a high quality output for this task?

2. Other than mp3, whats the best tool in your opinion that can convert a variety of audio formats to audio cd, without having to take each track individually to a format that the conversion program only supports (which is supposedly usually wav or mp3)?

3. Do audio cds normally have a main title?

4. I tried out ashampoo, which for mp3 to audio cd conversion, did not let me write a main title header for the disc in general. My discs didnt read in the same laptop after a burn either, but they did in a hi-fi!-could this have been related to the audio cd not allowing me to give the cd a title, or is it more likely to just be a poor drive or burning program?

5. After adding mp3 files, for a split second a window once popped up in the above ashampoo program and asked me to give the disc a name, but disappeared when I tried to click on the text area. I thought initially that my firewall/protection may have been causing the window to disappear (comodo/adaware always running)-which sounds like a bad bug-has anyone come across this in a... Read more

A:basic mp3 to audio cd questions

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How do you do a hard drive search in Windows 7? How do you explore? How do you get to the option of opening all folders in the same window or each in its own window?

Thanks for any help!

A:Basic questions about using Windows 7

About the best way of getting answer to many question is the Forum Tutorial Section at the top of ever page. It's a great place to learn many things about Windows 7.


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Really showing my ignorance here, but please bear with me.

a. When going from my Comcast modem (broadband) to the input of a new
PC, I guess I will need a Cat 5e cable.

Do I want the "Crossover" type ?

(if not, just so I can learn, how and where is a "Crossover" type used ?)

b. Is a "Cat 5e" cable considered an Ethernet Cable ?

c. In a while I'll get a Router. But in the meantime would like to share the Comcast
modem between two PC's in the same room. BUT, not at the same time.

Looked, but couldn't find any.
Might anyone know of a A/B type of simple mechanical switch I could use ?
(Mfg. and Model ?)

Much thanks,

A:A Few Very Basic Questions Re a Cat 5e Cable

Hi Bob, I hope I can answer some of your question.
Yes Cat 5e cable is an ethernet cable. you dont need a crossover cable as its mainly used to connect hubs and routers. Ethernet crossover cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is what you need to connect 2 PC's to the comcast modem; Belkin : 4-Port Router

You can search ebay for cheap prices.

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I bought a HDD caddy to connect a 2nd hdd for my Lenovo E530 laptop:

I'm now looking for a compatible HDD. Besides storage size, the differences between the products are in the following features:

2. Cache
3. RPM

How does each one matter?
Also, most of the products are SATA 3, will it fit the caddy?


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I've got a home network with based on D-Link DIR-655 router, its IP address is, mask is and it has disabled DHCP or any firewalls.

I have three computers in this network, two of them use Windows 7 Ultimate and the last, and old, one - Windows XP Professional.

Network group name is "HOME" on every PC.

I have some basic questions:

- why do I see this, while there's no user password on any PC and password sharing is turned off (along with this funny Homegroup feature killing all connections to XP):

- why it's so hard to make a normal, working LAN consisting of mixed (XP and Seven) PCs? I just love Seven, but all the new "improvements" in Sharing section are pretty frustrating,

- I guess there's no possibility of joining a Homegroup with Windows XP? And why, the hell, Homegroup always needs/generates a password:

I'm looking for simple answers, because I don't want to create new password-protected user account just for sharing purposes.

A:Some basic questions about Seven & XP sharing.

Read this:

File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

Note: You have to use a workgroup, not a homegroup on seven.

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Hey, so im trying to set up a VPN network from my home computer to be accessed via public networks (work/coffee shops..)


1. Configured router to forward port (23434) to (1723) for access via VPN
2. Windows 7 Desktop (VPN server) made new Incomming connection for specific VPN user
3. On laptop wanting to access VPN
a) Created VPNhome using PUBLIC address (24.144.x.x) which does NOT connect
b) Created VPNtest using PRIVATE address (192.168.x.x) which DOES connect

just curious as to if I missed a step for the VPNhome to be able to connect THROUGH the public network


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Hi all,

I'm having trouble connecting to the internet with my new DD-WRT firmware.

I am currently living in UAE and our connection is PNP where only routers with iptv and Vlan will work.


I know the Vlan ID I have to use, and I've tried to add Vlan tags in the networking section but I've still had no luck getting my flashed router to connect to the internet.

Can anyone with experience with DD-WRT help?


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I'm curently reinstalling Windows XP and am now looking into installing the drivers and software for the ATI video card. I always try to search through the FAQ's as well as the release notesand online documentation - but I still have a few questions.
The card is an "All-in-Wonder Radeon AGP". A 7200 version.
The CD that came with it only has the Win98 and WinMe installation files.

I just want to be sure that I'm going about this the proper way. I've downloaded the latest drivers and files for Windows XP [ver 3.8 - (Display Driver,Control Panel,WDM Capture driver)]. According the the readme the Radeon 7200 is supported

Are these downloads enough to get everything up-to-date? Or will I be needing the original install cd for anything?
Also, according to the installation instructions - I am supposed to Uninstall the ATI Display Driver before rebooting and beginning the install. Looking at the Device Manager the current drivers I have on my system are located under: Display Adapters/All-in-Wonder Radeon AGP (device type: Display Adapters) (driver file details: All-in-Wonder Radeon AGP c:\windows\system32\drivers\atimtag.sys) *** Is this the right DRIVER to UNINSTALL????

I've also noticed ATI references under "Sound, Video and game controllers" in The Device Manager area. Are these also to be removed before doing these ati driver installs??

I think I'm doing it right... am I missing anything?

A:ATI card basic install questions

At the time I installed my ATI card (All-in-Wonder 7500), I had 30 days of free tech help. The technician directed me to the ATI web site and had me load all the current drivers from them.

She then had me go to the area you are speaking of in device manager and remove all mentions of ATI. I was then told to reboot, let things be redetected, and then load the "newer" drivers.

My card required the drivers to be loaded in a particualr order. Some required me to reboot before continuing..others did not.

The site (www.ati.com) is not the easiest to navigate. Go to their home page and do a search for "drivers" and see if anything there helps.

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What is a safe temperature for a motherboard/cpu to be running at?
Right NOW, I am running UT2004 at 1600x1200 with all maximum settings, 32 bots on a huge outdoor map (in a window). My CPU is at 57c and my MB is 41c. These are below the 'warning' lines on my temp moniter, just wanted to know your opinions.

Also, i have 2x256MB dual channel RAM, but under control panal-system it only shows that i have 384MB. My assumption here is that my onboard vid-chip (IGP 9100 radeon 9200 based) is taking up that unseen RAM, since it is shared. Is this correct, or should i see 256MB?

Lastly, i'm looking for a graphic card. i've been doing research...the 6800 line seems to outperform the x800. the gf6800 (plain, no GT/Ultra) is what i'm looking at, is there a huge difference between the 6800 and the 6800 GT? It comes down to this as always: What's the most I can get for my money? I'm looking to spend under 400 here if possible.

Thanks for your opinions and time.

A:basic questions - heat, RAM, video

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I want to wipe out personal information on a hard drive.

If, for example, I shred the outlook express address book, will OE have a blank address book, or will the file be "deleted". If it is deleted, how do I create a new address book?

I have similar questions for the OE folders [ inbox.dbx , for example ], the Quicken & QuickBooks files.

What do I do about the pagefile & ntuser.dat , for example? Might it be better to shred the entire hard drive, then re-install Windows, drivers, etc? I'm going to donate the PC to a charity, but I want to be sure that all my personal information has been rendered inaccessible.

I know how to shred individual files & folders I have created.

Windows XP Home, 0 SP
Athlon 1.8 GHZ
1.0 GB ram
80 GB IDE hard drive, NTFS

Please feel free to correct any / all mis-conceptions I may have about file shredding. I'm here to learn. After all, I am a beginner at this computer stuff.

Thanks for your help.

A:basic file shredder questions

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I want to finally replace my CRT monitor with an Asus widescreen 19" LCD. This is for basic home/office use--mainly web browsing and word processing. Won't be gaming or watching/editing much video or photos.

My current monitor is set at 1024 x 768 (4:3), which seems optimal for me, esp for word processing.

The 19" Asus monitors I'm considering show a recommended resolution of 1440 x 900.

So I'm wondering: Won't a 1440 x 900 resolution reduce the size of the text in documents? I read someplace that with LCD monitors, using a different (lower) resolution than native resolution degrades the visual quality of the display--is this correct? So if I were to use a lower resolution, would that mean larger text size but worse image quality? If so, then I'm not sure a widescreen 1440x900 monitor is best for my purposes.

Am I understanding this correctly? Maybe I want a non-widescreen monitor with a lower optimal resolution? Is there a "best" resolution for word processing? Does my video chipset play a role? I have onboard video--Mobo=Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3.

Much thanks for help!--Fyi, these are the three Asus monitors I'm considering--seem like good quality for home/office, under $130, with both D-sub and DVI:

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006519%2050001315%2040000020&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&ActiveSearchResult=True&CompareItemList=20|24-236-068^24-236-068-TS%2C24-236-087^24-236-... Read more

A:Solved: Basic monitor questions

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I'm presently creating an image using GetDataBack on a 60 Gbyte HD that came out of a customer's laptop. It was brought in for data recovery, and I have tried for about 2 weeks to find the data the customer is looking for. He's coming by tonight to take it back, and it just occured to me tonight that I could image the drive and continue with efforts to salvage data after the laptop goes home.

First question: Is there a standard for image files, or are they proprietary to the software that created them. If I were to (somehow) give the image file to the customer, would he have to have GetDataBack in order to do anything with it ?

Second, is there a way to convert one software's image file to another software's format ?

General stuff like that. What do I need to know about this area of computing ?

A:Basic Disk Imaging Questions

the image is a raw as in taking a photo of whats visible.
data recovery software (good stuff) looks underneath that, as in characteristics of data on the drive, where even though the file system says 1's and 0's state there is no data from this sector to this sector, ignore, if still a program still reads those supposedly empty sectors there is data, though it may be incomplete. in certain cases, better to spend the money and source out for data extraction like places that uses machines similar to a mri. magnetic resonance.

These are magnetic fields and field manipulation we are talking about. (wonder how data recovery will fare in ssd's [ evil laugh ] )

Costs alot.

so your questions:
norton ghost is standard for cloning and data retention, most fortune 500's use it.
if you gave them a ghost or a image spanning several dvd's then yea i'd assume the customer would need special software to read it, usually the software that made it can read it.
Converting image file type is like converting file system types. can be done for some , not for most. (vague question)

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